Saturday, November 08, 2008

All the World’s Kut

By Donn Morgan Kipgen

The CHIKIMS KUT has come and gone but the spirit is not. For die-hard Kutters, it will always be there. Though the intoxicating spirit was visible, the true liveliness was found wanting in KUT-2008. Perhaps it was a dry or drier Kut for Kutters, but the same cannot be said for the stage and off the back stage. Well, what’s a Kut without a cup of spirit? It’s a grand time to enjoy it to the fullest, as it was always done : thanks to the regular members of the Kut Committee of this regular festivity.

If there is one particular auspicious occasion which would and could bring together all Chin-Kuki-Mizo (CHIKIM) tribes sincerely on one single platform on equal ground in an open celebration, it is the grand KUT. No other ethnic-based cultural event has been dedicatedly graced by members of all sections of Manipuri society; be it as spectators, honourable guests, special invitees, artistes, beauty contestants, Media personnel, organisers, etc. Socio-politically speaking, The (Chavang) Kut is much more than an annual Post Harvest festival. Apart from the come-one come-all traditional extravagant event, the Kut is undeniably the living proof that all the tribes and sub-tribes of the CHIKIMS could work and enjoy together at the highest level disregarding socio-cultural indifferences. The significance of Modern day Kut, revived and revitalised under the enduring hands of the late Maj. S. “Pagin” Kipgen SM and Co. since 1979, can never be over-estimated nor could it be taken for granted by the talented participants and honourable organisers since the Kut is the most auspicious traditional show-piece for the CHIKIMS. To willfully and disdainfully play-down the importance and sanctimony of the Kut ceremony would amount to sacrilege, and to disrespect the Kut platform is akin to cultural treason. Another ever irritating matter has been that of crowd control, especially at night time. Young “Kutters” have the right to enjoy the programme with any friend, but spirited self-enjoyment with problematic end-results must have to be lawfully discouraged to maintain the sanctity of the Kut festival. Yes, indeed, wine, liquor and rice-beer were freely drunk by women and youths as they please in the olden days’ Kut celebration. There was no prohibition nor restriction of enjoyment on this auspicious day since they equally earned every drop of it for the year’s hard works. However, there were no fighting nor unruly crowd on those old day’s Kut. In fact, till this day, the Kut is a time for sincere forgiveness and making professional friendship without room for malice and enmity. All sections of society are invited and there is no room for ranks, status, designation and power-play on the hallowed Kut day. All individuals are of the same or equal status. That’s the epitome of Kut celebration protocol period.

The present day Kut has been upgraded from the erstwhile CHAVANG KUT (post-harvest festival) since early 1990s so as to unify all the CHIKIMS’ Community socio-politically and culturally on one common platform. In the beginning, the Kut was visibly Thadou-Kuki oriented, save for the cameo Western-style entertainment programmes. It was a pure post-harvest festival for the Kukis, hence the originally and specifically termed “Chavang Kut”. Ironically, the first impromptu conducted Miss Kut Winner was a homely Punjabi-Sikh lady whose father was the special Guest of Honour and the then CM Rishang Keishing, a Tangkhul Naga, being the Hon’ble chief Guest, at the KUKI INN. Unfortunately, the first official miss KUT fervently and tearfully requested the Kut organisers, judges and special invitees to honourably “abdicate” off her ordinary but most precious Miss Kut Crown when she heard highly petulant and irresponsible words of some Kutters aftermath an unenglished and “post-harvested” show of uncouth and adverse remarks from unruly Kutters. Sanity prevailed and the then Kut organising Committee, and the Kutters too, had to diplomatically “accept/approve” that the auspicious Kut was open to all and sundries in the highest tradition of the CHIKIMS’ Socio-Cultural Code of Honour, like the Japanese Bushido. Since then, pre-planned Miss Kut-cum Fashion show with all encompassing entertainments of high standard began. Thereafter, the Kut programmes have been open to all, like US Navy Commodore Perry who broke open the little known but highly civilised Samurais’ Japan. It became a State Holiday with financial support annually from the Govt and as of this very period, the CHIKIMS Kut has naturally been proudly made an official part of the World’s tourist brochures and rightfully given a “Must go & Watch” civilised multi-cultural event of high significance. Unbeknownst to most learned scholars, political leaders etc. the CHIKIMS Kut has been grandly celebrated and honoured in the US, under the aegis of the Washington DC-based Kuki International Forum (KIF) led by Pu Nehginpao Kipgen with Miss Kut Contest too. The CHIKIMS’ Israelites has also fondly remembered the Kut, among other important events; thanks to the Sangai Express English Daily’s Website. The Kut is same as the grand Anglo-American’s post-harvest THANKS GIVING DAY and similar to Israelis’ Yom Kippur (Kut)’s observation. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sirs and Brothers & Sisters, need we hear more? Dare we say more? Let’s hope not.

The CHIKIMS Kut, in all its glory and shine, is much, much more than just a post-harvest celebration. It is a colourful show of unified cultural identity and the CHIKIMS’ rich heritage and diverse but entwined traditions. It is also a well-represented socio-political display of the distant past, the halcyon present days and an immaculate pointer of the CHIKIMS’ future. The Kut is essentially for the Commoners, i.e., the farmers, businessmen, ordinary women folks, social workers, etc., but the grandness of its significance makes it much more a high profile westernised post-harvest festival. For this “bare-all” open entertaining Kut’s day, the brand of “watery spirits” has been as constant as it is “mysterious”; three cheers for the CHIKIM’S KUT.

The present State Level Kut Committee (SLKC) has more financial resources, high profile donors, advertisement fees, respectable sponsorship, cable TV Rights, distinguished members and very influential organisers, among others. Hence, it would be most appropriate and professionally desirable to sanction much more financial assistance and honorarium to talented guest artistes, learned scholars, high profile achievers and other CHIKIMS professionals. There is too much gap between open Beauty Contests’ multiple high-prize monies than the real Prides of the CHIKIMS Community. Talented and remarkably expert sons of the CHIKIMS must have to be honoured as it ought to be.

They should be specially gifted with higher dignity in the presence of Who’s Who of Manipur and all highest ranking officers who dedicatedly grace the CHIKIMS KUT year in and year out so eagerly. There is no other auspicious occasion to make the day brighter and fitting for the proud daughters and sons of the CHIKIMS; only the one and all CHIKIMS KUT is that particular Golden Moment of time. There is also no all-encompassing nor other all-community annual Cultural festival in the State of Manipur, if not in the whole of North-East India, like the good old Kut.

With due respect and apology to Mr. Robert Frost, let’s dream of an ever happy future KUT with a tryst to poetic destiny thus:

“The Grand Kuts are lovely, bright and lively still,
But I’ve promised to enjoy and closely mill
With Miles of Kutters’ queue while I long live,
With Miles to go for distant KUTs before I leave”.

ATSUM urges | Miss Kut shows benevolent face

IMPHAL, Nov 7 :The All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) has urged the Government to look into the genuine demands of the Senapati District Students’ Association regarding the pathetic condition of NH-39. In a press release, ATSUM asserted that red-tapism at Government offices should not be a reason for the people of the entire State to suffer. Urging the State Government to develop NH 39 on priority basis, it appealed to the State Government and SDSA to sit together and resolve the impasse.

Miss Kut shows benevolent face

IMPHAL, Nov 7: Showing her humanitarian side, Miss Kut 2008 Moirangthem Minerva visited the Mahila Kalyan Samiti, the oldest orphanage at Dewlahland today where she distributed sweetmeats and snack items to the inmates.

Incidentally, boxer Ng Dingko who won gold in Bangkok Asian Games grew up here. Eighteen year old and standing 5’6”, Minerva is not only a beauty but an athlete too. Before taking up modelling, she was a talented fencer. She won gold in the Sub-Junior National Fencing Championship held at Patiala in 2003.

Destined as she was to become a model and an actor, Minerva had to give up sports as her doctor advised not to practice fencing for six months following a problem in her right wrist.

Minerva belonging to Khurai Soibam Leikai is currently doing her pre-university course.

Days after winning the coveted Miss Kut title, Minerva is now flooded with offers for acting in Manipuri feature films.

Talking about the sudden inflow of film offers, Minerva said that she had signed all the contracts so that she could earn enough money to help orphan and destitute children.

“I would love to see them utilise the money I donated for their welfare”, said Minerva adding that she shall donate 50 percent of all her earnings to orphanages.
She is not new to film acting. Minerva had already acted in some feature films and she would be going to Myanmar next month for shooting a Manipuri film there.

Th fact that Minerva is not a beauty without brain was testified by her witty answer in the final round of the Miss Kut contest.

To a question regarding her preference between her boyfriend and parents, Minerva said, “I prefer my boyfriend for I would live with him for my whole life while my life with my parents would be much shorter”.

DESAM bans nursing school

IMPHAL, Nov 7 : A nursing institute reportedly opened on the pretext of providing training to Female Health Workers (FHW) under the National Rural Health Mission has been banned by DESAM for good.

Speaking to reporters at its head office, DESAM publicity and propaganda secretary KC Ibomcha disclosed that the National Rural Institute of Nursing located at Nambol duped a large number of students through fraudulent means and admitted them in the institute for ANM, GNM and many other certificate courses.

The institute established in April last year opened its first session on September 1 this year.

But the institute is not affiliated to the Manipur Nursi- ng Council. Out of the total 47 students admitted in the insti- tute, five have left it. The institute charges Rs 550 per student for every month as tuition fee in addition to the admission of Rs 950 per student while admission forms were sold at Rs 100 per copy, Ibomcha said.

The institute was set up by one Ksh Ibotombi of Mayang Imphal Thana Lei-kai but staying at Nambol Sabal Leikai and he has been running the institute after constituting a management committee comprising of six members. However, excluding Ibotombi, all the other members were present in the management committee just for namesake.

The irregularities within the institute came to light when eight students kept in rented rooms by Ibotombi at Nambol Sabal Leikai were expelled for non-payment of rent.

A joint team of the All Nambol United Clubs Organisation, Kongkham Awang Youth and Coadjutant and DESAM searched for Ibotombi yesterday but he went into hiding. However, he was pulled up later.

During the press meet today, Ibotombi, students of the institute and its instructor were also present.

One student said they talked to Ibotombi after seeing an advertisement of the institute in a local daily. Ibo-tombi reportedly told them that the institute would impart training for FHWs under NRHM free cost. The students would also be provided hostels without any fee. “Taking his words, we admitted in the institute”, the student said.

Under Ibotombi’s arrangement, eight students stayed in rented rooms at Nambol Sabal Leikai. Then the house owner demanded rent. To this, the girls said that the rents should be paid by Ibotombi not them, recounted one of them.

Sensing something amiss, the students prepared to go home yesterday but they were prevented by the house owner, she said.

Then they informed DESAM and tried to locate Ibotombi.

One instructor of the institute said that they came to know about the institute’s non-affiliation to the Manipur Nursing Council when they went to the Council for registration of their names. Since then, they have stopped going to the institute, she conveyed.

Announcing that the institute has been banned for good, the DESAM functionary demanded that all the money collected from the students should be reimbursed to their guardians at the earliest.

