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Namdangte tawh kitenna

Editorial, Manipur Express October 25, 2008

Genesis (Pianchilna) ah Pathian in leitung mihingte abawlkhiak dan chiangtak in i muthei a, koppih nei a, inn kuan khawsa bawlkhiakna in society bawl ahi chih kuapeuh theih ahi. Society bawlkhiak a a om ding in zi leh pasal a kineihna poimawh mahmah a, zi leh pasal a kineih theih kichi pen mi batna khat ahi chi lehang dik ding in i gingta hi. Zi leh pasal kizonna leh kitenna tawh kisai in namdang te tawh kiteng kichi pen hoih pen mah hiam ahih kei leh hoih lou hihiam chih mimal ngaihtuahna ah kinga veve a, ahih ziak in a neinailou te ading in et detdet ding om kha mawhlou ding hi. Tuni in Namdangte tawh kiten i chih chiang in, singtangmi leh singtangmite lak ah leng namdang a om tham lai ding a, himahleh, ei Zosuan te lak i chi diam ahih kei leh, unau pau kitheihtuahte bel Namdang i chi kei a, a diak in Hindu sahkhua zui Meitei leh Vaite ahih kei leh Christian mah gamdang mite tawh kiten bang a chi a chih pen suit ham ching om kha mawhlou ding hi.

Christian i hi a, Pathian deihdan leh a nung zuizou loute himahle hang, i religion pen Christian ahih dungzui in mi tamtak te zahtak ahih kei leh simmawh in i na om kha ua, i Christian hihna uh a zang pangkaithei tamtak i om uhi. Pathian in mihingte nu le pa a kinei tuahding leh tu-le-ta tampi suangding in a hon deih a, huai ding in ahon vualzawl hi. Kitenna/Zi leh pasal a kineih kichi mimal deihtelna liauliau ahi chih i haihkei hi. Himahleh, mimal deihtelna pen hoihpen dan a ngaihtuah gige mihingte mi hehpih huaitak hi a, midangte ngaihdan valh thei leh pomthei te mi hampha ahi kichi sese hi. Ahihziak in, mahni ngaihdan paipih ngamlou leh midangte ngaihdan teng (Yes man) te leng mi hoihpen hituan lou ua, i sia le pha theihna (conscience) zang siamsiam mi hampha hita lou hiam chih theih in om hi. Tuaban ah thupukna ahunhun a la thei (presence of mind) neite peuhmah in thil bawlkhial lawlou ua theih in om hi.

Namdang tawh kitenna i neihtheihna ding in ki ngaih ek masak uh poimawh mahmah ding in i um hang. Eilak abel society a kitheih tuah lawngen ihih ziak un arrange marriage bangleng i zang suk gawpgawp ua, iki adjust thei mai uhi. Tuabang mah in Hindu society ah leng arrange marriage mah hitangpi sim ua, society kibang ahih dungzui un ki adjust thei mai uhi. Himahleh, society tuam liauliau, custom, culture leh tradition te himhim a ki naihna neilou numei leh pasal kigawmna tawh kisai in a thil kiphumgu (technical) tamtak om ding in up huai hi.

Namdangte tawh kiteng paisuak tamkhop om a, paisuak lou leng tamkhop mah om hi. Huaikal ah, mimal ah kinga lian mahmah a, ahih ziak in, Lamka khawpi sung a Namdang hong omte toh i numeite uh aki matkhak chiang un, tu le ta tanpha neisek mah le uh taisan in om pahpah ua, Meithai hunkhop leng a omta chih I theihchiat sa ahi. Gam le Nam itna i chih zi leh pasal neih ah leng akinga lian mahmah hi. Tuni chiang in i mi le sa Officer tamtak leh lehkha siam tamtakte’n namdang te zi leh pasal a nei tam mahmah a, hiai thu leng lung himawh huai pi suakthei hi. Adiak in numei te bang laisiam leh officer khat ahih chiang un, tangvalte’n va hel ngamlou sek ua, hiai kal ah kitheihsiamna i mi Nam sung ah a om poimawh a, ki hangsan sak a a va helte lah ana ngeingaih khollou in om uhi. Amau level mah eimi tangval te’n lah enkhollou ahihna ah, a lou theilou a vaite hiam ahih kei leh sapte hiam aneih uh hong poimawh zel bang a, ki mawhsak ding tuam omlou abatnang leng om zel hi.

Numeite adia theih ngeingei dia poimawh ahihleh, namdang (society dang) a tangvalte tawh a kingaih lai un bel a lungsim uh nasatak in zou ua, a inn kuante bang unleng pomthei vek ding in gen mah le uh, a kiten tak tak chiang un a gintak uh bang hetlou hi. Hindu te lak bang class a kikhenna nasa mahmah a, ei lawi bel nam niam petmah a hon mu uh ahihman in, a banghiam ziak lel ua, i pallai hun honna aam khasek uh adiam chih theih in om hi. Ahihziak in Hindu tengteng ahih kei leh sapgam lamte tengteng ahoih kei chi ihi zenzen kei a, amau lak ah leng mi kulmut (orthodox) taktak om ahihman un, a khawnung a hon simmawh ding leh hon taisan lel ding pasal a va neihkhak ding pilvan mahmah ngai leh kilawm hi. Namdang khenkhat ahihleh, a numeite un i pasal te uh zoutha neh mahmah in, a inn sungte uah numei te pau bang zang ngeingai ua, eimite bel namdangte pasal a iva neih leh ki baptized lut ngal in, amau tawndan, paidan leh pau le ham i va koppih thei ngal ua, i Nam pen mangthang himahleh pasal lamte i va belh chitchet theihna uh ahoihna khat om vanglak hi.


Inter-state bus services suspended

Inter-state bus services suspended over burning down of state bus in Assam; Two charred to death inside locked bus

IMPHAL, Oct 24: The All Manipur Inter State Bus Association has suspended all inter-state passenger bus services from this morning in protest against the burning down of an Imphal-Guwahati passenger bus of the Imphal Airbus Travels at Naorijan in Assam, near Dimapur, on last Thursday evening by two unidentified gunmen resulting in the death of two passengers, including one woman.

A Budha Luwang, president of the AMISBA during a press conference held at North AOC in Imphal this noon narrated the inhuman and barbaric act of last Thursday at Naorijan.

He said the ill-fated passenger bus bearing registration No. MN01-1664 was travelling from Imphal towards Guwahati when it was stopped and set ablaze after dousing it with petrol by two unidentified gunmen from Dimapur after the passengers numbering 32, including women and children, were locked inside the bus. The incident took place on last Thursday evening around 8.30 at Naorijan under Khatkhati police station.

He said the passengers inside the bus managed to escape after breaking the windows and jumping out of the bus. Many of them received burn injuries in the process and two passengers including a female who could not get out of the bus were charred by the flames inside the bus.

The two deceased were identified today as Robert Golmei, 35, from Tamenglong district and his mother-in-law Jinthailiu Gangmei of Pengba Chalungthou village in Churachandpur district. Robert Golmei was serving as a jawan in the Indian Army, the source added.

He further mentioned that the association while taking the matter very seriously called an emergency meeting this morning where it strongly condemned the incident and decided to suspend all passenger bus services including Imphal-Guwahati, Imphal-Dimapur, Imphal-Shillong and Guwahati-Imphal via Dimapur and Shillong-Imphal from this morning till the armed persons involved in the incident were booked and punished by the concerned government authority and till the state government provided necessary highway protection to the association.

The meeting also decided to organise a joint meeting with various civil society bodies of the state to consider the future course of action regarding the matter.

The association also submitted a memorandum to the chief minister yesterday asking for provision of land for booking counters and bus parking at Imphal, Guwahati, Shillong and Dimapur and also provision of land at Khatkhati for the travellers to take shelter during bandhs and blockades along with proper construction of and maintenance of the NH-39, NH-53 and NH-150.

The spokesperson further said that more than 110 inter-state buses were plying daily from Imphal to Guwahati via Dimapur and to Shillong and the association had been serving the people of the state for the last more than 20 years on NH-39 despite facing serious difficulties caused by law and order problems.

Mentioning some of the grievances faced by the transporters of the state, he said drivers, handymen, bus owners, association members and innocent passengers had been victims of kidnap, extortion, rape, murder, dacoity, bandhs and blockades for several years. Besides, Dimapur had now become a den for kidnappers, looters and other criminals.

Despite being aware of all these facts the government had not taken up any arrangements for redressing the grievances of the transportes of the state and the innocent passengers till now.

Because of all this there was immediate need for providing sufficient security at the various vulnerable areas along the national highways, the spokesperson added.

