Friday, June 12, 2009

Is India racist?? Prejudice faced by people of northeast

The recent wave of racial attacks on Indian students in Australia is the top story that is doing the rounds on all electronic and print Medias. Sequence of events that followed thereafter in a nutshell…….

• Indian government holds talk with the Australian prime minister in the spate of this mounting racial mugging on Indian students.
• Thousands of Indian students in Australia take it out to the streets.
• Animosity grips the entire nation of India as well.
• The icon of tinsel town Amitabh Bachan snub’s an Aussie honour because of these string of attacks on Indians.

This incident brings to the public domain the concord of the Indian masses in the rise of any kind of prejudice meted out to their people. But what if that someone is from the northeast, would the approach of the people still be the same?
I wager the answer would sadly be in the negative. There are myriad northeast students studying in mainland India who are subjected to discrimination in one form or the other. So is our mongoloid origin to be held accountable for the turn of adversities? A good number of mainland Indians literally presumes that northeast people are still primitive and “JUNGLE” is their haven.

Well incalculable number of people actually had the impudence to ask me, I heard people in Nagaland eat snakes? Not only snakes I retort infuriatingly we eat everything that has life even humans…we are hardcore cannibals. Well, that reply certainly keeps them raking their brains. Some actually take the bait.

All these outlooks are formed on baseless hearsays from people who have never stepped foot on the northeast soil. The state of northeast hardly recovers any media coverage at all and the only time when the issue of northeast receives the spotlight is when there is a factional clash in Nagaland, Manipur or a bomb blast in Assam. That explains why most of the people are still ignorant about the real northeast.

Northeast girls are especially the vulnerable victims of discrimination with a series of molestation and rape cases which transpire almost on a daily basis. The annoying fact is that the police usually treat such matters with levity when that person concerned is from the northeast.

They refuse to file an FIR even after repeated appeal by the victim. As a result the perpetrators often get off the hook. Racial discrimination in any way is an offence which ought to be dealt with an iron hand. If bulk of the Indians can unite and fight against discrimination to one of their kind then why not for the cause of the minority as well. If northeast is a part of India then why are its people alienated from the rest of India? That’s the question that needs to be debated.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

4,000 Manipur villagers facing food crisis

SOBHAPATI SAMOM | IMPHAL, June 10 – Nearly 4,000 villagers of eight Ukhrul villages are reported to be facing acute shortage of food owing to failure of paddy crop in the last season. Information regarding the food scarcity being faced by the villagers located at the western side of the Phungyar sub-division of Ukhrul district was conveyed to a visiting team of reporters and volunteers of the Information for Hills Areas, Manipur (ICHAM).

The eight villages facing scarcity of food owing to failure of crops include Kumram village having a population of 475, Patbung has 250, Nongmen 450, Sorbun 700, Sorden 145, Sorde 430, Aleng 220 and Phungyar around 1,300. Villagers gave the reasons behind the failure of the paddy crop as mass destruction of the paddy crop by grasshoppers at the fruit-bearing stage.

In the last season also, they sowed paddy seeds in their fields in the traditional way. But a large part of the seeds failed to grow up. Some plants that sprouted were also attacked by the grasshoppers.

Concerned over the failure of the crops, village authorities approached the Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul district to help them by providing relief materials. But it was in vain, they said. The villagers have finished up all the rice stocks. The villagers are now earning their livelihood by working as labourer. With the money they got from 100 days work under the NREGS, villagers are somehow feeding their families.

Village women are earning their daily bread by selling fruits and other editable items available in the villages.

Many children have left school and are helping their parents to earn livelihoods. The reporters held interactions with the village headmen and authorities.

The president of the Tangkhul Youth Council said that villagers are facing the woes for a long time and alleged that the government has neglected them. He appealed the government to provide relief to the villagers.

Source: The Assam Tribune

Agatha Sangma sets date with Manipur

Newmai News Network | Imphal, Jun 10: Agatha Sangma, the NCP Member of Parliament (MP) from Meghalaya and the Union MoS for Rural Development will be visiting Manipur on June 17. The youngest Union Minister be here to honour the closing ceremony of the 11th Foundation Day of the NCP, Manipur. Informing this during the celebration of the foundation day of the NCP at its office in Thangmeiband of Imphal West district, president of the State unit, Radhabinod Koijam stated the daughter of PA Sangma, leader of the NCP will be in the state on June 17 to grace the closing ceremony of the party’s anniversary.

The Sangai Express

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mizo veteran Congress politician passes away

Aizawl, June 10 : Former Mizoram Finance Minister and veteran Congressman John Lalsangzuala died after a prolonged illness at Aizawl Civil Hospital here around midnight last night. He was 84. He is survived by his wife Zokhumi, three surviving children and a number of grandchildren.

Born at Kulikawn in Aizawl in 1924, Lalsangzuala joined the First Battalion of Assam Regiment during the World War II in 1941 while he was studying at St Anthony's College in Shillong.

After he retired from the Army in 1958, he engaged in social work and later joined the Indian National Congress and got elected for the first time on the party's ticket from Aizawl South constituency in the 1972 Mizoram UT assembly elections.

He was re-elected to the assembly in 1989 from Aizawl East-I seat and again in 1993 from the same seat.

He had held various Cabinet posts in the Lal Thanhawla-led Congress ministries, but was most popular as finance minister in the 1993-1998 Congress ministry during which he earned a nickname of Mr Clean.

Due to internal crisis in the party, Lalsangzuala split the Pradesh Congress party in 2005 to float Mizoram Congress Party (MCP) with two Congress MLAs and a good number of followers.

After remaining an ally of then ruling Mizo National Front, Lalsangzuala dissolved the MCP and went back to the parent party in 2008 before the state assembly elections.

Political analysts attributed the comeback of Lalsangzuala to the storming resurgence of the Congress in the 2008 assembly elections.

His funeral took place at his Mission Veng residence which was hugely attended by Congress ministers and MLAs, politicians, officials, friends
and relatives.

--- UNI

ZSP Delhi Branch Executive Committee meeting resolutions

Apaisa June 7,2009 Pasianni biah innkai tawp in ZSP DB Executive Committee Branch Office ah um a tuanah tam anei ate thupuosah ahi.

1. Freshers Meet : Freshers meet jah ding dan sawtpi tah ngaituo ahi nuo in tam bang in ki thukim hi.

a) Tutung FM pen 21st September 2009 a bawl ding a pha sah ahi.
b) Tutung FM pen anop thei bang eh a thupi thei bang a lawp a niag kumdang bang lou deu a kitup tah a bawl ding ki lem sah chiat hi.


a). Kalaisai sports meet pen October 06,2009 a bawl ding a lem sah ahi.(sangka te Autum break toh ki tuah/laitah in).
b). Tam Sports meet pen hoi tah a piching josem a bawl ding dan akisaipi te leh EC in ana ngaituo ta uh hen chia ngansia ahi.

3. ZSP DB Media: Zokuomthawn EB in ahing puohlut ZKT media tung taang genkhawm ahia, tam bang a lemsah ahi.

a) ZKT min a WebHosting lei ding a pha sah ahia, tua na dingin akisaipi lam ten ana ngai ven uh helen, a poimaw leh alemtaang bang in a na sai mai ta uhen chia ngansia ahi uhi.
b) Tuo banah, ZK aki print pen suo dan genkhawm ahia, bang teng hileh a pai ngai bang in paitou jel henlen ahunbi nei deu in ki suo thei leh chi in ki lemsah hi.Tuoleh a poimawbang jel a jong bawl jel ding a jong pha sah ahi.

4, Fund: Sum leh pai dinmun gen khawm ahia, tuo nah tam bang in ki gel hi.

a). Fund leh Membership/Regestration te pen kumdang a bang a baw tou jel pha kisa hi. Tuoleh Maitha ten jong a kin thei lama aki kum lut uh poiaw ahi chi theisah ding jong ki pha sah hi.
b). Tuoleh Project khat nei ding in pha kisa a, tuo na ding in T-Shirt bawl dig a pha sah ahi.Tam Project enkai ding in Tv Khaibiahlian leh Tv alsawmte muang tah a ngansia ahi uhi. Tuoleh tam project pen Kalaisai masang teitei in hing jaw sawm uh hen chia nget leh theisah ahi uhi.

5. Election : Election kum ahi tah man in Election tung taang ngaituo ahia, ta anei a bang a bawl ding in pha kisa hi.

a). Election Commisioner member thu guat ding a pha sah ahia, tuona ding in Pu John Jamkhomang, Dr.David Vumlallian Zou leh Dr.Mary Grace Siasien te muang tah a ngansia ahi uhi.
b). Tutung Election pen Nomination/proposal System a bawl ding pha kisa hi. Art 16.3
c). Election tungtaang a naa tengteng pen Election Commision te leh EC in ana enkai ta uhen chia pha sah ahi.
d). EC te appointment order pen General Secretary in ana bawl ta heh chia jongngansia ahi.

6. Bye Law /Constitution et tha na

a). Daanbu et tha na aki nei a , tuanah Daanbu a ZOD chi ki gel khah na munteng ah ZOD hizo lou in ZYO chi a gel/sim/thei ahi ta ding hi. a ziah pen,ZOD khu ZYO chia aki heng tah an in (28th November2008).
b). Danbu ekaina bawl ding a pha sah ahia, EC meber teng in ana enkai hen leh Meting kia chiang a gen khawm ding in hing lui khia uhen len tua chiang a et khwm kia ding a pha sah ahi.

General Secretary
Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi
Delhi Branch

Manipur University, RIMS asked to refund DoNER funds

IMPHAL, June 9 – Authorities of Manipur University and Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) could not submit the utilization certificates and status reports of the construction of Government College of Technology at university campus and Dharmasala building at RIMS taken up with the funding of the DoNER Ministry.

The Manipur Government, as directed by DoNER, has asked the two institutes to refund the entire amount released or submit the utilization certificates and quarterly progress reports, work plan, etc., immediately, an official source here said.

The utilisation certificates sought by the DoNER have been pending for the last two years, the source added.

For the construction of academic and compound building in order to set up the College of Technology, DoNER had released Rs 154 lakh including Rs 15.14 lakh as loan amount to be repaid by the Manipur Government in July, 2004.

