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Cultivation and Practice of Work Culture is for Health, Prosperity and Longevity

By: T.L.Gangte, (Retd.) General Manager, DIC

“Life is movement, stagnation is death”
- Eugene Sandow, World Famous Physical Educationist.

It is evident that everywhere there has been deep erosion of our traditional and cultural values, specially in relation to the attitude of the young and old working to earn living by the sweat of one’s brow. A glimpse into the example of work ethics of some historical figures and of some advanced countries may prove telling to comprehend the full depth of work culture.

1. Work example of Apostle Paul: Work culture has to be understood clearly in the example set by Apostle Paul. It is evident beyond doubt that Apostle Paul set a highly emulative example of work culture. In 2 Thess 3:7-10, Paul was found working and laboring with his own hands to earn his own maintenance throughout his first, second and third missionary journeys. In 1 Thess 2:9 he and his companions worked for living nights and days. In 1 Cor 4:12, he and his companions worn themselves out working with their own hands. During the period of his stay in Corinth for more than one and half years, Apostle Paul earned his own bread by joining Acquila and his wife Priscilla in the trade of tent-making (Acts 18:2-3). He and his companions earned enough by the sweat of their brows to meet their needs (Acts 20:34) and (Acts 2:34). Working with one’s own hand for self-reliance is obviously the Slogan of Apostle Paul (1 Thess 4:11,12).

2. Dignity of honest toil: The Jews glorified dignity of honest toil, “He who does not teach his son a trade” they said “teach his son to steal”. A Rabbi among the Jews did not take pay for the teaching. He must have a trade and must satisfy his daily needs with the works of his own hands. So there are many Rabbis who are Bakers, Carpenters, Masons and who followed all kinds of trades. The Jews believed in the dignity of honest toil and they were sure that a scholar lost something when he became so academic and so withdrawn from life that he forget how to work with his hands.

Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel did all domestic chores - cooking, washing, tea preparation, sweeping etc. all her life in spite of an exceptionally heavy grueling demand upon her time and labour in the Office and outside. In Kibutz she cultivated and sustained tough going culture after migration at the age of twenty from America to Israel with her husband. Throughout the long period of her political life in Israel, she sustained and perpetuated the tough going culture till her death. She did not consider it unbecoming of her high Office as Prime Minister of Israel to do all kinds of household chores by herself without employing a servant.

On his way to Rome, Paul and the Ship’s Company were stranded at Malta Island with 276 members of a crew. At night a bonfire is to be made with brush wood. Paul did not consider it unbecoming of him to volunteer for collection of brush wood. We can see that for all Paul’s visions he was an intensely practical man. Great man though he was, he was not ashamed to be useful in the smallest things.

Booker Washington was the greatest scholar and administrator of the Negroes in America. He in his youth walked hundreds of mile to one of the few universities which took in Negro students. When he got there he was told that the classes were full. He was offered a job at making beds and sweeping floors. He took it and he swept those floors and made those beds so well that before very long they took him as a student.

Socio-economic growth is nothing more and nothing less than sustaining, cultivation and motivation of work attitude. In developed countries like Germany, Japan, Britain, America etc. honest toil for livelihood is glorified and dignified to the extend of working to the point of exhaustion when they work and to the point of exhaustion when they play. Work culture is to be cultivated and practiced, teaching by deeds not by what we said. All of us are to build our Christianity in with any job/work we did.

3 Work Culture of Jesus: We have the example of Jesus himself as a worker. He was the carpenter of Nazareth and legend has it that he made the best Ox-yoke in all Palestine and that men came from all over the country to buy them. A tree is known by its fruit and a man is known by his work.

4 Work attitude of Col. Davenport (USA): In 1780, The Connecticut House of Representatives was in session. The skies at noon turned completely dark one day. Men and Women fell on their knees and begged a final blessing in their simple belief that the end was coming. Many of the members in the House clamored for immediate adjournment of the meeting. At this, Col. Davenport, Speaker of the House came to his feet and silenced the commotion with these words: “The day of Judgment is either approaching or it is not. If it is not, there is no cause for adjournment. If it is I choose to be found doing my duty. I wish, therefore, that candles may be brought”.

The option of the Speaker to be found doing his duty till the expected Day of Judgment is the right work attitude for all of us to get ingrained into. It is considered imperative for all of us swearing by Christianity to emulate the attitude of the Speaker.

5. Work example of Governor Marie Cuomo of New York : Governor Marie Cuomo would never take a vacation if he could avoid it. When he does go away, he is almost constantly on the telephone with his staff. Aide and long-term friend Fabian Palomino says, “He can relax, but he gets his energy back in a very short time”. “The one great sin” Cuomo firmly believes, “is wasting existence”. He will do anything he can to occupy his time, even if it is cleaning the oven. “I look forward to filling my day” he wrote in his diary after his election in 1982. “Cleaning, arranging, working, catching up, putting things in order. Never leave moments totally empty. If you are too tired to read or write or think, do something you are not too tired to do. Clean the refrigerator. Rake the leaves. Shine the shoes”.

The message from the lifestyle of Governor Marie Cuomo is that every one of us should never leave moments of our working hours entirely empty, lazy and idle. His life style is also a complete negation of sedentary life style worthy of emulation by all of us.

6. Work culture of the Japanese: The Japanese Workers worked feverishly and relentlessly as if they were digging trenches on the frontlines of the battle. A foreigner visiting Japan had the actual experience of coming across two well-dressed young men cleaning up his car voluntarily while parking it at an oil depot. The lesson from the seemingly peculiar behavior of the two Japanese young men is that they do not allow a few moments of leisure and idleness in their lives.

There are only two job classifications in Japan: skilled and unskilled. Depending on what need to be done on a given day, a worker may perform a variety of jobs. If the floor is dirty, he will pick up a broom and sweep it without worrying about whether that is a part of his job classification. Naturally, this sense of responsibility leads to much greater efficiency.

The Japanese worker is highly disciplined. If something is crooked, he will straighten it. If there is a problem on the assembly line, he will stop the line until it is fixed. These guy have a lot of pride. They see their work as a mission. You do not hear stories in Japan about workers showing up with a hangover. There is no industrial sabotage and no visible worker alienation. Some Japanese companies had fined supervisors because so many of them insisted on working on holidays as well as on their days off.

7. Negation of work culture by too much leisure: Too much leisure is negation of work culture. Paul B. Smith says that it is the idle hand that practices evil and idle mind that conceives sin. The most dangerous thing for any man or woman is to allow himself or herself to have too much spare time in idleness and to let his or her thoughts wander without control and discipline. In Churachandpur District and in other parts of Manipur, our boys and girls were given too much leisure and too much spare time to practice evil and to conceive sin after schools and at night. The consequences of leisure culture is staring us everywhere among the youngsters.

8. The need of avoiding sedentary life style: The assertion and affirmation by HK Bakhru, a renowned Naturopath and internationally famous proponent of nature cure is that the most important factor contributing to health and longevity is physical activity to keep the muscles firm and strong but also the activity of the mind to keep the thought process and emotions flexible. Nothing is more ageing than boredom and idleness. Lazy people did not live long. Many and varied interest should be developed so as to keep oneself fully occupied mentally and physically. The mind is at its best when occupied usefully and constructively. One should not worry about using up one’s brain. The brain is a sturdy organ capable of giving efficient service for a hundred years or more. Not using it can lead to mental deterioration. The mind should always, therefore, be kept busy with subjects that are absorbing, preferably that those present a challenge and stimulate and develop thoughts. The finding of US experts is that sedentary life style is unhealthy and that exercise will reduce disease and death. Physical activity is a key to robust health, long life and good looks. Moderate exercise involving walking and jogging is a necessity for all of us.