Source: Imphal Free Press

Aid for tribal writers/authors

IMPHAL, Oct 24: All tribal writers/authors have been intimated that the Tribal Research Institute, Manipur is extending financial assistance to tribal writers under the scheme of Encouragement of Books in Tribal Dialects. A press release issued by the institute further informed that interested tribal writers/authors may apply for the assistance in the prescribed form with relevant documents/manuscript on or before November 10.

KLO/KLA claims, apologises

IMPHAL, Oct 24: Claiming responsibility for burning down the passenger bus bearing registration no. MN-01/1664 belonging to Imphal Airbus Travels at Karbi-Anglong district of Assam last night that led to the death of two passengers, information and publicity secretary of KLO/KLA Malsawn Kuki today said that it was the handiwork of Eagle Claws unit of the outfit.

Explaining the reason for committing the act of arson, Malsawn Kuki said that KLO/KLA had asked the Inter-State Bus Owners’ Association to pay annual taxes as it is being paid to other outfits, but the Association refused to pay the tax at the instigation of one man identified as Romeo who works at Airbus Travel. Romeo also disclosed the mobile no. to the State forces.

Asking other bus owners to pay the tax, Malsawn Kuki also warned of the same consequences to them as well and said that the Association should aware that KLO/KLA operates not on-ly in Manipur but also in rest of the North Eastern States unlike other Kuki outfits. Furthermore, Malsawn Kuki said that death of two persons in the last night’s incident was not intentional but accidental. Asking forgiveness of the bereaved families, Mal-sawn Kuki said KLO/KLA pays homage to the depart-ed souls and expressed re- gret over the inconveniences caused to other passengers.

Source: The Sangai Express

Moreh-Imphal air service, Joint inspection on the card

IMPHAL, Oct 24 : After the preliminary inspection conducted by a team of Air Deccan-Kingfisher officials to study the feasibility of starting daily flight service between Imphal and Moreh, a joint inspection would be conducted very soon to finalise the matter.

Disclosing this while talking to The Sangai Express today, ADC of Moreh Hopeson Chothe informed that at the request of the Air Deccan-Kingfisher officials, a preliminary inspection had been conducted on October 17 along with him in connection with starting daily flight service between Imphal and the border town.

During the inspection, the officials of the private airliner identified that the ground of the Eastern Shine School at Ward no. 7 of Moreh would be the most suitable site for plane landing. Accordingly, Meitei Council Moreh has also given its nod to allow use of the land for the stated purpose.

While informing that the proposed flight service would have two sorties in a day, the ADC said that there would be no need for development of new runaway on the present ground of the school for landing plane. Only after a little development, the plane would be able to land on the grassy ground itself. The plane would land and take off before the commencement of the school classes and after the school hours.

To be introduced with an eye on mainly facilitating the movement of VIPs and emergency treatment of patients,

the flight service which would have a total seating capacity of 18 passengers and it would be very helpful from the point of deplorable condition of the Imphal-Moreh Road stretch as well, the ADC said. The flight service would also help the businessmen and tourists, the ADC said, adding that the fare for one-way travel may be around Rs 2000. However, the exact fare amount would be finalised by the officials of Air Deccan-Kingfisher, he hastened to add.

Stating that the private airliner wants to introduce the service at the earliest possible, the ADC disclosed that a joint inspection would be conducted very shortly to finalise the matter. However, the private airliner has not yet given any official intimation to the State Govt nor taken any approval from the Centre in connection with starting the flight service. So necessary preparations would be taken up only after all the necessary formalities have been completed, the ADC said.

Source: The Sangai Express

Blazing inferno reduces Khuga power house to cinders

-S. Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Oct 24 : For the third time Khuga multi-purpose project was attacked by suspected agitating contractors today, razing the power house that supplies electricity to the project and its equipments.

A ‘big generator,’ a transformer and three other generators were partially damaged according to Khamzamang, an electrician lineman of the department who stays a few meters away from the power house. He was inside his house when the fire started at 4. 30pm. Initially when the fire was detected, the intensity of the fire was so high that even unbolting the door was dangerous, he said.

The lone Fire Tender of the district arrived about 40 minutes after the fire was first detected and fully put off the flames after about an hour despite the initial difficulties due to live currents.

Protected on all side with GI sheets with a single door, the power house is prone to burglary through some openings, Kamzamang, also an acting care-taker said.

A company each from 140 Bn BSF and Manipur Rifles were stationed at the site to protect the dam and its properties but the power-house located on the outskirt was not within the periphery of their sentry post.

“We usually patrol the area but we don’t have sentry there,” a man incharge of the MR said.

SK Mishra, Asst Commandant of 140 Bn BSF told the media that the fire was due to ‘electrical short-circuit’ but when asked about the evidences, he could only say that he was informed so by the people around the power-house.

IFCD Minister N Biren said that it could not have been an act of arson.

On detecting a twofold-lock on the door, Kam- zamang told the media that the department had bolted the door only with one lock. “Until yesterday there was only one lock on the door. I was surprised to see another lock when I rushed to the door after I saw the fire,” he said.

When asked what he suspects could be the cause, as he was the first to notice the fire, Kamzamang said, “We have been using the power house since 1986 and nothing of this sort has happened before so I have reservations saying it was due to short-circuit. The two-fold lock has added to my suspicion .”

Khuga Dam Neglected and Unpaid Liability Holders Contractors and Sub- Contractors Association have since October 6 imposed a ban on the dam but denied their hands in today’s fire. TK Simte, the association secretary said, ‘we are not responsible.’

He however refused to rule out the hands of other contractor other than theirs.

The office chamber of EE IFCD had already been ransacked by agitating contractors some years back, while an IED had also been exploded by suspect-ed contractors on July 18 this year. Annoyed that their bills remains unsettled even after years of execu-ting their work the contra- ctors have formed several association to pressure the government and they have resorted to diverse form of agitation to draw the Govt attention. Today’s attack seems no different.

Source: The Sangai Express

ZNC Statement on 20th Anniversary in Myanmar

Statement of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Zomi National Congress

Today, October 24th marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Zomi National Congress (ZNC). Due to the abrupt transition of political power in Burma, ZNC was established in Rangoon instead of establishing in Zomiland. Its main aims and objects are:

(a) To refer to the Chins as Zomi
(b) To establish Democracy and Human Rights in the country
(c) To adopt Free Market Economy
(d) To raise the Panglong spirit in drawing the constitution based on federalism

So, in the 1990 General Elections, ZNC won two seats out of four contesting constituencies i.e. 50%. But the party, ZNC, was disbanded by the regime in 1992 without any reason. ZNC still strives for national reconciliation, democratization and human rights in Burma, in collaboration with other political parties, namely National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) led by Hkun Htun Oo, Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) led by Dr. Saw Mra Aung and Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF) led by Naing Tun Thein, in a committee known as the Committee Representing People’s Parliament (CRPP). ZNC works also with the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) consisting of 12 ethnic political parties for national reconciliation, democratization and human rights in Burma.

As we are well aware, there is no rule of law in our country. What comes out from the mouth of ruling regime’s officers becomes law and is acted upon by spineless cohorts. This is the best culture for corruption, crimes, and chaos to flourish in political, social and economic arenas.

Our country therefore has been facing poverty and chaotic social and political circumstances for two decades. To make it worst, the Burmese military regime’s grotesque and unethical action is that holding of a national referendum at the time of Cyclone Nargis despite the calls from domestic and international communities to postpone the referendum. So, ZNC declares that:

(a) The one-sidedly written constitution, is unilateral.
(b) That unilateral constitution, approved by the regime's sham referendum, is unacceptable.
(c) To hold general elections in 2010 under that constitution, is null and void.

Therefore, to build a better Burma by means of national reconciliation and democratization in our country, ZNC urges the SPDC:

(a) To release immediately and unconditionally U Tin Oo, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Hkun Htun Oo and other political prisoners especially those who were arrested in the Saffron Revolution.
(b) To begin a political dialogue with all the stakeholders
(c) Then only, to start drawing the constitution with fair and square



ZNC kum-20 khang khat bang ong pha a, tu ciangciang ih din zawhna, a sem a bawlte tha hatna, hanciamna hang hi zaw lo in, Anungta tawntung Pasian leh Zomi tampite thungetna hang hi. Kum-20 sung in makaite gimna, tawlna, maizumna, gentheihna leh, kolbulh khaukhih thuak himah tase leh, tua teng ong thuaksak zo keikai Pasian min phat hang.