The Samgai Express

At last, Mautam relief released

IMPHAL, Nov 7: Extending relief to the people of Churachandpur, Tameng-long and Chandel district who have been affected by Bamboo flowering (Mautam) and the consequent destruction caused to food crops by rodent population, Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh today handed over the cheque amount of the relief to the respective Deputy Commissioners of the three affected districts at a simple function in his office chamber.

The relief amount has been provided from the Relief Fund of the State Government’s Relief and Disaster Management Department.

According to an official source, the total estimated number of households that have been affected by the calamity in the three districts is 33,248 and the total monetary value of the relief to be provided is Rs 16,67,00,120.

In Churachandpur district, a total of 13920.609 hectare and 14,307 households are estimated to have been affected and the amount of the relief to be provided is Rs 7,22,83,574.

In Tamenglong, 13,504.165 hectare of land and 13,879 households have been reportedly affected for which an amount of Rs 6,76,88,570 would be provided as relief.

For Chandel district, where an estimated 4925.226 hectare of land and 5062 households have been affected, a total of Rs 2,67,27,972 would be provided as relief.
The cheques of the relief amount were handed over to the Deputy Commissioners concerned in the presence of Chief Secretary Rakesh, Relief Commission and Commission (Co-operation).

The Sangai Express

Friday, November 07, 2008

Cabinet thupukna lungkim huai hiam?

Editorial, Manipur Express | November 07, 2008

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh makaihna in zan nitaklam dak 4.00 akipan nitak dak 7.00 tan ama official bungalow ah Cabinet meeting neih in om a, huai ah Manipur khangthu adia chiamteh tham ching ding thupukna tuamtuam bawl ua, huai te i et vengveng leh lungkim huai tawk mah ding hiam chih ngaihsut theih tamtak om mawk hi.

Manipur University ah quota reservation tungtang thu ah Manipur University Tribal Students Union (MUTSU) leh All Tribal Students Union Manipur (ATSUM) te’ makaihna in kiphinna nasatak om a, mass exodus ( ahonpi apemkhiakna) tanpha tung hi. MUTSU leh ATSUM in hun sawtkuamtak nuakna aneih nung un khalui in sousang mahmah in kiphinna nasa petmah om a, student hunkhop in liamna tuak in, MUTSU leh ATSUM Executive te tanpha Police custody ah koih in om uhi. Hiai kiphinna pen singtangmi leh phaizang mi kal ah buaina tanpha tun lawhdek man hial a, Chief Minister pina nuai ah student makaite’n Delhi ah Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh leng bangzah vei hiam va mu uhi.

Lamka khawpi ah leng MUTSU leh ATSUM te’ thilnget gupna in CDSU makaih in public rally thupitak om a, phaizang mite’n singtangmite bangtan deidan lai ding uhiam chih tanpha poster takkhia in sinlai naupangte kikou uhi. State Cabinet in leng hiai thu ngaikhawk sim zaw ahi ding a, zan nitak cabinet meeting ah genkha nual uh bang hi. Cabinet in Indira Gandhi Tribal National University(IGTNU) nuaia Regional Centre khat Manipur adiakin singtanggam a koih din lemsa uh chih hi a, hiai pen ki naupang khemna lel adiam chih ngaihsut thamching hi. State Cabinet in hiai bang thupukna a hon lak ua leh MUTSU te bang in hostel pawtsan singtangmi naupangteng hostel ah lutnawn tak di chi a thupuan nei uh chih thuthang om zawmah a, dik bang ahih zenzen leh hungaih zek lai ahoih kei ding maw chi ut ihi.

Manipur University pen Central University status ah dopsang in ana om ta a, hamphatna (facility) tuamtuam a ngah chih pen kuapeuh theih ahi. Huchi kawm kal ah, singtangmite thil nget quota tungtang pen sukbu chin ding thil haksa lua hiding in ginhuai lou hi. Cabinet thupukna genthak lai leng, India ah University a sang a sim om a, huai lakah fake University kichi leng tamtak om in, HRD Ministry in University a za a simte blacklist a akoih uleng om zawmah hi. Tua Cabinet in Indira Gandhi Tribal National University a chih u bang kiza vang mahmah a, koi muntak a headquarter om hiam chih leng ki thei kha lawtel lou hi. Ahih kei leh, amin a Tribal University chih om ziak maimai a a hon khemna leltak uh adiam?. Indira Gandhi National Open University kichi ilak ah a thangsim mahmah a, New Delhi ah headquarter nei in, hiai pen distance learning chih in leng om hi. IGNOU in Lamka ah leng study centre nei a, huai tawh kibang maimai in IGTNU regional centre khat Manipur singtanggam a koih ding chih hilel hi.

Degree hiam ahih kei leh, graduation course tuamtuam te pursue ut ihih leh IGNOU khawng ah hih suk lele kibangthou hilou maw chih theih in om a, deemed University piching khat bek dinsuah ahih kei leh, ATSUM leh MUTSU thil nget pen bangmah lou suak ding a, full fledge University kichi tum mang tawh kibang lel ding hi. A lehlam pang ah genlai le hang, full fledge university ahih kei leh deemed university khat bek i ngah zawh keiding leh singtangmi student tamtak ading in laisinna kong ah niamkiakna hong hizaw diam chih theih in om hi. Etsakna ding in Board of Secondary Education Manipur nuai ah Pawl X tan i sin a, huai kawmkawm in National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) in leng centre tuamtuam hong nei in, BSEM nuai a zoulou khenkhat bang in NIOS nuai ah pawl X Ist class khawng in hon zou ua, Centre Government in recognition apiakthou ahihziak in, equivalent hiveve hi. Tuabang deuh in lehkha sim mumal khol kei leng le, IGTNU kichi nuai ah master degree lak ahaksa dia hia chih bang ngaihsut theih a, IGTNU norms leh procedure bangmah theilou (digest lou) pi a ATSUM leh MUTSU in State cabinet thupukna kipahpih mahmah ahih un chu, singtangmi student te maban ding bang hongsuak ding hiam chih theih hakpi suak hi.

Tutung a MU buaina genzek lai le hang, MUTSU leh ATSUM makaite a maphutu himahleh, hiai tanpha a lawhchinna a ngahna tung uah min hoihna pen piak ding hileh, singtangmite ki pumkhatna ziak liauliau ahi chih theih in om hi. MU buaina pen singtangmite adia common issue ahih ziak lel a pangkhawm i diam chih bel theikhang, bangteng hileh, hiai bang deuh in common issue te ah thukhat luang a i pankhop touh zel ua leh i maban uah lawhchinna in hon ngak ding ahi chih muhkholh theih a, huai ding in pawlpi tuamtuam makaite, student Union leader te, public leader leh mipi-lam Ai-oh Palai te i pankhop touh zel uh deih huai hi. I zawhna ding in, Manipur University tawh equivalent University dang (Hill University) i ngah zawh tuan kei ding leh MUTSU leh ATSUM makaite hong bengvak zawlai uhen la, intellectual level ah consultative meeting khat samthei le uh chih deih huai mahmah hi.


IGNTU Regional Centre: Vualzawlna or Hamsiatna

Central University nuai a Manipur University a hong lut toh kiton in tribal reservation tungtang a buaina kipan ngal a, ATSUM leh MUTSU in theihtawp suah in MU a 34.2% Scheduled Tribe reservation omsak ding phu in panla uhi. A panlaknate uh a lohchinkei leh a tawp a bel singtangmite a ding lieuliau a Hill University nget ding bang ATSUM leh MUTSU in kamteh ua, a panlakna uh lohchingkei mahleh Hill University bel ngen nai tadihlou uhi. Himahleh, Manipur singtangmite a ding lieuliau Hill University ngen di’n Manipur singtangmite sinlai pawlpi tuamtuam Delhi a omte’n Manipur Hill University Demand Committee, Delhi (MHUDCD) kichi pawl thak hon phuan uhi. Manipur sorkar leh MU thuneitute apat Manipur singtangmite’n nelhsiahna, nawlkhinna leh deidanna a tuah ziak ua ut-le-utlou a Manipur singtangmite a ding liuliau ‘Hill University’ a nget uh ngai hi’n leh Manipur a om singtangmite a dia hiai lou-ngal khosuahna dia lampi dang omlou hi’n MHUDCD in gen hi. Singtangmite a ding lieuliau Hill University ngen dia hiai bang kisakkholhna a pai lai in, alehlam ah, zan a Manipur Cabinet meeting in Manipur hill district khat a Indira Gandhi National Tribal University’ regional centre hon di’n hon thupuk uhi.

Singtangmite’n higher education a neihtheihna ding uh leh tribal culture kepbitna dia singtangmite a ding bik university dinkhiak dia, UGC in a seh, D. Swaminadhan Committee in thusun a bawl pen Union Cabinet in pom a, India Innpi in leng Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Bill, 2007 namkip hi. IGNTU Bill, 2007 in “The access to educational facilities for the vast tribal population in the country is very limited and the tribal youth is at disadvantage in higher studies, leading to quite a low educational and economic status of tribal communities. There is high concentration of tribal population in the NE States, and in the area comprising parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. While NE States have a good number of Central Universities, there is no Central University specifically catering to the population in the other tribal concentrated area. It is, therefore, proposed to establish and incorporate a teaching and affiliating University at Amarkantak in the State of Madhya Pradesh, to facilitate and promote avenues of higher education and research facilities, particularly for the tribal population in the country…” chi’n taklang hi. Hiai dungzui in, phualpi sorkar senna nuai ah singtangmite khualna in Amarkantak, MP ah Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU) phutkhiak in hong om hi. IGNTU in a tup ahihleh “promoting studies and research in tribal art, culture, tradition, language, custom, medicinal systems, forest based economic activities, including special studies in the flora and fauna, and advancements in technologies relating to natural resources of the tribal areas” chih ahi. IGNTU college-te kiang a ‘affiliation’ a piak theih banah tribal area ah regional centre pha a sak zahzah hon theihna thuneihna nei hi.

Hiai tan lel et in leng IGNTU pen Manipur singtangmite leng lungsim a nei a kibawlkhia ahihdan chiang a, a tup-le-ngimte leng hoih petmah ahihman in Manipur Cabinet in hill district khat a IGNTU regional centre hon dia thupukna a lak uh kipahhuai mahmah hi. Regional centre i chih university piching hikei mahleh university piching neihna dia kalbi poimohtak ahihna ah kipahhuai kholdiak hi. Alehlam ah, ‘regional centre’ maimai ahi a, university piching a hong suahna ding gamla mahmah lai thei ahihman in tamtakte mitsuan Hill University toh kikhai mahmah hi. Bangteng hileh, a hoih huntawk chih leh ‘regional centre’ maimai hia maw chih sang mah in koi district in a tang dia chih thu ah (ki)buaina tamtak tung thei ding bang hi. Zan a Cabinet meeting in a koihna ding district genlou ahihman in mahni district a IGNTU regional centre koih ding kituhna nasatak a hong pian a, huaina lam a bawlkhiak ngeilouh a a om ding baihlam mahmah hi. Huchibang hun i tunsak ua leh Manipur sorkar vualzou hizel ding a, a moh leng en kikhu zomah ding ahi. Sorkar in IGNTU regional centre hon a sawm pen ei a di’n vualzawlna a hong suak diam ahihkeileh hamsiatna?

