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International Day of Prayer for Peace: 21 September 2008

An Invitation for Prayers for Peace

Theme: Witnessing to God’s Peace

With thousands of islands scattered in the largest ocean in the world, with the diverse cultures of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, and with many geographical barriers, Pasifika, peace, the Pacific Region, still intend to stand and stay together, answering and Witnessing to God’s Peace through declarations and prayers for peace.

As Christians, we believe in the power of prayer, the unity and justice it promises, and the peace that springs from it.

The World Council of Churches invites original and/or cited Prayers for Peace for, and from the Pacific Region for the Decade to Overcome Violence Annual Regional Focus and the International Day of Prayer for Peace (21 September).

We applaud all efforts and salute all those working together for a world of peace. Please submit your prayers soon as they need to be translated, published and distributed.

Submit your prayers by email, fax to +41 (0)22 791 61 22 or postal services to:

Decade to Overcome Violence
World Council of Churches
P.O. Box 2100
1211 Geneva 2
Telephone: +41 (0)22 791 61 06


Paupu The Hero-I VCD honna um ding


Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi (ZSP) Golden Jubilee Donghu Committee saina toh ‘Paupu The Hero-I’ Thailand film Zou ham a kiletkhia honna jingchieng September 21, 2008 sunnung nai 2:00 in Zogal Hall, Zoveng, Lamka ah thupitah a nei hiding hi. Tam hun ah Mr. L. Ibomcha Singh, National Boxing Coach, SAI, Mr. B. Dongzalian Simte, Supervisor Konungo leh Mr. T. K. Hang, Social Worker/Chief of S. Zezaw te’n Chief Guest, Guest of Honour leh Functional President hina toh uap ding uhi.

A Lei Nuomte Di'n:

Pu Chinlunthang
Contact No: +91-9856341992
Zoveng, Churachandpur - 795 128

Ccpur environmental campaign

From M Kaimuanthang

Lamka, Sep 19: The Churachandpur District Students Union, CDSU, in collaboration with the district youth affairs and sports organised a one-day environmental awareness programme at Mata Mualtam today.

The programme among others was attended as resource person by Dr Bogen Singh, environment and ecology department, Manipur, T Vivek Sharma, data analyst of environment and ecology as well as Dr. Lalzagou, senior lecturer at Churachandpur government college.

Addressing the 300 youths gathered on the occasion at Mualtam village church, Dr Bogen Singh said that we cannot live without ecological balance and enviroment and to spoil our environment means we are spoiling ourselves and sources of livelihood.

Most of the speakers stressed on the importance of environment.

From 14 villages 14 youth clubs gathered today and their number of participants was about 300.

The programme was part of the green Manipur drive launched by the state government and has been implemented through the youth affairs and sports department.

As regards the Churachandpur dam catchment area protection has been the focus of attention and for that matter tomorrow tree plantation will be taken up with all the youths who gathered today.

Altogether 250 T Shirts and caps were also distributed to the participants.

Source: Imphal Free Press

Envn campaign at Khuga Dam

Sinnlianmang Guite

Lamka, Sep 19: Churachandpur District Students’ Union today hosted an environmental awareness campaign for the nearby villages of Khuga Dam in an attempt to control rampant destruction of forest land.

The campaign, strongly advocated by the IFC Minister N Biren during his recent inspection tour at the dam site, was sponsored by the youth affairs and sports.

Fourteen adjoining villages of Khuga Dam made an enthusiastic turn-up during the campaign at Mata Mualtam - a village incidentally considered the best bet to have a sight of the scenic dam waters.

Dr Bogen Singh and T Vivek Sharma from the Environment and Ecology Wing, Govt of Manipur elucidated on the campaign to the 200-odd selective representatives in their capacity as resource persons.

The duo spoke at length on the need to maintain ecological balance in the environment. They also explained on ways to nurture the natural world and how humans could benefit from it. The negative impact arising out of reckless deforestation was also made adequately highlighted to the people.

In what could be described as a pleasant surprise to the participants and for the first in the areas for any such gathering a T-shirt and cap each was gifted to the participants.

As part of the second leg of the campaign DC Churachandpur Sumant Singh (IAS) is set to lead a mass planting of trees along the Khuga Dam site and through its approach road.

The Sangai Express

Tribal students’ protest forces MU to suspend DPC process

Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Sep 19: Tribal students of the Manipur University forced the suspension of a DPC for appointment of guest lecturers in the history department of the university on Friday.

The students were agitating under the banner of the Manipur University Tribal Students’ Union alleging that the MU authorities had violated the agreement with the students body with regard to putting on hold the process of recruitments of all kinds in the university till the reservation system was amended.

The agitation by the students subsided following an agreement between the representatives of the MU authorities, striking MUTSU and ATSUM at 11.30 am.

It was agreed at a meeting to put on hold the process of recruitments of all types at the MU till another joint meeting between the parties who participated in today’s talks was held and an amicable “understanding” brought, a statement of the MUTSU said.

The DPC for appointment of guest lecturers in the history department of the university was scheduled to be held today.

Despite protests from the tribal students body, the MU authorities had fixed the date for holding DPC for appointment of guest lecturers in certain departments including the one which was to be held today, agitating students said.

Decrying the move of the MU authorities, tribal students of the university gathered at the administrative block in the university campus and protested today.

However, the protest subsided without any untoward incidents as the university authorities invited the agitating students for talks this afternoon.

Controversy over the reservation of seats for the scheduled tribes in jobs and study at the Manipur University have plagued the university ever since it was converted into a Central university and Central reservation norms imposed.

Various tribal students bodies in the state including the All Tribal Students Union Manipur, ATSUM and MUTSU have been pressing the state government to appraise the Centre for an amendment in the job reservation at the university.

The MUTSU has been alleging that the MU authorities fixed the interview date for appointment of guest lecturers in the history department against the Manipur chief minister’s advise to put on hold the recruitment process.

The MUTSU is against any type of recruitment in the university and have stated that they would not allow recruitments until and unless the tribals’ demand for amendment in job reservation is made.

Tribals should get their 34.2 percent reservation, the MUTSU has demanded.

In a recent talk between the representatives of the tribal students and vice-chancellor in the presence of the chief minister and his Cabinet ministers on February 29, 2008, the chief minister himself advised the VC to slow down the recruitment process till there was a definite decision on the reservation issue, the MUTSU said.

The state government and the tribal students, mention may be made, had even met the Prime Minister on the matter of reservation for tribals.

Friday, September 19, 2008


- Lunneo Zou

Unification or unifying different tribes or communities to build a strong nation in pursuance of common goal or objective is the highest forms of Nationalism. The feeling of alienation, negligence, inhuman treatment or discrimination by the central/state govt. has aroused People’s sentiment and political consciousness to strive for self determination. However, the success of every arm/political movement, organization/associations, state or government is not determined by the myth of its power or the barrel of the gun but by the motives, ideology, diplomacy and its governance or administration.

The vision of unifying all the Zomis under one umbrella and carving separate homeland connecting Burma, Chittagong Hills Tract, India etc. began after a couple and half decades of India’s independence by the Zomi National Congress (ZNC). Though not modernize, the movement was well organized and well based, the mobilization cell progress tremendously and people rendered overwhelming support. If Pu M.Gandhi or Mao Zedong were alive, they will be enthusiastic to join the historic long march of ZNC volunteers from Sikpuikawn to Churachandpur which is 265kms. The imposition of tax by others UGs to the Zo peoples living in different parts of the N.E-States were waived off after the ZNC flag spread length & breadth of the state and also through the wave of Zomi Nationalism.

The first phase of unification under the aegis of ZNC unified all the Zo peoples, peoples from Sadar Hills, Tamenglong, Ukhrul, and Chandel who now called themselves Kuki also accepted Zomi as their nomenclature in the initial stage and actively participated in the movement. While everyone put efforts and willing to sacrifice their life for the cause of the movement, the descendants of Judah hailing in the heart of Churachandpur betrayed & gave strong resistance (may be they did not lead the movement or they considered themselves Messiah for the Zomi), they are hand-glove with the government, as a result extinguished the torch/flame of the Zomi movement.

Soon after ZNC’s paralyzed, the second phase of unification began under the aegis of Zomi Taliban, which can be universally accepted as the darkest Page in the history of Zomi unification. Their motives or objectives are to pursue the policy of territorial aggrandizement, coercive absorption of leaders from different communities and exercising Taliban’s hegemony over their fellow brethrens. By negating the sentiments or feelings of the people, they psychologically, emotionally and mentally put leaders as their hostage where the ransom is to be paid in the form of signature in a dotted line. Their economic policy or Five Year plans were to conquer the territory or land of others, and prosper at the cost of others community. Therefore, the chaos and discontentment among the die hard peoples/community multiple, which further gave birth to a number of dreaded revolutionary groups.

It has been a long time, a decade ago that I left my native land- countryside of the Zoland, responding to the call of the UZO leaders to protect my community from external threat. The period of Zou diasporas almost come to an end. The tears, suffering & prayer of my people get a positive responds from the Almighty God, and now I’m enthusiastic & confident to breathe the air of my native land. Though expecting grand receptions from my people, I need to greet my family with tears and friends with weapons. My ancestral land which was defended by my ancestors with their precious blood are now colonized by the Taliban, thereby exploiting the people, extorting our wealth and fulfilling the dead bed advice of their forefather to conquer our land which they failed to achieve.

The love of wealth & power is the root of all evil; eradicating the evil is to eliminate my own friends and brothers who are merchinery, employed by the Taliban to cause havoc & destructions to the Zou community. Betraying the community is a heinous crime which can neither be forgiven nor forgotten from one generation to another generation. The enemies which I’m gonna fight are my own brothers, relatives far relatives or friends or are Pu Zou descendants. The trigger that they pull, the bullet that wounds, cripple or kill the Zou people are bought with our own money which they extorted in the form of donation.

Though thinly populated and backward in all fields, we are made to fight each other. Is that the fulfillment/result of prophecies…?? No…!Killing my enemies in the battle field is not killing a stranger but my friends or brothers from Zou gene, where their master does not lost anything. But surprisingly, I need to shed tears not gladfully but mournfully for they are not a stranger to me, who are instigated to achieve their vested interest by the so called our leaders of the Disunited Zou Organization.

No matter whether you are neither a patriot nor Nationalist, but if you think that you are loyal to your community or true Pu Zou’s descendants, there’s no time for fun, sleep or dream. Are we the most useful instrument for others community? Do your deeds shed the tears of your own people? Do you justify yourself to suppress your community or are you the viruses for the growth of your own community? Brethrens, our today’s actions determine the course of our future. And the seed that we have sowed today are not worth what our ancestors had sacrificed for…..

