Saturday, July 19, 2008

Deadline set for ST status report - Dispur constitutes six panels with members of protesting groups

Guwahati, July 18: The Assam government today lobbed the scheduling ball to the court of the six communities, which are demanding ST status. Six committees were formed comprising members of the agitating groups.

The Tarun Gogoi government decided to constitute the three-member committees for each of the six communities seeking Scheduled Tribes status, but added that their inclusion would in no way affect those already in the list.

The decision was taken at a high-level meeting between the government and the representatives of the six communities — Koch-Rajbongshi, tea tribes, Chutia, Moran, Matak and Tai-Ahom — at the Congress Legislature Party office in the Assembly today. The meeting was chaired by the chief minister and attended by planning and development minister Prithibi Majhi, agriculture minister Pramila Rani Brahma and chief secretary P.C. Sharma.

Brahma told the media that the government would constitute and fund the six committees, the members of which will be selected by the respective communities. The committee has been asked to submit the report, if possible, by August, she added. “We will have six committees representing each community. The committee will include, among others, a historian and a lawyer. The committee will justify the claim of the community by tracing its history, origin and livelihood.

They will submit the report to the government, which will then forward it to the Registrar-General of India (RGI) which had earlier rejected their claims. The onus is on the communities to justify their claim and convince the RGI,” she said. “We will see how it can be worked out,” Brahma added.

The six communities were represented by All Assam Moran Students’ Union, the Moran Sabha, All Tai Ahom Students’ Union, All Tai Yuba Parishad, Assam Tea Tribes Students’ Association, Koch-Rajbongshi Students’ Union, Chutia Yuba Chatra Sanimilan, Chutia Jatiya Sanmilan, Matak Yuba Chatra Parishad and Matak Sanmilan.

First call center in Shillong

By D. Henpilen

Shillong, Jul 19 : Peace and development go hand-in-hand and its best example is Meghalaya. The state boasts of the first call centre or Business Processing Operation (BPO) in the North East.

Operational since 2005, the first BPO in Shillong has grown in size over the years. What started as a small call centre with around hundred employees today houses more than five hundred people.

It has widened its network to other states of the region like Nagaland.

The successful functioning of the BPO has given hope not only to the job seekers but also to entrepreneurs who want turn North East into a business hub. “This kind of company is giving us a very good chance to be employed. We can attain international standards. It also prevents young people take to unlawful activities,” said Joseph Poi, an employee.

Neelam Kandoi, another employee said, “My experience in this company has been very good. What I feel that whoever comes out of this company they come out polished. Wherever they go, they do much better than what they have done here because they learn a lot from this company and their level of knowledge goes high.” .S. Netcom, which started the first BPO in Shillong, is also known as Hero Mindmine Institute. It has diversified into software development, net designing, net working solutions. The institute has diversified into the education sector and collaborates with IT giants, like Wipro and Convergys. “It is a complete North-East representation. You have Manipuris and Nagas from Arunachal, Assam, Mizoram. All communities are represented here,” said Deboprio Deb, CEO, Hero Mindmine, S.S. Netcom Company.Shillong, a home to four universities, 15 colleges and over 100 schools, is chasing the dream of becoming North East information technology and back-office destination.

The Department Of Information Technology has also set up a software technology park, the equivalent of an industrial park for software and BPO service firms that provides high bandwidth connectivity and infrastructure.

No doubt Meghalya is enjoying the peace dividend that states, like Nagaland and Manipur have missed out because of the prevalence of militancy.


entrusts Mizo CM to decide on trust vote

Aizawl, Jul 19 : The ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) today authorised party chief and Chief Minister Zoramthanga to make a final decision on which way the lone MP from Mizoram, Vanlalzawma, would vote during the July 22 trust vote in the Lok Sabha.

“Zoramthanga in consultation with Vanlalzawma will make a final decision by Monday,” state assembly speaker and member of Political Affairs Committee (PAC) Lalchamliana said after a meeting in the chief minister’s residence here.

The MNF supported the Indo-US nuclear deal, but the PAC did not take any decision on supporting the Congress-led UPA government or voting against it along with erstwhile ally, the NDA, he said.

“Vanlalzawma, now in New Delhi, is closely watching the political developments at the Centre and the PAC authorised Zoramthanga to make the final decision after consulting with the MP,” he said.

He added that the option of abstention from the trial of strength next Tuesday was also raised during the meeting.

The four-hour MNF’s PAC meeting, chaired by Zoramthanga was attended by Home minister Tawnluia, Health minister Tlanghmingthanga, Rural Development minister H Vanlalauva and the PAC secretary R Vanlalruata.


Good News from Malaysia

James Zo Mang

Tu ni sun nai 12:00 hun in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur khuopi sung, Kepong Wangsa Permai ah Lung Deih Cing Restaurent ( Ansai ) khat honna pawi kibawl hi.

Mang boih, Kap Boih le Khupi tamteng thum kipawl in, " talawm mama" Malaysia ah imi kitam khop mama zo in, minam dang te in sai tuomtuom tampi tah neih zo uoa, en'h tu dong ineih tah lawm lo" cia kipawl aa ang hon uh ahihi.

Tam sai hon na tung taang ah, Sai hon na ang pei te imi pawl khat in, " lungdam huoi sa mama ing, ka hi thei zaza in tha ka pie vang, kei pen nei thei sa bang un, sum tampi tah midang te sai ah azang zoden khat zong ka hi aa, tu aa kipan in, ka sum zah popo tam imi te sai ah ka lutsah ta ding hi, tuo ban ah, ka kithuopi kalawm ka guol te sum na ngawn tam sai aa alut zo na ding in ka han ciem pi ding hi" ci in Duoipa in gen hi.

Duoipa pen Malaysia ah kum 8 a-om zo ahi ban ah, Sai zong ama tuom aa hong khat hi aa, ni khat in Rm. 350 pan 400/- kikaal anga den khat ahihi. Tuo dung zui-in na sep aman zo cieng in mi dang te sai ah, sum azang ziehzieh zo pa khat ahihi.

" Tam bang aa Zo sai ang kihon zo pen lungdam huoi sa ing. Imi te khat le khat tha kipie lei pen tam sai zong khangto mama ding hi, bang ziek ei cile tam veng behbeh ah imi te 300 val bang om aa, tuo teng in tha pie ding cilei khangto teitei ding in um ing" ciin zong Lie Dim Noe in gen hi.

" Sai nei te ang lungduoi mama ding kisam kha vak. Bang ziek ei cile, itheisa bang in, sai hong ten Zuu ang zuo tava lon ding uh, imi te zong la Zuu ne kitam lai, lungduoi mama ding kisam vak. Hoitah in tha kipie poleih, tam sai pen, khangto ding in mu ing. Tam kim ah kawlgam mi zosie atamzaw Zo bebeh ki hi a, zong kitam mama hi." ci'n HoiNu in gen hi.

" Imi ten tha eipie ding in lam en ung. Ka an huon nu uh cileih zong mi tawh kizop dan siem mama, an huon me huon cileih zong kawlgam ah kum 15 bang ansai aa sem ngiet khat hi, imi ten tha ei pie ciet bo un ciin gen nuom ing " ci-in sai neih sung ah khat ahi Kapboih in gen hi.

Mithum kipawl aa sai hong teng pen, Malaysia ah a-op zaw uh kum sawm vaal vive le nasep dan tawh kisai, athei cien, asiem vive te uh ahihi. Tuo ban ah Minam kipawl na ah zong akisap na mun te ah itna tawh akiphal ngiet aa, akipieh khie zoden uh le imi te in amuon mama te uh zong ahihi.

A photo te ang tung ding Tues day ni cieng in, ah na en thei uhteh.

Khual a van kikhak leh kipuaksak tungtang

Editorial, The Lamka Post July 18, 2008

Khanloh dan khat i neih ziak uh leh i khotang un a hon zillouh ziak in a lehlamtak ah Lamka a singtangmite’n kum tamsim paita apat khantouhna nasatak i nei uhi. Siamsinna toh kisai in Patkai, Shillong, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata leh India a khopi teng phial ah i kithehzak uhi. Siamsinte banah sepna nei tamtakte India khopi tuamtuam ah inntum suang in i khosa tiltel uhi. Tuchiang in zilna sunzom hinawnlou, sorkar a sepna zong ding kia a khopi a om leh septheihtheih sep sawm a om kitam mahmahta hi. Khopi a om chih ziak in i bul-le-bal toh kizopna neilou a khosathei kuamah ki-om tuanlou ahihman in i chiindan tamtakte khopi a i om nung un leng i paihthei tuankei uhi. I mi-le-sa tawmna a i om chiang un innlam ngaihnatna hong lian mahmah a, huai dungzui in ‘innlam’ toh kisai khakna nei himhim, lawmte leh tanau-lainate apat lehkhathon bang, singtang meh chituamtuam (inn a omlai a sungte’n a huan chiang ua leng kiphinpih thei khop a duh ngeilouhte tanpha duhta/ngainata) bang khual a omte’n kipahpih mahmah in i kithukhak sek uhi. Huai dungzui in innlam a omte’n leng khual a om i ta-le-naute i deihsak mahmah ua thukhak leng ngailou in meh ding a hou toh a houlou toh i kikhak sek uhi. Huai mah bang in, innlam a omte’n leng khual a omte apat innlam a kimulou deih-dong tuamtuam i muh chiang un i kipahpih mahmah ua, i ki-engsawn zomah uhi. Khual a omte’n innlam thilte i ngaihnatna uh leh innlam a omte’n khual a omte’ hon puaksuahte i kipahpih dan uh hoih mahmah a, kitatsatlou a van i kikhaktuah theih uh hoihzawlai hi. Himahleh, van i kikhakte chiang un Postal Department zang a kikhak i thangsak hetkei uhi. Postal Department pen kingakna tham a chinlouh ziak leng ahi ding a, khualzin kiveite tungtawn in i vante uh i kikhaktuah uhi. Tuchiang in kuamah lehkhathon kikhak leng a om nawnkei phial a, van ngen i kikhaktuah tangpi uhi.