The Lamka Post | November 07, 2008

Ruling MNF announces candidates for Mizoram poll

Aizawl, Nov 06: Chief Minister Zoramthanga, the president of ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) on Thursday announced the candidates of MNF and it's allies for the coming election to 40-member Mizoram Legislative Assembly.

MNF would contest 37 seats, Mizoram Congress Party (MCP) would contest two seats on MNF ticket and Mara Democratic Front (MDF) would contest on a seat.

Zoramthanga said MNF is forging alliance with MCP, MDF Hmar People's Convention (HPC). HPC, which would not field candidates would support MNF candidates.

Chief Minister would contest from two seats - Champhai South and Champhai North in Champhai district, bordering Myanmar. Health Minister and Treasurer of MNF, R Tlanghmingthanga, would contest from Aizawl South-I and Aizawl West-II.

Zoramthanga's adversaries in Champhai South would be Lalhmingthangi, a woman theologian of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and former minister Zosiama Pachuau of the UDA in Champhai North constituency.

UDA is a pre-poll alliance of the Mizoram People's Conference (MPC) led by former Chief Minister Brigadier Thenphunga Sailo and Zoram Nationalist Party (ZNP) led by former Lok Sabha member Lalduhoma.

Tlanghmingthanga while trying to retain his Aizawl South-I seat would be pitted against K Liantlinga of UDA, he would contest against Lalduhoma, Deputy Chief Ministerial candidate of UDA in Aizawl West-I.

Vice President of MNF and Home Minister Tawnluia left Zawlnuam constituency to seek fortune from prestigious Aizawl South-III and would be pitted against a college teacher F Lalnunmawia of UDA while Assembly Speaker Lalchamliana also left Bilkhawthlir constituency to contest against Lalthanliana of UDA in Aizawl North-II seat.

MCP members Lalenvela and T C Pachhunga would contest from Hachhek and Tuikum constituencies on MNF ticket while P P Thawlla, Deputy Government Chief Whip and President of MDF would contest from Palak seat.

Prominent MNF leaders who did not get party ticket included Local Administration Minister Lalrinchhana and former minister Rualchhina.

There are 12 new faces among MNF candidates and most of them are aged below 45.

One of them Lalruatkima, who recently resigned as General Secretary of the central committee of Young Mizo Association (YMA), an apex body of Mizos would contest from Aizawl West-II seat where he would contest against Chief Ministerial candidate of UDA's Brig Sailo.

While the UDA had already announced candidates on Tuesday, Congress, major Opposition party, is likely to announce its official nominees tomorrow.

Bureau Report

WWAA event at Churachandpur

IMPHAL, Nov 6: A two day event for the underprivileged widows was organised by the Widow Welfare Association Asia (WWAA) on November 5 and 6 at EBC Church, Upper Lamka, Churachandpur, informed a release issued by the PRO of Hqs IG AR (S).

On day one of the event where officiating Commander of Hqs 27 Sector AR was invited as chief guest, necessary assistance for dinner was given by the Hqs 27 Sector AR.

More than 1000 ladies attended the annual conference cum advent Christmas and they appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles and WWAA in organising the event.

During the event where WWAA founder Ruth Singson distributed Christmas gifts, a medical camp was also organised with the assistance of Hqs 27 Sector AR. The AR Sector also arranged a civil gynaecologist to attend to the gynaecological problems of the ladies, added the release.

KNF concerned over bad road

IMPHAL, Nov 6: Expressing serious concerned over the worsening condition of the National Highway 39 stretch from Mao to Sekmai, Kuki National Front (KNF) has pointed out that this section of the National Highway has become almost unmotorable even for the small and light vehicles thereby causing loss of lives in accident and financial loss to the State economy.

Charging that this poor condition of the National Highway section is the result of long neglect and corruption among the officials of the Manipur Public Works Department, information and publicity sec- retary of the Kuki armed outfit LH Stephen said that though a huge sum of mo-ney meant for the main- tenance and repairing of the road under the Department had been released and drawn, the actual work had not been executed.

Requesting the authority concerned to look into the matter, Stephen further announced that KNF would extend support and co-operation to all the social organisations which are involve in any form of agitation to pressurise the State Government for improving the condition of the National Highway.

The outfit has also urged the Government of Manipur not to alienate the tribals with regard to social and economic development.

The Sangai Express

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Inter-State buses to resume service

IMPHAL, Nov 5: Following the written assurance by the State Government to payment ex-gratia/compensation to the victims of the Lahorijan incident and to institute a judicial inquiry into the incident, the inter-State bus services which remained suspended in protest since October 24 will resume from tomorrow.

A decision to this effect was arrived at during a meeting of the All Manipur Inter-State Bus Association held at its office at North AOC here today.

It may be recalled here that in connection with monetary demand, armed cadres of the KLA which is a party to the Suspension of Operation with the Government poured petrol and set aflame a passenger bus coming from Imphal leaving two passengers charred to death and several others with burnt injuries at Lahorijan in Assam on the night of October 23.

In protest against the incident, All Manipur Inter-State Bus Association suspended its service from the following day along with raising various demands like payment of ex-gratia/compensation to the victims and their family members, institution of a judicial inquiry and deployment of Highway Protection Force.

Talking to mediapersons after the meeting today, Association president A Budha Luwang informed that the decision to resume the suspended Inter-State bus service has been taken after considering the written assurance given by the Government.

The written assurance signed by Director of Transport Department Norbert Disinang and handed over to the Association yesterday made it clear that clear that ex-gratia/compensation would be given to all the victims and a judicial inquiry would be instituted, Budha told mediapersons.

As to providing security which is one of the main demands of the Association, Budha informed that as per the assurance, the State Government would be providing security coverage to all the passenger buses from Imphal to Mao and inside Nagaland and Assam it would be the responsibility of the GOC 3 Corps.

Yesterday, the Association had expressed resentment over skipping the demand of highway protection in the written assurance given to it by the Government.

Budha further said that apart from the deplorable condition of the National Highway 39 particularly from Imphal to Mao, collection of various taxes illegally caused lot of difficulties in carrying out service along the said route.

The Sangai Express

Khuga culverts desecrated

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Nov 8 : Two culverts built over the eastern Khuga Canal were destroyed by agitating contractors who have claimed responsibility for the Power House and Pump House arson late last month.

Khuga Dam Neglected Contractors’ Forum, a third one for pursuing contract bills, work for which was claimed executed several years back, said their action today was a follow-up of the Oct 24 Power House and 27th Oct Pump House attack.

Addressing the media at 5 in the evening, the forum members who said they were responsible for the destruction of two culverts in between Saidan and Tuithapi villages warned they would intensify their agitation unless they are called to the negotiating table.

‘‘Many of us are in the brink of losing our residence and lands as we could not repay our debts. But we won’t hesitate to lose our heads before we lose our lands,’’ the forum members said adding, ‘‘we are now a desperate lot ‘debt laden and angry.’’’

They maintained that they have been constrained to take up such course of action as they are desperate to get back their lost assets.

On being asked, the forum members said contractor associations coming up one after the other is evident as the leadership in the earlier ones usually sidelined the majority while negotiating with the Government. They also claimed that this forum was composed of all the neglected ones “by the other associations and by the Government.”

The contractors also raised strong objection against the alleged tendency of some officials to treat the district with reservation and questioned why their case has remained unsettled when the Government has released the bill of those even without the relevant work orders.

Tribal students return to MU

IMPHAL, Nov 6: Tribal students of Manipur University who left the campus in connection with the demand to hike reservation percentage for Scheduled Tribes in the University have returning to the university campus today.

The decision to return to MU campus was adopted after the Cabinet in a meeting held yesterday agreed to establish a centre of the Indira Gandhi National Tribal University in one of the hill districts. The MU authority has also reportedly assured to conduct extra classes for the tribal students for the period they were away from the university and also to re-conduct tests held during their absence.

Speaking to reporters at District Council Guest House, Sangakpham, John Pamei of MUTSU clarified that the decision to return to MU campus does not mean the tribal students have withdrawn their demands.

Even after the tribal students rejoin their respective classes in MU, the Manipur University Tribal Students’ Union (MUTSU) would persistently pursue their demand for 31 percent reservation for ST students during admission in Manipur University.

The student body would also urge the Government to implement its Cabinet decision for establishment of a new university in one of the hill districts, he confided.

Hailing the Cabinet decision to set up a centre of Indira Gandhi National Tri-bal University under the Ministry of Human Re-source Development in a hill district, MUTSU spokes-person Michael Luminthang demanded that the proposed hill university should be established without any delay so that its maiden session can start from 2009-10.

The tribal students who were staying at the District Council Guest House at Sangakpham after they left MU hostels on October 6 were taken to MU in two buses of the University today.

The Sangai Express

13th Finance Commission, State set to project Rs 25,000 Crores

IMPHAL, Nov 5 : Inclusive of the non-plan expenditure, the State Government is planning to project Rs 25,000 crores for the five year period of the 13th Finance Commission due to start from April, 2010.

Moreover, in order to implement the 6th Central Pay Commission for its employees, the State Government has also proposed a sum of Rs 8,000 crores in the 13th Finance Commission.

Disclosing this to The Sangai Express, a reliable source said that the State Government has been making necessary preparation to project Rs 25,000 crores in the 13th Finance Commission which is due to begin from April 1, 2010.

Apart from earmarking Rs 8000 crores in connection with implementation of the 6th Central Pay, adequate fund related to payment of pension to the retired employees have also been included in the plan projection, the source added.

Chief Minister O Ibobi had already announced that the 6th Central Pay Commission would be extended to all the Government employees.

In connection with implementation of the 6th Central Pay Commission, a Committee set up with Chief Secretary as the chairman has sought necessary informations from all the departments apart from looking into the cases of pay anomaly.

In the 13th Finance Commission, the State Govt would also be earmarking sufficient fund for non-plan expenditure, maintenance, infrastructure, irrigation projects, jail, police and LDA, the source disclosed.

However, the Commission is yet to finalise and intimate the date of the visit of its officials to the State for meeting/taking the opinions of the Government with regard to the plan projection, the source informed.

It may be noted here for the current 12th Finance Commission, the State Government has been receiving Rs 1000 crores every year.

The Sangai Express

Zou Youth Organisation Silver Jubilee lop hiding

Kum 1983 kum a nopni, dani, shini-manni a tawmngaisuo a kipei ding poimaw ahina toh ana kiphut - ZOMI YOUTH ORGANISATION (ZYO) pen tukum in kum 25 chingta hi.

Silver Jubilee lopna December 19, 2008 chiengin Lamka khopi ah zah hi ding hi. Kum 25 chintoh kitua in Block leh unit ana kiphutsa ana function nawnlou khenkhat umte suhhing kia sawm in lamkaiten pan la panta uhi.

November 9, 2008 chiengin Singngat Block suhhingna pen Singngat khopi ah nei hiding a, tuoni ma in Hauopi Block zong Lunmuol ah suh hingna um ding hi.
November 15, 2008 chiengin Shillong khopi ah ZYO Unit phuna lamkai ten va nei ding uhi.
November 23, 2008 chiengin Tuining Block suhhingna Tuining khopi ah nei in umkia ding hi.

