Saturday, March 22, 2008


By Lian Samte

Bandh is a sign of backwardness, ignorance and stupidity. The guy who made up this tactic must have been a very bright one but most probably a misfit, a failed politician or an abominable reformer. Nevertheless, the unique feature of this intelligent device is that it will never be outdated or outgrow its importance, especially in the context of India in general and Manipur in particular.

Some people call this loathsome practice a democratic right — a very handy one at that. And we have oftentimes resorted to it though mostly with more harm than good. That, in my humble opinion, makes it more a liability than a right although you may consider it vice versa.

I don’t mean that this bandh thing is completely useless nor is it completely useful either compared to our fondness for it. What I do mean is that the relative frequency of exercising this right of ours seldom yielded the desired results. Usually contrary to our objectives, the outcomes are rather dismal and diagonally opposite. That, too, after causing unspeakable public inconvenience, economic loss and social disturbances.

All knows that blessings do sometimes come the hard way. However, more often than not, the blessings we receive from such block-outs are seldom the sort we really are asking for. Instead, it’s verily a curse. Even if it brings any good — in whatever form — why should we be so hard upon ourselves for that negligible fraction of gain?

No one, in fact, had actually benefited from this abusive right we have made up for ourselves without any sound foundation. Even if there is one who is awarded a benefit from it, it would not be without an ulterior or personal motive. The rest of us bear the brunt.

I remember I had once hinted the importance of changing this (fading) strategy. However, it seems Manipur has so far not produced a son to outdo this creative freak. Isn’t it a high time we heed this suggestion of mine to spare the general populace of its suppressed agony? It’s time we listen to the silent wails of the innocent daily breadwinners who have to go without a morsel of food on such ominous occasions. Never forget the goodwill and blessings of a beggar also count. The very gesture from that lowly mortal may be the divine one. Who knows?

I feel this favorite political tool somewhat out of place and impractical in today’s hi-fi world. While our fellow beings have rushed to and from the space and had already landed on the moon, forget the fast paced developments they are on, we are still pulling our trickling sluggish traffic to a grinding halt. Bah!

No. Bandh simply has no place here. Even irony will not make us digest it or force this nauseating neo-tradition to assimilate into our veins.

The desired result is no more achieved as it might initially have. Perhaps, it never has! Right from its advent, I guess, it’s a dull, insipid, unproductive and lackluster form of protesting and venting one’s concerns. Yet, so sad we have no genius to excel this brat who first came up with it. Or was it a collective invention that it so tenaciously stuck to the so called constitutional means and cannot (or not permissible to) be done away with at all?

It’s time someone does something new, more effective, simpler, cheaper and less involving to get our political, economic, social or what-not grievances redressed or addressed. You know, today’s professional housebreakers need no bigger than a coin-sized explosive to burst the safest safes open. That’s it. Small, cost effective, yet powerful. Mass participation, though must never be ruled out. That’s exceptional — in appropriate situations. And that’s the right way to employ our democratic right, too.

Gandhi had wrested freedom from the White imperialists firing not a single shot but with the power of mass movements. But, it’s not the White specter we are fighting with now but against a more complex demon of our own greed and selfishness. Therefore, judging from the immense loss incurred economically, educationally, socially, etc. I prefer to call this bandh a daylight robbery by certain vested interests.

Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief


The Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief is an independent expert appointed by the UN Human Rights Council. The mandate holder has been invited to identify existing and emerging obstacles to the enjoyment of the right to freedom of religion or belief and present recommendations on ways and means to overcome such obstacles.

Historical background

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights appointed in resolution 1986/20 a “Special Rapporteur on religious intolerance”. In 2000, the Commission on Human Rights decided to change the mandate title to “Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief”, which was subsequently endorsed by ECOSOC decision 2000/261 and welcomed by General Assembly resolution 55/97. On 14 December 2007, the Human Rights Council extended the mandate of the Special Rapporteur for a further period of three years.


The Special Rapporteur has been mandated by Human Rights Council resolution 6/37 (see full text in English, French, Spanish, and Russian):

- to promote the adoption of measures at the national, regional and international levels to ensure the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of religion or belief;

- to identify existing and emerging obstacles to the enjoyment of the right to freedom of religion or belief and present recommendations on ways and means to overcome such obstacles;

- to continue her/his efforts to examine incidents and governmental actions that are incompatible with the provisions of the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief and to recommend remedial measures as appropriate;

- to continue to apply a gender perspective, inter alia, through the identification of gender-specific abuses, in the reporting process, including in information collection and in recommendations.

Working methods

In the discharge of her mandate the Special Rapporteur:

a) transmits urgent appeals and communications to States with regard to cases that represent infringements of or impediments to the exercise of the right to freedom of religion and belief.

b) undertakes fact-finding country visits.

c) submits annual reports to the Commission on human rights/ the Human Rights Council, and General Assembly, on the activities, trends and methods of work.

Special Rapporteurs:

Ms. Asma Jahangir (Pakistan), since 2004
Mr. Abdelfattah Amor (Tunisia), 1993-2004
Mr. Angelo d'Almeida Ribeiro (Portugal), 1986-1993


Friday, March 21, 2008

Death of Politics and Destiny of Manipur

By : Bimol Akoijam/IFP 3/21/2008 2:05:13 AM

The brutal murder of the migrant workers speaks about the destiny of Manipur more than many would care to know. It is not a specific episode but something that marks the nature of our trajectory as a collective political being. It is high time for us to do some crucial soul searching.

Who could possibly be the enemy of the poor labourers who struggle for life on a daily basis?

Would a people who are already fighting for their own right to life and dignity, to be recognized as a self-respecting and respected member of the civilized global community of peoples, be the enemy of such labourers? Shouldn’t we ask this question, irrespective of the fact that the idea of terrorism as an act of targeting “non-combatants” has been there for a long time before the same discourse has come to inform a politics of de-legitimization in the post 9/11 global order?

Indeed, what political legitimacy could the enemy of these labourers — people who have already been hounded out of their own homestead by destitution and castist discrimination — achieve by murdering them in cold blood?

Even if one were to go by an intriguing suggestion that the influx of these labourers to Manipur is a part of a sinister design to subvert the economy and demographic character of the state, who are the victims here anyway? Shouldn’t we ask this question irrespective of whether there would be retaliation against the Manipuris outside the state or not?

In any case, isn’t it critical for one to know what has made such an influx possible in the first place? For instance, do we need to ask as to how many “sons of the soil” would do the labour that these migrant labourers do for “us”? Unlike them, don’t our own “local” labourers (e.g., rickshaw pullers) cover their faces to protect their “dignity (of labour)”?

What is the nature of our economy anyway? Isn’t it a donor-driven economy that primarily sustains itself on “grants” from “others”? Incidentally, don’t some people term such an economy “colonial” or “neo-colonial” that subverts our collective being? But how do we try to resist, if at all there is such a resistance to, this economy? By partaking in it or getting seduced by its culture of “easy money” — its underhand dealings, percentage cuts and institutionalized corruption — and the corresponding practices of ideological, intellectual and moral bankruptcy, and the capacity and willingness to kill each other for one’s shares of the spoil?

Are these questions relevant to those for whom murder with impunity and dead bodies being dumped, displayed or discovered here and there have become part of the “normal” daily life?

The answer should be a categorical “yes” precisely because the brutal murder of the migrant workers is nothing but a symptom that signals the deepening of a “life threatening” disease that afflicts Manipur. And that disease is violence in its unbridled form that has come to entirely usurp politics in Manipur today. Politics has been divested of its cardinal search for a life that can be articulated and practiced in terms of “justice” and “rights” etc. Even politics as power has been simultaneously trivialized and vulgarized in terms of solely practicing tangible violence. Thus, affected by this disease, the body politics of Manipur is marked by ideological and intellectual bankruptcy and weakening of institutions.

Beneath the Symptom

Symptoms of the deadly affliction have manifested time and again for a long time now. But each time, people seem to have responded only to the symptoms, and that too episodically. As a result, most have failed to recognize, leave alone addressing and grappling with, the underlying aliment that afflicts the body politics of the state.

For long time, Manipur is a state, where the lawful agencies of the state could kill people with impunity and principle of criminal jurisprudence could be thrown to the dustbin (such as exemplified by the enforcement of the notorious Acts like the AFSPA, and conducts of the executive arms of the state). Does anyone care to remember that ours is a state where custodial murder of a woman — and a public display of her dead body — has been defended and justified? And that ours is a state where police could shoot down a citizen for a traffic altercation that he had with them in broad-daylight? Indeed, in Manipur, for a long time, the legitimacy of the state has been sought, not in terms of “governance”, but primarily in terms of its capacity or potential to commit, or threat to commit, violence that goes beyond the institutional restraints of a politico-legal order.

In the light of such an orientation, “Do’s and Don’ts” issued by the Supreme Court while delivering its controversial judgment of upholding the “constitutionality” of the AFSPA obviously stand in reality as hollow directives. Indeed, with the deepening of the hold of the murderous violence, kaapthatlura and loishallura (should you be shot or finished off) seem to have become the vocabularies of discourse on “political issues” and haattok-uu and loishillu (kill him/her or them and finished him/her or them off) seem to have become the only “political directives”.

Rescuing Politics

To think of it, fifty years before the Supreme Court of India issued such a morally nice sounding directives, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army had also issued what it called “three main rules of discipline” and “eight points for attention” to its revolutionary fighters. Its rules of discipline included nice sounding directives such as “obey orders in all your actions”, “don’t take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses” and “turn in everything captured”. And the call for attention included directives such as “speak politely”, “pay fairly for what you buy”, “return everything you borrow”, “pay for anything you damage”, “don’t hit or swear at people”, “don’t damage crops”, “don’t take liberties with women” and “don’t ill-treat captives”. Obviously these directives underscored the fact that every tactical move or act implicates a politics which cannot be anything but articulated and practiced within the moral and ethical domain of human existence.

Indeed, the legitimacy of modern state, and any political movement, critically hinges on its capacity to claim and project such a politics that has its foundation in the moral and ethical domain. That every state, and also political movements, always seeks its legitimacy in the name of the “people” and their well-being is precisely because of this nature of politics. That is also why it is said that “governance”, far more than “sovereignty”, vitalizes and legitimizes the modern state.

This being the case, parties involved in a “political” conflict must show that it is morally and ethically superior to its adversaries. Without such a claim, if any one of them seeks to rely on its capacity to exercise violence in its unbridled form, it would not only alienate the people but also delegitimize its projects. One ought to remember that the USA invasion of Iraq has been carried out in the name of protecting “democracy” and saving ordinary Iraqis from their Dictator! This is a moral claim that seeks justification for its brutal force. If the USA were not to claim and project such a moral and ethical high ground, leave alone any support from the rest of the world, its soldiers would not fight and its citizens would also reject the war univocally.

We say that the confrontation between the state and the “non-state” in Manipur is a political phenomenon, and that it must be resolved politically. But we must recognize that this claim entails recognizing the fact that violence in its unbridled form cannot be allowed to usurp politics. But as it stands today in Manipur, politics is dying in the hands of a culture of unbridled violence perpetuated from all sources and sides. And those who speak about and for the people of Manipur shall not allow this death of politics. Indeed, people’s loyalty will be ultimately with those who seeks to reinstate politics by rescuing it from the unbridled violence that critically threatens the very existence of politics in Manipur, and thereby the political being of Manipur itself.


RIMS threat to close down undefinitely if KCP threat persists

By : A Staff Reporter 3/21/2008 1:59:26 AM

IMPHAL, Mar 20: The RIMS authorities and staff have decided on the sine die closure of the hospital if the underground KCP(MC) fails to withdraw its threats to the RIMS officials and staff by March 31.

Stating this, Dr. Y Mohen, medical superintendent, RIMS during a press conference held this afternoon at the RIMS Jubilee Hall mentioned that the harsh declaration of the KCP(MC) to take action against all RIMS staff which was published in various local dailies of the state today had caused serious concern among all the staffs of the RIMS.

He said that in connection with the reports all sections of RIMS employees in a joint emergency meeting held this afternoon around 2.30 pm at RIMS Jubilee Hall minutely considered the recent charges and allegations against the RIMS director and RIMS MS in the recruitment of nurses and Grade IV staff at the institution.

