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Zogam Khanmaw Bawh

- Khai Minthang

Ka naupan deu lai in Pasian thugente'n, "Kristian te pen Pasian in leiung thupha pie ahizieh in a hausa lou thei sih uhi" ana chi ua, khenkhat kia in ahileh "Kristian te pen a neisa uh hawmsawn zing uh ahizieh in a zawng gige uhi" achi kia leuleu uhi.

Ka khuo ua Pu Kapmeng bangin Singngat a dawr (store) bawlpa khat kungah, "Nou vangam tung lou diing nahi uhi. Pasian in mihausate vangam atun sangun sangawngsau phinzam bilvang a alut abailam zaw diing hi' Laisiengthou in achi hi" ana chi tazen hi. Ama panna zong thudih kimkhat hithou, chi ou!

Alelang khat ah lah, "Nou bang diinga hichi zawn talawm lawm nahi ua, bawlkhiel khat nei a Pasian in ang taisan hiva.... Pasian a diing maitam khat bawl unlen na mawna uh suut ulechin Pasian in hing guolzawl nuom ahi... na zawn danpi uh sapsietna tang hi ulehchin kilawm" chi'n deisah kinei deudan in khatteng in agen thei zel uhi. Tami zong thudih kimkhat hithou!

Adiehin Pasian nasemte khu ang hausat sim uleh "nei leh lam hau seng uh, Pasian iitlou leh mi hepisiem lou, mi panpi nuomlou, ki-liensah, mi panpi nuom sih, etc" chi'n Pasian theiloute sanga et-ngiem zaw in aum uhi. Pasian nasemte ang zawn seng ulelah "Pasian deilou dan asem ua, khuchi khachi ahi ua...... Pasian in a gawtna ahi. Pasian na asep vangin vangam tung sih va" chidan aum zel hi. Khenkhat taleuleu in lah "Nou ka sawm-a-khat nete, bang diinga hing ngaisah lou, bang diinga thumang lou, etc." chi'n i kineisah mama uhi. Tami zong thudih kimkhat, sawm-a-khat Pasian peloute a diingin! chi ou! Tambang gente'n kumpi nasemte kungah zong "Nou ka khasana (tax) nete, bang diinga panpina khat ka nget leh aahluital, puondum, cha thakna bah (singpi (tea) dawnna diing), a percent, etc. pieh ngai sese nalai, bang diinga hing ngaisah lou, bang diinga thu manglou, etc.?" chite gen uleh kilawm mama napi tuabang gen diing aum zel sih hi. Tambang mite khu kumpi nasemte mai-et siem pen a pang nalai hileh kilawm.
A kumpi nasemte zong lah a sepna mun ua hausate tawh ki-gulluh in semloupi sem, bawl loupi bawl chi'n hausapa'n asuoi akaisah zel a, a hasum themkhat teng a hawm zel a, hausapa lah lungkim, ama lah lungkim himai. Pasian a lungkim diing vang gintathuoi sam tuon sih, izaw! Kumpi nasempa bang pawlpi makaite hi nalai in hunbit a pawlpi nasemte dihtat diingin a gumnaw a, ang dihtat zou deu lou chiengun bang a thangpai pen in apang nalai uhi. Tuabang mite biehinn kai taima mama in a sepnamun (posting) hilou in khopi sunga biehinnte ah a kaitampen a pang zaih nalai avele! "Zawng in ama kheng mulou a mi kheng a kou" chite tawh ki-eeh bah zel chi ou.

Pasian nasem sunsunte'n lah halaw mutheina diing maimai a sem chidan tampen diing. Pastor a biel a umlou bangza um? Pastor biel khat a khuo bangza um? Hakhat in bangza vei apha zou ei? Kum khat in la? Pawlpi office a nasemte zong na maimai tuonlou. Singtaang biel apat office a thupoimaw leh thukin ngaisut diing a hing peite'n office staff-te muzoulou! Staff-te a pawtkhiet chieng ua lah amau thaheng (in-charge) diing gina umlou, ama office a koima umlou hitop! Office staff-te gitnat lou zieh a khopi sunga gieh pawl um, zintunna diing mulou a office staff-te tawh kimulou a kile pawl um veve. A gieh sunsunte nitha lah koima'n piehsah lou.
Asem tahtahte lah pawlpi mi guuh siem, gingloute lah a semlou in gingtu hisate lah a sem in pawlpi mi atam theina diing ahi pouleh pawlpi danga gin-umte (faithfuls) vasol bawl in ama pawlpi a kailut. Tam pen i mission thupipen uh akhu. A chethei deu (themkhat a Ch K deute) in lah a pawlpi min suonga panpina ngen kawi kawi, mite'n gammiel avei seng zieh ua a neeh diing tang ang piehkhawm vevawte uh amau private bank account ah khumlut chet. Thunua thuma bangma umlou! Pasian in thei thouthou chi ou.

Laisiengthou zilte zong maimai lou, ang tam zil deudeu uleh lamkaipen/lutangpen diing hing ut, vision mu kinei in pawlpi tha hing keu zel. Pawlpi tha ang keu tawp lou lezong khopite a imi-isa kituohtah a khosate lah a mission hing pan in imi-isate thangmai loupa vasuo giap. Adang bang um nalai???

Sodom leh Gomorah hal diinga thukimna kilahna bang atai? Migin-um (faithful) mi 50 umlou, 45 umlou, 30 umlou, 20 umlou, 10 na-ngawn um nawnlou ahizieh a kihal akhu! Migin-um 10 na um maimai lezong Pasian in Sodom leh Gomorah hal lou diing dan ahi hi. Zogam kihal nailou zieh khu migin-um atam seng zieh ahi diing sangin sipdim khat (tulai ham hileh nill save) te zieh ade aw chi bang ngaidan ang pie hi.
(Edit nailou a hing kisuo ahia, simtute'n na edit ta un)


John Abraham goes international with 'American Empire'

Indian actor John Abraham with girlfriend/actr...Image via Wikipedia

Ritika Kumar | New Delhi, Apr 24 (PTI) Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham is all set to venture into international cinema with gangster flick 'American Empire'. Abraham, who earlier earned rave reviews in the Deepa Mehta's Oscar nominated film 'Water', is currently reading the script of the film.

"I am pretty excited about the film. Right now I am reading the script and dwelling into the details of my character. I am really glad to be a part of it," Abraham told PTI. He was in the city to judge Castrol Power-1 passion hunt.

The actor, however, did not disclose much about his role in the film which reportedly revolves around young woman and her hitman boyfriend.