The DoNER also released Rs 86.27 lakh for the construction of Dharmasala building at RIMS complex in August 2006.

The release of the next instalment by the DoNER is subject to the satisfactory submission of financial and physical progress reports along with the work plan for the balance fund sought.

The direction to refund the entire amount was taken in a high level meeting convened by the State additional chief secretary (planning), DS Poonia recently at his chamber with officials of the concerned departments.

The meeting also discussed the progress status reports of the implementation of five health projects, construction and equipping of 50-bed district hospitals at Ukhrul, Tamenglong, Chandel, Senapati and Jiribam for furnishing to the DoNER.

Source: The Assam Tribune

‘Naga movement losing direction’

Dimapur, June 8 (MExN): A far cry from the original values and envisaged goals, the once-revered Naga political movement today is reduced to greed, rampant extortion, bloodshed and violence and is starting to test the people’s patience, the Angami Public Organization today said, echoing general sentiments. Weighting the harsh reality that the people has been enduring – from unabated killings to greed and rampant extortion – the APO today said it is time for the Naga political groups to reorient and commit to the welfare of the people.

The APO in a statement today squarely made clear that “the much endeared Naga assertion and struggle for political right and identity is fast proving to be losing its reverence even within and amongst the as much patriotic Naga civic populations, given the present chaotic atmosphere of frustration, hopelessness and insecurity, spawning largely from the activities harbored by the national workers”.

The organization reminded that the envisioned Naga political movement was conceived to be a nation’s journey for political identity based on equitable order of social justice, pluralism, democracy, peace and security for all. “It never was meant to be a platform licensed for annihilation of each other, of harassments, threats and imposition of taxes on the public beyond supportable proportions, in such a now prevailing, magnitude and degree,” the APO stated.

The ignominies that the people are going through in the state today, the APO reminded, are the continuing “harsh scenario” of ‘deaths that should not have been, of acts of mindless barbarism, of families being left bereft because of the greed for power, for territorial domination, for the exercise to impose one’s will on another, of harassments and tortures perpetuate to the civilians by phony and unbridled national workers’. Further, the failure of the “political groups’” professed commitment to peace and unity, “to down their gun barrels despite appeals from the Naga civil populace had proved to be an ‘awful aspect’ our society today had plunged into”.

Here, the Angami apex pointed to the endless reasons, appeals and resolutions put across and endorsed against all hostilities within the Naga family, overground or underground, have been “out to rubbish.” The APO mentioned the March 5-7 Naga Consultative Meet convened and attended by all Naga “political groups” and parties. The groups unanimously consented and appended their commitment to cease all sorts of violence under. But the unabated crime of forceful taxations, kidnappings and murders in and around the state carried out by the different Naga underground groups on the pretext of “protecting and promoting the Naga political interest” have again put to rubbish. It has been rubbished even as prayers were made that the groups would “enduringly accepted, honored and revered by all, particularly by the Naga political groups”.

The Angami Public Organization’s lamented that its experiences and wisdom cannot any longer believe and trust political groups who pledge “political sovereignty, peace and reconciliation for the Nagas” even while the groups constantly harbor activities of bloodshed and violence against own ‘brothers’. The Angami apex cautioned: “Given the present turbulent tide and acts testing our patience, APO fears of a suicidal effort within the aspiring Naga goal, until and henceforth the Naga political groups imperatively reorient, fashion and commit their minds and policies in the best interest of the Nagas, public resolutions be honored and all forms of fratricides and unregulated taxations be put to a halt”.

Source: Morung Express

Three years after New Lamka Church firing... AR/Army stay away from probe

Lamka, Jun 9: Against the back drop of the Magisterial Inquiry pronounced by the State Government three years back heading nowhere, family and friends of Thawngkhanlian, the sole victim of New Lamka’s Vengnuam Church firing incident today recounted the traumatic moments they have undergone since, as they erected a memorial stone in his remembrance at YPA cemetery here.

“We are utterly surprised that the Indian Army, the perpetrators of the crime in killing our brother at Vengnuam EBC Church refused to turn-up at the hearing of the Magisterial Inquiry,” an elderly relative of the decease youth said today as the memorial stone was unveiled by a Pastor.

Killed in an alleged cross-fire moments before a sacrament was served in the Church, the local Pastor at that time PH Rothuam today recalled the verses he had read out that fateful night and how he along with some Church elders refused to lie on the ground after hearing the indiscriminate firing. “I then faced the uphill task of informing his sisters that their brother was dead. They were literally screaming at me inquiring the whereabouts of their brother who was already dead, ”he recalled.

Almost three years after the August 20, 2006 incident at the Church, Army and Assam Rifles officials have deliberately turned-down summon after summons to appear before the District Magistrate here.

The Army and Assam Rifles were served summons at least six times since 2007 but they did not bother to appear even at one point of time. The District Magistrate, who heads the inquiry in his report to the Principal Secretary, Home on 19 November, 2007 said 28 civilians and the local police have appeared before them with necessary documents but maintained that the attitude of the Army and Assam Rifles has been totally non-cooperative.

Instead the Army/AR has intimated that their higher authorities have filed a writ petition with the High Court challenging the inquiry and thus pending the decision of the Magisterial Inquiry.

The office of the Hqs 27 Sector AR in its letter dated 15/11/07 No. 11530/GS(Ops)/07/1418 claimed that the Army will not be able to attend the Magisterial Inquiry in such circumstances. But, the question remains, why not, when they can kill some one inside the Church without the sanction of the Higher Authority. The Army top-brass will definitely not order the Army here to attack the Church. Then why not the other way round.

Besides, Col Koj Tare in his letter dated 23rd Jan 2008 to the inquiry said there is no material/documentary evidence to be produced by them.

It is evident that the Army/AR officials have no evidence to justify their killing and hence their deliberate evasion in appearing before the inquiry. The repeated plea of Army and AR representatives to the family members to join the force with the promise of a decent job has supplemented the Army owning up their blunder.

The Army/AR officials have approached the family on several occasions to join them and promise to arrange them a decent job, whether for a male or female member of the family. But the family has turned-down any such offer.

A ray of hope has appeared with reliable sources claiming that the case pending with the High Court may be shifted to Imphal in a couple of weeks for hearing. It is widely expected that the judiciary acted upon the perpetrators knowing fully well that the Army or AR personnel are not aliens but its own citizen paid to serve its citizens and not slaugh-tered them at the most sacred places of worship.

It is clear that the personnel involved in the crime have already been posted outside the state but the long hands of the law should drag them in and bring them to justice in order to restore the confidence of the masses on the law of the land.
(S Thawngkhanlian is the elder brother of S Thangkhanlal Ngaihte, former CCpur correspondent and columnist for The Sangai Express.)

Source: The Sangai Express | Singlianmang Guite

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Wives Trouble Me

- Mr. Khaalnou | Life in city is haste and expensive. Every one is busy….The moment you cross the door, you are likely to open your wallet. A single coin could travel you a mile. Though different nomenclature fences us in our home, this might not be possible. Here, people called us 'Bahadur' or 'Chinky'. Our face, skin and colour were totally different from Delhities, Gurgaonites, Noidians and so on. It's really unfortunate that, we, the north-east usually faced sexual assaults, harassments, molestations, rapes and all kinds of hatreds. This makes life insecure in the capital and its neighbouring cities. There's one thing worth to remember 'Unity in Diversity'. Alas! The aged old enemy of Pupu Gandhiji - 'Discrimination' is still alive. There are good and bad everywhere.

Uncountable questions stricken me. The world seems a bed of roses for those splendid lives. Full of thorns for those who struggles. Choices are wide. Few have self -principles and guts. Yet, some of our guys seek advantages. Our innocent girls were the most vulnerable targets everywhere. Many girls had fallen in traps laid by earthly pleasures and short lived romantics. No one could rescue them out of the pitfalls. Life is a mixture of sweets and sours. Makes my mind, a home of five wives and one husband. My wives fumed smokes of doubts at my home. What, When, Where, Who, Which and How were the restless symbols that wrapped my life.

The art of living is really a life. Once our sweet home, is no longer a destiny land. Sorrows, grieves and angers - sparks every dawn and dusk. The 'Land of Jewels' is replacing by the 'land of bomb blasts and merciless bullets'. Every nook and corner became the battlefield of unknown UG's and well-known Arm Forces. The home trained dogs namely, the State Police, City Police and Police Commandos- hunts for the native youths and the youthful. Besides, the tall Military Personnels were the deadliest rappers of women. Chances are high during operations or curfews imposed publicly. Be careful! If you are thin, you will be suspected. If you are fat, you will be suspected. Don't wear Jeans or Leather Jackets, nor wore helmet - you might rubbed the prison's wall after severe blows on your buttuck or thigh. Jobless educated youths worry day after day. Posts like Peon, Chowkidar, or Sweeper class have thousand piles of application. Corruptions, bribes and canvassing had occupied all the unseen back doors. The petty clerks and PA's are the real boss in any office. To meet Big Boss, make sure to pay 'Chathaknaba'. This is a magical word: the better you use, the more you gain. In the land of 'Sanaleipak', the rich rise up while the poor starves to death. 'Survival of the fittest' is aptly meant for the poor only. A revolutionary soldier to some extent is supportive unless the bullets are miss-used. To die for a noble cause might be far better than starving and facing armies' cruel hand. Is dead, for the youth?

Today, youths had flown far and beyond in search of job and wisdom. In this fast changing world, the world revolves around Privatisation and Outsourcing -which is the buzzword of all livings on earth. The populace of the northeast in Delhi and her neighbouring cities is increasing rapidly. These cities gave ample jobs to our brothers and sisters. Attractive Ads and lucrative jobs hooked them in many ways. With the passages of time, moral characters are fading away gradually. Parents at home became a mere listener to the distant words and tunes of their beloved children. The undying love of our parents should not be forgotten at all. Some parents hesitate to advice them. Money speaks louder! Taking as an advantage, many of us have fooled our parents and relatives. There are some who lavishly spends money; some are crazy after, some had gone astray. And some had fallen into life of darkness and sins.

