Friday, May 04, 2007

Disunity in diversity

By:- Robert J Baite *

Manipur is a mini-India, no doubt. Inhabited by different tribes practicing different religion, culture and tradition, our land is a vast treasure trove of relics, cultural practices and what not. It is also an undeniable fact that the people have been living harmoniously for eons in spite of the differences. To be more precise, the people of the State have a common root or ancestors, which can never be refuted by any history textbooks.

However, times changed and the umbilical cord which had held the various communities is being pulled from every directions, thus threatening to severe the fragile bond that have kept the society in a pack. Various incidents have taken place which antagonized the different communities of the State. We have also seen blood and mayhem on the soil between different communities who surrendered to the myopic and selfish agenda of the powers-that-be.

Many innocent blood have been drained down the Barak, Imphal, Nambul, Tuithapi, Khuga etc caught in the dance of communalism baptized by people who are hell-bent on driving a wedge between two communities who were otherwise living peacefully under the sun. Today, even though we are fortunate that no major communal clashes have been reported in recent years, nevertheless, tensions often simmer off an on, on certain sensitive issues.

Of course, the public who are by now fed up with bloodshed and gore have strongly resisted and stood as the Rock of Gibraltar, thus prevented such tension from boiling over the cauldron. However, there is no guarantee that there can never be another ethnic war because one can still feel the presence of people who would love sit on the fence and watch their brethren butcher each other. The truth is anything can happen in Manipur and if the people are not wary of such sinister designs, the State may burn again.

If we look at the situation today, we looked like we are divided as never before. Though we may shout from the podiums about unity and territorial integrity, we wonder if we are only good in giving good bhasans. In fact, we are fed up of these shouting and screaming about our age-old relationships. If one looks at organizations (except for one or two) including the underground organizations who claim to be working for the people and the motheriand, fissures among them are uncommon. Each pursue their own agenda, drive the so-called funds from the public, organizes seminar on various issues.

This is not discrediting the policies and ideologies of the organisations. The point is how many policies of how many organizations have been translated into actions? If their ideologies and policies is unity of the people of Manipur, then why is the organization(s) itself a divided house? And what about confrontations between different organizations that we hear or see more often than not? These are questions that the frontrunners of organizations and clubs should start asking themselves.

For how long can they get physical , moral or finance support from the public when their bhashans are not translated into reality Sometimes, there is suspicion that these organisations have been set up just to mind money and hoodwink the public. Coming to the question of unity, let us look at the some bare facts. How many clubs, organisations or student bodies who claim to be representing Manipur are represented by different community? Or why do we have a different organization for the tribals and a different for the valley people? Even within the tribal community, we have numerous clubs and organisations striving for the welfare of that particular community.

Of course, there is nothing against the formation of an organization by the particular community since it is indispensable for the welfare of that concerned community. The point is these clubs and organisations often have clashes of interest. Look at our students’ organisations outside the State. There is no student organisation who represents the whole State as Manipuris. Moreover, when one talks of the organisations working in tandem and unity, differences always appear. Or else, how do you explain the mushrooming growth of organisations in the State? The best example is when there is a social crisis, many leading organisations spell out their support for such incidents.

Example may be made of the Naobi’s molestation case where numerous organisations pledged their support. But none of them have decided to come under one umbrella and fight the cause. This is to conclude that when we talk of uniting the different organization under a single administrative head, everyone will be reluctant. The reason is simple. It is because; everyone wants to be the leader. None wants to give a space to the other person. Every self-styled leader thinks that he knows best and whatever decision he takes is the ultimate, throwing the opinion of others to the wind.

It would have been very simple if these so-called social leaders or social workers unite and work under a single administrative unit, then they can convince the people about the importance of unity or territorial integrity. But things as today, is easier said than done. No one wants to make a sacrifice. Each wants to have a slice of the cake and more often than not the whole cake itself along with the pudding. And,of course, how can one forget the conflict of interest among them leading to unsavory incidents. They would argue on one issue or other and try to hijack one issue to demonstrate their role of a social worker. The writings on the wall are clear. As long as the leaders remain disunited, it will be near impossible to bring unity among the people.

Sensitive Issues: A Manipuri Way of Living

By: Robert J Baite

We have come a long way in making way for our society to plunge into the deep abyss of fear, intimidation and insecurity. Today, it would not be an exaggeration to say the least that our society is afflicted with all forms of suppression, violence, diktats and what not. We live in constant fear and there is no telling when we might rub the wrong side of somebody or organization. Life is dirt-cheap and it is this very fact that we have come to accept that anyone can kill another human being and even escape it without batting an eye-lid.
Yes, accept it or not, we have to accept that we are living in very troubled times. Sometimes, I wonder why we have come to treat human lives so cheap and trivial. Whenever I hear of news of how somebody has been shot at or killed for reasons known best to the perpetrators of the dastardly act, I shudder and think how one human being can treat a fellow being like ants or mosquitoes. Or have we become a nation where criminals have become a majority of the population and run the roost and dictate our lives?
By criminals, I mean to include corrupted politicians, tainted bureaucrats and officials and last not the least our so-called social organisations and their leaders who spit venom to create rift between the different communities. Today, the time has come to such a stage where we do not know which path to choose. If you do the right thing, you may not get appreciation from different quarters. And if you do the wrong thing, you may not escape.
To put it bluntly, life in Manipur is indeed miserable. Only those who have deep pockets and the connections survive and sustain. For the common people, life hangs on a fine thread between the devil and the deep sea. The trouble with us is that we do not have any voice. Though killing and maiming are taking place by scores daily, we have not heard a voice that demands a stop to these insensitive, inhuman, brutal and senseless acts of violence. Look at the recent irrational attack on the ISKCON blast.
This paper's editorial has pointed out more than once how we have failed to react. It seems the condemnable incident at the temple is now out of public's mind. Instead, we are now focusing on other issues, holding dharnas and what not. But have we given any pressure tactics asking the Government to produce the perpetrators of the terrorist acts at the earliest? How can we be so naive and ignorant? Peace can only come when the common people revolt against all forms of violence. History has been a witness as to how the common public have changed the course of history. If we want to change the course of history of our contemporary Manipur, the time is ripe now. It is time to call a spade a spade.
For 'this, we need to unite and defy the forces that are threatening the social fabric of the society. Yes, a social revolution is the need of the hour. With the state of affairs deteriorating day by day, I believe it will not be long time. INTEGRITY AND US Integrity or integration is one oft-repeated word in the State today. We hear it at almost all seminars, workshops and public functions. For instance on the observation of World Tourism Day at Hotel Imphal last week, speakers dwell on how tourism can bring integrity among the inhabitants of the land. Or a workshop on Quality Education. Invariably, the topics will include something about improving education in the hills and thereby bring integrity.
The foundation days of our numerous organisations are now focused on integrity whereby leaders of different tribes are bring invited and expected to shout from the podium about the long relationship among the different communities of the State. Even an accident recently at RIMS Road was whipped with communal fervour with one party alleging that such accident can destroy the fragile integrity! It would not be wrong to say at this very outset that the word integrity is sometimes misinterpreted. Some perceive integrity as a move to subjugate the minor communities and bring them to the fold of the majority.
On many occasions it has been observed that integrity relates to the boundary of the State thanks to the demand of the NSCN(IM) for integration of Naga inhabited areas. Facts should be made clear. With the issue being hot and sensitive, extra care must be taken while interpreting the word. It should be made clear that integrity has nothing to do with subjugation and suppression of minor tribes nor does it relate to boundaries. Integrity, in the context of Manipur, should mean more interaction between the different communities of the State. For instance, taking care a person from the hills who come down to Imphal for personal or official visits. Such gestures of goodwill towards them are rare in Imphal especially when one knows that he is a tribal.
For example, rickshaw pullers demand more fare. Shopkeepers treat them as third class citizen and cheat them charging, exorbitant prices. At this juncture, I remember some moons back when I was a volunteer for a tribal organization guiding and informing the shoppers from the hills in Imphal during the Christmas season. The shopkeepers at the Khwairamband Bazar got incensed when we accompanied our tribal brethren during their shopping. The reason, they could cheat them is that we were present there. We also got into squabbles when the shop-keepers and our volunteers had a clash-fist to fist.
Needless to say some of the volunteers (I was lucky) and the traders had to spent some time at the City Police lock-up for a few hours. Above these, the constables at the major check points target these tribal people and extract some amount on one pretext or another. This is where the idea of integration does not work at all. At this very outset, we should now ponder how we interpret the word integrity. I believe instead of giving lectures on podium about integrity, we should reach out. Organisations harping on integrity on stages ,should now reconsider their stand. They should organize trips to inner areas of Manipur. This may be voluntary but the volunteers must be dedicated and self sacrificing.
On the flip side, tribals from different areas of the State may be invited to Imphal and let them know about the culture and traditions of the majority community. We may invite them for different festivals like Yaoshang, Bor Pujah, Janmasthami etc. We may also organize trips for the Meitei community to attend celebrations and feast at tribal areas. Will the NGOs, Meira paibees and other organisations subscribe to my humble appeals?