Besides, the meeting also considered the serious threat perception to all 1688 employees of RIMS and the employees unanimously decided on the sine die closure of RIMS from March 31 if the KCP(MC) does not withdraw its threat.
The RIMS authorities sent formal intimation of the proposed sine die closure of the RIMS from March 31 to the Prime Minister of India and concerned Union minister of health late this evening.

It may be recalled that the underground KCP(MC) had called for the surrender of the director and medical superintendent of the RIMS to the outfit on or before March 15 on the charge of being involved in attempts to appoint staff nurses and Grade IV staff sponsored by some other underground groups.

Besides, due to the strong threat from the KCP(MC) to the RIMS officials the state government have started investigating the process of appointments to the said posts. On the other hand, the KCP(MC) has blamed the RIMS authorities for giving the names of some KCP(MC) sponsored candidates to the police.

But the RIMS authorities have clarified that there was nothing like this as they never mentioned the names to the police during investigations and it would be very sorry affair if the hospital was to close down for the sake of a few persons, Dr. Y Mohen said.

He further mentioned that the problem arising out of the issue would be addressed to various civil and social organisation in the state, as the RIMS authorities had no alternative other than asking for justice from the people.


UKLF clarifies about Zou People Council's Claims

IMPHAL, Mar 20: Reacting to the news report published under the caption ‘Slur cast on 10 AR’, the UKLF has clarified that it never accompanied the Indian Army to Sajik Tampak or threatened the villagers of Khullen Khailet. The news report is false and intended to tarnish the image of UKLF and create misunderstanding among the tribes, secretary of information and publicity of the outfit TH James Bond said in a statement.

Recalling that UZO Chandel Block had already come out with a clarification in this regard some months back, James Bond asserted that ZPC is an organisation supported by valley based UGs foe their own benefits.

The news published was not related to UKLF principle and ideology. We never mistreat anybody on the basis of tribe, caste or religion. UKLF had never caused any inconvenience and disturbance to the Zou, Baite communities, etc nor threatened anyone to leave their villages, James Bond said, adding that it would be good for the ZPC to respect the sentiment of other tribe/caste in the future.

Cautioning ZPC against spreading baseless rumour in the future, UKLF has also warned of taking strong action against the ZPC in case of not heeding to the warning among the tribes, secretary of information and publicity of the outfit TH James Bond said in a statement.

Recalling that UZO Chandel Block had already come out with a clarification in this regard some months back, James Bond asserted that ZPC is an organisation supported by valley based UGs foe their own benefits. The news published was not related to UKLF principle and ideology. We never mistreat anybody on the basis of tribe, caste or religion. UKLF had never caused any inconvenience and disturbance to the Zou, Baite communities, etc nor threatened anyone to leave their villages, James Bond said, adding that it would be good for the ZPC to respect the sentiment of other tribe/caste in the future. Cautioning ZPC against spreading baseless rumour in the future, UKLF has also warned of taking strong action against the ZPC in case of not heeding to the warning.

The Sangai Express

Killers were KYKL cadres, claims DG | KYKL derides DG’s claim

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 20: Director General of Police, Government of Manipur Y Joykumar has claimed that the proscribed outfit Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) is behind the recent killing of 15 non-local migrant workers in different parts of the State.

Making this claim during a press conference at the conference room of SP of Imphal West here this afternoon, the police officer disclosed that following a tip off from a highly reliable source about the presence of armed persons who were directly involved in the killing of seven migrant workers at Heiyel Hangoon under Mayang Imphal Police Station on March 17 in and around Mayang Imphal IB Road, Charoibung and Upokpi area, a combined force of Bishnupur District Police Commandos and Imphal West District Police Commandos rushed in to these areas at around 9.30 pm yesterday.

As the combined force approached the western side of Charoibung Heibong Makhong, they came under heavy firing from unknown armed militants. The Commandos also retaliated the firing. The exchange of firing from both sides lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes after which the militants appeared to have fled the scene.

After the firing ceased, the area was searched and the commando team recovered two unknown male bodies lying along the inter -village road of Charoibung. One AK Rifle loaded with magazine having 9 live rounds and one pistol loaded with four live rounds of ammunition were also found lying near the dead bodies.

Both the bodies have been picked up and brought to the RIMS Morgue, the DGP informed.

In the follow up action based on another tip off from the same source, the DGP further disclosed, the Maruti Van bearing registration no. MN01W-0046 grey in colour belonging to one Waikhom Lokendro alias Kocha (30) s/o W Mangi Singh of Wabagai Keithel Macha were also picked up today in the morning on suspicion of being used the vehicle by the militants in bringing the seven migrant workers to Heiyel Hangoon of Mayang Imphal on that fateful day.

During the course of interrogation, Lokendro revealed that on March 17 at around 3.30 pm, two unknown armed youths came on a motorcycle to his house and forced him to accompany them with his van. One of the unknown youths got into his van and forced him to drive to Wabagai Terapishak. The seven migrant workers with their hands tied from behind were brought out by two person identified as Sarangthem Sanjoy alias Robert s/o S Biramani Singh of Wabagai Keithel Macha and Elangbam Dutta s/o late E Modhusudon of Wabagai Keithel Macha.

Both Sanjoy and Dutta were armed and they are known to Lokendro since they are living in the same locality, the DGP said.

The seven migrant workers were put on to his (Lokendro) van and both Sanjoy and Dutta also got into the van and Lokendro was forced to drive to Heiyel Hangoon.

On reaching there, the migrant workers were asked to get down and Lo-kendro was asked to take his van some distance aw-ay. Thereafter, Sanjoy, Dutta and another person who had originally forced Lokendro to drive to Wabagai Terapishak shot dead all seven migrant workers.

After the work was done, all three of them got into the van and made Lokendro to drive till Sekmaijin bridge where the three got down with their weapons. Thereafter, Lokendro came back to his house.

Both Sanjoy and Dutta are known KYKL activists, the DGP said, adding that Sanjoy is holding the rank of corporal of the proscribed outfit.

The DGP further informed that Lokendro had also been taken to RIMS morgue and there he identified the two dead bodies recovered from the scene of the encounter to be those of Sanjoy and Dutta.

The DGP said that the police is making all out efforts to trace out the third person involved in the killing.

Police have also got some vital clues about the culprits involves in the incidents that took place at Keibi Takhel area and Kakching in which more migrant workers were killed on March 18.

These clues also point to KYKL being responsible for the killings, the DGP contended.


KYKL derides DG’s claim

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 20 : Categorically rejecting the claim of the DGP, the proscribed KYKL today said that it was not in any way connected with the killings of migrant workers during the last few days.

A statement issued by the deputy secretary of the publicity and research of the KYKL today said that the report of the DGP that S Sanjoy of Wabagai Keithel Macha and E Dutta of the same place were killed in an encounter at Cheirongbung Makha Leikai is baseless and aimed at tarnishing the image of KYKL.

Asserting that the DGP was lying through his teeth, the outfit claimed that Sanjoy and Dutta who were killed by a combined force of Imphal West police and Bishnupur police under the claim that they were killed in an encounter were in fact done to death after they were arrested from the house of Oinam Mangi Mainu who is a member of the Hiyanglam Zilla Parishad.

The outfit further said that it up to the public to decide whether to believe or not the claim of the police that the two were killed in an encounter while the fact stands that the public saw the two men being picked up by the police.

Sanjoy and Dutta were not cadres or sympathisers of the KYKL, claimed the statement and added that they had no weapons at the time of their arrest.

As such the allegations of the police are without foundation said KYKL and added that the propaganda has been launched to tarnish the image of the revolutionary movement in front of all.


Three UG suspects killed in stepped up security vigil

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 20 : At least three suspected militants were killed in different parts of the State during the stepped up security vigil following the killings of 15 migrant workers during the last few days.

According to the SP of Imphal East, one suspected militant was killed in an encounter with police commandos today at about 6.55 pm at Keikhu Mayai Leikai under Porompat police station.

Detailing the incident that led to the slaying of the UG suspect, the SP said that it occurred while a team of Imphal East police commandos were on patrol duty at Keikhu Mayai Leikai.

During the course of the patrolling duty, the police team came across three persons moving in a suspicious manner, said the SP and added that the three first opened fire at the police team.

The commandos also retaliated and in the ensuing gunfight one of them was killed while the other two managed to escape.

One pistol with a number ammunition, two demand letters of PREPAK, one wallet diary etc were recovered from the slain person, he said and added that the body has been deposited at RIMS morgue for identification and post mortem.

Another suspected UG cadre was shot dead by troops of 16 JK Light Infantry at Toubul Patpan under Bishnupur police station at about 11 pm yesterday.

One 7.6 pistol, one live round and an empty case was recovered from the slain cadre. The unidentified deceased appears to be below 30 years of age. He had wheatish complexion and ear lobes pierced and short hair. The word ‘love’ was found embossed on the back of right hand. A rose was also painted on the chest. He had a mole on the left side of the face near the nose. He was wearing cargo pants and red jacket with stripes on the sleeves.

A fatal bullet mark was observed on the left side of the chest.
Police have retrieved the corpse and deposited the same at RIMS mortuary.
In another incident which took place at Kangla Awang Leikai where another UG suspect was shot dead by Imphal East commandos at about 2.30 pm today.

One 9 mm pistol, four live rounds and demand notes addressed to Government employees were recovered from the slain cadre. He was hit by two bullets on the chest and abdomen.

The deceased has fair complexion, was well built, tall and good looking. The deceased was wearing jean pants, a grey shirt and a pair of white canvas shoes.

The corpse has been deposited at RIMS morgue.


Migrants at relief camps, No food provision for victims

IMPHAL, Mar 20: Even as the State Government has opened relief camps for migrant labourers in the wake of the recent massacre, the labourers are facing starvation as the Government is not providing any food to some of the camps. On the other hand, protest sittings were staged today against killing migrant workers today.

At Chaoyaima Higher Secondary School, Thoubal where a relief camp has been opened, altogether 150 migrant workers and their families are taking shelter. But during a visit by this reporter to the camp today, it was found that the State Government did not provide any food to the inmates. The non-locals were seen contributing Rs 10 each to buy rice and potatoes for their meal.

The inmates who have been restricted from venturing out were provided rice and some dal by 34 Assam Rifles at about 11 last night.

With the rice and dal provided by the AR, they cooked khechri and shared together even though it was enough to fill one’s stomach.

The parents were helpless when their children cried in hunger as they were not allowed to go out of the camp to buy even a packet of biscuit. Even as the Government assured adequate food to the inmates, not even common salt has been provided to the camp. Cooking utensils were also arranged by the inmates themselves, lamented one of them. But for the non-locals staying at the relief camp opened in Kakching police station, the Kakching Bazar Board has been providing food. Moreover, Wabagai A/C MLA Usham Deben has donated Rs 3000 and a rice bag of 50 kgs. Kakching A/C MLA Y Surchandra and the Chairperson of the Kakching Municipal Council have also donated Rs 3000 and Rs 1000 respectively towards the camp. Meanwhile a DIPR release informed that necessary preparations have been made to open a relief camp for non-Manipuris currently taking shelter in police stations, police outposts, Dharamsala, Alu Gali and private buildings. Eight non-Manipuris who stayed in Kakching police station have left the State. They were escorted by police to Imphal airport.

On the other hand, protest sittings were staged today at Thoubal Mela ground, Thoubal Athokpam and Singjamei Liwa Road with a call to halt killing migrant workers. The protest sitting at Thoubal Athokpam was jointly organised by Athokpam Meira Paibi Apunba Lup, Pari Kanba Lup Khangabok and Thoubal Okram Meira paibi Lup.


Killing of migrant workers, UNLF urges all to seriously introspect

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 20 : Asserting that it was not in any way connected with the killing of 15 migrant workers in the last few days, the proscribed UNLF today said that such mass killings cannot be condone anywhere in the world.

In a statement issued to the press today, the outfit said that there have been instances in the past where sporadic killings of migrant workers had taken place with no on claiming responsibility and added this is the first time that killing on such a scale has taken place in Manipur.

On the other hand the UNLF has also stated that the people of Manipur should have pondered over the question of why such incidents have occurred a long time back and tried to zero in on the reasons and factors behind it.

To stop such killings it is time to let the whole world and not only India to know the factors behind such killings, observed the outfit.