The gangster drama will be directed by Director Andy Armstrong, who last made TV series 'The New Adventures of Robin Hood'. Armstrong will portray a bizarre picture of underworld with eccentric characters, angst and violence.

The 36-year-old actor, who is riding high on the success of gay-comedy 'Dostana, hopes that the sequel of the film will also charm the audiences.

But Abraham did not confirm whether he would be a part of the sequel.

"Dostana-2 is definitely on. I really can't confirm if I am a part of it but I am hoping for the best," the actor said. PTI

Hugh Jackman responds to gay rumours

Los Angeles, Apr 24 (PTI) 'X-Men' star Hugh Jackman has said that he is not fazed by the circulating rumours which claim that he is gay.

The Australian actor who recently got his own star on the 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame' said that if he denied the reports he would imply that homosexuality is a shameful tendency, reported Los Angeles Times.

"I'd be happy to go and deny it, because I'm not. But by denying it, I'm saying there is something shameful about it, and there isn't anything shameful," said the 41-year-old actor.

The actor, who was voted "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine last year, has been surrounded by the rumours after he played flamboyantly gay singer-songwriter Peter Allen on Broadway.

"The questions about sexuality I find more here in America than anywhere else, because it's a big hang-up and defines what people think about themselves and others," said the actor who is married to actress Deborah Lee Furness. PTI

Rihanna is back with Chris Brown: report

Chicago, Apr 24 (PTI) In a fresh development in the Rihanna-Chris Brown story, latest reports reveal that the estranged couple have rekindled their romance and are now living together.

While Brown hasn't "officially" moved in with Rihanna, they have spent "quite a few nights together," reported Chicago Sun Times quoting a source who is a longtime family friend of the 21-year-old "Umbrella" singer's family.

The couple are trying to keep the reunion a secret as the move is expected to cause controversy. Brown, 19 is facing felony charges for allegedly assaulting Rihanna during a fracas that occurred on the eve of the Grammy awards, in February.

The couple had reconciled just three weeks after the incident, but Rihanna decided to give their relationship "a break" after their reunion was met with a public outcry.

Brown faces possible prison time if the charges are proved true.

However, it seems that his constant entreaties for forgiveness have moved Rihanna, despite the fact that her family and professional associates, including Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z and Kanye West had urged her not to take back Brown, reported the newspaper.

"Unfortunately, Rihanna still wants him and has told all of us to 'get over yourselves... I'm with him, so deal with it." the source told the newspaper.

The report comes after the "Disturbia" singer's representative denied claims that she was dating basketball player Andrew Bynum. PTI

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Thousands protest rape, murder of minor girl

Pradeep pareek | Mhainamtsi (Nagaland) April 24 – Thousands of people in Peren district of Nagaland on Tuesday bade a tearful adieu to six-year-old Gaipuilu Gangmei, who was raped and murdered on April 17 in Mahipalpur area of Delhi. The mortal remains of the minor reached Mhainamtsi, her native village, on Tuesday. There was, a feeling of anger amongst the people but they were emotional too as one of their dear ones was laid to rest, after a funeral service.

The entire Jalukie subdivision in the district, on Tuesday wore a deserted look with business establishments downing shutters, schools closed and vehicles remaining off the road in more or less a spontaneous bandh to register resentment and protest at the heinous crime.

The rape and murder of Gaipuiliu had evoked strong protest and outrage amongst the North East communities residing in Delhi and the whole of the Northeastern States, particularly Nagaland.

Condemning the crime, Jalukie Valley Women Organisation (JVWO), Mhainamtsi Students Union and Zeliangrong Students’ Union organised a joint rally from Jalukie town to Mhainamtsi village demanding early justice. Thousands of people from all walks of life marched protesting against the rape and murder, carrying banners and placards demanding justice for the innocent child.

On her arrival at her village, a small placard placed on the road leading to the local ground where the funeral was held read, “Welcome home Gaipuilu”.

Talking to The Assam Tribune, President of Jalukie Village Women Organization, Dalak Nchang said that rape and murder should not be allowed to happen and demanded that the rapist allegedly one Manoj Thapa should be brought to book and punished. She said that the women will fight till justice is delivered to them.

President of Rongmei Women Organization, Peren district, Achingpui Gangmei told AT that rape of a little girl is an insult to the mothers. She was of the opinion that the law enforcing agencies should honour the Children Protection Act. “When we cannot save our own child at home, how can we ensure safety of others?” she questioned.

She also demanded that the culprits should be banished from the society and severely punished.

It may be recalled that the girl’s bruised body was found on April 16 inside a building’s empty water tank at Mahipalpur where she was staying with her mother and grandmother. Her body was flown to Guwahati on Monday evening from Delhi, accompanied by relatives. On the arrival of the mortal remains at Guwahati Airport, the Naga Students’ Union Guwahati on Monday organised a funeral service in Nagaland House.

While various Naga organizations condemned the incident, students from North East on April 18 staged a dharna outside Delhi police headquarters demanding that the culprits be booked immediately.

Martin, father of the minor victim speaking to the media, said his daughter had gone to New Delhi with her mother who is working as a nurse in Indian Spinal Injuries Hospital in the last week of January to be educated in a good metropolitan school.

“Gaipuilu was studying in Upper KG class in a Government school in Mhainamtsi before moving to New Delhi,” he said adding that her admission was due and she had been waiting for him to reach Delhi. Visibly pained at having lost his only child, he said he had booked a train ticket and was to reach New Delhi on April 20. But on the day he booked his ticket his wife called to inform that his daughter was missing.

Police yet to arrest suspect: Martin expressed dissatisfaction at the “investigation” of the Delhi police. He lamented that the police failed to arrest the main suspect named in the case, one Manoj Thapa till now. Thapa is said to be absconding; only his father is reported to have been detained by the police.

Martin also informed that the main accused Manoj used to reside in the same building and was known to the family.

The Zeliangrong Women Organization has expressed pain over the inhuman act committed upon an innocent child. The ZWO declared that the organization would not rest until the culprits involved in the crime are brought to book.

Source: Assam Tribune

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Thowaii Kuki village cheers youth body B’day

IMPHAL, Apr 24: Along with colourful cultural items, the first raising day of Thowaii Kuki Youth Organi-sation was celebrated today at Thowaii Kuki village in Phungyar Assembly Constituency of Ukhrul district.

The raising day celebration was held for the first time after resettlement at the village in 2003 which had been deserted during the Naga-Kuki clashes.