1988-kum in kawlgam buppi kumpi deihlohna hangin ong buai-in Myanmar Socialist Kumpi kia in, Galkap te'n thuneihna lak-khit-teh, 1990-kum ciang Democracy ngeina tawh kitelna om ding, Party hih nuam te'n matpong ongten ta un a cih ciang buaina huhau a, vaitham sum-metbawl pawlkhat lung hih mawh in Zomi ih hihna minamdangte'n ong theihnang bulphuh uha, a zintun-na uh BoSunpet street a, Thirihyeithmon (oD&D&dyfrGef) Guest House pan ong kipankhia in York Road a, Pu Pum Za Kap inn ah thungetna tawh apin October 18, 1988 ni in Election Commission ah puakpah uhi. October 24,1988 ni in Newspaper leh Radio pan ongsuak khia hi. A za Zomi tampitakte lungdamin, a kipak tampi om hi, Committee ah ong kihel-loh hang, sum le pai, tha tawh tua hun lai a, a panpih, teng –

1. Pu Sing Kho Mang 5. Rev. Vungh En Thang
2. Pu Dai Cin 6. Pu P. Tual Khan Pau
3. Dr.Pu Zam Khen Thang 7. Dr. Pu Sian Za Kam
4. Rev. Pau Cin Thang 8. Pu Nang Lian Thang te ahi uhi.
Lai Siangtho bulphuh : Paunaak 14:34

“Thumanna in minam minthangsak a, mawhna in minam mindaisak hi.”

A kiphuah cil a Committee teng

01. President ------------------Pu Pum Za Kap
02. Vice President -----------Pu Suan Kho Thang (ong nusia)
03. General Secretary -------Pu Thang Lian Pau (India)
04. Treasurer -------------------Pu Thawng Do Thang
05. Members -------------------Pu Neng Hau Kim (U.S.A)
06. Members -------------------Pu Pum Za Khai (U.S.A)
07. Members -------------------Pu Gin Khan Suan (Japan)
08. Members -------------------Pu Pum Za Lian
09. Members -------------------Pu Kim Khua Suan (U.S.A)
10. Members -------------------Pu En Khan Nang
11. Members -------------------Pu Khual Za Nang (ong nusia)
12. Members -------------------Pu Vungh Za Kap (India)
13. Members -------------------Pu Tawng Do Cin (India)
14. Members -------------------Pu Gin Kam Lian
15. Members -------------------Pu Kham Min Thang

Hi bang in kiseh hi.

Pu Pum Za Kap’ inn ah Signboard kisuang in zumpi (Head Quarters) in kinei hi. (Zogam ah HQs, zum hon zawh masiah)

Hih a phuankhiate a tamzaw in khualzinte a hih ma'n tua hunlai a, India pan a ong piang ahi Pu T.Gou Gin leh Pu Thang Khan Gin te pat khiat ZNC min mah in ong huzapin hoih kisa a,“Zomi National Congress” a kici pah suak hi. A phuankhia teng bel gamthu leh, tangthu zong kitamtel lo in Minam min mah bulphuh in, Zogam ah gen kawikawi ding, zumpi Zogam ah koih ding makai zong in MP ding zongni cih thu hi.

Tua ahih man in November 5th '88 ni in Zogam ah tangko ding in Zangkong (Rangoon) pan in 1. Pu Suan Kho Thang 2. Pu Gin Khan Suan 3. Pu Gin Kam Lian 4. Gin Khan Khai (Student) 5. Vung Za Pau (Student) te zinkhia in Mandalay, Kawlpi, Tedim, Tonzang dong pai uh hi. November 12th '88, Kawlpi ah Township Committee kiseh hi. Kawlpi pan Pu Chin Sian Thang (tulaitak President) bulphuh in, a ma'n hi bang in Zomi cih bek tawh nainganzi (gamvai) kisem theilo ding, Policy khat neih kul phot hi ci-in, Kawlgam Nainganzi leh, Zomi te kizopna, Panlong agreement a piankhiatna 1947, 1974 Constitution hoih lohna, 1961 kum, Taunggyi ah Mualtungmite'n State Unity Organization (SUO) phuatna thu, a mah leh Capt. Pu Mang Tung Nung kihel in, 1947 Constitution thanemna, Mualtungmite' suahtakna a kingah hang a suahtaklohna cih thu tampi gen in tutung a zong Constitution gelh phading ih hih man in ei kihel a Zomi te thu Zomi te mah bekin genin ih thu thun zawh nading a thupitzia teng ong gen khia hi.

Tua khitciang a mah matbawl pah in Tedim kikahto pah hi. November 21st '88, ni-in Tedim ah inn a phalngam om nailo phot ahih ma'n Pu Tun Za Thang (Pu Kham Za Kam tapa) inn ah Head Quarters Signboard kisuang hi. Kum-4 sung a sap ong lalo hi. (Party a phiat dong) November 24th '88 ni, Tonzang ah Signboard suan leh, Township Committee kiphuan zo hi. Township-3 ah Signboard kisuang zopah hi.

Party Constitution ong-gelhsak teng

1. Dr. Pu Zam Khen Thang (ong nusia zo)
2. Pu Sing Kho Khai (ong nusia zo)
3. Rev.Pau Cin Thang (U.S.A)
4. Rev. Vungh En Thang (U.S.A)
5. Pu Thang Lian Pau (GS)

Pu Chin Sian Thang ong geel Gam Bup Constitution ding ZNC in thukhunpi thu-4 kibulphuh hi.

1. Union dik taktak hi ding. (Federated Union)
2. Parliament dawlnih om ding, dawl tungnung leh dawl nuainung thuneihna (Power) kikim ding.
3. Parliament dawl tungnung ah minam zui in tangmi a kikim kah bek ding,
Parliament dawl nuainung ah mitam zui in tangmi kah ding.
4. Baho (Central) kumpi thuneihna ciangtan ding (Khiam,) a omlai thuneihna teng a tamzaw State te'n la ding.

TV pan ZNC te ngimna leh tupna Pu Chin Sian Thang in March 21st , '90 ong gen khiat thu ZNC in mailam ah sep khiat ding thu - 4

1. Chin cih pan Zomi-ih-hihna
2. Democracy kumpi ong pian khiatnang
3. Suak tatak a, sumbawl sumzuak theihnang (free market economy)
4. Panglong thu kimna kiplet nang

Tedim, Tongzang, Kawlpi khuapi teng ah ZNC te ngimna leh tupnate kigen khia in khua 170 ah Committee ki koihzo hi. Falam, Hakha, Thantlang te in zong zum ong hong un ci-in hong sam uh hi. Thantlang pan Pu Thawng El hong pai in hong gen hi. Sum haksatna hangin kipai zo loin zum kihong zo lo hi.

Committee Thak puah kikna

Ausgust 9th, 1989 ni-in a nih veina khawmpipan CEC kitel pha in mipi-in kipsak hi.

CEC teng;

01. President ---------------Pu Chin Sian Thang
02. Vice President --------Pu Do Pau
03. General Secretary ----Pu Thang Lian Pau
04. Treasurer ----------------Pu Zen Khan Khup
05. Members ----------------Pu Khual Za Nang
06. Members ----------------Pu Vungh Za Kap
07. Members ----------------Pu Song Cin Pau
08. Members ----------------Pu En Cin Thang
09. Members ----------------Pu Nang Za Khup
10. Members ----------------Pu Lal Buai
11. Members ----------------Pu Zam Khan Suan

February 20, 1989 ZNC khawmpi a khat veina Tedim zumpi ah kibawlin tangmi khua tuamtuam pan mi-200 bang ong pai uh hi. A nih veina August 9,1989 in Tedim mah ah kibawl kik in mi-250 val ong kah uh hi. Tua ciang in CEC thak teng kip sakna kinei hi. MP ding in Tedim-1 ah Pu Vungh Za Kap, Tedim-2 ah Pu Chin Sian Thang, Tonzang ah Pu Thang Lian Pau, Kawlpi-2 ah Pu Do Pau te mipi in kiseh hi. Tedim khuasung a om biakna makai Pasian' nasem tampite’n Pasian tungah apna ong neihsak uh hi. Kitelpi ciang in mun-4 ah kidem in mun-2 ah kizo ahi manin 50% in kizo hi.

December 23rd, 2003 ni in Kawlpi, Pu Chin Sian Thang inn’ ah CEC meeting kinei kik hi. Khua tuamtuampan in panmun neite zong ong kah uh hi. Tua CEC meeting pan anuai a bangin khentatna kinei hi. A tawp leh a khawl om a hih manin a nuai a bang in kipuah pha kik hi. Kumsawm valbang a sawt hang in Committee te lawp mahmah lai uh hi.

1. President ------------------------Pu Chin Sian Thang
2. Vice President -------------------Pu Do Pau
3. Secretary General ----------------Pu Mung Khan Lal
4. Assistant Secretary General ------Pu Gin Kam Lian
5. Treasurer ------------------------Pu Zen Khan Khup
6. Organizer ------------------------Pu Khual Za Nang
7. Members --------------------------Pu Song Cin Pau
8. Members --------------------------Pu En Cin Thang
9. Members --------------------------Pu Nang Za Khup
10. Auditor -------------------------Pu Lal Buai

(General Secretary Pu Mung Khan Lal in nasepna ding munpi Zangkong ah a omthei den zawding cihna tawh Pu Gin Kam Lian a panmun ap hi.)