As a saying goes ‘better late than never’, we lost the battle but not the war, we are scattered but our blood from the same gene has still bonded us together. Let’s wake up, unite in heart and make a concerted effort to save the image of our community and next generation. If it doesn’t comes from within, no human being on earth will volunteer himself to unify us. Let’s defy or obstruct the aims & aspirations of the Taliban’s & kukis to draw 38th parallel within the Zo community. Every single step forward for vested interest is directly proportional to two back steps to our community.

Whosoever considered themselves to be the true descendants of Pu Zou by blood, mind & heart and truly, deeply love our community, let’s think it again before it completely ruins. In the process of Zomi unification, the Taliban captured leaders of the Disunited Zou organization by providing security, financial & material support, in return our so called leaders are recruiting Zomi merchinery within our community to harass, extort or kill whosoever against them. Similarly, the Zalengam- Influential Kuki Business Organization are harboring a rubber stamp or one man army who consider himself as Zou volunteer to tarnish the image of our community. At the same time, the Meetei UGs itself trained pocket of Zou Cadres to add fuel to the fire. On the other side, the ZDV who claimed themselves legitimate Zou Volunteers stood fearless to fight the odds for the unification & prosperity of the Zou people. Contemplating all these development, its pain to see our leaders or descendants of Pu Zou still pretending to turn a deaf ear to the plights of their people. Brethrens, we are now completely lost in the process of unification-Zomi unification which is a death Nail to the Zou community.


Dimapur police rescues 17 Manipuri girls

Imphal Free Press

Kohima, Sep 18: In a suspected case of human trafficking, Dimapur police rescued 17 girls and one boy who were sent by an agent from Manipur to Chennai in Tamel Nadu. Those girls were sent back to Manipur by Dimapur Police on Tuesday.

According to a report carried in a Dimapur newspaper in the Wednesday's edition, on receiving information from Manipur about suspected trafficking of minor girls and a request to stop them, Dimapur police team stepped up frisking operation at Chukumedima Check Gate in the outskirt of Dimapur and intercepted a bus coming from Manipur carrying those girls, who were immediately detained and brought to women cell of the police.

Dimapur police sources said that most of the girls were minors, while 3 or 4 of them might be above 18 years of age.

The newspaper reported that during the interrogation, the girls revealed that they were being sent to Chennai by an agent from Manipur promising jobs at some industry. However, the concerned persons failed to produce any documents about the authenticity of the factory/industry where these girls were supposed to be employed.

Dimapur police even contacted Chennai and Manipur to inquire about the same, but they did not get any satisfactory reply and informed the Manipur Government, NGOs about the development, according to the newspaper report.

Dimapur police escorted the girls back to Manipur till Mao Gate, where they would be handed over to officials of the Government, NGOs, Mao Public Organization and other organizations.

KNF (MC) calls on its comrades | Craft mela

Lamka, Sep 17: Kuki National Front Military Council has call on all individuals - leaders and cadres who has been for once associated with the organisation to report to its C-in-C Th German Kuki. An order issued by the Com mander calls on all members and relatives of those who had made the su-preme sacrifice to report to him on or before 10 Oct. Despite the demise of its founder Seikam alias S Patrick Henry, the SS Brigadier German Kuki said he made the call in his capacity as a man who persue the footsteps of its late leader.

Craft mela

IMPHAL, Sep 18: The 2nd SDO Craft Bazar which would go on for 10 days has begun from today at the Peace ground of Tuibong in Churachandpur district. The craft bazar is being organised by Social Development Organisation, Wangkhei under the sponsorship of DC Handicrafts, Government of India. MLA of Kshetrigao A/c Th Nandakishore and ADC Churachandpur H Rupa-chandra attended the inau- gural function as chief gue-st and president respect- ively. SP of Churachandpur District S Manglemjao, IPS, Commandant of Ist IRB P Dhiren and Khullakpa of Tuibong Paominlen Mate were also present at the occasion as guests of honour. Around 150 stalls are participated in the event displa- ying various craft products.

KNO/KLA warns

IMPHAL, Sep 18: KNO/KLA asked KNO/KNA to immediately hand over the weapons that had been snatched on August 8 from them and added that in case of failure, KNO/KNA should voluntarily leave the KNO/KLA operational area failing of which KNO/KNA should be responsible for any untoward incident. C-in-C of KNO/KLA T. Stephen Kuki said in a statement that if any confrontation arises within Kuki UG groups in this connection, KNO/KLA should held responsible.

KNF (P) cadres held

IMPHAL, Sep 18 : Two cadres of the KNF (P) were arrested by troops of 36 Assam Rifles under 57 Mountain Division today at Saikul along with Rs 2.5 lakhs said a statement issued by the PRO of PIB (Defence Wing). The two have been identified as Tamlang and Lalboi. One Jeep and a demand note signed by one Mark Kuki finance secretary of Div 2 of KNF (P) were also recovered from them, said the statement and added that they have been handed over to the police.

Source: The Sangai Express

Christians rally against Orrisa attack, denounce religious bigots

Imphal, Sep 18: A large number of Christians took to the streets on September 17 at the capital to denounce the attack on Christians in Orrisa and parts of the country by religious fundamentalists.

The rally was organized by All Manipur Christian Organization (AMCO), and began from Manipur Bap-tist Convention ground and proceeded towards north AOC along National Highway 39, Khoyathong, Lila- shing Khongnangkhong, Chingmeirong and gather-ed at the premises of Don Bosco where a public meet-ing was held.

Most Rev Dominic Lu-mon, Archbishop of Imphal, while condemning the Or-risa attack, called for peace and communal harmony in that State. He expressed his happiness over the tranqu-ility and peace between peo- ple of different religions.

The rallyist held placards reading “We condemn violence in Orrisa,” “Stop killing in the name of religion,” “Restore peace in Orrisa”, “We condemn all acts of violence,” and “Love one another.”

Besides students, Chur-ch leaders and community leaders, a number of Christian MLAs including K Raina, Morung Makunga in addition to former Ministers -Francis Ngajokpa and Z Mangaibou - also joined the rally. A donation campaign in aid of the Orrisa victims was also held at the meeting venue.

Of the 23 lakh population of Manipur, around seven lakhs are Christians belonging to different denomina- tions. Most of the tribal communities are Christians.

Reverend Prim Vaiphei, president of AMCO, a conglomerate of all Christian denominations, said the organization has demanded a thorough probe by the CBI into the entire incident star-ting with the killing of Swami Lakshamananda Saraswati and his associates and to bring to justice those responsible for the crime.

“We also demanded to provide adequate protection to the minorities and minority institutions and undertake immediate measures to provide minimum basic needs such as food, drinking water, medical treatment, shelter to the affected persons and victims,” he said.

The organization also demanded the authorities concerned to pay adequate compensation to the next of kin of the deceased and those who have lost their houses and properties and to pull up all those involved in the killing and arson beginning from August 23.

“We appeal for communal harmony and we Christians want good relationship with all the communi- ties with whom we live together. We hate violence and terrorism and also we pray for peace in Orrisa and in the nation” Vaiphei said.

Father KD Joy of Imphal archbishop’s headquarters too prayed for immediate halt of violence and usher peace and harmony in Orrisa. He said the donated amount would be given to the victims through national level church organizations.

Source: The Sangai Express


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tribals' forest rights suffer: Act implementation a far cry

More than half a dozen states lag behind in implementing provisions of a central act aimed at doing away the "historical injustice" done to the tribals in the country.

Despite missives of the Central government including Prime Minister himself, these states have failed to implement the provisions of the Scheduled Tribes and Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006.

Three states have, meanwhile, informed the Centre that the Act is not applicable there.

As per the latest data on state wise implementation of the Act, tribal state Jharkhand ruled by five tribal chief ministers so far has failed to set-up even Gram Sabhas, the basic units for processing claims of beneficiaries on account of non-holding of Panchayat elections in the state. As such no claims could be received or processed there so far.

Even translation of the Act and the rules in local languages and their distribution, one of the key components of the Act could not be done in Jharkhand.

This is happening when even the Minister of State (MoS) for Tribal Affairs Rameshwar Oraon hails from Jharkhand itself.

After the state sought advice of the Union Minister of Tribal Affairs PR Kyndiah in this regard, the Centre recently directed the state to call meetings of beneficiaries by constituting village groups specially for this purpose.

A senior forest official in Jharkhand meanwhile argued that the Act would be applicable only in Chaibasa and Latehar districts of the state, which has forests in non revenue villages.

The response in Chhattisgarh, which was created during the same period is somewhat better, which is in final stages of completing training for the Gram Sabhas.

However, even this state could promise to give just 15,000 titles to beneficiaries by July end against 2.5 lakh claims its received.

Only 1.05 lakh claims, which is less than half of the total claims received, could be verified.

Moreover the state government is yet to appoint any Nodal Officer for the job.

CPI (M) led West Bengal government received just 20 claims of which only five were recommended after verification of altogether seven claims.

The state government nevertheless claimed that the District Magistrates there have been directed to invite claims.

Bihar is yet to receive any claim by beneficiaries, although tribals live in a good portion of the state bordering with Jharkhand.

Moreover the state could complete training only in 50 of its 390 Gram Sabhas so far.

Claims have not started coming even in Tamil Nadu, which admits to have started awareness programme "in a limited way."

No claims have been received in Rajasthan as well, even as the state informed the Centre that the officials there have already distributed claim forms. It also failed to constitute almost two thirds of Gram Sabhas in non-scheduled areas so far.

Maximum of 2.5 lakh claims have been received by the Chhattisgarh government followed by 2.28 lakh of Andhra Pradesh and 1.3 lakh of Madhya Pradesh. But then huge difference is reported in claims made and recommended in few states.

Orissa could forward only 636 claims for final approval out of 77,894 claims received.

Karnataka argued that training programme and other work relating to the implementation of the Act were delayed due to election, while West Bengal blamed it on flood for not being able to set up Forest Rights Committees (FRCs) in West Medinipur, Bankura and Purullia.

In Meghalaya, the translation of the Act in local languages is held up on account of "non-availability of the Act's legal lexicon in local languages."

Earlier a review by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs showed that while some states moved ahead on the Act, a number of them were still to complete activities related to filing of claims and other works.

This state of affairs prompted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to write to all Chief Ministers on 29th July urging them to give personal attention to expedite action on the matter.

Prior to it on 8th January this year, the PM had also drawn their attention to the need for speedy implementation of the Act.

The PM said that it's primarily the responsibility of the state governments to "ensure that a very vulnerable section of the population of the country finally gets its basic rights over the land, which has historically been in its possession."

However, Nagaland claimed that the Act may not be applicable there owing to its unique land holding pattern.

Haryana said no scheduled tribes and traditional forest dwellers live in its forests while Union Territory (UT) Lakshwadweep says it has "no terrestrial forests and no forest tribes or traditional dwellers there."