Sharing its thoughts, the outfit said that India, which is the second most populous country in the world has seen many communal clashes and recalled how the 300 year old Babri Masjid was ransacked and desecrated by the majority Hindus. In Orissa Christians have been at the receiving ends of Hindu fanatics, said the outfit and recalled the gruesome killing of Graham Staines and his children. The outfit also recalled the massacre of numerous innocent Sikhs in the aftermath of the assassination of Indira Gandhi as well as the pogrom unleashed against the Muslims in Gujarat some years back.

The majority community continue to trample upon the minorities in India, claimed UNLF and added that it is in this situation, where there are huge divides based along caste, creed, community and religion that the modesty of many wo-men from the North East re- gion have been violated in mainland India. In short Manipur will never be able to experience peace and harmony as long as it is under India, a country which believes in caste- ism, communal divides and religious bigotry. Given the reality, it is natural that such killings will continue until and unless a policy is framed to protect the identity of the minorities, reasoned UNLF. It will not be wrong to say that such killings have occurred because of the skewed views of the Indian Government. Citing examples, UNLF said that before Tripura was annexed by Delhi, the indigenous people constituted 85 pc of the total population. But after it was taken over by India, the population of the indigenous Tripuris has dropped to only 29 today, it said and added that political and economic power have been taken over by the Bengalis. On top of this the culture and identity of the Tripuris are under serious threat.

Even in Assam after outsiders started to stream in and took over the work of manual labourers at the tea gardens and brick fields, conflict erupted over rights to land among the Ahomias, Bodos and Karbis, claimed UNLF. As such it is time for the people of the North East to seriously deliberate upon the incursion of migrants which has led to the erosion of the identity and culture of the people, said the statement.

Even in Manipur today, the population of migrants is more than the population of the hill people, said UNLF and added that this can be easily seen from the number of migrant workers staying near the commercial centres of Imphal and at district headquarters like Chura-chandpur. The continuing influx of outsiders has po-sed a challenge not only to the identity and culture of the people but has also resulted in the migrant wor- kers taking away the job opportunities of the local people, said UNLF. This trend has also lulled the general public into a sense of complacency, it asserted.

To the UNLF, it is not the moneyed class of outsiders who pose a threat to the identity and culture of the local people, but the migra-nt workers, who have assi- milated themselves into the social milieu of the State, said the statement and cited the example of the many instances of native girls marr- ying the non -local people.

This has led to a situation where a good number of natives have lost their sense of being a Manipuri, claimed the statement.

Since many minorities have adopted certain steps to protect their identities in different parts of the world, UNLF would also like to lay down a few words of caution, said the statement and observed that in the conflict situation that Manipur is in presently, it would be hazardous for all outsiders to come to Manipur.

As such it would be much more positive for the migrant workers to leave the State immediately, advised the outfit.

On the other hand, the natives of the North East region have to realise the fact that all Indians are given the right to settle in any part of India by the Constitution is nothing but a larger scheme to totally annihilate the distinct identities of the people of the region, said the outfit.

The outfit also urged the people to seriously study the inner meaning and implications by the then Defence Minister George Fernandes at Moreh when he said that the Government of India would build a ‘fence of humans at the boundary.’


The Sangai Express

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Manipur Express | March 20, 2008

CM in Meirapaibi te mawhsa. Vaite thahna in Churachandpur naih deuhdeuh.

Lok Sabha leh Manipur Assembly in Non Manipuri te thahna naktak in mawhpaih
Imphal, March 19: Manipur a Non Manipuri (vaite) hinna tamtak lakmang ahihna in New Delhi a India innpi (Lok Sabha) leh Manipur Assembly session pailel su lungphawng mahmah in, naktak a mawhpaih uh ahihdan puang tuaktuak uhi. Tuabangkalah, Chief Minister in Meirapaibite nasepdan lungtun huai asaklouh dan gen khum in, dotna tuamtuam bawl hi. Hiai kithahna in Churachandpur naih deuhdeuh hilou hiam chi in mi tamtak in ngaihdan neilel uhi.

Lok Sabha Session pailel ah, tuni in Manipur a vaipau zang, non Manipuri te thahna thu genkhawpna om a, BJP makaih opposition pawl in UPA Government mawhsakthu puang in, UPA in hiai thiltung hoihtak in ngaihven lou ua, bil ngong mah bang vek uh ahi chi uhi. BJP pawl in thiltung mawh paih mahah kawm in, centre force leh state police force in nasep a kipat uh hunta ahihdan gen uhi. Samajwadi Party, JD(U), BJP, RJD, BJD, CPI, CPIM, BSP leh party tuamtuam makaite’n thiltung mawhpaih huai ahihdan taklang chiat uhi.

Home Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patil in agenna ah, Centre Government in State Government houpih khinta ahihdan gen in, Manipur ah non Manipuri te thahna a tawp kei ngeingei leh state ading in thil hoihlou tung thei ahihdan gen a, State Government in tualthat tute a zonkhiak a, a kituahpih action alak kin ngai ahi chi hi. Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Mr Priyaranjan Dasmunsi in agenna ah, UPA Government in thiltung naktak a mawhpaih ahihdan puang in, Prime Minister in thil omdan theita ahihdan gen a, Manipur Government in bangchi bang in pan ala hiam chih etkhiak hilel chi hi. Hiai tungtang ah Opposition te’ sousang lou ding in leng Dasmunsi in ngetna bawl hi. Home Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patil in Rajya Sabha Session hun leng va uap in, Question Hour ah dawnna va pia a, state in buaina a kham daih a, pan alak kin poimawh mah ahihdan va gen hi. Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr. Sriprakash Jaiswal in leng state Government in pan alak pah poimawh ahihthu gen hi.

Manipur Assembly session pailel a, calling attention ah Non Manipuri te thahna thu Dr RB Koijam, O Joy leh Dr Ng Bijoy in pawlut ua, Chief Minister in dawnna pia in, hiai pen calling attention hilou a, soft discussion a koih zaw ding a ngetna abawl dungzui in, thu vangtang dan a gen in om hi. Dr Koijam in agenna ah, Manipur ah vaite’n a thuak bangbang in mundang a i sanggam, i ta leh tute’n thuak thei gige ahihna ah, state Government in state dang a om i state mipite a vengbit zouna diam chih dong kawm in, state Government in pan alak kul ahi chi hi. O Joy in police modernization tawh kisai dotna bawl in, Mayang Imphal a vaite 7 kaplup ahih hun in leng Police control room te’n phone la lou in om san maimah uh ahihthugen a, tuabaan ah, a kiim nai a om Police outpost te’n zingkal in si luang va delh pan uh ahihthugen hi. Hiai hun ah Ibohalbi leh RK Anand MLA te’n leng thugenna nei uhi.

Chief Minister in agenna ah, sihna tuak te Ex Gratia piak hiding ahihdan gen in, Law and order sukkhauh ahihthu puang nawn hi. CM in state sung a om Meirapaibi te nasepdan mawhsakthu puang in, mi khat khawng security te’n akaplup khak chiang un, Dharna tu ngal ua, JAC kichi bawlkhia in, naktak in tangkoupih ua, bangziak a tutung a mihing hiaizah asihna tung ah Meirapaibi te daidide thei mawk uhiam chih dotna bawl hi,

Tuabangkal ah, zan nitak dak 7:30 in Sugnu Bazar a Siik zuakna dawr bawl a om Kabir (35) of West Bengal, Kumbi Police station huamsung a om Sagang Phumbi Khong Chingya Leikai mun ah sisa in muhkhiak in om hi. Hiai mun ahihleh, Kumbi Police station apan Km 12 lel a gamla ahi hi. Non Manipuri te thahna tawh kisai mi khenkhat in ngaihdan a genna uah, Churachandpur district a pehkhak ding lau mahmah ua, tualthahna in CCpur naih hiaihiai ta hilou hiam chih ngaihdan nei tamtak om uhi.


Gorkha Rifles ah thil buaihuai tak tung
Lamka, March-19: Police apan kizadan in tuni zingsang dak 6:50 vel in Khuainuai post a om 7/8 Gorkha Rifles-te patrolling pailai amau leh amau kikapkha uh hi’n kigen hi. Huai thiltung ah Havilder Min Bahadur Thapa(No.5753041 M) aban bul thautang in kapliam kha a, Havilder mah Gana Bahadur Gurung kaplup khak in om hi. Gurung pen Leimakhong a 183-Military Hospital ah etkol ding in puak himahleh damzoulou in si a, March 20, 2008 in RIMS ah postmortem bawl hiding hi. Huai thil tung tawh kisai in Police te’n FIR register uh chihthu om hi.

DC makaih in NREGS meeting om
Lamka, March-19: Sumant Singh,IAS, Deputy Commissioner/CCpur makaihna in tuni sunnung dak 2.00 in DC office ah NREGS tawh kisai in meeting om a, huai ah SDO/BDO teng leh DRDA staff tamtak tel uhi. Huai meeting ah maban hun a NREGS nasepdan ding telin thu tuamtuam genkhawm uhi.

Sahang in Bawng keilum sek
Lamka, March-19: Thanlon Sub-division sunga Songtal gamsung ah tuma deuh akipan tunai tan in sahang(tiger) in bawng keilum sek a, tutan in bawng bangzah hiamtak keilumta chih hi. Abawng keihlupte a tangpi in a neulam deihte hi’n kigen hi.

Bank account hong din theisak
Lamka, March-19: Director of Health Services thusuak dungzui in CMO/CCpur administrative control nuai a om Class III & IV employee tutan a bank account hong nailou tengin akinthei pen a bank account hong chiat ding in Dr S. Gouzalam, Chief Medical Officer/CCpur in theisak hi.

EBC Singngat Div. saina in Seminar
Lamka, March-19: EBC Singngat Division saina in March 25-28,2008 sung in Suangdoh khua a EBC biakinn ah “Ordained Pastor&Church elder Seminar-cum-Churches response to the stigmatized HIV/AIDS” om ding hi. Huai ah Rev.L.Khamkholun,General Secretary EBC; Dr.V.C.Pau, DAO/CCpur leh Rev.T.Lalzagin, District Superintendent/Singngat Division te’n thupi tuamtuam nei in sinsak ding uhi.

Bus pute buaizaak dek man
Tu nitaklam dak 4:25 vel ding in New Bazar bus parking ah Imphal-Lamka bus Service MN 05/0336 in ama a khawllai bus khat a phutkhak ziak in, bus nunglam glass teng kitam a, huai thu ah bus pute buaizaak dek man uh hi’n thutut kingah hi.

Gangte veng MPC makai thak tel uh
Mizo People Council, Gangte Veng Unit makai thak ding telna om a, huai ah 2008-‘09 sung vaipaw ding in Ngullien, SL Mawia, Lalsonlien leh Liensangthang te President, Secretary, Treasurer leh Finance Secy ding in telching ua, Upa Pauzalun in kichiamna neisak hi.


Re-allocation of Works:

=Jarnail Singh IAS Chief Secretary & Secy: Cabinet as CS, Secy: Cabinet and Home
=PC Lawmkunga IAS, Principal Secy TD/Hills/Commerce & Indus/PHED as Principal Secy Forest & Envt. / TD / Hills / Commerce & Industry / PHED
=Rashmi IAS Commissioner/Election/Fin and CEO as Commissioner/Fin/Election/planning and CEO
=Vumlunmang Vualnam IAS Return from centre deputation as Secy Horti & Sc, Secretary Home.
=P.B.O Warjeeri IAS MT-78 Principal Secy Home/Forest&Env/planning/Horti Govt of Manipur transfer to Assam-Meghalaya Cadre, order by DOPT, GOM released.

Commando te’n helpawl 2 kaplum
Tu nitak dak 9:40 vel ding in Mayang Imphal, Police station huamsung a om Charoubung a IB Road ah Bishenpur Police Commando te’n helpawl a tel member nih kaplum ua, misite apan AK 47 khat leh 9 mm pistol ban ah atang bangzah hiam mukhia uh chih thu kiza hi. Misite a hihna uh theihchet hinailou hi.

Bus in mi khat phulum
Tu zingkal dak 11:20 vel ding in Bus no MN 01/1713 in lampi a cycle a tuanglai N Rajmani (50) s/o N Cheton Singh of Heiyang Mayai Leikai, Naoreibam Chureithong Leirak ah phulum a, hiai thu in Heiyang bial su sousang man mahmah hi’n kigen hi.