Matun nailo a lamkal pan ong nusia teng CEC sung pan

1. Pu Suan Kho Thang (Former Vice President)
2. Pu Khual Za Nang (Member)
3. Pu Vungh Za Pau ( Head Quarters lai atpi)
4. Note- Thudotpi leh a hampen Pu Song Cin Pau tu laitak cina mahmah a hih manin thu ngetsak ciat ni.

Township, khua tuamtuam pan-

01.Pu Langh Kho Pau (Tedim)
02.Pu Khup Khan Zen (Tedim)
03.Pu Dam Kho Kham (Tedim)
04.Pu Suan Kho Thang (Tedim)
05.Pu Zam Do (Mualnuam)
06.Pu Kham Cin Zam (Tungzang)
07. Pu Zam Tung Thang (Tungzang) (CNA te'n 25.11.2000 ni in kaplum uh hi)
08. Pu Thang Khua Tuan (Kawlpi President)
09. Pu Suan Do Nang (Kawlpi Secreatary)
10. Pu Kap Cin Thang (Kap Tawng – Leilum)
11. Pu Hau Za Cin (Langzang)
12. Pu Do Khan Pau (Tonzang)
13. Pu Zam En Pau (Tedim)

* Kanzawh nailoh leh thu kizakna haksatna hang in a kimang ngilh a om leh ong mai sak un.

UNO, EU, gam tuamtuam leh Party tuamtuam palaite tawh kimuhna

1. 1989 kum in UNLD ( United Nationalities League For Democracy) mualmi teng party 25 te kipawlna ah member khat in om.

2. 1990- March kha in Mualmi party a tamzaw policy khat tawh kumpi ten ong phiat hi.
-Party (9) nungta sak lai-in Shan gam Sukham nuam a hih man un shan gam pan party om sak sese.

3. 1993- Pu Chin Sian Thang, Pu Thang Lian Pau leh kiteel-lai a Campain Manager Gin Kam Lian, Zen Khan Khup te Special Court pan in thu bawl. Thukhen mangpi U Tin Ohn hi. Kum-10 Sung nainganzi sem theilo ding, ci-in thu khensat hi.

4. 1991- Kum thak pan Zangkong(Yangoon) bulphuh in, meltheihte leh Hotel Decity bel in hamsatna tampi thuak in, Pu Chin Sian Thang, Zen Khan Khup, Go Sawm Khup, Thang Gin Lian, Gin Kam Lian te UNLD pawl leh, pawl tuamtuam tawh kimu in thu kikupna kinei den hi. Gambup(Gazette holiday) ni thupite ah kihel den uh hi.

5. UNLD ah a kipat lam in party (23) bang a om hang a 1992 in kumpi ten hong phiat hangin a sem suaksuak pen (1) SNLD (2) ZNC (3) ALD (4) MNDF hi teng bek kihi lai hi.

6. 1995 ASSK ong kikhah khiat khit 1996 January, 3rd ni-in Pu Chin Sian Thang, Pu Do Pau, Pu Khual Za Nang, Pu Gin Kam Lian te ASSK inn ah kimu in thu kikum a kipawl khopna leh, Federal vai thukimna pawlkhat kingah hi.

7. 1996 – 1998 Independence day leh, Union day te ama' huang sung ah kibawl in, kipai zel a, an neekkhopna kinei hi, Amah'n zong Mualmite tawh kisai hangsan tak leh, khauhtak a dinmun Statement genkhia hi. Khangnoten zong Zo ngeina lam tuamtuam zong lak uh hi.

8. 1997 Union day, zong mualmite makai-in NLD makai teng, kawlgam nainganzi (politician) mimasa teng tawh Bahan No. (3) Bomo Aung (30thComrade) huang sung ah New-world Restaurant ah nitaak an neek khopna ki nei hi.

9. 1998-Zomi Nam Ni ( Golden Jubilee) Shwegonedaing (EAST) Fulai Restaurant ah ASSK leh pawl tuamtuamte tawh Zomi namni phawkna dinner kinei hi. M.I (galkap thukan) te'n Hotel Permit khakcip pah lian uh hi. B.B.C leh V.O.A pan in zong ASSK mahmah in Zomi namni bawlna leh Hotel khakcipna thu gen hi. Ama' min mahmah tawh zong ih Minamni pahtawina laipi ong pia hi.

10. August 29th, 1998 ni-in U Lwin (NLD) inn ah NLD pan- ASSK, U Tin Oo, U Aung Shwe, U Lwin. SNLD pan- Khun Htun Oo, Sai Nyunt Lwin. ALD pan- Dr.Saw Mya Aung, Aye Thar Aung. ZNC pan- Pu Chin Sian Thang, Pu Gin Kam Lian, Pu Vungh Za Pau. MNDF pan- Nai Tun Thein, Nai Ngwe Thein te kikum in SPDC in Parliament samlo a hih leh Party (5) te makai in Parliament sap theihna dingin CRPP (Committee Representing People's Parliament) ki phuan hi. Hih pen SPDC a dip a kua sak zo penpen hi. UK, US, EU gam teng in ong thukim pih pah hi.

11. Tua zawh a sawt lo September 6th, 1998 ni-in MP tam simsim kiman hi. Pu Chin Sian Thang zong tua pan kum-(2) sung M.I (6)ah, khumcipna thuak hi. Hih thu ma deuh June 1998 in Khun Htun Oo (SNLD), Dr. Saw Mya Aung (ALD), Nai Tun Thein (MNDF), Pu Chin Sian Thang (ZNC) ten Than Shwe tung ah Parliament a manlang thei pen in ong sapsak un ci-in laipuak uhi. Tua zawh a sawt loin NLD in kha nih sung in Parliament sam un, na sapkei vua leh ko leh ko in samding hi ung ci-in ngaat tak in lai pia uhi. Hih tungtawn in CRPP ong piang khia hi.

12. Mualmi Party (12) in May 2001in UNA (United Nationalities Alliance) phuan khia uhi.

13. UN Envoy Elverto Desoto tawh (2) vei
14. UN Envoy Razali Ishmael tawh (12) vei
15. EU High Commissioner tawh (4) vei
16. Pin Heiro (ILO, Human Rights) (3) vei
17. Jounalists minthang Larry Jagen (2) vei
18. Germany, Canada, Parliament te tawh (2) vei

19. Kawl gam a om gam tuamtuam te Ambassador te tawh (50) vei val A mau gam ni thupi nite ah zong ong samin Dinner kipai zel hi.

20. EU (South East Asia ) tavuan neite tawh (3) vei
21. UNSC leh Secretary General level lai khakna
22. Washington Post ah Pu Chin Sian Thang at Article- Cry from Burmar ong suak hi.
23. Zomi Nam Ni, Union day leh, Party birthday te gam sung-gampua ate' huhna tawh kumsim in kibawl den hi.
24. January3.2007 ni in Federation vai Seminar khat vei kinei hi.
25. Christian Solidarity (London) pawlte tawh nihvei
26. Irrawaddy magazine pan 2005 leh 2006 kum (The Faces of Burmar) dingin ZNC president pa zong Teel uhi.
27. SPDC hawm khiat (2005 kum) Kawlgam sung mithupi 650 sung ah Pu Chin Sian Thang kihel hi.


1. Pu Vungh Za Pau - Head Quarters lai atpi ong nusiat lai-in

(a) ZNC pan paakkual khat
(b) Party tuamtuam pan paakkual
(c) U.S Embassy pan paakkual khat

ZNC president Pu Chin Sian Thang in thugenna leh Zo ngeina in min sial hi.

2. Pu Thang Kho Tuan (Kawlpi President) Nat vehna 50,000Ks
Sih galna leh paakkual -------10,000Ks
3. Pu Khual Za Nang (CEC)
Nat Vehna --------------------50,000Ks
Sih galna leh paakkual -------10,000Ks
4. Pu Suan Do Nang (Kawlpi Secreatary)
Paakkual ---------------------10,000Ks

* Hih natvehna leh sihgalna te budget om cih bang hi lo in, Sum om dan zui in kipia hi.

Gam tuamtuam a Zomi kipawlna omte

1. Pu Thang Lian Pau (MP Tongzang) Kawlgam ah na kisem thei salo in India paito in ZNC (LA, India), ZRO (Zomi Reunification Organization), ZRA (Zomi Revolutionary Army) phuan in makai hi. Mizogam leh Manipur a om ih mipih te'n angtan pih in ngaih muanna nei tuam uh hi. Galkap tulnih bang om uhi ci-in kiza hi.
2. Pu Go Sawm Khup (ZNC, New Generation U.S.A) in makai in hih theih zah in huhna a pia denden khat hi.
3. Pu Nang Lian Thang (ZNC, LA Japan)
4. Malaysia (ZNC, LA) Pu Neng Hau Kim hi-in tu lai tak US tung hi.
5. Delhi ah (Zomi Student and Youth Organization) zong om a Pu D. Mang Khan Khup leh alawm te'n makaih hi.
6. Ni Suahna Maesok ah zong (Zomi Student and Youth Organization-east) om hi.