Pu Zo News | Hawm 39, July-August 2008

Z.D.C bangcieng tung: Yangon khuopi sungah Zo minpua a, biehpiehna ahi Zo Baptist Church Yangon in biehpieh na ding leh Zo ta'te khanto ding ngimna tawh Zo Development Center (ZDC) ci ngimna golpi nei vuh a, tu in Topa lamlahna leh Rev. Abraham Cin En Thang(USA) geelsiem piehna tawh Insein, Bogone ah Acre-1 zai khat, leizo tavuh a, mailam ah Zo ta'te a dingin munlemuol muonhuoi ding ahiman in kipah huoi mama hi.

TZO President Yangon hingzin: :Tamu Zo Organization (TZO) ah President sem ahi Pa Tawng Suon Hau pen, TZO ngimna bulpi ahi zum inn neizo na ding leh gam tuomtuom aom TZO member'te tawh holimna nei dingin July 23,08 in Yangon hing tungsuh a, August 4,08 in GZO zum ah haw in mailam GZO & TZO nasepton dingdan leh a ngimna teng vuh genna hing nei in nitah ankuong immtonna Green Dream Restaurant ah kinei hi.

Rev Dr Hau in Sang hong: :N.Dagon a, Antioch Laisiengtho sang siepi ahi Rev.Dr. Kham Suon Hau in, tukum July20,08 a, kipan in Trinity School of Theology and Mission ci sangtha khat No.242/31, Zayzaadipa 1st Street, N.Dagon ah hong a, August 3,08 (Sun) ni'n Topa tungah apna neivuh hi. Editor'pu in "Siepa tukum ading sangnaupang nasang na ding vuoi" ci'n adong leh "Tukum pen sang nawnsih vavung, mi-23 tawh kipan vung, B.Th 11, pha in M.Div & M.Min ah mi-12, pha hi, Topa'n ei kalsuonpi toto ding hi" ci'n Dr. Hau in gen hi.

Nargis huna hielbawlta vuh: :Nargis huna pen June9.08 pan in Yangon khupi sung a, huipi suhsietna atuah Zo ta'te omna a vengveng ah kihawm zo a, a nga ding kilawm akiban zolo'te zong GZO zum ah kihlan in, piehna kinei ngimngiam zo hi, July hlatawp ciengin kihielbawl ta ding hi ci thukhensatna dungzui in kikhawlta hi.( Telnop aom lai leh Tel:391526 ah kidong thei hi.)

Zo Nupi'te thunget tonna: :Yangon khuopi sung biehna tuomtuom aom Zo nupi'te in pawlpi leh tawndan(doctrine ) kilamdan na'te deidan omlo, Zo itna sungah pumkhat suotheina ding ngimna tawh hlasiel in, thunget tonna BPC biehinn (Rev. Kam Lien Khup makaina), Kyi Myanmar Building, Pansodan Street ah nei den vuh a,thalawp thei mama vuh a, mailam ah zong Zo ta'te khanto na ding tampi zong hingbawl/sem zoding vuh hi ci kilam-en ciet ahihi.

Zo Family (Hmunlai)'ten eikan: : Kawlpi khuo, Hmunlai ateeng, tuma khang-8 lai a, Pawi gal akiman kum tampi sung saltang a om, Lienzaw be Zo ta'te in "sisan in thugen" aci dungzui in i omna hing kankia vua, Kawlpi ZBA zum ah Zo a hilam vuh akilah na dingin "Zo Family-Hmunlai" min tawh Bizu 200,000/- man khat zong kipiehna hing nei vuh ci thu kiza hi. Ref: Zo Patong

Nasep manpha semvuoi!: : Malaysia aom ZBA'te in Pasien manggam ading leh minam a dingin lainatna tungtawn in piehnopna'n zui ahiman in gimletawl tah aa, a thalaw vuh sumlepaai kikum in telephone lei nading, ZBA HQ, Kawlpi ah Ks.2,000,000/- hah vuh a, Pu Lien Za Kam in zong Ks.100,000/- kipiehna nei cithu manpha leh nasep hoino khat kiza hi. Ref: Zo Patong.

A unpi'a na sim nuom leh tamnah nam lechin

click the imagePu Zo News  Hawm 39, July-August 2008

Manipur Express | Letter to the Editor - Sept 18, 2008



Let us take this opportunity to congratulate our Hon’ble Chief Minister & the SPF Ministry for mastering the art of skirting public issues, including diversion of funds for all uses, other than the one sanctioned for. Such actions and inactions have made them become immune to genuine public issues. They never seem to consider anything worth their worthy attention, unless there are processions, bandhs, blockages, or JACs formed to make some drama! ‘Drama’ seems to be the culture that those who make up our government have taken to - like fish to water. Such a practice predicts a gloomy future for the state in general and, right now, in particular deep gloom for the people of an area in Churachandpur who are staring famine in the face!

Dear Editor/Readers, we are talking about a famine called Mautam, the natural phenomena peculiar to the region. Mautam is a 50-year cyclical visitation when bamboos flower, fructify, rodents begin to multiply and then eat up all food-grains and standing crops, leading to a famine.

The following is an account of how our government – the Government of Manipur State – has and is handling this crisis. People say they were and are sleeping. We say NO, because they were/are doing what they are good at, viz. -

1. Probably after taking a cue from the efforts and work of neighbouring Mizoram State (where Mautam is even more widespread) our State Government too, in their Annual Budget, 2006-07, earmarked Rs. 9.9 crores for combating bamboo flowering in the state. The above amount, as reported by The Sangai Express, dated 23rd October, 2006, was released by the Central Government in mid-October, 2006.

As per reports the Rs. 9.9 crores for combating bamboo flowering, as sanctioned for 2006-07 has been spent! This we call the SPF Government Drama.

The drama is that:

In May, 2008 the government generously distributed 4500 qtls. of relief rice and 94 kgs of rodenticides till date! Also one of the line departments in Churachandpur has claimed to have conducted quarterly survey of rodents, and that they distributed 10,550 kgs of rodenticides, 1,900 rat traps and a bounty for 25,000 rat tails @ Rs.2/- per tail, as on 29/3/2008.

- In spite of such tall claims, no villager has gone on record to say he got even a single gram of rodenticide! (Incidentally, the District Agriculture Department had estimated the rodenticide requirement for the district’s affected area as at least 8,700 quintals!)

- As for rat traps, the only rat traps to be found are the traditional ones, the mankhong!

- Regarding the bounty for rat tails, no villager from the affected areas got a single paise! Instead, what jolted and disgusted Manipur were the pictures of thousands of dried rat tails, splashed in colour, in The Sangai Express and Imphal Free Press in August, 2008. And these were just some samples displayed by the disappointed, helpless villagers of Khaukual, Tuikuimuallum and Lungthul (E) who had heard that Manipur too was offering Rs. 2/- per rat tail, while they knew Mizoram was actually buying up rat tails @ Rs. 5/- per tail from its villagers. This is one of the novel means of reducing the menace of rodent population, while increasing purchasing power!

We know the money has been spent. We do not know when and how, because the drama was not staged before the target people.

2. Everybody knows that bamboo flowering started in 2005 in the south-west corner of Churachandpur District and the rodent menace began by mid-2006. By 2007-08 the District Forest Department’s records showed that over 94.92% of the district’s bamboo growing area had flowered. The locals of the affected areas began to report that hordes of rats, that seemed to come from nowhere, started devouring their standing crops. Several of Churachandpur’s civil society organisations, fore-warned by tales of horror from elders who had experienced the last Mautam, sounded a Famine Alert, but to no avail.

Commendably, the media fraternity of the state, ranging from its two major English dailies, The Sangai Express and the Imphal Free Press, even the ISTV, along with all local media, spearheaded by the Manipur Hill Journalist Union, Churachandpur (MHJU), repeatedly highlighted the alarming situation. Their reports and interviews of affected people were supported by pictures of abandoned jhum fields and crops that had been damaged by rats attacking crops. Sensing the impending famine and disturbed by the government’s inaction, they went to the extent of conducting two independent surveys by September, 2008. But all such efforts were in vain, because the State Government did not even bother to document their reports, let alone acknowledge the impending calamity, though they had quietly and dramatically spent Rs. 9.9 crores that had been budgeted for combating bamboo flowering!

3. In sharp contrast to our State Government drama, a Central Inter-Ministerial Team - consisting of representatives from MHA, Food & Public Distribution, National Disaster Management, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development - and led by Shri Pankaj Kumar, IAS, Jt. Secretary (MHA), came on 2nd & 3rd April, 2008 to survey the area for extent of damage. Their eyes were opened in horror and they left with a telling comment: ‘With or without Mautaam famine, the people are already living in extreme poverty conditions.’

4. As a result of the un-precedented MHA-led survey, the District Administration prepared an exhaustive Mautam Affected Report, 2008, based on 2007 crop production. (Due to lapses on the part of a concerned Sub-Divisional Officer this ground-breaking Report, failed to include the genuinely Mautam-affected Sangaikot TD Block of Churachandpur Sub-Division!!). In the main, the District Administration’s Report estimated a sum of Rs.19 crores for Mautam Relief for Churachandpur District and reportedly demands additional 8000qtls of rice per month over and above the existing PDS monthly quota.

5. Our dramatic State Government, using Churachandpur District’s pioneering Report called assessments from Tamenglong and Chandel districts, and then made demands to the Centre for a sum of Rs. 50 crores for Mautam Relief!

6. Consequent upon the MHA-led Central visit, and on the strength of their recommendation, the Central Government released a sum of Rs. 16.67 crores under CRF for Mautam Famine Relief during the month of June 2008.

7. It is significant to note that nothing was heard about the fund released by the Centre way back in June 2008, till September 5th, 2008, the day our Chief Minister had agreed to inaugurate the CONCERT FOR THE HUNGRY at Churachandpur. Appropriate to the unfolding drama, he did not come. But, typical of the drama culture it was publicly announced that Rs. 5.45 crores had been released by the Government of Manipur for Mautam Relief.

8. Not un-expectedly, our Chief Minister’s failing to grace the Concert, and inaugurate it, has sent some strong clear signals. For, as the head of the state - a part of which was facing an un-precedented Famine and the prospects of Death by Starvation - there seems to be only indifference and callousness! Hence the Pandora’s Box of Questions: Why has the SPF ministry taken over two months to release only 32% of what was sanctioned? What about the remaining Rs. 11.22 crores for Mautam Relief?

The reasons are best known to the SPF Ministry. There are, however, some talks doing the rounds, about the CM not daring to face the hungry public empty-handed, and that he waits for floods to take place in valley areas to divert funds!