Van kikhak kichi kitheihsiamna a pai ahihman in a khaktute leh a pawttute lungsim ah kinga petmah hi. A khentte’n mi van a khak dek chiang un amau leng a puak peihlouh / utlouh ding uh hinapi mi pawsak mawk uhi. A puak man piak ding chih gentaklouh van lian leh gik deuhte bang coolie lakna man ding leh auto/taxi lak man ding nangawn pelou uhi. Hiai bang mite van pawkhate’n tha-le-zung a sen banuah a sum uh sen behlap uhi. Mahni sum leng seng ngamlou hizenpi a kisuanlahna neihetlou a mi tha-le-zung banah a sum uh sengsak ngam pawl sang a leng uangzaw bang, Zogam Thuthang dungzui in ana omtheilai hi. “Inlam pan Delhi pai van pawpa’n midang van toh amah a sumang kha zen2. Van khaktu’n kisuanglahloutak in sum liausak. Hichiding mah adiam?” Hiai Zogam Thuthang thusuak pen theisaukei mahle, gap a ompa a di’n hehsakhuai mahmah hi. Kuamah mahni van hi’n mi puaksak hitaleh sukman ut omlou ding hi. A tuahsiatna theihsiam nak sang a liausak mawk pen theihsiam haksa mahmah hi. Van sumangtu pen mi ginalou deuh, zuau a phuahtawm hidan in ngaihsun leleng van khaktupa’n bel a muan ziak a a khak hingei ding ahihna ah, muang khial hilel a, ‘risk’ lakhial ahihna ah liausak chih mawk dik tuanlou ding bang hi. I gentaksa mahbang in, van kikhak kichi kitheih siamna a pai ahihna ah, lungsim liantak nei a van kikhak leh kipuaksak poimoh hi. Chiindan khat a neita ihihna uah, mi van puak ding mawk utlouh bilbel leng khatveitei en leng mi poimoh thei ihihman un hitheilou hi. Himahleh, rel a paite’n leng, van lian bang ahih ngial leh a buaipih ek banuah auto/taxi fare ah tamtak seng sek ua, lenna a paite’n leng extra weight ziak a sum tamtaktak liau ahihna uah van i kipuaksak dek chiang un sum chil penpun kei leng hoih ding hi. Huai banah, van leh sum i kikhak chiang himhim un a pawtu hilou in a khaktute ‘risk’ ahihdan i chian mahmah uh ngai hi. Hiai teng hoihtak a i theihsiam ua, van khaktu leh a pawtu ding pen i kitheihsiam ua leh kipanpihtuahna hoihtak hiding hi.


Singngat tunding nawnna di’n JSO in panla, PHC leh SDO/BDO tungtang ah CMO leh DC kiang ah lehkha khia

LAMKA, July 17: Singngat a siamsin pawlpi tuamtuam, Kuki Students’ Organization, Khangthah Zuun Pawl, Zou Sangnaupang Pawl leh Siamsinpawlpi kikhaikhawmna Joint Students’ Organization, Singngat in Singngat a Public Health Centre tungtang leh Singngat SDO/BDO Office pen Churachandpur khopi sung a a om tungtang ah Chief Medical Officer/CCpur leh Deputy Commissioner/CCpur kiang ah July 16, 2008 in lehkha khia uhi.

Public Health Centre toh kisai a CMO/CCpur kiang a JSO/Singngat in lehkha a khiakna uah apaisa kum 10 apat Singngat a PHC a puksiat nung a bawlthakna tunitan a zohkhiak ahihlouh ziak a mipi’n haksatna nasatak a tuahdan uh taklang uhi. Hiai PHC bawl zoh ahih chiang a staff leh vanzat kiningchingtak koih a om dia lametna liantak toh ana ngak uh himahleh a kisaipih department leh sorkar in pan bangmah a laklouh uh lamdang a sak thu uh taklang uhi. Hiai bang dinmun ah, JSO/Singngat in CMO/CCpur kiang ah hiai PHC tungtang mipi khualna a enkai ding in ngen a, huai kawmkawm in, August 15, 2008 tan a panlakna muhtheih ding a omkei leh utleh-utlou a kiphinna a pat uh ngai ding hidan in leh thiltung deihhuailou a om a leh a moh JSO/Singngat in khulou ding ahihdan theisak uhi.

Huai banah, Singngat SDO/BDO Office pen Churachandpur khopi sung a a om tungtang a Deputy Commissioner/CCpur kiang a JSO/Singngat in lehkha a khiakna ah leng dan leh thupiak dinmun a hoihlouh ziak a apaisa kum 10 apat SDO/Singngat office pen Churachandpur khopi sung a a om in mipi a dia haksatna nasatak a tun dan taklang uhi. Tua Assam Rifles leh Police in Singngat a tutphah ziak ua dan leh thupiak dinmun a hoih nung a leng hiai office pen Singngat a suankik sawmna thawmging bangmah zak ahihlouh dan leh SDO leh a staff-te mahmah in leng mipi haksatna a ngeingaihlouh dan uh JSO/Singngat in DC/CCpur theisak uhi. Hiai bang dinmun ah, Churachandpur district a dia Chief Administrator a hihna toh mipi haksatna dawnzangkhaina dia SDO office pen August 15, 2008 tan a Singngat mah a koih nawnna panla ding in JSO/Singngat in DC/CCpur kiang ah ngen uhi. Ngetna bawl kawmkawm in a ngetna uh pichin ahihlouh a, SDO leh a staff te’n leng mipi haksatna a ngeingaihkei ua leh utleh-utlou a kiphinna a pat uh ngai ding hidan in leh thiltung deihhuailou a om a leh sorkar in a moh khu ding ahihdan JSO/Singngat in DC/CCpur theisak uhi.


ATSUM warns

ATSUM warns

All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) has warned it would launch a mass movement from August 1 if the Govt does not review the order of cancellation of grant-in-aid of 171 schools. ATSUM asserted that there are no other private schools in the hills unlike the valley areas where there are private schools. The State Govt will be failing in its Constitutional obligation of giving free and compulsory educa-tion to all children below the age of 14 years if it goes ahead with the pre-sent order, ATSUM added.


IED found planted at Khuga Dam

Lamka, Jul 18 : In a apparent attempt to sabotage the Government’s plan to inaugurate the Khuga Multi- purpose Project an IED was found planted near a canal about 1000 metres from the main structure of Khuga dam today by alert BSF troops who were on patrol duty.

Sources said the IED which was detected by a sniffer dog of the BSF patrol party early today was blasted at an isolated space, not far from the canal at around 10.20 am.

Frequented by farmers around the project and a thoroughfare often used by officials, the road over which the IED was planted was found was dug-out with a circular ring around it when this correspondent visited the spot.

Chinzalam, a former NPCC employee said he felt the tremor at his residence, about 300 meters from the blast site when the BSF personnel safely blasted the IED.

A highly placed source had earlier said that the department would not be averse of the idea to shifting their focus from Khuga to other projects undertaken by the IFCD if local contractors, who have put forward a slew of demands, including payment of their bills, continue to disturb their work.

Hoping that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh would agree to inaugurate Khuga Dam, the IFC Department has been working overtime to complete the project that has been held up for more than twenty years.

A recent breach in the right canal during a trial run and the on-and-off agitation of the local contractors had made matter worse.


Naga, Mizo students protest move to scrap BEFR

By : A Staff Reporter

Kohima, July 18: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) and Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) or Mizo students union, have jointly resolved to fight against the move to scrap Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR), 1873, which is protecting the influx of outsiders into the tribal states of the north east region.

NSF president Imchatoba Imchen and MZP vice president S Lalrinawma in a joint statement issued late last night, while taking serious note of the recent Public Interest Litigations (PIL) filed against the Government of Mizoram, seeking to scrap the BEFR 1873 resolved to jointly fight it and termed the attempt as “tantamount to non-violent genocide of the ethnic and indigenous people.”

“Without the BEFR, the influx of outsiders, coupled with the entry of foreigners from neighbouring countries, owing to our porous borders, would have reduced the Nagas, the Arunachalise and the Mizos as a minority in our own lands,” the joint statement said.

They also expressed that the people of the north eastern states, where BEFR is not currently extended, need to be protected by the said regulation and therefore urged upon the Union government to extend the same to all the eight states of the north east region.

Further, the two organizations also resolved that the three affected states would observe a protest demonstration on July 21 in the respective capitals by sitting in dharna in front of the Raj Bhawans to mark resentment against the move to scrap the BEFR, 1873. Follow up action would be determined progressively depending upon the situations, they added.

Source: Naga, Mizo students protest move to scrap BEFR

Friday, July 18, 2008

KNA penalises impostors

IMPHAL, Jul 17: The two armed persons who allegedly threatened the family members of Kshetrimayum Herobi of Tiger Camp under Lamlai Police Station of Imphal East to leave the locality if they could not comply with the monetary demand of Rs 1.30 lakhs served in the name of Kuki outfit KNO/KNA have reportedly turned out to be impostors.

After pulling them up, KNO/KNA has punished the two imposters identified as Thangkhanlen alias Helen of Bijang village, Churachandpur and Tongken alias Kekeng of Khonomphai village, Senapati district by pumping one bullet each on their right legs.

Parading them before mediapersons earlier during the day, PRO of the outfit Hegin Kuki informed that both of them were pulled up from Tiger Camp area by cadres of the Armed Wing No. VI of KNO/KNA at around 2.30 pm today.

Hegin clarified that both of them have no connection with the outfit and the documents used by them were fake replica of the officers’ personal letter heads which are not used for serving demands notes to Government departments and individuals by the outfit.

One point 32 pistol, five bullets, two magazines and other fake copies of the officers’ personal letters used by them in extorting money from the people have been seized from their possession, Hegin informed, while ex-pressing regret over the confusion and misunderstand- ing caused along the people living in Tiger Camp area.


Malaria claims 19 in Mizoram | Record-breaking Pineapple cultivation

Aizawl, Jul 17 : Nineteen people have died of malaria in Marpara village of western Mizoram in the last one month.

Medical sources today said 15 children, below the age of 16, and three adults had also died of the disease during June and July this year.

A medical team, led by Dr Lalkailiana and SMEMO C Thangchhuana, has been rushed to the area. They said lack of medical facilities and awareness among the people was the main reason behind the epidemic, sources said.

The medical team also distributed anti-malaria medicines, mosquito nets and leaflets for awareness among the villagers, sources said.


Record-breaking Pineapple cultivation

Hmarkhawlien, Jul 17 : In 1916, Welsh Presbyterian evangelist Rev. Watkin Roberts, who led a band of 15 Hmar families from Tripura to settle in the Hmarkhawlien area in Assam’s Cachar district, had taught the people to cultivate pineapples in this hilltop settlement.