Tualeh, ZYO Silver Jubilee suong phuna zong um ding hi. Tua suong pen mi tawmngai leh nam ngaina mama Pu Hauminlien in tuoding chi ahita hi. Tam toh kisai in Souvenir zong bawl hiding. Article leh bangkim pen a peding in ana man chiet lei dei huoi mama hi. Tualeh sum-le-pai a i pan khawm uh hing ngaikia ding ahiman in michin i nei kham kham uh tuokhawm ding in zong kiman san umlei chi iki matheisah uh ahi.

ZYO Thusim tomkim

Zomi Youth Organisation (ZYO) khu Zou sung a hatlaite Kum 14-50 kikal sung a mite (abihtah a Nungah leh Tangvalte) Phattuomngai Pawl (Philanthropic Organisation) kilawikhawmna, (Apex Body of the Zou Youth) ahi. Kum 1983 in azatat-huoi Pu T. Gouzadou, Ex-Minister, Founder President hina nuoi ah ana kiphutkhie hi.

I chi-le- nam a diing a sil hoi leh phattuom diing tampi Zomi Youth Organisation (ZYO) in tup-le- ngim (aims and objects) a nei a, apoimaw tangpite i tahlang ding uhi:

* Chi-le-nam khantouna ding in Nampi khut leh keng ahi ding hi.
* Chi-le-nam tawisangtu hi ding in si lhoi bawl a, Pupa tawndân leh ngainate, thu-le-la, ham-le-pau kembittu ahi ding hi.
* Panpitu ding neilou, Genthei, liengvai, meithai, taga, Sietna tuohte panpi ding leh kem a, enkawltu (kalsangtawi) ahiding hi.
* Khotâng sietna leh sil hoiloute (Social-evils) doudâl leh siemphat ngaite siempha a, Khotâng hoina dîng, sienthouna leh damtheina dîng a panlatu ahi dîng hi.

I society sung ah ZYO a manphatna leh a poimawdan i thei zounai tadisih ua, i zat na ding amun leh ahuntah ah aphatuomna ding bang in i zang thei nai sih uhi. Azal i zou ding bangtah a, i zoutheinailou jieh un i nampi adia vangsietna chi khat ahi hi. Zou khosuonna/Zou hausatna khuo leh UZO unit dintheina khuo khat a ZYO unit dintheilouna khuo khu Zou khosuon dihtah a chingthei sih (bukimlou) chi ding ahi mai hi. I Zou hina dihtah, i hoina leh phatna (i giel) i suhlat theina ding lampi um sun khu ZYO ahia, i pibawl a i ngaisang/tawisang ding u khu poimaw-le-kul ahita hi. Hun hingpeitou zel ding ah i nampi in ZYO a poimawna hing lien deudeu ding a, sa-le-gal, shi-le-man, siet-le-khat i tuoh chieng a, i nampin a masawt ding leh i thatang a, i nampi vanzat poimaw ding khu ZYO hing hiding ahi. Tuajieh in Zou umna taphot ah ZYO Unit a um ngeingei ding ahi.

Meithai Annual Conference om | I gam ah meithai dim

Lamka, Nov 5: Upper Lamka EBC biakinn ah tuni zinglam dak 9:30 in Widows Welfare Association, Asia te saina in “ Meithai Annual Conference-cum-Advent Christmas” zang uh a, huai ah meithai 1000 sanga tamzaw tel uhi. Tuni’n Special Guests in Cynthia Joah Mc Avoy, USA leh Sally Raye Fox, USA pang uh a, Col.Sandeep Kala, Addl.DIG 27-Sector Assam Rifles in leng thugen a, Rev.Dr. Khaizakham, Principal ECT in meithaite ading in thumsak hi.

Nitaklam in annekkhawmna om a, huai ading in 3-Assam Rifles te’n panpihna in antang bag 3, dal, sathau, singpi leh puanbuk pia uhi. Nov.7,2008 zing dak 9:00 in “Free Medical Camp” om ding a, Chief Guest in Col.Sandeep Kala, Addl.DIG 27- Sector A/R pangding a, Guest of Honour in Cynthia Joah Mc Avoy, USA leh Sally Raye Fox, USA pangding uhi. Medical Camp ah 3-A/R apan Dental doctor Dr. Mithun ban ah Medical doctor Dr.Tabu Maling leh Dr.S Mao te’n panpih ding uhi.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Youth held at Churachandpur

S. Singlianmang Guite

LAMKA, Nov 5: Troops of 3 Assam Rifles arrested one youth who asked the officials of SBI Churachandpur Branch to grant a loan of Rs 2 lakhs using the name of the proscribed PREPAK. The youth has been identified as Th Kennedy alias Inao of Moirang ward number II. The youth asked the officials to grant Rs 2 lakhs to one Ibemcha at the earliest saying that he is PREPAK cadre. He was handed over to the police in the evening. A mobile handset, a driving license and Rs 4900 were recovered from him.

KNO/KLA clarifies

IMPHAL, Nov 5: Reacting to news report about the arrest of one Asat Haolai by Imphal East Commandos, information and publicity secretary of KNO/KLA Armstrong Gangte has cla-rified that the arrested per- son is not a cadre of KNO/KLA (now UPF). He is not at all connected with the organisation in any way nor had entrusted any work of the organisation, he added.

The Sangai Express

Manipur State tribals demand Hill University

Newmai News Network

Imphal, Nov 5: An organisation called Manipur Hill University Demand Committee, Delhi (MHUDCD) has been formed by tribal students from Manipur studying in New Delhi.

In an e-mail message dispatched to Newmai News Network by its convenor Yaronsho Ngalung, the MHUDCD said that all tribal students' organisations from Manipur in Delhi resolved to demand for a separate 'Hill University' for the tribals of Manipur.

According to the message, the tribal students in Delhi convened a meeting on November 1 had 'strongly felt the need to secure the educational rights of the tribals of Manipur as the earlier Manipur University as well as the present University that has become a Central University failed to serve the educational interest of the tribals of the State'.

The MHUDCD alleged that the attitude of the Government of Manipur as well as the authorities of the Manipur University towards the tribals has severely marginalised the tribals, which is evident in the area of education as well as other areas too.

"To redress the progressive rights and interest of the tribals as well as to secure their future from all unwanted forces that the State machinery have capitalised, the tribals of Manipur should be granted a Hill University that will empower them as well as their Constitutional rights. To pursue the collective aspirations of the Manipur tribals, the tribal students' organisations from Manipur have constituted the Manipur Hill University Demand Committee, Delhi," said the MHUDCD .

"The committee strongly condemns the authorities of Manipur University for segregating and discriminating the educational rights of the tribals by exercising all sorts of bias and prejudices, which is unfair and unjust. The committee condemned the attitude and actions of the Manipur University authorities that resulted in the withdrawal of all tribal students from the University and surrendering of their certificates. While the University authorities should be sympathising and empathising the grievances of the tribal students, the authorities deliberately resorted to remain insensitive and callous. The attitude of the authorities of Manipur University under the Vice Chancellor has been negating the existence of the tribals of the State," alleged the MHUDCD.

It also added that the experience of the tribals in Manipur compelled them to demand for a 'Hill University' exclusively for the tribals in Manipur.

"This is the only solution to address and redress the aspirations of the tribals in Manipur. The Committee appeals to all like-minded organisations and individuals to stand up for justice and fairness and support the cause of the tribals of Manipur," the committee added.


Office of the
Pu T. Zamlunmang Inn
c/o PK Malik Building, H/No. 586, 3rd Floor, Bank Street, Munirka, New Delhi – 110067

New Delhi | November 1, 2008

As we are all aware, the 50-year cyclical bamboo flowering phenomenon currently affecting the Zo inhabited areas in Manipur, Mizoram and neighbouring Burma have caused famine conditions due to crop failure. The year-long hard labour of farmers were destroyed by rodents, grasshoppers, etc. in a matter of few nights. Our people stood helpless, hoping against hope that daily bread for the family may be provided each day by someone from somewhere.

The Government of India, the State Governments of Manipur and Mizoram are understood to be aware of the situation. The Central Government had even sanctioned Rs. 16,67,00,000.00 (Rupees Sixteen crores sixtyseven lakhs) as Relief Grant for Mautaam in Manipur about four months ago. However, the amount has not reached its intended destination so far, and no one knows when would it be! While all out efforts are made to deliver the said funds to our people, we could not sit back and simply watch the suffering of our people worsen day by day nay second by second to greet the ensuing Christmas and New Year with an empty stomach.

By the grace of God, you and I are privilege to live in Delhi & NCR while our people over there are waiting for a handful of rice to cook next. This is the day that the Lord has made for us to feed the hungry and cheer-up the desperate.

Please donate generously to our collectors who will visit your home in November 2008. The booklet containing names of all donors will be send to you in December 2008. Your donations will be forwarded by us to COMFA, Lamka for distribution to the needy.

Issued by

COMFA Delhi Front


1. Contributions also can be handed over to any of the organisers whose names and numbers are listed on the side.
2. Joint Appeal issued by the Community Leaders in Churachandpur District dated Lamka, 23rd August 2008 is enclosed for your kind information.


Pu V. Naulak
Ph. 9968318955

Pu Dr Ch. Thangsing
Ph. 9818270687

Pu G. Swan Za Lian
Ph. 9971311145

Pu T. Zamlunmang
Ph. 9990671987

Pu Cdr T. Lalsuonglien
Fin. Secretary
Ph. 9868943589


Pu Philip Thanglienmang
Ph. 9818177401

Pu K.Ginkhanthang
Ph. 9810842065

Pu L.Thang Sian Mung
Ph. 9811991212

Pu Phungchinthang Guite Ph. 9818342330

Pu Nehzamang Simte
Ph. 9910216364

Pu Kh Ginlal Chung
Ph. 9899778646

Yangoon Khuodou Pawi zahna

Yangon a om ZO miteng in ZO KHUODO PAWI pen October 31, 2008 ni-in GZO, Yangon te makaih natawh nasie tah in Judson Centre ah bawl vuh aa, Yangon a om ZO Pasien nasem tampi tah leh, mite 300 valbang kihal aa, nop mama hi ciin, pawl a akihal zokhangno khat in genkhie hi.

ZO KHUODO PAWI - 2008 hungel / zat dan:

01. Kipat thungen : Rev Cin Suon Nang
02. Mipi lasah na : “Zo laukha pallun ding hi”
03. Vaidot thugen : Pa Kham Khen Thang (GZO, Vice-President)
04. Khuodo thugen : Pu Zam Suon Thang
05. Ahuom thungen : Rev Thang Khen Mang
06. GZO nasep pulah : Pa Leet Suon Khai (GZO,Secretary)
07. Khangnote hanthotna : Rev Kap Khan Khup
08. Lungdamko thugen : Pastor Kam Khen Dal
09. Tawpna thungen : Rev Mang Kaih Thang
10. Tawpna La : Mipi ding ;
11. Thupha piehna : Rev Khup Khan Thang

Tuni GZO vaihawmna tawh akibawl Zo Khangno Khuodo-2008 ah ang kihal Sie’te, pa’te leh Khangno’te zosie tungah ibieh Pasien in thupha nangpie ciet ta vuh heh. Amen.