KYKL member dia gintak 1 mankhia
Imphal West Police Commando te’n tu zinglam dak 7:20 vel ding in Kanglei Yowal Kanna Lup member dia gintak Mr U Jakishore Singh @ Inaocha (27) s/o U Hemchandra Singh of Chajing Karam Awang leikai a tenna Inn ah mankhia ua, amah kipuanna apan contract work tamtak delhkhia uh ahihdan kilang chi uhi. Police thusuak in agendan in, Inaocha in KYKL member Raju Singh leh Boby Singh te tawh pangkhawm in, Government department tuamtuam ah demand neisek uh a, a dawn khiakte uh KYKL fund ah lut zel ahihdan kipuang chi uhi.

RIMS Colony ah nupi 1 thah in om
Police apan thusuak kingah dan in, zan nitak dak 7:30 vel ding in meltheihlouh pawlkhat RIMS Colony Quarter no 39 ah va lut ua, huai ah RIMS a attendant semlel Mrs Angoubi Kabui @ Gaidailiu (50) a lu ah khen uh a, amit leng lawtkhia hidanin gen ua, alupna tung ah sisa in kimukhia hi. Tuaban ah, a pasal M Jateshore (51) s/o (late) M Shyamkishore leng common room a sofa set tung ah a gawl tem a aatsa in muhkhiak in om a, damdawi inn ah etkol in om lel hi. Thusuak in agendan in, amau ahihleh, Uripok Baspati Leikai a teng hi ua, himahleh, RIMS a asep ziak un, RIMS quarter luah a om lel uh hi’n kigen hi. Thiltung tawh kisai thuchian kimzaw ngak hilel hi.

Security te’n vaite venbitna pia
Manipur phaizang bial a non Manipuri te thahna paizom zel tawh kisai in, tuni in Thoubal District a security post om, Wangbam a IRB post te’n a kiim a kiang ua om vaite venbitna pia ua, Kakching Police station leh Yairipok post a om Police te’n leng huai kiim a om Bihari te kaikhawm in, Rehabillitation kichi khat bawlkhiak sak in huai ah venbitna pelel uhi. Chief Minister Ibobi Singh leh MPCC Chief Gaikhangam te’n thiltung naktak in mawhpaih uhi.

CM in party teng telna meeting sapsawm
Manipur Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh in tuni a agendan in, Manipur state sung Dan leh thupiak etkolna tungtang ah SPF Government leh Congress party chauh hilou in, state sung a political party tuamtuam te telna in meeting khat sap lunggulh ahihdan gen in, tunung sawtlou ah sap pah hiding ahihdan gen hi. Tuaban ah, CM in gari a tai civilian te pilvang semding in ngetna nei a, kuaman tainted glass zang teitei lou ding in leng theihsakna bawl a, dakkal 24 sung security te duty ding ua, check post a om security te galvan tawi leng a hoihthei bangpen piak hiding in gen hi.

Assembly in ADC Bill thu HAC ah pekhia
Tuni in Assembly session sap in om a, himahleh, Non Manipuri thahna thu in house a suk buai mahmah ziak in, proceeding deihbang in paithei lou hi’n kigen hi. Hiai hun ah, Agenda pipen Hill Area Autonomous District Council Bill 2008 luikhiakna TD Minister DD Thaisii in nei a, hiai tungtawn hun bangtan hiam genkhawm in om hi. Assembly in last sitting a Selection committee kiang ah hiai bill pekhia ua, selection committee in tuni in luikhiakna nei mah le uh member te lak ah khenkhat in hiai Bill bukimlou chih ziak in etthak ding in gen ua, Hill Area committee khut ah piakkhiak in om a, April 3 2008 in genkhawm nawn hiding hi. MPP makai O Joy Singh in agenna ah, hiai bill ah a diklou banghiam om a, a dikloupi genkhawm sang in, HAC khut ah lut phot henla, amau a hon draft zawh chiang in, house ah genkhawm nawn hihen chi a, Dr Radhabinod Koijam NCP President in agenna ah, 1971 Act leh 2000 Act kichi bawlkhiak a omta ahihdan gen in, 1971 pe’n Act sisa bangtuk a ngaih ahih ziak in, hiai bill in om zia neilou ahi chi hi. 1971 Act pe’n 2006 in amendment bawlkhit a om ta ahihdan gen hi. NPP President V Hangkhanlian leh Parijat Singh in bel, hiai Bill te’ Official Gazett bangmah omlou ahi chi in pang uhi. Hiai tungtang tuma deuh a genkhawm ahihlai in, V Hangkhanlian makaih in HAC MLA 16 teng in Innpi pawtsan mah le uh, Singtangmi MLA 3 in house pawtsan lou uh hi’n kigen hi. Speaker in tu nitaklam dak 1:20 apan April 3, zinglam dak 11 tan session khakna nei hi.

Misite theihkhiak hita
Apaisa March 17 niak a Mayang Imphal a thah a om mi 7 te lak a mi nih kithei loute hihna theihkhiak hita a, amau ahihleh, Alom Sheikh (30) s/o Sahabul of West Bengal,tulel a Hapta telapati a om leh Sarabjit Rai (28) s/o Thakur Rai of Bihar te hidanin gen uhi. Tuaban ah, Keibi mun a misi 2 kitheiloute leng theih khiak hita a, W Pandit (25) s/o (late) Jugindro Pandit of Bihar leh Nagendro Rai (25) of Bihar te hi’n kigen a, amau Khoyathong a om lel hi’n Police te’n gen uhi.

Thudang khat kiza dan in, tuni zingkal dak 6 in Hapta Minuthong ah Najit Ali (35) s/o (late) Isak Ali of Khela khong sisa in muhkhiak in om a, amah ahihleh, Golapati Mayai Leikai a om lel hi’n gen uhi. Amithu kichi a lawmpa tawh pawt, a kheba ah thautang kapna ma om hi’n gen uhi.

PLA in hilhchetna bawl
RPF armed wing Peoples Liberation Army nuai a Publicity Assistant Secretary Ms Lily Leima in thusuah abawlna ah, IANS News tungtawn a Imphal West SP L Kailun IPS in tulai a vaite thah a om na tawh kisai PLA/RPF te khutnung dan a agenpen thuzuau ahihdan taklang a, Police Officer khat thugen ding in haihuai mahmah a, thuchian kankhe masalou a hiai bang ngawhna a bawl pen amah leh amah kitaw leem ahi chi uhi. PLA in hiai thiltung theihpihlou a, kizopna leng neibok lou ahihdan gen ua, tualthat tute’n tawpsan a, Non Manipuri te a thahna ziak uh kipuang khe dingin theihsakna bawl uhi.

A 4 veina United Zo Organization(UZO) Pawi pi hat/cial na

Posted by: "Pau Za Lian"

Mun tuam2 aa om Pu Zo suan, Nu leh Pa, U leh Nau teng,

A 4 vei na United Zo Organization(UZO) kum sial pawi pi pen Atlanta Khua pi, Georgia State,USA ah May 24-25(Saturday-Sunday)(Memmorial weekend) ah ki bawl ding a hi man in, a koi ma po, na inn kuan kuanvua(Nupi,Papi,Ngaknu/Tangval/Naupang) ki hen lo in, nang pei thei kim ciat na ding vun, it na tawh kang cial vuh hi.

Van leng tawh ang pei sawm ten, Air Ticket booking khol lei man dawng hi. Na sep na pan aa a khuan(Leave) a ngen ding ten zong tun ma nget pai ta vun. Na nget haa vuh leh ki nga lo thei hi. Maw taw gol(Van) a kawm ding ten zong booking baih lei ki cian pen hi.

A khua khua pan aa meeting aa, thu sun, thu pu laak ding te agenda hing ki kum khol ta vun.

Pawl lut na sum leh, kum sum te zong na op na Veng Ma kai te tung ah ih piak ciat na ding vun zong kang han thawn nuam lai vuh hi. Ih mi nam it na sep na leh gam tat na tawh lak ciat vai.

Atlanta khua pi ii lam dan/thu pi na pawl khat
Lei tung buk aa a min thang pen CNN news Head Quater om hi.
Cocacola(Coke) company HQ pi om hi.
A lam dang Suang mual pi(Stone Mountain) om hi.
American kum pi lui pa President Jimmy Cartar library leh a inn om in a ma zong nung ta lai hi.
America aa amin thang Civil Right Activist, Dr. Martinluthar King ten na khua hi.
America/ leitung aa a gol pen Airport hi
1997 or ? Olumpic Game ki bawl na khua hi. Olumpic Park ci zong om lai hi.
Khua hun zong nuam ma ma hi.

Mun tuam tuam pan aa a pei Atlanta khua pi a tung ngai lo te ding in Khua pi sung et na(Sight Seeing) hun ki nei ding hi.

Zin tun na ding, Pawl bawl na ding address te leh Program te a hun nai ciang kang za sak kia ding vuh hi.

Tam mi pawi Topa Pa Sian in, nuam tak aa ei bawl sak zaw na ding leh, akoi ma po mai kim aa ih pei thei ciat na ding nak pi tak thu nget na tawh pang ciat bo vai.

Tam thu tawh ki sai thei be lap nuam ih neih leh a dang nei aa ma kai te kung ah ki dawp thei hi.

Pa.Pau Za Lian(UZO Pawl Lutang) Cel:(301) 275-9632
Pa.Khup Sian Lian(UZO Thu Van Pi) Cel:(703) 919-2165

Pa.Mang Lian Pau (Atlanta Veng makai 1)Cel:(404) 668-3482
Pa.Suan Khen Pau (Atlanta Veng makai 2)Cel:(770) 899-5579
Pa.Thang Kaap Mang Cel:(678) 643-1954

It na leh Zak tak na tawh,

Pa.Pau Za Lian
United Zo Organization(UZO)

Christ's death and resurrection

By : Pr. Graceson Kamei. 3/20/2008 1:57:02 AM

Can God die? Can God become human being? What caused him die? If God can be put to death, can he save the world from its final destruction? These are a few questions being asked so often.

Let us examine and look on to the Biblical perspective.

Adam and Eve were created after God created every thing. And God put then in the Garden of Eden. Then God said, "I will give every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruits with seed in it, that will be yours for your food" (Gen. 1:28). God's original arrangement of food for human was vegetables. The flesh of clean animal was given to eat under one condition from the patriarchal time of Noah.

The fall of human under Satan's temptations found in Gen., chapter 3. God said, "You are free to eat fruit from all trees except from the middle of the Garden, you must not eat and you must not touch, or will surely die" Gen 2:16;3:1-3 NIV). The negative words EVIL and DIE appear ever first in the Genesis 2:9, 17

Now, the Devil in the form of Serpent tempted Eve with his ingenuity and inducement whereby the fall of Adam and Eve took place dramatically. Albeit, they ate the forbidden fruit, they did not die instantly but both died spiritually the day they ate the fruits. Death comes sooner or later to any one who disobeys the command of God.

There is no account in the Bible that the forbidden fruit has been made clean and permissible to eat again. For God, clean food and unclean animals are the same in the past, now and in the days to come. When God declared clean and unclean, no prophets neither NT writers can make it unclean or make it clean again.

Adam and Eve broke the holy Law of God. As a result, sin reigned in their life. For the Scripture says, "...Sin is Lawlessness" (1 John 3:4). And any one who commits sin shall be put to death. Because God said, "the wages of sin is death" (Rom 6:23) Owing to Adam's sin, death comes to all creations. St. Paul says, "For sin death come through a man (Adam) ..., for us in Adam all die... (1 Cor 15:21,22). Therefore, all creatures are subjected to death. However, this death is not the end there. For God had a plan of Redemption. Beyond this death, eternal/salvation is awaited for those who know God and obey his precepts. Adam and eve transgressed the holy law of God. And thus, the broken law of God demanded the life of sinner. But the sacrifice of a sinner life cannot in any way satisfy the claim of God's immutable law. Because God's law is as sacred as himself. But many claimed or declared that the Ten Commandments of God spoken by himself and were written by his own finger is no more important. The Psalmist says, "All his Commandments are sure. They stand fast for ever and ever" (Psalm 119:89; 111:7.8)

To redeem the sinful world, and to purify the blighted and cursed creation, someone who is equal with God is needed. In the O.T. times, God allowed the patriarchs and priest to sacrifice clean animals such as lambs, goats pigeons and bulls etc for the remission of the sins. But this animal sacrifices is the type foretelling that antitypes sacrifice (Christ's death) would be done on the cross ultimately." In fact, the law required with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness"

"The blood of goats and bulls and ashes of a heifer sprinkled on those who are ceremonially unclean sanctify them so that they are outwardly clean (Heb 9:22;9:13). As noted earlier, the blood of animals is a typified sacrifice. Hence, the Bible clearly says in Heb 9:14 "How much more, then will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal spirit cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death...