9. The fact of the matter is that the ground situation has not improved, while the fates of the Hungry are getting worse with each passing day. Whereas, crores of rupees have done the dramatic “utilised-disappearing” act. Whereas, not a single family affected by bamboo flowering is rehabilitated! Whereas, not a patch of jhum land is found treated! Whereas, the government might claim to have taken preventive health measures, yet people are dying of famine-related disease in Tipaimukh and Thanlon areas! In short, what we, the people of Churachandpur, fear is another dramatic twist to rat tales and crores! That must never happen. One way to discourage that is for the previous utilization to be made transparent, with heads rolling if need be.

The first thing to realise is that we are just about in the middle of the scourge of Mautam. Its impact on the people of the affected areas has been noticed but the worse is yet to come. Its impact upon those of us who live in well-connected urban centres is that of occasional contributions in cash and kind, and the little effort of lending a sympathetic ear. These, however, would not do if Mautam hits the areas a degree harder, only because the counter measures and mechanisms were not put in place.

The civil societies of Churachandour are making a small noise, asking for the mechanisms to be put in place, while trying to put as many shoulders to the wheel, before, God forbid, any starvation or neglect deaths take place!


The needs of the hour are:

(i) Emergency relief rice should be send immediately.

(ii) Our State Government must immediately come out with an independent policy on Bamboo Flowering and Famine Combat, and not depend – at the last minute - on whatever our rattling begging bowls will get from the Central Government.

(iii) A Mautam Special Task Force (MSTF), comprising of government experts and a few of our involved local NGOs, to go and study the experience and steps taken by the Government of Mizoram, mainly because Mautam in their state is a bigger issue, and most of the areas affected in Manipur adjoin their affected areas.

(iv) The construction of an FCI Godown, and its stocking to full capacity in Churachandpur town, before the year 2008 ends.

(v) The construction of appropriate-sized FCS Godowns in all the Sub-Divisional HQs of the affected areas, along with their stocking.

(vi) Capacity building at the remote areas through Units under the MSTF so as to give confidence to the local communities in the affected areas, and not in district HQs or the state capital!

(vii) While awaiting recommendations and implementation of the Report of the MSTF, Mautam related counter-measures, like modified granaries, can be constructed under the NREGS.

(viii) The existing VGBs as well as additional VGBs( 105+99 nos) sanctioned by the Central government should be implemented immediately.

(ix) Lastly, absolute transparency, in the way every single rupee of the publicly announced Rs. 5.54 crores is being utilized.

Sir, Mautaam is serious, very serious. The SPF Ministry also claims to be serious. We all shall know how sincere they are in a very short time, through real steps taken in rodent control, rehabilitation of the affected people and Famine Relief reaching where most needed, and so on.

It is not difficult to earn real kudos. The HUNGRY, and all of us on the sidelines, have hands raised ready to burst out clapping. But, beware the raised hands!
For and on behalf of the HUNGRY public,


Working Chairman


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

National Missions Conference, New Delhi

Date : 3rd, 4th & 5th Oct 2008 (Friday, Sat & Sun)
Friday 5:30pm onwards Sat & Sun 8:30am onwards

Venue : Mount Carmel School (Senior Section)
Anand Niketan, New Delhi 110 022

Hiai ah Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB) in a kum 50 chinna toh kithuah a National Missions Conference-2008, New Delhi a Mount Carmel School a October 3-5, 2008 a neihna di toh kisai in kisak kholh na Pathian' panpihna toh pai hoih zelzel hi. Hiai hun outside Delhi apat in le mi 1000 vaal in a hong uap lamet ahi.Hiai khawmpi ah tel sawm chiat di'n i ki chial thakthak hi.A programme a full a tel manlou, hun khat/nikhat tel man dia i om lehle poilou.Tua kipat in registration bawl pan siausiau thei le i ki deihsak hi.

Attachment ah poster,leaflet leh registration form a om a ana print ut chiat a, i inn chiat/poimohsakna munte ua a poster taak a i thumna ua delh zui di'n iki ngen thakthak hi.A websita ah le FMPB tungtang leh details dangdang muh theih.

Huan ah hiai khawmpi budget Rs 14 lakhs ahi a a tawm a tam gen louh panpihna pe nuam te welcome higige i hi uh chih le i ki thei sak uhi.Huchibang a panpihna pe nuam te'n chiklai peuh in kei tungtawn in le a piaktheih ding.
Kris a na unau uh

Thangzalun Khuptong
Organising Committee of NMC-2008
New Delhi


For Further Details
Friends Missionay Prayer Band
B-201, Plot No 3, Sector 12,
Dwarka, New Delhi - 110 078
Phone : 011-25079010
Mobile : +91-9968025714, +91-9810223815

How to reach conference venue: [Mount Carmel School (Senior School), Anand Niketan, near South Moti Bagh ]

From New Delhi railway station: It is 12 kilometers from here. Pre-paid auto is available on either side of the station. Rs. 80/- would be the pre-paid auto charge. Bus route no. 604 from Ajmeri gate (from platform no 12 side). Bus stop: South Moti Bagh near Karanataka Sangam. From bus stop the venue is at 10 minutes walking distance.

From Old Delhi railway station: It is 20 kilometers from here. Pre-paid auto is available on the front side of the railway station. Rs.130/- would be the pre-paid auto fare. No direct bus from here.

From Hazarat Nizamuddin railway station: It is 17 KMs from here. Bus is available from Sarai-kelay-khan bus terminus (from platform no.7 side). Bus route no. 711. Bus stop: South Moti Bagh. From bus stop the venue is at 10 minutes walking distance. Pre-paid auto is available at the main entrance (from platform no.1 side). Rs. 80/- would be the pre-paid auto charge.

From ISBT: It is 18 kms from here. Pre-paid auto is available at the main entrance. Rs. 90/- would be the pre-paid auto charge. Bus route: Outer Ring Road bus service (Mundrika + or Mundrika - ) Bus stop: Nanakpura Gurudwara


Note: Transportation can be arranged for a group of minimum 15 people. To arrange the transportation, the Organisers should be informed atleast 30 days earlier before the start of the conference.

For Any query:

Thangzalun Khuptong – 09818433125,
Don Sunil – 09911029623.

Chakka bandh on Sep 18 against Tipaimukh dam

IMPHAL, Sept. 16: A 12-hour state-wide chakka bandh which would be effective from 6 am till 6 pm of September 18 has been called by the Committee on Land and Natural Resources, COLNAR, demanding total scrapping of the Tipaimukh Hydro Electricity (Multipurpose) Project and review of the Mapithel dam (Thoubal Multipurpose) Project.

The Action Committee Against Tipaimukh Project, ACTIP, United Naga Council, UNC, Naga Women Union, Manipur, All Naga Students Association, ANSAM and Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (South) have fully endorsed the strike call.

The strike has been called against the state government’s alleged attempt to construct the Tipaimukh and Mapithel dam forcibly despite objections and calls for review of the same, COLNAR said while announcing the strike.

The body appealed to the people of the state to extend support by not plying vehicles of any kind to highlight the struggle against the projects.

A statement signed by Aram Panmei, convenor of COLNAR, observed that as the Timpaimukh dam was designed to submerge, destroy, annihilate the indigenous people from their own ancestral territories and exposing to potential environmental disasters the people of Manipur, Mizoram and Bangladesh.

Despite the indigenous people’s call for respect of their inherent rights over their land and resources and to their free prior and informed consent before dam construction, the statement alleged that the government continuing to insist on proceeding with Tipaimukh dam construction.

While the affected people are calling for thorough impact assessment of the project, an MoU between the Manipur government and NEEPCO was signed on January 9, 2003, it alleged.

The Union power minister laid the foundation stone for Tipaimukh dam on December 2006 even after knowing that the majority of the people in the region were against the dam, it claimed.

The racial and discriminatory Tipaimukh project has been questioned by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in its 70th session held from February 19 to March 9, 2007 and again on August 15, 2008 and it has asked the Indian government why it failed to obtain free, prior and informed consent of the affected communities, it said.

Likewise, with regard to the construction of Mapithel dam the COLNAR alleged that the government started construction without conducting detailed environmental, social, cultural, economic impact assessment.

The Environmental Impact Assessment, EIA detailing all possible impacts of the project on the ecology, environment, human lives in Mapithel valley is still absent, it added.

COLNAR also alleged that the dam area was heavily militarized causing physical and mental threats to the affected villagers.

The state government has repeatedly violated its own agreements and promises given to the affected people, it said adding that in the recent times the government had constituted an Expert Review Committee on Mapithel Dam but it was abandoned without any justification or reasons.

Source: The Imphal Free Press

Bodies condemn attack on UZP President

IMPHAL, Sep 16: United Zou Organisation (UZO), Chandel district strongly condemned the bomb attack of September 14 on the private residence of its NE general headquarters president MLA Hangkhanpau. Demanding to clarify on the attack from the concerned, UZO also urged the State Government to initiate immediate enquiry to book the culprits failing of which the organisation will resort to intense agitation. Zou Youth Organisation, Sugnu Branch, Zou Sangnaupang Palwi, Chandel block, Zou Mother’s Association, Chandel district also condemned the attack. The bodies also urged the concerned not to repeat the same in future.

KNF in bomb puak mohpaih thu puang

Lamka, Sept 15: Kuki National Front (KNF), Information and Public Relation Deptt. in thusuah a bawl press a kimu in a taklat dan in Sept. 14, 2008 zinglam dak 5:30 a Singngat MLA Pu T. Hangkhanpau tenna inn a bomb suk puak a ompen mi meidawite gamtatna hi a ngoh in demna sangpen a dem ahihdan uh taklang uhi.

Thusuak in a taklat zelna ah, hiai bang thil Nam makate tung a atun hoihlou a sak dan taklang a, kuama’n hiai bang thil hinnawnlou ding in ngen hi. Nam makaite sukbuailouh a venbitna hoihtak piakzawk ding ahihdan taklang kawm in tua ding in kuapeuh chial hi.

ZDV in bomb paihkhumte mawhpaih

CZ Robert, Info & Pub/ZDV in UZO President T. Hangkhanpau tenna inn ah zan zingsang a bomb pailutte mawhpaihna sangpen in mawhpaih thu puang a, hibang gamtatna in mimal, nam leh nam kala kitheihsiamlouhna piangsakthei ahihman in kuamah hibanga gamtang nawnlou ding in theisak hi. Huailouin ZDV pawlin Sept 13 in Black Day zang uh a, misite sunna a neih ban uah Black Day tungtang thugen ngaihkhiakna leng om hi’n taklang hi.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Delhi Branch condemns an attack on UZO President

September 14, 2008

The immediate horrifying incident executed by some miscreant or should we say – “Mel thei lou pawlte” (As the local media of Churachandpur called them) at the residence of Pu T. Hangkhanpao, President United Zou Organisation (UZO), General Head Quarters at Nehru Marg, Churachandpur on the fateful September 14, 2008 morning at around 5.30 AM is a real shock for the Zou community as well as public of not only Manipur but the whole world.