Khuodo pawi ah mipi sah, la

“Zo Laukha Pallun Ding Hi”

1. Miimbang pienna tuan Pu’pa te’n Sin lailung a mawlman in ah Ton leh aih galthat sa man in A nunna muol liepsan ta.....

CHO: :Nun bang nuam aw i gam lei ah, Namcin Zeisu naubang i pom ciang Lung dei teng Liibang cing ding aa, Zo laukha pallun ding hi.

2. Tunlezua lie le taang teng aw, Sing gamdang a eng ding in ah, Tung Sienmang in lung awi lo e, Gual tawh kim ding Sien siem hi.

3. Lim bel Sienmang naubang pom’te A pallun tuibang luangluang ding Simlei milun zatam teng sang Guoltung tuang va bang pil ding....


2008 kum October 31, ni’in Yangon khuopi sung a om Zo Khangno’te in a nei aa bang in tangko na kanei vuh hi. Pu Zo suonte sungpan in tulpi (tazaw) nam ihi man in, Pasien itna leh minam itna bulphu in thukhuolna, lungsauna inei ciet ding hi.

Pu Zo khang a kipan tuni tan ciengdong ngaina kip, tawn dan kip’te thelthangh sahlo in apicing semsem ding leh a khou semsem dingin i hanciem ding hi.

Zo khangno sung ah, teenna mun leh muol kigamlatna, veng leh paam kibahlona zieh leh Pawlpi kibahlona zieh aa mangthangh thei ding kam-ham leh Zosisan itna cingkep in manpha sah in ih zangh ciet ding hi. Zo gam, Zo minam leh i lap kiehna (khuo le tui) mang ngil lo in, hanciem tah in ipua, i zun siem zonading lainatna tawh ma i pang ciet ding hi. Kawlgam, Vaigam i tung zongin Zo ngaina “Khuodo” leh “Zo Minam Ni” kumsim a, ibawl zawh nadingin kingansie loin, Keima aituom hi ci’n hanciemna leh lai natna inei ciet ding hi.

“Zo in kei a ding in bang ei bawlpieh diei ci lamen sih zaw in len, ken Zo a ding bang kasep zawdea" ci lamet in.

Khuodo pawi pi hing pienthei nang in, minal piekhiet na lamtawh akihal teng ahi leh;

01. Rev. Laang Lien Mang...................20,000/-
02. Rev. Cin Suon Nang ......................30,000/-
03. Rev. Kap Cin Thang ......................20,000/-
04. Rev. Kam Lien Khup......................20,000/-
05. Rev. Thang Khen Mang ................5,000/-
06. Rev. Khup Khan Thang ................10,000/-
07. Pastor Khup Lam Thang ..............20,000/-
08. Pastor Jeffrey Pau (New Zealand) ..100,000/-
09. Sie Ling Kee ......................10,000/-
10. Siema Man Nuom Vung ...............5,000/-
11. Pu Dai Kho Kam ....................10,000/-
12. Pu Ai Cin Pau .....................5,000/-
13. Pu Tel Za Go ......................10,000/-
14. Pi Nieng Nuom Mang ................10,000/-
15. Pa Kam Khen Mang (S’pore)..........100,000/-
16. Pa Mang Lam Suon (S’pore) .........50,000/-
17. Pa Thang Lam Khup ( Padamya) ......100,000/-
18. Bo Mang Khen Thang ................20,000/-
19. Pa Leet Suon Khai .................20,000/-
20. Pastor Kam Khen Dal ...............30,000/-
21. Pa Kham Kho Cin Thang .............50,000/-
22. Tg. Hau Khen Pau ..................10,000/-
23. Tg. Kham Lien Tuang ...............15,000/-
24. Nu Cing Kho Hau ...................5,000/-
25. Pa Lal Khen Pau ...................3,000/-
26. Rev Kap Khan Khup .................3,000/-
27. Pa Paul Pau Khan Thang (S.Korea)...50,000/-
28. Pa Johnny Kam Cin Pau (USA)........100,000/-


Barack Obama wins historic US election

Voters have elected Barack Obama the first African-American president of the United States, ending eight years of Republican rule that saw a deeply unpopular war in Iraq and growing economic turmoil.

Shortly after 11 p.m. ET, John McCain phoned Obama to concede the election.

Obama's victory is an incredible watershed moment for the country, and the ultimate success of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, when Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a future when whites and blacks could live as equals.

To win the presidency, a candidate must get 270 votes from the Electoral College, which are awarded for winning the popular vote in a state. A candidate could potentially win the popular vote nationwide, but not win enough votes from the Electoral College, like Al Gore did in 2000.

After Obama, a 47-year-old first-term senator from Illinois, won the Democratic nomination, he found himself squaring off against John McCain, 72, a veteran lawmaker and war hero who spent five-and-a-half years as a military prisoner in Vietnam.

McCain struggled to separate himself from the current Republican government of George W. Bush, whose approval ratings have plummeted to roughly 25 per cent.

McCain sold himself as a "maverick," frequently using the word in speeches and interviews, and said he would break from the Bush administration and shake up Washington. He also said he was the best candidate to tackle tough foreign policy issues, especially Iraq and the so-called "war on terror."

Obama ran on a campaign of hope and change, saying Americans were fed up with Bush's failed economic policies, a seemingly never-ending war in Iraq and an eroding of civil liberties. He said McCain would essentially bring another four years of the same.

On Tuesday, Obama took an early lead and before 10 p.m. ET he had won the key battleground state of Ohio, which no Republican has ever lost in modern times and still managed to secure the White House.

He later won the Republican states of Indiana and Florida, which no Democrat had managed to secure since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Obama also won 21 electoral votes in Pennsylvania, where McCain had focused much of his efforts in the final days of his campaign.

Democrats win Senate majority

Democrats have picked up several senate seats from the Republicans, including a win over Sen. Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. In a controversial attack ad, she had suggested her rival, who teaches Sunday school, was an atheist.

In other senate races:

Former governor Mark Warner won a seat for the Democrats in Virginia, a traditional Republican stronghold Democrat Jeanne Shaheen won in New Hampshire, formerly held by the Republicans Democrat Thomas Udall is expected to win a seat from the Republicans in New Mexico The Democrats are trying to win 60 seats, which would give them a filibuster-proof Senate majority. But analysts have said that's a long shot.

Who is leading in which states:

Georgia - 15 - McCain
Indiana - 11
Kentucky - 8 - McCain
South Carolina - 8 - McCain
Vermont - 3 - Obama
West Virginia - 5 - McCain
Virginia - 13 - Obama
North Carolina - 15
Ohio - 20 - Obama
Connecticut - 7 - Obama
Delaware - 3 - Obama
Maine - 4 - Obama 3, McCain 1
Maryland - 10 - Obama
Massachusetts - 12- Obama
New Jersey - 15
Tennessee - 11 - McCain
Oklahoma - 7 - McCain
Arkansas - 6 - McCain
Alabama - 9 - McCain
Florida - 27 - Obama
Illinois - 21 - Obama
Mississippi - 6 - McCain
Missouri - 11
New Hampshire - 4 - Obama
Pennsylvania - 21 - Obama
District of Columbia - 3 - Obama
South Dakota - 3
Arizona - 10
Colorado - 9
Rhode Island - 4 - Obama
Louisiana - 9 - McCain
Michigan - 17 - Obama
Wyoming - 3 - McCain
Minnesota - 10 - Obama
New Mexico - 5 - Obama
North Dakota - 3 - McCain
New York - 31 - Obama
Texas - 34 - McCain
Wisconsin - 10 - Obama
Kansas - 6 - McCain
Nebraska - 5
Iowa - 7 - Obama
Utah - 5 - McCain
Oregon - 7 - Obama
California - 55 - Obama
Idaho - 4
Hawaii - 3 - Obama
Montana - 3
Alaska - 4
Nevada - 5
Washington - 11 - Obama


Manipur Holiday list for 2009 announced

IMPHAL, Nov 4: The approved list for the State Holidays for the year 2009 which has been approved by the state Cabinet in its recent sitting has been declared.

As per the approved holidays for the state of the government there are 24 number of days approved for general holidays for the coming year 2009.

They are 1st January New year’s day (Thu), 8th January Imoinu Iratpa (Thu), 9th January Gaan-Ngai/Death Anniversary of (L) Maharaja Gambhri Singh (Fri), 26th January Republic Day (Mon), 10th March Milad-Un-Nabi (Tue), 11th to 12th March Yaosang (Doljatra) (Wed to Thu), 27th March Sajubu Nongmapanba (Cheiraoba) Fri, 10th April Good Friday (Fri), 14th April Cheiraoba (Tue), 23rd April Khongjom Day (Thu), 1st May May day (Fri), 24th June Kang (Rathajatra) (Wed), 13th August Patriot’s day (Thur), 14th August Janma Ashtami (Fri), 15th August Independence day (Sat), 19th September Mera Chaoren Houba of Lainingthou Sanamahi (Sat), 21st September Indul-Fitr (Mon), 26th September Durga Ashtami (Sat), 30 September Jananeta Irawat Birth day (Wed), 2nd October Gandhi Jayanthi (Fri), 20th October Ningol Chakkouba (Tue), 28th November Idu’l zuha (Sat), 25th December Christmas (Fri) etc.

17 number of days approved for public holiday for 2009 are as follows:

1st January New Year’s Day (Thu), 9th January Gaan-Ngai (Fri), 26th January Republic day (Mon), 12th March Yaosang 2nd day (Thu), 27th March Sajibu Nongmapanba Cheiraoba (Fri), 1st April Yearly closing of Bank’s Account (Wed), 10th April Good Friday (Fri), 14th April Cheiraoba (Tue), 1st May May day (Fri), 13th August Patriot’s day (Thu), 15th August Independence day (Sat), 21st September Idul Fitr (Mon), 26th September Durga Ashtami (Sat), 30th September Half yearly closing of Bank’s Account (Wed), 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanthi (Fri), 20th October Ningol Chakkouba (Tue), 25th December Christmas (Fri) etc.

28 numbers of days approved for the restricted holidays for the year 2009 are as follows:

14th January Uttarayan Sankranti (Wed), 23rd January Netaji Subhaschandra Bose Birth Day (Fri), 31st January Sarswati Puja (Sat), 23rd February Shiva Ratri (Mon), 25th February (Player’s Day/Akheri Chahar Sumba (Wed), 16th March Bijoy Govinda Halankar (Mon), 24th March Baruni (Tue), 2nd April Kongba Leithong Phatpa (Thu), 7 April Mahavir Jayanti (Tue), 15th April Shilhenba (Wed), 9th May Budha Jayanti /Jalakeli (Sat), 2nd July Kanglen Purnajatra (Thu), 4th July Harisayan (Sat), 1st August Jhulon Houba (Sat), 6th August Jhulon Loiba (Thu), 7th August Shab-e-Baraat (Fri), 28th August Radha Ashtami (Fri), 31st August Heikru Hidongba (Mon), 5th September Tarpon Houba (Sat), 18th September Tarpon Loiba/shab-e-quadar (Fri), 28th September Kwak Jatra (Dussehra) (Mon), 19th October Goberdhon Puja (Mon), 26th October Gosta Ashtami (Mon), 2nd November Guru Nanak’s Birth Day/Mera Waphukpa (Mon), 24th December Christmas Eve (Thu), 26th December Post Christmas (Sat), 28th December Muharram (Mon), 31 December New year’s Eve (Thu).