The north-east people have so many hidden talents. Don't you believe? Explore the city - Shopping malls, Showrooms, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Call Centers, Out-door Clinics, Hospitals, etc, you would find a northeast guy or a lady. You would be pleased to see them dealing with their customers politely. The more they sell the better incentives at the end. Talents are gifted assets, which none could destroy nor stolen away. Exploring the business arena and developing it, is what we really need today. Hunting job is quite easier than before, as not in home state. Imagine, if you are at home, you might be null. Being here in the city, you render noble service to the family. Above all you gain much more. A single penny is worth saving! Keep safe your Cash Card!

One bitter experienced…After a weeklong office work, my boss called me in his personal AC room. “Hai Mr…! It's nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy the work. Right?” he smiles at me. “Yes, Sir” was my responds nervously. “Its nothing… but, I just wanna make you feel comfortable” he added. That was one Friday evening last summer. Then, he gave me a cup of coffee and a cake. He enquired about my home, family background and my personal life. We shared our moments lively. He was so friendly; my little shyness had gone. At the last moment when just about to bid bye, he whispered into my ears, “Truly, could you search for me, a Chinky girl for my girlfriend?” I asked him quickly, “What's Sir?” “So tight so cheap!” he screamed in a lively mood. I stood puzzled! And he then bid me bye with an eye-kiss. I asked myself, 'What does Chinky means?' This echoes in my ears and troubles me so long.

Another day, our Team Mates when for outing in the city. And we watched a movie 'Om Shanti Om' in the evening. During the play, two of my friends discussed about their girl friends. They usually visited their girl friends and lodged the night until Sunday dusk. Every thing is free within the four corners! Sometimes, they return back on Monday morning. “Buy a beer you will get a Chinky Girl”, they said. “So cheap so tight!”- was their slogans. It was unbelievable at first, but after their nude photos and their dirty movie clips seen through the handy mobile. “A picture tells a thousand words” flashes into my mind. If all the hearsay is to ink down here, it would be too horrible! Imagine, their GF's, both were from our own land, as how they looks. Dresses might also genuinely impress others. Some of our girls were infatuated with the city guys. It wasn't their religion that we bothered. We are afraid; our sisters might be left abandoned some day. Is there any one, who wants to be the left-over life? Having fun is okay, let's say. Why not, tie-knots with your lover if you really love for a life long? There are churches and temples nearby. No man would object nor react against your marriage. Why not marry legally or in other secure ways? The looser would be you, particularly and your family, in general. Such dirty affairs defiant our religion and our society at large.

Now a days, the practiced of 'Room Mate' or 'Living Together' - is the common debatable capsule in the family, church and society. The other one is 'Visitor or Guest' - a boy visits his GF and vice-versa. This type of visiting is the frequent syndrome found in the metro city life. Many families had taken as unpleasant aura because the pros and cons will flame one day. Some were facing off in this case. This had alarmed the parents at the beginning, but “It's so simple” they says later. When the after effect rises up, they blame some one, not themselves. None dares to justify, why? RM and LT became an eye opener for the blind freshers. Anyway, one should think well before. Maybe, the duo is helpful to each other. In times of sick or problems, one could easily look after the other, and vice-versa. The adorable cares and loyal relationships of duo-mate is quite encouraging to others. A taste of life! Every thing is being taught there… someone's joke! But, if and only if wedding bell rings, one plus one equals, right? Before that, nay!!

The past days had shown unfavorable discussions in our social groups. Opinions have came to be less defective than they once were. By forcing: the Self-Style ladies, Call Girls, Love Birds (eimi girls-non eimi boys), Loose Girls, Free Boys (lazy students), Drug Addicts and the Drunken Masters (alcoholic boys) - on morale ethics is really a bottleneck task. Striking them with by-laws or by stern warnings may not be the best revamped. Doubts are clearer when some of our guys' red-handed six north-east girls last winter. A heated argument smoked the room where they were interrogated rigorously. Their confessions had drawn out the truth and the ugly at last. The tall and beautiful lady remarked, “I just want to attend the night clubs with my friends. I never involved in flesh trade. They were my friends only. I'm just only fond of partying, dancing and drinking beers”. The other girl, who is also a college graduate and the most influential outlook among them; with much reluctantly uttered, “It's only the easy money. I got a deal of Rs. 8000 for two nights. The less I have money, the more I sad often. My father is dead, and I have four young brothers and two young sisters at home with my old mother.” The youngest lady remarked, “I don't have any idea how I came to contact with them. I followed my friends' footsteps”. The rest do not share their opinion. Some times, the value of money can be mistaken. However, money should not fool us. Yet, there were still many in the cities. This is the high profile game, top-most secrets played by some of our n-e girls in the city. It is not easy to identify and trace out, since beyond our imaginations. To deal with them is such another tough game.

There were numerous shocking incidents in the capital as well as in the adjoining cities. Two girls had hanged to death because their lover had left; another married woman with her children left abandoned in an overseas country. This appeared in the news few months back. The miserable tales of our north-east sisters had no full stop at all. Some of our eimi boys had also beaten the Landlord into black and blue just for a minor cause. Most recently, two sisters came from Chandigarh who rented a room was mercilessly beaten up by their landlord at around 3 O' Clock in the morning. Just three nights passed. Their landlord had knocked their door which was unattended since odd hours. Suddenly, the window panes were smashes down by the landlord. When they arose, the landlord started his actions. The two girls got collapsed unconscious. Hearing the incident, the eimi samaritan guys rushed to the site, and brought those two sisters to a nearby hospital. The landlord confidently argued that, “I was knocking the door to ask for the rent fee.” Is this justifiable? Soon the eimi samaritans lodged a complaint of an FIR in nearby Police Station with much difficulty within the day. Still, some n-e girls had been seen lying drunk inside a maruti van parked by a roadside at mid-night hours. Inspite of all these, one eimi single lady had thrown a big party on her birthday leaving behind all those eimi friends and well wishers. Unluckily she was assaulted by her own friends on her birthday. Her birthday turns to a badday! Another young lady dark and tall, yet looks beauty, broke her secrets of her biological clock. The story goes: Her lover abandoned her soon after she conceived a baby. She also confessed that three abortions had been done earlier. This was the pregnant girl's stand point against the run away father. On the other side, the boy (non eimi) boldly defended himself tooth and nail. He even sorted out some names of eimis and non-eimis who were also responsible in making the unwanted baby. Not only this, he stood boldly for DNA Test or Lab Test or any other Test to identify the real father. The young girl stood ashamed before her country men - eimi guys - at the meeting. There occurred a long heated argument between the opposers and the movers. The boy was accused of guilty for being the last invader in accordance with our tribal customary laws. Thus by force he was called to be the child's father. The same thing happens recently, yet, the boy belongs to eimi. What has to be done? The pregnant girl is a Christian from Orissa, where the Christians were tortured, burnt, raped and killed mercilessly like animals by the fanatic Hindus. In Zohills, the Christians killed the Christians! Forgiveness has no place in our heartland. However, the lawless state government makes unnecessary excuses! Many a thousand of Christians, by faith, lived homeless now. Such was her home town. The lover disappeared mysteriously from the girl. The helpless girl was thrown out of her family since then. Now she approached the eimi leaders to nap the prodigal father. She, sometimes, thought of suicide as no option left. She was debarred from her job, since her bulky belly. She is definitely alone. Her sufferings had shown a light of new thoughts. Boys are tough; while girls are soft often. Their beauty charms the male folk. Once the life of a girl is spoil, the rest is full of despairs and agonies - whether known or unknown. Boys usually doesn't care girls after unwanted happens. Boy's often shifted their heart's office. The pain pierced much when it falls on us! Men folk have forgotten the deep meaning of a 'woman'. Don't take woman as a 'World of Man'; otherwise, it could be a hell for you. Charmed by face or figure; by fairness or darkness might not last long. Beauty depends on the eye holder. The loves, cares, selfless sacrifices in romantic days might also have double lines behind. Boy's promises and girl's listen, too. Girl's faith rest on boy's word while boy's faith rest on her sacrifice. Who lose, who gain? Girls many a time, by faith, had fallen under Boy's chest. And boys were fooled by girl's net. Temptations began since Eden. If not, there would be no 'Dead'. How nice it would be? Some people want to test life or everything and pick up the best. Today no one doubts the sanctity of 'Virginity'. How many had protected the fertile land? Many have lost the princely kingdoms to aliens. If 'V-Test' is mandatory for marriage, how many would be marked below? If you kiss or…. some one, what will happen? Or how could you? There's one and only one condition apply, both must 'YES'. If not, you will be stoned or hanged separately. The truth of love is often misused knowingly. Yet, marriage is soically solemnised by the Priests! The most often cited on wedding day is 'Marriage is made in heaven' and 'Let no one break the cord, which God binds'. Is this 'applaudable' or a 'forbidden' word? Who knows, some cords might have been already bitten off by an alien once upon a time! The version of our Bible might be Devil's Handbook or Lucifer's Dairy.

The incalculable damage done to any one by a clever invader and indiscriminate blood pollution is indescribable, indefensible, and unforgivable. Hey Boys! Hey Girls! It's not an attack. It's all about the heart beats of the eimi samaritan guys who care you much behind your shadow. The silent rhymes are hunted for reasons of sound! Our diehard thoughts bombarded us with a couple of breathes. The eimi boys should not turn blind and deaf while the wolves surround eimi girls.

On my way to office one day, I heard a beggar singing to himself, “Bhukhe Pet Na Bhajan Gopela”. I asked my friends to translate it. The meaning was, “The worship of God is of no use to a man with an empty stomach”. “Is it true?” I quarreled myself. The beggar's emaciated body and outstretched arm with a bowl were a symbol of the millions of poor people for whom food is more important than God. Then it seems partially true, indeed. It's a bold step; one has to struggle for one's belly. No bread ever falls. The sweat that one pays has brought the ripest fruits. Thus 'Work is Worship' as long as we live on earth. Remember God, do good!