9. Fructification of Work Culture: Working by one’s own hand, labouring to earn by the sweat of one’s brow is the most conducive factor for moulding the mentality of the youths and the old. The centrality of work in human life is the indispensable foundation stone for socio-economic growth. The character and personality of a man is shaped and moulded decisively and formatively by working and labouring. The person who is working and labouring is sure to be disciplined, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-educated, self-confident, self-cultured, healthy, wealthy and wise eventually to the maximum benefit of the community and the country.

End Notes and References

1. Work example of Apostle Paul: 2 Thess 3:7-10, 1 Thess 2:9, 1 Cor. 4:12, Acts 18:2-3, Acts 20:34, Eph. 4:28, Acts 2:34, 1 Thess 4:11, 12.

2. Dignity of Honest Toil : (i) The Daily Bible Study, The letters to the Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians, William Barclays. Indian Edition Published by Theological Publications in India, St. Peter’s Seminary Malleswaram, West Bangalore- 560055, India. Pages 218-219. (ii) News from Israel, September 1968, Published by Consulate of Israel, Bombay. (iii) The Daily Study Bible, The Acts of the Apostles - William Barclays. Pages 187-188.

3. Work Culture of Jesus : The Daily Study Bible. The Letters to the Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians - William Barclays. Pages 218-219.

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5. Work Example of Governor Marie Cuomo of New York. Readers’ Digest, July 1989.

6. Work Culture of Japanese : Iacocca, An Autobiography Lee Iacocca with William Novak, Printed and distributed by Special Sales Department, Bantam Books, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York.

7. Negation of Work Culture by too much Leisure : Naturopathy for the Elderly by Dr. HK Bakhru, Orient Paperbacks (A Division of Vision Book Pvt. Ltd) Madarsa Road, Kashmere Gate, Delhi - 110006.


Op Summer Storm claims 12 ultras in Manipur

SOBHAPATI SAMOM | ITHAI VILLAGE (MANIPUR), April 17 – Army has claimed to have gunned down 12 militants in its six-day ‘Operation Summer Storm’ in and around Keibul Lamjao, a floating national park in Manipur’s Loktak Lake.

Maj Gen Shakti Gurung, GOC, 57 Mountain Division confirmed this in an interaction with media persons in Imphal on Friday. The army operation in Keibul Lamjao which is the home of rare deer Sangai (brow antlered deer) was launched on the night of April 11 and 12.

“We have so far eliminated 12 militants in five major encounters during the operation in the sanctuary”, the GOC said. “We have also recovered 10 weapons including 6 AK series rifles, one each of Lethode gun and 9mm Mauser gun and two 9mm pistols besides ammunition”.

Reporters who visited RIMS mortuary in Imphal on Friday found 10 bodies of slain militants of which eight were identified.

The on-going operation is the second in the recent past. The army had conducted an operation in September last year where a camp of People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Prepak) was destroyed.

In the latest operation, five Prepak camps have been destroyed, the GOC said and added, “this time the operation was systematically carried out as we conducted electronic surveillance of the area”.

Extra care and caution has been taken not to cause any collateral damage to the locals and their livestock, he added. The Army has been extremely careful with regard to the safety of the people in the affected areas who were advised to move to relatively safe areas as soon as it became operationally and logistically feasible.

“This operation has dealt a severe blow to the PREPAK outfit and will go a long way in ushering an era of peace in Manipur”, the army official said. He added that Forest officials had been advised not to enter the sanctuary only for their personal safety. Throughout the operation, due care has been taken to protect the Sangai and no harm has been caused to this endangered species.

Meanwhile, around 2,000 villagers mostly fishermen and women have been displaced in view of the ongoing armed conflict. Most of them were taking shelter at Ithai, Laphupat Tera and other nearby villages. Manipur DGP Y Joykumar, who attended the interaction, said that the State police is trying to procure 3 hovercrafts worth Rs 5 crore to flush out the anti-socials from the Lake area.

PTI adds: Twelve militants, mostly belonging to banned PREPAK, were killed in the joint operation by the army, Assam Rifles and Manipur police. The GOC said the operation was continuing but there was no damage to the wildlife santuary.


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Minor girl raped, murdered in Delhi

IMPHAL, Apr 17: In an incident that was as abhorrent as it was shocking and chilling, a six-year old Naga girl was raped and murdered at Mahipalpur in New Delhi today. Police have arrested a suspect though another is absconding. The victim belonged to Zeliangrong community. Her father, a busi-nessman, is from Nagaland and the mother who is a nurse working there is from Manipur.

According to spokesperson of NE Helpline Modhuchandra, the incident came to light at around 1.45 pm today after the mother of the girl went up to the terrace of the building in which they are staying to look for her daughter.

The daughter had gone to the terrace to dry clothes at around 1 pm. But as she did not come down after a while, the worried mother went looking for her.

After a thorough search, the victim was found inside a water storage tank located at another building. She was immediately taken to Spinal Injury Centre, a hospital at Vasant Kunj, where the doctors examined and confirmed the rape.

Along with lodging a complaint with the Commissioner of Police, Vasant Kunj, police have started investigation into the incident. So far, a suspect who is a young boy staying in the same building has been arrested by the police and the hunt for an absconding Nepali boy is on.


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Friday, April 17, 2009

Meghalaya polls peaceful; 67 percent turnout reported

RAJU DAS | SHILLONG, April 16 – Over 67 percent electorates exercised their franchise in peaceful voting today to elect two Parliamentarians to represent Meghalaya in the Lok Sabha, out of the 11 candidates in the fray. In the last Lok Sabha polls the overall voting percentage was 52.72. Tura accounted for 61.79 percent, while Shillong turned out 46.89 percent.

“Overall, 67 percent voters have cast their votes. The percentage is almost identical for both the Shillong and Tura Lok Sabha constituencies,” Chief Electoral Officer, P Naik informed this evening, while indicating the percentage would go up.

Polling began at 7 am in 2,117 polling stations spread across 60 delimited Assembly segments in both the Shillong and Tura Lok Sabha contituencies on a sluggish note. But later during the day, voting picked up.

Union Tribal affairs Minister PR Kyndiah of the Congress, who opted out from the fray this time from the Shillong seat, said Congress candidate Vincent Pala would retain the seat for the party. Kyndiah cast his vote in the morning from Laitumkhrah Assembly constituency.

Meanwhile, NCP leader and former Lok Sabha Speaker Purno Sangma expressed confidence that party candidate and sitting MP from Tura, Agatha Sangma would retain her seat. Purno Sangma had earlier relinquished the seat for his daughter.

Although there was no major untoward incident reported, however, there were stray reports of ‘proxy voting’ in Jaintia Hills. In the morning, an EVMs in one polling booth in the Jaintia Hills developed a technical snag and had to be replaced.

Elsewhere, two persons were arrested for violation of the model code of conduct. One Banalari Khongwar was arrested for carrying over Rs. 50,000 in Pynursula, East Khasi Hills, while another Bonni Rymai was arrested for distributing Congress symbols to voters in Sohryngkham, East Khasi Hills. During today’s poll there were 8,468 polling personnel, including four election observers, for the smooth conduct of polls.

For the Shillong seat, the main contest is between Congress candidate Vincent Pala, John F Kharshiing from the United Democratic Party (UDP) and Hills State Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Rev PBM Basaiawmoit.