Global English Course 2005 pan 2006 American center ah Pu Gin Kam Lian leh Pu Cin Suan Mang te kah uh a, AC te thusiamna tawh khua leh tui phat tuam nang huhna Organization zui in ong ngen un a cih ciang, ZNC min-in Pu Cin Suan Mang in Tedim, Dimtui Library a ding Furniture, Computer, laibu tuamtuamte a ding in US $15,000 leh Tuimui sang a ding $15,000 man laibu leh van tuamtuam kingah hi.

ZNC Mintawh Scholarship Ngah a Sangkahteng British Council (BC) a kah teng

1. Eng Biak Thang 8. Ning San Lian Kim
2. Langh Sian Mung 9. Khup San Thang
3. James 10. Song Za Kam
4. Kap Khan Khual 11. Cin Sian Dal
5. Cing Za Lun Mang 12. Kap Za Cin
6. Gin Tuan Pau 13. Niang Lun Dim
7. Khup Suan Lian 14. Man Hau Mang

*Scholarship pen kum khat leh a lang hi. Course khat kha thum hi. Sum tawh a kah hileng Course khat ciang in $ 280 hi.

American Center a kah teng

1. Kam Lam Khup 8. Pau Kim Tuang
2. Kam Sian Mung 9. Khup Suan Lian
3. Kap Khan Khual 10. Cing Sian Mang
4. Langh Sian Mung 11. Kap Sian Siam
5. Gin Kam Lian 12. Vung Tawi Cing
6. Cin Suan Mang 13. Thang Sian Len
7. Mung Laan Thang 14. Thant Zaw Oo

*Scholarship pen khakua ong pia uhi. Khakhat ciang in $ 100 hi.

Gamthu hang a mat leh hen thuakna Pu Chin Sian Thang

1. October 30th, 1972 - March 3rd,1974 (Mingaladon Gekyiaing) ah
2. March 12th, 1992 - Kawlpi pan Zangkong puak in thu a dot khit ciang march 19th, 1992 khak
3. May 10th, 1993 - Kawlpi (MI-17) ah khakhat sung
4. October 10th – 24th, 1996 - Kawlpi (MI-17) ah
5. September 6th, 1998 - No. 220th Bn., Yemon, ah kha-7 - 9½ miles MI-Quarter ah March 14th, 1999 (MI- te kepsung in kal (kidney) na in Sakura Clinic, ah ki at hi
6. September 15 pan 19, 1999 MI-14 Botataung Township ah
7. October 16th, 1999 pan June 14th, 2001 dong 9½ miles MI-Quarter ah ( November 3rd 1999 ni in UN Asst. Secretary General Alvaro de Soto tawh kimuhna hang)
8. September 27th ,2007 ni pan October 28th ni dong Insein Jail ah
9. November 20th - 26th , November 2007 (Special Branch Quarters-8-miles) ah

Pu Gin Kam Lian

1. Mawlamyaing MI-5 ten manin March 25th 2001 pan August 30th 2002 Mawlamyaing Jail ah

Pu Kam Lam Khup (Kyaw Soe)- President tapa

1. Ocotober 28th 2007 ---- thukanten man (Thu-5 tawh thusit Insein Jail court ah)

Pu Kap Khan Khual, Pu Suan Do Nang tapa

1.Ocotober 28th 2007 ------- thukanten man (Thu-5 tawh thusit Insein Jail court ah)

Thu khupna

Minam leh gam na sepna dingin kipawlna khat om loh phamawh hi. ZNC pen a maakai te leh Party lutta ding bek hi lo hi. ZNC min tawh gamthu kisem thei bek ahih manin ZNC min a kizang den ahi hi. A thupi zaw ah, Policy hi. Kum-20 sung sepna ah gam leh minam a ding ngimnate a tangtun nai loh hangin UNO, EU, leitung gam tuamtuam, Kawlgam sung gamthu (politic) a kan a ukten Zomi cih hong thei khin uh hi. Zomite tangthu ah hi bang thu om nai lo hi. Khang kik ten tha hong khek un la ZNC te policy nong let suak ding uh ong thum ung.

Hih kum-20 na sepna sung ah a pat a kipan sum leh paai, thagui thatang tawh ong panpih thuhong ngetsak te, Pasian nasemte leh mimalte hun hoih nai lo ahih manin a minin (by name) hong kisuak sak nai lo hi. ZNC leh Zogam tangthu a ki-at ciang hong kisuak sak ding hi

Pu Chin Sian Thang la phuahte

A. Tang kahenkol thangta zawm aw, Zolun Alsi thang zawm aw;
B. Zolun Alsi tu bang asuan thangvan phesak kei hing ee.
A. Lel dih aw Kap lel dih lai zang aw, pian gam lei leh ka Zo damtui aw, keizong, keizong lel nuam lai veng ee;
B. Keizong, keizong leel nuam lai ing, Panlong a pat Taunggyi ah, UNO dong leel to laivang ee.
A. Sin thu a pha ngai ing aw e, tong dam a nem a ngai ing ee;
B. Sin thu pha leh i Zogam kuam ka ngaih man a tul hi’ ing ee.


* Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK)
* Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD)
* Arakan League for Democracy (ALD)
* Mon National Democratic Front (MNDF)
* United Nationalities League for Democracy (UNLD)
* United Nationalities Alliance (UNA)
* Committee Representing People's Parliament (CRPP)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Chin People in New Delhi Met with Prominent National Figures

- Plato Van Rung Mang

11 October, 2008: Delhi, India: The Chin people, based in New Delhi, had an inspiring meeting with their prominent national figures including Professor Salai Tun Than, Pu Lian Uk (MP), Salai Kipp Kho Lian and Salai Bawi Lian Mang, who dropped by one day in New Delhi, on their way to Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, India to attend Chin Historical Seminar to be held on October 13-15, 2008.

All the participants in the meeting, more than seventy, stood up with a token of respect and honor when their eagerly awaited guests were stepping inside the meeting hall. The meeting was commenced with Rev. Ram Lian Khar’s prayer and self-introduction. The participants were then fully enthused with a series of dynamic messages from their leaders. The messages being addressed to the audience from all perspectives were truly relevant and immensely crucial for the Chin people as a whole.

A prominent Chin political figure, Pu Lian Uk briefly emphasized the uniqueness of the Chins as a people with own culture, land and history, and expressed his hope to further secure this authenticity in a more understandable term, in the upcoming Chin Historical Seminar.

Salai Kipp Kho Lian, Coordinator of Chin Forum, exposed the work undertaken by the Chin Forum team and expressed his honor for the timely publication of the fifth initial draft of Chinland Constitution within a ten-year spanning period of its existence. He strongly encouraged all the participants to be fully aware of the tenet of democracy and federal principles, and emphasized the importance of their practical applications, for congregating the present dispersed Burmese democratic forces with new strategies and approaches by strengthening ‘needed unity’ among different parties and stakeholders.

Professor Salai Tun Than in particularly impressed the audience with his forceful words, saying: “I am not a politician, but I fight the military regime for the cause of justice against injustice. I will fight till my last breath as to die for good cause is worthy. If we are daring, the enemy is afraid of us and if we are timorous, the enemy will persecute us. Like a motto saying ‘Few daring are always the majority’, if at least two hundred people are daring to die like me, I am sure this democracy struggle against the dictatorship rule will be won.”

Salai Bawi Lian Mang, Director of Chin Human Right Organization (CHRO), highlighted how destitute the Chin people in Burma are under the military regime. Salai Bawi said: “The Burmese military junta’s systematic violations of human rights record on the Chins over a long period have now transformed thousands of the Chins to become refugees in different parts of the world. And presently at least 200,000 people, about 20% of the whole Chin population from 200 villages, are suffering from cute famine. Instead of giving relief aids to the famine victims, the SPDC is now prohibiting the operation of relief aids in some townships like Matupi, Falam and Kanpalet. Hence, it is our national responsibility to help our people out from starvation, with the best means and ways of our capacities.”

Dr. Tint Swe of NLD- MP, a leading political figure among India-based Burmese democratic activists also expressed his inspiration for the meeting and his hope for a positive turnout from it.

The meeting was successfully concluded at 5:00 pm with thanksgiving prayer led by Dr. Run Bik.