In near future, 'Send Back Home' might be the ideal way to tackle the problems created by those who set dark images to his or her own our community. However, send back home policy is still a frightening one. It would cause tensions and gets whole families into a periodic flap of one's income. Parents and relatives might be ashamed. Should this type of problems be brought to the surface? Or hide as possible? Or any better idea? Who will be happy to hear unexpected ugly words of beloved sons and daughters? The need for personal reforms should be the debated issue now.

How wide awake! As the day pass by.

[The writer lives in Gurgaon, Haryana. He works in private firm. He can be reached at]

Help for NE students in Delhi

Delhi University is a preferred destination for youngsters from the northeast for higher studies. But many find themselves singled out for their looks, attire and diction. For them, there is help at hand. Student clubs, volunteers and colleges in the varsity are stepping in to ease their troubles. “Students face problems of accommodation and discrimination. The first step - and most significant now - is to help them fill up forms and ease the admission process,” Rover, a member of the Naga Students Union, told IANS.

Many such student clubs, set up by students from the northeast who are already enrolled in Delhi University and those who have set up base here, are extending help to fresh entrants in whatever way they can . The Manipur Students Union and the Arunachal Pradesh Students Union have also emerged as support groups for students from their respective states, helping youngsters fill up admission forms and get reliable paying guest accommodation.

“Discrimination is an issue. People think we are from some different world! A lot of people need to get their history and geography right. They think we are from oriental countries like China and Japan - but we belong to the same country,” said Thomas, a member of the Kuki Students Union.

The North East Support Centre helpline (9818314146/9868184939) has also been receiving a lot of complaints from female students facing eve-teasing, molestation, harassment by landlords and in some cases even sexual abuse and rape.

The helpline has been functioning since October 2007 and actively helping out students in case of discrimination. There are 49,000 seats in Delhi University.
“When students call our helpline, in some cases we help them get in touch with the police and provide them legal assistance,” said Lansinglu Rongmei, an active member of North East Support Centre and lawyer.

The Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) as well as the varsity’s administrative office is trying to link new students and university aspirants to senior students and teachers from the northeast. Gurpreet Singh Tuteja, deputy dean, students welfare, told IANS: “We have set up help desks where teacher counsellors who hail from the northeastern states help out students. Our student counsellors also pitch in.”

DUSU member Tejeswar Parida said, “DUSU introduces them to our members who are from the northeast so that there is no hesitation. We also keep in touch with individual organisations from these regions.”

Individual colleges are also pitching in. Sri Venkateswara College, a college in the south campus, has taken steps to make students feel at home. “The college plans to help students from the northeast take up houses on rent. Students will also be asked to submit a report on their stay in their rented houses so that we will know if they face any kind of harassment from landlords,” said Nirmal Kumar, the college’s admissions convener.

“In some cases, if required, a person from the administration would be appointed for the student concerned to help him or her interactwith police,” Kumar added. Thumlity Monsang, who hails from Manipur and is a student of journalism at Kalindi College, said: “We constantly have to prove that we are Indians. Why?”

Source: Nagaland Post

Purno, Sonia meet at Conrad’s wedding reception

NEW DELHI: The wedding reception of Purno A Sangma's son Conrad Sangma here on Sunday became the occasion for virtual reunion of the NCP leader and Congress president Sonia Gandhi. The reception, hosted at Taj Palace Hotel, was attended by a host of dignitaries, including Ms Gandhi, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha LK Advani, Union Cabinet ministers, MPs and political leaders from the North-East.

Soon after her arrival at the five-star hotel, Ms Gandhi blessed the couple, Mr Conrad and his wife Mehtab, and spent a few minutes with the Sangma family.

The Prime Minister later joined the reception. Both Dr Singh and Ms Gandhi met Purno A Sangma for some time.

Mr Sangma and his daughter and Union Minister of State for Rural Development Agatha Sangma played the host and received the guests.

Mr Sangma, who was expelled from Congress ten years ago for raising the issue of foreign origin of Ms Gandhi, had met the Congress chief last week and sought apology for the 1999 incident, raising speculation about his rejoining Congress.

The NCP leader, however, ruled out the possibility of returning to Congress.

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, former Meghalaya Education Minister Manas Chaudhuri were among other leaders from the North-East to attend the wedding reception.


Development suffers as district councils polls elude hill districts

Imphal, June 8: Nine months have passed since the state Assembly passed the Manipur District Council Amendment Bill 2008. However, the state government has failed to initiate a proper schedule for the election to the District Councils of six hill districts of the state.

This prolonged delay by the state government has become a matter of big concern in the tribal communities, mainly in the hill districts, as it amounts to violation of their rights under the Constitution of India which provides for development through decentralisation of powers with elected representatives at the district level.

It may be mentioned that election to the district councils in various districts including Senapati, Sadar Hills Kangpokpi, Churachandpur, Ukhrul, Tamenglong and Chandel have been pending for more than a decade in the state following a resolution adopted by the Hill Areas Committee of the state Assembly held on December 20, 1990 that unless the provisions of the VIth Schedule of the Constitution of India are extended to the present District Councils of Manipur the elections to the councils would not be allowed.

It was because of this standing resolution of the Hill Areas Committee of the state Assembly that the district councils have been in abeyance and the administration of the councils have been entrusted to the concerned deputy commissioners of the districts and additional deputy commissioner in the case of Sadar Hills Autonomous District Council.

In the the meantime, due to constant pressure from the state several tribal bodies of the state the state Cabinet in its meeting held on November 4, 1996 approved the recommendation of the Hill Areas Committee for holding of elections to the autonomous district councils and constituted a ministerial committee, or Cabinet sub-committee, comprising of six Cabinet ministers to look into the matter of the autonomous district councils.

The Cabinet sub-committee in its meeting held on September 1998 decided to enact a bill called ‘Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Bill’ in place of the existing ‘Manipur (Hill Areas) District Councils Act, 1971’ and the bill, after vetting by the law department and after obtaining concurrence of the Hill Areas Committee of Manipur legislative Assembly, was placed before the Manipur legislative Assembly during the monsoon session, 2000. The bill was passed and provided for 26 members including 24 elected members and two nominations from among the unrepresentated STs.

After this the District Council Delimitation Committee under the chairmanship of Ch Birendra (IAS) Retd was constituted to consider the delimitation process of various dirctrict councils, and the committee submitted its recommendation to the state government on October 22 last year. The same is under active consideration of the state government to bring about elections to the six autonomous district councils at the earliest.

The present situation is that due to the failure to get the final report from the Cabinet sub-committee which was formed in this regard the finalisation of holding of elections to the Autonomous District Councils has been hanging in suspension, said an officer of State Tribal Development department.

Under the circumstances, the deputy commissioners of Chandel, Churachandpur, Tamenglong, Senapati, Ukhrul and additional deputy commissioner, Kangpokpi have been empowered to act as chairmen (ex-officio chairmen) of the district councils and chief executive officers are assisting the deputy commissioners.

It may also mentioned that a sum of Rs. 8,50,00,000 has been received under plan and Rs. 47,50,32,000 under non-plan for the district councils of the state for the implementation of various development activities by the district councils in the field of education at primary level, agriculture, veterinary, medical, public works and forests.

In the meantime, the Indigenous Democratic Front has taken up steps to launch statewide campaign for decentralisation of power including autonomous district councils elections.

Source: IFP

NE people in Delhi : Adjust, says MP Baite

(Ninglun Hanghal of The Ssangai Express caught up with the newly elected Congress Member of Parliament from Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency at Manipur Bhawan in New Delhi on Sunday June 7, 2009.) Excerpts:

Ninglun Hanghal :: How does it feel to be among the 543 Member of Parliaments from all over India.
Thangso Baite : I am one among them, I am happy to be part of the 543 member Lok Sabha.

NH: Why did you choose to be Member of Parliament rather than State Legislative Assembly (being a Minister of State in the Manipur Legislative Assembly in 2002)
TB : As Member of Parliament I wanted to build a better relation between the State and the Centre. In order to enable the State Government to take up developmental works from the Centre.

NH : You must be well aware of the situation of Manipuris living in Delhi ( discriminations, harassments , particu- larly women ) . Being an MP now you will be sitting in Delhi, and many form Manipur here would be looking forward to you as a ‘guardian’. What is your take on this ? Do you plan to see or take up steps on this front – for Manipuris in Delhi ?
TB : Basically we, people of North East India including Manipur are different in our physical looks, culture and behaviour which the mainland Indians find peculiar. I would like to suggest that being an Indian, on our part, regarding dress or fashion, even food habits, we require to adjust and reflect ourselves in accordance to the prevailing environment and the society. Regarding any problems faced by any individual or groups, being a representative of Manipur , I will take care of the situation as and when required.

NH : Give us some brief highlights - General information for the public, on developmental plans for the people of Manipur – some of the implementation and functioning of the Centre in relation to the State.
TB To be frank , regarding implementation of development works and projects the matter mainly depend upon the State. The State Government is the implementing agency. My duty as an MP is to ask the Centre for prompt sanction for the State from various Ministries concerned.

NH : What are some of your priorities ? Any first step to be taken up in relation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s 100 days action plan?
TB : As a whole , the 100 days action plan implies to all the States in India, out of which the priority in Manipur will be welfare policies in the social sector and public security.

NH : Your comment or observation on the situation of Manipur – its political and social tension. What according to you would be the road map, the vision for peace in the State and for the whole region of North East India in General. What do you intend to do on these issues ?
TB : In Manipur there is political stability . As per my observation, there is social tensions because of some anti – social elements. The State Government till today is taking positive steps to control the situation by modernizing State security forces and this will bring a better result with public cooperation. Total peace cannot be expected in a short span of time since the ailing situation of the society is chronic. But there is hope for normalcy in the State under the UPA Government in the Centre and SPF in the State. The State cannot work in isolation, so also the Centre cannot directly intervene.

NH : Any message for the people back at home ?
Thangso Baite : I would like to say to the people of Manipur particularly to the people of Outer Manipur constituency, let us try to contribute something to the State. Instead of asking from the State, which should be the ultimate solution of all social evils dominant in our society. “Peoples’ vigilance is the price of liberty”.