Meghalaya Democratic Party president Martle Mukhim, Dalington Dympep from CPI and two independents Denis Siangshai and Tierod Passah are the other candidates in the fray.

Shillong Parliamentary seat has 36 Assembly segments. It covers Ri-Bhoi, East Khasi, West Khasi and Jaintia hills districts.

In Tura, there are 24 Assembly segments spread across East, West and South Garo hills districts. Agatha K Sangma of the NCP is contesting to retain her seat. She is up against Congress nominee Deborah C Marak, Boston Marak of the Achik National Congress (Democratic) and Arlene N Sangma, Independent.

This time the number of voters have fallen from 12.89 lakh in 2004 Lok Sabha elections to 12.77 lakh. Out of the 12.77 lakh, 6.48 lakh are female. For the Shillong seat, 7.71 lakh electorate are eligible to exercise their franchise. In Tura the number stands at 5.05 lakh.

Both Shillong and Tura seats were earlier general seats. But during this elections the seats have been reserved for ST candidates.

Tura Correspondent adds: Over 62 percent of the electorate in the three districts of Garo Hills have cast their vote for the Tura Parliamentary seat where sitting NCP Member of Parliament, Agatha K Sangma, is seeking a re-election. Polling was peaceful with no untoward incidents reported from any part of the Garo Hills.

The youngest MP in the ougoing Lok Sabha, Agatha Sangma, who happens to be the daughter of former Lok Sabha Speaker, Purno Agitok Sangma, is pitted against Deborah Marak of the Congress and two other candidates Boston Marak of the Achik National Congress-Democratic (ANC-D) and Independent Arlene N Sangma.

Polls opened at 7 am and in most polling stations voters came in early to cast their vote with the highest percentage of voting coming from the West Garo Hills district where the official voting percentage has been put at 64%. Rajabala Assembly segment in the district registered the highest polling percentage of 70 %. There are fourteen assembly seats in the district.

In East Garo Hills where seven assembly segments form the Tura parliamentary seat, 61 percent polling was registered with Rongrenggiri constituency of Debora Marak registering 62 percent polling. The lowest was in Rongjeng constituency that recorded 51 percent polling.

In South Garo Hills district where three assembly segments make a part of Tura parliamentary seat, polling percentage has been put at 60 percent. The overall percentage is expected to rise in the district, as there will be delay in getting reports from far-flung polling stations. Counting is scheduled to take place on May 16.


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Mizoram records low turnout of 47%

AIZAWL, April 16 – Mizoram recorded a low voter turnout of 47 per cent today for the lone Lok Sabha seat in the state, which will decide the fate of four candidates. “The 47 per cent polling figure is provisional as some polling stations in the remote areas remained incommunicado and the final poll percentage might touch 50,” state Joint Chief Electoral Officer Lalhmingthanga said, adding that the percentage of turnout in the last parliamentary polls in 2004 was 63.38.

Brisk polling was witnessed in the first hours of polling, but voters thinned out during the hot midday hours and again picked up a bit in in the late afternoon.

The fate of C L Ruala of the Congress, H Lallungmuana, an independent candidate sponsored by the opposition Mizo National Front (MNF) and the Mizoram People’s Conference (MPC) combine, Rualpawla an independent and Lalawmpuia Chhangte of the NCP were sealed in EVMs.

Mizoram has an electorate of 6,29,155. – PTI

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EVM snatched in Manipur, repoll certain in 3 polling stations

Electronic voting machine used in Brazilian el...Image via Wikipedia

Newmai News Network | Imphal | April 16: Manipur Outer Parliamentary constituency went to the polls Thursday with over 63 percent turnout. The overall polling was peaceful except for some few stray incidents reported from certain pockets which included booth capturing, snatching and breaking of electronic voting machines (EVMs) by some elements.

Meanwhile, re-polling is certain for three polling stations as per the chief electoral officer (CEO), Manipur. These are Saitu assembly constituency (a/c), polling station No. 52/48 in Senapati district, Nongsang a/c, polling station No. 44/40 in Ukhrul district and district headquarters, polling station No. 53/9.

Informing of the reasons behind the re-polling, the CEO said booths were captured in Tamenglong headquarters while an EVM was snatched in Senapati district. An EVM was also smashed and broken in Ukhrul district by some elements, the CEO added.

Nevertheless, the turn-out is tentatively 63 percent at the moment and could increase any times, the CEO informed adding no final details of the number of voters have been received from Senapati district.

Booth capturing was also reported from few polling stations in Chandel district. Sources informed anti-social elements captured booths in certain polling stations Thursday morning and refused voters from practicing their franchise. They instead voted on behalf of the voters, added the source.

Nevertheless, at the time of filing this report, the district wise percentage turn-out of voters till 4:00 p.m., as received from the CEO is as follows; Thoubal with 60 percent, Chandel – 81.47 percent, Ukhrul – 70 percent, Senapati – 80 percent, Tamenglong – 75.51 percent, Churachandpur – 59 percent, Kangpokpi – 85 percent and Jiribam with 52 percent. The CEO however clarified the final details of the turn-out of voters in Senapati district could not be ascertain till the filing of this report.

It may be reminded here the Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency has, as per reports, a total of 9, 09, 332 voters comprising of 4, 45, 729 males and 4, 64, 503 females voters. According to reports, there are 1223 polling stations in the Outer Manipur wherein a total of 6115 security personnel were deputed. Reports also have it that 1242 vehicles were used for election duties. Out of 1223 polling stations, as per reports, 334 have been identified as hypersensitive while 734 have been put under the sensitive category. - |Newmai News Network|

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Voter turn out tentatively pegged at over 70 percent, Outer voters seal fate of 9 candidates amid minor tremors

Election Commission of IndiaImage via Wikipedia

IMPHAL, Apr 16 : The fate of nine candidates in the Outer Parliamentary Constituency was sealed today with over 70 percent of the registered voters turning out to exercise their franchise rights amid tight security and apprehension of violence.

The polling was by and large peaceful except for some minor incidents of booth capturing and impersonation.

The 70 percent report is however tentative as till the time of filing this report the official figure could not be worked out as night movement of polling officials is strictly prohibited. Moreover polling officials on duty in far flung places could not touch base with the district headquarters due to poor communication network.

Polling started from 7 am and went on till 4 pm, though reports reaching here said that voters at Thoubal district who had managed to make their way to the enclosure of the polling booths were allowed to vote till past the deadline. Long queues inside the enclosure of the polling stations could be seen.

Though the polling went off peacefully, repoll has been ordered in at least three polling stations. The repoll to be held include 44/40 Nungshong Khullen in Ukhrul district, 53/9 (A) Tamenglong district headquarters and 52/48 Dolong Khunou in Kangpokpi ADC.

Speaking to The Sangai Express State Chief Electoral Officer Shambhu Singh said that contrary to earlier apprehensions, voting in the Outer has passed off peacefully save for some minor incidents.

“We were apprehensive that repoll may be necessary in many polling stations, but since there has been no major incident, repoll may be held in only a few polling stations,” he added.

Getting into specific mode, the CEO said that repoll will be held at each polling station at Tameng-long, Senapati and Ukhrul and added that repoll may also be held at some polling stations in Churachandpur district.

All necessary steps have also been taken up to ensure smooth and peaceful conduct of the second phase election to be held in Inner Manipur on April 22, added the CEO.
Repoll may be held either on May 18 or 19, said sources from the State Election office.