Orissa Police Failed to protect me from Rapist and Attackers

P. O. Box 2174, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh , India, 500003, Tel 0140-27868908,

"Orissa Police Failed to protect me from Rapist and Attackers. I lost my trust in Orissa Police"
Sr. Meena

Civil Societies Disappointed at Supreme Court's refusal to order CBI Enquiry on Nun's Rape Case in Kandhamal, Orissa

New Delh, October 24, 2008: The rape victim of Orissa Anti-Christian Violence came out in public statement in a press conference held in New Delhi today after Supreme Court of India denying the CBI enquiry demanded in a writ petition.

Sr. Meena Lalita Barwa, in deep grip over the crime committed against her by Hindu militants says, “Orissa police failed to protect me from rapist and attackers. I lost my trust in them. Justice will be only possible if my case is taken by CBI.”

“Very police forces who watched while the crime was committed against me, and who also failed their duty to register my complaint initially and twisted later on and took over 40 days to take action until public outcry pour out. I do not trust in them to give me fair justice and punish the culprits,” says Sr. Meena.

Civil societies and Christian communities of India were disappointed at Supreme Court's judgement for refusing CBI enquiry over the rape case on October 22, 2008,

Court's refusal to transfer the case from Orissa Police to CBI came for the reason that the accused persons of the rape crime are already arrested by Orissa Police.

Sr. Meena was working at Divyajyoti Pastoral Centre at K. Nuagaon, Kandhamal District, Orissa before anti-Christian violence broken out in Kandhamal district of Orissa after the killing of Lakshmananada Sarawati on August 23, 2008 by Maoists.

Statement made to the Press by Sister Meena

On 24th August around 4.30 pm, hearing the shouting large crowd, at the gate of Sivyajyoti pastoral centre, I ran out through the back door and escaped to the forest along with others. We saw our house going up in flame. Around 8.30 PM, we came out of the forest and went to the house of the Hindu gentleman who gave us shelter.

On 25th August, around 1.30 PM, the mob entered the room where I was staying in that house; one of them slapped on my face, caught my hair and pulled me out of the house. Two of them were holding my neck to cut off my head with axe. Others told them to take me out to the road; I saw Fr. Chellan also being taken out and being beaten. The mob consisting of 40-50 men were armed with lathis, axes, spades, crowbars, iron rods, sticks etc. They took both of us to the main road. Then they led us to the burnt down Janavikas building saying that they were going to throw us into the smoldering fire.

When we reached the Janavikas building, threw me to the verandah on the way to the dining room which was full of ashes and broken glass pieces. One of them tore my blouse and others my undergarments. Father Chellan protested and they beat him and pulled him out from there. They pulled out my saree and one of them slepped on my right hand and another on my left hand and then a third person raped me on the verandah mention above. When it was over, I managed to get up and put my petticoat and saree. Then another young man caught me and took me to a room near the staircase. He opened his pants and was attempting to rape me when they reached there.

I hide myself under the staircase. The crowd was shouting “Where is that sister, come let us rape her, at least 100 people should rape.” They found me under stair case and took me out to the road. There I saw Fr. Chellan was kneeling down and the crowd was beating him. They were searching for a rope to tie both of us together to burn in fire. Someone suggested to make a us parade naked. They made us to walk on the road till Nuagaon market, which was half a kilometer from there. They made to fold our hands and walk. I was with petticoat and saree as they had already torn away my blouse and undergarments. They tried to strip even there and I resisted and they went on beating me with hands on my cheeks and head, and with sticks on my back several times.

When we reached market place, about a dozen of OSAP police men were there. I went to them asking to protect me and I sat in between two policemen. They did not move. One from the crowd again pulled out from there there and they wanted to take us in their temple mandap. The crowd led me and Fr. Chellan to the Nuagaon block building, saying that they will hand us over to B.D.O. From there along with the block officer, the mob took us to police outpost Nuagaon, other policemen remained far.

The mob said that they will comeback after and one of them who attacked me remained back in the police outpost. Policemen then came to police outpost. They were talking very friendly with the man who had attacked me and stayed back. In police outpost we remained until the inspector incharge of Balliguda with his police team came and took us to Balliguda. They were afraid to us straight to the police station and they kept us sometimes in jeep in garage, from there they brought us to the station. The inspector incharge and other two government officers took privately and asked whatever happened to me. I narrated everything in detail to the police, how I was attacked, raped, taken away from policement paraded half naked and how the plicemen did not help me when I asked for help while weeping bitterly. I saw the inspector writing down. The inspector asked me “Are you interesting in filing FIR? Do you know what will be the consequence?” At about 10 PM, I was taken for medical check up accompanied by a lady police officer to Balliguda hospital” They were afraid to keep us in police station, saying the mob may attack police station. So the police took us to I. B. (Inspection Bungalow) where CRPF men were camping.

On 26th around 9 AM we were taken to Balliguda police station. When I was writing the FIR, the I/C asked me to hurry up and not to write in detail. When I started writing about the police, I/C told me this is not the way to write FIR. “Make it short.” So I rewrote it for the third time in one and half page. I filed the FIR, but I was not given a copy of it.

At around 4 PM the Inspector In charge of Balliguda police station along with some government officers put us in the OSRTC bus to Bhubaneswar along with other stranded passengers. Police were there till Rangamati, where all passengers had their supper. After that I did not see the police. We got down near Nayagarh and traveled in a private vehicle and reached Bhubaneswar around 2 AM on 27th August.

State police failed to stop the crimes, failed to protect me from the attackers, they were friendly with attackers, they tried their best that I did not register a FIR, not make complaints against police, police did not take down my statement as I narrated in detail and they abandon me half of the way. I was raped and now I don’t want to be victimized by the Orissa Police. I want CBO enquiry. God bless India, God bless you all.

Sr. Meena

The All India Christian Council (, birthed in 1998, exists to protect and serve the Christian community, minorities, and the oppressed castes. The aicc is a coalition of thousands of Indian denominations, organizations, and lay leaders.

Released by

Madhu Chandra
Regional Secretary
All India Christian Council

ZRA in thagum a sum ngen mi 2 man, Innluahte vaulau in thagum in sum laksak

Lamka, Oct 23: Zomi Revolutionary Army thusuak kingah dan in, tuni nitaklam dak 3 in Zouveng, Lamka ah thagum a sum ngen mi 2 mankhia uh hi’n gen uhi. ZRA thusuak dan in, mat a om mi 2 te ahihleh, Jamminlien (14) s/o Hemkhokhai of Tuibuong leh Jangminlal (21) s/o Jangthang of Changpikot hidan in gen uhi.

Lamka, Oct 23: Zan (Oct. 22, 2008) nitak dak 8 vel in migilou pawl khat in Zouveng lutna bul a innsawng khat va luh ua, nitak zankim dak 12 leh zinglam dak 1 kikal in khat vei va luh nawn in, sum leh van tuamtuam tamtak pawkhia uhi.

Muanhuaitak apan thusuak kingah dan in, Mr Sangboi s/o Zamniang of Zoveng, Meitei leikai makaih in meltheihlouh pawlkhat zan nitak dak 8 vel in Teddim Road, Zouveng lutna bul a building om khat ah va lut uh a, inn kuan bangzah hiam inn luah a omte va vau in ZRA min zang uh hi’n kigen hi.

Tuate mah zankim dak 12-1 am kikal in va tua building mah ah va lut nawn in inn kuan bangzah hiam om te kiang ah Mobile 7 leh Rs.5,565 thagum in laksak uh hi’n thusuak kingah hi. Thiltung tawh kisai Zomi Revolutionary Army Lamka Town Commander in suizui ngal a, huchi kawmkal ah ring leader Sangboi leng ki hemmang ngal in, a van suhsak teng uh a sungkuante kiang ah pekhia in amau leng ZRA te khut ah pekhe sawn uh hi’n kigen hi. Sangboi makaih a gang pawl khat in thagum a mi tuamtuam apan a suhsakte uh ahihleh, NGO (Progressive People's Organisation) CSW project a sem numei kipawl khawm mi 7 apan Mobile handset Nokia 1100 leh 2600 khat tuak, Samsung Mobile khat leh Rs.3,000, Niangboi apan Samsung Mobile handset khat, Narayan Bihari apan Mobile Nokia 1100 khat leh Sony Mobile khat ban ah Rs.1835; Nienghoinieng apan Rs.470; Kausha Bihari apan Rs.120 leh Ajay Bihari apan Rs.140 leh Mobile handset Nokia 1100 khat hi’n kigen hi.

Hiai thiltung tawh kisai ZRA in ngai khawk mahmah ua, amau sulnung hilou ahihdan ZRA Town Commander Romeo apan kiza a, ZRA te min zanga kuate hiam gamtang hi’n gen hi. Tunung sawtlou a thagum a sum leh Mobile laksat tu gang pawl khat te matkhiak hiding chi’n ZRA Town Commander in gen hi.