The perpetrator(s) of such extreme adversity by hurling a Chinese made hand-grenade at the residence of a community leader. No doubt reflexes the degree of dispersion and also an act of cowardice. Such act of terror to a supreme leader of the Zou community is not something new, but, a repeated happenings – since 1995 April at the then UZO President Pu (L) Thangkhanlal residence. In all cases the perpetrators are seemingly not a very different group (read Pawlpi).

This undesirable IRA type attempt assassination calls for all the educated right thinking Zou community to ponder again why they has been victimized not only once but repeated times. The most logical inference that can be sum up from the repeated humiliation would be – do we deserve this, what are our short comings. The Zou, like the other communities have a dignified moral, values, a unique culture, tradition and social identity which is equally unique from the rest of the communities residing. We want to be respected and honoured exactly as the way we do to others.

Therefore, the Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Delhi Branch express our strongest disapproval to the act of atrocities and terror in any form. We strongly condemn the coward act in the heinous crime at the most stringent and strongest possible term and whole heartedly supported the bold move taken by the United Zou Organisation GHQ, Zou Youth Organisation GHQ, Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi GHQ and Zomi Council.

We condemn, demand and question the motive behind the attack and clarify the matter in public and apologies in traditional norms to the Zou people and their organizations. Since, such an act on the head of the tribe organization (President) deeply hurt the patriotic and trusteeship sentiment and will only widen communal divide and misunderstandings.

We called all non-state actors to cease from the path of such violent acts as it disturbed the peaceful students and conducive environment for free and peaceful education as is essential for students who are the future leaders.

We appeal to the public that such unwise drastic and brute action should not be repeated again among any tribe organization in future for the communal harmony, peaceful co-existence and tranquility in our society.

Let peace prevail in our land.

Issued by

The Information & Publicity Department
Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Delhi Branch


14th September 2008

The undersigned signatories strongly condemn the bomb attacked on the residence of Shri Hangkhanpao, Hon’ble MLA 60/ Singngat A/C and President, United Zou Organisation, General Head Quarters on the 14th September 2008 at 5.30 AM.

The signatories also question and demand the motive behind the attacked and clarify the matter in written to the public general and the Zou community in particular.

It also further urged the Government to book the culprit(s) and award befitting punishment as deem fit according to the law.

The signatories also appeal to the public that such that unwise drastic action should not be repeated again among community leaders in future for communal harmony, peaceful co-existence and tranquility in our society.


President, Simte Tribe Council


Vice President, Mate Tribe Council


S. Nengkhenthang
Vice President, United Zou Organisation

Khai Khan Mang
President, Tedim Chin Union


President, Thangkhal People Organisation


President, Paite Tribe Council


P. Kamkholal
President, Vaiphei People Council


The TISS announces admission to the following Post-Graduate Degree Programmes, 2009-2011:

01. Social Work
02. Disability Studies & Action
03. Counselling
04. Development Studies
05. Education (Elementary)
06. Women's Studies
07. Health Administration
08. Hospital Administration
09. Public Health
10. Globalisation & Labour
11. Human Resources Management & Labour Relations
12. Social Entrepreneurship
13. Disaster Management
14. Media & Cultural Studies

  • UZO President tenna inn beih in om; Nam 7 in mohpaih thu puang

    The Lamka Post September 16, 2008

    Lamka, Sept 15 United Zou Oranization (UZO) Headquarter President leh tulel a Singngat A/C MLA Mr. T. Thangkhanpau tenna in zan Nipini zinglam dak 5:35 in meltheihlouh mi 2 in grenade denkhum ua, himahleh si-le-liam kuamah omlou hi.

    Mr. T. Hangkhapau inn ngakte’n a gen dan un zinglam dak 5:35 vel ding in thil ging khat za ua, bang hihiam chi a en dia a thoh uh leh bomb ngaihtak puakzak hi’n gen uhi. Amau a gen dan un, inn tung kichim ding sa ua, tua zoh sawtlou nung a bomb vui gimnam a zaktak ua bomb a denkhum a om ahihlam uh thei pan uh hi’n gen uhi.

    Hiai bomb puak in mihing hihkhak nei kei mahleh common room tolet glass leh inn tung lam a glass bangzah hiam dengsia a, a tukkhakna mun step tung lianlou kua a, a kim-le-kiang a pak bawm omte bangzah hiam deng veng hi. Hiai thu sutkhiak ahihtan in kuamah a kiphuang omlou hi.

    Hiai thiltung toh kisai in, Mr. T. Hangkhanpau in tuni zinglam dak 9 vel in Lamka hong pha in thil omdan toh kisai pawl tuamtuam toh genkhawm in sunnung in Imphal ah kiknawn hi.

    Huai thil tung toh kisai in tuni’n Tribe tuamtuam 7 te’n mohpaihna sangtak in mohpaih thuphuan bawl uhi. Tuate bel Simte Tribe Council, Mate Tribe Council, United Zou Organization, Tedim Chin Union, Thangkhal Peoples Organization, Paite Tribe Council leh Vaiphei Peoples’ Council te hi uhi.

    Thusuak in a taklatna ah, hiai thil hih tuten mipi theih ding a ahihna ziak uh puang khia ding in ngen ua, Government in hiai bang thilhihte mankhia a a kituahpih bang uh gawtna pe ding a ngen kawm in nam makaite tung a hiai bang thil hih nawn lou ding in ngen uhi.

    KNF in bomb puak mohpaih thu puang

    Lamka, Sept 15 Kuki National Front (KNF), Information and Public Relation Deptt. in thusuah a bawl press a kimu in a taklat dan in Sept. 14, 2008 zinglam dak 5:30 a Singngat MLA Pu T. Hangkhanpau tenna inn a bomb suk puak a ompen mi meidawite gamtatna hi a ngoh in demna sangpen a dem ahihdan uh taklang uhi.

    Thusuak in a taklat zelna ah, hiai bang thil Nam makate tung a atun hoihlou a sak dan taklang a, kuama’n hiai bang thil hinnawnlou ding in ngen hi. Nam makaite sukbuailouh a venbitna hoihtak piakzawk ding ahihdan taklang kawm in tua ding in kuapeuh chial hi.

    ZRA in Public Curfew puang

    Lamka, Sept. 15 Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA), in Lamka khopi leh a sehvel bitzawkna’ng deihna in Lamka town area nitak dak 6:30 apan zingdak 5:30 kikal sung public curfew puang uhi. Hiai public curfew bel September 15, 2008 nitak apan thuthak ommasiah zat hiding a, hiai curfew in Press-te chihlouhsiah huamkha vek ding hidan inleng thukiza hi.


    Attack condemned | Ngasuan bridge restored

    The Sangai Express

    Lamka, Sep 15: Seven apex bodies of the tribals today condemned the bomb attack on Singngat MLA and United Zou Organisation President Pu T. Hangkhanpao’s residence at Nehru Marg, Churachandpur town early yesterday and demanded a written clarification on the motive behind the attack.

    A joint statement signed by the heads of tribal apex bodies of Simte, Mate, Zou, Tedim-Chin, Thangkhal, Paite and Vaiphei said that such unwise drastic action should not be repeated again to any community leader in future for common harmony, coexistence and tranquility, reports our Churachandpur correspondent.



    Ngasuan bridge restored

    Lamka, Sep 15: The bridge over Ngasuan rivulet in Singngat-Behiang road that claimed the lives of 20 and injured more than 30 commuters on January 17 has been restored, said a source involved in rebuilding the bridge. The State PWD has invested more than four months to restore the bridge that have once made the headlines for its calamity and the sub-standard wooden floor that cave in on the weight of a truck, reports our Churachandpur correspondent.
    Related links:

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Sept. 15 ni'n Jou Christian Association kum 54 chingta

    Tuni'n Pu T.Thongzakhup, (L) Rev. T.Kamzakhup, Pu Nengkhogin, (L)Pu Semkhopao, Pu Thawnghang, Pu Kaizakham te zataatna salaam i pia uh ahi.

    (JCA, MCC, MPC, MGP......................)

    January 11, 1894 ni in Lushai Hills ah Missionary Rev. F. W. Savidge (Sap Upa achi uh), Rev. J. H. Lorain (Pu Buonga achi uh) leh Rev. D. E. Jone (Zo Saphlui achi uh) ahin tung ua, Pasian thu ahing pawluutta uhi. Mizoram ah kum 3 sung a um ua, Lushei ham azil uhi. Tam hunsung in Roman Alphabet apat in Lushei laiteng A, AW, B, Ch …. Laibu khat ahing bawl khie uhi. Hun tomkhat zou, Lushei ham ahing siem nuo un Mizo ham in Laisiengthou Luke, John leh Nasepte khu Lushei ham a let in ahing sutpiehta uhi. Tuochi'n 1917 tan in Thuhuntha – Mathew apat Kihilna tan ahing suntan uhi.

    January 1908 in sap tangval Watkin Roberts leh Dr. Frazerte nupa Aizawl ahing tung ua, Dr. Frazerte nupa ahileh Welsh Calvinism Methodist Missionary Societyte sawl ahia, Watkin Roberts khu ama phattuom ngaina leh hagau mangthaite lainatna zieh a hingkuon ahi hi. Khatvei Watkin Roberts khu Ms. Emily Davies in a zahle diing in British sum Puond 5 ahing thot hi, amabou Watkin in ama lanai a zang lou in John Laibu Lushei ham a kisun, bu 104 lei in khoteng a hausate kuungah laidal neukhat toh ana hawm khie hi. Tuzhunlai in Senvon hausa Pu Kamkholun in copy khat anamukha a, asim chiengin a thu umdan theisiem lou in, a thu umdan hilchien diingin Watkin Roberts han diing in mi asawlta hi. Tuachi'n tua hunlai a Aizawl a laisim a um Pu Thangkai, Pu Lungpau leh Watkin Roberts khu Dr. Frazier in Senvon a haw ding in a sawl a, amaute March 3, 1910 ni in Senvon khuo a tungta uhi. Hun tomkhat a um ua, March 14, 1910 in Aizawl ah akilekia ta uhi. A kilekia lam un Vaitin khuo ah Roberts in Pasian thu genna anei a, Pu Thangkai leh Pu Lungpaute'n Jesu khu Hundampa diingin a'ng pomta uhi. Tuachia pienthana a hing nei tah chieng un, a aah-nel awlai uh ahing paikhie ua, Pasian a diing in a hinkhuo uh a lanta uhi. Amaute Aizawl ahing tun zou un Dr. Frazier in Manipur a Missionary a kuon a Pasian thug en diing mi ahing chouta hi. Tuobang a mi ahing choutah chiengin pasal thum – Pu Savawma, Pu Thangchhingpuia leh Pu Vazika te ahing kuon ua, May 7, 1910 in Senvon khuo ahing tungta uhi. Amaute'n Senvon a khantanhoi ahing genlai un Pu Thangrum, Pu Thangngur leh Pu Kaithang te'n Pasian ahing awipaita uhi. Hun tonkhat zou in Thadou Kuki Pioneer Mission chi khu 1913 kum in ahing phutkheta ua, tuo hattuom enkoltu diing in Pu R. Dala ahing koita uhi.