CCpur (tentatively fixed turn out pegged at 60 pc) : Relatively peaceful. Voters turned out since early morning to exercise their franchise in relatively small numbers but increased steadily, marking an approximate poll percentage of 60 plus with at least two likely re-poll.

Though relatively peaceful, polling in some adjoining villages allegedly witnessed threats from UG groups, but the security forces acted on time.

Surprisingly, some of the polling stations recorded a record breaking poll percentage of 99 !

To cite a few examples, Bijang Loubuk recorded the highest number with 99.05 percent. Polling Stations under 59 Saikot - 59/44 and 59/49 also recorded 99 percentage.

Despite some polling stations recording excep- tionally huge poll percentage, DEO/Churachandpur Sumant Singh told The Sangai Express that he is yet to receive information from the interior areas and thus could only approximately put the over-all poll percentage to 60 plus for now.

Tamenglong (tentatively fixed turn out pegged at 70 pc) : Polling was stalled for a while at 53/9 (A) Tamenglong Higher Secondary School following disturbances given by some elements at about 9 am today. The EVMs at 52/14 Katiyang and 54/18 Luwanglong conked out and it is still to ascertained whether repoll will be held or not.

Senapati (tentatively fixed turn out pegged at 80 pc) : Tension reigned at Karong polling station resulting in some elements yanking off the cord of the EVM.

Unidentified miscreants stopped voters from exercising their rights in polling stations located between 47/1 to 47/4 at Koide. Armed miscreants abducted polling personnel, including the Presiding Officer but they were rescued by women folk. Additional security forces, Assam Rifles, were sent to the said places.

Reinforcement was also sent to Phaibung following reports of miscreants disturbing the polling process.

Trouble broke out at 51/48 Dolang Khunou after miscreants broke the EVM.

Chandel (tentatively fixed turn out pegged at 75 pc) : Largely peaceful although it was held under tight security arrangements. However, in some polling stations some people were seen casting votes representing the whole village or groups as usual. As such, the usual scene of queues of people waiting for turns to cast votes as observed in most other polling stations was absent in these polling stations. Yet, rate of poll percentage was amazingly high.

Moreover, three/four voters entering the polling booth at the same time were also observed.

At some polling stations in Chandel district, there were agents of only one single candidate. Some people were also seen exercising their franchise without identity cards prescribed by the Election Commission of India.

Ukhrul (tentatively fixed turn out pegged at 70 pc) : Polling was by and large peaceful though some miscreants disturbed the poll process at some places necessitating repoll at 44/40 Nungshong Khullen.

Unidentified miscreants destroyed an EVM at the said polling station.

Thoubal (tentatively fixed turn out pegged at 70 pc) : By and large, polling in the seven Assembly seg-ments of Thoubal district went off peacefully. Al-though, voter turn out was low in the morning, a large number of voters came out in the afternoon to cast their votes. Chief Minister O Ibobi and his wife MLA Landhoni cast their votes at Thoubal Athokpam polling station.

Electorate of the seven Assembly segments of Thoubal exercised their voting rights at 206 polling stations.

Jiribam : By and large peaceful, Significantly 110 voters of Rangkiakilong village, Tousem sub-division abstained from voting after it came to light that their voters ID were issued in the name of Sehjan village which is non-existent.

Chairman of Rangkiakilong said that this is an insult to the people of the village as Sehjang had been abandoned earlier.


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Man United, Arsenal advance to semifinals

Manchester United's crestImage via Wikipedia

(Associated Press): Manchester United and Arsenal made it three English teams in the semi-finals of the Champions League, both winning to join Chelsea and Barcelona in the next round.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored with a great shot from 40 meters in the sixth minute to give United a 1-0 win at FC Porto in the second leg of the quarterfinals and a 3-2 aggregate victory, while Arsenal defeated Villarreal 3-0 at Emirates Stadium to advance 4-1 on Wednesday.

In the semi-finals, United will play Arsenal at Old Trafford on April 29, and then travel to London for the second leg on May 5.

On Tuesday, both Chelsea and Barcelona advanced with draws and will play each other in the other semifinal. Chelsea held on to oust Liverpool 7-5 on aggregate after a 4-4 draw at Stamford Bridge, and two-time champion Barcelona advanced past Bayern Munich 5-1 on aggregate after a 1-1 draw in Germany.

United coach Alex Ferguson, who was marking his 150th Champions League match in charge of the club had said earlier this week that he expected more from Ronaldo. The Portugal forward, who was jeered by the local fans with every touch, replied with an impressive individual effort for his second goal of the competition.

Ronaldo began his run from just inside the Porto half in the sixth minute and sent a rising shot past goalkeeper Helton and into the top corner.

"Unbelievable. A magnificent hit. Absolutely unbelievable," Ferguson said. "The goalkeeper's got no chance."

Defending champion United stretched its unbeaten run in the Champions League to 23 games by becoming the first English team to win at Porto in 12 matches. The English team won a second leg away from home for the first time since 1999, when it went on to win the continent's top club competition.

"We feel that wasn't a very just result today", Jose Gomes, who replaced suspended coach Jesualdo Ferreira, said through a translator. "They scored one goal today and it was scored by the best player in the world."

Theo Walcott, Emmanuel Adebayor and Robin van Persie scored the goals for Arsenal, which lost to Barcelona in the 2006 final.

"It will be a big challenge to face Manchester United in the semifinals but we will fancy that," Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said.

"We are excited and will give everything to win. I believe that both teams, Man United and Arsenal, make very exciting games. Both teams like to go forward. We will be up for the challenge and it will be very interesting."

Walcott chipped the ball over goalkeeper Diego Lopez and inside the far post in the 10th minute to give Arsenal the lead, and Adebayor scored his ninth goal in his last nine Champions League games in the 60th after a pass from Van Persie.

In the 69th, Diego Godin upended Walcott just inside the area on the right and Van Persie converted from the penalty spot.

Villarreal, which was without captain Marcos Senna, played the last 20 minutes with 10 men because Sebastian Eguren was sent off by German referee Wolfgang Stark for arguing over the penalty decision that led to Van Persie's goal.

"They were better than us," Villarreal coach Manuel Pellegrini said. "At 2-0 we still had a chance but it was very difficult to come back."

Associated Press)

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Complete statement of alleged TISS rape vcitim

By: Vinod Kumar Menon
Mumbai: The complete statement of Laksmi Roberts (name changed), the 23-year-old US national, studying in Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), who was allegedly gangraped on April 11 at Andheri. The victim stays at Hostel no.6, new campus, TISS.

The statement

"I came to India from USA in October 2008 to attend a religious pilgrimage. Later in January 2009, I joined TISS to do a course in Gender and Development. I state that I have been staying at Hostel no.6 inside the TISS campus in Mumbai since January 2009. In Mumbai I met Annie Brown (21), who is studying with me in the same course (mentioned above) and resides in hostel number 6 with me. Mrs Shruti Chakravarty is the co-ordinator of the course in TISS.

On April 11 at 10.30pm I went to Annie Brown's room to ask her how she was faring with her research paper. She said that she was working on it and planned to go out with her friends to to Café XO near TISS once she finished working on it. She asked me whether I would like to go along with them and I agreed. She also mentioned that she would be leaving for Darjeeling on the morning of April 12.

After that Annie and I left at about 11pm to join her friends who were waiting outside the gate of the new campus (Nowrojee campus). There were five of them — Vinambr Soni, Jaskaran Singh Bhullar also known as Karan, Harsh, Anish and Dev. I had earlier met Vinambr Soni, Karan and Anish at Annie's birthday party in February 2009. I met Harsh and Dev for the first time that night. All of us went to Café Xo, which is a lounge bar at Sai commercial centre, Deonar Road.