India's space journey started from a village church

T’PURAM: Far from the research stations and labs, India's space programme began at a church in what was once a tiny fishing village called Thumba, not far from Thiruvanathanapuram airport in Kerala.

In 1962, when the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) was established, father of India's nuclear programme Homi Bhabha, along with Vikram Sarabhai, evaluated a number of sites in Kerala to establish a rocket station. Finally, they zeroed in on Thumba.

But there was a hitch. Fisherfolk of the village, emotionally attached to the place, particularly the St Mary Magadelene's Church had to be convinced to give up the place. The task fell on a former bishop of Thiruvananthapuram. During a Sunday congregation, he spoke to the villagers about the advantages of a space programme. He then asked if they had any objections if the village was handed over to the space department. The villagers paused only a while, and chorused, "Amen", indicating that they were ready to give up their village.

Space experts later commented that that it was an auspicious beginning for India's space missions. The project was initiated with the blessings of the villagers who were resettled. The small place of worship became the mainstay for the team of rocket scientists, including A P J Abdul Kalam. The first drawings of some of the earliest rockets were made in this church, now a space museum.

The conditions were anything but comfortable. Scientists travelled daily from Thiruvananthapuram in rickety buses, carrying lunch bought at the railway station.

Thumba was soon turned into the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station. The first sounding rocket, Nike Apache supplied by NASA, was launched in November 1963. After this, many sounding rockets, which study the atmosphere, lifted off from Thumba including those from the US, Russia, Japan, France and Germany.

Many rocket parts were carried by the scientists on bicycles from one place to another within Thumba. Even today, sounding rockets take off every week — only it is now a modern station.

Encouraged by the success of the sounding rocket programme, Sarabhai told his team that India had to develop its own satellite launch capability. For this, Sriharikota in AP was taken over by the space department from the Yanadi tribals. This too received the support and cooperation of the locals.

India hasn't quite gone cycling to the moon, but scientists and villagers will all remember the church where the space expedition began in right earnest.

Celebrating one year of connecting the Zo people

ZOLENGTHE is completing one glorious year of
Connecting the Zo people
October 27, 2008.
A grant ceremony will he held at Delhi.

Sovereignty on IM-GoI peace talk menu

Newmai News Network

Kohima, Oct 23: The next round of Indo-Naga peace talks between the Government of India and Isak-Muivah faction of National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) to be held within this month at The Hague in Netherlands, will include the vexed and much argued issue- “Sovereignty of Nagalim”.

A report published in a Nagaland based newspaper today quoting NSCN sources from The Hague, said that either party will talk about the points on agenda as Naga talks are unconditional unlike the Bodos of Assam and the Government of India and that the Centre cannot dictate the talks with its agenda.

“Nagas have put down their points for a solution a long time ago and sovereignty is one of those even when two Constitutions overlap a new kind of federation is formed between two independent countries but with some intricate connection and overlap”, the newspaper reported.

The Centre and the NSCN are currently studying the Constitution of India to accommodate the demands of Naga people, the report added.

The Naga outfit has already put forth their demand for federal relationship with the Centre.

Next round of talks would be attended by NSCN chairman Isak Chishi Swu and the outfit’s general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah who will be assisted by their emissary V S Atem and other senior functionaries of the NSCN.

The Government of India would be represented by Oscar Fernandes, Union minister of state, Prime Minister’s interlocutor K. Padmanabhaiah and assisted by officials from Union Home Ministry, top security officials and intelligence agencies.

Nearly 60 rounds of talks had been held between the Centre and the NSCN but nothing concrete solution could be hammered out even after 10 years of ceasefire. After the talks reached a stalemate NSCN wanted the truce to be extended indefinitely subject to progress in the talks since July 31 last year.

MUTSU submits memo to Guv

IMPHAL, Oct 23: Submitting a memorandum on the issue of ST reservation qu-ota in the Manipur Univer- sity, Manipur University Tribal Students’ Union (MUTSU) has sought the intervention of Governor Gurbachan Jagat in resolving the issue.

The demands of the students’ body highlighted in the memorandum signed by its president Sonthang Haokip include cancellation of the interview held on October 6, 7 and 13, to restrict further recruitment of any type until an amicable solution is brought about on the issue of reservations of seats for ST in MU, rescheduling of examination, class test and other departmental activities while the tribal students vacated the campus, suspension of Kakwa Police Station’s officer in-charge, security deployment inside the campus until the situation returns to normalcy, removal Vice Chancellor and Registrar of the University, amendment of Manipur University Act, 2005 and to incorporate a special provision to ensure 34.2 percent reservation of seats for STs at all levels. i.e. for the teaching and non-teaching staff in Manipur University as per the existing reservation pattern of the Government of Manipur, special recruitment drive for STs for proportion representation in the teaching as well as non-teaching in Manipur University and to set up a separate university only for the tribals if these demands were not to be considered by the State Government.

The Sangai Express

Thursday, October 23, 2008


- Rev. Hangpi Manlun B.A., B.D., M.Th,

1. Pulahna : Awle, i theichiet bang un apeisa dated August, 23, 2008 zaan in Swami Lakhsmananda Saraswati, Hindu Siempu minthang tah leh alawmte mili; Kishor Pradhan, Amruta Nanda, Puranjan leh Makata Moirte khu Lord Krishna (Janmashtani) Pienni lawmding in Jalespata Ashram (Monastery) ah apei uhi. Tammun a akithoi lai koichi kitheilou mi gilou 20 velte’n akaplum uhi. (Tam Swami Laksmananda khu kumlui Khristmas lai a Orissa buaina a alamkaitu khat ahi) Tam siltung khu Orissa Khristiante adia thuohna huaisietah atuohna uh ang hita hi. Adih e dihlou kitheichien sih leh zong Local TVte khun tam tualthana mun ah khun lekha nuasiet ahi a, tua lai ah khun ningkum Khristmas lai a Khristiante tunga thuohna tung phuba lahna ahi chi akigel achi uhi.

Tam siltung jieh in buaina khu mei kuang bang in ang kipanta a, phelmit zoulou khopin athupita hi. Phulbani (Kandhamal District) Head-quater ah khun Khristian inn 25 haltum ahi ngal hi. Tuanah RC Biehinn leh Baptist Bieh innte zong asusie ngal uhi. Tamte khu Policete mulai ngei a abawl uh ahi. Tuachiin, VHP lamkaite khun August 25 in Rourkela- ah meeting poimaw tah anei ngal ua, phuba lah ding dan angaituota uhi. Amauhte khun, “Nang hing sugentheitu leh thuahsahtute khu i gam ua pat apawtmang ding uhi” achi uhi. Tam khun “Operation Trishul” chi min apuasah uhi. Buaina in huaisiet lam naw deudeu in Orissa gam pumpi khu zelsuohta hi.

2. Tam Hindu Siempute khu Khristiante tha ahithei mawh diei???..

Mizoram weekly Magazine minthang tah Lelte Magazine October 3-9, 2008 issue in agen dan in tam Siempute thattu khu Khristiante hilou in, Moist te ahi uh achi hi. Tualeh amauhte zong akipuang uh achi hi. Apeisa dated 5, October, 2008 in VHP Leader Laxmananda thattu amauh ahidan Moist leader khat in agen hi. Tuaban ah Communist Party of India-Moist (CPI-Moist) Orissa unit Leader Sabyasachi Panda in TV channel khat ahilna ah, Kandhamal district a Swami Laxmananda leh alawm lite mauh tha achi chin apuang hi. Namkal buaina tuntute atawpsan sih uleh bang zat ahia khat tha be hilai ding chi uhi. CPI - Moist Orissa State Committee Secretary Panda in athana jieh uh agenna ah “Tribal mi hilou sumsui mi bang zat ahiei toh pangkhawma Laxmananda in Bajrang Dal aphung vuh ban ah, Khristiante tung a ngawna dihloutah abawl zieh a tha a um ahidan agen hi”. Tuaban ah amautha ahithu laithot koima le uh State Government in immang chin ngaw nalai hi. Tuabanah atha ttute zong date 6, October, 2008 in Kandhamal District ah Moist helte zong amat in um uhi. Tuabang kal ah VHP President Ashok Singha in agenna ah, Orissa Khristiante soisah toujel ding ahi dan Ayodhya gen nalai hi. Ajieh ahileh, VHP Bajrang Dal, RSS, chite’n Laxmananda Jesu bang angai uh ahi. (Source the Lamka Post, 8,Oct. 2008) Ahi’n Hindute’n amauhte tung ah nasemlou in Zou thupil in “Simlam zong neh Mallam ngau in asong” achi bang deu un, mi dang gamtatna khu khotheilou Khristiante tung ah atun law hi.