    Tuochi'n 1924 in Thadou Kuki Pioneer Mission khu North East India General Mission (NEIGM) in ahing hengta uhi. Pawlpi hing lien deudeu in vaihawmna lam ah kibatlouna leh sum-le-pai a buoina tuomtuomte zieh in 1929 in NEIGM apat pawlpi khat Indo-Burma Pioneer Mission kichi ahing piengkheta hi. Tuohunlai in NEIG Mission in Head Quarter in tulai a Mission Compuon munkhu azang ua, tuonah Rostard Memorial High School khat ahing din ngal uhi.

    JCA Hing Pien Dan

    Adieh in kum 1951, 52, 53 lai vel in Zougam kichi khu amiel in amiel a, koima lai tan guh (VI) tan sim zong ana um naisih hi. Mi khat leh ni ana um nanleh a thei kha nai sih hi. Tulai bang in chi-le-nam zong aki kan nai sih a, Pasian awi zong ana um sih hi. Kho ni kho thum vel in Pasian ana awi in Biehinn ana lam nanleh Convention gen ah ana um nalai uhi. Tuo hunlai in Zou nam hi diing zong koima ana ut sih a, Zoute chie ahing kihat chiengin khen khatte azum nalai ua, akhente alungthah uhi. Khum hunlai in namdangte khu innten louten lam leh sakhuo lam a sangtah in ana umta uhi. Laisimna lam ah skul zong ana nei siengta uhi. Zomite khu taw-le-lu zong theilou in a chi anam min na ngawn uh ana zumpi nalai uhi. Khum bang a Zoute a um lai un, Pu Nengkhogin, Pu Semkhopao, Pu Thawnghang leh Pu Kaizakhamte kho Manipur khopi, Phaipi, (tulai a Imphal ichi uah) ah laisim in ana um ua, amaute khu tan VII, IX bang ana hita uhi. Amaute'n Zogam leh amipite khawsahdante a et chiengun gamnuoi mite khosahdan bang mai in ana mu ua, ana pawna mama uhi. Tuochi'n amaute'n Zogam mipite kaikhawmna diing chi'n khawmpi abawl ua, Politics lam hileh alang khat lam a Christian nna zong ana huomsah uhi. Kum thum vel khum bang ana bawl lai un, khawmpi anei chieng un zubeel guh bang ana sum ua, tuohunlai in Khristian lam ah ana ki theikha zel sih a, politics lam ah zong anasep uh akilang dieh sih hi. Zubeel toh gam vaihawmna ana nei un thutah tahlatna ana nei sih uhi. Tam bang kawmkaal ah Pu Nengkhogin in Zou simpat A, AW, B, CH …. Ahing bawlkhie hi.

    Tam bang ana bawl lai un, Pu Kamzakhup singtaang gam Mawngawn khuo ah ana um nalai a, Simte Christian Association ah member khat in ana pang a, JCA Founder Secretary ana hi hi. Ama'n Zou leh Simte kigawm diing vai asai lai in kimel thei tuona diing in Khawmpi khat Singngat ah neivai chie thutut ahing bawl leh memberte lah a mikhat in ana panpi a, Zoukuol lam a khawmpi khat I bawllou a, ei Simte kuollam a I bawl uleh I lawmte'n hing zop sih uleh ei guoh in bangma I saidoh sih diing uhi chi ahing genleh Secretary pa'n "Tuo lungthu a napsiehte'n bang athei diing uai mah, I thu thu ahi sih diing uah" chi'n thutawp abawlta hi.

    Khumi thu Pu Kamzakhupo in a zatah chieng in committena mun apat apawtdoh ngal a, ama'n zong bang chileh Zoukuol ah Zou Christian Association chi adding thei diei chi'n lung ageelgeel ta mai hi. Khumin ama khu singtaang gam Mawngawn khuo apat phaigam a Daijang khuo ah 1951 in ahing pensuhta hi. Khumhun lai in Zogam ah Biehinn mun li vel ah ana um a, a un in Convention nuoi ngen ahinalai hi. Zou khosuon ah khuo 66 vel a um a, unau Conventionte opkhum in kho li ah Biehinn ana um giep a, lungkham ahuoi mama hi. Bang chileh Zogam a Khristian adingdoh in Khrist in gam anei diei chi khu a lunggimpi pen ahihi. Tuoleh Pu Thongzakhup toh nasatah a angaituo lai un 1952 kum in Tuoitengphai khuo ah Upate toh khatvei committee ana nei ua, tuonah bangma thupuohna abawl theisih uhi. Pu Thawngzakhup leh Pu Kamzakhup te khu loulai ah aki hou zing zing tamai uhi. Tuobang a loukai diing donlou hiel a niteng a ahoulim ukhu 1953 kum in zong sunzom toupeh nalai uhi. Khum kum in Tuoitengphai khote'n mau ngen in Assembly hattuom ana zom uhi. Chi-le-nam ki daidanna zieh ma in koima'n zong nou Assembly nazop uh achi dieh sih a, Convention ma in ana enkoltou den hi. Hun tomkhat zou in Pu Kamzakhupo leh Pu Thawngzakhupte loulai a loukai lai hing kihoulim tou zeel in tam bang thupuohna ni khat ahing neita uhi.

    Tu'n Tuoitengphai te'n haithah hing lawm unlen Daijang, Bohlui, Khienglam tam teng hing chiel ulen khun ah committee khat nei vai in alem leh khawmpina diing vaiguon bawl ngal vai chi'n thutanna ahing neita uhi.

    Tuoitengphaite'n haitha ahing bawl ngei ua, Bohlui leh Khienglam ahing pei sih uhi. Tuomun ah Daijang leh Tuoitengphaite ahing kihoulim ua, Pu Thawngzakhup leh Pu Kamzakhup in "Khawmpi inei diing uhi" ahi ua, hinanleh Pu Ngulzakhup in bangma gen ana nei sih hi.Ngaidan sawttah akikuip nuo un Pu Dongzagin in tam bang in a geen hi, "Convention boycott in Assembly in hing lasih taleh, ei ngen in ding thei sih lei, Convention belsawm kia in hing ngai nawnta sih uleh, nuo sawnmaw, ma sawnmaw in um giep vai, sawltah khat Pastor khat nei zong lah hilou hai a" chi'a thu ahing gen chiengin, a ut simsim khenkhatte zong alungkesahta hi. Tuobep in kikhendan khat ahing bawlta uhi.

    Atawpzaw in biehinn mai ah Pu Thawnghang leh Pu Kamzakhup akihoukia ua, program khat bawl in Jou Christian Association chi'n khawmpi khat bawl I bawl diing uhi chi'n Pu Kamzakhup in Pu Thawnghang kung a ahing gen chieng in Pu Thawnghang in hamsa asa sim mama hi. Tuobang a akihoulim lai un tam anei a bang in thu ahing kivaihata uhi. "Phai lam na tun suh chiengin Pu Semkhopao leh Pu Kaizakham toh hing kimutuo un, JCA min a ki vai puohna diing constitution hing bawl unlen, tuozou chienga JCA a min a khawmpi khat bawl" diing in akivaihata uhi. Tuobang in amaute'n zong thupha sese lou in constitution ahing bawl ua, ahingzawtah chieng un Khawmpi vaiguon February 20, 1954 adiing in ahing bawlta uhi. Tuochi'n February 20, 1954 Kiginni in JCA puon khietna Daijang khuo ah ahing neita uhi. Tuonah Pu Thawnghang, Pu Kaizakham leh Pu Semkhopao lamkai in mi 300 vel apeikhawm ua, member a telkhiet a umte'n JCA kipuihuoina dan a vai hawm diing in suoi abawl uhi.

    Tuoleh Pu Semkhopao Editor hina nuoi ah ZOUGAM THUSUO First issue March 1954 in tam bang in ana suo uhi.

    Tami kum a lamkaite:

    Upa T. Ngulzakhup - Chairman
    Pu T. Kamzakhup - Secretary
    Upa Thawnzakhup - Treasurer

    Tami kum mama in pawlpi a diinga poimaw pen a ana thei ziehun Zou Khristian Labu Pu Khaizakham leh Pu Thawnghang in ana letkhie ua, ana sunkhe ngal uhi. Tam anei a bang in mi tawmngaite'n asutna diing ana tuoh uhi:

    Pa Khamzagin Tuoitengphai 100
    Pa Lienkhogin Tuoitengphai 40
    Pa Helkhozam Tuoitengphai 40
    Pi Dimmuong Tuoitengphai 80
    Rev. Thangkhogin Sachih 50
    Pu P. Chinkham Ngurte 50
    Pu CHinkhopao Ngurte 20

    Tamteng ban a vaat nalai teng Pu Thawnghang in ana tuo a, atuohziehin Pu Thawnghang khu Publisher in ana minvaw uhi. Tunitan in MELC Office ah tami laibu a et thei zing hi.


    February 22, 1955 in Khienglam khuo ah JCA Session khatveina a um a, khawmpi mang mi 217 vel kho 16 apat apeikhawm uhi. Tami kum a lamkaite:

    Upa Ngulzakhup Chairman
    Pu Kamzakhup Secretary

    Tuoleh Pu Kamkhozam khu Buhsau a sangsya diing in ana sawl uhi.


    January 22, 1956 in session ni veina Buhsau khuo ah ana um a lamkaite tam anei a bang ahi.

    Pu Ngulzakhup Chairman

    Pu Hanggin Secretary

    Tam khawmpi na ah Pastor Vungdal Simbuh khu Convention pawlpi apat ahing luut a, JCA a Pastor masa pen ahi.

    Ama Pastor Vungdal ahing luut in JCA in Pastor khat kineita chi in hamuonna leh kipahna lienpi vaihawmte'n ana neita uhi. Tuoleh tami kum February 9 in Pu Ngulzakhup khu Upa hi diing in namdet ahi a, Zou sunga diing Upa masa pen ahita hi. Ama khu Assembly Church in anamdet ahi.