Source: The Sangai Express

Displaced Zemes taking refuge in Manipur

IMPHAL, June 8 – The number of displaced Zeme villagers mostly women and children who have been taking shelter in Tousem areas in Manipur’s Tamenglong district have increased following renewed violence in North Cachar Hills district of Assam.

NC Hills continue to be ravaged by violence with the reports of killing of five villagers, besides injuries to eight others and burning down of nearly 60 villages on Wednesday.

People are still fleeing from NC Hills and their number have crossed 800, Jacinta Lazarus, Deputy Commissioner, Tamenglong district told The Assam Tribune.

Since the outbreak of violence in March last, initially over 500 displaced Zeliangrong villagers have arrived and taken shelter at Tousem. However, the number of displaced persons have increased due to fresh violence in NC Hills.

The Manipur Chief Secretary held a meeting with his Assam counterpart to take up necessary steps and provide relief materials, DC said and added that she had also been contacting her Assam counterpart from time to time. A SDO will be going to Tousem to oversee the situation soon, she added. No official team had so far visited the displaced villagers at Tousem area.

Meanwhile, Tousem villagers are worried about the future of the displaced villagers as they are providing food and shelter. “How long can we bear such burden as we don’t get any relief materials from the government,” Agnes Malanglei, in-charge of the Relief Committee said and added that the time has come for the Assam Government to bring normalcy in the NC Hills for the resettlement of the displaced villagers.

According to Agnes, 288 villagers are taking shelter at Tousem, 145 at Aben and 200 at Mandeu villages. Though some of the villagers returned to NC Hills but renewed violence had forced them to come back to Tousem.

On Wednesday, a team of United NGO Mission distributed relief materials to the displaced people.

Source: Assam Tribune

Monday, June 08, 2009

Rs 1,371 cr for civic amenities in NE cities

NEWMAI NEWS | SHILLONG, June 8 – A meeting to review the implementation of projects under 10 per cent lumpsum provision for infrastructure development in towns in the North East was held under the chairmanship of Dr M Ramachandran, Secretary Urban Development, who has decided that the Ministry will launch the North Eastern Urban Development Programme assisted by Asian Development Bank in Aizawl, Shillong, Gangtok, Kohima, and Agartala in the first phase very shortly.

He said that the programme at a total cost of Rs 1,371.40 crore will help improve basic municipal services in the identified cities. He also stated that every effort shall be made to expedite the launching of Phase - II of the programme to cover cities in remaining three States in the North East.

The scheme for infrastructure development in towns in North East was launched in 2001-02 and so far 213 projects at an estimated cost of Rs 1,700 crore have been sanctioned under the scheme out of which Rs 1,080 crore have been released as Central assistance.

Over 40 per cent of the projects have been completed under the scheme so far. During the course of discussion, Dr Ramachandran highlighted the need for early completion of ongoing projects and requested the States to adhere to the timelines committed by them for completion of projects.

Bail: The nominated Congress Member of District Council (MDC) Thomas Nongtdu, who was arrested for his alleged nexus in the May 31 jailbreak, was granted bail on Friday and police later dropped all charges against him.

Nongtdu walked free after being in police custody for less than 24 hours and later the Chief Judicial Magistrate remanded him to 14 days’ judicial custody.

Nongtdu after being remanded was admitted to the Shillong Civil Hospital after which he complained of sickness and was admitted to the ICU before being granted bail by the Court here. – Correspondent

Source: Assam Tribune

37 houses torched in NC Hills

HAFLONG, June 8 – At least 37 houses belonging to Dimasa people of Lailing village under Mahur Police station and of Diduki village under Maibang police station were burnt down by miscreants in two separate incidents today.

According to the police two houses at Lailing village some 7 KM from Mahur were burnt down by the miscreants early morning and no casualty was reported so far.

Again at about 1 PM a group of gunmen wearing black dress and helmet came to the Diduki village and fired indiscriminately and torched 35 houses out of 45 houses of the village. It is learnt that the security personals yesterday took away all the licensed guns of the villagers and the miscreants took the advantage of the situation.

Till the filing of this report no report of casualty has been confirmed by the police.

Source: Assam Tribune

In Delhi's rough and tumble, help for northeastern students

New Delhi, June 7 (IANS): Delhi University is a preferred destination for youngsters from the northeast for higher studies. But many find themselves singled out for their looks, attire and diction. For them, there is help at hand.

Student clubs, volunteers and colleges in the varsity are stepping in to ease their troubles.

"Students face problems of accommodation and discrimination. The first step - and most significant now - is to help them fill up forms and ease the admission process," Rover, a member of the Naga Students Union, told IANS.

Many such student clubs, set up by students from the northeast who are already enrolled in Delhi University and those who have set up base here, are extending help to fresh entrants in whatever way they can .

The Manipur Students Union and the Arunachal Pradesh Students Union have also emerged as support groups for students from their respective states, helping youngsters fill up admission forms and get reliable paying guest accommodation.

"Discrimination is an issue. People think we are from some different world! A lot of people need to get their history and geography right. They think we are from oriental countries like China and Japan - but we belong to the same country," said Thomas, a member of the Kuki Students Union.

The North East Support Centre helpline (9818314146/9868184939) has also been receiving a lot of complaints from female students facing eve-teasing, molestation, harassment by landlords and in some cases even sexual abuse and rape.

The helpline has been functioning since October 2007 and actively helping out students in case of discrimination. There are 49,000 seats in Delhi University.

"When students call our helpline, in some cases we help them get in touch with the police and provide them legal assistance," said Lansinglu Rongmei, an active member of North East Support Centre and lawyer.

The Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) as well as the varsity's administrative office is trying to link new students and university aspirants to senior students and teachers from the northeast.

Gurpreet Singh Tuteja, deputy dean, students welfare, told IANS: "We have set up help desks where teacher counsellors who hail from the northeastern states help out students. Our student counsellors also pitch in."

DUSU member Tejeswar Parida said, "DUSU introduces them to our members who are from the northeast so that there is no hesitation. We also keep in touch with individual organisations from these regions."

Individual colleges are also pitching in.

Sri Venkateswara College, a college in the south campus, has taken steps to make students feel at home.

"The college plans to help students from the northeast take up houses on rent. Students will also be asked to submit a report on their stay in their rented houses so that we will know if they face any kind of harassment from landlords," said Nirmal Kumar, the college's admissions convener.

"In some cases, if required, a person from the administration would be appointed for the student concerned to help him or her interact with police," Kumar added.

Thumlity Monsang, who hails from Manipur and is a student of journalism at Kalindi College, said: "When there are attacks on Indian students in Australia, the whole country protests, but racial discrimination against us takes place within the boundaries of our country.

"We constantly have to prove that we are Indians. Why?"

Source: IANS

NC Hills’ Displaced Nagas Sit Out Misery

JALUKIE | JUNE 7 : Fear and despair are writ large on the faces of these women and children who fled the carnage unleashed by militants in NC Hills, Assam, and came seeking refuge here in the relatively peaceful Jalukie valley, Peren district of Nagaland.

[Women and children who fled the ongoing violence in NC Hills of Assam, seen here in a relief camp in Jalukie town.]

Around 200 Zeme Nagas, mostly women and children, are presently taking shelter in nine relief camps scattered on the outskirts of Jalukie town, following the ethnic violence between the Dimasa and Zeme in NC Hills.

The women and children arrived in batches, with many of them trudging the jungles for three days to reach safety after crossing the border. Others were transported in vehicles provided by the Zeme brethren of Peren district.

A middle-aged woman in one of the relief camps told visiting media persons that women and children of her village had to spend ten days and ten nights in the jungles to escape the wrath of DHD militants while their men folk stood guard over their village.

“We had to endure the rains and insects like mosquitoes and leeches. Whenever rain comes, our limited rations like rice and salt get spoiled. We finally decided to cross the border and seek shelter here,” she said. Another woman, a mother of three minors, said it was a frightful experience walking in the deep jungles at night carrying her children, always wary of militants.

A group of naked children were seen playing in the courtyard of a relief camp, their tiny laughter masking the scar of the violence that would haunt them in later life. In a room of a building at a multi-sports stadium, a one-year-old boy lay fast asleep on the floor, oblivious of the circumstances, which transported him to a new environment.

Some children were more subdued. A seven-year-old girl was near to tears when asked if she would like to go back to her village where her father stayed behind. “Yes,” she nodded in saying she would like to go back.

Even as the women anxiously wait for good tidings from their menfolk back home in NC Hills that peace has returned to their hamlets, they are not sitting idle in the relief camps but working as daily wage labourers in the fields and as domestic help in various homes. They know that the little savings they make here would help them when they go back and rebuild their homes, destroyed in the ethnic frenzy.

Meanwhile, members of the Jalukie Town Council (JTC), said the council has so far distributed clothes, utensils and food items donated by council members, various churches and well-wishers, to inmates of the relief camps. The Zeliangrong Baudi (Nagaland) is also actively mobilizing funds. It may be mentioned 31 people have been killed and more than 300 houses burnt in the Dimasa-Zeme conflict since March 19.

Source: The Morung Express

NEEPCO to meet Mizoram Govt over Tipaimukh Project

Newmai News Network | Imphal, Jun 7: Amidst the objections from various circles, officials of NEEPCO will be holding a meeting with the Mizoram Government on June 10 for obtaining forest clearance tag from that state which is still pending even though there has been reports doing the round that there is the possibility of intervention of the Bangladesh Government in the construction of Tipaimukh Multipurpose Hydel Project.

Mention may be made that hinting interference to the construction of the dam at Tipaimukh for the project, Bangladesh Govt has anno-unced sending of an all- party parliamentary com-mittee to visit the dam site, according to media reports.

Bangladesh experts are worried of hitting the flow of the Surma and Kushiara rivers originating from In-dian side by the dam located barely 1 km from Bangla-desh’s Zakiganj border. The project would leave the river and other down-streams dry, upsetting the ecological balance and affecting many people, experts observed.

The proposed step of the Bangladesh Govt was taken up amidst the strong objec-tion to the construction of dam at Tipaimukh area of Manipur on the Barak river by various NGOs and civil organizations.

On the other hand, despite the odd ahead of it, forest clearance for the Tipaimukh project was accorded by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest as recommended by the Manipur Govern-ment, North Eastern Electric Power Corporation NEEPCO officials are pur-suing the forest clearance with the Government of Mizoram.