Thowaii Kuki Youth Organisation was established on March 15, 2004.

The celebration was held with S Yangkahou Salka-phung as chief guest, president of KSO Ukhrul District as functional president and Mangshei Haokip as guest of honour.
All those who spoke at the occasion pointed out that Thowaii Kuki village is one of the oldest Kuki villages which has been in existence even before the British occupation of Manipur.

They also lamented that though Thowaii Kuki village falls under the jurisdiction of Phungyar Assembly Constituency of Ukhrul district, the district administration has not issued resettlement order of the people as a result of which National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is yet to be implemented in the village.

They also appealed to the district administration for issuing the resettlement order at the earliest possible.

It may be noted here that comprising of around 40 households with a population of 200 people, there is also no facility for power supply and health care in Thowaii Kuki Village till date.


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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mizo minister crticises ”discrimination” against NE sportspersons

HaryanaImage via Wikipedia

(chennaivision)Aizawl, Mizoram Sports and Youth Services Minister Zodintluanga has criticised ”discrimination” against Northeastern sportspersons in the national level following reports of dropping of a Mizo girl and three Manipuri girls from the Indian women’s hockey team ahead of World Cup Women’s Hockey to be held in the US.

In a letter to Union Sports Minister Dr M S Gill and Indian Women’s Hockey Federation president Vidya Stokes, the Mizoram minister alleged that the reason behind dropping these girls was to make room for Haryana girls.

”I urged the Union Minister and the hockey federation president to intervene and prevent discrimination from taking place in the national hockey team,” the letter said.

The minister stated that while Lalremruati had represented India in the four-nation U-18 International Cup, 2006, in Japan, three-nation International Cup, 2007, in Italy and Junior World Cup Qualifying, 2008, in Malaysia, the Haryana girls in question failed to figure in the national team in the last Asian Cup.

He also referred to the case of Manipuri weightlifter Monica Devi who was disqualified from the Beijing Olympics squad following a dope test scandal.

Source: Chennai Vision

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Shillong Zou Youth Joint Fellowship

PRESBYTERIAN CROSS - Emblems of belief availab...Image via Wikipedia

Zou khangnoute'n pawlpi/hattuom tuomtuom ah um kipona a, pawlpi khat ah umthei sih nanlei khangnoute kaal ah kideidanna/kimusawi na beitheileh chi ngaisutna leh Krist a pumkhat leh tahsa a unau ihina sulatna ding in, Dt.19/04/09 Sunday 2:00pm in Tv.Joel leh Tv.Ginthang te panlahna toh Shillong Lutheran Church ah Zou Presbyterian Church, Shillong Luteran, Zou Worship Service, Catholic leh adg.

apat khanglai palai mi 28 paikhawmten, "Chibah nempi tahsa pumkhat ahi" chi pansan in kihoulimna leh ki kawmtuo diing dan ngaituo ahi.Tv.S.Thangboi in Meeting Chair hina la in,Rev.Kamminthang in thumna anei zou in kikupkhawmna pat ahi.Thu kupkhawm leh phasah khenkhat a nuoia bang ahi.

1.JOINT FELLOWSHIP chia kipawlkhawmna kumkhat ah thumvei nei ding leh pawlpi chin in khatvei chiat innteehna(host) hina a lah ding ua lemsah leh nget ahi.

2.Tam Joint Fellowship lamkaiding leh programme bawlding in ZPC,SLC,ZWS leh Catholic khanglai Leader/Chairman leh Secretary te muongtah a ngansie ahi.

3.Tam Khanglai lamkaite(Leaders) kaikhawmtu ding in Convenor mini see/guot lemsah ahia, amauhte;Tv.S. Thangboi leh Nh.Haunieng ahi.

4.Kikhopna pen Khanglaite'n pawlpite veena(Tour/Visit) na dan a host unit te toh kikhopna paipi tou lemsah ahia, hinanleh, nu-le-pate a'ng kikhawm ut a um leh kipahpi(welcome) ahi zing hi.

5.Refreshment pen host unit te ngansie a hiding a, amauh hing saipieh/bawlpieh penpen lungdamtah a pom a hing hi.

Tam teng akigen zou in, keima bawl hi tahtahna chi etsahna in khutzietlam chiet dopna nei in pa Jangkhohau in thumna toh hun zou hi.

Lungdamna lianpi toh,

Tv.S.Joel Lianmang
Recording Secretary

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PM, wife cast vote in Assam | Stands in Q, waiting for their turn

GUWAHATI, April 23 – Two neighbours of Sorumataria area came out of their respective houses with similiar job in hand this morning. While Mohan Das had to wait outside the polling campus for almost half an hour owing to security reasons, his neighbour Bipul Saikia could not have timed his entry to the polling station better as he discovered country’s Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and his better half standing next to him in the queue.

“At that very moment, I was nervous as well as excited finding him standing behind me. I knew he was coming to cast his vote here at the Dispur Government Higher Secondary School polling station but never thought will be able to meet him in close quarters,” said an elated Saikia, who is a scientist of Centre for Plasma Physics.

“I conveyed my greetings to him and he reciprocated with a smile”. Dr Singh, dressed in a white kurta and blue turban, reached the polling station along with his wife exactly at 11:35 am in his black BMW car bearing registration number DL 6 CA 8000 and was the 258th voter of the polling station, where in total 1,138 number of voters of the area were expected to cast their votes throughout the day.

Immediately after exercising his voting rights, which took him about three minutes, Dr Singh replying to media queries, said: “It is like homecoming after two years and I am feeling great. So is my wife.”

Asked to comment on the status of the conciliation with Left parties, Dr Singh, said, “ I cannot say anything about the issue at this moment.”

Dr Singh also said that he is not tense about the fate of the Congress this elections.

Meanwhile, Bilibala Devi, principal-in-charge of the school, which has been turned into a polling station, was also deprived entry to the school, where otherwise she is the one who calls the shots.

“I wanted to meet him to apprise him about the problems of the school but perhaps my timing was not right. I was not allowed inside the campus owing to security reasons and I am quite fine with it. But yes, I wanted to meet him,” she said.

The school, which at present imparts education to around 900 students, according to the principal, is facing shortage of teaching members. Besides there are no proper library nor urinal facilities.

The polling station (156) where Dr Singh cast his ballot, witnessed thin attendance from the morning till the arrival of the PM.

Earlier, security arrangements were beefed up in-and-around all the polling stations and no major incident was reported from the city.