A love story like no other

By Robert J Baite
It was a hot sultry June afternoon on the streets of Aizawl. I was standing by a small kiosk sipping a Frooti. Suddenly, like a breeze, out of nowhere, I saw her walking towards me. Her long wavy hair was tied up in a pony tail with a white silk ribbon. She was not exactly the most beautiful woman on earth; but nevertheless she was pretty. Her mouth was not exactly desirable like Angelina Jolie’s but then it was more than kissable. It was the birthmark on her cheek which made her face angelic.
She was striding on the street as if walking on air. Her legs were long enough to intertwine your body like a python wrapping itself on its victim. The jeans she wore emphasized her voluptuous body and seem to cling on for life on her hips. With a small brown shoulder bag on her arms, she seemed to convey the message that she was confident, carefree and maybe reckless.I confess that I am timid, coward and hesitant when it comes to girls. I have kicked myself a million times for not being able to open my heart to a woman. It is not that woman do not fancy me. They love my company and I love theirs. But the Himalayan problem starts when it comes to expressing the heart of the matter. But this time, I do not know who kicked me from behind. I ran after her.
I followed her quite a distance as I watch her hips rhythmically swaying to and fro.I don’t know how fast I was taking my stride when I realized that I had overtaken her. Suddenly I became self conscious. What will she think? Will she think my gait was funny? Or that I looked like a buffoon looking for bananas on the road? The truth is I had gone bananas over her. My mind raced. Was I walking too fast? Is she still behind me? I dared did not turn around and look. But my heart wanted to.Ahead, the road divided into north and south. I remembered Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken which we had learnt it by heart in school. Should I take North or South?
Which path will she choose? I decided this was the ultimate time. Either I go back home with the satisfaction that I have seen a girl which my made my heart sing a song. But she would haunt me in my dreams for the rest of my life. Or I stick my feet firmly there, wait for her and strike up a conversation. I decided that I am a MAN and therefore, I should choose the second option.
I stood still on the corner of the road. Time stood still and the only thing moving in front of me was the woman with the pony tail. The gentle breeze seems to brush her with love as the strands of hair on the front played gleefully. She saw me and for a fraction of a second our eyes met. How I wish I could be Mandrake and with my magic wand, freeze the moment forever.
Only if wishes were horses, I would have ridden a thousand of them. Someone kicked me from behind again and I realized I was walking along with her.I did not know what we were talking about. Surely, it was not the 9/11. No, it was not about Kaun Banega Crorepati nor about the height of Mount Everest. I was babbling and she was smiling and responding me. My only wish was that the road should neither end nor the conversation. At last she stopped near a gate and told me that it was her house. She invited me for tea. Being civilized and cultured gentlemen, I bowed down and said no. She told me to come another day and gave me her mobile number. It was a number that could change my life. It was a number which will remain etched in my heart. It was a number which I shall never share with someone.
It was a number. Only a number. But it made my heart leap with joy.As soon as I reached my room, I was torn apart trying to take the decision whether I should call her up or not. If I call her up, will she not think that I have gone bonkers over her? Will it not make her pride-graph shoot up? Will she not think that I am an immature young boy who just peed in his pants?Or what if she was lying on the bed with starry eyes, expecting my call? If I do not call her up right now here and then, will she deduce that I am not a dude but a dud who does not have the courage of a lion? Forget it, even cats court cats. So, am I so weak I do not have the heart of a cat, forget the lion?It was like a torture in a dark cell.
Finally I decided to give myself ten more minutes before my thumb press those numbers. The waiting seems like years as my heart told me not be a coward and make the call immediately. Before my own countdown to ten minutes ended, I hastily picked up the phone.It took just one ring when she answered. Suddenly the world was not cruel at all. We began chatting just about anything and after twenty three minutes of exchanging ideas, foolishly I said to her, “Okay then, I will come ‘morrow to your place. Make me a good tea. Goodnight for tonight.”
Since it was I who decided to end the conversation, I guess willingly or unwillingly she had to put the phone down. I kicked myself for ending the conversation abruptly when the going was smooth.The next day I found myself at her house. Feeling that she might consider me too bold, I took along my friend Puia with me. Or maybe the real reason was that I was too timid to walk up to her gate all alone. I took extra care and for the first time in my life I combed my hair. She made me feel at home. The tea which she made with her nubile hands was more than Wah Taj. Every single drop seems to seep slowly into my oesophagus pipe till it reached my stomach.“You make great tea,” I said enthusiastically.
“That’s nothing. Wait till you know more about me. I could be great in other things too,” she cooed back emphasizing on the ‘other’.I wondered why she always has the last word. Whatever I say, she responds with such answer that I am left with nothing to add. All I did was steal some glances and immediately look the other side when hers met mine.Puia was really enthusiastic and he could not stop praising her on our way back home. A stab of jealously seemed to pierce my heart after listening to him. After all, who is he to say good or bad things about her? After all she’s mine and I should be the one who talks about her.
By jove! What am I doing? What am I thinking about my best friend? If best friends do not confide then who else will? Anyway, in a split of second I forgave him and was glad that my friend was happy or should we say too happy about my choice. Well! Our romance bloomed like April flowers.
The nights were short... the days were shorter... and it was only the longing to see her again that was tormenting me whenever I lay down to sleep. We met, we dine and partied. Slowly, I learnt more about her. She loves drinking beer, eats dollops of pork fat and enjoys laughing at my jokes. She hates smoking and in front of her it a strict no. Puia occasionally accompanied me and yes I needed him for company as he would dutch whenever my pockets feel light. But he drank more and ate more than us.
I did not mind as long as he did not disturb us. In fact, I was happier as long as he eats, drinks and most importantly keeps a safe distance from us. I still remember the first kiss she gave me. It was not a simple kiss. It was a French kiss with her tongue darting, dancing, skipping, bouncing, clipping and writhing inside my mouth. It was simply heavenly though my tongue hurt from tip to the end. But, the big but is that I can feel she is not a novice in this field. How else can you explain such a heavenly sensation with just her tongue? Everyone has a tongue but I suspect no other girl will be able to use it as extensively as she does. I
n fact, I was breathless when we withdrew each other. But before I could take another breathe, she grabbed my hair and started the whole ordeal again. And then she asked, “How do you like it?” “Like? That would be an understatement. In fact, I just love it.”, I managed to whisper while gasping for air. Later at home, I imagined the kissing all over and over again. Then in some comer of my mind, my conscience was not happy at all. Am I the first person whom she kissed?
More questions - if I am the first person then from where the hell she learnt the tricks of the tongue like the fabled Great Indian Rope Trick? How many guys must have she kissed before? Has she gone beyond kissing with other guys? What if she has indulged in unsafe sex with some guys while getting drunk on beer? What if she is carrying HIV? We met off and on. Whenever I leave home in the morning for her place, I always vowed to ask her just one question,” Am I your first guy?” But whenever I see her pretty face, I could not bring myself to it. What if she says, “Loverboy, don’t be silly. You are not the first one for me.” Will that not break my heart? But then what if she says,” Yes, my love. You are the one and only guy I have ever gone out with. You are the first person whom I have smooch with all love and lust.
“Would I believe that especially after that wild and raunchy to-ngue meeting session? Either way, it was uncomfortable. Christmas came and I had to come to Manipur to celebrate with my family. The day before I was to leave Aizawl, I decided to pay her visit and ask the ultimate question “Am I the first guy who kissed her”. Reaching there, I saw Puia chatting with her. “Bro, I knew you were coming here. So I have been waiting for you. Here are some beers I bought,” Puia said. Considering the sky high price of beers - one bottle cost two hundred bucks - I was pretty indebted to Puia. I thought I will guzzle down a few bottles before I have the guts to throw the question at her. One bottle over. We were talking non-sense.
Puia had gone out on the pretext of buying paan. He sure knows the timing. A god-send pal, I should say. I promise myself to get him a Moreh Nike sneaker on my return from Imphal. After all he will not know the difference from the original. Anyway, second bottle over. Yet, I did not know how to start the topic that was tormenting my mind. We talked about friends, music, life... so on and so forth that does not seem to occupy even 1/100th of my fertile brain.. The third bottle was also finished and I was getting impatient. The torment in my mind seems to render the beer useless. I decided the time was Now.
But before I could open my mouth, her lips covered me. I forgot why I was there at the best place. My eyes automatically shut and our tongue began to play hide and seek inside. I wondered whose tongue was longer. Mine or her? I guess hers was longer. It probed of on and on and on till it seemed to reach my tonsil. Before our heavenly voyage ended, it came to an abrupt end with the, entry of Puia. I guess he must have walked down and up the street for more than two hours when he decided that I must have done all the necessary things that is expected of a macho man. Sad to say, I confess I have not done anything beyond those tongue meeting session. And more sad to say that I did not ask the Most crucial question.
I came back home relishing the sweet and not to mention the wet kisses. The whole night I thought of the hide and seek which her tongue played inside my mouth. The next day, Puia and she saw me off at the Sumo Counter. Before boarding the Sumo, she gave a small peck on my cheeks. It said all. That she loved me. That she still care for me. That I am still the one for her. Okay. Fine. And I just wanted to throw myself at her and propose her hand. But am I the only guy whom she kissed? How many boyfriends have she had before me? Has she slept with anyone? Mmmm... questions and questions. I spent two weeks at home for Christmas. It was the longest leave I took from office. Every now and then, her face appears before me.
“Sometimes under the moonlight night, I felt so lonely that I wish I could cry like hell for the want of her... or to be precise for the want of her slippery tongue. My holiday over, I bumped back to Aizawl on Sumo on the Guite Road. I reached Aizawl at the crack of the dawn. I was hungry and thirsty to meet her. I had called her up the previous day and her mobile phone was switched off. I had tried her number a thousand dozen times and it was always switched off. How I long to hear her voice. Or to be brutally frank, how I long to have her tongue play inside my mouth. The next day, I went to her house. She was nowhere. Her mother received me at the gate. “Hey, where have you been? Did not Elizabeth invite you for her wedding?” I was speechless.
Suddenly the world came crashing down. I had always suspected that she was no innocent girl. A girl who was not worth to go after seriously. I had had my time with her. Anyway, I suspect that the guy must be someone whom she had known either before me or after me. I could not imagine her tongue doing a balance or a disco with the tongue of some other guy. My heart seemed to burn. I felt a stab in the chest. My pulse seemed to race for a world record. And finally my heart seemed to burst like an atom bomb when the mother further enlightened me, “She married Puia.”

Thursday, May 03, 2007

India leh Burma gam sunga Zou Suonte Tenna Khote


01. Tuitha pang kuol a teengte:

1. Muollum, 2. T. Khajang, 3. Buhsau, 4. Belpuon, 5. Sunchinvum, 6. Teikot, 7. Suongkuong, 8. Zoukhonuom, 9. Hiangtam(K), 10. Belbing, 11. S. Geltui, 12. S. Munhoi, 13. Panglien, 14. M. Tanglien, 15. Hiengdung, 16. Lunmuol, 17. Kullien, 18. Phaibem, 19. Zomun, 20. Khienglam, 21. Bohlui, 22. Daijang, 23. Tuibul, 24. Tuaitengphai, 25. Benazou, 26. Buongmun, 27. Suongnal, 18. Zahong, 29. Sielnah, 30. Khuongmun.

02.Tuivai pang kuol a teengte:-

1. Singngat, 2. Tangpizawl, 3. Sehngalzang, 4. Likhai, 5. Buolkot, 6. Hiangtam(V), 7. Zangnuom, 8. L. Kanan, 9. Behiang(V), 10. Behiang(H), 11. Suongphu, 12. Lunzang, 13. Tonzang, 14. Sielsi

03.Tuivel pang kuol a teengte:-

1. Mawngken, 2. Maukot, 3. Tuimangzang, 4. Muolzin

04. Tuila pang kuol a teengte:-

1. Hiengmuol 2. Munpi, 3. Zabellei, 4. Allusingtam, 5. Sabuol, 6. T. Hangnuom

05. Mawngkai pang kuol/kimvel a teeng te:-

1. Aina, 2. Leitan, 3. Lungshai

06. Tuipi pang/kimvel a teeng te:-

1. Milongmun, 2. Saite

07. Tuining dung/kimvel a teeng te:-

1. Tuinuphai, 2. N. Khuovung, 3. Tuining, 4. Zomi Zion, 5. T. Vajang 6. Khaimunnuom, 7. Sangaikot, 8. Kuvan, 9. Saiboh, 10. Zobethel, 11. Gangpimuol, 12. Khuongkhaizang

08. Gunpang kuol/kimvel a teeng te:-

1. M. Khaukuol 2. Khuoinuoi 3. Telsalzang 4. Singheu 5. Phaisan 6. Khuongkhai 7. Old Kha kuol 8. Sugnu Zoveng 9. Singtom

09.Kana luipang/kimvel a teng te:-

1. Gelngai 2. Salem 3. Paldai 4. Sachih 5. Khuolien 6. Muolnuom 7. Kathuong 8. Phuoikon 9. Zangdung

10.Lamka khuopi sung a ZO tate tenna veng te:-

1. Lamka Zoveng 2. Zomi Colony 3. Manniang khuo 4. Hiangzou 5. New Zoveng 6. P. Kamdou veng 7. Tuibuong 8. Zomunnuom 9. Biulalane

Tuoleh adang dang:-

*Imphal (Phaipi) * Shillong Happy Valley *Dimapur *Guhawati *New Delhi.


01.Tamu myo kuol sung a teeng te:-

1. Tamu Zoveng 2. Tamu Namasongh 3. Tungkyaw 4. Phailien, 5. Yuotha 6. Lalliem 7. Kanan 8. Khampat no1. 9. Khampat no3. 10. Nang ka theih 11. Buongkung (Nankhaukhau) 12. Tuikhal (Chawdawzyichen)

02.Kaleymyo kuol sung a teeng te:-

1. Kaleymyo (Penglong Kuat-tit Veng) 2. Kaleymyo (Tantada veng) 3. Tazyi 4. KanOo 5. 55-mile 6. Muntha (Showphyuzyichen) 7. Kuonglien (Phayazyichen).

03.Tonzang zo khuopi kuol sung a teengte:-

1. Tonzang 2. Phaitu 3. Lungtah 4. Khamzang 5. Sehshi 6. Thauthe 7. Phaidim 8. Maulawn 9. Likhan 10. Madam 11. Ponpi 12. Khiangkan 13. Sekang 14. Buolkuong 15. Vanglai 16. Khuoivum 17. Chikha myo 18. Aisi 19. Phaisat 20. Bizang 21. Haipi 22. Gampum 23. Buongmuol 24. Sielmei 25. Nahzang 26. Denlhakot 27. Thuombul 28. Senam 29. Langphun 30. Talzang 31. Anlun (Phultuon) 32. Gelmuol 33. Khienglam 34. Sielthaw 35. Singtum 36. Tuigiel 37. Zopem 38. Tanzang 39. Sielthawzang 40. Lamthang 41. Tahla 42. Phailien.

04.Teddim myo sung a teengte:-

1. Teddim 2. Salzang 3. Tahzang 4. Lomzang 5. Gelzang 6. Gamngai 7. Tuolmu 8. Mawngken 9. Bumzang 10. Khuodai 11. Kakgen 12. Zozang 13. Gielchien 14. Muizang 15. Thangdawn

05.Tuoleh a dang dang teeng:-

1*Kalewa 2*Maymyo 3*Mandalay 4*Tachileik 5*Lyawkaw 6*Yangon(Rangoon).

Zogam Calling - I : Come Out From Sodom & Gomorrah

Written by Tungnung Saunuom


Dear comrades, this is Zogam Calling series 1. If you can count 50 number of God fearing followers, it is fine, remain & be a part of it. Otherwise, come out of it and find a safer place where you are safe.

It is a well-known fact that Munirka is the Sodom & Gomorrah of the NCR of Delhi. The longer you stay, the better you like and become a part of it, the longer you dwelt in, the greater is your lost. Have you ever realized what the above sentences meant? I guess, some might and some may not. It may be all right for those govt. employeees, businessmen, or private employeees.

The calling is mainly for the students and job hunters. As we all know, Munirka is a place where almost 100% of the people hailing from 7 Sisters of States is staying, it has become a good business centre for us. One can find anything that is related to our hometown. It is a place where people can visit and chats for the whole day unaware of the valuable times. It is, of course a pleasure to be with friends all day long but it can turn to be a virus on the other hand.

Student means to study, learn, compete, digest, meditate, research, think in a quite moment, preserve, honor and write; the list can go on and on. Being a student and job hunter, one must have a quite time and meditate, must be out of disturbance from visitors, and must know the value of time. One must sit and always keep in touch with books, magazines, and newspapers. Books should be one’s best friends. In order to keep and follow the above-mentioned points, one has to be in a place not like Munirka. Where someone cannot steal your valuable times. A book worm does not meant that one should avoid Students' activities. However, we must remember to keep equi-distance between our involvement into social activities and our studies.

All people are not same, some can keep the about points, some cannot follow though they knew it very well, in order to be a good student and job hunter, the best think is to come out of Sodom & Gomorrah. Since there is a huge virus that can make us dull and close our eyes from reading books. As we are sort of space in our bulletin, we cannot elaborate all the advantages & disadvantages. Let’s wait for the second series of Zogam Calling.


Composed by Late Rev. T. Kamzakhup Zou

Vanleeng Mang galkap I hi,
Zawna namsau tawi unlen;
Siet dougal patbang sai di’n,
Ma suon un ziinmang gam la di’n.

Zawna diellap khaisang un,
Pei un vannei mun chin ah;
Gospel thupha genkawi un;
Khrista gamlei hing lian va.

Van leeng Mang galkap I hi,
Miel thuneina dou diing in;
Ziinmang kulpi luh unlen,
Jesu Khrista gam di’n la un.

I gam genthei miel nei ah,
Mang Khrista’n Mun hing siemta;
A gam letna diing ngai tuo’n,
A sisan a hundam tangte.

Miel nei a toute diing in,
Vahna thupha hing tungta;
Kipa un paahbang tawi vai;
Khrista gam lien deudeu diing.


Mangpa Pasian in Adam hansie a lawkhum lai in thudang toh pan masa lou in ‘Nang zong na zi thu na man ziehin……’ chi kammal toh apan hi. (Genesis 3:17) I Mangpa Pasian leh Adam aki inkhenlawhna uh zong zi thu manzieh ahi. Zi thu mang pasalte kisamsietna pen Adam a kipan ahi tabou hi. Adam in a zi ana manna ziehin ama khang behbeh hilou in, a suon-le-hahte tawdong in samsietna a ngalaw uhi. Tuoziehin, nang zong na ji thu na man zieh a, na ni-le-pa na hasietsah khah lepen, nang khang guoh hilou in, na suonte tanpha in zong samsietna na tang ding hi.