The authority is hopeful of obtaining the Mizoram Forest Departments recom-mendation by June 30, 2009 as NEEPCO officials will be holding a meeting with Mizoram government on June 10, official source here said Saturday.

It is also pertinent to mention here that with the receipt of the environmental clearance for taking the project in October last year, 2008, the project cost has further been updated at September 2008 price level.

The updated cost (exclu-ding the components for flood moderation, external security and diversion of national highway, but including internal security and NPV), works out to Rs 8138.79 crores including IDC of Rs 1570.73 crores. The first year tariff and levelised tariff works out to Rs 4.65 and Rs. 4.03 per unit respectively.

With the effort of the Manipur Govt’s approval for meeting the cost com-ponent of flood moderation has been obtained from the ministry of Water Resou-rces for meeting. The upda- te estimate is Rs 542.16 crores.

Source: NNN, The Sangai Express

Minor girl killed in Churachandpur, Manipur

Lamka, Jun 7 : A fourteen-year-old girl was found brutally murdered with the mutilated body bearing tell tale signs of the brutality. The body of the young girl was found in the interior village of Dawltang in Vangai Range under Tipaimukh sub-division of Churachandpur district, family sources said today.

Chingkhawlkim, 14 daughter of H Sungchinmung of Dawltang village was returning from their jhum field where her parents halted for the night, about 20 minutes walk from their village when the miscreant attacked her, said T Chinggouthang, maternal uncle of the girl. She had visited her parents in their jhum field after attending the Sunday School in their village early on the day.

There were multiple injuries on the head of the minor girl which appear to be marks of a dagger and her throat was almost severed while both her arms were also severely dented, said the uncle who is presently residing here at Bungmual village.

The body was discovered by a middle aged man identified as Thangkhozam from the same village while returning from their neighbouring village of Latingkhal, it adds. He however rule out rape out the contention that the girl may be raped before slaughtering her to death, base on the report she received from his family at the interior village.

Villagers of Dawltang and its surrounding villages have allegedly sounded alerts for the past few days on the presence of people hunting for human parts known locally as ‘Pitkhelgal’ but all the body parts of the girl including her eyes and heart were intact said a source. A case of murder has been registered at Jiribam PS today and the body will be buried tomorrow at her village said the source.

Source: The Sangai Express

Phungyar sub-div in Manipur stares at grim prospect of famine, starvation

PHUNGYAR (Ukhrul), Jun 7: Following massive crop failure last season, almost all the villages in Phungyar sub-division are reeling under a famine like situation. The villagers have been hit so hard that they are unable to send their children to school. With each of these villages facing severe food crisis, the villagers have been helping each other, sharing whatever food grains they have.

The woeful condition of the villagers was discovered during a two-day visit to these villages by a team comprising of Tangkhul Youth Council members, ICHAM members and media persons.

The team visited Kum-ram, Patbung, Nongman, Sorbung, Sorde, Sorathen, Alang and Phungyar villages on June 5 and 6 to take a first hand account of the pre-vailing condition there.

In each of these villages, more than 20 children on average were found pulled out from schools as their parents could not pay admission and monthly fees. Rather, the young children were being asked to help their parents.

One Rawonla Sareo (45) of Nongman village said that with the household granary lying empty following crop failure last season, she could not pay any attention towards education of her four children as she has to struggle day and night to earn a square meal a day.

Whatever little money earned from selling banana and mango at Phungyar after taking these produces all the way from Nongman village on foot was used in procuring rice.
As such, she could not spare any money to pay admission and monthly fees of her two children studying at Phungyar Rising School. Highlighting the precarious condition of the family, the Headmaster has been told that the fees would be paid once NREGS wages are received, Rawonla Sareo said.

The eldest son who have passed class XII exam has been asked to give up further academic pursuit while the second son has been shifted from a private school to a Government school located in the village.

“We are really miserable. We don’t have any rice stock. The situation will aggravated once the rainy season sets in”, the woman cried out while conveying that the misery would have been far more acute if there were no NREGS.

A functionary of the Sorbung Christian Academy said that around 20 students studying in his school have not paid their admission fees yet while many other students are yet to clear overdue monthly fees.

One SP Joy of Nongman decried that political leaders remember their villages only at the time of elections.

“But when the villagers have fallen into a severe crisis, nobody cares to make any enquiry”, he fumed.

Many of the villagers have been subsisting on boiled taros, Joy disclosed.

The villagers not only gave detailed accounts of their plight to the visiting team but also showed their empty granary and empty rice pots/tins.

Kumram village secretary N Soringam lamented that all their efforts to take some assistance/compensation from the Government went in vain even though the Deputy Commissioner and Relief Commissioner have been repeatedly approached.

Kumram village has rice stock of just about 15 days. This stock was bought by the wages received for NREGS works, he said.

Although the rice they bought was a ration item, it costs Rs 22 per kg.
The village secretary also fervently appealed to the Government for some assistance before the wet seasons begins.

Seedlings have started germinating this season but the villagers are worried the seedlings may wither in the absence of water/rainfall.

“Under such conditions, we cannot imagine our fate had there been no NREGS”, Soringam said.

Villagers of Patbung, Nongman, Phungyar, Sor-bung, Sorde, Sorathel and Alang also narrated similar tale of woes to the visiting team.

They conveyed that PDS system was implemented in their villages just for name sake. They get PDS items once/twice in a year. The quantity was also quite reduced.
Each household got only 5 kgs of rice and 5 litres of kerosene.

But what is more shocking is that UGs deduct 7 percent in addition to another 25 percent by officials from the wages entitled to the villagers under NREGS. In some villages, almost 50 percent of the wages have been deducted.

Out of Rs 1.50 lakh sanctioned for 35 extra working days in Sorathel village, two individuals have swindled Rs 70,000 as ‘processing charge’.

Of the remaining amount, one UG group took away 7 percent just as the SDO took away some amount which meant that only Rs 50,000 reached the rightful beneficiaries, disclosed Sorathel headman Zipomi Keishing.

Tangkhul Youth Council president Zameyo Verm decried that the State Government has failed to take up any remedial measures despite repeated appeals and reminders. Observing that the villagers have been reeling under a famine like situation, Zameyo urged upon the Government to take up relief measures immediately.

Source: The Sangai Express

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Zokuomthawn | Vol. No. VIII, Issue No. VIII | June 7-13, 2009

Editorial | The Face of the Zou Metropolitan Society | It is an unfortunate fact that most of our elders could not see the reason of our pawlpi’s (Student and Social) tragic illness- that is the frequent clashes and the cold war type terrorist disturbance in our society. Even worse some elder had planted seeds of “Revenge and hatred” toward the pawlpi’s and its leaders. Verbal punch are so frequent and deep rooted in our society. Each and every individual is getting tired of this tragic illness, but could not shun them totally. No word I found it befitted, can express its actual horrible state and its dreadful consequences. It seems there is no intellect individual to protect and shield us in this civilized age.

The root cause of the internecine feuds, in my humble opinion is, ideology difference and egoism of our elders. The Pre-ZOD Zou society had its share of moderate, political and cultural revolutionary and extremist type of ideologies as well, but the Post-ZOD Zou society is facing an outburst of a new unwanted ideology i.e. Clan-ism and Egoism. Unfortunately, our present soci-political environs are contaminated with petty minded people who further sectarian, clannish and dialectal feeling to secure power, boast his-self and show supremacy. Giving no regard to our forefather ideals of Zou unity, our parents body needs of intellectual individual and not to forget the timeless ideologies of our pioneer in Delhi. Swapping side for the sake of one clan leader and verbal punch of our leaders have become the order of our day.

Some so called Zou lover intended to leads his juniors by means of violence, propagating propaganda about the identity of our leaders, asking the faith of one is brewing up in our society. It’s really hateful when people ask about one real identity, this should not be practice in the future and especially in drunkenness. We all love Zou and there is no question about it. Well, it is always better late than never, we should be optimistic rather than pessimist and should learned from the simple Zoudawn people on how they well organized their society and in all how humble they were in their opinion and idea.

During my recent tour to some Zodawn village like Phaibem, Lunmual, Kullian etc. I found out how these people well organized their socio-political and religious welfare. No idealism and ego clash. The villages chief and elders was always ready to sacrifices their ego and ideals for the betterment of their society and villages. Can not our elders learn something from these people. ? Our society in Delhi revolves around personalities of some elder who may either be charismatic or clan- Leader. It is time that the students and elders must learned egocentric, clan-centric and sectarianism would not awaken and rise our community. It is time we must learned clannish and dialectal feeling of work will leads us nowhere in this metropolitan city. And it is time Zou intellectual come out and ponder this issue, and every individual should come in the mainline to accelerated the process of our society in transition. May be we fall once so low, but let us see how high we can rise in the future. Ka thang e…




My brothers and sisters of the Zou community, it is high time that we all realize what is right and what is wrong. It is high time that we all try to learn and promote inclusive unity amongst the entire Zou community rather than indulging ourselves in muscle flexing and intimidating our fellow Zou brothers over the phone or sms without disclosing own name and identity and that too with malafide intention to promote sectarian unity within the Zou community on the basis of clan, religion et al. If we cannot live in unity as one community and keep fighting amongst ourselves and try to prove this or that clan or person is better than this or that clan or person, there will be no end to it simply because men are born equal even though each individual may grow and achieve differently.

All civilize Zou person must know that, as on today, there is no organization other than UZO, ZYO, ZSP and ZLS to govern and administer the affairs of the Zou community for their social, cultural and literary development. Therefore, whether one like it or not, every Zou member is duty bound to subscribe and support the aforesaid organizations if one is civilize and sensible enough to understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, genuine and fake, inclusive unity and sectarian unity etc. etc. Therefore, every sensible Zou person having self-respect and understanding the need for unity as one Zou community should neither allowed himself/herself to be misled by any one into beliving that any other Zou organization exist nor subscribe to the activity of any person or group of persons as such organization, directly or indirectly.