Imphal Free Press

Govt employees threaten stir over 6th pay commission

IMPHAL, Nov 4: The Joint Administrative Council, JAC, of All Manipur Trade Unions Council, AMTUC, and All Manipur Government Employees Organisation, AMGEO, have decided to launch a series of agitations against the state government from November 6 to protest against its failure to implement 6th pay commission in the state despite repeated reminders by the JAC to the state government.

According to a release from L Priyobrata, secretary of information and publcity of the JAC, the JAC following the implemenation of 6th pay commission in various states as recommended by the Centre was pressurising the government for the implementation of the pay commission for the state government employees and pensioners.

With the failure of the state government to fulfill the demands of the JAC, the JAC had no alternative means other than launching various forms of democratic agitations against the state government.

The release further mentioned that as part of the scheduled line of agitation there would be black badge agitation by the government employees from November 6, to be followed by work to rules agitation from November 13, pen down strike from November 20 and complete indefinite cease work strike from November 27 if the state government failed to meet their demands.

The release further appealed to all government employees of various departments to cooperate in the proposed agitation as scheduled by the JAC and asked the concerned government employees to complete necessary file process related to the students of the state before the proposed indefinite cease work strike.

Imphal Free Press

Vigilance raps three IAS officers on the knuckles, nails LDCs

IMPHAL, Nov 4: Along with warning three IAS officers who failed to carry out the directives given by the Government even after three years, the State Vigilance Commission has also recommended to the Government for terminating the service of 28 LDCs working in the Revenue Department who have been given regular appointment in violation of the Court ruling.

Disclosing this to The Sangai Express, a reliable source informed that following the announcement of introducing a new scheme called Swarna Jayenti Sahari Rojgar Yojana (SJSRY) in place of the Urban Alleviation Programme earlier implemented by the Ministry of Urban Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Manipur Urban Development Agency (MUDA) had issued instructions to all the Deputy Commissioners concerned, who are also the Chairmen of the DRDAs, for taking up necessary measures. But it was found out that three of the senior IAS officers did not carry out the instructions even after three years. Consequently, the Commission has recommended to the Government to warn the three IAS officers.

The new scheme was announced in December 1997 and the Deputy Commissioners concerned have been repeatedly instructed to close the bank account related to the earlier programme and open new accounts of the newly launched scheme. But in case of Bishnupur district, necessary works for implementation of the scheme had been taken more than three years.

Even if the State Government had given the instructions to all the DCs in 1997, the accounts in the UCO Bank, Bishnupur branch related to the earlier programme was closed only in 2000 by the then DC of the district Letkhogin Haokip. Two former DCs of Bishnupur who came after Letkhogin Haokip namely C Kipgen and Dr Suhel Aktar have also not taken up any necessary measures in time for implementation of the new scheme. Taking serious note of the matter, the Commission has recommended to the Government to warn the three IAS officers.

On the other hand, in connection with a case, the Commission has reco-mmended to the Govern- ment to terminate the service of 28 employees of the Revenue Department who have joined the service as officiating LDCs but are found to have been given regular appointment by concealing the relevant Court ruling.

Though the ruling of the Gauhati High Court passed on March 13, 1991 had directed State Government to regularise the posts only if there are vacancies, the same has been annulled by another ruling of the Court passed on September 6, 1996.

However, regardless of the second Court ruling, Secretariat Revenue Department had issued three different orders on September 9, 1998 to regularise the posts of the 28 officiating LDCs.

In another case, after seeking the help of forensic experts in examining the hand writing of an employee who joined service in the Minor Irrigation Department as LDC but promoted to UDC after fraudulently entering his educational qualification as BA in the service book, the Commission has recommended to the Government to reinstate the said employee to his earlier position.

By an order of the Government on November 15, 1979, Kh B Nelson Yunglung of Purum Laining village in Chandel district had been given appointment and posted as an LDC in the District Agriculture Office, Tamenglong. Subsequently, in 1980, he was transferred to the Minor Irrigation Department.

For promotion to UDC from LDC, the candidate should have worked for atleast five years if he/she is an Under graduate and for atleast three years if he/she is a graduate. In case of Nelson, as he had fraudulently entered his education qualification as BA in the service book, he had been promoted to UDC on August 17, 1983.

Besides recommending to the Government for reinstating Nelson to his earlier rank of LDC, the Commission has also taken up a criminal case against him.

The Sangai Express

Lay hands off PDS items: ZEPADA

By S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Nov 4: Saying any percentage cut or demanding quotas from essential commodities such as the PDS at a time when the majority of the people in Churachandpur district have little or nothing to harvest, Zomi Economic Pla- nning and Development Agency (ZEPADA) today asked the insurgents to lay their hands off PDS items and other famine related measures.

Contending that no sub-stantive assistance has come forth from the Govern-ment despite the crores of money earmarked for com-bating famine, the frontal organisation said the only solace at the present circum-stances was be the existing PDS rice which is extremely inadequate.

With the confirmation that majority of the people in the district have little or nothing to harvest, the agency said it made the desperate appeal to all sec-tions of the society to ex-tend humanitarian assis- tance to the cause of the famine affected people. It also appealed to the state and non-state actors, in-cluding armed revolutiona- ries to kindly lay their hands off PDS and other relief measures.

“Any percentage cut or demanding privileges/quo-tas from such essential commodities while the people are starving will be negation of humanitarian cause,” it said adding, smooth flow of life saving commodities to the famine affected people are essen-tial at this critical period.

Affected by the cyclical famine since 2006, at least two districts including Churachandpur has been reeling under severe shor-tage of food-grains due to bamboo flowering and its subsequent rodent menace. Information recieved from the Union Agriculture Ministry through the RTI Act by one S Khupmin-thang, Chairman ZEPADA working group, Rs. 5.56 crores in 2005-06, Rs. 5.72 crores in 2006-07, Rs. 5.89 crores in 2007-08 and Rs. 6.06 crores in 2008-09 have been allocated to the State for providing assistance in the wake of natural cala-mities under Calamity Relief Fund (CRF) and another Rs. 12.93 crores in May 2007 and 49.37 crores in February 2008 under National Cala-mity Contingency Fund (NCCF) has been approved for assistance but nothing, worth mentioning has been done by the Ibobi led SPF Government in which two Cabinet Ministers from the district are present. The Govt of Manipur seems to see no reason in providing assistance to its own people when the Central Govern-ment has set aside such a huge fund for the same. The bogus claim of obtaining rodent tails and dissemi-nation of rodenticides and other materials besides non-utilisation of the cala-mity funds has corrobo- rated the case all the more.

Source: The Sangai Express

ZO THUPILTE (The Zo Proverbs)

By Philip Thanglienmâng

Thu tamna mun ah akijang hi.Ahbu lou ahileh loupa kuongbai mama ahia, meisi khat atuhkhâh leh kuongpai ahi. Thu limlou khat leh thu neunou khat a kigênggên leh lênglêng in thu liensepi khat suoh china hi.

Dugawl sêngsêng shi theina ahi, du-âm tânna, mi huoiham vângsie. I lawptawp, i huoiham sêng leh i mu dîng, i nêh dîng teng toh kipêl leh kitân.

Ahtate aman kuon chiengun akitutu uhhi.Tuachi mabangin mihingte zong aman kuon chieng uleh kituomawna,kiphunsanna,kihâuna in adim hi.

Thu magên gênna in akijang hi.Thu adihna tahtah theichien loua mawhgên atung nâilou akilawm lou phiel a thu mawh gên.

Nu leh pate a thudih sihleh tate zong thudih lou, nu leh pa in zuou a gênhât uhleh atate’n zong zuou gênhât.

Mihing khat vângsietna ah khun agâl, amêlmate kipâh.

Mi toh kilungthahsuona kihâuna, kilungnopmawna, kisietna chite kilemna ahing kibawl leh khongâi vingveng a zangâitah a kingaituo dîng.

Kideisah chiet lei lienzaw vai.

Salampi,muolhawm, singhawm sa suonuomna lampi khu chiengkot ahia, mankhong khu thâng ahi. Gintâtloupi a, poimaw hunlâitaha mi dei khat toh kituohkha a kinung. Apoimawna mun a kizangtuo genna ahi.

Thu leh la i deilou banga a'ng pien a, a'ng op tâh leh zong, theisiem hâmhâm sawm têi in cina ahi. Na thangpai na lungthahnate ip siem inlen, kitheimaw bawl in .

Hieng leh san, innsung khat,chi khat zât khat let dîng kitutuna u’a, lel law uh, koima zouzoulou a mangthang uh china ahi.

DU-ÂM TÂNNA = Huoiham ngawlna ahi.

DUMDAL NGA LULOH BANG=pil khollou, mimaw, ngaituona bei mi. Mite silbawl hoi khat susie a pangmi, thu khat poupou supoinoh mi toh kigenna ahi.

Thu leh la a tam sêng leh bangma a zie a pawl lâh dîng omlou.

Gul innsunga alut leh kithat teitei hi,hinanleh mihing khat in ngaidam ava nget leh akithat sâm siha akingaidam thei veve hi.

Khuolzin chienga chimaw tuohkhate’n ami-asa khat akituopi a tua mipa/minu ana houpi ahilouleh ana panpi noptuom mama.

HIMA(MEIMA) LOU AH THOU TULOU = Aziehbei in thu leh la pienglou hi.

DAWNKÂI PHUT MASAPÊN = A pantu, khosât masapên, amasapen, atâpen.

Hoi kisah khat zong ana hoilou thei, ahoi dînga gintât mama mi khat khu ana sethei.

Hunkhawl theilou, hun a peipei a,tui zong a luongluong hi.

Kiphatsah leh kiletsah chiet lei.

Kep dîng lawm u leh nâu kêm lou a huot bawl leh muda a, tualeh a gamlazaw leh a keplou dîngte a kep khu innguo hâlou gamguo hâ kici ahi.

Innsunga annkuong îmkhawm laitah a vaihawm khawm a thu gelkhawmte toh kholai leh khuolgam a thulakhawmte peikhawm in kizang khawm theilou.

Lieuna pânna dîng mun ah kiniemkhiet leh kamsiem taha i vatâu leh sielpi lieu dîng lâî zong ahing kingaidam thei hi.Thupha tawi mêtna ahi.

Kam sunga lei leh ha zong a kipê thei mabangun innkuon sung mite zong a kihâuthei u’a a kinuathei zêl uhhi.

Mawneilou leh khiellou koima a om sih china ahi. A bukim, a chingkim koima omsih china ahi.

KHUP IN KHÂ A KHÊL NGAI SIH=tung-ate thu niellou dîng. Tate’n uzawte demlou dîng, nu leh pate demlou dîng. Ni mu masa hla mu masate kidemzoulou.