In a few days, Hmarkhawlien will create a record of sorts when the farmers begin harvesting over one crore pineapples.

Said to be the most succulent among pineapples in the whole world, the Hmar village’s produce is sold across the country. Ngursunthang, a Hmar tribal leader and former chairman of the Cachar Hill Tribal Welfare Board, said the pineapple farmers are now toying with the idea of “giving a brand name to their produce for better marketing and export to other countries”.

Hmarkhawlien is under Lakhipur subdivision of Cachar district.

The Hmarkhawlien pineapples are reckoned to be the sweetest among all pineapple varieties in India as during the monsoon period their sugar content varies between 16 and 28 per cent.

Lalpansang Hmar, a pineapple orchard-owner in the village situated 30km east of the district headquarters town of Silchar, said the plant of this fruit is quite unique.

Three varieties of pineapple are generally grown in the farms of Hmarkhawlien. These are Queen, Queue and Giant. The Queue variety (locally known as Gaimpew) is grown in abundance.

However, without any proper marketing superstructure, the Hmars fail to command good prices for their produce. They are being constantly fleeced by the middlemen, alleged Ngursunthang.


**Business houses interested in trade with the people of Hmarkhawlien can contact us at where we can provide more information and arrange a meeting with the planters face to face.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Manipur NGOs urge rebels to spare kids


Imphal, July 16: Amid fresh reports of children gone missing in Manipur, non-governmental organisations today appealed to militants not to recruit kids and urged the government to take steps to prevent such incidents.

The parents of Class VI student Kshetrimayum Suresh, 12, and Class V student Wangkheimayum Sohadeva, 11, said their children were missing from Mayang Imphal in Imphal West district since June 19.

With this, the number of children missing since May has gone up to 12. Only four of them have returned while the rest are believed to be in militant captivity.

As the Okram Ibobi Singh government maintained a silence over the disappearance of children, the women’s committee of the United NGOs Mission (UNM), Manipur, — an apex body of more than 300 NGOs — made 11 recommendations to the government, NGOs, lawyers and militants.

It asked the government to be alert, undertake mass education on child rights, deploy security officers in schools and open trauma counselling centres and child helplines.

It also asked citizen’s groups to be alert, appealed to militants not to recruit children and urged lawyers to initiate steps to protect children.

Committee co-convenor Sobita Mangastabam said the recommendations would be submitted to Ibobi Singh, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Untied Nations.


Manipuri rebels commit abuses against Chin villagers

By Khin Maung Soe Min

Churachandpur, Jul 16 : Manipuri separatist rebels have been committing human rights abuses against local Zomi ethnic people in northern Chin state’s Ton Zan district, the Zomi Human Rights Foundation has claimed.

The group said the rebels, from Manipur in India, had about three military outposts in Ton Zan district and had been given permission to move freely around the border area controlled by the SPDC’s Light Infantry Battalion 269 and 226.

Min Htan Nga, the coordinator of ZHRF, said the Burmese authorities were doing nothing to control the rebels.

“The rebels are completely dominating the border area – they move around openly in Ton Zan and Kyi Kha townships carrying 9mm pistols and the police and the local government administrations do not complain about it at all,” Min Htan Nga said.

He said the rebels had assisted local SPDC troops in providing security for prime minister general Thein Sein’s visit to Kyi Kha on 4 February this year.

Min Htan Nga said the rebels’ behaviour towards the Zomi people had been exactly the same as that of the government troops.

“The rebels set up a base located 20 miles from the government troops’ Kyi Kha outpost,” Min Htan Nga said.

“They have been forcing local villagers to work as porters for them,” he said.

“The locals are really afraid of them and a lot of them have been moving to Tamu and Nam Fah Lon township.”

In early 2005, Manipuri rebels under the Burmese military’s command reportedly abducted two Burmese exile student activists from the Indian border town of Moreh.


MAUTAM: It’s only about to begin

By Kimbawi Pa

Believe it or not, the impact of mautam is only about to begin. This write-up is not Ripley’s collection. Neither it is a fiction nor a simple conclusion drawn out of an assumption. But it is a fact. Last year was a simple dying down of bamboos because of its flowering and its fruits. It was only wild boars that destroyed paddy and other food crops. Next year is going to be far worse. To predict this accurately one needs no divine inspiration nor consult astrologers. Any sane person can predict it.

More often than not, an alarm has been sounded since the past two years almost by all social and student organisations and NGOs particularly the ZEPADA and the CDSU. But it seems that the State Government has not been fully awaken out of its deep slumber. Some PDS items have been lifted from Sangaiprou Godown last year but for the benefit of a few. It has not been made available this year again. The opinion of the writer is that our interior villagers may survive this year. His greater concern is for the coming year because it is so candid that it is going to be far worse.

As already mentioned, last year was the year of wild boars and other natural related food crops destroyers. This year is the year of rodents and insects i.e. locusts. Rain has poured down timely. Rice plants are about to grow and spread. Other food crops like maize, cucumber, melon, water-melon, peas, etc have started to bear fruits. But the destroyers are on the prowl. Rodents and locusts play their part havoc on food crops. Rats even ate up melons, water melons, cucumber and maize while destroying paddy plants. This means there will not be any crop to harvest this year which in turn is meant for consumption for the next year. Therefore, no harvest this year; no food to store for the next year. No food to store would not necessarily mean starvation but malnutrition. Malnutrition will in turn leads to famine related plague. What then? Death! Shall we allow our people to face that? Each and everyone of us has to ponder over this question and answer satisfactorily.

If this story were bogus, a blame game on the State Government’s indifferent attitude the writer will be much pleased. But sadly, it is a fact. If someone is in disbelief one may go to the spot and verify. The writer neither visits the spot. However, he has been visited by his younger brother from his home village and reported the matter how rats have devastated paddy and other food crops. At the same time, if one is still skeptic, one may go and see the reality from the photo clips of the Editor, Tongluang monthly magazine. He had been with the SSPP leaders up to Sinzawl recently and took a candid snap of the rodent destroyed crops. There is no need of arguing. Rather, collective reasoning can bring relief to some extent. Or will our representatives, irrespective party lines and different party ideologies and irrespective of different constituent jurisdictions give a unison voice to address the plight of our people? Or, still, will at least one of our representatives, irrespective of communal lines and tribe barrier, comes-up to be our Joseph? It’s high time to act upon it. Procrastination may mean death to our people.

To our representatives, Sirs, this is the time you have to act, voice and if needed challenge the Government. Your action is highly solicited if you have a mind to go for polls next time and wanted to win i.e wanted to be elected by popular vote. But if any of you wanted to be elected by other means or knows other means rather than winning popular votes it’s up to you. But remember the wise saying: ‘You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time’, by Phinehas Taylor Barnum. Got it?

Light at the end of tunnel: One good news is there. Our brethren from Mizoram have come and sold rice at Rs. 650/- per 50 kg up to Dialkhai range. Compare with Lamka where super fine rice costs Rs. 950/- to Rs. 1000/- per 50 kg it can be rightly presumed that our Mizoram brethren have come to the rescue of our interior villages. Hope this will continue.

What our leaders have to do: What our leaders have to do is this. If they are not in a position to supply food stuff to our people at this juncture let them arrange at least to provide them with sufficient fund so as to enable to buy the rice brought from Mizoram. Is this not the responsibility of being a leader? A representative? To be brief, MLAs and Ministers. Hope no one mistook me. On urging this I have no malice towards them.

Now, we have only five months left. Time is not going to wait for us. Therefore, awake every sane person. Let’s watch for our representatives but only a month. If steps have not been taken by them it is our turn to pressurise and even boycott them. Let us not tolerate. Though silence is golden keeping mum when the situation demands is madness. Complete madness. Therefore, let us choose the wise path. The path to rescue our people from the jaws of death.


Six more kids go missing bringing total to 19 in Manipur

By Our Staff Reporter

IMPHAL, Jul 16 : With report of six more kids missing coming in today, the total number of children who have gone missing in the last one/two months has gone up to 19, though some have been handed back over to family members while two escaped. Out of the six missing kids, reports have come in that one of them was kidnapped.

Out of the 19 kids who went missing, two inmates from the Manipur Mahila who went missing on May 2 were handed back on July 12 while two kids managed to escape for the custody of their kidnappers. Two more kids from Iroishemba who went missing have been handed back to their parents.

This means that 13 children are still missing.

Of the six latest cases of missing children, two are from Mayang Imphal while one child each has been reported missing from Thongju, Kyamgei, and Khongman.

A girl has been reportedly kidnapped from Khurai.

The two kids from Mayang Imphal, Wangkhei Leikai who have been missing since June 19 are identified as Kshetrimayum Suresh (11) son of Achou and Wangkheimayum Sa-hadeva (11) son of Noren.

Suresh is a Class V student while Sahadeva is a Class VI student. Both of them studied at Modern High School, Mayang Imphal and both of them were taking Judo classes at club at Mayai Lambi.

With the family members and the local people launching a frantic search for the missing kids, it came to light that they are in the custody of the proscribed PREPAK.

The family members further said that they have come to know that the two kids left with a 14 year old child living next door to Suresh and identified as Akham Bobby. Thereafter they came into contact with one Chongtham Jiban (22) of Laphupat but originally from Mayang Imphal, helped the two kids in reaching the PREPAK camp.

Thereafter family members along with meira paibis visited the camp of PREPAK on June 23, they said.

The family members were however not allowed to come to the camp and instead a team of meira paibis was allowed to proceed.

When the meira paibis urged them to hand over the two children, they were told that the children will surely come to meet their parents to bid farewell.

A Wakat Meepham was also staged at Mayang Imphal today.

Another kid from Kyamgei Awang Leikai identified as Pebam Biswajit (12) son of Rojit also went missing on June 22.

Speaking to the media, Rojit today said that a member of the PREPAK (GS) conveyed that since Biswajit is among three brothers and three sisters, he can join the movement for the people. Nothing was said about handing him back to the family members, he added.

Stating that they came to know that Bishwajit was in the custody of PREPAK after a hectic search, Rojit said that they have also come to know that his son along with one Sinam Somendro alias Bangar (18) of Thongju Part II and one youth from Kalikhong bought some clothes from Canchipur.

Bishwajit is a Class VII student of Ideal High School of Kyamgei.