    Manipur Christian Conference (MCC), January 22, 1956

    1956 a Buhsau khuo a JCA Session niveina a neilai un NEIGM lamkai Rev. Nengzachin in na min a Christian Pawlpi khat vaw pen akilawm sih hi, ama'n "JCA" hing henkhie unlen tuozou chiengin NEIGM a Presbytery khat a na din theina diing uh I ngaituo diing uhi, ana chia, lai ana pieh hi. Tuochi'n Presbytery khat din theina diing ahileh chi'n JCA min khu phietkhie in Manipur Christian Conference (MCC) chita diing in thukimna aneita ua, puonkhietna anei ngal uhi. JCA khawmpi manga kuonte'n pawl mintha toh innlam azuonchietta uhi.


    January 14, 1957 in MCC khawmpi khatveina JCA apat Session 3 veina khawmpi Tuoitengphai khuo ah a um hi. Tuoleh Pastor Mangdal ahing luut a, ahina bang a pom ahi. Tuona lamkaite:

    Rev. VUngdal Chairman

    Pu Hanggin Secretary

    Tuomun a thupuohsah No. 8 & 9na dungzuui in khanglai lam "Youth Department" phukhiet diing lem ana sa ua, amin ding in Manipur Youth Christian Association (MYCA) ahisah uhi. Tam MYCA convenor diing in Pu Goulien leh Pu Tunzakap te ana guong ua, amaute'n April 6, 1957 ni in Tuoitengphai khuo ah MYCA khawmpi masa pen ana nei uhi. Tam khawmpi ah member diing anei abang in ana guong uhi:

    Pu Goulien Superintendant

    Pu Tunzakap Secretary


    T. Kamzadou Tuoitengphai

    T. Chinzagin Daijang

    S. Goukhothawng Behieng

    M. Tongzapao Behieng

    M Daikhokam Tuoitengphai

    Tam khawmpina a Nu Chiinluon w/o Pu Thawnghang, Tuoitengphai, Nu Vungkhoching w/o Rev. Goulien Daijang te'n aniih-tungteen uh puonzeem khattuoh ana pieh ua, MYCA a diinga silpieh pemasa pente ahi uhi. Tam khawmpi a Upa namdet a umte:

    Upa Thawngzakhup Tuoitengphai

    Upa Lienzahau Khienglam

    Upa Chinzakhai Daijang


    Tami kum February 28 – March 2 in MCC khawmpi 2 veina leh JCA apat Session 4 veina Session Milongmun khuo ah a um hi. Tuoleh Pastor Khamzalien ahing luut a, ahina bang a pom ahihi. Lamkaite tam anei a bang ahi hi:

    Rev. Vungdal Chairman

    U Tunzakap Secretary

    Tam khawmpi ah Zogam khu anuoi abang in Biel 4 in ana khen uhi. Lentaang Biel, Kailamnuoi Biel, Zotaang Biel leh Gungaal Biel. Tuoleh tami khawmpi February 28, 1958 a Upa namdette anuoi a bang ahi:

    Upa Suonkham Khienglam

    Upa Dongzagin Tuoitengphai

    Upa Khamchinhang Behieng

    Upa Suohkhosoi Tuining

    Upa Chinkham Bohlui

    Upa Khuppu Saite

    Tam khawmpi ah MCC khu Presbyterian Church of Manipur (MPC) a hen diing in thupuohsah ana bawl ua, tuochi'n ana hengta uhi. Puonkhietna umsih nanleh MPC pawl mintha toh innlam akile kiata uhi.


    Presbyterian Church of Manipur (MPC)

    February 22, 1959 in MPC klhawmpi 1 veina leh JCA apat Session 5 veina Tuolphei khuo ah a um a, lamkaite tam anei a bang ahi:

    Rev. Lienkhopau Chairman

    Pu Semkhopau Secretary

    Tam MPC min a khawmpi khatveina hun ah Numei Pawlpi kivaihawmna khat phukhiet diing in lem anasa ua, amin diing in Manipur Women Christian Association (MWCA) ana chii uhi. Tuona convenor diing in Upa Suohkham leh Upa Neihaute ana guong uhi. Khawmpi khatveina Mata Lambulane ah 1960 in ana mang uhi. Kum peisa 1957 vel apat Manipur in Presbyrery khat zop diing ana houlim chieng un ana kituoh ua, Synod zop diing thu ah ngaidan akibang tasih hi. Pawlkhat in Mizoram Synod alunggul ua, pawlkhat in Cachar Hill Tribe Synod zop a ut ua, Cachar Hill Tribe tea pat thu ama dung zui ua, MPC a naki vaipuoh ahia, hinanleh Unau Lusheite a ut lou zieh un tam Tuolphei khawmpi ah ahing tel tasih uhi.

    Tuochi'n April 24, 1959 ni in Presbyterian church of Manipur MPC min in special meeting tulai a Executive enlarge committee toh kibang khawmpi neiukhat ana han uhi. Tuo special meeting na ah unau Lusheite'n kou MPC zom lou in Presbytery tuom in ka ding ding ua, ka pawl min diing un Tuithaphai Presbytary ka chin diing uhi ahing chi ua, tuobep in MPC ana ding zou Vaiphei leh Thadou te'n zong Unau Lusheite a tuom a ding diing ahi uleh enzong I min diing uh heh vai chi'n Manipur Gam Presbytery (MGP a diing in athukimta uhi. Tuo chi'n a pawl 2 ua kithukim in The Presbyterian Church in North East India Synod ah Manipur a Presbytery 2 MGP leh TPC a diing a ngetna ahing bawl chieng un Presbytery Church in North East India Synod in zong ahing phalpiehta uhi. Tuoleh Pha ang sahpi bang un October 11, 1959 ni chieng a namdetna bawl diing in pha asa uhi.

    Manipur Gam Presbytery (MGP)

    October 11, 1959: Tamna atung a I gensa ma bang un Manipur a Presbytery 2te: Manipur Gam Presbytary leh Tuithaphai Presbytary te khu Presbytarian Church in North East India Synod nei a um diing in October 11, 1959 Pasianni in lahluutna ahing neita uhi. Tuomi kum mama in Assembly Officer diing in G. R. Sancley ahing sawl ngal uhi. Aman'n 1959 apat 1961 tan Manipur ah Assembly Officer hina ahing tu hi. Aman zou in Rev. Tawngkhosat in 1961 apat 1968 tan, Lalruma in 1968 apat 1975 tan, leh 1975 apat Rev. L. Glancey Lyngdoh in a tutou hi. Tami kum apat in kivaipuohna ana heng danglam ua, masang a Chairman I chi pen Moderator ana chi ua, Secretary khu General Secretary ana chi uhi.

    1960 apat 1979 tan Zou sung pumpi pen MGP chi'n ina kipawtou ua, hinanleh 1979 in a Laisiengthou neina diing toh kisai in hattuom kehni in I hing ki khenta uhi.


    Tami kum in Zogam a hattuonm khu Unau Roman Catholic toh Zo Holy Bible Apocripha tel a sutkhawm diing thu a ngaidan kibat lou zieh in kikhenna huoise tah, Bible deipawl leh Deilou pawl chi in ana um a, khawmpi zong muntuom tuoh ah akimang ta hi. Bible deilou pawl in Tuilaphai khuo ah amang ua, Bible deipawl in Tuoitengphai khuo ah ana mang uhi. Khum khawmpi in MGP min apaw veve a, MGP khawmpi 17 veina, JCA apat Session 22 veina ahi hi.

    MGP kichi veve in mun tuom tuoh ah 1979 tan kipawtou in, August 7, 1979 in Asian Bible Fellowship Mission ahing piengkhie hi.

    Tuohun apat in hattuom tuom tuom hing pieng tou zeel in tuni chieng in matkop zoukia dia kilawm lou bang phiel in hattuom dang dang ah I um chietta uhi.

    Famine in 265 Manipur villages

    -Sobhapati Samom

    Imphal, September 15, 2008: Mizoram’s nightmare has come to haunt Manipur. Famine stalks around 265 villages in Churachandpur district, bordering Mizoram, where the flowering of a particular form of bamboo has spelt devastation.

    This species, Melocanna Baciferra, (known in Mizoram as mautam, or the ‘bamboo of death’) flowers only once in 48- 50 years, but when it does, the consumption of those flowers greatly increases the fertility of rats. Armies of rats then invade the fields and eat up the standing crop as well.

    Mizoram, which was expecting the impending calamity, has been tackling it valiantly for the past year, but unprepared Churachandpur’s villages have lately been reduced to starvation. Around 16,000 acres of standing crop have been damaged, affecting over 1 lakh people, according to the district administration.

    “Though the centre has sanctioned Rs 16.9 crore for relief, none of it has reached the district,” said K. Moi, Secretary, Zomi Economic Planning and Development

    Unceasing rain and landslides have compounded the problem. “Parts of the district have been cut off from the rest of the county, and relief cannot reach,” said Moi.

    The last such famine — and the callous neglect of the famine stricken — in the early 1960s sparked off insurgency in Mizoram, with the Mizo National Famine Front, originally an NGO working for the victims, transforming itself, in 1964, into the Mizo National Front (MNF) and demanding independence. The conflict ended 22 years later when the Rajiv Gandhi-Laldenga accord was signed in 1986.


    UN writes to India on Tipaimukh, AFSPA Fatimata-Binta Victoire Dab

    HE Mr Swashpawan Singh
    Ambassador, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
    Permanent Representative.
    Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations Office at Geneva Rue du Valais 9 (6th stage) 1202 Geneve, Fax: 022 906 86 96


    You will recall that the Committee on the Elinrination of Racial Discrimina1ion at its 70th session held from 19 February to 9 March 2007, considered the fifteenth to nineteenth periodic reports of India and adopted concluding observations in relation thereto (CERD/CIIND/CO/19).

    Pursuant to Article 9, paragraph 1, of the Convention, and Article 65 of the Committee's rules of procedure, as amended, the Committee requested in paragraph 34 of its concluding observations that your Government provide information on the way it has followed up on the recommendations contained in paragraphs 12, 15, 19 and 26 within one year.

    To date, the Committee has not received any information from the State party in this respect. On the other hand, the Committee has been made aware of the imminent construction of the Tipaimukh Dam in Manipur, the Lower Subasiri dam in AroncbaI Pradesh and other dams on indigenous territories, allegedly without the free prior informed consent of the affected indigenous communities, resulting in the forced resettlement and endangering of the traditional lifestyles of those communities.

    In this regard, the Committee recalls paragraph 19 of its concluding observations, in which it recommended that the State party "seek the prior informed consent of communities affected by the construction of dams in the Northeast or similar projects on their traditional lands in any decision-making processes related to such projects, and provide adequate compensation and alternative land and housing to those communities."

    Moreover, the Committee has received information according to which no steps have been taken to repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act of 1958, as recommended in 2005 by a special Review Committee set up by the Ministry of Home Affairs, or to release the report of the Review Committee.