LOUTUL IN ZONG SANGGAM SUI=na zousie ah sanggam lâîzom sui masah leh bulbawl ngai china ahi. Loutul nua a kitawpsan dîng kumin patlei dîngin kibawlkia hi. Inntêhte innhlangte, tanute in adeina munmun uh patlei dîngin kihawm masa hi. Ama un a kihawm zou chiengun midang adei a opleh a pebep uhhi.

MÂI GUI AH ÛM GA NGAI LOU=phung khat apatin phung dang kihlengthei lou china hi. MEISEL KHAT IN LUI NI TÂNTHEILOU=mihing khat in touni(pu ni) a neithei sih, sepna khatpoupou a i tantawh a lungkim dîng.

MI LUONG LEH DOL LUONG MANG LOU=mouman piehlou a mâîthei maimai hilou china ahi. Mouman piehzoulou hilezong piehzou mâ tan a bat hi gige hi. Batmang omtheilou hiel hi. Mi thasa khat luongman om têitêi ahia, dolluong a muot theilou leh a muotha bangin mouman leh luongman mangtheilou china ahi

MI SINA DÎNG I BAWL LEH EIMA KISI=mi sietna dîng i bawl leh eima tunga tu.

MITTAW SIEL KHÂU TÛH=theinabei mipil sênglou khat in midang khat a deina lam ahilouleh a deilouna lama a puipui a, ahin a zui pa’n shina lam e chizong theiloupia amawh zui khu gênna ahi.

NAKE KAWI IN NAKE MÂM A SUONG=Nake kichi singkung kawi ahia, a bamêng khat teng a mâm, a tang zitzet hi. Tuama bangin nu leh pa lâîsiemloute’n zong tate lâîsiem a nei hi. Nu leh pa sapienhoilou in ta hoitahtah ahing nei uh gênna ahi. Mi bangmalou a kisimte zong milien hing suohthei veve hi.

NATANG ZONG A KHÎLKHÎL IN OM=a hâî a hâî, a bih a bih ahisihleh a bawngbawng a mi nam khat su ng hilouleh innsung a kikhendân gênna ahi. Be leh phung zong a hâîhâî in a om u’a tu leh tate zong a bawngbawng in a om uhhi.

NA TAWM MA IN NA TUHNA DÎNG EN IN=na khat poupou na bawl ma in ngaituosiem masa inlen theiloupi in mawh bawl si’n.

NÂUZAW MALÂN=Zawlou sêngsêng dîng man a, a hâtdân a kilang masa.

NGÂHNU HÊL IN PHOHBUL TAWI NGAI LOU=Nungah hêl dîngte’n a ngâhnunu a nga nuom leh kamsiem, kingainiemna, kampha, kamtui kamteng zanga ngâhnu a hêl ngâi ahi.

NUMEI GÂI TEITANG NÂMTANG KUO,PASAL LOU VÂT IN TUOLGÂL DOU=Numei gâî pên shithei mangthei zing ahi. Tuachi mabangin singtâng louvât pasalpa zong shithei mangthei leh zâuhuoina adim ahi hi. Tua thamlou in numei naupaite vang thaltangpâî toh kigênte ahi.

NUMEI GILOU IN PHUNG KHEN=Mou gilou in apasal unaute ahisihleh a pasal be leh phungte a innsung u’ah bangtan ama hei khat a kidangkoisah hi. Numei gilou in unau kituohte zong a kikhensahthei hi.

NUPI GILKIEL IN BUBÊL A KÊH, PASAL GILKIEL IN LOUMA A KÊH=Annhuon a numei pang ahia, innkuon khamkhop dîng ann tam huon i n ann bêl kêh hi. Pasal in ann khamkhop dîng louma lam ama mawpuohna ahi. Ann bu a khamkhop a opleh louma kêhlet pen mam mawpuohna ahi.

PHELUM(THELUM) PAWTNA DÎNG LEIKHA’N PET(KEI)= Mi khat letna dîng leh lalna dingin pawlkhat in pan ahing halâh ngai ahi. Khantouna dîngin mipil khat in a lampi a siel masah ngai hi.

PUTE LEH GITTA IN CHIEM MASAPÊN=Tângvul/buvul a tuipum masang apatin in gitta in neipai hi. Tâng a min chiengin kila a,alâh masah pên uh pu zu dîngin kibawl hi. Tângzu/buzu a bawlzou chiengun pu zu sup/khol puoh bawl gige ngai hi. Inntêhte’n in tâng a nêh masangun gitta in chiem in pu in zu chiem masapên china ahi. Pute zadân leh gîndân kigênna ahi.

SAKHI API A SAN LEH A NOU SAN=Nu leh pate optandânte khu tate’n abawl u’a, a nu leh a pate bawlteng khu a tate’n a bawl nuomse hi. Nu leh pate a hoi uhleh tate zong hoi.

SAKHI NGALTA AH BANGMA BEH LOU=sakhi ngalta nêu mama leh pan mama ahia, tuanah a tel nêhkham beh lou hi. Tuachi mabangin mi khat bangma hina leh letna neilou khat ama leh ama kiphat, kipoh leh kiletsah hilezong bangma a thupina omlou.

SAKHI THAT LOU NGALTANG TUM=Ngaltang khu sa mathasa mama ahia, sakhi pên ngaltang sânga mat bailamzaw gînhuoilouzaw. A siemna bukim neilou a, sângpipi tun sawm. Lâîsiem loupi LDC zong mujoulou nu/pa khat IAS,IPS hisawm mawh. Dangka 100 zong neizoulou mawtaw leisawm mawh.

SAME IN HLUM TALUO VÂNG A CHI LEH AM(MAH)= Same kichi singga zât khat ahia, a ga pen humtuoh mama in a kilang hi. Ahivangin a kinêh chiengin hum lemalah in mah phelphul hi. Mihing in hoitaluo vang a chileh sietlaw. Sil khatpou khu a vâlkâî i bawl leh hoilouna tunthei. Na khatpou a tupdân ase zosop a ahing pan chiengin tami thupil kizang hi.

SÎNG IN A THAH KHELOU(KHIEMLOU)=Sîng khu a thah ahia, heima pou ah kitu leh zong a thah veve hi. Tua mabangin migilou, mihângsan khat khu heisungsung ah om leh zong a gilou thou a, a hângsan veve china ahi. Numei gilou khat a kihlentheilou gênna in zong a kizang hi. A ngaingai bang veve cina ahi.

SIA ASAT LÂIPÊT IN SÂT IN=Siakhêngte sia khu a sat lâitahin a nop dândân un a khêng uhhi. Tuamabangin tate bangkim zil hun a hipêt a zilsah dîng ahi. A hunpêt a, hil dîngte hilchien dîng ahi. Thu khat la khat a kithan vengvung lâitaha ngaituo paidîng china ahi.

SIEL ÊH TAM SÂNG IN Â ÊH UIZAW=Mihing tampi mawh op a lunglut tahta lah omlou nasem pei lah omlou sângin mi tawmnou khat lungkituohtah a nasep lawching zaw cina ahi. Thu leh late tampi mawh gengen a tahtah lah omlou, thugen mi tam mama zui mumal omlou.

SIEL SI NUA A SIELDÂI KÂI=Topi in asiel neva chia sieldâi kai sawm a siel topi a’ng tawzou bepa khanglou pan in, siel khumna dînga siel dâithaw bawl china ahi. A kikhêlnua a khanglou pan in a kivênna bawl bep china ahi.

SIELTAL TAGA LAWITAL TAGA KHATVEI KILE=Ganta tagate a neu laiun a kapkap u’a, hinanleh ahinglet chiengun a hâtpen in a pangthei uhhi. Tagate, misimmawte, mizawngte, miliengvaite, ni khat ni chienga hing lienthei, hausathei, nopsathei, ahi u’a koima simmawthei a omsih hi.

SING A PÂH ZOUSIE GA KIMLOU=Mihing khatpou khu a thudih leh thuman dînga gintâtpai lou dîng. Gingta bai si’n china ahi. Mi kamsiem, mi khatpoupou tungah kinêm pai si'n.

SING UMLOU NA’H GUO KIMANG=Sil khat a kilawmtah a om sih leh adang khat kizang china ahi. Lamkai ding dei bangtah a siem apil a chingkam a oplouna mun ah siem in siemsih leh zong mi khatpoupou lamkai dingin a kipangsah china ahi. Innkhuom gil oplouna mun ah guo a kizang china ahi.

SUONG KILIALIA IN PANNA A NEI SIH=Suong a kilialia chienginleh a putung ah bangma a behthei siha a mâm pingpeng hi. Mi thudihlou zuou leh nâl a kipei koima’n thutah a a simloute khu a tawpna ah panna neilou ahi.

SUONGPI SUONGTA’N A THEH LEH A KIP=Suong kiguol chiengin suongpi maimai a pang sih a, suongtate’n zong asuong golte a theh kinkan u’a tuachiin a det uhhi. Tuachi mabangin a neu a lien a pankhawm leh nam khat,ahishleh mihing pawl a det hi. Panna neilou mi di’a bang hilou simmawpen zong midangte’n ahing hanthawn a a panpi chiengleh panna ahing nei a a simtheipen leh muonpen in ahing umthei hi. Khosung a hausa khu hoitaha nautangte’n ahing panpi leh khotêndân leh giehdan ahing kitup china ahi.

TAGA SIEL NEI LAMPI GEI AH KUOL=Tagate ahing hausat chiengun a nei a lamte uh mite mu dingin atalang zel uh ahi. Mi kiphat, mi kipoh, mi kihausasah, kipilsah, kihoisah china ahi.

TANU GINTÂT ZAWLGAI=Tanu gintatpen in innsung muolphouna hing tun china hi. Mi gintatpen zong gintat bang ana hilou,mi khat hoi/pha i sah mama zong a giloupen ana hithei mawh.

TÊNGKOL PANGKHIEL TUITAWANGÂH=Mi kihisah, kingâisang mama, deitel mama,mi bangma a simlou a’ng kieh tahtah bep a, thuohla mama zum leh dai toh kidim in ama leh ama kipâmsedoh tualeh mite toh kipawl ngimta lou china ahi.

THEINA TEM BANG TAWI CHIET LEI=kiphatsah leh kiletsah chiet lei a kithupi ngai vawt sih dîng hi. Ei mama theina ciet suong lei, i nam i n a lel dîng hi.

TINGTONGPA’N AZI DONMAN LOU IN DIELDIEL IN KHUONG LEH ZÂM KÂI=Inn leh lou donlou a noplen, nopva, vah lele zu leh sa nene mai a zi a ta donmanloute genna ahi. Mi duhdahlou.

TUIPI THÛH A SIP DÎLDÊL=Mipilte a kamtam sih u’a,thu amawh gengen sih u’a, a hun uh a tun chiengin agenpan u’a tuachiin mite’n apina uh ahing theithei uhhi. Dihtatna khu a kimuthei pai siha awl-awl in a hing kilang hi.

TUIPI NÊMNÊM LUONG KUO TÂI=Tuipi ahing sua vanglah chiengleh a hat mama a, tuitan mite a tawmang thei hi. Tuachi mabangin, mi nunnêmte, mi lungtuolte ahing lungthah tahtah chiengleh a kikhamzou sih u’a, a huoise mama uhhi.