After reaching Café XO, the other boys ordered for ten bottles of Kingfisher strong beer (650ml). Harsh, Anish and the other boys kept saying that would drink to get completely drunk. I did not want to drink but they kept insisting me to give them company over the drinks. Finally I ordered for a cranberry vodka drink and we all sat, talked and drank together.

After some time Harsh wanted to smoke and asked me to accompany him outside. We stepped outside Café XO and talked about India, while he was smoking his cigarette. He also pulled up his trouser to show me a tattoo of a mushroom on his leg below his knee. He told me that I should try LSD drug. After he finished his cigarette, we both went inside Café XO.

The waiter brought some more beers to the table and we started drinking again. I finished my vodka and wanted to stop drinking but the boys kept on insisting me to drink more. Harsh kept pressurising me to drink more so I drank a little beer so that they would stop insisting me.

Meanwhile a fight broke out between Vinambr and a boy from another table. I was very scared and I shouted 'shanti', 'shanti' and wanted them to stop fighting. Harsh told me to be quiet and sit down. The fight ended after some time with Vinambr's shirt torn and he had a mark on his chest and his hand was also swollen. We then stepped outside into the parking lot and everyone except me started smoking cigarettes. I don't like cigarettes and did not smoke.

Then one of the boys rolled a joint with hashish or marijuana and they smoked it. Then we went back into the bar. Once more Harsh kept insisting that I should drink some more and reluctantly I had a sip of beer from a bottle on the table. Then Harsh told me that I had to finish the whole bottle. I did not want to and kept telling him so but he kept insisting that I drink all the beer in the bottle. He then poured the beer into a glass and put it in front of me insisting that I should finish the drink immediately. I did not want to but I drank the beer.

Soon I started to feel dizzy and light headed. We went outside Café XO and some of the guys smoked cigarettes. The man who had a fight with Vinambr also come out of the bar. They looked like they would start fighting again. I said that we should leave before another fight broke out. We left Café XO a little after 1am on 12th morning.

We started walking towards TISS. Karan and Harsh kept asking me what my plans were for the night. I told them that I wanted to meet up with my friend Ahmed at club Bling in hotel Leela Kempenski in Andheri. I told them that they were welcome to join me. The boys insisted that Annie should join us but Annie refused, as she had to catch a flight to early in the morning.

After that at about 1.30 am we took two autorickshaws for Andheri. I sat with Vinambr and Karan in one auto, while Anish, Harsh and Dev took another rickshaw. We stopped on the way as Anish, Harsh and Dev got out to pee. Harsh then came to our rickshaw and told us that before going to club Bling we would first go to their friend's house in Andheri where we would relax for some time and then go to club Bling.

I said that I did not want to go to their friend's place and go to club Bling. After about 30 minutes, the rickshaw stopped somewhere in Andheri near a building. The other auto also halted behind our vehicle. We went inside the building and took the lift to the sixth floor. On the sixth floor corridor a well built man aged 24-25 years greeted us.He was wearing a short sleeved black T-shirt with the word 'Love Peace' written on it. He had a tattoo of a lion on his arm. He welcomed us into his flat and was introduced to me as Kundan.

After some time I went into a room where Vinambr and Karan were hanging out. Kundan joined us and put on some music and left the room. Vinambr and I sat on the mattress that was kept on the floor against the wall in the room. He hugged me and started kissing me. I told him to stop but he did not heed my request. He said that he loved me and started kissing me again.

Karan also came there and started kissing me. Karan lifted my t-shirt and also pulled my bra up. He started touching my breasts. I tried to stop him but he continued to do so. I went into the bathroom and tried to call my friend Ahmed who I was supposed to meet at Club Bling but he did not answer his phone. I then called my friend Vikram Phatak who lives in Los Angeles, USA but as he was busy, he could not speak to me. As I was in the bathroom for a long time, someone knocked on the bathroom door. I came out of the bathroom and at this point I was unable to walk properly. I went into the bedroom again and lay down on the mattress. I was not feeling well at all. I was also scared and feeling uncomfortable. I just wanted to leave that place. I tried to get up but I could not stand steadily. I fell down on the floor.

I woke up at 10am with great difficulty and saw that Vinambr was sleeping to my right side and Harsh was sitting near me playing with my hair. Karan was sleeping next to Harsh and I felt disgusted, dirty and scared. Harsh covered my body with a blanket up to my shoulders. I realized my bra was undone and that my belt was unbuckled and my jeans had been pulled off all the way down and were around my ankles. My underwear was also pulled down to my ankles. I was scared and worried that they had raped me and they had shoved their penises inside me.

I was also having my periods and checked to see if I could feel my tampon inside me. At first I could not find it and I was very worried. I pulled my pants up, zipped up my pants and buckled my belt and went into the bathroom. In the bathroom, I found my tampon still inside me I was experiencing a lot of pain in the area around my vagina and when I came out of the bathroom, all the boys started waking up. Harsh insisted that I should go to a chemist. Harsh, Vinambr and I got into a rickshaw and drove around to the corner chemist shop. Harsh insisted that I should take a contraceptive pill. I thought that he had sex with me and that was why he was telling me to take the pill. Harsh asked the chemist for I-pill. I took the pill and was feeling scared and uncomfortable and so I left immediately and went back to the hostel.

Later that day I informed about the incident to my course co-coordinator Mrs Shruti Chakravarty. She told me to go to Rajawadi Hospital, where she would meet me. The doctors at Rajawadi asked me to hand over my underwear, bra and t-shirt and jeans worn at the time of the incident to conducted the medical examination. The doctor referred me to the police.

I waited for the police but they did not turn up. Thereafter we left the hospital. I was so traumatized by the incident that I was scared to leave my room. Due to my mental condition and fear I was unable to come to the police station until today after speaking to my mother, friends and Mrs Chakravarty. I then felt comfortable and supported enough to come to the police station to register a complaint under crime register 111/09 under section 376(g) and 34 of IPC.

Source: MID DAY

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IPL to offer movie role to a South African beauty

A photo of a match between Chennai SuperKings ...Image via Wikipedia

(PTI): Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta will zero-in on the IPL fans to pick up a South African beauty as the newest Indian movie actress during the five week Twenty-20 series in Durban.

The Indian Premier League has announced a Bollywood movie role to one South African girl to be picked up among the audience during the matches.

IPL chairman, Lalit Modi today announced in Cape Town that a South African fan stands to win a role in a Bollywood in the IPL's 2009 Miss Bollywood SA competition.

Bollywood stars, Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta were present during the the announcement.

"The heart of our idea is to search the crowd at IPL matches for someone who has the attitude and appearance that automatically draws the eye. It will be the kind of person who is not necessarily showing off for the camera, but who can mesmerise even total strangers," Shah Rukh said.

Modi said the lucky female IPL supporter will also stand to win Rs 250 000, a business class trip to India and other prizes if she wins the beauty competitition.

"We're looking for someone who has the star quality to stand out in a crowd, probably without even trying that hard. It's that special, almost indefinable, quality that makes someone a star more than a beauty queen that we are looking for," said Modi. - (PTI)

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60 per cent turnout in 1st phase of poll, naxals kill 18

This is the image of the floor of Lok Sabha.Image via Wikipedia

New Delhi, Apr 16 (PTI) The first phase of the staggered Lok Sabha polls was marred by Naxal violence that claimed 18 lives as an estimated 60 per cent of the 14.30 crore voters exercised their franchise in 124 constituencies today.