    In the light of this information, the Committee would like to refer to paragraph 12 of its concluding observations, in which it had urged the State party ''to repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act and to replace it 'by a more humane Act,' in accordance with the recommendations contained in the 2005 report of the above Review Committee."

    In the light of the above, and with a view to continuing a constructive dialogue with your Government, the Committee requests the State party to submit comments with respect to the implementation of the recommendations contained in paragraphs 12 and 19 of its concluding observations, in particular with respect to the measures taken by the State party to safeguard the rights of indigenous communities whose territories and traditional lifestyles are threatened by projects such as the Tipaimukh and Lower Subasiri dams, as well as the continued application of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act.

    The Committee also reiterates its request for the State party to provide comments with respect to the implementation of the recommendations contained in paragraphs 15 and 26 of its concluding observations. The Committee wishes to receive such comments no later than 31 December 2008.

    Allow me, Excel1ency, to reiterate the Committee's wish to pursue a constructive dialogue with your Government and underline that the Committee's requests for information are made with a view to assisting your Government in the effective implementation of the Convention.

    The writer is Chairperson of 1he Committee for the Eliminattion of Racial Discrimination.


    Bomb lobbed at MLA’s residence

    S. Singlianmang Guite

    Lamka, Sep 14: A Chinese hand grenade exploded on the stairs of Singngat MLA T Hangkhanpao’s private residence here today, after some miscreants apparently in an attempt to intimidate him lobbed it from outside the campus.

    “I had just uttered my morning prayers on bed when I heard something buzzing outside, but before I could step off from my bed, a big bang shook the entire building,” sister-in-law of the MLA said.

    All six window panes of the sitting room and many flower pots were shattered by the impact of the explosion, but no one was injured as the incident occurred at 5:30 am, when all six occupants were still in bed.

    Police personnel who rushed to the site and collected evidence said that a Chinese made hand grenade was used in the attack. “It could be an attempt to intimidate the MLA”, a source said on condition of anonymity.

    According to the in-law, Hangkhanpao was in town yesterday for a night-haul but changed his initial plan due to ‘law and order problem’, and returned to Imphal later in the day.

    The real intention of the attackers remain a mystery as family members of the MLA have refused comment on the incident. Zomi Students’ Federation meanwhile has questioned the motive behind the attack and condemned it in the strongest term. It must not be repeated, said the student body and urged the Government to be vigilant to avert any recurrences.

    Source: The Sangai Express


    Another VIP attack in Manipur

    Imphal, Sept. 14: Militants struck again at a VIP address today, this time at the home of Opposition legislator T. Hangkhanpao in Churachandpur.

    No one was injured in the attack.

    The rebels lobbed a Chinese hand grenade at the Nehru Marg residence of the National People’s Party MLA at 5.40am, said Churachandpur superintendent of police S. Manglemjao Singh.

    The grenade hurled from outside the boundary wall landed on the ground floor verandah of the two-storey building and exploded, shattering a few windowpanes.

    The legislator was away when the explosion took place, since he stays at his official residence at VIP colony in Imphal. His relatives were asleep when the rebels attacked.

    Hangkhanpao had visited Churachandpur district headquarters only yesterday when attended the launch of a journal in a tribal dialect. But he left the town for Imphal after 5pm. The police could not name any militant group for the attack, but said the rebels may have thrown the grenade thinking that the legislator was still in the house.


    Ccpur MLA’s residence comes under attack, no casualties

    LAMKA, Sep 14: The residence of a sitting MLA in Churachandpur district came under attack from militants who exploded a bomb early Sunday at around 5.45 am.

    MLA T Hangkhanpau who was elected from Singhat Assembly constituency in the 2007 Assembly elections was not home at the time of the explosion which according to the police was a China make hand grenade.

    He is currently staying at the government quarter at Lamphel in Imphal.

    None of the militant groups operating actively in the district have claimed responsibility.

    No casualties were reported in the explosion but some flower pots in the front courtyard of the MLA's residence were damaged by the impact of the explosion, police said.

    According to the report a person suspected to be a militant hurled the hand grenade from outside the gate of the house located at Nehru Marg in Churachandpur district headquarters.

    One of the window panes near the common room having seven shutters and one inside was totally damaged apart from damage to the flower pots. The splinters also hit portions of the wall, barracks of guards and the fencing, the report added.

    At the time of the incident six members were at the house with five sleeping at the first floor and one at the ground floor.

    Family members who were sound asleep were woken up by the explosion sound, Hatlhing, a member of the house said.

    "We were woken up by the sound of explosion but were lucky to learn that no one suffered any injuries," she added.

    A police team led by the SP S Manglemjao rushed to the spot and inspected the spot. Troops of the 3 Assam Rifles led by Major Naga also arrived at the spot without any loss of time and took stock of the situation, the report said.

    Source: Imphal Free Press

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    First Tangkhul film after 10 yrs... Black Rose blooms on hills of Ukl

    TONGOU (Ukhrul), Sep 14: After a gap of 10 years, a feature film in Tangkhul dialect titled Black Rose was released finally drawing a large crowd at the village community hall of Tongou located 51 kms from Imphal along Mahadeva-Tolloi Road in Ukhrul district yesterday.

    Directed by MK Wungkathing, a private English school Principal by profession and an enthusiastic filmmaker whose works are already acknowledged by many Tangkhul movie buffs, Black Rose is said to be made in a record time of one month.

    The fledging Tangkhul film making industry had a natural death some 10 years back after imposition of restriction on screening films at night time by various social organisations on the alleged ground that encouraging such nocturnal entertainment programmes were detrimental to the growth of moral character of the youth while screening of the films during day time was not so profitable.

    However, when the influences of films in other languages started having a serious impact on Tangkhul culture, the public and social organisations of Tangkhul commu-nity felt the need to rekindle interest in film making in Tangkhul dialect and finally the ban was relaxed. Thus, the movement of film making in Tangkhul dialect picked once again on the picturesque tiny hamlet Tongou , considered as the ‘Hollywood of Ukhrul district’ under the craftsmanship of MK Wungkathing, who has already directed over 20 films before the ban.

    Comprising cast and crew members mainly from among the villagers of Tongou, the new Tangkhul film which was formally released during a function yesterday was attended by president of Information Centre for Hill Areas of Manipur (ICHAM) N Rajendro and social worker Ng Phaningshang as chief guest and functional president respectively.

    The main theme of the film running over 2 hours is based on the proverbial saying of ‘pride comes before a fall’ (Watonna Wanglaga Kwakna Phamdek-e in Manipuri or Kanana Chuka Hai Akha, Hangkhana Pamdekhaowa in Tangkhul dialect). The film also deals with the problem of drug abuse among the youth.

    Interacting with The Sangai Express, MK Wungkathing said shooting of the film was done and completed within the month of June last.

    Exhilarated by the response of the people to his first work after a decade, Wungkathing said that he now wants to make a Manipuri film which can reach out to a wider audience.

    43-year of age now, Wungkathing’s foray into film making goes back to 1990 and since then he directed/produced over 20 films. Some of his films like ‘My last day at Ukhrul’, ‘Imphal Turel Mapanda’, Khipawui Khayon, etc, have won many awards including Best Jury Award, Best Story, Best Camera, Tangkhul’s Best film nomination. After 1996, Wungkathing completed dissociated himself from film making until the Black Rose comes his way. 26-year old Ng Horthingchong Nulong, who is being cast as a supporting actor in the film, said that although it was her first film, she would like to act in a Manipuri film in future. Speaking at the occasion of releasing the film, Rajendra stated that if Tangkhul films could reach out to more audience, it would help in better understanding of each other’s culture, language and tradition among the people of State.


    UPA sends MPs on ‘thanksgiving’ trip to US

    38-member delegation leaves with almost no official agenda

    NEW DELHI, September 13 (DNA INDIA): It is thanksgiving either way. Thanksgiving to the US for the nuclear deal and to our own lawmakers, some of whom bailed the UPA out at the trust vote. A 38-member delegation comprising three ministers, 16 MPs and their relatives is headed for a weeklong sojourn to the United States to thank the Bush establishment for its stand on the 123 agreement. There is almost no official programme barring a meeting with secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, but that too is iffy.Many of the independent MPs in the delegation, particularly those hailing from the North-East and Ladakh, had voted for the government during the July 22 vote of confidence. According to officials of the parliamentary affairs ministry, the ‘Goodwill Visit’ has been planned to provide the legislators with an opportunity to thank the US government for its stand on the nuclear agreement and discuss bilateral relations. Obviously, the expression of gratitude comes at a heavy cost to the exchequer. Business class travel and the stay at plush five-star hotels say it all - the one-way business class fare in Air India is Rs1.80 lakh.

    On his part, parliamentary affairs minister Vayalar Ravi denied that the US visit was to thank the MPs who had sided with the UPA during the trust vote. “This tour was due last year. But it was cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances,” he clarified.

    Abdul Rashid Shaheen of the National Conference, which voted for the UPA, denied that the visit has anything to do with the vote of confidence. “This holds significance in the face of growing Indo-US cooperation in various fields. We will meet the Congressmen connected with South Asia and acquaint them with the ground realities,” he said. The ministry sources said the names were included on the MPs’ own insistence. They had complained about being ignored by the government in the matter of foreign tours, the sources added. BJP MP and former union minister Santosh Gangwar, who is travelling with his wife Saubhagyawati, is part of the team — giving the team a more balanced composition.

    Vayalar Ravi, who is leading the delegation, would be accompanied by his daughter Lakshmi Ravi, nephew Kuruvila Joseph and private secretary ZA Naqvi. Two ministers of state Surya Kanta Patil (NCP) and Pawan Bansal (Congress) would be accompanied by son-in-law Amitabh Dayal and son Amit, respectively. The other MPs in the delegation are Thuptstan Chhewang (independent from Ladakh), W Wangyuh Konyak (Nagaland Peoples Front), Mohan Singh (Samajwadi Party), S K Bwiswmuthiary (independent from Assam),Vanlalzawma (Mizo National Front), Nakul Das Rai (Sikkim Democratic Front), Mani Charenamei (independent from Manipur), DV Rao (Congress), Braj Kishore Tripathy (BJD), Chandrakant Khaire (Shiv Sena), Amir Ali Jinnah Sulaiman, (Rajya Sabha-DMK), Ram Chandra Paswan (Lok Jan Shakti Party) and Sita Ram Singh (RJD). The delegation, which took off on Friday night, will be in New York from September 13 to 15 and will put up in the multi-starred luxurious Waldrof Astoria hotel. Subsequently, it will be in Washington DC from September 16 to 17 and in Los Angles from September 19 to 20 before returning home. The only listed programme for the MPs is a meeting with US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and speaker of the US house of representatives Nancy Pelosi. The two US leaders are still to confirm appointments, the ministry sources said.