UIPI VÂHHÂT IN SAGU BAWH TUOH =Sum leh pâi suisuite’n sum tam leh tawm leh a mu teitei uha, septheithei semte in sepna lam ah tam in tawm in lawman a mu uhhi.

VOHKHIEL IN VOHPI KUL NGÂH A SUON=Moutha gilou khat innsung a hing kithuneisah chiengin a innpinu(a pasalnu) asuonkhie a,a deldoh china ahi. Mounu khu vohkhiel toh kigente ahi.

ZU HAWM HAMPHA SA HAWM HAMSIE=Sa a beithei ahia, Zu pen tui a kikhupkhup zel a, mizousie’n atangkim thei let hi. Tua zieha sil khat poupou na bawl a na deina banga ahing up sihleh lunghimaw lou dinga ngaisiem mai dîng ;china hai.

Zumna zieha sep dîng, gên dîng, bawl dîng, tawpsan lou dîng. Thagum a sep dîng a up leh sep mai dîng zum lou dîng china ahi.

Source: Philip Mangkang's Blog

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Barack Obama

- Hau Za Cin, Phuitong Liim

Barack Obama: Ama thu ka tam theih deuhdeuh leh mi thupi ahihna mu semsem ka hih manin tawm kong at hi.

Zing ciang November 4, 2008 in US President 44na ding kitel dinga, Barack Obama cing ding maw, John McCain cing ding cih kitel nailo hi. Obama a cin leh leitung thupiang lak ah African-American minam US President a suak masa pen hi ding hi. Tua manin tu kum kitelna pen "ciamteh tham thupiang (historical events)" a cihte lak ah kihel hi.

Africa pan hong pai mikang zi nei mivom tapa khat USA ah US President dingin kitel cing cih hong himawk leh a lamdangpi khat hi ding a, "US ah ahi theilo omlo hi" (the country of possibilities) a cih uh a tangtungsak khat hi ding hi. "American Dream" a cih uh a taksuakna gam hi takpi zong kici thei ding hi. [American Dream: Na hih nop peuhpeuh, na hanciam zawh a, kuhkal taka na hih teitei leh na sawmna ciangciang na tun theihna gam hi. Hi banga mimal khat hanciamna tawh i sawmna tantan tun theihna hih leitung buppi ah America bek om hi.... a cih nopna uh hi].

Zomi khat adingin "Zomi Dream" masa pen America tun ding hithei kha dinga, tua gam i tun zawh ciang "American Dream" ah kilut suak pah in, i ut pen, i deih pen, i lunggulh pen, i lunglut pen, i hih ut pen, i hanciam nop pen cih bangte suakta takin kidelh kihih theita ding hi. US a tungsa Zomi te American Dream bang ahi tam.... tua bel kidong kei ni (mikang dan).

August 4, 1961 kuma piang, kum 47 pha pan khat adinga US President hih sawm cih pen thu maimai lo hi. Thu neu deksuai hilo hi. US in leitungbup a kem ci leng kikhiallua lo maithei hi. Tua zaha nasep thupi a sem dingin kum naupangno khat kitel ding cih pen a lamdang hi. Ahih theihna ding lampi khat bek om a, a PIL man bekbek hi mawk hi. PIL peuh leh ahi thei lua hilel hi.

Bang hanga pil hi ding hiam? Bang hanga hizah a tupna, ngimna sang nei hi mawk hiam?

Ka nu leh ka pa kum 2 ka phak in kikhen uh a, kei pen tagah hi mawk ing cih lungsim tawh kineu ngaihsut hetlo hi ding cih kitel hi. Ka pa pen mivom hi a, ka nu minampihte in sila in a zat ngeite hi, tua manin kei pen sila suan hi ing, sila banga ka om ding hi, sila lungsim ka puak ding hi ciin kineubawl lo hi. Ka nu in pasal nei kik ahih manin kei pen ka nu ta masa khat lel ka hi a ka nu leh pa in kei hong it taktak ding uh hi ciin kithanem sak lo hi ding hi. USA pen na sawm a, na hanciam a, na kuhkal zawh a, na sep na zon ngap nak leh na sawm tantan na tun theihna gam hi cih lungsim hangsan leh suakta tak tawh tha kipia hizaw dingin ka um hi. Tua mah a Presidential Campaign sungin a gen tam mahmah khat hi a, tua hang mah in sangnaupang peuhmah in etteh pah uh hi. Tua manin khangnote lungsim zo a, a hanciam nuamte tha pia in, a kuhkal nuamte lametna khuavak mu sak hi. Mi a suak nuam, mi a ban nuam, gual a ban nuam khangno, nungkik sawm vetvet lo a mi
(ambitious) in Barack Obama nuntakna panin tha la uh a, ettehhuai sa bek hilo in etteh uh a, Hero in nei uh hi. Tua banga etteh tak mi zong hi takpi ahih manin thupi kasa hi.

Bang hanga etteh tak khangno khat suak hiam? Amah leh amah a kigensa bangin a tangvalno tung laiin zu leh zatep khawng na ciamkha ngei taleh 'hihte hoihlo hi' ci a a lungsim kikhel hanciamna thak tawh 'kei mithupi ding hi veng e, kei mi lawhcing ding khat hi venge..' ci a hanciamna thak tawh kuhkal taka kal hong suan kik ciangin tuni tan hong tung himawk hi. Great change! Nu leh pa kician makaihna nuai ah khangkhia lo hi maithei, a pi leh pu kepna khawng bek tawh zong hih tan tung khollo kha ding; ahih hang, ama hanciamna hang bekbek tawh leitung mihing a khan gual lakah mi minthang leh mite zahtak penpen khat hong suak mawk hi.

Harvard Law School pan Law tawh degree a ngah bek hilo hi. Tua sang ah a kah zawh kumkhat a cin ciangin a laisiam man leh a pil man bekbek in tua sangpan kihawmkhia laibu Harvard Law Review ah Editor sem dingin kitel pah a, a kum 2na ciang President sem dingin kitel a, a nuai ah editor 70 nasep makaihta hi. Makai, mipil i cihte a tuaci sa a piang hilo a, a hanciamte hi takpi hi. Zomi Paunak ah, "a pilsa a piang kuamah omlo" na ci uh hi.

Ama tangthu sim leng a thupina leh a khantoh semsemna i mu hi. Tuate khempeuh i gen man kei ding hi. Zomi lakah hih bang mi bangzah i om tam cih i ngaihsun ngei tam? I ngaihsun kha tam? I om zenzen tam?

Zomi sung pan zong Obama zaha hanciam om inteh, ama tunna ciang a tung om nailo kha thei ding hi. Ahi zongin amah banga hanciam leh kuhkal a lawm leh gual mai ah maizumlo, gual tungtuang bel om peuhmah ding hi. "Tagah khuasuak kua mahin dem zolo" ciin khangluite in paunak na nei uh hi. Haksatna kuam pan a hanciam teitei mi khat hong pusuak ciangin kuamah demzawh ding hilo hi cihna hi. Mi banga nu leh pa anglum pan khangkhia na hihlohna, sum leh pai kicing zat ding na neih lohna, sang hoih kah zolo na hihna, hong huh hong khoi ding takpi na muh zawh lohna pan hanciama na pusuakna mualvum pan na khuadak ciang na khe nuai ah mi tampi hong dakto ding uh hi. Tua pen hanciamna gah hi a, khum in lim a, mikim in ciamkha lo leuleu hi. Tua lak ah nang na kihel hiam? Nang na hi kha hiam?

America ah hih banga hanciam mi khat ki pakta a, ki zahtak in thupi kisa a, ki etteh in a thupi semna dingin kilamsang semsem hi.

Haina leh mawlna khukpi sungah a kibual hun lai un Zomite in bel tua banga mi lawhcing, hanciamna hang tawh gual demzote langbawl in haza uh a, nengniam nuam in minsia sak nuam uh hi. Langpan in ko uh a. Kei sang pilzaw thei ding maw, kei sang hau zaw thei ding maw; a suah a khanna koi lai hiam, a inn a lo bangcia hiam cih bangin kam dimdim in pau in hang buabua thei uh hi. Zogam Thak America ah tua bang haina khempeuh omlo a, Zomi khempeuh amau hanciamna ciat hahkat in kuhkal uh a, ni khat ni ciang a gah kilawmtak i mu dinga, ki ciamkha ding hi. Tua pen laphuaksiamte' n, "Zogam hong pal ding" a cih uh hoh himai lo ding hiam!

Mihing pen i hoihna kizong leng hoihna kinei ciat hi. Hanciamna ki en leng kihanciam ciat hi. Tua banga hanciam tampi lak pan tu laitaka leitungbup in a min a gen ziahziah uh, a mitsuan, a et gige uh leh US President 44na hi thei mai dinga a lamet uh Mr. Barack Obama ahi hi. Amah zaha hanciam leh kuhkal tampi Zomite'n i kisam hi. Nang na ut hiam?

NSCN (IM) set to strike tough pose, Unification of Naga areas to dominate talks

New Delhi, Nov 3: Frustrated over the long delay in bringing a solution to the vexed Naga issue, the NSCN(IM) is likely to seek firm commitment from the Centre over its demand for unification of Naga-inhabited areas at the peace talks scheduled to be held this month in the Netherlands.
NSCN(IM) chairman Isak Chishi Swu and general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah is likely to make it clear before a Group of Ministers headed by Oscar Fernandes that any compromise on the issue will not be acceptable to the Naga people. "The issue is too hot, too sensitive," NSCN (IM) spokesman Vikiye Sumi told PTI.

The NSCN-IM has been pressing for formation of a 'greater Nagalim' comprising all Naga-inhabited areas in the Northeast.

However, this has been opposed by Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

The peace talks will be held on the second week of November in the Hague after a gap of nearly a year and are being considered crucial as the rebels raised questions over the Government's sincerity in resolving the six-decade-old

Naga insurgency problem in the Northeast.

The meeting will also review progress made since the NSCN(IM) submitted a 20-point charter of demands to the Centre.

In this charter, the NSCN(IM) had sought separate representation at the UN and greater rights over natural resources, finance, defence and policing, besides unification of Naga- inhabited areas.

In the last meeting, it was agreed to explore and discuss NSCN-IM's demand for a special federal relationship between New Delhi and Nagaland that allows Nagas' self governance and the issue will prominently figure in the forthcoming dialogue, a senior rebel leader said.

A team of Naga leaders will also go to the Hague to take part in the peace dialogue along with Swu and Muivah, who are already abroad. The Government has held over 60 rounds of talks with the NSCN-IM both in India as well abroad to find an amicable solution to the Naga issue.
NSCN-IM and security forces in Nagaland have been observing a truce since August 1997. The ceasefire has been extended every 12 months since then except last year when it was renewed for just six months at the insistence of the rebels and further extended by another six months in February.

Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio last month had requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister Shivraj Patil to expedite the peace process, noting that the initial euphoria over Delhi's initiative towards resolving the issue was now being replaced by "scepticism" in public mind.

Admitting that the dialogue process had reached a stalemate, both sides held each other responsible for it.

Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Ooffice Prithviraj Cha-van and former Union home secretary K Padmanabhaiah had hold talks with the Naga leadership on several previous occasions. PTI