Zite thu manglou ding I chi san vang in, I zite simmaw vai in a gen zousie uh tangniel paipai ding china hisam lou hi. I nu-le-pa toh kisietna diing leh thu hoilou a hing gengente uh manglou ding I china ahi bou hi. Mi khenkhat in a zite uh it taluo uh, it sengseng uh ahiziehin, a thugen zousie uh a kawi aman umlou in a zuisawm tazen uhi. A zi gen ahipou leh adih leh adihlou kan chien vateh lou in a tahsang pai pai uhi. Tuo ahi man in zi khenkhatte’n thudihlou a mop thithe zing uhi. *Nu mei zousie a tuochi I china hisam lou ahi. Hinanleh numei khankhatte’n a inn pi-le-pu tangmu pailou leh tuochi kha chi diig chia thu a gente uh a tang zadah ua, ama ki musitna lam in a la paipai uhi. Tulai numeite ahileh khovel khantou dungzui in ama’u kitoudel thei ngen ahiman un tehsete a simmaw thop paipai uhi. Tuoi bangkal ah pasalte’n pilvangtah a mou-le-tehpi kaal thei siem poimawh mama hi.

Tam bang ahiziehin na nu mitmawna leh na sanggamte ginatlounate ahing pienchieng in ki kuppi sinlen, ngaisah vawtsin, hoi in hoisih nan uleh ka hnu ka pa leh ka sanggamte sanga ka itzaw koima um sih chisan lel in. na’ng na nu, na pa leh na sanggamte na itdan na zi in atheisiem zou nailou leh na zi toh pumkhat suoh nailou china nahi lel uhi. Na it teng a’ng itpi a, na ngai teng a’ng ngaipi thei leh pumkhat ahing suohpi ma sangsie nangpen a phal langkhat shi na hi a, mi na phazou sih ding hi.

Bangkim bawl thei Pasian kung ah thum gige in. Nou innkuon vangsietna diinga Pasian in mou gilou ahinpieh ahisih a, nou inn sung apatsa numei hoi ahing suoha, a giitlouna teng a nuosie ding Pasian in a deizieha nou inn sung a ahing lutsah ahizaw bou hi.

Na zi in ahing ze-et zing hi

Na nu-le-pa na itdan na zi in a thei ding ahi. Na zi to ki it seng senga, thusim, thu lang gen ding leh genlou ding manghil zen a na houlim chiengun, ‘ka nu leh ka pa sang in nang ka hing itzaw hi’ china kamteng mawng mawng nazah kha vawtlou ding ahi. Na zi in naki ten tunglai uh, na mouthah chillai in, na nu leh na pa tunga a hasietnate na kungah ahing genngam sih hi. Tami hun lai tah in na nu leh na pa na itdan na zi kungah houlimpi zelzel in leh, theisiem sah in.

‘Ka nu leh ka pa na hing itsah dante kamu chiengin, ka hingna a lian deudeu hi’ chi zelzel in. Nang toh I ki tenkhah pen kei leh ka innkuonpite vangpha mam ung, chi in nakipahnate thei sah zelzel in. Mihing pen ahing ki gensiet sangin ahing kiphat leh tha kinga in hoilam kinawt zaw zel hi.

Na zi in na lungsim ahing ze-et hi chi thei inlen, Samson banga genlou dingpu na genkhah ding ki veng in. Na zi pen mimaw, mingol ahisamsih leh ‘na nu leh pa muda taluo ing’ hing chi masa ngailou ding hi. “I khuote’n na innpi nu leh pa a ha giitlou va-ia dan uh, thuohat ka’ng san dan, sila lah hisam lou chin a, ahing chizel ua, ke’n vang thuohah sa mama ing” ahing chimasa ngeingui ding hi.

Tam bang thute ahi chi chienga, a thu ala kan chien lou pia, na nu kunga, “Pilvang mam un aw, na hichi uleh pen umkhawm theisih va ui” na chi pheipei mawh leh pen, na zi in ‘Jou na vang e, sol zou mama vang e’ chi in ahing uang semsem ding hi. A chillai a, “Thuoh ha sa mama ing” ahing chisapi, na lungsim athei tah bep chieng a, “U ‘NN’ aw, ken vang thuoh zou nawn mama sing” ahing chita ding hi.

Na theilou kalin na zi in na lungsim ahingzou siengta hi. Tam bang ahizieh in, na zi zahna ah, na nu, na pa leh sanggamte phoh vawt sin, na zi zahlou kal in na nu, na pa leh na sanggamte thu kikuppi zel inlen, a theisiem theina ding un aw nemnou leh kamdam tawh dap hil zel in. Ama un zong na zi mawhna umloupi khat thei khielkha himai thei uhi. Na zi ding in zong thu genzel inlen, a ki theisiemlouna uh, a tuomtuoh ah suh mai sawm in. Zi leh nu/pa/sanggamte kituohlou chipen gehen/hell a umtoh ki bang khat ahi.

Ka Zuo It: My Beloved Father

Composed by: Tungnung Zamlunmang Zou

Senpa’n momnou zuo mel mu lou,
Tunnu’n anglai nau bang hing pom e;
Lai ah na sa’ng sangga zuo pomkha lou,
Zal mang laukha’n ka sieng hing kawm ve aw;
Sangga momnou in lung zuon man in,
Vaimang siemsil tung a tutkhawl,
tong kup theilou na sahmel vel vel veng e.

Zuo aw tuong nung na’ng sia apa’n,
Na min thei bang lou lou veng e;
Lou chim la’ng e, pienna ka zuo aw,
Tuong nung na’ng sie apa’n;
Vangkhuo limlien sausuon dai in damta e,
Mim bang pienna ka it tuunnu toh;
Tuonglam sa bang vaimaw ung e.

Pienna tuun-le-laizom teng toh,
Sangga genlieng siel siel ding a;
Zuo aw tuong nung na’ng sie a hiei?
Zuo aw tuong nung na’ng sieh apa’n,
Sen puseite’n sen momnou paibang pom vang;
Sien ni-nu toh sawn momnou sangga paibang pom vang chi e.

Sen puseite’n sawn momnou pai bang pom e,
Pai bang pom in, sawn momnou siel bang sangga kile in;
Tuun lungzuong leh laizom teng nun in nuom e.

Tuun lungzuong mu bang ka ngai ma’n,
Von momnou in mal bang kou kou ing e;
Tuun lungzuong simlei-le-thangvan kal ah mubang laam in,
Tuonglam zawtlou, India khopi Delhi tuol ah nga bang leng ta e.

Sangga momnou kiil bang khang in,
Tuun lungzuong leh deizawn angkawi lianu toh;
Saunuom sungah hou lung kum e,
Kum chimlou e, nuichiem leel in;
Nunnuom laituol leeng leeng ung e.

A Zeisu Maw - A Thupha??

Tual Za Kam

Tu hun ciang in leitung khantoh na tawh kizui-in, noptalna ding ngaisut manin ki lawmin ki lawmkei ta leh a lampi om sun sun sum-le-pai ki zong ta hi. Sum-le-pai zon ding ihah kat mah bang in, nei le lam zong ki chingin a nei, a hau ki tam ta mah mah ta hi. Ahihhangin alangkhat en leu leu leeng, buhchim tui nangawn a khamzolo, phalbi douh na ding silh-le-ten akiching a nei zolo aong ki tam mah mah lai hi. A zong a hau ki daidanna lian mahmahin thu-um mite’ lakah om keileh ki lawm na pi’n, thu umlo mite toh I ki lamdanna om vetlo mawk hi.

Hau-in sum-le-pai neih peuh leng deihteng kimkhin mai leh kilawm hi. Sum-le-pai kicing neih peuh leng pi-aw hong ci ding zong tam ding a, tu-le-ta, meltheih, lawm-le-gual ki hau mah mah ding hi. Nopni, dahni I tuak ciangin hong lungdampih, hong dahpih ding kicing mah mah ding hi. Mi hong mu kha peuh mah in thupit tuak si-e, liat tuak si-e, zahtah huai peuhmah mawk ei! Tuabek hilo mi’n ong nuoi-et lo-in hong thupi et ding hi. Kikhop khawmna khat peuhpeuhah tutna ah tutna nuam ah hong ki tusak dinga, miteng in zahtakna mit tawh hong enin, pilin pil ta kei leng I thugen khempeuh zatakna tawh hong nail ngam loinahi ding mah in ngaisut ding uh hi. Lengtong Pauno in “Kei zong mi bang a hau hileng hong it hong ngai tam mah mah ding hiven” acih bang in hauh ding ut huai mah mah bek hi lo-in mihaute’n meltheih, lawm, kikholpih, hih ding bek zong a ut huai mahmah khat ahi hi. Minei milien khat in lamkal bekah hong hohpi khak, hong maitai bek zong mipi kitang tuam mahmah hi. Hih bang a leitung nopsak zo-nop manin, pilna siemna, sepna, sum-le-pai I zonna ah, I Pasien I paulam leh ei metna ding bek, ei nopsakna ding bek ngaisutna hi lel a Pasien thu pen eima mimal’ phattuam na ding le ki zepna a nei ki hilel hi.

Sepna Ah: Pasien in zu-le-vate a ann avak tei hangin a buk ah va khiat lieng lo hi. Leitung I nuntak laiteng pen pilna, siemna sum-le-pai zonloh phamaw hi. Nek-le-tak ding, omna ding, zon ding mah hi. P[asianin a tate a thadah ding leh a om mawkmawk ding in hong deih lo hi. Sem lo pi-a muhna nei cih pen Pasien’ deihna hi lo-a, sepna thaman val neih zong Pasien deihna hi tuan lo hi. Tawitehna manlo a deih lo Pasien ahi hi. Paunak sungah – “Mithadah pa aw miksite” gamatna enin ganhing lak pan aneu pente ahi uh hi. Tua ahih manin, Topa Pasioan in a tate pen nasem ding, sepna thaman ciang bek tawh kituak a lungdam dinga hong deihna leh sepna tawh kituak thaman piak dinga mansa ahihna ki lang mahmah hi. Neih le lam kicing neia mi zawngte ahuhg zo, a panpih zo ding in thupha a piaktak ding in Pasien in hong deih hi. Topa Zeisu in leitung hong vaklai-in a nungzui dinga a telte pen na a sep lai tak hi a, Khristian amah nungzuite zong sep le bawlna ah a hahkat ding a thanuam ding hong deih ahihna kilang hi. I sepna thaman I nek bek zong Pasien’ thupha hi. Laisiengthou sungah a “semlo mi’n ngawl hen” ci hi. Tu huna Zogamah siatna hi zahta a hong tung pen, sep loh thaman a kham kitam luata hih man hi kha ding hi. Thazung thatang senga sep thamanin hauhna piengsaha, sp lopi-a tampi neihna thamanin siatna piengsak hi. Pasienin a tat pen a khangkhanga nuamsa dinga hong deih hina pi’n, Zomite in ahauhna, liatna khangkhat val ki kem zo phalo hi. Pilna, hauhnate Pasien’ thupha hi-a I zon dantev Pasien’ deihdan ahi hiam? Cih lungngaih huai mahmah hi.

Piak Khiatna Ah: Topa zeisu leitung hong vaklai in tangvalpa kiangah na neihsa khempeuh zuakin la mi zawngte’ kiangah hawmin na ci hi. Tu hun ciangin hong thukkik zolo ding cih ngaisutna tawh huh ding panpih cih thadah sum leitawi nangawn migentheiten’ a dingin muh haksa hi. Mikhat peuh hong thukkik ding lametna tawh huhna, panpihna na piak leh ahuh a panpi na hi kei a summet bawl, a pung ding zong na hi el hi. Thuhkikna pen Topa’n kei a hi ci hi. Leitung mite tungpan thuk kikna I lamet ding hilo hi. Pasien’ na sepna pen sumngam zah donga sepna/piakna ahi hi. Migenthei, meithaite pan pih cih ciangin hong thukkik ding lametna omlo itna taktak tawh pia cihna hi a, Pasien’ deihdan zong hi pah hi.

Gamtatna Ah: Topa zesu mahmah zong leitung ah hong vaklai in miphak meithai siahdongte tawh ki thuah hi. Tua hunlai dingin, miphakte ngial hoh society pan a nawlkhin koihdan tuam a aneihte uh ahi hi. Topa zesu-in ama nung zuite om dingdan lamlahna zong hi pah hi. Mi thupisim ding utna tawh hi lel hi leh hih bangin miniam pente leh mi kihhuai pente tawh ki thuah lo ding hi. Khristian nuntakna pen itna kiniamkhiakna tawh nuntak ding cihna hi pen hi. Nang na ki-it bang in na in veng na pamte itin ci hi. I veng I pam cih ciangin deidan neilo ding azawng a ahau khentuam nei lo ding cih na hipah a a kikim a itna nei khawm ding cihna ahi hi. Pasien na sepna ah milian mithupi teng bek tawh ki thuah ding na ita, mi genthei cih mawhte nakin kei leh Pasien thu pen mi’n ong thupisim ding utna bek tawh azui na hi lel hi.

Pasien gam leh a dikna zong masa lecin tua na khempeuh hong piak thuah ding hi. “TUA NA” Acih in I kisap teng a gen ne ahi hi. Pasien nei masa peuh leng a thupha-in hong zui ding hi.

Kuate’n Thupha Ngah Ding : A tom in gen leng zeisu a neite, Pasien’ deih banga gamtate in thupha ngah ding hi. Nungak khat in tangval hau mahmah khat pasal in nei leh tangvalpa’ neih leh lam teng a ma a hi lel ding hi. Zeisu neite’ thupha ngah mi ahi hi.