Another child had also gone missing about 15 days before the disappearance of Bishwajit. The kid is identified as Chirom Henry alias Khumit (12) son of Ranjit of Thongju Part II. However no details about the kid are available at the moment.

On the other hand another 14 year old child from Khongman Zone V has also gone missing since 4 pm yesterday. The child is identified as Keisham Kirankumar alias Nanao alias Dumdum son of Imo.

He left home yesterday after informing his parents that we off to Lilong to get some
notes from a friend there. The matter is yet to be reported to the police.

In another case report of the kidnapping of a 14 year old girl from Khurai Thoidingjam Leikai has come in.

In a statement, Easter Popular Club, Khurai identified the kidnapped girl as Moirangthem Romita (14) daughter of Raghumani. A champion boxer, she has won many medals in the sub-junior category.

The grandson of the proprietor of Babu hotel and a non-Manipuri helper have been named behind the kidnapping and Babu himself had appended his signature on an agreement that the girl would be produced by July 17.

A Wakat Meepham was held today at Thoubal Kiyam Siphai to urge for the release of Akoijam Bipinchandra (13) son and Akoijam Ajoy. A similar sit-in was also staged at Uripok Achom Leikai to demand the release of two kids of the locality Nongthonbam Suresh (12) and Naosekpam Noren.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mizoram to grant OBC status to Gorkhas | Paddy-eating grasshoppers found in Manipur valley

Aizawl, Jul 15 : The Mizoram government will do “everything” to ensure the inclusion of Gorkhas in the other Backward Classes (OBC) category, Rural Development Minister H Vanlalauva said here on Monday.

“Gorkhas have been living in the state for more than a hundred years and have gained acceptance,” he said at a function of the Mizoram Gorkha Youth Association to commemorate the 194th birth anniversary of Bhanubhakta Acharya, a Nepali religious leader and writer.

“Gorkhas are now included in the voters’ list for village council polls” the minister said. A crematorium was set up for the community by the local administration department.

“The fact that 21 Gorkhas went underground and joined the Mizo National Front (MNF) when the latter was fighting for independence from the country showed the solidarity of the community with the Mizo people,” he noted.

Acharya was born in Nepal on July 13, 1814 and was a prominent religious leader, who translated the Ramayana from Sanskrit to Nepali.



Paddy-eating grasshoppers found in Manipur valley

Imphal, Jul 15 : Harmful short-horn grasshoppers have swarmed paddy fields in parts of valley districts of Manipur, causing concern among farmers as the harvesting season draws nearer.

Official reports on Monday said the insects attacked paddy plants at Khangabok in Thoubal district and Kiyamgei in Imphal East district.

A team of experts from state agriculture departments and scientists from the Central Agricultural University (CAU) had visited the areas yesterday, official sources said.

Senior assistant professor of CAU (entomology department) Kh Ibohal said the team had found that majority of the insects were of the short-horn variety, which can destroy standing crops.

He said grasshoppers were of three types — small grasshoppers (brown and ash in colour), rice grasshopper (grey and green) and surface grasshoppers (green with long wings). The most dangerous of these is the rice grasshopper.

He attributed the sudden rise in the population of the insects to the untimely heavy rains in January, this year which created a favourable condition for hatching eggs on a mass scale.

Ibohal said a joint effort of farmers and officials was needed to control the pest as farmers alone cannot protect their crops from the attack.

Official sources said experts had investigated a variety of grasshoppers swarming the hill district of Tamenglong bordering Nagaland last month, but the type was harmless long-horn grasshoppers.


Meeting held on SoO ground rules at Delhi | The last rite

IMPHAL, Jul 15: The third round of the meeting on the proposed ground rules of the Suspension of operation (SoO) to be signed between the Government and the Kuki UG groups was held at New Delhi today.

Convened by the Union Home Ministry, the meeting chaired by Chief Secretary of Manipur Rakesh was attended by leaders of KNO and UPF.

Besides officials of the Union Home Ministry, DGP of Manipur Y Joykumar and IG (Intelligence) LM Khoute were also present during the third round of the meeting to discuss finalising of the proposed ground rules of the tripartite talks involving the Centre, the State Government and the Kuki UG groups.

What agreements have been arrived at during the meeting could not be confirmed at the time of filing this report.

Source: The Sangai Expres


Bodies of New Lambulane youths taken by families

Imphal, Jul 15: The dead bodies of the two New Lambulane youths who were killed by combined forces of the Imphal east police commandos and 115 Bn BSF at Tinsid road on July 10 afternoon were taken today by the families after an agreement was reached with the state government yesterday afternoon.

It may be mentioned that a JAC which was formed in connection with the killing of Thangtinsei Kipgen, 23, a 2nd year student of LMS law college and Limnebert alias Berneo, a football player and an indefinite general strike launched from 6 pm of July 13 after the state government failed to meet the demands made by the JAC.

Yesterday evening, during the final round of negotiations with the JAC representatives led by its convenor Rose Mangsi the chief minister O Ibobi Singh gave assurance to compensate for the killings as per the Kuki customary laws and promised the government would find the cause of the death of the two youths and punish the involved commando personnel if they were found guilty.

With this assurance from the chief minister the JAc along with the families of the deceased accepted the two dead bodies from the RIMS morgue after post mortem this afternoon and also withdrew all forms of agitations announced by the JAC.

Source: Imphal Free Press

Sexual abuse not ruled out, Manipur State lass found dead in Mumbai

IMPHAL, Jul 15 : Under mysterious circumstances a Manipuri girl, who was working in a Five Star hotel at Mumbai (Leela Kempins-ki) was brought dead to her Kongba Kshetri Leikai home today.

The girl Chabungbam Elina alias Ibehaibi (23) d/o Ch Shyamkishore had been working at the hotel for about a year and half, according to family sources who conceded they could not confirm the exact cause of her death.

They also informed that post mortem documents handed over by authorities of Andheri (East) police to family members suggest her body was found dead at her room.

Elina along with two of her female friends, also from Manipur, was staying at Flat No 501 Green Field 3B Complex, Makhan nagar, Marol in Andheri (East).

The family members were reportedly informed of Elina being unwell after which her elder brother Ashok Kumar (28) reached her place and discovered the shocking truth.

When enquired for details the grief-stricken brother on his arrival at Imphal Airport today conceded he is still in the dark over the cause of the death while indicating that foul play could not be ruled out in the case.

Elina’s lifeless body is said to have been discovered at around 12.30 am of July 12.

Even as doubts persist on the case, ‘provisional cause of death certificate’ handed over to family members after the corpse’s post mortem examination con-ducted at Juhu’s Cooper Post Mortem Centre cited strangulation as the main cause.

The said document states ‘ligature over neck, however pending for histo-pathology and chemical analysis’.

The case got even more murkier, when local medical personnel at the insistence of the family members reportedly detected signs of abrasion on her private part.

When this report was filed the bereaved family members were yet to decide on what procedure to adopt in the case.


KSO decries decision of the Education Department

The Kuki Students’ Organisation has come out strongly against the decision of the Education Department to cancel the grant-in-aid for 171 schools. Asserting that KSO had on July 10 issued a statement urging the Govt to reverse it decision, the student body in a statement today said that it will not take the decision of the Govt lying down. The argument that the Education Department can save Rs 25 crores annually by cancelling the grant-in-aid and that same would be utilised to develop the infrastructure in other schools smacks of a larger conspiracy to deprive education to the poor children of the hills where there are no private schools. Stating that this argument is not social justice, the student body said that they doubt whether the amount saved would actually be utilised for bettering the infrastructure of other schools. Most probably the money saved thus will go to line the pockets of the Ministers and the officers, as is the normal practise in the State. Firmly stating that KSO will oppose the decision to close down the schools, the student body said the Govt must withdraw its decision within three days time or else, KSO with other like minded student organisations will take up a series of agitation.

JAC thanks

The JAC Against the Killing of Thangtinsei Kipgen and Limlenbert Haokip has extended its gratitude to all the organisations in bringing about an amicable solution between the JAC and the Government. The organisations include, KRSU, MSF, CDSU, KSO, AMSU, LMS Law College Students’ Union, KWU, KUMHUR and other organisations. In a statement, the JAC said that bodies of the two slain youths have been taken back and last rites performed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tamu ZO Organization (TZO) Pan Huhna Ngetna

By: Zam Suan Khai

It leh muon Zo tate, Ih bieh Pasien min leh TZO min tawh leitung muntuomtuom a om Zo tate khatciet ang nouhset masa ing.

Apat na in, tenna khangna khuo leh tui te kibang lo i hi zieh in kei ma leh kei ma ang kimeihset (introduce) vang. Khat leh khat ki theihlou pi ki hou dan zong nop sin ihzaw......Kei pen Tamu khuo a teeng Pa Go Cin Hang leh Nu Nian Cing te tapa li na Zam Suan Khai hi ing. Basic Education teng Tamu khuo B.E.H.S leh Nazareth Seminary, Anisakhan, Maymyo ah ka na sin a, matriculation kazaw cieng in Kawlgam Vocational Education khat a hi University of Forestry, Yezin, Pyinmana ah pilna sin nate kazomtou aa Bachelor Degree tawh ka graduate zaw a pat tudong Forest Department, Ministry of Forestry ah na kasem hi. Tulai tah Pasien thupha tawh Germany gam, George August University ah August, 2006 a pat Master's study bawl in ka om hi.

Abeisa February pan April habei dong Kawlgam ah ka Thesis ding Research Data Collection bawl in ka na pei hi. Kawlgam ka omsung Pasien in hunlemtaang ei pie a tenna leh khangna ka khuo a hi Tamu ah nipi 2 sung it leh ngaih pienna Nu leh Pa leh U leh Nau teng leh ka Zi ka Ta tawh hunnuom te ka neitheih ban ah TZO makai teng leh Pastor Kam Khen Dal (Chief Editor, Pu Zo News) mama tawh holimnate kana neih theih hi. TZO makai teng tawh thukikupnate zong kana neih theih aa, tu a ih thulu ahi "TZO pan huna ngetna" tawh kisai in leitung gam tuomtuom a om Zo tate khatciet tung ah a theihsah leh a zasahsawn ding in mawpuohna (tavuon) ei guon uh hi.

Ih Thulu a hi "TZO (Tamu Zo Organization), Tamu Zo Nopna leh Dana Kipawlna pan huna ngetna" vai kikum kia vai.