God would have sent a sinless being of heaven to save the world or could have made an alternative plan by exercising his almighty power to redeem the sinners. But he did not allow angel to replace his place. Because the fallen man cannot be restored again into his likeness unless the son of God, who made the universe, make an atonement for him. So in order to meet this needs, God was to be manifested in Christ "reconciling the world to himself in Christ not counting man's sins against them (2 Cor. 5:19) "who being is very nature God, did not consider equally with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, take the nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man he humbled himself and become obedient to death - even death on the Cross (Philippians 2:6-9)

If the Ten Commandments of God could be changed, man might have been saved without the sacrifice of Christ. Since God's law is immutable, it was necessary for Christ to give his life for the fallen race.

The birth and death of Christ is foretold in OT and NT. The Psalmist says, "Dog have compassed me: the assemble of the wicked have enclosed me; they pierced my hands and feet. I may tell all my bones; they look and stare upon me. They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture" (Psalm 22:16-18 cf. Luke 23:34 last part)

In another prophecy it is declared, "Reproach had broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness: and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none; and for comforter, but I found none, they gave me also gall for meat; and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink" (Psalm 69:20,21).

When Jesus was about to breath last, he was given gall which is a biter and poisonous liquid. This kind of liquid is a stupefying potion to make insense or to deaden the sense of pain. When Jesus tasted it, he refused it.

In NT, it says, "When the fullness of the time come, God sent forth his son... to redeem that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons (Gal 4:4,5). He lived a life of sinless, he revealed himself as the creator of all things. To know the meaning of death is immensely important for all sinners. Redemption work was accomplished and completed on the Cross. His death on the Cross is not a fictitious story neither Utopian event.

The eternal ruin that has come into human race from Adam's transgression is to be reconciled and atonement be made through the death of Christ. "...That he might sanctify the peoples with his own blood..." (Heb 13:12)

The Bible recorded that Christ died in a place called Calvary. Calvary is just beyond the boundaries of Jerusalem. Upon arriving of execution, Jesus was bound to the instrument of torture. Jesus had been humiliated, insulted, mocked, and twice tortured to the utmost degree. This was incomprehensible. In another word the depiction of Christ's suffering in "Passion of Christ" of Mel Gibson's visual movie is just a bit that is shown of his suffering.

One of the prolific Christian writers penned down in this way, "his hands stretched upon the cross; the hammer and the nails were brought, and spikes were driven through the tender flesh, then the heart-stricken disciples bore away from the cruel scene. When the soldiers were putting Jesus to torture, and his enemies were doing their fearful work, Jesus prayed for his enemies, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do". What a forgiveness Christ rendered for them!

The death of Christ was not because of the torture. It is the weight of the sins and guilt of the whole world that killed him as the Scripture says "the wages of sin death" Jesus cried, "It is finished," "Father, unto thy hands I comment my spirit". A light encircled the cross, and the face of the savior shone with glory like the sun. He then bowed his head upon his breast, and DIED for you and me.


Trauma and fear compel many to decide to leave state for good

By : Meisnam Donny 3/20/2008 1:48:14 AM

IMPHAL, Mar 19: The brutal killing of 15 non-local labourers in the state by suspected militants at different areas has caused a panick among the non locals staying in the state.

Many of them have since decided to return to their native lands for their safety.

The incident has hurt the sentiments of many in the state. The state government has tightened security and requested all the non-locals not to leave the state assuring them they would be protected and peace would be restored in the state.

Speaking to IFP Amarnath Prasad of Bhojpur district in Bihar, whose younger brother Narayan Prasad was among the seven persons killed on March 17 at Mayang Imphal, said that the incident makes them shiver and has shocked them.

“I still can’t believe that my brother is no more with us. He was a very good person and was earning well to survive and maintain his family with his daily wages.”

Remembering the turn of events, he said that his brother along with his cousin Santosh Prasad stayed together in Kakching and earned their daily wages by working as hawkers, supplying masala in the villages.

On March 17, Narayan left home to supply masala in the villages without having his lunch and told them he would be back for dinner later.

But he failed to turn up till late in the night and in the morning it was confirmed that his brother was not anymore with them.

“The present situation has compelled us to want to return to our native places. We have decided to leave the state as soon as possible after cremating the bodies. We also request the government to ensure that such incidents are not repeated again in the state. The government should take up certain steps to secure the people like us who are outsiders who have come all the way from a long distance to earn something,” he said.

Santosh Prasad, the cousin of the victim, Narayan expressed that the murder of his brother had hurt him a lot. “He was very close to me and was the only one with whom I shared all my moments of joy and sorrow. This time we had planned to celebrate the Holi festival in a grand way. But everything has been shattered and I am left with grief at my brother’s killing,” he said grieving.

“I have decided to leave the state as soon as my brother is cremated here at Telipati. For the safety of our lives we have to leave the state. We can’t sacrifice our precious life staying here in the present atmosphere. Due to the incident we are very scared,” he said when asked about his future hopes and plans.

An atmosphere of gloom descended at the RIMS mortuary today as many families were left helplessly screaming and wailing after identifying the bodies of their dear ones.

Many of them sat silently in a corner thinking what went wrong that their brothers and relatives had to die in this manner.
Rahul, 12, who also belongs to Bhojpur district of Bihar lost his father Nagendra Shaab who was also among the seven victim who were gunned down by suspected militants at Mayang Imphal on March 17.

He told the IFP, “I know I am very young but I can understand that my father is not with us anymore. It is very strange that my father left in a situation where my mother is very close to giving birth to a child.”

He also said that he lived in Kakching along with his mother and three other brothers. At the moment his mother is pregnant and they were all happy for that. But soon as they got the news that their father was no more, a pall of gloom had descended in their family and his mother was the most affected.

“I don’t want to stay here anymore. I have lost my father and now I cannot see the killing of any more of our family members,” said Rahul.

Expressing their deep concern over the killing of non Manipuri people at various areas of Manipur a Hindustani Samaj, Imphal member told IFP that it was very shameful for the state. It should not be repeated again in the future. The government must take the matter seriously and should produce the culprits as soon as possible. The government should also give compensation to all the victims’ and families, he said.

The member also noted that they would not take the bodies back to their native states for cremation since it might cause communal riots. We want to bring peace rather than any kind of violence as we have been living in Manipur since childhood.

“Hum ne yaha ka pani piya hain aur namak khaya hain, aur hum par is desh ka udhar raha, isiliye hum itna toh kar sakte hain.” (We have been living here since our childhood and this state has given us so much. So at least we can do this much in return).

“The incident is very unfortunate and we want that it should not be repeated again in future. We are waiting to learn what the government decides for us and will not take up any wrong steps as we are so much attached to the people of Manipur.

“We still don’t know what went wrong with our brothers and why they have done something like this,” maintained the member.


Slur casts on 10 AR

IMPHAL, Mar 19 : The Zou People Council has alleged that personnel of 10 Assam Rifles along with activists of the United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) bashed up villagers of Khullen Khailet in Sajik Tampak on March 14 night.

Insisting that on the fateful night the security force personnel maintained vigil around Khullen Khailet village while UKLF activists unleashed terror, the Council further charged the AR team that accompanied the UKLF cadres of threatening to thrash the men and women folk, raze down the entire village without sparing even the children in case they (villagers) defy UKLF diktats.

Recounting suffering of the villagers, the Council said many Zous had been facing difficulties in day to day survival in the aftermath of the Indian Army’s ‘Operation All Clear’ during which houses in seven village including three inhabited by the Zou people were completely destroyed forcing the people to settle in other villages where there is semblance of security ambience.

Contending that the UKLF gang and the central security forces have been ceaselessly conniving to wipe out Zou and Baite communities from their own homestead, the Council also urged the Baite people settled in Sajik Tampak area to join hands in keeping away disturbing elements.

While cautioning that prolonging the UKLF-Army campaign would provoke the Zou people to resort to appropriate measures towards safeguarding the villagers and properties, the Zou people Council stated that any untoward incident arising out of the situation should be the sole responsibility of authorities of the security force being stationed at Sajik Tampak areas.

The Sangai Express

ADC Bill referred to HAC

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 19 : After the Manipur Hill Areas Autonomous District Council Bill 2008 was referred to Select Committee to look into any lapses and flaws, the same Bill was tabled at the State Assembly today.
However, the Assembly has referred the Bill to the Hill Areas Committee for further studies.

Tabling the report of the Select Committee on the District Council Bill 2008, Tribal Development and Hills Minister DD Thaisii recalled that the Bill was tabled in the House on March 6 with approval from the Governor after which it was referred to the Hill Areas Committee.

Then the report of the HAC was tabled in the House. However before the report was discussed in the House, the Bill was referred to the Select Committee as certain lapses were detected in the Bill, Thaisii said.
Before tabling its report today, the Select Committee studied the Bill for two days. The Minister also proposed that the Bill be referred to the HAC again.

Supporting the proposal, Radhabinod also suggested that Bill should be referred to the HAC for a thorough observation. Stating that he has studied the report, O Joy asserted that there are still some lapses in the Bill. In case of a District Council member committing any criminal act or having nexus with UG groups, the Bill does not spell out procedure under which the member disqualified, elaborated Joy. As the Principle Bill has not been studied thoroughly, the Bill should be referred to the HAC again for a more detail study, echoed Joy. CM O Ibobi stated that it has been the desire of the Govt to conduct District Council elections so that Govt institutes can function fully in hill districts. To facilitate delimitation of District Councils and to conduct election of District Councils before the onset of rainy season, the Bill may be referred to the HAC so as to enable it give an immaculate report, stated the Chief Minister.

The Sangai Express

Mass killings of migrant workers, Parliament condemns, State in the news for the wrong reasons, again

Manipur Info Centre

NEW DELHI, Mar 19 : Describing as ‘’shameful’’ the killing of 14 Hindi-speaking migrant labourers in Manipur, the Union Minister of Home Affairs Shivraj Patil today assured that “strict action’’ would be taken against the people involved in the incident.

Replying to supple-mentaries in the Rajya Sabha, the Minister said, “Such incidents in the name of States, religion, language are happening in North Eastern, Southern and Western parts of the country. It is a deliberate design to destabilise the country and slow down the economic growth.’’

In a reply to CPM leader Brinda Karat’s query as to what strategy was being adopted to check such incidence, the Minister said State Governments had been asked to identify areas where such incidents could take place and also identify people who indulged in them to take anticipatory action.

“To protect innocent people police needs to take anticipatory action. Chief Ministers, bureaucrats and police officials of States have been asked to follow up and take action,’’ he added.

In Manipur, militants gunned down 14 migrant labourers, mostly from Bihar, since Monday night. Most of the bodies had a piece of paper stuck to them saying “go back to your home Gtates”.

Taking part in the discussion Parliamentary Affairs Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi today assured the Lok Sabha that the Centre would deal firmly with terrorism and the culprits involved in the murder of 14 Hindi speaking people in Manipur this week.
When the members of all parties raised concern over the spread of violence in the name of regionalism and language, the Minister said that he would convey the anguish of the members “directly” to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh whose Government was already seized of the matter and would take strict action against the perpetrators.
On the issue of terrorism, the House was one and there was no question of casting aspersions. It was a great concern for the House that there was a “selective target’’ in the case of Manipur, he said.
Raising the issue in the pre-lunch sitting, Ramjilal Suman (SP) said the Centre had failed to discharge its duty of protecting the integrity of the country. There is a parallel Government in Manipur. This was a very serious issue as similar violence had taken place in Assam and Maharashtra.
Shahnawaz Hussain (BJP) said the Union Home Ministry continued to remain a mute spectator to the violence against Biharis settled in various States.
Devendra Prasad Yadav (RJD) said terrorists were taking advantage of regional feelings of the people and sought a joint operation by the Centre and the Manipur Government.
Prabhunath Singh (JD-U) sought the removal of Mr Shivraj Patil as Home Minister and the convening of a meeting with Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
Mohammed Salim (CPI-M) asked the Centre to treat the issue very seriously as there could be attacks on people of the North-East settled in various parts of the country.
Gurudas Dasgupta (CPI) said the country would not remain united if killings were allowed to continue in the name of regionalism. He demanded an all-party meeting and immediate deployment of Central forces in Manipur and Assam.
Earlier, yesterday informing the Lok Sabha about the killing of 14 persons in Manipur during the Zero Hour, Dr Thokchom Meinya, MP from Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency urged the Union Government to intervene and extend all possible help and support to Manipur.
Dr Meinya said, “ We have many armed insurgent outfits operating in the North Eastern Region. In this region, even the official bungalows of the Ministers and MLAs are being attacked with grenades and bombs. Moreover, one grenade was thrown into the precinct of the Legislative Assembly of Manipur recently.”
He said that the situation appeared very acute and out of control. Not a single day passes without killings. In such a situation, the Centre should not become a silent spectator, he added.