Now, if one is an educated youth belonging to the Zou community, one must know that it is right to ask “What have we done in the name of ZSP? But it is wrong to ask “What you have done in the name of ZSP? If one feels that the present Executive Body of the ZSP is somehow wanting in any respect, the right thing to do for an educated Zou youth is to tender constructive advice and not to criticize. After all, the Executive Body of the ZSP or for that matter that of ZYO, UZO and ZLS are elected for a certain term and one can always elect a better team the next time round, a better team that will strive to promote inclusive unity and welfare of the entire Zou people as one unified community But certainly not a team that will endeavour to promote sectarian unity within the Zou community. I hope I made my point clear.

To conclude, I must mention that every educated Zou youth must understand that the ZSP, DB do bring out from time to time, a pamphlet/journal/magazine titled “Zokuomthawn” depending upon the availability of material, need and to some extent convenience of the Editorial Board. Therefore, it may be perhaps justifiable to some extent if one complains about the irregularity or sub-standard contents of any issue. If one feel it so, one should proffer suggestions for improvement in this regard instead of criminally threatening any particular member of the Editorial Board to not bring out further issues of the pamphlet/journal/magazine. Let us all remember that violence begets violence and no issue can be solve by means of violence.

Tuajiehin, Zou Tangval te, Thou Un Thou Un Thou Un, Tung Sun Ni jong Vanlai gei jouta. Lawm leh Gual ten jong IAS, IPS, IFS etc. sem jeng jung ta uh, Eite Hei a Bangchi den?

- Khakhai Zou, President ZYO Delhi Branch




ZSP Delhi Branch Secretary, Pa Ginshanglien Samte nnlang a bawl ding poimaw nei a vapei zuai, i nua ha in Delhi ah vom gepsa’n hing tungtou kiata, tualeh Tv. Khaibiak zong innlang a bawl ding poimaw tuam tuam nei in va kikhaw suh zuol, sizoupoh hawp zou in Delhi ah Monday June 1 ni’n hing tung kiata. Tualeh Pastor SK Mung zong a sanggampa luongdamsa vui jou in Delhi damtah in hing tung kiata.


27. David Chinlunlal, 28. Nh. Ronika Vungmuankim, 29. Thangminlun, 30. Pauzamuan, 31. Benjamin Khupminthang, 32. Ginkhanmang, 33. Nh. Sawnneiching.


ZYO DB President Pu Tanu Ngaineihoi @ Hoiboi, Holy Child Auxilium akai in tukim Class X first in jou. Pi Chinkhannem tanu Marina Thiemngaimoi in zong cl-XII 1st div in najou kia. ZSP in ikipapi thu i puong uhi


Lienching leh Letboi nu, Pi Ngaikhanmang w/o Mangsuonthang Cancer damlou Delhi Push Vihar a atapa Paukhanlien Inn H/No. 8A, Type B, Sector IV, Saket ah etkol in um. Thumpi zing vai.


I na genman nailou uh ZSP DB Adviser Pu Khamkhanchin @ Chinpu in a Adviserpi dinga Pi Chingneijem @ Jejem ava maidoh na tungah ZSP DB in ikipapi thu vaigei nanleh nasatah in ipuonkhum uh ahi.


Pi Zolengthe chi’a Zosuon khovel in a thei Pi Irene Tungnung janni June 6, 2009 ni’n Siliguri a a pienpi Thailand te toh kimu dingin ana zin suh vingveng kiata. Pu Zolengthe lunghel in Siliguri lam galdot vung vung mai.
INNLANG THUTHANG: Apeisa 24th May 2009 in Singngat a um Tv Khamminlian S/o (L) Alawm singngat Electrict in manlum a athaini’n Singngat ah mualliam, Pilvang vai..!


Ningkum May 30,2008 ni’a Behiang kho phahkuon a moto truck tuosie a shite Mangmuanhang (30) S/o Ngulminthang of Tonjang, Mr. Hangdoumang @ Hangdou (35) S/o Ginkhanpau of Suangphu, Nengzamuan (47) S/o Chinthuam of Pahmual te thei zingna ding in Janni June 6, 2009 ni’n Behiang khuo ah Behieng ZYOte pahlahna toh ZYO GHQ President Pu Kapneithang in ahonna nei.


ZSP Toppers | Pasal sang in Numei siamzaw la aw!

1. Nh. Sylvia Lhingnunmoi Munluo in Zou MIL topper HSLC 2009 la a Mark 90/100 mupha hi, tualeh a Grand total percent 88:84% tungpha a ZSP HSLC topper hiding hi.
2. Nh. Marina Thiemngaimoi in zong CBSE nuai Class XII ah Arts ah ZSp topper 2009 la a percent 84:88% tungpha hi.
3. Nh. Niensuanching D/o Dr. Dongkhanlal, Singngat in zong CHSEM nuai ah ZSP Science topper hina la hi.
4. Nh. Ruthy Mandeiching d/o, Chinkhanthang Tuibuang in Class XII Zou MIL topper hina lahi.

Pasal sang in numei gual tung tuang in siem zaw hi. Hunpeisa te ah zong numei ma na loching zaw bang hi. Nidang a ZSp topper te I en suh ding.

Class X ZSP Topper:

1. Tv. Gouminlun
S/o (L) Sialchinlian Singngat 2005.
2. Tv. Ginkhankhup Munluo
S/0 Tuallianmang Singngat 2008

Class X Zou MIL topper.

1. Nh. Hoisuankim
d/o Zamkhokai, Singngat 2004
2. Nh. Bibiana Niangboi
D/o (L) Dr. Lampu 2003

Class XII ZSP Topper

1. Nh. Rualboi Samte D/o Thianzakhai Singngat in Arts ah Manipur top 5 hina nala hi.
2. Tv. Thangsuansang Munluo in 2009 in Arts ah Manipur top 10 in pangpha hi.
Date based on memory ahizieh in kithei kimlou a hinanleh numei te ma lekhalam ah siamzaw uhi.


June apat in ZSP Study Forum Members zousia in National Insitute for Competitive studies (NIFCS) ah ki enrolled siang theita ua, Monday-Friday teng in Math, English leh Reasoning Class nei ding ua ha teng in Stipend zong munalai ding uhi. Tua chiang in angei bang in Saturday teng in Study Forum Hall ah General studies clas nei gige uhi. Tuaban ah ZSp mi leh sa sepna tuam tuam a sem te’n I ZSP Library (Motto: “Enter to grow in wisdom, Go out to serve humanity”) uh zong na hing phungvuh na zal un tutan in Library piching suathei ta hi. Nou te leh pasian tung ah ZSP Delhi Branch leh ZSP Study Forum min in kipathu ka hing gen uhi.
Sye Kamlianlal,

Co-Ordinator ZSP Study Forum.
Note: ZSP Study Forum and ZSP Library is our generation Lagacy to the khangsawn momnous.


Class X & Class XII ZSP Result

CBSE, BSEM, CHSEM in pawl 10 leh 12 te result inuaha in suakhe ta ua tam hun a ei Delhi ZSP members lochinna neite tam bang hi uhi.

Class X:

1. Sylvia Lhingnunmoi Munluo, Ist Div. BSEM
d/o, Pu Ginzasuan Munluo, Z/Colony
2. Mercy Chingbiakkim, Ist Div. BSEM
d/o Pu P. Zamkholal, KDVeng
3. Ronika Vungmuankim, Ist Div. BSEM
4. Ngaineihoi Ist Div, CBSE
d/o, Pu Khakhai Zou, Delhi

Clas XII:

1. Marina Thiemngaimoi, Ist Div.
d/o. Nu Chiinkhannem, Delhi
2. Ruth Nemneikim, Ist Div. CHSEM
d/o Pu Lienminthang, Z/Colony
3. T. Thangminlien Zou, Ist Div, CHSEM
s/o Pu T Tuanzagou, Daijang


(ZKT in a Interview khah teng)

Tuni tan in Zokuomthawn in inam sung leh inam mite a ding a phatuam thei ding lamkai tuam tuam, siamna sangtah nei leh inam in akihi sahpi mi phabep na houlimpi ta hi. Amaute:

1. Dr. David Lalpi Zou, Research Scholar, UK
2. Pu Hangkhanpau, President UZO
3. Pu Letkhogin Haokip, IPS
4. Pu Liansuankap, General Secretary UZO
5. Pu Kamkhanpau ( ZDV C-in C).
6. Delimitation toh kisai a UZO lamkaite interview na kibawl.
7. KSO Delhi Rally in lamkai tuam tuam interview kibawl a report dan in kipei sah hi.
8. Nh. Precisla Hoipi (Miss ZSP Delhi 2008).
9. Silvya Lhingnunmawi, Class X Zou MIL Topper 2009.


1. SSC (CPO) post; 2153 exam form kihawm lelel, Last date: June 26, Exam date: 06/09/09. Eq: Graduate.
2. 2. Punjab Bank Clerk, management trainee post 300 val form kihawm, Last date: June 30. EQ: Graduate.
3. EPFO Social Security Asstt. Post 2393 form kihawm, Last date July 08, 2009. EQ: Graduate. Lunglut na neiten bawl thei zing ahi, numei te’n zong bawl thei a numei a ding seat atuam in umnalai hi.


Tuni June 7, 2009 nai 5:30pm in ZSP Zum (Office) Pa Khakhai Zou Inn ah ZSP Executive body meeting um ding. Koipou akisaipi teng pangkim chiat ding in i ki chiel un i ki theiah uhi. Agenda: ZSP Fresher’s Meet, Kalaisai Sport etc.
-Secretary, ZSP DB


U Ask We Answer.!

Q: ZYO Fund kana pieh ding e, Koi koi in apieh ding..? .- Cblun Gurgaon>
A: ZYO fund Delhi NCR a Zou ta um ( agawng, athau, a vom akang, amelsia amelhoi) zousia in apieh ding ahi. ZYO Fund leh ZSP Membership fee na pia ngei ngei ding ahi.

Q: ZSP Study Forum peidan nang hil thei diai?- Lunte
Q: ZSP Study Forum a koi teng pang theila.?- Khukhup
A; ZSP Study Forum ah Math kihil a, ha 1 in GS class 1 vei um a, tua ban ah Group Discusion leh interview adin Zou sung a Officer leh scholar te hing pei zel zel uhi kiginni teng nai 4 in Class kinei hi. ZSP Study Forum ah ZSP members zousia a nuam ta pou pang thei hi. ZSP member lou pangphal nailou phot.