1. TZO pen 1979 kum in ang kiphuankhie a, ngimna leh sepnate pen Tamu khuo a teeng i Zo minam sung ah Nopna leh Dana te ah kipawl tawn na a na himasa hi. I Zo minam sung aa meigong, taga, leh khuolzin gamvah kawm a dana leh hamsietna tuoh te leh khuo sung ma ma a Beh leh Phung tawm te'n dana a tuoh cieng un hamsatna tampi tah nathuoh uh hi.Ahihang'n TZO angpiengkhiet zaw tua i gen hamsatnate ang beipai suoh ahi hi.(tua hunlai in Tamu khuo ah khamtung leh zangduang khuo tuomtuom pan sumsui a om i Zo minampii khuolzin gamvah tam mama dan hi)

2. Hun leh nite ang beibei in TZO zong a makai te leh memberte thupina leh kithumannate hang in ang piicing semsem a, sepna te ah Tamu khuo a teeng Zo minamte i Nopna leh Dana vaite beh ang hinawnlo in Zo minambup aa ding nasep golpi tampi tah a semzou ang suoh ta hi. Gentena in zum leh maangkot ki tut ding buoinate (luong leh baan thute na ngawn) TZO in i Zo ngaina ma tawh
phyaesin pieh zou hi. Tua ban ah i Zo minam vai tawh kisai in hangsan tah in a na ding zou uh aa, i Zo minam tung a hamkhiel, muakhielte a ki pan TZO te kung ah a mawhnate uh pulahsah in thumna neisah zou uh hi.

3. Hun tawh kizui'n, TZO tenzong ngaihsutna leh khuomuna a hoih tampi a neihuh a tun Zo zumpi khat neihzou na ding in ang kipan ta uh a hih ziehin a koimapou in i panpii cietding in zong ka um hi. Kawlgam kiuhdante zong ang ki kheelkheel a, Democracy hun bang angtung tahtah leh i minam ciet ma leh i party ciet ma tawh a kiding ding angsuoh ta hi. Azieh in Democracy pen a tamzaw thu
tawh kiuhna a hizieh hi. Socialist hunlai dan aa muang om hithiet te ang pieng nawn lo ding hi. Tua zieh in Zo tate bilteengna zangduang teng ah Tamu khuo ma i khuopi angsuoh ding a, Zo minam kipawlnate zong Tamu ma i Phung leh Zungpi ang suoh ding hi. Tam thute i ngaihsut ciang in zangduang Zo minamte tamten na pen Tamu Khuo in Zo Zumpi a neih zou ding pen a phamaw khat leh a kisam mama khat ang suoh ta hi.

Tuazieh in i Zo minam sung kipawlna a hi TZO te i deihna leh ngimnate mimal khatciet in ihi theihnaza ciet tawh i panpiiciet ding uh deihna leh muangna tawh ang zasah hi ingh. USA te President a hi ngai, John F Kennedy in "My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country", "ka gam in bang ei bawlpieh theih diei naci sang in ka gam a ding bang kabawlpieh theih diei na ci in" a ci bang in eiten zong "Zo minam kipawlna khat pou pou in kei a ding bang ei bawlpieh theih diei i ci sang in Zo minam kipawlna a ding bang ka bawlpieh theih diei" i ci theih ding hoih sa ingh. Eima minam kipawlna te eima'n i thupisah aa i puo sih leh minamdang ten ei puo pieh lou ding cizong theihciet ding in thupi sa ingh. Tu a za hisah phot vai in kikum toutou lai vai.


Zam Suan Khai
M.Sc (Tropical and International Forestry)
Georg August University, Goettingen

Home address:
Rosenbachweg 2/110
37075, Goettingen

+4917664086242 (Mobile)
+4905512713850 (Home)

Hinkhuo bang a ta lawmlawm ei??

By: Apashang, Jabellei

Mihing, Tahsa leh sisan a hing ihi nalai man in khat veivei chiang bang in I lungel paisual kha dehdeh in ahilou ding tantan bang ki gelkha jel hi. I lungel,I ngaituona ten saupi hing tun thei jel a,I theilou kal in ki val kha dehdeh jel hi.

Hunpaisa te I ngaituo a, ahing tung dingte leh tu-le-tu hun a I hinkho man dante bang,ahisih leh Innsung thu,khotaang thu,khat leh khat kal thu, khat toh I kal thu bang, mikhat in simmaw leh nuaiet tah a ahing eng hou khah te bang I tou mun a muang chiang tah in I ngai tuo kha lethi. Tuotham lou in , I Itt pente, I ngai pen te , I ki muanpi pen te bang I gintat ahing ban lou chiang un bang, Sil I deilou lam lam a ahing kihei chiang in bang,ahi sih leh thuthang hoilou tuomtuom te bang, ihi louna khat a ngamthw tah a ahing kingaw a, ahing ki minsiat sah chiang bang in khgat vei vei thang pai man in ei leh ei ki thangpai suo mawh in I lung bang neu kha dehdeh jel hi.

Tam bang hun leh dinmun a I din khah chiang in ei le ei bang I ki ngaisia a,beidawng I ki sa a,bangma lunglutna ahiei thanuam na hiumhim kineilou in I maban,I ngaituona bang miel I sa uhi. Tuochiin I ki ngaituotuo a, tuomi in ei leh ei ahing ki mudaa sah tuntun a,naa ki sa mama in I lungsim leh I tahsa tanpha in baa law in ki jawngkhal jou phial mawh hi. Tuochieng in ngaituo tuo lou dinmg te I ngai tuo gent ah lou in I genlou ding I sahlou ding te bang I geen kha a I sa kha jel uhi. I hinkhuo I ning a, thasiat huai bang I sa tuntun hi. Migin um Job bang bang in I pian ni bang I hamsiet ut a, piang vangsie I ki sa a, tamlei tung ah ki piang daa ta maimai l;eh I chi hun bang a tam hi. Beidawng in Uimaw gam phu ki bang in bang phu ki banga a I maban bing in kinepna bei iki sa uh hi.

Awww…… bang ding ua nang piang sah sese ua na ta ua nang nei sese uh ahiei, bang ding a kei sese? Midang kei lou bang ding a taa a ana neilou? Hi bang lawmlawm tuoh ding a na ta ua nahing nei uh amah.. chi bang in ki phun in ki ham kha thei a, ei sangsang a lungkham jaw leh buai jaw I nu leh I pa te bang ki phunsan in ki tomsan ngap kha jel mawh hi. Tua chi ma bang in I Ittpen I ngai pen, Izi-Ita -I U I nau, I sangam te tung tan a jong bang ki haahiam ngap mawh hi. Ki ittna ki ngaina , ki khotuona, ki hawmthawna chite jong bang a a phattuom na leh a hoina uh um a I ham ua ki nei a um sese a, mihing in kinei a poupou diei??? I hinkhuo su nuam maw thei giap a hing su liang vai sah thei giap hilou amah I chi hun uh bang jong um tham hi. Amau te ana um daa ta maimai uleh mihing a ding in lunggel nate, lungkham nate jong ana umlou ma ding hiven I chi chang bang uh um hi. Ki Itt ki ngainat, ki deisah nate umlou hileh ki hawmthaw a, ki tai a, ki nialna te leh tuote ngaituona hun ding jong umlou ma ding hiven maw bang I chi tuntun uhi. Bang ding a tuote eite hing sugenthei, suliangvai maimai ding ua I nei uha vahuau uh adiei bang I chi ngap hi. Ahima hi. Dih ma.

Ahin, Tamte khu hinkhuo su nuam a etlawm sah leh thanuam huai sah tu tejong ahi veve uhi., Hin khuo I chi pen laimai bang a hia, I sin ding uh ahi. Gal bang a hia, I dou ding ua I jaw ngeingei ding uh ahi. Lawm hoi tah ahi, I ki Pawlpi ua I genthei I hah sat nite ua hing suhat tu leh hing thaniuaam sah a hing hing sah tu ding ahi. Thamlou in aki heng lele thei sil ahia, a lep tuah daan leh a lep dan I sing ua I siam ding uh ahi. Hinkhuo I chi pen hinkhuo ahi.Hinkhuo.

Hinkhuo pen tam bang mai ahi lai in, ka sim siam thei sih a, ka sim ngap sih a, ka joujou thei mama sih a, ka thei chian thei tuon tahtah sih hi. A ki heng lele sil ahi man in hun chin, phat chin in ka lem tuoh jou gige joujai sam sih hi. Ahin, tam jou jou in khup khel leng, hinkhuo I chi a thei lou leh a tang lou, a amu kha lou pa/nu himai ding kahi giep hi. A jieh pen ama a gim thei sih a, a tawl mawng mawng sih hi. Jau a nei sih a, ahang san mama a , buan ngam gige ding ahi sih hi. A jieh pen kei ma hinkhuo thei siamlou pa/nu kahia,ka sinlai ahi bou hi. Lungsim leh tahsa a ka baa chiang in ka joujou mama sih a, kaki buan ua,ahing sial lia jel a ahing buan a, tuol toh ahing net bet thei jel hi. Thou joulou ding khop a ahing buan lia hun jong a umlou ahi tuan sih hi.

Ka baa seng a, genthei ka ki sa senga, silpaidaan ka thei chiang sipsep jou gige sih hi. Bang pen ka ngaituo a bang jieh tahtah a mawh diei vang thei jou singh. Hing sai non sih un,hing lungkham pipi non daa un len hing disown mai un. Kei pen midang bang loupi kahi chiin thangpai man, Haasiat man, nelsie kisah man, ki taal seng man,ahing ki Itt,hawmthaw, deisah seng man, ka tung a aki nepna uh asang seng seng man,kaki suanlaa man, ka jaalen ut man leh kei leh kei kaki musiat man in leh AMA ka Itt seng man, a tung a kaki suan laa man, ahing Ittman,ka chitlaa man,ka mit maw, duhdah louman , ka lampiel man leh kei leh kei ka ki Itt man in ka Juongai sieng ah aban bang hing tung a bang hing ki geen a abang hing ging ding chi kan leh theimasa loupi in ka geen khe kha tamai hi. Koi laizang in. Mamadeh. Tam mai hilou in ka puoh gih seng man in kei leh kei ka ki tuisa buah sawnsawn na in kaki Switch Off nalai phuot phiangsan hi. Ahi leh bang kang geen ta ding uoi le… chi thuteng ahing kilah in… naa kasa a,bawl khiel mama hiing maw ka ki chiphet hi. Tuochiin ka theilou kal in ka biang kii gel ah ka lungel ahing kijui suh ua….. nunu’n nuam maw sa mama ei……. Nunu sang sangin bobawi in nuamnaw a sa jaw a naa a sa a, thuoh haa a sa a haa a sa tuntun hi.Ngaidam ka ngen a ka kuun a, bang ka maitang ding in ka tawi tadiei ??lah ka awsuo a ging ngap sih mawhaaaa… a ging aki jaa sih.