Image Source:
News Source: Assam Tribune

Christians, Muslims release charter of demands

KOLKATA, India (UCAN) -- A group of mostly Christian and Muslim leaders have released a charter of demands stressing religious freedom and social peace prior to elections in West Bengal state, eastern India. The group named “People for People” released a charter of 44 demands in the state capital of Kolkata. The state is to elect 42 representatives to parliament in staggered elections scheduled for April 30, May 7 and 13.

The charter, released on April 13, asks politicians to take several legal and political steps to curb sectarian violence, stop tacit support for extremist elements in society, and ensure the religious freedom of minorities such as Christians and Muslims.

“Any attempt to offend or disrespect religious sentiments, or to distort the history and cultural diversity of India in (the) educational system should be stopped,” said the charter.

The Conference of Religious India started the “People for People” forum in response to violence perpetrated against Christians by Hindus in neighboring Orissa state. The violence in the last four months of 2008 killed about 60 people and displaced about 50,000, mostly Christians.

Jesuit provincial of Calcutta, Father George Pattery, who heads the Religious conference in the state, began by inviting members of religious minorities to join the forum to find ways to end violence perpetrated by extremists.

In February, the group of about 100 Christians, mostly Religious, as well as Muslims and Sikhs gathered to discuss ways to sustain the initiative. They named their forum and elected an ad hoc team of office bearers. Membership is open to all.

Father Pattery, the forum president, said they prepared the charter to educate voters on how to select political candidates and tell them of voters’ demands.

The charter asks for a nation-wide law to curb sectarian violence and revoke state laws that restrict people’s freedom to convert from one religion to another. It also demands for laws to end reconversion campaigns undertaken by radical Hindu groups.

The charter also demands compensation for the victims of sectarian violence in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, in Gujarat in 2002 and in Orissa last year. It also wants measures for booking and punishing people responsible for deaths and destruction during such rioting.

Father Pattery said the idea of a charter developed from the directives of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India regarding the elections and from a people's manifesto prepared by the South Asian Peoples' Initiative, a rights group in New Delhi.

Forum secretary Sunil Lucas said they would print 700,000 copies of the charter and insert it in the daily newspapers in the city’s four major languages of Bengali, English, Hindi and Urdu.

The charter also demands the state help educate Muslim women and implement a federal government-appointed committee’s report that suggests several steps to improve the social and educational status of Indian Muslims.

Forum vice president Imran Zaki said that the charter represents the sentiments of the Muslim community to a large measure. Zaki said he was “positive” that the charter could create awareness among people of how to choose political candidates.

Retired Bishop Parimi Samuel Pavana Raju of the Church of North India's Calcutta diocese said such a charter was very essential in conveying a message to the majority that the minority is important.

“One function of the charter is to make our voices heard and to let the voiceless speak out,” he said.

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LTTE cornered, India sending emissaries to SL

Tamil rebels in a pickup truck in Killinochchi...Image via Wikipedia

Colombo, April 23: The Sri Lankan government on Thursday claimed to have trapped LTTE chief V Prabhakaran in a small area near to Mullaittivu town. The LTTE chief is said to be holding some hostages so as to bargain his freedom in exchange of their lives.

The decisive push by the Sri Lankan Army was confirmed by defence spokesperson Laxman Hullgale, who said, “The Sri Lankan government’s operation against the rebellion LTTE cadres is almost over. Our troops are fast closing-in on Prabhakarn’s hideout.”

Meanwhile, India is sending its National Security Advisor and Foreign Secretary to the war ravaged state.

"We are very unhappy at the continued killing in Sri Lanka. All killing must stop. There must be an immediate cessation of all hostilities," External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in a statement here.

The reports coming from the area also suggested that nearly 10,000 villagers are still trapped in the war zone are being held at gun point by the rebels.

But the Tamil Tigers are still putting up stiff resistance despite calls for their surrender.

The Army said the guerrillas controlled a mere 10-12 square kilometres (around four square miles) of territory on the northeast coast, where thousands of civilians are still trapped by the fighting. Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, the island's military spokesman, said the Tigers were using artillery and tanks.

"There are sporadic clashes but our priority is to get the civilians out. We can finish them off very quickly after the civilians get out of the way," he said.

"We can claim we have completely defeated the Tigers when we have captured the remaining area."

The rebels have been repeatedly accused of using civilians as human shields. Around 100,000 people have managed to escape rebel-held territory this week, and it was unclear how many were still trapped in the war zone.

President Mahinda Rajapakse has told the rebels to give up, but has ruled out any amnesty for rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, who has led a ruthless decades-long battle for a separate Tamil homeland.

The UN Security Council president also said on Wednesday that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) must now give up.

"We demand that the LTTE immediately lay down arms," said the current council president, Mexico's UN ambassador Claude Heller, following an informal discussion on Sri Lanka by the council.

There was no immediate comment from the rebels.

The Sri Lankan army has made steady advances in recent months, slowly beating back the guerrillas who at one time controlled more than one-third of the island, and the government insists the rebels are now all but finished.

On Wednesday, two senior Tiger officials -- including their spokesman and main contact with the outside world, Velayudam Dayanidi -- surrendered to government forces.

This was seen as a blow to the LTTE, whose members are under orders to commit suicide by cyanide capsule rather than give themselves up.

But as the army has slowly pinned the guerrillas down in the narrow strip of coastal jungle, the international spotlight has focused on the fate of civilians caught up in a conflict that has claimed an estimated 70,000 lives.

State television has shown thousands of people waiting for food; desperate civilians trudging through waist-deep water to get to safety; and a young woman giving birth on a bus carrying displaced civilians away from the war zone.

"This is such a terrible humanitarian tragedy," US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

"We have been pressing the Sri Lankan government for a halt in the fighting so that we could secure a safe passage for as many of the trapped civilians as possible."

The Tigers have acknowledged losing ground but have accused the government of killing 1,000 civilians in recent days. The military for its part said fleeing non-combatants were fired on by the rebels.

The rival claims are hard to verify as independent reporters are not allowed into the area, but aid agencies have painted a grim picture.

The International Committee of the Red Cross says the situation in the north is "nothing short of catastrophic," while Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said one hospital in the northern Vavuniya area was "saturated" with patients coming from the conflict area.

"The buses are still coming and they're actually unloading dead bodies at times as some wounded people died on the way," said Karen Stewart, an MSF mental health officer.