Nu-le-Pate A Aahtakte: Leitung nuntak leitung NU-LE-PA pen I muh theih Pasien ahi hi. Nu le pa azah tak akhasiasak lo a thu amangte thupha ngah mi hi ding uh hi: gamh luah ding uh hi, khansau ding uh hi. Tu ciangin leitung pilna a khang mah bangin NU-LE-PA laithei vet lo, tate/mote BA, MA, PhD, sepna lian pi pi a nei ki tam mah mah ta hi. Bang zahta in mawl in pil kei ta leh nu-le-pa ahihna bei tuanloa tate tunga thuneina zongkiam tuan lo hi. Absalom in a pa khasia sak Mun lua ahih manin khansih hi. Ham in Apa (Noah) zukham, tangguak alum, a sel loh man in apan sam sia hi.

Nu-Le-Pa’ Khitui: Tate tungpan lungdamna hangin akhitui uh a luanlehm tate’ a dingin, thupha guahzu tawh ki banga, khasiatna hangin a khitui uh aluan leh tui kholna (dam) kicim bangin tate thupha ngahsa nangawn taimang thei hi. Na nu-le-pa na sim mawh khak leh gun taka nasepsate nu-le-pa zatakten tang kha ding hi.

Pasien Gualzawlna Bang Na Chi Zah Ei?

Goubieklien Munluo
King’s Way Camp (YWAM), Delhi

Pasien a gualzawlna i donte khu eima adiing mei hilou in mi dangte i gualzawl sawn thei nading a Pasien in a’ng pieh ahi zaw hi. Mite a dinga guolzawltu hi dingin Pasien in a’ng dei hi.

I Khristian gamsung khan theilou na khu eima ading bep buoipi, chawmngaina nei lou I tam zie uh zong hi ding in ka gingta hi. Eite khu Pasien in mite ading a phatuom ngai leh panpitu dingin a’ng deihi. Tu in alungsietna silpieh a’ngpiehte tungtawn in khat-le-khat ki panpi tua ding leh ki huoitua dingin Pasien in a’ng deihi. Pasien in sil pieh tuom tuom a’ng pie hi, nang-le-ke’n silpieh I tante kibang lou, nang thei leh bawl theite ke’n bawl thei lou, nang zong kei bawl thei leh kei thei teng bawl thei samlou, hinanleh tu in tuote Khrist a tahsa ba khat I hina uah Pasien in A thupina dingin a’ng dei hi.

Bible in “I genthei na chingteng uah ei panpi a, tua chi’n gentheina thuote panpi thei a um in Pasien akipat I muu uh panpina pen ma zang in mi dangte I panpi uhi” (2 Kor. 1:4). Tuaban ah, “Tua ziehin hepina zieh a a’ng pieh dung juiin silpieh tuom tuom I neite uh mang va ui.” (Rom 12:6-7). Tua leh “Noute khat pou in nouma lunglutna lam guoh en lou in midangte lunglutna lam zong en kawm un. (Philipian 2:4) “…. ei ma kipaahna guoh bawllou ding ahi.” (1Korinthian 10"24). “Mangpa kipaahna lam bawl ki sin un,” (Ephesian 5:10), tualeh verse 17 na ah “Mangpa’n na bawl ding ua A dei bang a hei sui zaw un” Tuale (Rom 12:6) en kia leuleu le, “ Tua ziehin hepina zieh a a’ng pieh dung zui in silpieh tuom tuom I neite uh mang va ui. Sil pieh I nei khu Pasien thugenna ding (na sepnading, Paahtoi na ding) ahileh I ginna toh kituoh in gen vai in, Tua chin silpieh I nei khu Ama nasepna ding ahileh sem vai ui.”

Pasien in eima kipah na’ng leh eima inn sung chou ki ningching na’ng bawl ding in a’ng siem sih hi. Ama deilam bawl ding a siem leh hatte I hi uhi. Mite a dinga gualzawl tu hiding a a’ng na hat ahi. Tu in Pastor, Missionary, Upate chou Pasien in ahat ahi sih a, michin khu Pasien in ama naa sem ding leh ama deilam bawl dinga ahat hizaw hi (I Korinthian 7:17), tung lam hinna nei ding a a’ng nahatte ihi uhi. Tua ahi man in kei telkha sing I chi thei sih, tualeh ama nasem dinga hat I hi nadawl ah, Mangpa dei lam sui in ama’n bang a hei I bawl ding a adei chi zong ei te’n sui a ngai hi, tu in silpieh (Gift) I nei khu ei te’n thei chien a poimaw hi. Tuo I theina dingin ki etchtna bawl angai hi. I tempeina lang thei angai hi. Mite hasot (encourage) dan siem, ahi lou leh Pasien deina banga kipah sah dan siem mi le, ki zahna tuom tuom leh tem peina tuam ki nei chiet hi, tuate ei te’n thei chien a ngai a tuoleh Pasien thupina dinga zah angai hi. Bible in, “Mangpa kipana bawl ki sin un” chi’n a gen hi. Tu in miite, ahilou leh i pawlpi, i hattuom sungte ading in bang e i bawl thei suivai in bawl ki sin vai. Siem sa pieng lou ma I hi chi Pasien in thei hinanleh kisin un achi zaw hi. Bible in “Mi simaw huoi pen khat na panpi lou chieng un kei ei panpi lou na hi ta uhi.” (Methew 22:45) “Serving Peole Is A Serving God.”

Gingtu hinkhuo khu anuom hi I chi gige thei sih, tuo hamsatnate I tuo chieng un zausi vai Pasien thu toh hing I hi zaw uh. Ama’n “Vanney in noute gimna hing thuo sah ta va, hinanleh zong hangsan un, keima’n vannei ka zouta hi.

Tu in I hatlounate, dam theilounate ziehin Pasien na sem theilou din kingai tuo sivai. Pasien in tuote khu A ma minthupina dingin zang ut zaw hi. “Leitung in mothuoi a ase khu Pasien in a teela, leitung in hatla bang a ase khu Pasien in a tel zouta hi” (Amen). Na haatlouna, na damlounate khu nang ut zieh hilou in Ama silbawltheina leh loupi na I mu thei sem zawh na dinga hing um ahi zaw hi (John 9:3). Paul, in “Hinanleh zong ama ei dawnna pen, ka lung sietna khu nang ding in a hun hii, na hatla lai in zong ka silbawl thei na khu a hat zing hi. Tuoleh “Khrist silbawltheina in ei sel ziehin ka haatlana khu ka ki letsa pi ding ka tha anuam hi. haatlanate, housietnate, gentheinate, bawlsietnate leh hamsatnate zousie Khrist zieh ahi man in ka lung a kim ta hi” Paul, in achi hi ( 2 Korinthian 12:9-10).

Pasien a dinga hamsatna I tuote kiletsahpi zawh ding hi daih hi, Bible in, “Hun hamsate’n genthei thua dan hing sin sah van, ama ma in a thua dii dan hing hilvan in, lampi dihlou lam a na pei le zong a ma’n na nuohlam ah Lampi tami hi bou e hing chi va” (Isai 30:21). Pasien hoina mite musah thei tu khu Pasien nasem khat ahi. “Silhoibawl thada sih va ui, I lung kieh sih nah poule ahun tah a agah at ding I hi ngal ua” (Galatian 6:9). Tualeh (I John 3:8) ma ah, hichi’n a gen kia hi, “Tu’n Pasien in iitna a hing pieh khu eite kamteng kihoulimna maimai hida hen, itna dih tah nasepa hing ki lang khu ahi ding kisam ahi.” Tuaziehin Pasien khu iitna ahi’a eite’n iitna toh a ma na I sepding uh ahi. Tu’n khen khat in Pasien ka iit thei sih I chi mai thei uhi. Hinanleh Pasien thu I mang leh Ama iit ki hi mai hi. I John 14 :15 “We know that we love God by obeying His word.” Tuoleh Pasien khu I silbawlte zie’n akipah hi, I gintaat zieh uh mei hi lou hi. (James 2:4).

Mi khen khat in khiel ki chi khu a zada valong ua, hinanleh mi tawnkhiel, mi hoiloute khu mu peilou zel uhi. Bible in “Jing chienga na neh ding, sil ding leh dawn dingte lungkhampi sih un’’ chi nanleh, ki lung kham veve, tam khu khelna (sin) ka chi ut ahi. Azieh pen ahileh Pasien in lung kham sin a chi hi, hinanleh tam dinmun a dingte adiing in vang a ham sa hi. Va ki lungkham khazel in va ki bawl kha phut zel hi, tuo chieng in Pasien thu mang lou ki hi zel, tua khu khelna ahi. Khielna khu thumang louna a hing kipan ahi ngal a. Bible in mi dih tatte (gingtute) khu puoh va un, thou kia va uh a chi hi. (Pslam 94:18). David in “Khiel kha thei ma hina, hinanleh thou kieh vai in ki sin tei tei va ui. Nanleh thei giehguoh in khel na bawl sin (lungke loua sillhoi bawl tei tei ki sin ding a poimaw hi). I puoh kha ta lezong thou kia vai in mailam nawt zel vai, ei gingtute I lung kieh sih napou leh a huntah a agah at ding I hi ngal ua. Rom 8:28 na ah, “Ama lungsiet mite lah a nasem dinga ahatte pen Pasien in silbang kim ah sil hoi abawl pieh zeel hi.” Hahsatna I tuate theisiem sinanlei zong Pasien in ei ading a sil hoi hing na bawl pieh thou thou ahi chi I thei uhi.

A guolzawlna I tangte, Pasien apat damna I ngahte khu amanbei in zang sihvai, Mathew 8:15 ah, Peter sanggamnu khu suh dam a umphet in atah sa damna tha (new health) toh Pasien na asem ngal hi, eite khu mite panpi ding, su dam leh mite guolzawl thei ding a guolzawlna tangte I hi uhi. Mawh tou tou a Vangam tung ding kaal maw ngah ding in Pasien in hing phallou hi. Tua ding a hing dei hileh Pasien a hutdamna I tang phet phet in na hagau la pai talou ding i? Tuozie’n I bawl ding khat um nalai china hi.

Mangpa’n hing tulmaw hi nang le kei. Khrist in a siemlam dangte ihi uhi, sil bawl theina nei lou in ki koi sin ‘We can do all thing through Jesus Chirst’ (Philipian 4:13) “A thu azieh bep hilou in a sem khete zong hi zaw vai” I ngaituanate heng tha vai, “I hin khuo khu I lung tuot dan dan a pei ahi” (Provb. 4:23). I lung sim aki heng leh I hinkhuo kiheng ahi mai hi. Tuozie’n sil bawltheilou dingin ki ngaitua sin, Pasien a na sil pieh theichien inlen A ma thupi na ding in zang zaw in. Sil na bawl khiel ziehin Pasien na sem theilou dingin ki ngaituo sin. Tuote khu solna hi zaw ahi. Thoukieh vai in silhoi bawl ki sin zaw vai. Pasien tate leh a mite I hi uhi. (Rome 9:24-25) “Aziehpen ama’n eite ei han hii. Judate guoh hilou in Jenteelte lah a patin zong mi ahan hi. Ama’n ka mi nahi kha loute khu ka mipite chi tavang in , ka lung siet lou nam khu ka lung siette chi tavang achi hi. Amen. Bang chituhin sil bawl khiel nanlechin zong Pasien in hing taisan lou ding ahi. A itna khu pom inlen kipah tah leh tha nuam tah in ama na sem va ui. (I John 4:8) “Koi in zong itna anei sih leh Pasien a thei sih, aziehpen Pasien khu itna ahi.”

(I John 3:18) mah ah hi chi’n agen kia hi “Ka tunoute aw, itna I nei uh khu kamteng leh houlimna bep hi dahen. Itna dihtah nasep a hing kilang khu a hi ding a kisam hi. “ Bible tungtawn in I thei siem chiet dingun gintat ahuoi hi. I thu zahte khu kem ching vai in, mailam nawt va ui. Gingtute ihi ua, ginna hing kipat na khu Pasien thu zah zieha hing kipan ahi. I ginna toh kal suon chiet dingin I ki hanthawn uhi. Mangpa’n loupina tang ta hen.

Na Gamtatnate Kathei Hi

Thang Sian Mung Lethil
Manager Ramp
Air India, Delhi.

“Na gamtatnate kathei a, a sa lah hilo in, ,a vot lah na hivet kei hi.
A sa a hih kei leh a vot hivet leteh kong deih hi
.” - Kilakna 3: 15.

Laodikia khopi a om Tapidaw pawlpi tungah TOPA Jesu laikhakna kammal pan a kila khia thu makai kammal ahi hi. Laodikia khopi pen a om takpi mah hi a, nidang lai in Asia Minor a kici tuhun in ah Turkey gam tumlam pang ahi gam mun ah om ahi hi.

Lycus phaizang a gam kitawi tungah om khopi ahi a, Rome kumpi khanlai in Phrygia ukna sungah khopi hausa pen pen ahi hi. Ahoih mah mah Zato sang (medical school) anei uh a, a kicing mah mah khaukhek puangatna (textile industry) anei uh hi. Tua bek thamlo in sum leh pai zekna (banking establishment) zong khopi sungah anei uh hi. Hihte khempeuh hangin khopi aminthang mah mah in, mihau ka hi a, ci thei mah mah ka hih man in, bangmah ka kisam kei hi, na ci vial hi(aneu…17na) a ki cihna uh Khazih in agen hi.

Lai siangtho sunga i muh bangin, TOPA Jesu Khazih in a sila pa Johan zangin Laodikia khopi a om Tapidaw pawlpi tungah a laikhak hih bang ahi hi. Kilakna 3: 14, Laodikia khua pawlpi a kempa tungah hih bangin lai khak in. Amen ahi. a muanhuai leh a thuman teci, Pasian piansak nate a pankhia pa in kong gen in ah: 15.Na gamtatnate ka thei a, a sa lah hilo in, a vot lah na hivet kei hi. A sa ahih kei leh a vot hivet leteh kong deih hi. 16. Sa lah sa lo, vot lah vot lo in, a lum lel a na om manin, ka kam sungpan kong sia khia ding hi. 17. Nangmah in: Mi hau ka hi a, ci thei mah mah ka hih manin, bangmah ka kisam kei hi. Na ci vial hi. A gethei, a hehpih huai, a zawng, a mittaw leh guaktang a om na hihlam na kithei kei hi. 18.