Migrant workers killings
CM assures ex-gratia, House decries
By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 19 : The Manipur State Assembly during its sitting has condemned the killings of non-Manipuris in the last three days by unidentified gunmen in the strongest term today.
Discussing the issue in the House today, Chief Minister O Ibobi who is also in charge of the Home portfolio stated that the Government has resolved to provide ex-gratia to the families of the victims in accordance to rules.
A call attention motion raised jointly by Opposition MLAs Radhabinod Koijam, O Joy and Dr Ng Bijoy on the slaying of seven wage earning non-Manipuri labourers at Hayel Hangun under Mayang Imphal station and seven others at different parts of the State was converted into a short duration discussion and the issue was discussed at length in the House.
Raising the motion in the House, Radhabinod denounced the massacre of the helpless non-Manipuris who were doing petty business or working as wage earners by engaging themselves in odd jobs.
Stating that he was deeply hurt and terrified by the carnage, Radhabinod remarked that the act demeans the image of Manipur in the view of other States.
Apprehensive of the possible repercussions on Manipuris working and studying in other States of India, Radhabinod observed that Chief Ministers and Chief Secretaries of all the States ought to be intimated to take up precautionary measures for the safety of Manipuris staying in their respective States.
He also urged the State Government to take up foolproof security measures ensure the protection of the lives and properties of non-Manipuris staying in the State.
Appealing to the Chief Minister to ensure proper functioning of the police outposts opened recently, Radhabinod asserted that no police men can be seen on the road after 10 pm.
The massacre of the non-Manipuris was the most barbaric and heartless act and it ought to be condemned by one and all, observed O Joy.
He also expressed apprehension that peoples of other States may perceive Manipuris in the most hostile manner and this may result in highly regrettable consequences.
Questioning the motive behind the carnage, Joy sought attention of the House to investigate into the faults and offence on the part of the victims, if there is any.
Joy further asked as to why police were unable to move to Hayel Hangul in time even as they had received information of the carnage committed there. He expressed strong reservations against the conduct of police.
“If police men who are maintaining law and order are unable to approach the site of crime, then who will take responsibility for maintaining law and order in the society”, asked Joy.
Alleging that DG Control phone was never picked up promptly and sometimes when it was picked, the one receiving the phone was found to be in inebriated condition, Joy proposed for an overall review of the functioning of State police.
Asking whether the unfortunate killing was a result of the threat posed to the indigenous people following massive influx of people from other States of India in the post merger period, Dr Ng Bijoy advocated for regulation of the influx through the Protected Area Permit system and the Restricted Area Permit system.
Calling upon the House to make a joint appeal against killing of non-Mani-puris any further, Morung Makunga urged upon the Government to beef up security measures in all the areas inhabited by non-Manipuris.
RK Anand and Dr I Ibohalbi noted the carnage was a shame for the whole Manipuri nation in front of the international community.
Taking part in the discussion, Chief Minister O Ibobi stated that the savage carnage should be condemned by the House in the strongest term.
No civilized nation would accept the massacre as an act of heroism. Arbitrary and wanton killing of the migrant workers is an ugly act of communalism, decried the Chief Minister.
Peeved with the silence of civil organisations and human rights bodies over the massacre, Ibobi questioned the integrity of these organisations.
Deeply concerned over the insecure situation, a large number of non-Manipuris were trying to leave the State in three trucks and three buses but they were persuaded not to leave the State at this volatile and tense situation. They were told to leave to State, if they must after two/three weeks when the situation returns to normal, Ibobi informed the House.
Moreover, on the request of the State Government not to take the corpses to their native States but to cremate here according to the rituals of their own religions with all possible assistance from the State Government, the corpse have not been taken to their States, Ibobi conveyed.
In addition to shifting non-Manipuris to safer places with enhanced security measures, the Government has decided to provide relief materials to these migrant workers and also to extend ex-gratia to the families of the deceased.
The Chief Minister conceded that the root cause of the carnage could not be established yet.
Taking serious note of the Merger Agreement of 1949 becoming a contentious issue in the State, Ibobi called upon all to point out if there is any flaw in the Agreement so that the same may rectified.
If there is any threat to the indigenous people, put it in tangible manner and boldly, Ibobi invited while appealing to all the members not to put oil in the burning fire.
“If the same act of killing non-locals and attaching a message on the back with the words, “Go back to your own States” is retaliated in the same manner by people of other States to Manipuris staying there, what would be the possible fall-out” the Chief Minister questioned while stating that efforts are on to eliminate all the murderers.
Under the prevailing circumstances, it is hard to ask the Chief Ministers, Chief Secretaries and DGPs of other States to take up security measures for Manipuris staying there. Nevertheless, some Chief Ministers have been talked to on the matter, Ibobi informed the House.
He also assured to look into any failure on the part of the police so that the such blunders are avoided in future.
Concerning abduction of Government officials for ransom, the Chief Minister declared that the Government would never enter any negotiation to affect release of the abducted officials but would put in its best efforts to rescue the officials.
To check the recent trend of abduction, 42 new police outposts have been opened in greater Imphal area. Necessary steps have also been initiated to conduct frisking at these posts round the clock, Ibobi said.
Even though the commandos have been instruct- ed not to shoot while arresting any individual but to punish according to law, the commandos opened fire when their call to halt went unheeded, Ibobi clarified.
The commandos opened fire to protect themselves as UG cadres or armed persons firing at the commandos earlier would mean death of the commando personnel, he contended. Yet, precautionary measures have been taken up to avoid unwanted incidents in future, he added.


RPF condemns targeting migrant workers
‘Our fight is against GoI not Indians’
By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 19 : Strong-ly condemning the syste- matic killings of migrant workers by unidentified gunmen during the last three days, the proscribed RPF today said that its fight is against the Government of India and not against all the Indians.
In a statement, the outfit today said that ever since it started its struggle, the RPF has made its stand clear on who its enemies are. The RPF has never taken the non-locals who are here to eke out a living by doing manual jobs, said the statement and added that it is the principle of the outfit not to view anything along communal divides.
The outfit had nothing to do with the killings of 14 migrant workers on March 17 and 18, said the statement and added that the views expressed by SP of Imphal West, L Kailun to the IANS news agencies, that the PLA is suspected to be behind the killings shows that he made the statement without verifying facts and without going into the details of the case.
It is unbecoming of a senior police officer to just name an outfit as a suspect without checking the facts, asserted RPF.
The PLA is the armed wing of the RPF.
Asserting that the RPF has been taking extra care to stick to the principles of a revolutionary movement, the statement said it is the only armed group in Manipur to sign Article 3 of the Fourth Protocol of the Geneva Convention.
The Government of India as well as countries friendly to Delhi are hell bent in trying to portray the genuine revolutionary movement in Manipur as terrorist activities, noted the outfit and added that such anti-revolutionary activities as killing migrant workers will amount to nothing but provide more bullets to Delhi to pursue their agenda of branding revolutionaries as terrorists. All concerned should think over this point seriously.
Following the brutal murder of Th Manorama by Assam Rifles personnel and the subsequent public uprising, the hated Armed Forces Special Powers Act was lifted from some parts of the State, recalled RPF.
Even now Delhi is waiting for the opportune moment to re-impose the said Act in the areas from where it has been lifted, observed RPF and added that it is imperative that the people of Manipur should be told whether the killings are in any way connected with the revolutionary movement or not.
As such the organi-sation concerned should clarify, said the statement.
Irrespective of community affiliation, the RPF condemns and will condemn any killing of innocent people, asserted the outfit.
Taking serious note of the rumours floating around following the killings of the migrant workers, the outfit urged the people not to spread rumours or ignite trouble.


Death toll of migrants rises to 15

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Mar 19: The number of non-locals shot dead by unidentified armed persons in the four valley districts since March 17 has reached 15.

After 14 non-locals were found shot dead in different parts of the State till yesterday, one more non-local man was found shot dead at Pombikhok Chingya Mayai Leikai, about 13 kms South of Kumbi police station this morning.
According to information culled from the spot, the local villagers heard gun shots in the area at about 7.30 last night.

The deceased has been identified as Kabir alias Govind (38) of West Bengal. He was married to a Nepali girl from Serou and had two daughters and a son.

Kabir was a junk/scrap metal dealer at Sugnu Bazar.

The corpse has been retrieved by police and deposited at RIMS mortuary. A bullet which hit the right side of his head exited through the left side.

The seven victims of the Hayel massacre of March 17 have been identified as Alom Sheikh (30) s/o Sohobul Sheikh of West Bengal, staying at Telipati, Sarubjit (28) s/o Thakur Rai of Bihar, staying at Chingmeirong, Nagendra Saha (40) s/o late Bhogenlu Saha of Bihar, staying at Kakching, Narayan (40) s/o Sriniwaz Prasad of Bihar, staying at Kakching, Lalbabu Shah (36) s/o Jawahar of Bihar, staying at Telipati, Bikharipari (38) s/o Dipa Rai of Bihar, staying at Nagamapal Seram Leirak and Piyush Das (26) s/o Mohon Rai of North Tripura, staying at Kakching Wairi Senapati Leikai.

All the corpses have been handed over to family members and relatives after post mortem at RIMS.
Meanwhile, the identities of the migrant workers shot dead at Takhel in Imphal East district yesterday have been established as Nagendra Rai (26) s/o Sadhu Rai of Sitamarhi, Bihar, Madan Rai (26) s/o Naresh of Bihar and Ram Ishwar Shah (30) s/o Muhid Shah of Bihar.

Post mortem examinations of the corpses have been completed.

Those found dead at Keibi Kumuda have been identified as Santosh Prasad (26) s/o Bhagoti and W Pandit (26) s/o late Jugindra Pandit. Both of them belonged to Bihar.

Moreover, post mortem examination of the corpses of Bimol Das (23) s/o Botoi Das of Hailakan-di, Silchar and Shyamal Das (25) s/o Nikhil Das of Nagaon, Assam found shot dead near Indrani Cinema Hall at Kakching Khunyai yesterday have also been conducted at Lilong PHC.

The Sangai Express

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Lamka Post | March 19, 2008

KRA in Khuplam Hangsing’ phuba la, KRA (U) President leh mi 3 kaplum

Thingbaijam Dhamen

IMPHAL, March 18 2007 a New Delhi a KRA founder member leh C-in-C K Hangsing thahna-a kigolh mi 3 toh KRA (U) president Sepnawnni in KRA te’n kaplum uhi. Thah a omte ahihleh, KRA (U) president Seitinmang (36) s/o of Khunkhu village, Bungkholal Chongloi (48) s/o Pahen of New Lambulane, ex-candidate Kangpokpi A/C, Paochange Chongloi (50) s/o Laletpao of L Khengjang village hi ua, Senapati dist. sunga Saikul sub-div. a KRA in amaute a sapkhawm zoh in Imphal pansan thuthaksaimite mai ah ding sak a, a heutupa uh K Hangsing thahna a kigolh uh hidan in KRA in mi 3-te ngoh hi’n thusuak in taklang hi.

K Hangsing ahihleh, 2007 a New Delhi a a sanggampa’ quarter a aom lai a migilou lawi khat in a khetlup uh ahi hi. Hiai mi 3-te media-te’ mai a sawtlou KRA in a kilatsak zoh un Saikul gamlak ah gari in tonpih ua, a 3 un kaplum uhi. KRA founder member leh C-in-C K Hangsing thahna a kigolh uh hi’n KRA Home Secy L Jacob in amaute ngoh a, tualthahna tosawntu a pang KRA (U) president ahihdan leh a dangte K Hangsing thahna ding geltu a pang uh hidan in KRA Pub Secy Th Misao in tuni a thuthaksaite a houpihna ah gen hi.