Simultaneous elections to assemblies in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa also drew about 60 per cent voters' response with the polling today covering more than half of the constituencies in the two states.

Heavily-armed Naxals went into action shortly after voting began this morning, blasting landmine targeting a bus ferrying Border Security Force personnel in Jharkhand's Latehar district in Jharkhand leaving seven personnel and two civilians dead.

Maoists blew up a vehicle carrying poll officials in Chhattisgarh's Rajnandgaon district, killing five of them and traded gunfire with security forces killing two CRPF jawans.

Polling booths were set on fire and there was exchange of fire between naxals and security forces in Dantewada and Narainpur areas of the state that left two CRPF jawan dead and five others injured.

In Bihar's Gaya district, the Maoists shot dead two security personnel.

"Considering the complexity and the challenges, the Election Commission is totally satisfied with today's polling, Deputy Election Commissioner R Balakrishnan told reporters here while briefing mediapersons about the voter turnout. PTI


Mizoram records low turnout of 47 per cent

Aizawl , April 16 (PTI): Mizoram recorded a low voter turnout of 47 per cent today for the lone Lok Sabha seat in the state, which will decide the fate of four candidates.

"The 47 per cent polling figure is provisional as some polling stations in the remote areas remained incommunicado and the final poll percentage might touch 50,"state Joint Chief Electoral Officer Lalhmingthanga said.

Brisk polling was witnessed in the first hours of polling, but voters thinned out during the hot midday hours and again picked up a bit in in the late afternoon.

The percentage of turnout in the last parliamentary polls in 2004 was 63.38, he said

The fate of C L Ruala of the Congress, H Lallungmuana, an independent candidate sponsored by the opposition Mizo National Front (MNF) and the Mizoram People&aposs Conference (MPC) combine, Rualpawla an independent and Lalawmpuia Chhangte of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) were sealed in EVMs.

The main contest was between Ruala and Lallungmuana.

The highest ever turnout in Mizoram was 81.26 per cent in the 1989 assembly polls and the lowest was barely above 50 per cent in the 1977 parliamentary polls. - PTI

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Our Zo language are threatened to extinct

C. Lalremruata
Director, Zo Indigenous Forum

According to UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger of Disappearing 2009 which was released on 17th February 2009, Worldwide distribution of languages included in the Atlas by level of endangerment are as:

Unsafe 607,
Definitely endangered 632,
Severely endangered 502,
Critically endangered 538,
Extinct (since the 1950s) 219.

Total of languages referenced in the Atlas 2498

And the Indian country situation is
Unsafe 84
Definitely endangered 62
Severely endangered 6
Critically endangered 35
Extinct (since the 1950s) 9
Total of languages referenced in the Atlas 196

This data states that around 2,500 (2,498 language) of the 6,000 languages spoken worldwide as endangered. Among this endangered language listed 196 languages are form India, a nation with great linguistic diversity, tops the UNESCO’s list of countries having maximum number of dialects on the verge of extinction. India is closely followed by the US which stands to lose 192 languages and Indonesia, where 147 are in peril.

It further adds that nearly 200 languages have fewer than 10 speakers and 178 others have between 10 and 50 speakers. It reveals that over 200 languages used in the world have died out over the last three generations, 538 are critically endangered, 502 severely endangered, 632 definitely endangered and 607 unsafe.

From this India country, the Zo language threatened to extinct are 13 (which is 6.63%), they are - Mizo, Bawm, Hrangkhawl, Paite, Thado, Hmar, Anal, Aimawl, Mara, Gangte, Kawm, Chawte, Tarau, among them Tarau language is termed as extint language, therefore all the Zo language are almost in great danger. Not only from this, one of the Zo language, Ralte is also at the tip of endangered, from among the Ralte people, little people know this language.

India is in favour of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples adopted, so it need to take steps for the protection and promotion of the Zo Indigenous language, which is threatened to extinct.

Source: ZIF

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Candidates of the Outer Manipur —The 15th Lok Sabha Election—

By Dr Kh Gourachandra Singh

The term of the 14th Lok Sabha is drawing close and a hectic political campaign is going on for election in the 543 Parliamentary Constituencies for the formation of the 15th Lok Sabha. Of the two seats of MPs in Manipur election for the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency falls on the 16th of April, 2009.

There are nine candidates including two Women candidates in the fray. There are three candidates of Naga Tribes & six candidates of the Kuki-Chin Mizo tribes. They are respectively: RJD’s M Yamkhongam Haokip, Phaijang Village, Chandel District. At present there are two RJD MLAs in the Manipur Legislative Assembly. They are Thangkholun Haokip of Chandel A/C and Ngursanglur in the Tipaimukh A/C. Thangkhangin Haokip is the candidate for LJP. He is from Church Road Simveng, New Lamka CCPur. And independent candidate Lamlalmoi Gangte is from Nungba from Tamenglong District. The two women candidates are Valley Rose Hungyo and Rose Mangshi Haokip. Both of them are independent candidates.

Valley Rose Hungyo, was born in Jamai village, Senapati District. At present she is at Sorde village, Phungyar, Ukhrul District. She is 51 years of age, holder of degree in Nursing and worked for 11 years as nurse under the Government of Manipur. Then she resigned the post of nurse to come to social work.

In 1992 she established The Aja, a daily newspaper in Tangkhul language. She is the editor of The Aja till date. She was the Vice-President of the Naga Women Union and the President of the Tangkhul Shanao Long, Imphal Unit. She contested as a Janata Dal Candidate for the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency in the 9th Lok Sabha Election and stood 5th position. In the 14th Lok Sabha Election of 2004 she started campaign as a Samata Party candidate but stopped short. In the 2007 Manipur Legislative Assembly Election she contested for Naga National Party in the Phungyar A/C. But she secured only 562 votes in the election.

Rose Mangshi Haokip was formerly a lecturer in Political Science in the GP Women College, Imphal for a long time. At present she is at Haokip Veng, Imphal and Saitu-Saparmeina, Sadar Hills, Senapati District. She was the president of the Kuki Mother Association, Manipur, she contested from the Saitu A/C on BJP ticket in the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election 2007. She secured only 435 votes. Though 9 candidates are contesting in the forthcoming election, other candidates viz Thangso Baite (INC), Mani Charenamei (PDA), D Loli Adanee (BJP) and LB Sona of NCP are making a keen contest.

The present total voters in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency is 9,09,332. There are 28 Assembly Segments in this Constituency and of which 3 A/Cs are from Tamenglong District, 3 A/Cs from Ukhrul District, 6 A/Cs are from Senapati District, 2 A/C’s from Chandel District, 6 A/C’s from Churachandpur District, 7 A/C’s from Thoubal District and 1 A/C from Imphal East. Mao A/C has 49,632 voters and is the highest number of voters while the smallest number of voters is 17,527 of Tipaimukh A/C. In this election Congress Party (INC) hopes that their candidate Thangso Baite is sure to win. The following is the brief report on who Thangso Baite is and what role he took in the Manipur Politics.