Bureau Report


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Entertainment | Keith Vaz tables a motion on Slumdog Millionaire children

London, April 23 (PTI) Indian-origin Labour MP Keith Vaz today tabled a motion in the House of Commons concerning Slumdog Millionaire actor Rubina Ali to address the recent controversy over her alleged illegal adoption deal. The motion expressed concern over the child poverty in Mumbai and commended the makers of the film for providing a fund of USD 7,28,650 (500,000 pounds) to tackle the issue.

It also called on the British government to work with the Indian authorities to ensure that the local community benefits from the film's success.

Vaz has also invited the child actors to a tea party at the House of Commons in June to meet their fans in UK.

"That this House notes the serious problem of child poverty in Mumbai; congratulates Celador Films and Film4, the makers of Slumdog Millionaire, for their commitment to provide a 500,000 funding package to tackle child poverty notes with grave concern over recent media coverage regarding the child actors in the film, in particular Rubina Ali...," the motion said.

"We welcome the efforts of the Indian authorities to investigate these allegations; encourages other filmmakers to provide sufficient support for the communities in which they produce films," it added. PTI

Indian films missing from Cannes official line-up

Paris, Apr 23 (PTI) India failed to find a place in the list of movies competing for the coveted Palme d'Or as the official line-up for the 62nd Cannes Film Festival was announced here today.

Indian filmmaker Manoj Srivastava's short film "Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke", highlighting the life of street children in Delhi, was selected in the Short Film Corner section of the festival last year.

Dev Anand's "Guide" and the Tamil film "Billa" were showcased in the Cannes Classic and marketing sections in 2008.

However, there is no word yet about any Indian film that might be screened in the commercial category at the festival.

The French film festival has been attracting Indian talent for sometime with actors like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Nandita Das having been a part of the festival jury.

Other Bollywood stars, who have walked the red carpet at French Riviera include Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Preity Zinta.

This year's festival will see the return of old-timers such as Quentin Tarantino, Ang Lee and Johnny To, who are among the 20 others competing for the top honours at the festival, which begins from May 13.

Tarantino's much talked about World War II drama "Inglorious Basterds", which traces the story of a bunch of soldiers fighting Nazis, will compete with 19 others for the coveted trophy. PTI

Bollywood's first blind actor plays a sniper in debut

Kripa Krishnan
New Delhi, Apr 23 (PTI) Nasser Khan is not your average Bollywood debutante. He is blind.

The businessman from Kanpur who also produces his debut film "Shadow" plays a sniper in the film.

"I have done all my stunts, shot for a dance sequence with 180 dancers and yes, acted in the film. We have had many actors portraying blind men, but this is the first time ever, be it in Bollywood or Hollywood, that a blind man is acting as a person who has normal vision," Khan told PTI.

"Shadow" is a thriller which revolves around a policeman's attempt to track down a mysterious sniper, who is on a killing spree. Model-turned-actor Milind Soman will be seen as a policeman in the film.

Apart from Soman, the successful real estate entrepreneur is also working with Sonali Kulkarni and Hrishitta Bhatt in the film.

Khan, who is planning his own production house after the movie wraps up, says his decision to take up acting was an attempt to remove the prejudice existing in the film industry against people with physical disabilities. PTI

Mike Tyson defends Chris Brown saying "He's Just a Baby"

Los Angeles, Apr 23 (PTI) While the rest of the world came to Rihanna's support after the infamous assault incident, boxing champion Mike Tyson better known for his violent outbursts has empathised with Chris Brown, saying that it is love that drives one to commit assault.

"I understand the situation. I understand passion with young kids. My personal opinion about that is, he's just a baby that don't know how to handle his emotions," said the former heavyweight champ during an interview with MTV News, reported Us magazine.

Tyson who was accused of domestic violence by ex-wife Robin Givens and served prison for raping Desiree Washington, a beauty queen, said that the outburst could be blamed on the teenager's young age.

"He's just a little baby that don't know how to handle his emotions when it comes to a woman...You look at this person and you might be crazy in love, but we don't know how to handle those feelings" added Tyson,but was quick to say that he does not condone violence against women.

"Do I think it's right to beat up a woman? No hell no," he adds. "Have I hit a woman before? Hell yeah. Was I wrong? Hell yeah. I'm a product of that environment. Do I regret ever doing that? Hell yeah. Would I do it again? Never," said Tyson. PTI

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Thai Information Centre to be opened in Imphal soon

Thai Khon Dance, performance at Frankfurt/Main...Image via Wikipedia

IMPHAL, April 22 – A Thai Information Centre will be opened here soon in association with a local voluntary organization. This was disclosed by Tharadol Thongruang, Counsellor (Commercial), office of the Commercial Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy in a brief interaction with reporters at Manipur Tourism Festival 2009 at Mapal Kangjeibung on Monday evening.

Responding to a question, he said his office would be initiating it soon. He, however, added that so far there is no official talks with the Manipur Govt in this regard.

Expressing happiness over the response of the visitors at the Thai stalls in the ongoing 10 day Tourism festival,the Thai diplomat said,We would like to send more companies next time. Hopefully 20-30 companies would join the Festival next time, he added.

Three Thai stalls including one food court, one jewellery and one fashion accessory in the on-going Festival have become the main crowd pullers.

Thai diplomat Tharadol, who missed the formal inaugural function of the 10-day Festival, came here later along with his wife and daughter to attend the closing function of the Tourism Festival and Best of Asia Expo on Tuesday with internationally acclaimed theatre personality Ratan Thiyam as chief guest.

Advocate General of Manipur N Kotiswar, GOC 57 Mountain Division Major General Shakti Gurung and BB Sharma, Secretary Tourism, Govt of Manipur also attended the function.


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Ceasefire: NSCN (K) to meet Delhi

Dimapur | April 22 (Morung Express News): A five-member delegation of the Ceasefire Supervisory Board of the NSCN-K (now known as “GPRN/NSCN”) will be heading to Delhi Thursday morning from Dimapur. The trip is said to finalize the matter of extension of ceasefire between the Government of India and the NSCN (K), which expires this month.

The five CFSB members including Wangtin Konyak, Hokato Vusshe, Nitovi, Bohoto and C Singson will meet with Home Ministry officials on April 24 and ink the agreement for extension of ceasefire for another twelve months, sources said. When contacted, Kilonser and ceasefire supervisor C Singson said the “GPRN/NSCN” had in a “cabinet” meeting on Monday last (April 20) decided to go for extension of ceasefire for another year.