A bawn un ka Itt a, koima ka teel tuopm sih a koima ka pai thei sih. Khat lah ka tem ahia khat lah ka pai veve ngal aaaaa…..ka laisim ka jou naisih, sepna ding jongh ka mu jou nai sih, mawpuohna ka hau a ka man laa a tua pen lah aki jaa daa pan ahinalai ngal a. Bat a hau a mijousien a migittna jal in a ngaina ua, a ging ta ua a muang mawh uhi. Lianloupi aki neusah ut viel sihhi. Issue nengneng annkam tuithei na khawp anei. Nau damlou in sum-le-pai tamtah a lut a,a seng a, vanman a a khang a a tam deudeu. Tam bang kawmkal ah sum leh pai jongh lah a haa da deudeu hi. Ni zaa sagi leh chi lah a zaa leh sawmnha jong ka pe jou sih. Ki a ahi mawh vang in. Numei teng a ngai daan uh aki bang sih.. Ka juanpi ding leh ka ngui a ka muttut pi ding lawm hoilou kaht ka va munalai hi. Ahing ahing kideh sah a hing gah tah a hingf sai tu jong ahi veve hi. A damtheilou ngen ahi nalai ua a nuimai keng a um tuom sih hi. Ahi na tah uh aki thei tuo sih ua aki bang ahi uhi. Innsung, khop sung,gamsung hattuom sung buaina leh gittlouna saatlouna bwl a sui ngen ngie balam hon lah aaa.

Tambang hunlai in ka pian ding in koiman ahing dong sih hi. Ka pu’n ka pa a dong sih a, kapa’n kei ahing dong tuan samsih hi. Ka thei tan ah koima pa’n a ta a apiang masang in a dong kha sih hi. Deithu a tel thei ding jongh lah ahi tuan samsih a teel thei ding hinanleh koiman a tel sih ding hi. Kabil haa ah, ‘ka ngen a lam ka jawt a, ka gen thei ka haasat ni, ka mangbat ni, kakipah ni, ka tha nuam ni leh bang bang nate ka nei chiang in , thukhen ding lianpi leh thupi tah, thumaimai hilou a thu tahtah te ka nei a ka tuoh ding chiang in kei jong ka huphul a ka daa thei mama ve sam hi.sep ding thupoimaw, buai thei na diingte kanei chiang in KAPA haan ah koima mulou leh theilou kal in ka lung khamna te, ka daa nate,kaki pah n ate ah kava kihila ka va tki theisah a ka va dongh a, ka ngai daan te ka va kum hi. Tuo chieng in ka puoh a jaang a, ka lungkham ,ka mangbat ka he suoh ka thangpai n ate ahing kiem dawm a ahing navaah sah tuon mama hi. Tuonah bangma ka ipp sih a … ka ngen kahi chiang in ka pel kha sih a ka kuan ka tun in ka va kitheisah hi. Ahin tamte ka bawl vang in koima thei ding ka dei sih a akhanglui lungtangh puo a khanglui hin kahi tuan sih’ achi lai te bang ka bil haa ah amang thei nai sih a a chiang mama nalai a, kathei mama nalai a tu chiengchieng in jong ka bil haa ah a ging thei nalai a ka jaa thei nalai hi.

Ahi. Hinkhuo sim pen a bai ahilaijang sih hi. Mawh nopne a jawthaw bawl thei ding ahi laijang sih hi. A jieh pen sil a dei bang in a kai kawi trhei a, gin taat lou na lamalam ah jong a sep thei a a tuonthei mawh hi. Ahin lah, zau ding leh huphul a gal bawl ding vang ahi laijang sih hi. Simmun hoi tah ahia , zil ding,thei ding leh siam diing ahi. Beihun neilou leh a tawpna chi umlou ahi a a ban umum nalailai ahi jing hi.. Ama hinkhua a um laisie suol ding,buan ding ahi jing hi. Tam nah ngaw ding leh mawpai thei ding a um tuom sam sih hi. Ziing nisuoh teng khu Chouna leh Giihna(challenge) ahi jing hi. Na suol ei ahisihleh na ki pekhia (surrender) chipen nag thu ahimai hi. Tambang ki thuhil na kamteng , ki piah jawna leh jaana khu kei a ding in muthei lou a tha hing petu leh hing haamuan tu ahi jing a, tawplou in ahing umpi jing a ahing taisan ngai sih a jong ahing taisan sih ding hi.

Hey!! Never tease me. HIng phin vial sin Kapa um ahi aw…

Tuohun lai khu ka thei jing a ka mang hil sih ding hi. I was there at that moment when the momentum was so high to fell.


KUKI TALKS | Meinya lauds nuclear deal

IMPHAL, Jul 14: The next round of trilateral talks between the representatives of the state government, Kuki militants and Central government on the ground rules for Suspension of Operation will be held in New Delhi from tomorrow.

This time as agreed in the earlier meeting, a state government representative will chair the meeting. Officials of the MHA will represent Central government in the talks that will be held a hotel in the national capital.

State chief secretary Rakesh and DGP, Y Joykumar with other top official of the state government left Imphal today for the talks, an official source said today.


Meinya lauds nuclear deal

New Delhi, Jul 14: In a statement issued in New Delhi, the convenor of the miscellaneous states and Union Territories (Congress Parliamentary party), Dr. T Meinya has said that the Indo-US civil nuclear agreement will serve the interest of India by way of solving the energy crisis in the state. The MP also said that the entire Congress party is with the party president, Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh over the nuclear deal issue.


Heirok elders want govt to review decision to set up SPOs
By : A Staff Reporter 7/15/2008 1:56:21 AM

IMPHAL, Jul 14: Senior citizens of Heirok village today urged the state government to review the setting up of SPOs in the area and to absorb the youths recruited for the same in the regular state forces, while also making an appeal to the rebel groups who have imposed prohibitions on the villagers of Heirok to relax it for all time.

A meeting of the senior people of Heirok held yesterday (July 13) evening thoroughly discussed the chaotic situation in the area and formed a body of senior people of Heirok named Senior Citizens Forum, Heirok, a statement signed by 69 senior people including retired government servants representing more than 14,000 people of Heirok said.

After a lengthy and thorough discussion on the situation in Heirok after three rebel groups, the UNLF, KYKL and a faction of the KCP prohibited the Heirok people from going outside their villages as they chose to receive arms under SPO, the meeting resolved to urge the state government to re-consider its decision to supply arms by opening SPOs in the villages.

The government should withdraw its decision to open SPOs at Heirok at the earliest, the meeting resolved.

The resolution further said that those local youths who had been recruited and were under training should be absorbed in the regular forces of the state so as to be able to lead a secure life with a means of livelihood.

The prohibition imposed by the three rebel groups had caused immense hardships to the residents of Heirok and the government should take up steps to relieve them from such hardships at the earliest, the meeting resolved.

If the government failed to listen to the senior citizens under the newly formed forum they would launch various agitations against the government, and if necessary, consider taking the court’s help, the statement said.

The meeting also unanimously resolved to appeal to the three rebel groups who have imposed the ban on the Heirok people to re-consider their stance.

The statement expressed gratitude for the announcement of a 10-day relaxation by the rebel groups and urged for the lifting of the ban for all time after discussions at various levels.

The meeting which was held at the residence of retired headmaster Thokchom Chourajit Singh, was attended by around 100 senior residents of Heirok part-I, II and III. It was organized by the members of zilla parishad and thoroughly discussed the prevailing situation in Heirok after a series of events since the killing of three youths including two girls and blinding of another girl.


HPC(D) sets record straight on killing of Mizo youth | Truce agreed, strike off

HPC(D) sets record straight on killing of Mizo youth

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Jul 14: Claiming responsibility on the killing of a Mizo youth here last week, HPC(D) today made it known the rationale behind its act, and asked the Mizo Peoples Convention to wary their tread.

Lalsangliana, the deceased youth, was captured as a KCP activist and not as a tribal or Mizo said the outfit in a statement signed by its publicity officer John F Hmar. The youth in question is an instrument of the valley based armed outfits, who spied and supplied information regarding the tribal outfits including the HPC (D). He is a mole for the valley based outfit who had employed ‘divide and rule policy’ and later ‘torture and rape policy’ to the ethnic community. He was given anything he wanted - money, vehicles by Rajen alias Border, his brother-in-law and a leader in the KCP, it said.

Further, the statement scripted in a local dialect also accused the youth of collecting ransoms from non-Manipuri traders in the name of KCP. He had been warned, yet he failed to mend his ways and force its Special Task Force (STF) to act on July 7, it added.

The HPC (D) is more than clear that he is a KCP activist, but due to the insistence of MPC that he is a tribal and a Mizo, the outfit has reached an understanding with the MPC in accordance with the tribal customary at Muolvaiphei on July 9, wherein it was agreed that no press release would be made, the statement said.

However, the hue-and-cry of MPC thereafter doesn’t devour well with the outfit; under what circumstances the MPC has compensated Lalsangliana on July 13 under the finance of KCP. MPC’s act in becoming a tool to divide the tribal community should be pondered by the various communities. MPC should know that their intention is doomed to fall short; let them renounce it, the HPC(D) said in its statement.


Truce agreed, strike off

IMPHAL, Jul 14: The JAC Against the Brutal Killing of Thangtinsei Haokip and Limlenbert alias Bertneo Hangshing has called off its State-wide indefinite general strike with immediate effect following an understanding arrived at during a talk with the Government this afternoon.

The understanding was arrived at in accordance with the Kuki customary laws. Subsequently, the JAC has agreed to take back the bodies of Thangtinsei and Bertneo who were shot dead by a combined force of Imphal East Police Co-mmandos and personnel of 115th BSF at Sanjenbam on July 11 afternoon.