He was not a popular politician. He was born on 17th April, 1950 at Dongjang village of Churachandpur District. He is an MA in Political Science. While doing MA in JNU Centre Imphal he worked as the General Secretary and the President of the Students’ Union. He also worked as the General Secretary for the Kuki Tribes. He worked as Asst Election Officer (AEO) under the Government of Manipur. He was elected MLA to the Eight Manipur Legislature Assembly, 2002 from Singhat Constituency on MSCP ticket. He became a Minister of State on March 23, 2002 in the SPF Government led by Shri O Ibobi Singh. After some time on 17th June, 2002 MSCP Secular Was formed and he joined it. With the merging of MSP (S) with Congress on 19th June, 2002, he became a congress MLA. He became a Senate member of MU in 2004 - 05. In the ninth Manipur Legislative Assembly Election of 2007 he contested from Singhat A/C on Congress ticket but got defeated in the hands of T Hangkhanpao of NPP. He is now contesting in the 15th Lok Sabha Election on Congress Ticket. There was no Congress (I) Candidate in the 14th Lok Sabha Election for the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Seat. Under the Congress-NCP alliance at the Centre, NCP candidate was in the fray in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency.

However, in the 2007 Assembly Election Congress Candidates except in the Chandel A/C, contested in 27 A/Cs out of 28 A/Cs. Congress won in 12 A/Cs and so there are 12 MLAs for Congress at present in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency. Congress stood second positions in Ukhrul, Chingai, Saikul, Saitu, Tamei, Tipaimukh and Singhat A/Cs. While in Tenghoupal, Tadubi, Kangpokpi A/Cs Congress got 3rd position, in Wabagi A/C, it got 4th position, in Mao A/C, it got 5th position and 8th position in Thanlon A/C. But the Party claims success in the election as there is vast vote bank in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency. Even AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi came to CC Pur and made a Canvassing for the party candidate.

A brief report on who Mani Charenamei, PDA Candidate, is and what has been his contribution in the course of his political Career. He was born on 10-02-1959 at Thonglan Akutpa Village, Senapati District. He is MSc (Bio-Chemistry). He took BSc (Bio-Chemistry) from DMC (Sc) and MSc (Bio- Chemistry) from State Forest Service College, Burnihat, Assam. In 1981 - 85 he acted as the president of Liangmei Students’ Union (LSU), Manipur, in 1982 - 83 Jt Secy, Zeliangrong Students’ Union, in 1980 - 82 Asst Gen. Secy, ANSAM. Founder member, Naga Officer Club (NOC), Founder Member, Naga Employees Welfare Federation, etc. In 1987 he joined as ACF in the State Forest Service and resigned as DFO in 2004. He was elected in the 14th Lok Sabha Election, 2004 as an Independent Candidate. He worked in the IT Department as a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee, Rural Development, Member, Consultative Committee on Environment and Forest, Member, Railway User, Consultative Committee, NFR, etc. As a representative of the Indian team he visited USA, China, Taipei, Bahrain and Greece.

PDA is also a regional political party. Its President is M Maringa. In the last ninth Manipur Legislative Assembly Election of 2007 Mr Songchinkup contested from Thanlon A/C as the only PDA candidate. At present 8 Independent Naga MLAs are supporting Mani Charenamei. They are: W Morung Makunga (Tengnoupal A/C), M Thohri (Mao A/C), K Raina (Tadubi A/C), Awangbou Newmai (Tamei A/C), Kangthuang Panmei (Tamenglong A/C) and Dr Khasim Ruivah (Chingai A/C). Some NGOs are also seen to support him. He is said to be a candidate sponsored by NSCN (IM) and by the leaders of other political parties. His campaign is still going on with the Naga Integration as its basis. PDA claims success in the election although many people are against him.

BJP candidate D Loli Adanee was born at Punanamei village, Senapati District in 1953. He acted as the President of the Mao Naga Students’ Union in 1973 - 75. In 1977 he joined AIR INDIA as Asst Flight Pursuer and worked for 27 years and in 2004 he resigned as Manager, Cabin Crew on Voluntary retirement. He contested in the 14th Lok Sabha election on BJP ticket in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency. But he got second position by securing 1,47,441 votes. He is a holder of 3rd degree Black Belt in Karate. In the last ninth Manipur Legislative Assembly Election there were only 4 BJP candidates out of the 28 A/Cs in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency. None of the Naga candidates became a BJP ticket holder. No MLA was elected. In Thanlon A/C only 1709 votes were secured by the BJP candidate. In the Saitu A/C, today’s Independent candidate to the15th Lok sabha, Rose Mangshi Haokip got only 435 votes. Less number of votes were secured in Henglep and Saikot A/Cs. Though BJP has no strong base in the hills, supported by many popular hill leaders Adanee’s political campaign is going on. Mention may be made of Prof Gangmumei Kamei, ex-Minister, President, MSCP, RV Minthing, Ex-Minster, Prof M Horam, Ex-MLA, Samuel Jendai, Ex-Minister and Ramthing Hungyo, former General Secretary, Tangkhul Naga Long are all supporters of Adanee. Adanee also gets support from some NGOs and so BJP is hoping to win. Adanee does not base his campaign on Naga Integration but is against Mani Chrenamei.

A few words about NCP candidate LB Sona’s political career are as under. LB Sona was born on March 1 1950 at Lailam Veng, Lamka, PO Churachandpur. He completed his graduation course in 1972 from Guwahati University. He was editor of a local daily Voice of Churachandpur from 1972 - 78. In 1982 - 84 he worked as Part-time Correspondent in the AIR, Imphal. He joined Congress (I) in 1981. In 1981 - 84 and 1990 - 92 he worked as the General Secy, District Congress Committee, Churachandpur District, 1992 - 94 General Secretary, MPCC (I), 1982 - 84 Chairman, Block Development Committee, Churachandpur, 1984 - 89 Chairman, Churachandpur Autonomous District Council, 1993 - 97 President, Paite National Council, 1998 Speaker, Zomi Council, 2000 Chairman, Zomi Council and took a significant role in solving the 1998 Kuki-Paite conflict.

Of the four NCP MLAs only 1 MLA is a at Siakul A/C. A/Cs in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency viz Hiyanglam, Jiribam, Saikul, Tipaimukh, Thanlon, Henglep, and Wabagai had NCP candidates in the ninth Manipur Legislative Assembly Election of 2007. Now LB Sona is supported by MSCP, NPP, MPP, etc. At present there are 3 MLAs for NPP in Thanlon, Singhat, and Kangpokpi A/Cs. They are: V Hangkhalian, T Hangkhanpao, Thangminlen respectively. And hectic political campaign is made by MSCP and MPP in the 7 A/Cs of Thoubal District and Jiribam of Imphal East District. Even NCP National General Secretary, PA Sangma rushed to Churachandpur for canvassing votes in favour of Sona.

But the total number of voters in the 7 A/Cs of Thoubal District are not enjoying the right to contest election but to cast their votes numbering 1,84,720 (Jiribam A/C comprises 26,644 votes). These voters will decide the fate of the 9 candidates in the forthcoming election to the 15th Lok Sabha Polls. It can be remembered that none of the ruling parties in Manipur could have their candidate elected right from the 12th Lok sabha Election of 1998 till date. Let us see what may happen this time whether voters would cast their precious votes on the basis of party or candidate or issue. All these will be certainly clear by May 16, 2009.


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Security beefed up in Churachandpur

S Singlianmang Guite | Lamka, Apr 15: Barely fourteen hours before the State’s Outer Parliamentary Constituency go for poll in the first phase of the fifteenth Lok Sabha election tomorrow; security has been tighten in and around the township with Assam Rifles and Commandos patrolling the streets even as polling personnel numbering about a thousand were said to have reached their designated polling stations.

In all an approximate 20 Companies of paramilitary forces were deployed on the district that has 1,75,696 voters with three candidates on the fray of nine. NCP’s LB Sona, Congress candidate Thangso Baite, LJP’s Thangkhangin and RJD’s Zamkhongam hail from the district. Many a political analyst has dubbed the candidature of Thangkhangin as nominal whereas Zamkhongam Haokip had himself told the crowd during his election office inauguration some time in the run up to the election, that his loyalist may vote any of the other candidates.