Th Misao in agenzelna ah, a suikhiat dan uh pansan a amaute capital punishment piak ahihdan a gen banah, KRA (U) ahihleh kum masa December kha a Guwahati apat Manipur student-te pimangna toh kisai a news a hong kilang leng migilou leh mi’ sum laksak chingte maimai ahihdan uh leng Th Misao in gen a, KRA C-in-C thahna kisai a mohpotupen KRA (U) ahihdan leng gen hi’n thusuak in taklang hi.

Seppatni zan apat Vaite 14 thah in omta, District 4 ah curfew puan in om

IMPHAL, March 18: Manipur a dan leh thupiak in hoihlam sang a siatlam nawtzel in, zan a Chief Minister makaih a Cabinet meeting in dan leh hupiak dinmun a genkhawm nung uh, nitak dak 6.30 vel in, meltheihlouh galvan tawite’n Mayang Imphal Police station huamsung, Heyen Hangool ah, Manipur pawlam mi sumdawng a nekzong mi 7 mulkimna bei in ana kaplup uhi.

Tuabangkal ah, tuni’n leng mun tuamtuam thum, Tekhel, Keibi Leisangthong leh Kangla Makha ah meltheihlouh galvan tawite mah in, Manipur mi hilou mi 7 kaplum nawn uhi. Thutut kingah dan in, mi 7 kaplup ahih banuah mi 2 naktak in liam ua, gim mahmah in JN Hospital leh RIMS hospital a etkawl in om uhi.

Takhel ah meltheihlouh galvan tawite’n mi 4 amat nung un kap ua, himahleh vangphat huaitak in khat suakta hi. Keibi ah leng meltheihlouh galvan tawite’n mini truck, Tata 407 in mi 13 vel pua ua, amau lak a khat kaplum uhi.

Zan nitak a mi 7 kaplup a omte lak ah, tuni sunnung tan in mi 3-te ahihna uh theihchet in omta a, amaute bel, Naryan of Bihar, Rajao of Bihar leh Bikram of Tripura hi uhi. Siluang dang teng leh tuni a kaplupte theihkhiakna ding in RIMS morgue ah om lel uhi.

Hiai bang thu ziak in Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal leh Bishnupur district-te ah nitaklam dak 6 apat zinglam dak 5 sung thuthak omma 144 CrPC, curfew puan a om in CM makaih in GOC 57 Mt. Divn., DGP, Manipur banah AR leh CRPF top official te’n security meeting leng nei ngal uhi.

Tualthatte mat a gawtna piak hiding – CM
IMPHAL, March 18: Tuni sunma dak 11.30 in Manipur Chief Minister O. Ibobi Singh in kintak in ama office ah press-te samkhawm in thil omdan taklatna leh govt. in pan a lakdan pulakna nei hi. Hiai hun ah, Cabinet Minister, Phungzathang Tonsing, N. Biren, K. Ranjit, T.N. Haokip, Md. Alaudin Khan, L. Jeyantakumar, Y. Erabot leh Chief Secretary leng kihel uhi.

CM in agenna ah, Manipur a dan leh thupiak dinmun sorkal in naktak a ngaikhawk ahihdan leh a hunhun a etkaina neizel ahihdan gen hi. Hichibang kal a, zan nitak a thiltung vangsiathuaitak ahihdan leh govt. in naktak a mohpaih ahihdan gen hi. Hichibang a Manipur pawlam mi nektawm zong a sumdawngte, ‘na gam uah kik un’ chih ziak a thahna pen, Manipur mi pawlam a laizil leh omte tung ah tung leh kua a hia thuakzou ding chih leng gen hi. Aban agenna ah, tualthatte theihkhiak leh mat hipah ding in gen hi. Kuahiam helpawl toh kizawpna nei, overground, sympathizer hitaleh, helpawlte kibukna ding pete leng zonkhiak a, amau tung a gawtna piak hiding in leng gen hi.

Dan leh thupiak hoihlouh toh kisai in district chih a SP-te leng a thu zaksak ahihban ah, pilvangtak a om dia theihsak hidan in CM in gen hi. Thiltung toh kisai a State tuamtuam a Chief Secretary leh DGP-te kiang a leng Manipur govt. in ‘crash message’ thon ding leh thil omdan Ministry of Home Affairs a leng tun ding ahihdan CM in gen hi.

Greater Imphal area sunga Police check post 42 hon thak ding toh kisai agenna ah, tua MPTS training lel 6th IRB te’n April kal masa a a zoukhe ding leh amaute zat pah hiding in gen hi. Police-te vanzat ding Gypsy 100 leh Royal Enfield 150 leng leikhiak hita a, bullet proof gari khat a Rs 28 lakh man 50 leikhiak hipah ding in leng gen hi.

Babupara a Minister leh MLA quarter a helpawl matkhiak toh kisai dotna CM in a dawnna ah, hiai tungtang suizuina pailel hidan in leng dawng hi. Minister leh MLA helpawl toh kizom leh bukna pia a om leh tuabangte apat security lakkhiak pah hiding in leng gen hi.

Zan leh tuni a thiltung a misite amau gam a puak ngai a om leh, tuabangte govt. in saisak ding in leng CM in gen hi. Hichibang kal ah, Imphal khopi sung leh a sehvel ah, security naktak a hihkhauh in om hi. Tuni sunnung dak 5.30 vel in CM in RIMS morgue a kikoih zan leh tuni a thiltung a misiluang omte enkhia hi.

KLA in member 3 tawpsak
LAMKA, March 18 : Kuki Liberation Army a Information & Publicity a Secretary Malsawm Kuki in thusuah a bawl kimu in a taklat dan in Mr. Lunkhongam @ Jimmy @ Hitler Kuki pawlpi a dia semlai pawlpi’n haksatna a tuah ziak a pawlpi taisan a pawl dang a zop ziak in KLA apat tawpsak hi a, amah tung a thu kibang teng hihsiang ding in leng theisak hi. Huailou in Mr. Lunpao Touthang @ Smith Kuki in tulel a KLO/KLA toh kizopna neilou ahihdan taklang in pawlpi min a sum a don a tawpsan kei a leh capital punishment piak hiding ahihdan taklang hi. Huai banah Mr. Seilenthang Khongsai @ Iron Kuki bel H/Q Finance a gin-omtak a sem hi a, buaina khenkhat ziak a pawlpi a a sepna khawlsan dia ngetna a bawl dungjui a khawlsak ahihdan taklang hi.

HSLC Exam tuni’n zou
LAMKA, March 18: Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) nuai a High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) Examination 2008 apaisa March 3, 2008 a neihpat pen tuni’n zouta uhi. Lamka a Private Centre a zat Rayburn High School pansan in District apan candidate 1583 pha mahleh mi 3 in exam-lou uhi. Lamka a Private Centre pansan a exam siangthou mahmah a tukum in leng chiindan hoihlou leh mi’ taang a exam ziak a nohkhiat omlou hi.

Tukum a MIL exam ni a subject tuamtuam a candidate exam zah bel Paite ah 474, Thadou/Kuki ah 438, Hmar ah 273, Zou ah 141, Vaiphei ah 73, Mizo ah 43, Manipuri ah 27, Nepali ah 06 leh Hindi ah 03 pha uhi.

Damdawi Inn a vanzat ding hongtung
LAMKA, March 18: Lamka Damdawi Inn a vanzat ding khenkhat tuni’n Imphal apat hongtung hi. Tuni a vanzat ding hongtungte bel Operation Threatre a ding Operation Table khat leh washing machine khat hi a, huailou in niin halsiangna (incinerator) hongtung pen leng Crane zang in suahkhia ua, tunung sawtlou in thuah hipahta ding hi.

Anntang hongtung
LAMKA, March 18: Thanlon leh Tipaimukh bial a ding anntang Quintal 2144.45 Imphal a FCI Godown hongtungta hi. Hiai anntangte bel NREGS nitha 40 man thawhkhawmte a kilei hi a, March 20 tan a FCI Godown apan puakkhiat ahihkeileh lapse thei ding ahihman in Department in FCI godown apan FCS Godown a koih ding dan buaipih lel uh hidan in DSO/CCpur apan in thutut kingah hi.

ASHA training ding
LAMKA, March 18: Tuilaphai Area a kho 26 a ASHA a ding hongtung ding March 19, 2008 chiang in Tuilaphai ah thousileen damdawi a diah dan (bed net impregnation) toh kisai kisinsakna neih hiding hi. Huai hun ah Mr. Raymond leh Mr. Thangkhanlian in sinsak ding uhi.

DC/CCpur in NREGS nnasep enkhia in thaman hawm
LAMKA, March 18: Mr. Sumant Singh, IAS, Dy. Commissioner/CCpur in tuni sunnung dak 1:00 in Saikot khua vapha in Saikot khomite’n NREGS tungtawn a a khua Mawltual kiimvel a pucca drainage a bawllel uh etkhiatna nei hi. Tuni a Saikot khua a Job Card nei innkuan 662 te’n nitha 25 a ngah uh toh kiton in ni 16 thaman hawmna nei ua, DC/CCpur in leng innkuan khenkhat kiangah nithaman piakkhiatna nei hi.

DC/CCpur in khomipite kiangah ah a nnasep uh hoih leh lungtunhuai sa mahmah ahihdan gen in Block teng a Model Village khat chiat bawl ding chih a Saikot khua leng Model Village a bawl dia telkhiat a om ahihdan gen hi. Hiai Model Village bel Block teng a nnasep hoihpen banah Document maintain hoihpen khuate Model Village a bawl hiding ahihdan gen in Model Village teng in ‘incentive’ dan in ni 5 thaman fund hongpai nawn hun a sep beh ding uh ahihdan gen in Social audit bawl dan hilhchetna nei hi.

Khualzin pilvan ngai
LAMKA, March 18: Imphal leh a sehvel ah zan leh tuni’n meltheihlouh galvantawite’n Vaite 14 kaplum ua tamkhop kapliam uhi. Hiai thiltungte ziak in tulai in khualzin (adiak in North-East polam) pilvan ngai mahmah hi. Tumalam in leng Assam ah ULFA helpawlte’n Vaite a gam ua pan nohkhiat sawm in tamtak that ua, huai hun in Vaite’n leng amau gam ah amau gamtawn a North-East mi khualzinte tung ah khut ana kha ua, ei singtangmi tamtak in leng thuakloh kha ngei uhi.

Career Guidance & Counseling
LAMKA, March 18: Lions Club of CCpur Greater saina in HSLC Examination- 2008 khinphette a ding biik in hongtung ding March kal tawpna sung in ‘Career Guidance & Counseling’ hiding hi. Hiai seminar ah mi 40 kia teltheih ding a Registration bel ‘first come first serve’ a bawl hiding hi. Lungtlutna neite’n hongtung ding March 24, 2008 tan in Lions Club of CCpur Greater a Secretary Prof. L.S. Gangte a office, CCpur College ah kimuhpih theih ding hi. Hiai Seminar ah Lions Club of Moirang apan in Resource Person hongkuan ding uhi.

Ngasuon Lui lei doh pan ding
LAMKA, March 18: Singngat leh Behiang kikal a Ngasuon Lui lei kidoh January 2008 a kichim a mi 19 si a, mi 40 val liam nung un Manipur Govt. in a thak a doh sawm in pan nasatak in la hi. Zan in Lei doh thak nang toh kisai in Foundation Laying Rev. T. Lalzagin DS Singngat in nei a, Pathian kiang ah latna nei hi. Contractor in nasep nang in JCB leh a poimoh nasem ding tamtak zan in giaklut uhi.

Headmaster Conference om ding
LAMKA, March 18: DI of School Churachandpur saina in Headmaster Conference March 24, 2008 sunma dak 10:30 in YPA Hall, Upper Lamka ah neih sawm uhi. Huai hun ah Government School tuamtuam a Headmaster teng tel ding uhi.