In protest against the killing, the JAC enforced an indefinite general strike since 6 pm yesterday. As a result of the strike, normal life in Manipur was affected for the day with important market places remaining closed and inter-district passenger services staying off the road.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nigerian gangs use NE women for drug trafficking

By Sahil Makkar

New Delhi, Jul 14 : Anti-narcotic agents are worried over the increasing use of Indian women, sex workers included, by Nigerian cartels to smuggle out drugs. Until recently, Nigerian gangs in India were sending out heroin sourced from Afghanistan via Pakistan to Europe through unsuspecting courier companies. The traffickers would mostly conceal the drugs inside photo frames. They paid heavy service charges - no questions asked.

The modus operandi came to light when one booking agent found white powder leaking from a sealed parcel booked by a Nigerian. He opened it — only to find drugs.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and Delhi Police cracked down immediately.

And then the Nigerian gangs changed tracks. “These days Nigerian drug syndicates have become extra smart. Now they do not book courier parcels themselves. They are exploiting girls from (northeastern) states,” NCB zonal director Sandeep Mittal told IANS.

“They first befriend those who are into prostitution. They lure them into drug trafficking by promising handsome sums of money. Some fall into their trap, unknowingly or knowingly,” Mittal added.

A study by Guwahati-based NGO Global Organisation for Life Development (GOLD) along with the police revealed that a shocking 20 percent involved in prostitution in the region were aged 11-17 years. Titled “Rise in Child Prostitution in Northeast”, the study lists poverty and displacement because of violence as prime reasons behind the increase in the number of young commercial sex workers in the region.

Asked how the Nigerian gangs touch base with Indian women, a top functionary of NCB said: “It is very simple. They meet them in bars and other happening places.

“They buy them drinks and exploit them. Before parting they request the women to do them a favour by booking a parcel with a courier company. At times they pay extra money to these women.

“Sometimes these women are aware what is in the parcel but mostly they are generally unaware.”

Places in the Indian capital where Nigerian gangs are said to be active include Satya Niketan, Munirka, Sadfarjung Enclave, Ber Sarai and Jiya Sarai in south Delhi and parts of north Delhi.

According to data with Delhi Police, around 2,500 Nigerians live in Delhi. NCB officials however put the figure at 8,000. Officials say most of them are living illegally without any genuine passport or with expired visa.

“The situation is slowly slipping out of our hands. We immediately need to take precautionary measures against Nigerian drug traffickers or they would spoil our young,” a Delhi Police officer said.

Presently more than 70 Nigerians are lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Central Jail. While 65 are on trial, 10 have been convicted.


Extortion slur cast on commandos

IMPHAL, Jul 13: In an act of denigrating the image of the whole Police Department, some Police Com- mandos allegedly threatened and demanded Rs 5 lakhs for securing the release of one of the sons of AR Shaha, who is the Chief Engineer of Minor Irrigation Department, even after robbing the son of all his money and valuables.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 4.30 am yesterday. The Commandos picked up the son of AR Shaha identified as Zeour Rahaman Shaha from near Imo Filling Oil Pump at Yumnam Leikai under Imphal West Police Station and after robbing all the mo-ney and other valuables from his possession demanded Rs 5 lakhs for his release threatening him to be eliminated if the demand is not comply with.

Talking to mediapersons in this connection at Mani-pur Press Club here this afternoon, Zeour Rahaman Shaha said that at around 4 pm yesterday he was coming out from his Lilong Lei- haokhong residence driving a Scorpion (MN04A-1226) along with two other persons identified as Md Wahidur Rahaman (30) s/o Md Majahar Raha-man of Lilong Yangbi Leikai and Md Fajiruddin (20) s/o Md Alimuddin of Lilong Turel Ahanbi to print invitation cards and purchase some construction/repairing materials in connection with the marriage ceremony of his younger brother Mu-bimur Rahaman Shaha which falls on August 3.

As they approached, Imo Filling Oil Pump at Yumnam Leikai, some Commandos coming from the opposite side in a black Gypsy bearing registration no. MN01A-6039 stopped them. However, when they get down, the Commandos arrested them without furnishig any reason.

With exception to him, the Commandos blindfolded Md Wahidur Raha- man and Md Faijuddin and then all three of them were taken toward Tera side. At Tera, as the tyre of the Scorpion punctured, the Com- mandos left it to the custody of some IRB personnel on duty there. After that all three of them were dragged inside the Gypsy of the Commandos and driven off to some unknown destination.

After around half an hour, the Gypsy dropped at some open place and made all three of them to come out. Then the Commandos took away three mobile phone handsets which were in their possession besides Rs 16,400 in cash, one laptop and vehicle documents while charging that Md Wa-hidur Rahaman is a PULF activist and asking him where the guns are being hidden, Zeour Rahaman Shaha said, adding that all three of them were also subjected to thrashing by the Commandos.

He further informed that after the thrashing, the Commandos demanded Rs 5 lakhs for securing their release and threatened to kill them if the amount is not paid.

Apart from forcing him to give an assurance on payment of the amount, he was also made to sign on four blank Bank papers brought by the Commandos and telling him to contact on Santosh on mobile phone no. 9436667808 for handing over the amount within 7 am of July 13 positively.

Finally they were brought back to Tera at around 8.30 pm where their punctured Scorpion was lying. After repairing the tyre in a workshop, the Commandos escorted them till Khoyathong Traffic Point.

After of Zeour Rahman Shaha, AR Shaha who was also present at the occasion expressed strong resentment over the conduct of the commandos terming it as an act of terrorizing innocent civilians.

The father also drew the attention of the higher officials of the Police Department to look into the matter and ensure such unwanted incidents do not occur in the future.

Meanwhile, according to sources in the Police department, though no complaint have been lodged from the side of the family members, yet the Police have taken up steps to conduct an inquiry into the incident.


Extortion slur cast on commandos

IMPHAL, Jul 13: In an act of denigrating the image of the whole Police Department, some Police Com- mandos allegedly threatened and demanded Rs 5 lakhs for securing the release of one of the sons of AR Shaha, who is the Chief Engineer of Minor Irrigation Department, even after robbing the son of all his money and valuables.

The incident reportedly occurred at around 4.30 am yesterday. The Commandos picked up the son of AR Shaha identified as Zeour Rahaman Shaha from near Imo Filling Oil Pump at Yumnam Leikai under Imphal West Police Station and after robbing all the mo-ney and other valuables from his possession demanded Rs 5 lakhs for his release threatening him to be eliminated if the demand is not comply with.

Talking to mediapersons in this connection at Mani-pur Press Club here this afternoon, Zeour Rahaman Shaha said that at around 4 pm yesterday he was coming out from his Lilong Lei- haokhong residence driving a Scorpion (MN04A-1226) along with two other persons identified as Md Wahidur Rahaman (30) s/o Md Majahar Raha-man of Lilong Yangbi Leikai and Md Fajiruddin (20) s/o Md Alimuddin of Lilong Turel Ahanbi to print invitation cards and purchase some construction/repairing materials in connection with the marriage ceremony of his younger brother Mu-bimur Rahaman Shaha which falls on August 3.

As they approached, Imo Filling Oil Pump at Yumnam Leikai, some Commandos coming from the opposite side in a black Gypsy bearing registration no. MN01A-6039 stopped them. However, when they get down, the Commandos arrested them without furnishig any reason.

With exception to him, the Commandos blindfolded Md Wahidur Raha- man and Md Faijuddin and then all three of them were taken toward Tera side. At Tera, as the tyre of the Scorpion punctured, the Com- mandos left it to the custody of some IRB personnel on duty there. After that all three of them were dragged inside the Gypsy of the Commandos and driven off to some unknown destination.

After around half an hour, the Gypsy dropped at some open place and made all three of them to come out. Then the Commandos took away three mobile phone handsets which were in their possession besides Rs 16,400 in cash, one laptop and vehicle documents while charging that Md Wa-hidur Rahaman is a PULF activist and asking him where the guns are being hidden, Zeour Rahaman Shaha said, adding that all three of them were also subjected to thrashing by the Commandos.

He further informed that after the thrashing, the Commandos demanded Rs 5 lakhs for securing their release and threatened to kill them if the amount is not paid.

Apart from forcing him to give an assurance on payment of the amount, he was also made to sign on four blank Bank papers brought by the Commandos and telling him to contact on Santosh on mobile phone no. 9436667808 for handing over the amount within 7 am of July 13 positively.

Finally they were brought back to Tera at around 8.30 pm where their punctured Scorpion was lying. After repairing the tyre in a workshop, the Commandos escorted them till Khoyathong Traffic Point.

After of Zeour Rahman Shaha, AR Shaha who was also present at the occasion expressed strong resentment over the conduct of the commandos terming it as an act of terrorizing innocent civilians.

The father also drew the attention of the higher officials of the Police Department to look into the matter and ensure such unwanted incidents do not occur in the future.

Meanwhile, according to sources in the Police department, though no complaint have been lodged from the side of the family members, yet the Police have taken up steps to conduct an inquiry into the incident.


Rev CV John pleads for clemency

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Jul 13: The sex scandal that saw the ouster of a Reverend from a ministry he had helped establish, and defame a celebrated gospel singer last year took a new twist as the indicted reverend bid for a re-entry.

“When I came here thirty years back I came to preach the gospel, but this time I come as a man with humility,” Rev CV John, a priest who stepped down from all positions after his alleged sexual relationship with the singer expressed at a packed press conference here yesterday.

Pleading for a recall in the ministry he was earlier associated, the Keralite priest who said he has a body that looks Indian but had a heart and stomach that is Tribal called on the Board members of New Life Ministry (NLM) to facilitate his return, as he had repented and would not forgive himself even if God forgives him.

The former Founder Director and a man who nurtured the ministry from nothing to one of the biggest Christian ministry ever initiated in the state, Rev CV John was formally terminated from the ministry, prohibited from entering any of the ministry premises in and outside the state, and allowed to stay only at his house within the Ministry’s Trivandrum Bible College premises.

“I love the people of Churachandpur, I know the language, eat what they eat and sleep where they sleep,” he said, when asked why he still pitches for a return despite the NLM board’s reservation. He also said that he is not after wealth and properties of NLM, yet he feels that NLM is practically controlled by an individual though it is controlled by the Board members in principle.

Rev CV John, a man whom some dubbed as a man who will never repent was accused of having illicit relation with at least seven other woman beside the singer. His exploits were initially unearthed in the United States some years back while on a conducted tour with orphans under the funding of World Help. Later explicit photos and other documents further supplemented the charges.