Asked if the organization was going to raise any specific issue during the meeting with Home Ministry officials, Singson said, “We are only going for extension of ceasefire. Anything or any point the Government of India officials want to put from their side is up to them.” It may be mentioned that the NSCN (K) and Government representatives led by CFSB chairman General Mandhita Singh on Tuesday last held a meeting at Chumukedima to review the ceasefire between the two parties, which is into its eight year.

Among others, the meeting also discussed on the proposed fourth designated camp of the NSCN (K) in Mon district.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the ceasefire monitoring group between the Government of India and NSCN (IM) scheduled Wednesday at NAPTC complex at Chumukedima, was postponed due to “absence” of the ceasefire monitoring cell (CFMC), NSCN (IM), convener, “maj gen’ Phungthing Shimrang.

When contacted, CFSB and CFMG chairman, General Mandhita Singh, told The Morung Express that the proposed meeting was postponed as the CFMC convener was reportedly out of station. The CFMG chairman said the next meeting would be held depending on availability and convenience of the CFMG members. Though the CFMF convener could not be contacted for his comment, NSCN (IM) sources said Phungthing was yet to return from Europe. (Morung Express News)

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Public School fund worth Rs 95 lakhs found diverted to FO’s personal LICI accounts

IMPHAL, April 22(IPF): A big fraud has been detected in the accounts of the Manipur Public School, once a premier educational institution, but now on a nosedive in both administrative reputation and academic performance. Funds of the school amounting to a total of Rs. 95 lakhs, were found diverted into two personal Life Insurance Corporation of India, LICI, accounts of the school’s accounts officer, Santikumar Ray.

One of the LICI policies with the LICI Imphal Branch, (Market Plus T.T. 181/10yrs) is for Rs. 40 lakhs and was bought on March 15, 2007 (Policy No: 491894741). The nominee of the policy is the account officer’s wife Manimala Ray.

The second and more recent LICI policy is bought from the LICI Churachandpur branch and was also bought in the name of the accounts officer, (Market Plus T.T. 191) on March 14, 2009.
This latter amount, after the discovery of the fraud, has since been returned partially to the school account on April 3, 2009.

This case came to light when an LICI agent in Churachandpur and an alumni of the Manipur Public School, discovered the suspicious policy and brought the matter to the notice of the school authorities.

The school authorities promptly initiated action and the accounts officer was forced to terminate the LICI account prematurely, costing the school not just the interest earned for the period of one year since the policy was bought but also nearly Rs. 5000 from the principle of Rs. 55 lakhs as fine for premature encashment.

The recovered money, now depleted to Rs. 54,99,835 from Rs. 55,00,000, it is learnt has since been deposited in the name of the school under a fixed deposit scheme with a bank in Imphal.
As to how the money came to be withdrawn from the school account in the first place, considering such a big withdrawal needed the approval of the top management of the school which includes none other than the chief minister, Okram Ibobi, is still uncertain.

The earlier fraud account was unknown till the time the second policy in Churachandpur LICI was discovered. In the process of settling the second case, this earlier missing fund of Rs. 40 lakh too was discovered and was again traced to another of the account officer’s LICI policies.

The accounts officer produced a certificate seemingly issued by the LICI branch manager Imphal that this policy although bought in the name of Santikumar Ray, belonged to the school, and that Ray is only the signatory on behalf of the trust that runs the school. The certificate also mentions that upon maturity the amount would go the trust.

As to whether the certificate is authentic is now doubtful, for when the school sought clarification from the LICI, the Imphal branch manager of the corporation wrote back on April 7, 2009, saying that Ray does have a policy for Rs. 40 lakhs with the LICI (Policy No: 491894741).

It however said the certificate purportedly issued by the LICI certifying that although the policy is in the name of Ray the money would continue to belong to the school, is probably fake as none of the LICI’s authorised Branch Officials has issued such a certificate.
It also said that the policy in question is definitely not in the name of the trust that runs the school.

Upon further inquiry by the school authorities, LICI Imphal once again categorically clarified that the policy in question is “in the name of Santikumar Ray alone and has no connection with Manipur Public Society (sic). Any benefit under the policy will be payable to Shri Santikumar Ray alone or to his nominee i.e., his wife Smt. Manimala Devi in case of his death before maturity.”

It may be recalled the Manipur Public School, located at Koirengei, is run by a Government of Manipur trust, known as the Manipur Public School Society, MPSS. The chief minister of the state is now its chairman but till a few years ago, it was the state Governor who by tradition occupied this position.

During the Governorship of Ved Marwah, the latter resigned unable to tolerate the messy entanglements the school was constantly thrown into. Since then the mantle had passed on to the chief minister.

Other members of the Governing body of this society constitute top ranking government officials, including the education secretary and finance commissioner. The school is among the first from the state to affiliate to the Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE. - (IFP)

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Rape, murder of 5 yr old child, Accused in police net

Observatory Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Upload...Image via Wikipedia

IMPHAL, Apr 23: The main accused in the rape and subsequent murder of a 6-year old girl at Mahipalpur, Delhi on April 17 has been arrested by the Delhi Police.

According to information received on the latest development of the case from the New Delhi based Northeast Support Centre & Helpline, the main accused has been identified as Manosh Thapa, an unemployed youth with past history of involvement in similar criminal cases.

Manosh has also been a wanted man in another rape case that took place five years back.

It may be recalled here that the girl child belonging to the Zeliangrong tribe was found murdered after being raped at Mahipalpur in New Delhi, where she stayed with her mother who is a nurse by profession and her father, a businessman, in the afternoon of April 17. The incident had triggered strong condemnations from all over.

The shocking incident came to light after the mother went looking for her daughter as she had not returned from drying clothes at the roof of the building they are staying.

The body of the girl child was found inside a water storage tank on the roof of a nearby building.


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mothers Day Competition

Mother's day is a special day for all of us here. Every year, we do a Mother's Day contest and we have always had great participation. This year, we are opening up the contest to the broader blogging world outside

Are you a parent who keeps pictures of their children in her wallet?

Do you have a wall in the bedroom full of photos of your kids in different stages of their lives?

Does the office table/wall paper of your computer have your kids’ photo?

Our children are joys, they are terrors, they are challenges … and they totally enrich our lives.

They have the capacity to surprise us at times with words of wisdom that teach us life’s greatest lessons!

They can drive us wild with rage.
They can make us proud.
They are the biggest milestone in our lives.
They make us who we are “MOTHERS”.

Do share with us your special parenting experience. The one that makes your family laugh, get sentimental, warms your heart, or makes you weep; the tale which would go into the annals of your family history. We at Indusladies would love to read about it.

What's the Contest?