Tua ahih manin na hauh theihna dingin, mei sunga kisiang sak sa kham keima tungpan hong lei in. Guaktang in om a na zahmawh a kidawk lohna dingin, na silh ding puanpaak (keima tungpan) hong lei in la, khua na muh theihna dingin na mit zong mitza (keima tungpan) hong nuh in. 19. Keimah in ka itte khempeuh taai in ka khal (thuhilh) thei hi. Na mawhna kisik kik inla, na lungsim tha khauhsak in. 20. En in, kongkhak ah dingin kiu in ka om hi. Mi khatpeuh in ka aw za a kong hong hon leh ama om na ah ka lut ding a, amah tawh ann ka ne khawm ding hi.Amah in zong kei tawh ann a ne khawm ding hi. 21. Keimah gualzo a ka Pa tawh Ama tokhom ah ka tut khawm bangin, a gualzo mi in keimah tawh tokhom ah a tut khawm theihna ding thu ka pia ding hi. 22. Kha siangtho in pawlpite tunga thu agen bil nei mi in za ta hen.

Khazih in Laodikia khua saptuam pawlpi tungah a laikhak in a kempa muh dingin khak hi. Khazih in Amah leh Amah ahihna hong kigenna kammal pen Lai siangtho sung mun dangah kitam muh lo hi. Amen a hi, a muanhuai leh a thuman teci, Pasian piansak nate a pankhia pa, hong ki cihna in sitni (gensak pa, 1 Jn.2:1) ding hilo in, amaute thuk dingin, nang bang kisa na hi hiam? chihna khat a hi hi.

Aneu…15,16na tawh kisai in ah, Khazih kammal in, agam leh amun a thupiangte zangin saptuam pawlpi tungah taihilhna kam a pau hi. Laodikia khopi pen Kolosia khopi leh Hierapolis khopi in a tehtuah na a om khopi ahi hi. Kolosia leh Hierapolis in a min nei thei tui nam nih anei uh hi. Hierapolis khopi sungah zatui a kizang thei tui sa a phul hi. Mi kuamah peuhmah tua tuisa in a kisil uh ciangin, a ci uh dam hi.

Kolosia khopi sungah aciim mah mah tui vot a phul leu leu hi. Tua tui vot phul pen cidamna ding tawh kituak in zong lim mah mah hi. Loadikia khopi a teengte in dawn dingin Km 6 a sau tuilawng tawh a zawl lut uh hi. Hih tui dawn in nuam sa mah mah uh a, ci nat lu nat a tuah uh ciangin Hierapolis khua ah pai in tui sa phul ah a kisil uh ciangin damna a ngah uh hi. Khazih in a saptuam pawlpi hihnate amuh ciangin, a kempa tungah a sa lah hilo in, a vot lah na hivet kei hi, (…15na) a ci hi. A sisan tawh a lei pa in a it mah mah a saptuam pawlpi in a hihna uh kician in a om uh ngiat in, a sa a hih kei leh a vot hi vet leteh kong dei hi , a cih beh lai hi. …16na ah, Sa lah sa lo, vot lah vot lo in, a lum lel a na om manin, ka kam sung pan kong sia khia ding hi. A cihna in, amaute in Tapidaw a hih uh hangin Pasian a kisap luatna neilo uh ahih man un, Khazih in kihei san dingin vauna kam pau zang hi.

Aneu …..17na ah, a tunga mah bangin, Tapidawte om zia Khazih in a neih leh lam thu uh siksan in a gen kik hi. Laodikia khopi a teengte hauhna a kigen ciangin, na khempeuh a kicing piik peek in aneih mateng van leilei leilei uh hi, ki ci hi. A.D. 60 kum pawl in ah Tangkang zinling hangin a khopi cimgawp in kisia dim dem hi. Kuamah huhna sanglo in a teengte in a khopi uh kilam kik hi. Rome kumpi khutnuai a om ahih uh hangin, a huhna uh khempeuh simmawhna tawh kikim in ngaihsun in, sanglo uh hi. Hih hun khit zawh kum 40 khit ciangin Khazih laikhak ngah uh hi. Lawkite tawh a teng khawm uh hangin, Tapidawte in sisan tawh leisa ahihna uh kithei lo uh hi. A lei pa in lah a Eklisiate, kawk banna, vun tonna leh hoihlohna khat beek omlo, a siangtho, mawhsakna ding omlo, a vanglian pawlpi Amah aang sungah a kipiak ding uh a deih hi. (Eph.5:27). Ahih hangin amaute tuabang na hilo in Khazih muhna ah, A genthei, a hehpih huai, a zawng, a mittaw leh a guaktang a om a na hi uh hi.

Aneu…18na ah, Kimanna aneilo pawlpi in kimanna hong neih theih kikna dingin Khazih in lamlahna nei hi. Hehpihna, mihing a kipan piang hilo, Tangkum Pu a kipan a piang mihingte hong hehpihna hangin eite zong Khazih in hong kihei san nailo in, hongsam lai lai hi. Khazih in, na hauh theihna dingin, mei sunga a kisiangsak sa kham keima tungpan hong lei in. a ci hi. Lei tungah hauhna thu a kigen ciangin a tangpi in kham(gold) tawh kisim hi. Lai siangtho ah Pasian thu tawh gentehna in kila hi. Mei sunga kisiangsak sa a cih ngiatna in, niin leh sik dang bangmah tawh kihel lo, sam ek kai theilo, zuau thu kihel lo, a kipel lo kamciam, cihna ahi hi.

Guaktangin om a na zahmawh a kidawk lohna dingin na silh ding puanpaak (keima tung pan) honglei inla, Puanpaak in khialhna niin banglo, vantung kizepna puan genna in kizang hi. Laodikia khopi a teengte in puangat khaukhekna a kicing mah mah a neihna uh pan in, Tuu-mul puan sandanga vom abawl uh hi. Hih tuu-mul puan hangin zong aminthang mah mah uh hi. Midangte puanlum in a tuam uh hangin, Khazih a dingin amaute guaktang tawh kibang ahi uh hi. Tapidawte hong kihei in, a mawhna uh kisik kik in, TOPA lam hong zuankik dingin deih a, Khazih a lungsim kongkhak uh kiu lai lai hi. A gualzo pa kizepna puanpaak silh sak ut in Khazih in sam lai hi. Tua khit ciangin Khazih in khua na muh theihna dingin na mit zong mitza (keima tungpan) hong nuh in a ci lai hi. Laodikia khua a teengte Zato lam ah minthang mah mah leu leu uh hi. Zato sang (medical school) hoih mah mah anei uh hi. Adiak in mit lam tawh kisai siamna sangpi anei uh hi. Tapidawte in Kha-lam nuntakna ah a hihna uh kimu cianlo ahih mah un, Khazih in amah tungpan mitza hong nuh un, ci hi.

Aneu ….19na ah, Khazih in a itte, a thuhilhna thu a gen hi. Tua tawh kikim in Hebia(Hebrew) gelh pa in hih bangin ci hi.12:6,7 ah, Banghang hiam cih leh TOPA in a itte thuhilh a,A saansa a tate a sat hi, a ci hi. Thuhilhna nathuak uh ciangin, tate tunga a kibawl banga Pasian in note tunga hong bawl ahi hi. A pa in thuhilh loh tate om ngei ahi hiam ? Khazih in a itte thuhilhna kammal a zaksak khit ciangin, a sapna aw zasak hi. Mawhna sungah puksa ahih hangin kisik in, lungsim tha khauhsak kik dingin pawlpi tungah thu hilh hi. Aneu …20na ah, En in, kongkhak ah dingin kiu in ka om hi. A ci hi.Leitung nuntakna tawh a lungkim khin pawlpi tungah Khazih in a dawh zawhna kilang sak lai in, kha-lam nuntakna ah ann-kham a ngahlo, a genthei liangvai Laodikia pawl mai ah a kham piik peek a neek dingun Khazih in kipawl khawmna (Fellowship)ann kuang a lui hi.

Khazih in a laikhak khupna dingin a lunggulh huai mah mah kam vaikhakna tawh thukhupna nei hi. Tua in ah, Pa ziatlam ah a tut mah bangin, (Heb.1:3).a gualzo mi tawh van ah a tutkhawm theihna dingin thu apia ding hi. Pawlpi dangte tunga laikhak mah bangin zakna ding bil nei khempeuh zak dingin, Kha siengtho in pawlpite tunga thu a gen bilnei mi in zata hen. (…22) ci in khin hi.

Laodikia saptuam pawlpi om zia in, kum zalom 1722 A.D. pan Khazih hongpai kik hun (rapture) tan sunga om Tapidawte om zia ding lahna hi, ki ci hi.

Mangpa Deilam Bang Ahiei?

John Paunou Zo
Zo Synod
Kaleymyo (PCM)

Tuozieh in mimaw bang hilou in, mipilte dan in nahindan uah pilvang ta un, Tulai nite ahoilou jieh in nahun lemtang neisunte nou kiman hoi ta un. Tuozieh in mawlawm sih unlen Mangpa’n nabawl ding ua, adei bang ahei suizaw un. - Ephesa 5:15

Ephesa pawlpite pen sawltahte bung 19 a I mu bang un, Paul zintun in, Mangpa Jesu min in baptisma a’ngtang a, Hagau zong ahingtang pai hi chipen imu a, Tuote kungah tambang thu ahing giel tahi. Baptish thu leh Hagau siengthou thugen akulta sih a, Baptisma tangsate leh Hagau tangsate kung ah atan ding akul leh pawimaw pen ahileh tu a, italang pen uh ahita, Mimawte bang a umlou ding leh Nite ahoilou zieh a, ahunlem tang nei sunte kimanhoi ding in a’ngen a, tuo a italang nuom khu , anichin hinna ding vua, pawimawkhat khu ahi a, Mangpa deilam bang ahei? Chi ngaituo ngaiding in athum ta ahi. Mihing dan in zong tate akinei a, tate’n abawl ding bangkim uah, ka pa leh kanu deilam ahi dieimah i zawh? Chi ngaituo mitepen tagilou ahi ngaisih ding a, migilou in zong akikoi ngaisih ding hi. Nu leh Pa deilam bang ahei chi a ngaituo lou a, ama deina lam lam a gamtate khu tapa/nu hoi leh lawching koima aum ngaisih hi.

Tuoma bang in Nupi te’n zong apasalte deilam ngaituo a, na asep leh nupi gilou atang ngaisih ding uhi. apasal deilam ngaituo lou leh ama son a kigamtat vamuolte pen Nu hoi chi’n akitel ngai sih ding hi. Khuo khat ah ahileh a Pastorpa un zi anei lou pen Nupi khat in atanu ading in adeisah a, ahileh a pasal zong dong lou in kathu in kanei sah thei hi achita maw hi. Kakithu kim zawh chieng leh ama te inn lam ah, palai sawl vai in, apa in anu ham lah athei nalai sih a, kihou limding chieng uh leh kava kihal zong in anu in atanu pen ahathei mama ahi achileh apapen ahileh ahamnuom nawm tasih a, achidan dinglah aumnawm thei tasih a, ka kihou lemtang thei ta nawm sih uh hi.Numei lupen pasal a hi a, adeih nalam a ngaituo ding angai mabang in khrista pen hattuom pawlpi lu ahia, khrista deilam ngaituo pen kabawl ding mawng ahi achibang in, Tuochi in ki chien tah in paul in tam thu ahing giel hi.

Nasemte hoh bangding a, khiel na a, lut kha leng zel e? Amai ah lhem na a hingpei a, Nungah melhoih tah te, Dangka sumtam tahte, deihna leh khielna thupi tah mai a hingpei te hoh ahing om lel a, amate lam iet chieng leh vabawl pah ahei mah ahisihleh vakikhiel pah mai thei silte ahing um thei a, Hinanaleh tuote khu Mangpa deih lam ahi eimah? Tam bangah Nungah melhoi nutawh lah kaki nai ta mama a, Dangka sumtamtah ten lah eikhuolkhum kei ta a, chie a Mangpa deihlam hingngaituo henlei hilei khielding ahivot sih a, Mangpa diehlam ngaituo khalou tenvang gilouna, khielna ah alut lengzel uhi.Gingtute adinga, kul leh thupipen khielna pumpel nading a hoihpen khu katung a silhing tung tengteng hi. Mangpa deilam bang ahei ? Chih ngaituo ahi hi. Gingtute ading a, sil kul leh pawimaw pen khu ahi hi. Thu gen mitam te peikhiel na zong ahileh a nasep na ah, Mangpa deihlam ngaituoh tum lou va, mipite deihlam leh amate igensiem ding leh phatding kisah na taahsa ngaituona in; tuo sermon a thugen pen ahing den sih ding hi.agensiem mihing hiziehin Nal tah leh kilawm tah in agen maithei hi. Hinanaleh mite lungsim a khoingai sih hi,Thugen te tam tah ten Pasien deihlam thu agen tang in, mite ngainuom deihlam leh mihing tha nuom na sermon thugen a peipiden ziehin, Mangpan athuphanga nading thupha tawh akipel sahden hi. Athupha pie ding zah khu guolzawl na a kimtah in a dong zousah sih hi.