The real battle here will be, no doubt, between two UPA counterparts, the NCP and the Congress party. Acknowledging the possibility of the poll related violence security has been beefed up in the district headquarters since today with the presence of commandos felt at many places.

Election observer Dr C Somasekhara said, the preparations during the run up to the Lok Sabha poll was satisfactory and that he has expected a free and fair polling. The district adminis- tration has also claimed that they were yet to receive any complaint or drawback, if any as of today, and that the run-up to the election was by and large peaceful.

Of the 247 polling station across the district, 111 are sensitive and the remaining, Hyper-Sensitive with no Normal polling station. And the district having encompassed some of the extremely hostile terrains, seven helipads were assigned for lifting of EVMs from the interior areas.


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Ops Summer Storm at Loktak, Villagers flee homesteads, in relief camps

IMPHAL, Apr 15 : Feeling unsafe in their own homes following the Army Operation at Loktak lake, hundreds of villagers from the surrounding areas have fled and taken asylum in makeshift relief camps at Ithai Khunjao, Laphupat Tera Khunou and Arong Khongjong while many others are putting up with their relatives as there is not enough space at these relief camps.

Among the displaced villagers, there are pregnant women and young girls, terrified by the constant sounds of bombing and firing apart from placing bombs in their houses as well as young children who have started complaining of health problems due to exposure to the vagaries of inclement weather.

Interacting with the media during an inspection visit of these relief camps organised by Apunba Lup since yesterday, the displaced villagers pleaded for an end to the ongoing Army operation in consideration of their plights.

At the relief camp at Ithai Khunjao being opened for the villagers fleeing from Nongmaikhong, there were in all 440 displaced villagers. Five among them were pregnant women. The inspection team also came across three children who had fallen sick.

Raising strong objection to the use of six fishermen in rowing the boats of the Army during the operation, one of the villagers staying in the relief camp pointed out that the villagers who mostly depend on fishing activities in the lake have been compelled to flee their homes and hearths because of such undue pressure.

A 50-year old villager, who was among the six persons allegedly forced by the Army to row their boats and lead them to suspected UG hideouts recalled that ‘we have been called out from home for some assistance but were taken not only to the site of the operation but were also told to lead the way. When we refused, we were slapped and scolded using harsh words’’.

‘‘As we were forced to lead the way even beyond the point where a body was found, all six of us thought, it would be the last day of our lives’’, the boatman added with a sigh of relief.

At the relief camp of La-phupat Tera Khunou, the inspection team came acro-ss 250 refugees huddling together. Due to want of space in the relief camp, many of the displaced villagers have been reportedly putting up in the houses of their relatives and friends.

A 40-year old woman staying in the relief camp said that ‘even if the security forces assured us nothing would happen who would be able to stay at home when there is firing and bombing attacks going on right in your courtyard and backyard’.
We were also told to put out the lights at night, she added.

Another camper said that although the Army is claiming that the operation is being conducted on the southern side of the Loktak lake, it is actually inside Keibul Lamjao.

One of the villagers also pointed out that number of bombs that have been used in the ongoing operation has been so many that there is the possible of some unexploded bombs lying around. So it would dangerous for the villagers to resume their normal fishing activities even after the operation is over until and unless all unexploded bombs have not been cleared.

When the inspection team arrived at Khordak, security personnel were seen moving around the village though none of the villagers could be seen.

At the relief camp of Arong Khongjong where around 200 displaced villagers are taking shelter, the panic stricken villagers called upon the Government for ending the Army operation and ensuring their security. Until and unless, there is no security, what is the point of taking part in the MP election, one of the villagers in the camp quest- ioned. It is learnt that some of the local the MLAs have so far provided some relief materials to the displaced villa- gers staying in the relief camps.

Meanwhile, highlighting the present situation in Keibul Lamjao National Park area in the wake of the Army operation, 25 different organisations have jointly submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister urging for taking up necessary measures to save the endangered species of Sangai.

‘Operation with human face’

IMPHAL, Apr 15 : Naming Operation Summer Storm as an operation with a human face, with the objective of ensuring no collateral damages, PIB Defence Wing in a statement today said that in view of this, speculative firing which involves spraying bullets at an area has not been resorted to. This also entails that no harm is done to the Sangai. In order to ensure the safety of the villagers, they have been told to keep away from the areas where they are likely to come under crossfire. Relief camps to provide food and aid to the villagers have also been opened by the Army, it added.

No end to killings on poll eve
Ops Summer Storm claims more UGs

IMPHAL, Apr 15 : The total number of PREPAK cadres killed in the ongoing Operation Summer Storm launched by the Army since the wee hours of April 12 at Loktak lake has reached 9 with more deaths being confirmed. However the Army has claimed that the number of militants killed since the launch of the Operation has reached 11, though only the bodies of 9 slain militants have been deposited at RIMS morgue till today.
In a statement, PIB Defence Wing said that while nine bodies have been recovered and handed over to police, process is underway to recover two more bodies caught in the phumdis.

The Operation, code name Operation Summer Storm, was launched on April 10 by 57 Mountain Division, police commandos and Bishnupur police at Loktak lake, Chingmai Pat, Nomgmaikhong, Arong and Khordak said the statement and added that till the last report the joint team has destroyed five major camps of PREPAK.

Till date there have been four major encounters, said PIB.

Claiming that zero collateral damage is the priority, PIB said that as such speculative firing was never resorted to. The troops were sensitised that there may be women and children in the camp as well as not to cause harm to the Sangai at Keibul Lamjao. Once the operation is over, Forest officials will be able to venture into Keibul Lamjao and operate without fear and threats from the militants, added the statement.

Official sources said that nine bodies, including one Sgt Major of the PREPAK have been deposited at RIMS morgue and the identities of two have been confirmed. The latest instance of gun fight ensued yesterday morning at about 3 at Keibul Chingmei under Moirang police station. Troops of 7 Assam Rifles who took part in the shoot out reportedly eliminated three militants.

Two AK 56 rifles along with two bullets, four grenade launchers, one Chinese made hand grenade and other items were seized after the shoot out. The bodies have been deposited at RIMS morgue.

The identity of the one of the cadres killed on the first day of the operation at Ungamen Pat by 21 Para Troopers on the first day of the operation at Ungamen Pat by 21 Para troops has been established.

The slain youth has been identified as one Heisnam Arun alias Ngamba (16) of Chairen Mangjing.

According to sources the slain youth left home about 7 months back. The body was handed over to family members after post mortem at RIMS morgue yesterday.

The Army had claimed that one AK-47 rifle was recovered from his possession.

Out of the two militants killed by 7 Assam Rifles personnel in the operation on April 13 the identity of one of them has been established as Sgt Major Yumnam Suraj alias Korak alias Bucha (22) of Sagolband Bijoy Govinda.

The wife of the slain Sgt Major along with his minor son were taken into custody by the security forces one the day he was killed.

The identity of the other militant killed along with the Sgt Major is yet to be established.

Two AK 47 rifle with 12 bullets, one hand grenade along with two detonators were recovered from their possession.

The body of Suraj was handed over to family members after post mortem at RIMS morgue yesterday.

The operation launched using helicopters and UAVs is still going on with no sign of the Army suspending it. Troops are still surrounding the periphery of Loktak Lake and no one is allowed to venture into the lake.


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