* Bloggers need to write a blog post (in their own blog) on their best parenting experience. Attach the above IL banner to your blog post and add a link to IL.
* Update a link to your blog entry in the comments section below.
* Through two rounds of voting readers will select 3 winners. Get your friends to vote for you when voting starts!

Who can participate?

* Women Bloggers (regardless of where you blog i.e. inside or outside IL)
* South Asian descent and over 21 years of age.
* Bloggers who blog outside IL should have a blog about six months old and have at least 30 entries
* See terms and conditions for details and exceptions.

The prizes

* The Winner gets $200 as prize money
* The Second position gets $100
* The Third position gets $50
* All the top ten entries get Indusladies Tee Shirts and caps.
* The first 25 entries "Jaldi 25" will be awarded with the Indusladies Letter Holder Gift


* Participation ends April 26th
* First Round Voting 27th Apr - 4th May
* Final Round Voting 5th May - 9th May
* Winner Announcement - 10th May, Mother's Day

I am also uploading the rules or the terms and conditions of the contest. Do read it.....

So …..

Fire away the computers, limber up, stretch them typing muscles, eat some brain food and come up with a wonderful blog post on parenting.

Please let us know by commenting below if you are interested in participating.

Any Questions or Comments, ask below.

Once you have written the entry in your blog, submit a link to your blog entry in the comment section here.


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Entertainment | Katrina Kaif to be model for Indian Barbie doll: Report

London, Apr 22 (PTI) Bollywood's top heroine Katrina Kaif will be the sub-continent's first actress to be a model for an Indian Barbie doll, a British newspaper has claimed. The 24-year-old actor, with her combination of pale skin and classical Indian features, from her Kashmiri father and English mother, bagged the doll deal after her arch rival Aishwariya Rai Bachchan missed out on the Barbie contract.

Kaif, a former model from London, told 'The Daily Telegraph' that she felt "honoured" to be chosen as the face of the Barbie doll, which goes into production in September, coinciding with toymaker Mattel's 50th anniversary.

Kaif, who was voted most popular Bollywood celebrity in Google's 2008 India Zietgeist list, said that despite being from London, Britons hardly "recognise" her.

"Becoming a film star in India has been a dream come true but you do always have to put on a performance, so sometimes it is good to get away. That's when I head back to London. I can walk down Finchley High Street and no one recognises me. I certainly can't do that in Mumbai or Delhi," she was quoted as saying. PTI

Slumdog trust hires social worker for Rubina

Los Angeles, Apr 22 (PTI) The 'Jai Ho' trust by the 'Slumdog Millionaire' filmmakers has hired a social worker to ensure the welfare of Rubina Ali Qureshi after her father allegedly tried to sell her for nearly USD 300,000.
A British tabloid News of The World had on Sunday claimed that Rubina's father Rafiq had tried to sell the nine-year-old to their reporters, who were posing as the agents of a wealthy Arab Sheikh during a sting operation.

Rafiq has rubbished the report saying it was a conspiracy to "malign" him.

The trust, which was established with financial support from the filmmakers to ensure the welfare of Rubina and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, said that it "is in regular contact with Rubina Ali and her family".

Rubina and Azharuddin were plucked from a Mumbai slum to star as young Latika and Salim in the multiple- Oscar- winning film.

"Danny (Boyle, the director) and I remain committed to working the the trust and the family to secure Rubina's long-term best interests," Slumdog producer Christian Colson told Us magazine in a statement yesterday.

"The trust will support Rubina, her parents and responsible authorities to ensure that the rights and best interests of Rubina are protected," said Noshir H Dadrawala, one of the 'Jai Ho' trustees. PTI

Halle Berry to shave off her head for new film

London, Apr 22 (PTI) Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is all set to surprise her fans by shaving off her locks in the upcoming film 'Nappily ever after'.
The former Bond star seems to follow in the footsteps of actress Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz to part ways with her mane for the role, Sun online reported.

"I'm scared to death," Berry said adding, "I just hope my reaction fits into the story. If it's uncontrollable screaming, it might be a different type of movie" The film is based on the novel of the same name which revolves around Berry's character Venus Johnston, a advertising executive, who has grown weary of her four-year releationship with her boyfriend, and having to maintain her long, dark hair.

Johnston shaves her head off and kicks out her commitment-phobic boyfriend. Discovering a newfound freedom, she is unprepared for how friends and co-workers react to her new hairdo and subsequent new life. PTI

Uma Thurman to marry on Saturday?

Thurman Uma at CannesImage via Wikipedia

London, Apr 22 (PTI) 'Kill Bill' actress Uma Thurman will reportedly tie the knot with partner Arpad Busson this weekend.

Thurman who got engaged to Busson, a London based Franco-Swiss financier last year, is planning to walk down the aisle on Saturday in a low-key wedding bash, a source told Sun online.

It will be 38-year-old Thurman third marriage after her divorces from actors Gary Oldman in 1992 and Ethan Hawke in 2004.

Earlier, some reports had suggested that the star had already married Busson in the Bahamas last weekend, a claim later denied by actress' representative. PTI

Madonna back to gym after horse accident

Los Angeles, Apr 22 (PTI) It has been just fives days since she was hospitalised after a horse accident but it seems that superstar Madonna cannot keep away from her daily workout session.
After taking a few days off from her gruelling gym schedule to recuperate from the accident, Madonna will be back to her gymming sessions to be in best of the shape, Us magazine online reported.

The 50-year-old was hospitalised on Saturday with minor injuries and bruises after falling off her horse at the Hamptons estate owned by celebrity photographer Steven Klein.

"She's going to be fine. We're going to train tomorrow," star's trainer Tracy Anderson told the magazine.

When it comes to working out, "We have our set training," Anderson added.

"She's like a professional athlete. She can't mess around with her training. I mean, she has to be able to perform in front of 70,000 people who are sucking the life out of her, and she's singing and dancing. There are no shortcuts when you're training in that way." Talking about 'Material Girl' strict regime Anderson said the singer trains six days a week, two hours a day, absolutely." PTI

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Delhi rape lends voice against prejudice to NE people

Dimapur, APR 21 (NPN): Nagaland Women Commission (NWC) has expressed “grave concern” over the insecurity of Naga girls and women in Delhi. NWC chairperson, Sano Vamuzo in a letter addressed to National Commission for Women (NCW) said the atrocities and crimes particularly rape and molestation of Northeast/Naga girls and women has turned out to be daily occurrence, especially with the “most shocking and atrocious” rape and murder of six-year-old girl.