Thugen pakhat munkhat ah a zinna ah ahileh (95) vei thu agen a, pasien pakhat thu ngen abul apan in atawp dong in a sermon a,tuathu ngen pasien pakhat chi in agen a, a Pastorpa khat in Pastor lera mipite ngaihding deihlam jesu hingpei kia na thute hing gen phot in, mipi tamtah hing peikhom ding ahi, chi-in angen a, Hinanaleh a dinkhiet chiengin pasien pakhat thu behgen ding kul leh pawimawi in hagau in ahingphutzel hi, Hianleh pasien in a kipahpi chi athei khiel na in, tuomi pasien pakhat ahina thu ngai khietute ahi leh mi(167) in jesu min a baptishma ahing tang khieta a, mipite ngaidan deihlam in thugen tahen hileh tuoteng zousie in baptishma atang ding gingtat ahisih a, Hagau siengtho nasepna ah, ahileh thunget nasep nate, lam Dance nasep nate, a pawimawh mama a, hinanaleh pasien deilam a thunget nasep na min a, peilou ten, sil kilawm lou in apeing sah thei mwah hi, lam nasep zog ahileh eima kilawm chiah I bawl a mite etlawm deih kilawm a ibalwl kha ten pasien akipah sah thei sih uh hi. khuokhat ah Nuthawi, khat in Pastor lera keipen kamel a hoimaw na lai a,lamding chieng kakikhut tu piding mikamu zou sih a, kalam vang in kikhutu piding misui sui in; kalam thabei hi. chi in vagen a, alam mawhgim maimai denkhat ana hi hi, tuomabang in maw au au a, nasep chite zong tuo mabang ahi a, miten eigenpha leh chi kinep na nei a, min lasa au au nasepna apeipi chieng mite patawi a lawh a, hinanleh pasien patawi na alawh ngaisih hi.

Isareal kumpite zong vaihawmna ah Mangpa deilam amanghil chieng uh leh akalsuon uh a puo leng uh hi. Pasien deilam ngaituo lou a, eima deihlam zawh a pasien thu min a, ipeipi hun khu ikalsuan khiel na ahiden hi. khuokhat ah a upa pan jesu si ding nizan thu agen a, jesu khu aman a, pilat inn ah azawh pi vuo, anua zuite tengteng thu ahilnuo in, peter peipai in azui a, tuomi zankhu thumvei a phat thei a, kouten zong khatvei ve kangphat thei ta lawm sih ding uh amah? Ava chia pasien lungva suhang sih va chipen koi-in e agenthei daih leh? Jacob giel in, Mangpan lem asah leh tuomi, tammi ken bawl vang ichi zawh ding ahi hi chi a, ama zieh a, hing lehdam kahi bou a, kapei ding a, kabawl ding hi chi pen mihinglam pan bawl lawm ahi sie tuojiehin Mangpan lem achi leh kapei dinga, kabawl ding ahi chi in Jacob in ei guolzawl hi.

Tua a nasepna a pei a thu din munte in, nasetah a iki theisem mama uh angai a, thu gen pa khat in, khuokhat ah nasep na anei a, lem chet va e chie, eiten programme isem thei ahi sih a, Mangpan lem achi leh a lem chiet ding ahi chia ki ngai ding hizawh hi, gamgikuolsung khat ah ahi leh thu gen ding in agen ngen vua, Mangpan thu pha angpienleh batisma tang ding in zong aki lamen vua, hinalehj pakhat in hitheisih vang thuomi ni in ka tun nading munkhat omhi chi in lai ka lha ta a, chin ahithei hon sih a, Pawlpi tu dong in ahizou loudan in kangaituo hi.tuovangin nasepna pei dan leh Hagau nasep dan enden in, lem leh lem lou dan Mangpa deilam bang ahei leh ? Chi in iki lan ding uh ahi hi.

Mangpa deidan ngaituo lou a, Nasem pawlkhat in mite genphat maimai ngaituo hun lemsa den a, umte’n vang agakhu gahhoi sang in, Gah hoilou a suo zawh hi. Nasempakhat in, anasep na ah apan piding leh apawl ding bangzat aheikhat neia, ahoi lou mun ah zong ahoi agen den a, atawp ah kelna gilou na ah ahig lut ta hi. thugen a, nasep pawlkhat in zong Mangpa deilam ngaituo lou in, ama uh deina lambeh zieh in, nasep na atawp san tum lou ten in, Nasetah in akikhen den uh hi, Tuhun lai a, bang ahei leh nasep na a khul leh pawimaw hi zong in, Mangpan deilam bang nge chi in nichin in aki ngaituo ding uh hi. I zin khiet na ding ah zong Mangpa deilam thei akul mama ahi hi. Paul leh sila zong hagau phut a nasem a pusuoh hinanleh amate deidan in Galati gamlam zuot ding a tup lai in, I kilat na in, Mekadonia gam a,pei ding in hat ahia, Jesu hagau in a thu hil a kham ta, chi in kimu a, Tuojiehin Mangpa min kohmulou nalam ah khu nasem in kapei kha maitheia, Mangpa deilou lam a pei kha a, ahile Guolzawlna I dawng thei kah khel-lou ding hi, tuo vangin I puosuoh ding chieng lungsim tawngngeh tawh thumna nei a,Mangpa deilam a, ikal suon thei na ding thu nget na a ngai ahi hi.

Deuteronomy 11 sung imu bang in, Mangpa suikhiet sagam ngei khu I suikheit a kul ahi bangchidan a, Nasem pawlkat loching thei a, pawlkhat locing thei lou ahei leh? Mangpa deilam ngaituo te zousien lochin na a atang vua, Mangpa deilam ngaituo lou a, eima deilam leh mite genphat deilam veh ngaituo ten vang Guolzawlna adong theilou uh ahi hi.tuojiehin inasepna gam ding zong eima deilam tel khu zau huoi mama hi. Mun-nuom peina nuom hidan nopna veh ngaituo te vangkhu Mangpa nasem dihtah ahichipen kichi thei ngaingai lou hi.

Na thu thu a, om kanuom hi, na thu bou kahinna ahi,tuovangin eitheiden na vateh namite kahi ichi ngam chieng leh chiemnui na thu apangnon sih hi.tuojieh in silzou sie ah Mangpa deidei chi ahei mah? Mangpa deibang ahei chi pen ihinsung ikisiem kul ding uh ahi. ama deih nalam ah izang uh hi, Mangpa deilam izui thei chiet na ding un Mangpa’n tam tah in Guolhingzawl chiet ta hen.

Dawi Havang Kaal Ah

Thang Sian Mang

Zomite pen Pasian in hong lamto a, sim leh mal (Kawlgam Vaigam) apan leitung gam mun tuamtuam ah ih teeng khia uhi. Pasian sehsa hiding hiven, cikmah a zong mangmat phaklohna gam (Pakistan) zuan in ko zong ka nupa un kum 2000 May 5 ni-in Delhi pan vanleng tawh ka lengkhia uh a, tua ni zan nai 9 pawlin a khopi uh Islamabad ka tung uhi. Delhi pan vanleng tawh Lahore kitawn a, nai thum sungin Islamabad kitung hi. Mawtaw/meileeng tawh ni khat sungin kitung suak zo hi.

Pakistan cih a khiatna in ‘Holy Land’ (Pak=Holy) ahi hi. Muslim gam ahih manin voksa nek ding genloh a vok mahmah zong kimu mengmeng lo hi. Suai (gold) sangin muh hamsa zaw ci leng kikhial lo kha ding hi. Gam lian lua hilo a, India gam sehli suah sehkhat (1/4) khawng bek pha lel hi. Muslim biakna a zui 97% hi a, Hindu biakna a zui (Sikh leh adgdg tawh kigawm) 1.6% pha in, Christian biakna a zui 1.4% bek pha hi. Urdu leh Punjabi paute kizang phadiak hi. Tua lo-in Sindhi, Baluchi leh Bravi kampaute zong kizang hi. A sum uh Rupee mah kici a, ei sum 100 pen amau a 120/125 tawh kikim hi. Mite lawpluatna mun leh teel masakna mun hi khollo hi. A tangpi in gal gam khat in kiciamteh a, galkap bang hileh J&K ahihke’h North-East (adiak in Manipur/Nagaland/Assam) posting tawh kibang kha ding hi. Sente tawh a kitanauna uh a hoih man leh ih mel-leh-puam kibatna hang mah tawh hong ngaina tuam bilbel uhi. Ahih hangin, ko om hun sung pen India gam tawh kizopna a huaisiat hunlaitak ahih manin ko zum nasemte a ding in nuam lo laklak ah zong nuam lo kholdiak hi. “An eye for an eye” hiam “Tit for Tat” cih bang pian in, khat lamah zum nasem khat kiman hiam ahih keileh kinotkhia hiam om peuh leh, a lang lam te’n zong tua bang mah a kithuk suk pah, kua mawh a kua dik hiam cih kikan nawn tuan lo, a kamsia penpen in thuak kha hiziau lel hi.

India in Pakistan gam ah mission khat ‘High Commission of India’ kici Islamabad khua ah kinei hi. Zum nasem api-atal gawmkhop 110 pha ding a kiseh hinapi in nohkhiatna (PNG/persona non grata) ahih keileh sapkhiatna (recall) cihte hangin kikim sipsip ngeilo hi. A ‘khulang-khang’ in cileng, ka tun kum uh 2000 August kha-in vuak-le-sat thuak man lo in khat hong kinotkhia pah hi. Kha nih zawh ciangin mi khat vuak thuak khin sa-in kinotkhia leuleu hi. Banah, gen tham meello lah ninhuai/huathuai mahmah pawl khat bel – sun hun gentakloh zan kim lai peuh in ‘blank call’ kingah thei zel hi. Kelkong kan peuh leng kua pusuak kua sungtum cih encik ding mi om uh a, i vakna khempeuh ‘bazar’ kaina natawm ah ong sul zuihzuih tazen uhi.

Tua bangin kum 2001 mel kimu a, sep ding bangbang sem le bawl a ka om liailiai laitak un 9/11 (September sawm-le-khat) ni a America a ‘World Trade Center’ ki ‘bomb’ na hang tawh patauhna hong kipan pianpian hi. Tua kum December 13 ni-a ‘Indian Parliament’ kiluh thu leh kum 1999 December kha a Indian Airlines vanleng ki ‘hijack’ thu hang tawh “liamna ma ah ci kitaat” tawh kibang in, tua ‘meima’ dam nailo pen hong nasia gawp ding bang hi. Ani ni-in thu thakthak piang a, kitanauna zong huaisia kholdiak hi. America in Afghanistan sim(attack) ding in hong kithawi a, India kumpi in Pakistan kap suk mai ding geel uh cih khawng tawh kisa vengvung hi. US President George Bush in Pakistante huhna deih ahih manin, “Lawm ut maw, gal ut?” a cih ciangin a President pa un, “Sikha, nang lamah ka pang” cih bang pian in, ‘Talibante’ (tua hunlai a ‘Al Qaeda’ tawh kizom a Afghanistan a ukte) langpan in Americate panpih ding a khensat hi. Cik ciang nawnkhiat in a ki-om tam aw?! ci-in kiging sa in ka om gige uhi. Suitcase ah van guansa in kikoih a, vanleng bang zong kithawi manta hinapi’n a sawtlo in kinawnkhiat ding vai hong theng bilbel hi. Kum 2002 January kha in i kumpite’n a lungkim loh uh lahna in Gam Palaipipa (High Commissioner) sam khia uhi (cikmah in hibang om ngei nailo kici hi). Gam kikawm tuahna vanleng, meileng leh mawtawte khawlsak in om a, Indian satellite channel zong TV ah khahkhiat ding kham(phal lo) uhi. Ko zum nasemte zong alang (50%) hong ciahkik in alang ka om uhi. Inn lam zong phawk man lo-in kisa vengvung hi. Kizopna a huaisiat zawk lai leh kumpite’n nawnkhiat sipsip hong sawm uh a, nek-le-tak bang zong nipikal khat a ding lei kholhsa in kikoih hi.

Tua kum March kha nipi zingsang khat ka lawmnu ‘bazar’ pai dawn ding a inn pan ka kumsuk hiathiat leh, ngaihtak a ‘BOMB’ puak ging khat ka za hi. Koi ah, bang a? ci-a taiphei kawm a ka khuadak phei leh ka building gei ua biak-inn khat ‘International Presbyterian Church’ kici tawlet umna maan (glass) hong kitam zuaizuai in, a sung pan meikhu hong zamkhia ngoingoi hi. Tua kikhopna munah migilote’n ‘grenade’ va lawn lut uh ci-in thuthang kiza hi. A sunga kikhawmte kahna leh maunate kiza a, pawlkhatte sisan kai niaunuau kawm a taikhia ka mu hi. Huh theihna lampi om hiam ci-a ka va naihphei leh ka lawmte khat in, “Va lut laizang ken. Bomb puaksak pa hi ci-in hong ngawh kha ding uhi” hong ci hi. Sawtlo khit nungin, thacing mahmah FBI honkhat a thau/meithal uh tawh tua biak-inn kimkot ah ding dim uhi. Hih biakinn ah a tamzaw ‘foreigner’ kikhawm uhi. Tua ni zingsang a kikhawm pawl in pangkha le ung, a kituakkha ding himai! A munah ‘American diplomat’ khat zi leh a tanu khat tawh sim in mi 5 si uh a, tampi liam uhi. Hibang thupiangte hangin gamdang pawlkhat US, Germany, British cihte in Pakistan ah bitna omlo hi, ci-in a mite lak uah numei-naupangte a gam uah samkik uhi.

Hibang kawm kal-ah April kha zingsang khat zum kah ding a kuan, mawtaw lam naih a ka paiphei leh nakpi tak a huhna ngen a kiko aw’ khat ka za hi. Ka khuadak phei leh Arnold Schwarzenegger ciacia ding ‘mama’ (ISI volunteerte cihna) thum/li te’n ka lawmte khat uh zum kah ding a kuan kimlai man ut lua kisa vok delh in a nungah delh henhan mawk uhi. A phak tak ciang un mancip uh a, a lu tuamsak in, mawtaw (truck) tawh pua khia hiau uhi. Tua mun a om ko pawlte mi guk khawng ka pha uhi. Ahi zongin amah hotkhiat theihna ding lampi omlo ahih manin, cinema ‘last fighting’ et bangin ki-en hekhak lel hi. Nai 7/8 sung thudotna leh gawtna a thuak zawh ciangin inn hong tung hi. A zing ciangin nohkhiatna lai mu a, ni 7 sungin i gam lamah ciangkhut khun sa-in hong ciahsanta hi. Tua ni pen a kuan nunung lam ah ka pankhak manin a tuakkha lo suak hi’ng.