Q: DU cut-off list bang hun a sua ding e? – Miriamme Zou.
A; June 25 in first cut-off list, June 30 in Second, July 4 in third cut-off list sua ding hi. Tualeh July 9 ah 4th list.

Note: Tutung in dohna mumal lou “ Backpacking a hero nu Chingboi toh nou a ki ngai chi dan deu maw?” hing lut, Ka students te hi e guai- Zumhuai sim, dohdi tamza lai ah.. Next issue apat tambang dohna ki tolerate lou ding hi. Pilvang in ahoilam ah kithua khawm vai Maikoi.

U ask at 9873997403, We anser at ZKT



* Delhi Zou te akipilsak vive..kiniamkhiat na toh ang kimot sah chiang un khantouna umpanva. – Pastor Lalpu.

* Pasian gualjol na toh mi kitam sim thouta in buhsi lebutah kithei khen jou nonlou hi. Hujieh in malam a conspiracy a um lou na di’n Zou lamkai d khat phot2 Tribe certificate verify kibol masa le hilou e.? – Dr. Zoukulmut

* I nurse te uh nuhjou lou mawh.. Zkt sponsor a um ta lawm sih un. – Hanglamthang.

* Delhi a Zou nungah khat poupou kung ah ka number kan le chin na mu sih diai.
-Tv. S. Mung’s- A.

* Thangchon tournament adi’n ZSP player te iki singsah ngaita hive aw..
- Thalun (Games &Sport Secy)

*Zokuomthawn sponsor ding kimaimaw sim ve aw, kei zia ata diai.-Editor.

* Ken khutkoi mut leng thum tah hing kitawm lut na ven.
-Tv. Upau ( Games & Sport Sect. ZSP)

* Zkt sponsor ding umlou e “ kei emergency a di’n hing koi ua”. Nh. Naomi.

*Midang na mujou lou uleh ken sponsor ta veng.- Nh. Chingzavung.

* Kei June ha sponsor din hing koi ve ua. – Nh. Precisla Miss Fresher 2008

*Ken zong ka sum nei chia hing sponsor pia vang aw. Nh Ruth Miss ZSp Golden Jblee (R)

* Ei pi Editorial board ten ang gen chiang ua sponsor ding a mansa e vele.. Nh Dimngai (Cultural Secy). (Dim..! Koipen inla- Muan)

* LTTE lamkai pa Prabakaran sih kana puanat koidan. Nh. Nunhoi.

* I nam sugenthei, suhmual phou le simmaw a, a omlouna di’n Sangnaupang te’n laisim kipan thak kit mong2 ni uh.
-Sir Kamlianlal, Co-Ordinator

*ZSP Kalaisai Sport chia Zoulun wrestling a ka chou di hi. Nh. Haunu

* Ken zong ka pay hoitah a kang la chiang in aw… Nh. Siamnu.

*Kalungkham tulai nisat dan, sa seng in ki HOT thaang tave aw. Mint Noida.

* Kang miscall leh Ann na netai china aveh.. Nh. Nuanuam (Hisih I miss u china hizo va- Editor)

* Kou Maharani bagh te nang manghil uh maw… Nh. Grace Miss fresher 2007.

*Miss Freshers kiteel chiang in Editor Pu a Judges in pangsah non sih ua..
- Tv. Kapmuan

* Lateel te sau deu deu in hing gel ta ua, nunlui hing phong sah.. Nh. Rosy.

* I hate when those errorist question me on my work, identity and dialect. Hausienmuan.

*ZSP lamkaite taupi hite.. Nh. Nempi Manchuang.

*ZSP Freshers nungah tampi’n hing mu man lou didan atave ualeh, dahuoi eh ka Mumbai pei di zong. – Zamminlun


Lateel..! Leel Aw!

*Phung dang chang din kahin phalpoi, phat tin na kawm Munirka a um kanom. – Doukhanmang
* Zamana chor denge hum agar tum mil jao.. – Goulun Gurgaon.
* Miscall khak p bagi leiba mobile lou, paisa leitere d mobile yonlo. – Nh. Deiboi
* Koi pa khat vei jol a koinom dem.. Mangneo
*Kho ngaiven khongai ven hing ngai ung…Nu Chongpi Guite



Nh. Nuampi of Munirka & Nh. Rosy Zou te kiphalna zieh a tutung ZKT mel etlawm tah mai i sim thei uh ahi. ZKT Editorial board in ZSP thatang in a tung uah kipa thu kigen hi. Mi dangte sanga a sponsore masa nuom i um leh bang chilai pou in 9873997403 ah ki thei sah the ahi. – - Editors


Disclaimer: Zokuomthawn a news leh article kisuo khen khat Editorial Board leh ZSP Delhi Branch ngaidan ahi vate sihi.

Chakmas face discrimination in Mizoram

According to the ACHR report, the state government has failed to provide Chakmas access to basic healthcare facilities. Most villages had no health care facilities at all and the poor villagers lived at the mercy of ojhas (traditional herbal doctors).

A REGIONAL human rights watchdog, the Asian Centre for Human Rights in its report “2009 India Human Rights Report,” released in New Delhi on Friday, accused Mizoram of practising “systematic discrimination” against minorities. The ACHR stated that minorities were denied employment, basic healthcare, education and right to development. The state government has failed to “address systematic discrimination against minorities – ethnic, linguistic and religious,” the report added.

The ACHR alleged that Chakma minorities who live outside the Chakma Autonomous District Council have to face “more discrimination and neglect.” Majority Chakmas live on the border with Bangladesh and the Central funds for the development of the border areas under the Border Area Development Programme have been misused. The report claimed the Ministry of Home Affairs released Rs 1,556 lakh during 2004-05, Rs 903.48 lakh during 2005-06, Rs 2262 lakh during 2006-07 and Rs 2086 lakh during 2007-08, to Mizoram under BADP. But the ACHR team during its visit to the border areas “found very limited evidence of development activities.”

The state government failed to provide Chakmas access to basic healthcare facilities. Most villages had no health care facilities at all and the poor villagers lived at the mercy of “ojhas” (traditional herbal doctors). Deaths of children were often not recorded.

According to the report, Chakma minorities faced discrimination in state employment. Various recruitment rules have been legislated requiring linguistic minority candidates to pass Mizo subject up to Middle School level to be eligible for government jobs. There is no provision for teaching Mizo subject in schools in Chakma villages and hence they faced “regular discrimination” in government employment. Due to such institutionalised discrimination, the Chakmas’ representation in government services in Mizoram remained negligible.

The report also highlighted the problems of compensation and rehabilitation faced by the Chakmas who have lost their lands by the ongoing India-Bangladesh border fencing, a project of the Ministry of Home Affairs. A total of 35,438 Chakma tribals from 49 villages along the international border would be displaced. Although their lands and houses have been either destroyed or acquired by the government under the Land Acquisition Act of 1894, the state Home Department has stated that the government did not consider the out-fenced Chakmas as displaced.

Source: MeriNews

Lamka - Greater Mizoram or Greater Chin State

To summarise my previous post, it seems to me, at least, that Lamka is influenced by Mizoram in the popular culture and by the Chin State in literature and religion and to an extent in politics too. Although both, Mizoram and Chin State, have influenced in varying degrees in all spheres.

As is evident from the recent past, looking at the political movement or political consciousness of the people of Lamka, Chin State seems to be better poised to influence this town. It is no small an influence that the Chin National Day, a national holiday in Burma/Myanmar, commemorating the end of feudal chieftanship in Chin State, is also celebrated in Lamka as Zomi Nam Ni which is how the Tedim in Chin State celebrated the occasion. Ironically, chieftanship is still being practised in Churachandpur, unlike Chin State and Mizoram. So, Zomi Nam Ni is celebrated in the spirit of solidarity and nationality, instead of its original reason, in Lamka. As I have pointed out before Tedim and Paite is more or less of the same tribe as is evident from their genealogy.

As both Paite and Tedim subscribe to Zomi they share the same view on Zo identity and hopefully share the same political goals. This is huge plus point for Tedim as their influence, due to the political situation in Burma for over three decades, seem to be restricted in every field and in every region.

During this three decades of political uncertainty and restriction of every kind faced by Tedim, the Mizos on the other hand gained grounds. It is within this period that Mizo Hills became a state under India and with this comes funds and projects for Mizoram to develop their well-being and influence on other Zo tribes around Mizoram. The Mizo are now undoubted the most well-fed lot thanks due to India's policy of pumping millions and millions of dollars into Mizoram. Mizos now enjoy a relatively higher living standard compared to other Zo tribes whether in Manipur or Chin State.

However in recent years there is a third party player working hard to exert influence and pressure - the Meiteis.

The Meiteis taking advantage of the political turmoil in the district is watching closely the developments and happening in this district. It is clear that they would love to sabotage every political influence on this district from outside and also any political movement within the district. They wouldn't want to hear anything about Greater Mizoram or a Greater Chin State. If they can help, they will not even entertain the choice of the inhabitants.

Will the inhabitants get to choose their own political future, only time can tell? Lamka becoming Greater Mizoram or Greater Chin State or just plain Churachandpur depends on the choice of the inhabitants. More importantly it depends on their ability to unite and have commons goals and similar political views, and their will to stand up against any or every obstacle that may and will be on their path to political identity and development.

The future of Lamka is closely linked to the political future of the Zo people. Lamka has become the final frontier in Zo people's political movement and development. Losing Lamka may also mean the end of unification movement within Zo society. Zoram Khawvel will not be the same again if such day comes. Songs of Zogam and Zoram will mean nothing and be useless if a significant population of Zo people can no longer have a chance to unite with their brothers in Mizoram or Chin State.

And when such day comes, "Zoram lungphang suh aw!" will not help dry the tears of Zo phualva (Hornbill). Zo phualva will have no choice but to commit suicide so she may join her partner in Tiau Ral.

Source: ZO AW | SUANTE