SSA Team in school tuamtuam enkhia
LAMKA, March 18: Manipur University (MU) apan SSA team in zan apan Lamka hong pha ua, ZEO/CCpur nuai a SSA toh kisai a school tuamtuam enkhia uhi. Zan in Khawmoi LP School, Bethel LP School, Janglenphai EGS, Tuinom JB School, Pangjol EGS, Torbung LP School leh Bijang JB School pha ua, tuni’n Sabual EGS, Zoumun EGS, Phaibem EGS, Geljang JB School leh Thingkangphai JB School pha uhi.

BSF Civic Action Programme
LAMKA, March 18: 140Bn. BSF saina in Kwakta ah zingchiang sunma dak 11:00 vel in BSF Civic Action Programme neih sawm ua, huai hun ah van tuamtuam tamtak man bei in hawm sawm uhi.

ADC Bill, 2008 ngaihtuah ding in Assembly sitting
IMPHAL, March 18: Manipur Autonomous District Council Bill, 2008 zat ahihtheihna ding in, Assembly ah March 19, 2008 hiai thu genkhawmna om ding hi.

Hiai bill toh kisai HAC in hoihtak a velchetna a neih nung in, TD & Hills Minister DD Thaisii in Assembly a genkhawm ding in pokhia hi. March 12, 2008 in hiai thu genkhawm dia puakkhiak himahleh, ‘Technical flows & error’ om chih ziak in, genkhawmna omlou in Speaker in, Select Committee ah pekhia hi. Hiai thu a lungkimlou in, huai ni in Innpi apat singtangmi MLA 15-te leng pawtkhia uhi.

Hichibangkal ah, zan in HAC member-te’n Manipur Governor kiang ah ADC Bill, 2008 Innpi a genkhawmna omlou a, Select Committee a piakkhiak chih thil hitheilou ahihdan tun uhi. Select Committee dia guan a omte lak ah TD Minister DD Thaisii leng Chairman dia guan in om hi. Hiai committee a member dia guankhak HAC Chairman Thangminlien leng zan in member ahihna apat kitawp hi.

PREPAK member 1 man
IMPHAL, March 18: Imphal West Police Commando te’n tuni zinglam dak 7.35 in Singjamei Supermarket gei ah, PREPAK (Shanti group) a tel, Chandam Sunildro @ Ibomcha Singh (33) s/o Ch. Yaima Singh of Lairikyengbam Leikai, Bajaj Scooter MNF 393 toh mankhawm uhi.

Police thusuak dan in, aman tukum February kal masa a hiai pawl zom hi’n leh PREPAK (Shanti group) a Sidha kichi nuai a Finance section, Imphal West a nasem leh dawr bawlte kiang a party sum ding kaikhawmtu a kizang ahi.

CCpur Employment Exchange a minkhum 54263 om
IMPHAL, March 18: Lamphelpat a Employment Exchange office thusuak dan in, Manipur a sepna zong a district tuamtuam a employment exchange a minkhum February 2008 tan in, akigawm in 6,05,313 om hi. Huai lak ah pasal 436159 leh numei 169154 hi uhi. District tuamtuam a employment exchange a minkhum omdan bel, Imphal West ah 208099, Imphal East 85489, Thoubal 88319, Bishnupur 55210, CCpur 54263, Ukhrul 24047, Senapati 44252, Tamenglong 17739, Chandel 20710 ahi.

Huailou in, Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped Person 2166 ban ah, UEI & GB Canchipur a minkhum 5028 om hi.

Data Dissemination Workshop
IMPHAL, March 18: Ministry of Home Affairs nuai a Directorate of Census Operation, Manipur saina in March 20, 2008 zinglam dak 11 in State Guest House, Sanjenthong a Conference Hall ah, ‘Data Dissemination workshop’ om ding hi.

Hiai workshop a technical session a Chairman ding in, College Development Council Director lui, MU leh NER Vision 2020 a steering committee member Prof. N. Mohendro Singh pang ding hi. Y. Mangi Singh, Statistical Investigator III, Census Operation, Manipur in Workshop makaih ding hi.

Hiai workshop ah, resource person in, MU Economics department apat E. Bijoy kumar in ‘Houses & Household Amenities in Manipur’, Geographer Dr. M. Manimohon Meetei in ‘Migration in Manipur 2001 Census’ leh RIMS a Bio-Statistics Dr. R.K. Narendra Singh in ‘Disability in Manipur 2001 Census’ chih toh kisai in thugenna hun zang ding uhi.

Mit etna athawn in om ding
IMPHAL, March 18: Manipur govt. nuai a Central Mobile Opthalmic Unit leh District Blindness Control kithuah in, March 25, 2008 chiang in Swombung Primary Health Centre ah a thawn a mit etna nei ding uhi. Hiai hun ah, Senior Opthalmic Surgeon Dr. Kh. Kaminibabu Singh in mit etna makaih ding hi. Hichibang mit etna a operation ngai a om leh a nizing March 26, 2008 in operation bawl hiding a, damdawi leh mitbulh leng piak hiding uhi.

Panchayati Raj Diwas
IMPHAL, March 18: Manipur govt. nuai a Under Secretary (RD & PR) in zan a thusuah a bawlna ah, hongtung ding April 24, 2008 pen Manipur govt. in Panchayati Raj Diwas dan a puang hi’n taklang hi.

Brand Ambassador of HIV/AIDS
IMPHAL, March 18: Manipur State Aids Control Society (MACS) saina in, ‘Brand Ambassador of HIV/AIDS in Manipur’ chih puankhiakna March 19, 2008 zinglam dak 10 in MACS Conference Hall ah om ding hi.
Hiai hun ah Khuallian in, Health & FW Minister Ph. Parijat Singh leh President in Secretary of Manipur Legislators Forum on HIV/AIDS, Dr. I. Ibohanbi Singh MLA pang ding uhi.

Polo Tournament om ding
IMPHAL, March 18: NCC Directorate, North East Region, Shillong saina in, Imphal a Pologround ah, April 1-3, 2008 sung ‘DG NCC Polo Tournament’ om ding hi.

Parbung thu April in pelut ding
IMPHAL, March 18: January 16, 2006 a Parbung leh Lungthulien a numei tamtak phaijang helpawl UNLF/KCP te’n a sualluih thu uh suizui ding a, Manipur govt. in March 23, 2006 a, a seh ‘Justice Rajkhowa Commission of Inquiry’ in Manipur govt. a inquiry report April, 2008 sung a pelut ding hidan in tuni’n Commission Secretary thusuak om hi.

State level conference
IMPHAL, March 18: All Manipur State Employees Council pawl in, tuni’n Imphal Hotel a Conference Hall ah, State level conference zang uhi. Hiai hun ah Khuallian in Deputy Chairman State Planning Board Elangbam Kunjeshwor Singh pang a, President in Prof. N. Mohendro Singh President AMSEC ban ah, Guest of Honour in Council a Advisor ngen, C. Upendra, Kh. Hitler, Th. Nabachandra leh Ph. Nabakumar pang uhi.

Tuni Thupi: Thiltup chiteng ah lah hun leh vaihawmna a om ngala; mihing haksatna lah a tungah a thupi ngala: A hongom ding lah a thei ngal keia; bangchiin a om dia chih amah kuan a hilh thei dia leh? Eklijiasti-8:6,7


Music a nekzonna

Music (la & tumging) i chih bangchik a kua patkhiak hiam chih theihzoh vual ding hilou a, himahleh, mihingte’n kipahna, dahna leh lunglen khitkhiakna dia ina neih uh ahi. Khovel kil 4 a nam tuamtuamte, a ngou, a vom hi’n a eng hitaleh, music ngainalou a omlouh banah music neilou kuamah omlou hi. Pau-le-ham bangchituk in tuam mahleh music toh kisai a hong hih chiang in music note, do, re, me…. pen kibang vek mawk hi. ‘International language’ chih hial a a om dungzui in kuapeuh in music kingaina chiat a, a la thu theih hetlouh khong leng a music leh a kaih ziak in ngaihngaih theih mawk hi. Huai ziak in music siamtakte ahihleh, a lasak uh khat lel a kithan ziak in leng hauhsakna leh minthanna in zui hi.

Eimite’n leng music i ngaina mahmah ua, lasak siam hihetlou napi a sa awkawk pawl, lunglutlou ding mah bang hial a sa thei hetlou leh la a sak lam zakhak a leng omlou hinapi a a ngaihkhiak lam lunglut mahmah pawl, tumging chikhat mah leng tum theilou hinapi a music ngaina mahmah adim-aha in i om uhi. Huchi chimahlehang, Vaite khong toh teh in bel a milip a lasiam ngen mah i bang uhi. Huai pen bangdang ziak hilou in, naupang neuchik ihih ua pat Sunday School a lasak kizil pan ngal, tuailai i lut chiang ua lapawl a tel in zan teng phial a la i zil touhlai ziak uh hingei ding in gintakhuai hi. Huai ziak mah in eilak ah lasiam leh music siam kitam mahmah a, tumging khoihtheilou i chihte nangawn leng guitar a D Key bek mek thei ngen ihi uhi.

Himahleh, eilak ah la leh music siam tamtak om hinapi in a hauhsakloh a omlam kitheilou hi. Nidang in eilak a lasasiam numei khat in, ‘moulopna hiam ahihkeileh, program khat ah a hon chial ua, program a hun a pat chih lah om ngeilou, mipite ngakna dia la a hon mawk saksak sak nilouh uh chu…. hehhuai himai!’ a chi hi. A dik mahmah a, la a sak khit chiang ua leng kuaman ngaihsak khak a leng neilou in ina om uhi. Tuchiang in ahihleh, i pilzaw deuhta ua, himahleh, hauhsakna ding gentaklouh, nekzonna ding tham ching nai tuanlou hi. Music i gen chiang in Mizoram genkhaklouh theihlouh dinmun in a dingta ua, amau a siamna uh leh music a ngaihnat ban uah a leitu ding mihing a tam in a tamzou himhim ua, nekzonna kia hilou in hauhsakloh uhi.

Eilak i ki-et chiang in, bangchituk a siam in album bawl mahle hang, inn tengteng in khat chiat ana lei ua leh nekzonna ching hamham ding a, hauhsakna tham ching tuanlou ding hi. A mihing mahmah kitawm lua ahihna ah, thil dang tuamtuam a hon daltu om thou mahleh, Lamka zang kia a zuak dia ngim a, mahni pau chiat a lasak in bangtanmah hon tunlou ding hi. Himahleh, hiai bang dinmun a panlakna ding khat ahihleh Lamka kia a zuak dia album i bawlsek pen uh sang a market lianzaw ngim poimoh chihna hilel hi. A mihing mahmah i tawmluat uh vangtahna khat himahleh Vaite tam in a tamzou khop ua, amau tamna zat phattuamsak leng hoih ding hi. Huai dia i hamphatna mahmah uh khat ahihleh, music lam ah, a diak in India ah a liandeuh a gen in ‘western music’ a naupang mahmah lai a, hiai hun pen hun lemchang a ana lathei pawl om leng kihihkhiallou ding hi.

India a khangthakte lak ah rock music lam ah khanlohna thak a hong om a, rock band tamtak a kiphuan ua, siam mahmah pawl omthou mahleh, a siam leng hituanlou a India a dia bel minthang veve pawl leng om hi. Tua India a rock band omte lak ah leng Nagate, Mizote bang ana telkhinta ua, India a rock band minthangpen, Parikrama-te lead guitarist bang leng NE mi hichetkei mahleh, Sonam Dorji, Darjeeling mi ana hi a, eilam toh kaihnaih teitei sawm hile hang a zi leng Mizo-te ana hizomah hi. Eipawl lah eimi la sangmah a leng Sap la ngainazaw leh siamzaw ngen ihi ua, chihtakna toh India’ music industry luh leng sawtlou sung in India a rock music scene bel nuamtak in i luahzou ding uhi.

Lunglutna neuchik leng neihlouhna pen nekzonna dia zat kichi gawtna toh kibang khat ahih dungzui in nekzonna dia mahni lunglutna mah zat kichi khovel a Pathian vualzawlna thupi mahmahte lak a khat ahi a, huai ziak in, music (la & tumging) lam a lunglutna leh siamna neite a ding in bel Lamka zang a lasak a nekzon sang in, a sangzaw tum leng nekzonna kia hilou in hauhsakna leh minthanna banah gam-le-nam a dia pahtawina puaktu hihtheihna hun lemchang ahi.