Tua kum mah June kha pawl in ko pawl ka buai henhan leuleu uhi. Kizopna huaisia semsem in, kido taktak ding zah dong a thu hong thang vengvung ciang in, Kumpite’n zong hong nawnkhia ding vanleng bang kisa sa’n koih leuleu uh a, kisa sa a om ding in thupiak kingah hi. Tua bang a kinawnkhiat (evacuate) ding vaihawm a, kiginni (Saturday) natawm nasem a kuan ka lawmte khat mah lampi-ah na pang uh a, gukhia (kidnap) hiau uhi. Nai 7/8 sung ding khawng mah gawtna/sawina leh thudotna a thuak zoh ciangin hong kikhahkhia hi. Inn hong tun ciangin a khe tawh zong ding zolo in, zun-tha ek-tha ding nangawn ngong kawi kawm a paipih ngaingai kul hi. Tua ni kiginni (Saturday) hi a, vakkhiat ni a kizang hinapi in ka pusuah loh ni tawh kituak zenzen. Ni thum khit ciangin PNG puang uh a, lum diatduat sa-in inn lam hong ciahkik hi. Cihmah bangin eilamte’n amau zum nasemte khat Delhi ah man in thudotna nei uh cihthu om ahih manin, a thuak kha hilel hi.

A thuakte lakah ka pang khak loh hangin, lungnuamtak in ki-om hithiat thei tuan lo hi. Hici bang kawmkal ah kum thum bang hong cing in 2003 October 6 ni-in Pakistan ka nusia uhi. Tua zawh a kipan ‘suakta kisa in’, hih article……

Neucik hileh a kithuak kha thei ding hi napi’n tua bang kawmkal ah Pasian in ZCF, Delhi in ‘Silver Jubilee’ a lopna zang thei ding a cidamna hong pia leh hong gualzawhpih ahih manin, A min phat ing. ‘Golden Jubilee’ ciangdong hong mualsuahpih ding zong lamen hang.

A Hoihzaw Gam Zuan a Zin

Upa N Chinsum

“A hoihzaw gam zuan a zin, Gamdai nisatna ka pai;
Pa, Na khut in honlen in, Honpii honhuai zel in.”
- Ira D Sankey.

Ahoihzaw gam, Vangam zuana zin lam I pailai in I biak Pasien in A khut hat-a honglen in hong tonpih a… Delhi Zomi Christian Fellowship (DZCF) in kum 25 mel mu ahita. Thupi mahmah maw. Hun nuam hun haksa-a hong taisan/ ensan ngeilou I biak Pasien minthangta hen! Ama’n Delhi Zomite hichieng hong tunpih lai in, DZCF’ hun paisa, tuhun leh mailam hun ngaihsut louh theihlouh thu ahi. Tua’man in tawm kikum dih ni.

HUN PAISA: A’ khawvak mu masalam mi bangzahhiamte’n 21 January 1972 in, I Silver Magazine uh Editor, T. Zamlunmang Zou pianna khua, Daijang khawta, Manipur CCpur district ah Zomi National Congress (ZNC) ana phutkhia ua, tua pen ei Manipur Zodawn suakte laka Zomi (Zo suan) nationalism hong kipatna hidan in chiamteh theih hi. ZNC president leh secretary masa Pu T Gougin, leh Pu Semkhopau Samte @ Pu SK Samte te ahi uh.

ZNC piannung kum 10 pai manlou in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi akipan Pu S Thangkhangin Ngaihte leh Pu LS Gangte te’n M Phil hon zoukhia uhi (1979 in). Nuam. Pu Ngaihte dissertation, History of the Zomi of Mizoram and the surrounding Areas: Aspects of pre-colonial society chih hia; Pu Gangte aa, Zomi polity in transition: A case study in Manipur chih ahi hi.

JNU akipan graduate khethei I om tawh kiton chih theih phial in Pu N Gouzagin s/o Pu Enpum Naulak (RIP), Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency apan MP hongching viahviah – 7 Canning Lane, New Delhi ah solkar-inn luahsak in om hi. 7 Canning Lane pen India khawpite laka Zomite Hq. masa; ALZOSA (All Zomi Students’ Association) bang, DZCF bang pianna mun, mun poimawhtak ahong hita.

DZCF a Secretary masa Pu H Thangzamuan in Annual Report, 1982-83 a gelhna ah hibang in taklang (vide, ZCF Delhi Secretary’s Annual Report 1982-83 dated 4.9.1983):

The Worship Service at 7 Canning Lane was started by Zomi believers in Delhi on the 27th February, 1982. The main objective of the Fellowship service being a common sharing of believers in the Lord and group prayers and praises to God, it is believed that this Fellowship will enable the believers to strengthen one another in the Lord. Apart from aiming at glorification of God’s name and the extension of Christ’s kingdom, this Fellowship, it is believed, will bring the believers closer to each other.

TU HUN: DZCF kum 25 chingta. Ebenezer! Hiai santak ah, “Kum tenga Delhi Zomi kibehlap zungzung napi, DZCF a minkhum member bel kibehlap huthut hetlou…!” chih mi pawl khatte ngaihsutna ah om thei. A om diing mah zong ahi. Tua bang awlmawhna apailai in, DZCF Pawlpi leh a’ kakhia, inntuan Fellowship/ church te tungtang (muh theih kizopna) sang mah in I omkhakna tek ua mimal khat chiat leh siemtu Pasien kaal (muh theihlouh kizopna) feltak poimawh zaw hilou hiam, chi ut I hih chu. Mihing lampite’n TOUPA a suklungkim chienga TOUPA’N a melmate na-ngawn amah tawh kilem dia bawl hive’n! (Pau 16: 7). DZCF ah min khum mi khat I hithei (registered member), I hikei maithei (non-registered member). Ahihi hitaleh – think ‘Indian’ vis-à-vis ‘NRI’ - laizom Zomi, Zomi Khristian I hihna kidang theikei e.

Mihing’ lampi, a sep-le-bawl leh ngaihsutnate’n TOUPA lungkimsak zou vuallou hi (Rm 3: 9-18). Pa Pasien lungkimsak leh A lungkimna omsun Jesu Khrist ahi (Matt 3: 17). Tua Jesu Khrist, nang leh kei hinna naak (Kalvari tuihing lui), Pa Pasien in I pilna bang, I diktatna bang, I sianthouna bang, I tatna bang hiding in a bawlta (1 Kor 1: 30). Huai TOUPA vuak sidup leh dahsak Jesu Khrist’ sihna leh thawhkiikna na khelhna thoihna ‘thillat’ dia na zat/ hamphatpih peuhpeuh chieng in Pa Pasien in Tapa Jesu a A chisuan muta hi diing; Tapa Jesu tunga a lungdamna nang tunga a lungdamna hi diing ahi (Is 53: 10, Jak 1: 18). Toupa thupha maw! Van-inn paina lampi Khros; upna tawna, tua Khros a, Jesu tawh kikilhkhawm (crucified with Christ) mite in khentuam neilou uh, Khentuam neilou uh chichih-pauchihte, Fellowship chihte.

Rev Dr Hawlngam Haokip in IN SEARCH OF IDENTITY booklet Introduction, “The coming of Christ and the influence of Christianity has brought reconciliation and harmony between heaven and earth, Jews and Gentiles, and among people of different races, tribes, colour and creed,” chi’n pana, gen kha I sa hi. Dr Haokip in a gelhzom zelna ah, “It is sad to say that the Kuki-Chin, even though they claimed that they have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and have been reconciled with God and love for Him, they have forgotten to reconcile with and love their own brothers which is an inseparable part of their life (Mark 12: 30-31). For a Christian, love should not only be vertical but also be horizontal,” chitou lai hi.

Hamsia banna sing Khros a Tapa Pasien in tatna naa a sepkhit nungsang, Pa Pasien lungsim ah, vanmi leh leimi kilem khinzou hi. Aw, hiai Thu, upna a san diing ngei! Khros atungzawng (vertical) in vantung mite leh leimite kilemna gen, apheizawng (horizontal) pen in leimi leh leimi - innsak-innkhang/ u-le-nau - kilemna gen/ ensak ahi, zong a kichi. Tua Khros laitaka kikhai Hondampa lamdang in ‘mihing’ a kichi khempeuh tatna (once and for all) semkhinzou hinapi, hih Tangthupha zata leh za nailou, huan, za napi-a a ummi (gingta mi) leh umlou mi ki-om chitchiat ahihman in, leitung mi nam (group) 2 phakiik chih thu ahi. ZCF leitung maikaih a omte leh Zomi sunga biakna pawlpi tuamtuam a member-te bel, Tangthupha za a um/ gingta/ zom vive hidan a ngaihsun I thahah ve, unau. I hikimna uh hiam?

MAILAM HUN: Jesu Khrist a-um Delhi Zomite, khat leh khat kinaiseem kawma TOUPA a kihihhat diing, Pasien min liansak/ thupisak diing, Khrist Lalgam keklian diing chia kum 25 paita-a patkhiak Fellowship, tuchia’n (singkung bang in ngaihsun tale’ng) zai/ ka pha simta; biakinn khat a kikhawm khawm theivual I hita kei. Leivui pana hong laamtou, Jesu hong itna hang bek ahi. Halleluijah! I kipatna Zogam lama pawlpi omsate mah DELHI a hongdin tiltil khawng, lemtang kibawlna, “I khangtou a ahi” chih phot tuak bang hi. I biakkhawmna pawlpi masa (DZCF a) tel zom lemtang I hithei, a.k.l. a kakhia pawlpi khat ah/ namdang Khristiante lakah biakna ah I tel ahithei. Bangleh-bangleh, “Zomi I hih mah nuam tei ei maw guai” chi’n, thil tengteng kituak taka gakkhawmtu ‘itna’ kisilhthuah in, I omna tek uah i Makaipa hong vaikhah - ‘The Great Commission’ (Matt 28; 18-20) eite lunglai luahtu 1na hi teitei leh maw! ‘Jesu’n hong vaksak…Nang na mun ah vak in, Kei ka mun ah’ chi I hih ngalsi leh. Selah.

Hichi’n ngaihsun le’ng. Nungzui masa Peter, Johan, Philip leh adg.dg.te’n zong Jerusalem biakinn tekteka a biakkhawm det louhpi uh! Ahilel gen in, Khrist leh muhtheih saptuam kizopna theichiente aa di’n gingtute sung ah “nou pawl, kou pawl” chia buai na’ng/ kidou na’ng om mahmah lou hi. Muhtheihlouh Saptuam (Abulpi) Jesu Khrist hia, muhtheih saptuam (Khrist a lamtouh) te ahihleh tuni a ‘saptuam’ chia lemtang kiguan a denomination min I kipiak tuamtuamte bang ahi. Hichi’n genteh le’ng: NE Express train tawnpi ah compartment tuamtuam om hi. Tua train compartment tuamtuam ah passenger-te enzuitu TT leh staff fel taktak duty uh. NE Express train tawnpi leh Jesu Khrist, huan, a compartment tuamtuam leh saptuam, hiai leitunga om zingzengte. I pastor-te uh leh TT-te, committee tuamtuama panmun lente leh train a staff-te…

Awle, ‘Nou/ Kou’ vachih khak baihlam mahleh, hiai thumal nihte zatdan I pilvan diing ahi. Khrist khen (divide)a a omlouh ziak in. “DZCF ‘te’ Pastor” chih sang bang in, “DZCF a ‘I’ pastor-pa” chidan bang in gen thei le’ng, bangzahta a neem in gawm simthu a kawk khazaw ale! “KWS ‘te’ chaplain” chih sang in, “KWS a ‘I’ chaplain,” etc. Khrist a innkuon khat, omna pawlpi tuam zekzek ziak khawnga tuampi banga kimuh & kidouna omthei zel pen setan lungtup tangtunna khat ahi, unau. ‘Diabol/ Setan mun awn kei un,’ chih gelh ahi. NE Express a tuangte kimidang etlou, Vangam zuan ‘Khrist Jesu’ um pawlpi mite kimidang et thei zelzel – setan pil sa ing! Setan lutang bel khet sidupsa ahive, unau; mun awt ahihchia’n a che-kin sim chih thu! Sanggam it, a hoihzaw gam zuan I zinlai in, anu’a Toupa Jesu kammal I ngaihsun phathak tek di ua’m –

“Guta zaw gu diing leh hihlum diing,
leh hihse diing lou in a hongpai kei.
Kei zaw hinna a neihna diing ua, tampitak a neihna diing ua hong Ka hi.
” (Jn 10: 10).

Food for thought: 1995 kum a WCBS, Portland, Oregan (USA) apan “When the World of Zomi changed” chih thulu tawh Doctor of Missiology na zoukhia, Rev Dr J M Ngul Khan Pau in, “The Church today needs to be aroused from sleeping, each member should thirst and hunger for the filling of the Holy Spirit. If not, we cannot live victorious and will not experience abundant Christian living. If we are true salt of the earth our life will create thirst in the lives of others with whom we encounter everyday. With our best efforts, planning and strategizing for church growth, working more than ever and exhausting ourselves in service, we fail to see the anticipated results. We don’t understand why and what more should be done?” chi (Baptist News, April-June 2004 issue, editorial).

