Thursday, April 19, 2007

A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

By Tungnung, Zamlunmang Zou

New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the resolutions taken in the past, which somehow remained unfulfilled and more importantly, forward to the coming year's resolution, about those you feel confident enough to accomplish. It's a perfect time to reflect on the changes we want to or need to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. Resolutions if carried out successfully not only act as short-term goals to success but also help in improving your life and overcoming those habits, which you yourself do not like.

The tradition of taking a resolution at New Year and fulfil it in the coming year, also dates back to the early Babylonians. Popular modern resolutions might include the promise to lose weight or quit smoking. The early Babylonian's most popular resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment. The annual ritual of making New Year's Resolutions make us introspective, which brings thoughts of self-improvement. New Year's Resolutions offer the first of many important tools for remaking ourselves.

People the world over make New Year's Resolutions. We often want to improve or quit some habit related to health, behaviour, weight, exercise, occupation and income. Do you also want to have a resolution for the year 2005, lets us help you out:

Before taking a resolution:

1. Keep your resolution concisely in writing, so that you be sure what exactly you want to do.
2. Think and be confident to carry it out for the whole year.
3. Do not create too many resolutions at a time. They may distract you. Go with one at a time.
4. Be accountable to some one in case you don?t follow your resolution seriously. Tell them to punish you (of course, not that seriously), each time you miss your vow. ? 5. Keep a gift for yourself wrapped beautifully and give the gift to yourself if you accomplish your resolution at the end of the year.

Top New Year resolutions:

1. I will take a good care of my health and will be fit the whole year.
2. I will enjoy my life more, be optimistic and happy.
3. I will be more helpful to others and spend some part of my earnings in charity.
4. I will be organized and disciplined. I will go early to bed and also wake up early.
5. I will spend more fruitful time with my family and good friends and will make every effort to make them happy.
6. To trim down having fast or junk food and stick to food having good nutrients.
7. To mark at least one day a month as "Buy Nothing Day"
8. To be a regular blood donor remembering that you also may need it some day.
9. To keep my vehicles pollution free so that you do not be in those ruining the environment.
10. To quit smoking and drinking as by this you wreck your own body.
11. To be a healing balm, preaching peace and harmony.
12. To avoid gossiping or back biting and see the good side of others.

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