However, she felt that justice was a far cry, as so many cases reported were not given proper investigation nor proper trials pronounced.
“It seems to us that the authorities are less concerned for such atrocities being committed against our Naga citizens,” state women commission president bewailed.

NWC further pleaded National Commission for Women to intervene and take up issue with the responsible authorities to bring the culprits to book while ensure harshest punishment be awarded to the culprits.

It expressed confidence that NCW would take up its grievances with earnest and deliver justice in particular to recent case.

In another statement Peren Town Women Welfare Organisation (PTWWO) “in the strongest term” has condemned the rape and murder of Gaipuilu Gangmei.

PTWWO president, Apeuna and secretary, Hailamrang asserted that the incident signified women and children of Northeast were not secure in National capital. The women leaders also implored upon the authorities to take appropriate action and bring the culprits to book and award befitting punishment.

Further conveying condolences to the bereaved family, PTWWO has prayed for departed soul rest in peace.

Naga National Council (NNC) has “vehemently” condemned all the rape cases in the Naga “country” which occurred recently.

Asserting that all those occurrences were despicable acts against human decency and civilised world, NNC information and publicity wing in a press note said these are totally against the rich culture and tradition of the Naga people and totally against Christianity which is our main religion in the Homeland.”

Urging Naga people not to allow such act of despicable and inhuman behaviour in the Naga society, NNC insisted that rapists should be punished severely so that they become handicapped.

It particularly condemned “most inhuman and devilish act” of rape and murder of a six-year-old Naga girl in Delhi.

NCC said Delhi has become the main centre of inhuman and gruesome action of rape and murder in the world today.

“The Capital City (Powered Centre) of India called the largest democracy and champion of non-violence country in the World is the main centre of inhuman and gruesome action of rape and murder in the World now,” NNC charged.

Asserting that because of such action of cruelty, atrocities, killing, the Naga people do not like to live with Indians, NNC maintained that generally the North East people also do not like to live with Indians because of their nature of racial discrimination, hate, cruelty, killing, etc.

“The North East people have to unite and separate themselves with Indians now,” NNC advocated.

Source: Nagaland Post

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People’s Car: The Tata Nano drives into Nagaland

Tata Nano - ( View In Large Size)Image by bbjee via Flickr

Dimapur | April 22: The much hyped Tata Nano car, or in the words of Ratan Tata ‘the people’s car’, has finally reached Nagaland. A ‘Demo Version’ (demonstration version) of the car reached Dimapur on Tuesday, April 21, which was then let open for public display at the Zhimomi Automobiles showroom located at Circular Road from Tuesday.

According to the Manager of Zhimomi Automobiles it was supposed to have reached Dimapur by the 9th of April but due to some ‘technical problems’ it could arrive only on April 21.

Zhimomi Automobiles, being the only Tata dealer in the whole of Nagaland, was flooded with interested customers and curious onlookers from the time the showroom opened on Tuesday morning and was packed till 5 pm, closing time, in the evening. Interested buyers would have to fill out an application form which will be available at the showroom for three hundred rupees. Those from other districts of the State can get the form at any of the State Bank of India branches of Nagaland, reason being the limited edition of the car. It seems not everybody will be fortunate enough to own a Nano this time as only one lakh models of the car will roll out from the factories for commercial sale in the first batch for the whole of India.

The Manager of the showroom said that near up to a thousand enquiries have been made about the car from prospective buyers so far. An employee added that 300 to 400 people came to check out the car from morning till noon on Wednesday.

Response being overwhelming, for booking the car any interested buyer must fill up one form for Rs.300 which will continue till April 25. After the said date, the lucky first time owners of the car will be decided through lottery at the Tata headquarters. For the ‘unfortunate’ ones, they will have to wait till the next edition. For refunds, they would have to give prior indication in the application form whether they prefer a refund in the event of not making it in the lottery. In case they prefer to wait for the next edition, the amount paid will remain with company.

The price of the Nano (subject to change) will range from model to model. The base model (Nano BS) will cost between Rs.1,30,922 to Rs.1,36,922 only, the mid range version or the Deluxe model (Nano CX) will be in the range of Rs.1,55,921 to Rs.1,64,966 only, while the luxury model (Nano LX) will be in the range of Rs.1,88,091 only. The cost difference of the car from Guwahati and here (Dimapur), it is heard, will vary from three to four thousand rupees.

Aside from the appealing low cost of the car, the Nano is said to give a mileage of 24 km/litre of petrol, but this would depend on the nature of roads. How well the car combats the ‘infamous’ roads of Nagaland remains to be seen until August (the month when it is expected to hit the roads).

Source: Morung Express

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Guwahati ready to receive its premier voter

GUWAHATI: With heavily armed security personnel and sniffer dogs in tow checking every nook and cranny, Dispur Government Higher Secondary School on Wednesday resembled a fortress. Nowhere in sight was any student or teacher. After all, it's in this school-turned-booth where Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife, Gursharan Kaur, will cast their votes on Thursday as Assam goes to the second phase of Lok Sabha elections.

Manmohan Singh, current prime minister of India.Image via Wikipedia

This is the first time that Singh will vote in Assam ever since he has been representing the north-eastern state in the Rajya Sabha from 1991. His official residence is at Sarumataria, close to the polling station under Guwahati Lok Sabha constituency.

Assam Police, Central paramilitary forces, SPG men and IB personnel have virtually turned the polling station no 156 at Dispur Government Higher Secondary School into a citadel. Sniffer dogs and security personnel armed with metal detectors were seen scanning every inch of the booth round-the-clock.

With a three-tier security cover in place, the polling station is guarded by two companies each from state police and CRPF. Sources said though there's no specific threat, security agencies are not taking any chances with his visit.

Singh and his wife are scheduled to land at Borjhar airport at 11 am. From there, they will take a chopper to the Veterinary Ground at Khanapara before driving own to the Dispur school. They will return to New Delhi immediately after casting their votes.

Sources said an alternative travel route on road covering about 30 km from the airport to the polling station has also been put in place. "We are prepared for his visit," city senior superintendent of police PC Saloi said.

With a fresh coat of paint, the school wears a new look and is ready to receive the high-profile voters. The Election Commission has built a separate entrance for the PM and his wife so as to keep the voters' flow normal. No vehicles, except that of the PM, would be allowed in the school complex.

Chief minister Tarun Gogoi, who is away in his home town in Jorhat, would fly back to Guwahati after casting his vote to receive the PM and his wife.


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