Sia Paupu in tua editorial sung mah ah, “‘Even after rapture when the Spirit will be taken up into heaven,’ someone said, ‘some churches will still be having their services and not feel the difference.’ If this is true, then we are trying to accomplish the works of the Lord by our own strength without the help of the Spirit. It is no wonder then, why we are failing in gaining grounds. Without the anointing and the empowerment from the Holy Spirit all our efforts will end up only in failure. The Holy Spirit is no respecter of persons or churches, He will work in and through those who are willing to surrender themselves under His directions…A basic mark of true spirituality is the deep awareness of sin…it is the daily abiding in His holy presence; denying of self but lifting up Jesus and walking in the power of the Spirit. Let us pray to the Lord for deeper experience of His empowerment from above,” chilai hi. Blessings!

About the Author: Pu (L) Tualluai tapa; August 1995 in BA zou, Delhi tung; October 13, 1997 in Asstt. Grade, Ministry of Finance (Exp) nuai ah mu, sem ngal; December 28, 1998 in Ms. Chingliankim toh Pastor Chinkhotuan khut zang in EBCC Bungmual ah nupa suak zou. December 2005 in EBC Annual Assembly ah Rev Luaichinthang khut ah Hattuom upa hi diingin thau nilhna tang. June 23, 2006 in UPSC ah Section Officer in tou panta. Tate: Justin Luaithang (k 7), Mary Luanthianching (k 3).

Science Versus Laisiengthou

Hausienmuan Munluo, Delhi

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania gam a high school khat a naupangte text book ding tungthu court a abuoi nuo un evolution ngaidan nei te’n intelligence design [lei-le-van leh asung a um jousie Pasien siem chi gindan] neite thu pansan khu science in apom thei sih, gindan mumal lou [baseless] chi in naupangte saang laibu apatsa’n tam Pasien siem chi thu lahkhiet in aum hi. Tulai khovel pil na asang dung zuui in, leitung a khantouna thupitah science in ahing tut hi. Science khantou dungjui in science kahieng evolution gindan evolutionist [Pu. Darwin private firm] ten leitung a ahing the thang uhi. Singngat a khatvei khanglai Fellowship na khat ah “Science leh Bible kikal [contradict] ahi’ chi thupi azang in debate akinei kha hi. Tami’n leitung khanglai tampite genlou ei lah khanglaite zong evolution or creation a lungbuai tampi um chi ahingthei sah hi. Evolution gindan in leitung khanglai laicism tampi longsome ‘thiljousia ama-le-ama hing kisiem ahi, Pasien um sih chi ngai dan a pieng sah hi. Nang zong tami alungbuoi nahi’a na zukham na lungthah ni, vangsie na ki sah ni’a Pasien umsih chi’a naham kha leh tam anuoi ate nasim mawng mawng in.

Science sanga Laisiengthou tungnun zawtna tam anei abang in en vai.
Leitung luum/beem [Roundity of the earth] ahi na;

Kum 2200 val peisa in Pasien in Isaiah kunga leitung beem/luum ahidan ana hil tahi. Isaiah 40: 22 “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth” leitung kuol khum na atou pa ahi’ chi’n ana gen hi. Hinanleh science in kum 1522 A. D. lai pu Magellan in khovel pumpi tuitung a ahing vel jou in, leitung luum/beem ahina theichien panhi. Tua ahi leh [2200B.C. +1522A.D. =3722] Laisiengthou in science khu kum 3722 val in akhupkhel china ahi.

Leitung bangma lou akhai ahina [suspension of the earth gravity]

Ka neulai in zilliing [earthquakes] chieng in ka pi in, sumkuong [tortoise] leitung ki ngatna pen atawn chienga zilling ahi ahing chia kou zong ka gingta uhi. Nidanglai mipilten tam I teena leitung bange khat in apua dingdan in ana gingta uhi. Greek leh Rome te’n a Pasien uh Atlas liengkoua leitung kinga chi’n agen uhi. Hinanleh kum 3500 val peisa lai in Pasien in Job kunga bangmalou a leitung khai ahi dan ana theisah jouta hi. Job 26:7, “He hanged the world without nothing” chi’n aki gelhi. Science in vang kum 500 pei nailou Pu. Isaace Newton apple in alu a law of gravitation [leihipna] akheet nua in leitung khu bangma lou akhai ahidan leh kihiptuana [magnetic field] jia adetdou ahi dan theikhe panhi. Bible khu advance jo him him mo?

Vana Ahsi Umza [Number Of Star]

Hipparchus leh Ptolemy min na jakhatai? Nidanglai B.C 150 lai a mipil a Haumang thang aki thang vawt ahi uh.Amau’n vana ahsi 3000 val um din ana gingta sih uhi.Nangzong vanlam entou inlen ahsi sim voi 2000, 3000 val simthei sih va teh. Hinanleh Pasien in Abraham kunga, ahsi sim senglou ahidan anahil tahi. Genesis 15:5, “Ahsite khu na simsieng jou ei” chi’n ana dong hi. Pu. Galileo in 15 century telescope ahing mu khiat apat in science leh leitung mihing ten vana ahsi simseng lou ahidan ahing thei khe pan hi.

Mihing Sisan Kibang [Same] Ahi Na:

Kol vom pheuphau,namse dil del,melse nalai khat in na kunga khut ahing daw leh kidah lou in na pia thei dan dan in na panpi in, ama toh nang sisan khat na hi sisan khat a bawl na hi chi thei in. Mi melsia, melhoi, neu, lian san, vom, kang nanleh sisan kibang sieng Pasien in sisan khat a ahingsiem chi kumjabi 20 nabul lam electron microscope kibawl khiat a theipan ahi. Tam masangpen scientistte’n zong Zoute a sisan u tuam jia ‘Zou naptol’ ki chi hi va ana chi uh ahi.Hinanleh Pasien in kum1900 val pei sa lai in mihing sisan khat [kibang abawl ahidan ana gen jouta hi. Acts 17:26, “And He has made from one blood every nation of man to dwell on all the face of the earth.” chi’n akigelhi. Tua ahileh evolutionistste gindan in mihing jawnga hingkipan chi ahia, tua lamgeia jawngkupite toh sisan kibang ding na ut ei? kahaseh!!!! maw.

Mallang Mun Awng [Empty Space In The North]

Tunai sawtnailou telescope ki bawl khiat joulang in vantunglang sui [Astronomer] te’n tam mallam [north] lampanga munawng liantah um amukhia uhi. Sim [south], sua [east] leh tum [west] lang ah ahsi, sol [planet] tampi amu uhi. Mallam ah vang ahsi leh sol zong mulou dan u ahi.Hinanleh Laisiengthou in kum 3400 peita ah tami thudih ana gel [write] tahi. Job 26:7 “He stretch the north over empty space”chi’n akigelhi.Tua ahileh koi in job kung a ana hil e? Job mit lah telesope bang sam lou ding hia, thiljousia siemtu Pasien in ana hil ahi. Mallam en mawng mawng voi ahsi tam na mu ei?

Leitung Upat Dan {Age Of The Earth]

Science in leitung upatdan khu kum 4,550,000,000 in agena, Bible ah Adam-Noah kum 2000, Noah- Jesu Christ kum 2000, Jesu Christ - Tunitan kum 2005 ahi ta a tam teng gawm le chin kum 6005 lah ahi panhi. Ahileh science leh Bible ki kal ahi di uai? Teuhlou kikal thaha lou.

Genesis bung khat na in, “Pasien in ani khat ni in lei le van asiem a” na chi lou khel khel in, achiil in [in the beginning] Pasien in lei le van asiem hi na chi hi. Genesis 1:3-5 na ah va (light) asiem in, va khu mial lah ah ahawm khen in, tua mial khu jaan achi in va khu suun achi hi. Tami abawl jou khuamiel a ahing va kia khu ni khat ahi pan hi. Anikhat ni khu leitung sesa ana bawltha [made] kia genna hi din aging tat huai hi. Tua hi taleh achiil in [in the beginning] apatsa leitung ahing siem tha kia tan [anikhatni] tan khu bangtan asawt kihal ding e? Ngaituabatlou ahi. Sam 104:30 na in “Leitung khu na bawltha kia hi [renew the earth] ana chi hi.Ahi leh bangchi dan, bang jia a leitung khu bawl phat kia ngai e? Bang jia a leitung umsa sia e? Tam anuoi a gaal [war] in ahing hil chien ding hi.

Mikael-Lucifer War:

Isaiah 14:12, “Aw zingsol ahsi, phalvah tapa, bangchidana van apat a hingkesuh na tai? Namchin puasahpa bangchidana leia satkhiata um natai?” Lucifer, Pasien in ana deisah in vansawltah teng lah ah zong amel hoi tung tuang in amin din Pasien in anou hat na in (Boipu) zingsol ahsi, zinglam tapa chi’n ana han hi. Vangalkap laha deisahpen khu thuneine liantah zong pia ahia, misi hinsah chilou bawl thei lou bangma neilou ahi.Lucifer leh vansawltah tampi leitung akhosa dia bawl ahi dung jui un lei tung ah ana khosa uhi. Hinanleh Lucifer hing du-aam in, “vana Pasien laltou na la ding in ahing ngai sut tahi [Isaiah 14:13 “na lungsim in na gela, vana katou vangin, Pasien ahsite tung ah ka mangtouna domsang vang in, malgam tawp-a kikhopna muala ka tou ding hi”]. Pasien bangkim theipa theilou dia dou ding chu bangtana sawt hun ala diai? Tualeh Lucifer leh a regimentte bangtana sawt leitunga akhosah nua vua gal ahing bawl sawm uh e? Akum ding sim seng gual ahisih. Lucifer zong vana Pasien laltouna la din akuon ngei dinga vana Pasien um na mallam heilang e ahsi te pel lang apat in ahing ki dou ngei ding vua, ahatpen Pasien in ama um na ahsi heng lam apat in ahing nawsuh dinga, Luciferte zong Pasien mai a sawt ding joulou in ahing nua tai ding vua vana ahsi lah leh sol [planet] lah ah ahing ki dou ngei din agintat huai hi. Asitheilou leh asitheilou ki dou chu bang tana galvan thupi jang a, bangtana thahatna [energy/force] pieng ding e? Science gen dan in bang e khat thahatmama in anawkhum jia a planette phol bel bol ahi achi uhi. Tua ahileh tua tha hat pen khu bang dang hi lou in Lucifer leh Mikael ki dou na hi din agingtat huai hi. Sol lah [planet] ahsi lah ahing ki dou suh suh un luciferte munpi leitung tan mikael leh aheuten luciferte ahing naw suh uhi din agingtat huai a, leitunga ha kapa hing ki kap u hi din agingtat huai hi, atawp in Lucifer lei tung apat apai khiat a um hi. Asi thei lou bawl theilou nei lou ki dou khu leitung pen lim le mel nei lou ase dim dem mawng ding ahi[Isaiah 14:14,15,17 na ah “leitungkhu gamgaw suasahpa”chi’n akigel hi]

Lucifer leh a regimentte leitung ah bang tan vei anakhosa ding vuai? Bangtan akhosah nua vua Pasien dou ding ahing kisa uh ahi diai? Bangtan asawt ki sing sah u adiai? Kum bang jat mawng mawng ki dou ahi ding vuai? Ngaitua le chin kum million, billion te nepte ahi. Leitung siatdan I theita vua, tun leitung asiemtha kia ahi chi itahlang ding. Isaiah 45:18 “For thus says the Lord, who created heaven, who is God, who formed the earth and MADE it, who did not create in vain, who formed it to be inhabited.” Tamnah leitung pen bangma lou dinga asiem ahilou dan, tengthei na dinga abawl tha ahi dan alang hi. Tun Genesis 1:1 en lei “in the beginning God created” achi’a, tua ahileh created leh made in ki bah lou na aneihi. Created khu thil bangma umnailou apatsa ki bawl genna ahi. Made khu thil umsa apat thil ki bawl khia genna ahi. Tua hitaleh leitung asiem [created] apat in asiem hoi [made] kia tan bang tan in hun asawt diai? Ingai tua tua leh leitung khu science gensang in Bible a ana upa jaw leh ki lawm hi. Science in leitung kum bang jat a upa in gen nan leh Genesis a ‘in the beginning’ toh ana ki tua jing hi. [Leitung upat dan mihing theijo gual ahisiha,asiemtu Pasien in thugu a asel {hidden secret} ahi.]


Jurassic park film na et chiengin tua ganhing lian bembom lingneite pi tam itenna leitunga na kholai leng din na gingta thei ei? Leitung ana tualleng ma uhi ding ahi. Job 40:15 na ah “Behomoth” kichi tuisai bang ganghing khat gen in aum. [40:16] akawng leh agilpi ah ahat na aum. [40:17] amei khojang in cidar singkung zangjitjet abang saha, amalpi a atel zong ahual hual in aum hi. [40:23] Luidung tuilet in ama vua khum nanleh, kho asa sih a,akam tan gei in Jordan luipi khang nanleh along hi maw sih chi’n aki gel. Job 41:1 na ah “Leviathan” kichi ganhing khat aki gena, Dictionary in “thing of enormous size achia, Bible in “tui ganhing lian”chi’n agenhi. Job bung 40 leh 41 simsua inlen ngaitua mawng mawng in tulai dinosaur ki chi te tohkibang na sa ei? Bible siemten agen uleh Behomoth ganhing tulai tuisai toh kinai deupen ahi jia a behomoth [Egypt tuisai min] chi ki gel achi vua Dinosaur ahileh 18th century laia amin hing umpan ahi. Na ginta na ei na Bible la in len na sim mawng mawng in.


Leitung pilna tusang in ale sawm in khangnanleh science in Bible akhupkhel jou ngei sih dinghi. Science khu Bible nua apei ahi. Maban ah thiltuam tuam science in ahing mukhe dinga nanleh Bible a kum 1000 peisa thu ngen ahi ding hi. Bible a Genesis khu atom kim hilchetna um lou ki gel ahi jia a thilsiem tung tang thu khu bukim tah aki gel lou ahi. Bible theisiem na leh science theisiem na khu kikal ngeilou ahi [Biblical facts and scientific facts doesn’t contradicts each other] Tualeh Bible dihtah leh science dihtah khu kituatah [parallel] in apeikhawm uhi.


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