However, when specifically asked on charges of siphoning off funds and abusing children as young as 15, the priest who had confessed to having met ‘a defeat in life’ denied the charges.

“I never misappropriated any funds, and never in my life have I molested children,” he said.

The expose of Rev CV John’s alleged affair shocked not only the Christian population here but had its impact upon colleagues in the neighbouring state of Mizoram, where his alleged fiancee was a revered singer. Now, that the initial shock and surprises were more or less subdued and the priest ready to return despite threats from some armed elements, the ball now seems to be on the court of NLM board members. Feelers he had send, according to Rev CV John in recent days were snubbed by the NLM board members.


NSCN (IM) inching towards accepting Indian constitution: Fernandes

Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), July 13 (IANS): The dominant Naga separatist group has met senior government functionaries at the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and is "inching towards accepting the Indian constitution", according to a senior minister involved in the peace talks.

"Top leaders of the NSCN-IM (National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah) recently met Home Minister Shivraj Patil and top officials of the PMO," Labour and Employment Minister Oscar Fernandes, a key interlocutor with the Naga rebels, told IANS here.

"Yes, I have been meeting them regularly and have had several rounds of successful discussions. I can say with some degree of confidence (that) they are inching towards accepting the Indian constitution," Fernandes said.

Fernandes was in Bhiwadi, an industrial town about 80 km from New Delhi, to lay the foundation of an employees' state insurance hospital.

Refusing to provide details of what transpired during his visit to Sweden in June to meet the Naga leadership, Fernandes said there was forward movement and discussions would take some time to achieve tangible results.

"They (NSCN-IM) have met important officials more recently. Lets give it some time.

"I must tell you that both the government and the Naga groups are discussing several technical issues, and the progress is quite satisfactory."

In the last few rounds of talks, Indian government representatives have been trying to convince the NSCN-IM not to press for the unification of all Naga-inhabited areas in the northeast and their demand for sovereignty, considering the complexities and sensitivities.

Fernandes has been in the forefront of talks with NSCN-IM leaders Isak Chishi Swu and Thuingaleng Muivah for years, having met them in several locations including Bangkok and Amsterdam.

The NSCN-IM and New Delhi entered into a ceasefire agreement in August
1997. The truce has been renewed regularly.

"We are negotiating and I don't find any reason why the peace talks should not achieve success. Our government is serious about resolving the Naga issue," Fernandes said.

The rebels and the government have held at least 60 rounds of peace talks in the past 11 years to end one of the longest running insurgencies in India. The campaign has claimed around 25,000 lives since 1947.

The NSCN (IM) has been demanding a 'Greater Nagaland' that would unite 1.2 million Nagas. But this is strongly opposed by neighbouring states of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.


General strike over New Lambulane killings begins

Imphal, Jul 13: The JAC which was formed in connection with the killing of a LMS law college student along with a football player from New Lambulane by the combined forces of 115 Bn BSF and Imphal east commandos last Friday along the Tinsid road has launched an indefinite state-wide general strike from 6 pm this evening following the failure of the state government to give a positive response to their demands by this afternoon as per the JAC deadline.

In the meantime, around 250 residents of New Lambulane staged a sit-in protest at New Lambulane from 10 am till 4 pm today in support of the JAC action on the killing of the LMS student identified as Thangtinsei Kipgen, 29, and football player Limnenbert alias Bertneo Hangsing, 23, both residents of New Lambulane.

Local MLA and state FCS minister Y Irabot also participated in the dharna today and made stated that the state government would definitely find out the reality behind the incident and the government would not spare any of the concerned police commandos if they were found guilty.

The local public during the sit-in protest displayed placards condemning the incident and calling for punishment for the security personnel involved.

It may be mentioned that in strong condemnation of the killings a JAC was formed yesterday which submitted a charter of demands to the chief minister demanding a judicial enquiry into the incident, immediate suspension of the involved personnel.

The JAC after its inability to meet the chief minister yesterday because of his tight official schedule finally met the chief minister this evening around 5.30 pm over their charter of demands. However, the matter could not be resolved this evening at the meeting resulting in the announcement of the general strike from 6 pm this evening.

Essential services including education, electricity, health and water supply have been exempted from the purview of the general strike as announced earlier by the JAC.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Malaysia aa om ka mipi teng kunga laithot

Itna le lainat na tahpi tawh ingaihsut kia ding un,khaiciet tung kang ciel hi.

Atangthu atom aa etkia naa;

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur khuopi, Kepong Wangsa Permai veng ah, abeisa kum AD kum 2000 lai-in Zo te kikhop na fellowship ci'n Zo Christian Fellowship ( Z C F ) na om aa, tuo pan in, Victory Bethel Church ( VBC ) le Kepong Refugee Center ( KRC ) ci-in tu in fellowship kikhop na mun thum ah ki neih hi.Yangon lah style in gen ding cilei, akhangto dan aa igen ding dan hi tuoh. Tangon ah zong, Zo te bang maza pha nailo pen, pawlpi tampi tah in iki khen uhhi. Tuo pen Topa thupha saang in ikigen uhhi.

Tu'n Kepong Wangsa Permai veng ah, kalsawm thum kigam lalo ding mun thum ah Zo te kikhop na mun thum ang om hi. Asawt lo fellowship khat kibelap lai ding in zong thu kiza hi.

Minam vai tawh et naa:

1. Minam kipumkhat na vaitawh en lei?... Eimi tepen, pilna, theina, siemna, ngaisut siem na, le mu na-ah akhangto nailo mite ihi dung zui-in, kipawl ton na ii phattuom na zong akitel siem nai lo suoh aa, tuo dung zui in kipawl ton na neilei zong khanto na ei neisah zolo hi cipen angiel ding omkhol lo ding in tuot ing. Alanglam khat pan in enkia lei, tam bang aa, kipawl na tuomtuom inei ziek in, Lushei te dan kibang lo aa, ilungsim uh kikhenthang na, kipumkhat zolo na ei guon zaw in om in mu ing. Tuo ziek in tam bang aa ituom ciet no uoa, ikipawl na te unh, lungsim kikhenthang na ei pie tawh kibang ahi ziek in supna gol penpen asem den tawh ikibang ding vuoi mah ci ngaihsutkia huoi sa ing.

2. Tu lien in kikhop na munthum ah inei vua, ikhop uh inn pen, khat cieng in Rm. 750-800 in isap vua, tuiman le meiman tawh hla khat in Rm.1000/ ( tulkhat ) ta ipie uhhi. Tuo bang aa kikhop na inei zo nading un, ei mason ciet ah ihan ciem vua, ineizo tah cieng un ilungdam ta mama uhhi. Atahtah in en siem in ngaih sun siem lei, hla khat in sen mihau inn neite Zo tate in Rm. 3000/ ( tulthum ) akipie den suoh hi.

Doh naa:

1. Bang ding aa minam khat lah hi, Christian vive lah hi aa, tuo ban ah, vengkhat aa omton hi napi in, kikhop na mun khat zang thei lo ihi vuoi?

2. Atuomtuom aa, vamin ta kigen bang aa, ikikhop ziek un, hla khat in Zo tate Rm.....? isum den vuoi?

3. Atuomtuom aa ikikhop ziek un ikipum khat nading bangtan cieng ei nukhia sah? ci thum teng i ngaihsut siem kia ding un, kalai nat na kang thei sah kia uhhi.

Biek inn khat zang in, tu aa isum paihpaih teng azek ding in kituot lei, Biek inn 2 aai, Rm.2000/ ( tulni ) hla siel in Wangsa Permai aa om Zo te in ikhol zo ding uh hi. Tuo Rm. 2000/ pen kawlsum in Ks. 700,000/- ( teng sagi ) kim pha aa, tuo tawh kawlgam aa om imiisa te hu ding maw? Kawlgam sung ah imi isa te ding sangkhat hong ding maw? Kawlgam sung aa om Nephu gaw lieng aa, Hlasum kham lo Pasien nasem imi te hu ding maw? Nu le Pa neilo Taga imi isa te ding nasem ding maw? etc isem thei uhhi. Khat lam pan in gen lei, Wangsa Permai veng aa om Zo te hlasiel in Ks. 700,000/ akisum den suoh hi.

Biek pieh na khat omkia ding ci-in iza lai uhhi. Tuo ang hi semsem le, Kepong Wangsa Permai veng aa om Zo tate, hlasiel Ks. 1000000/ (Ks. tengsawm ) bang asum ngitnget ding dinmun ah i om uhhi. Khat lam pan in en lei, ngaisun thei in, kipawl ton in tuoteng tawh kawlgam sung ah, na sem ding cilei, Zo te in NGO khat ikipan thei uoa, tuo NGO kipan zo ding hi lei, INGO in ei hu toto ding aa, Zo tate in khantopi mama ding hi cipen upmaw thugen hilo kha ding hi ban ah, septon na ineih zo uh cieng in tuo isep ton na unh lungsim kigawm na le kipumkhat na lam ah ei kalsuon pi lai ding ahi ziek in mailam Zo te ding in lam et huoi na tampi tah imu toto thei ding uhhi.

Tuo ahi ziek in, mun dangdang aa om te ka ci ngam nai sih aa, Malaysia gam, Kuala Lumpur Khuopi, Kepong Wangsa Permai veng aa om Zo Christian Fellowship thum sung aa makai aa kinei te in, kimu tuo aa, ingaih sut kia ding un kilawm mama hi. Nu khia ta ci hi lo hi. Amin in lo lei, KRC, VBC le ZCF aa makai teng in, ngaisut kia dingin kilawm kasa mama hi.

Sen te ei siang in zawng zawdeh lo aa, ei zong ahau luo ihinai sih uhhi. Hau kisa ta ihi uhleh zong, Topa Zeisu in, aminam te ma na khuol masa aa, e'n zong kawlgam sung aa om iminam te ma ikhuol masah ding un, laisientho tawh zong kile bul lo aa, leitung cile sa mit tawh zong ki aailawm maw deh suoi lo hi cithu, lainat na tah pi tawh, makai teng in nang ngaih sut kia ding un kang ciel phapha hi.

Genkhiel a-op le mawmai na thum kawm in,

Pasien itna le Minam itna tahpi tawh,

James Hang Kho Mang ( Mang Noe )