Tualeh tam siltung toh kisai ah Khristiante ahilou na ding jieh ahileh kum 1990 a Australia Missionary Dr. Graham Stain leh atate ni khu Hindu Extremist te’n ahing tang pi’n agari uh (moto) toh ahaltum uhi. Tuahun lai in Orissa Khristiante’n Bhubaneshawar/Cuttack alemna aum-theina ding in lampi azui uhi. Tuami apat in agamtatna uh gending aum sih hi. Tualeh Khristiante thugin leh zilsahna ah khun melmate tunga phuba lah ding leh huatna leh mudana chite aum kha sih hi.


Lamdang tah mai in Orissa aum Khristiante a ding in “Ni 23” khu vangsietni leh ni hoilou achithei tahi. I theisa bang un kum 1999, January 23 in Orissa ah Australia Baptist Missionary Dr. Graham Staine leh atate gel Philip (9) leh Timothy (7) te khu Jungle Camp (tam muna afestival khat uh genna) a Khristiante Fellowship neipi ding leh akul bangbang a zilsahna pe ding a kuon, January 23, khuovah masang in amoto uh (Station wagon) sung a tuitah leh nuomtah a imu lai Dara Singh leh alawmte’n ahingtangpi in ahallumta uhi. Tam sil tung chizat um khu vannuai ah athangsuah ngal hi.

Tualeh, tutung a sil huaise tah adieh a Khristiante thuahna ni zong khu August 23, ma ahi kia valong hi. Tuaban ah July 23 ma in Bajrang Dal leh Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) te khun Kantapala khua, Jaipur District a Khristiante khu nasa tah in asoisa ua, Hindu ah bangjat ahiai khat akinualesah uhi.


Awle, Orissa State ah khun buaina leh hamsatna khu Khristiante adin siltha ahi sih hi. Orissa State khu India gam State lah a zong azong leh changkang lou pawl ahi. Agam mi 66% te khu Below Poverty Line aum ahi uhi. Ahin, Sahkhuo lam ah khun akulmut un ahausa mama uhi. Tualeh mipite zong khu apualam ah kamsiem leh hoi bang a akilah lai in, shakhuo lam ah agilou un humpi nelkai bang in ahangsan uhi.

Thamlou in, 1967 apat in Orissa State ah India gam sakhuo zalenna botsia in, Khristiante a dia na nawh mama, “Anti-Conversion Law” (Sakhuo dang a luttheilou dan) aneita uhi. Tuami dan khu Madhya Pradesh leh Arunachal Pradesh ah zong zah in ang umtou peh hi. Tuajieh in, India state a dia Khristiante doudal leh huot pen gam chi lei ichi khiel sih ding hi. Tuaban ah, agam uah Hindu pilkhel leh gilou (safron) mi 50 sang a tamzaw aum uhi.

Tualeh Hindu kulmutte singtang gam a Khristiante khuo lah a pei koikoi in, “Hindu ah na kinuale sih leh na khuo uah na teng thei sih ding ua, kang that sieng ding uh” chite in avau zing uhi. Tuachiin, Badrikai a Dalit Khristiante hattuam inn kuon 6 te zong Viswsa Hindu Parishad (VHP) te galgihna zau in, Hindu in akinuale uhi.

Tualeh, ning kum Khrismas kuon in Orissa ma ah buaina huaisie tah Khristiante’n atuoh uhi. Tua buaina ah khun Bieh inn 95 hal tum ahia tualeh inn zong 730 haltum ahia, mi luang kua (9) in ahinna atanlaw uhi. Tua ashite lah ah Pastor ni (2) apanga, mi 2000 valte’n vuahna huaisie tah atuoh uhi. Niing kum Orissa gama siltung khu India gam History ah khun Khristiante thuohna huaisie pen a ching hi. Tuajieh in, “BLACK CHRISTMAS 2007” chi’n amin apuasah uhi! Tam sanga huaisie zaw tu in atung kiata hi.


Tutung buaina toh kizop deu in singtang khuo khat, Kalahandi a Khristian inn kuon khat a um hi. Hindu giloute khun alu atan sah ua, apasian uh suhkipahna/biehna in asisan in akithoita lawm uhi. Bang pasian ata lawm diei le?


Tutung a Orissa a Khristiante bawlgenthei leh soisah aumthu khu India gammai hilou in, khovel mun chin a thonsuah hi. Tualeh Khristian website khun siltungte atahlang zing a, tuabah ah All India Khristian Council website ah Orissa asil tung mun zousie aluo suoh hi.

Tualeh Khristiante Martar dan ahileh akhente temta toh atuntun a tuntante, heipi toh satlupte, a inn uh toh haltum khawmte, bieh inn toh hallup khawmte, akhut akeng tansahte, mi gilou vuah a vuahlupte, ahi uhi. Ahing sun a dieh in unau Catholic Sister bangzat ahiai khat zong suom (rape) in aum uhi. Aw, chizat huai hina lawmlawm e maw?...

Tualeh tamna Jesu a dia Martar thuoh gingtute atam zawte khu ginna lam a naupang tahtahte - akhente khu kalkhat a upa gingtute, ha khat hani higiapte leh kumkhat zong ginna hui haloute bang ahi uhi. Aw eite kum sawmnga Khristian hisate leh Centenary lawm ding a kisate bang ihi lai in Jesu a din bang zatvei ithuohta uai le? Alawman uh thupi nava maw?

Tualeh ashiloute’n zong aumna khuote uh nuasie in bitna leh muonna sui in ainn aloute uh aganta, kel, bawng leh anei alamte uh nuasie in atai zah uhi. Tuate khu Hindute khun akitan zieuzuau nalai uhi. Eite’n Khristian ihi jieh in bangzat itanta uai le?


Awle, ashi amang za lien thei sih lei zong mi 50 vel achingta hi. Ahin, amun aumte gintat dan in mi 400 val ngei ding in agingta uhi. Ajieh ahileh Kandhamal District ngel ah khun agam pumpi mishi ui in apumdim a, gam lah a umte zong umtheilou in Relief Camp ah alut zungzung uhi.

Tualeh inn 4000 (sangli) valte suhsiet leh haltum ahiban ah, bieh inn 600 valte khu haltum ahi hi. Tualeh gam lah a tai zah leh kibu innkuon 10000 val hiding in Internet leh website khenkhatte’n agen hi. Tualeh Relief Camp ah mi singnga (5) vel um ding a zong gintat ahi.

Tualeh Solkal in Relief Camp mun 10 ah asiem a, ahin tua munte nangawn zong amauh a din bitna ahituom sih hi. Khenkhat in atui dawn dingte uah “Gu” (poison) akoidapsah chite zong aum nalai hi. Tuaban ah Relief Camp a um Nupi gaai tamtah in nau a nei ua, tuanah Doctor leh Nursete a umlou jieh leh avazot ngamlou jieh un naupang pieng 19 lah a 10 bang alamjui in a shita uhi. Tuaban ah a pieng sunsunte zong piendan pangai leh kep mumallou ahi jieh un a genthei mama uhi. Ajieh ahileh buoina leh dipkuotna nuoi a pieng ahijieh un. Tualeh tam buaina ah khu agam solkal zong kigawl hiding agingta pawl zong aum hi. Tuajieh in Central Solkal in “Special Force” amauhte vengbittu ding in asawl lawta hi.

Tualeh Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) Correspondence Rev. Hrudaya report in September 28 a Orissa Khristian puitu 80te leh Mr. Tara Dutta Sharma (Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Caste Commissioner) kung a Phulbanie Kandhamal (Orissa) leh mun tuomtuom a bawlsietna thuohte a report dan in tam bang ahi:

Anti-Khristian Violence (24 Aug. to Sept. 2008)


1. District hit-14
2. Villages destroyed-300
3. Houses burnt-4,300
4. Homeless-50,000
5. People murdered-57
6. Fathers, Pastors/Nuns Injured-10
7. Women gang-rape-2
8. Men, women, children injured-8,000
9. Schools/Colleges destroyed-13


1. Districts-4
2. Churches attacked-19
3. Nuns/women injured-20


1. Churches damaged-4

Madhya Pradesh:

1. Churches damaged-4


1. Churches destroyed-1
2. Attempts made-4

Tamil Nadu: Churches attacked-1

Uttra Khand:

1. Murdered-aged priest and employee-2

Tuaban ah Rev. R. Lalrinsanga, Secretary MKHC in report apieh dan in tam anuoi a bang ahi kia hi:

1. Bawlsietna tunna District-14
2. Bawlsietna thuoh khuo-300
3. Bawlsietna thuoh lel mihing zat-50,000
4. Gamlah a kibu mang-40,000
5. Refugee Camp a um-12,000
6. Private Camp-Home a um zat-1000
7. Ashi kithei zat-45
8. Liemna thuoh zat-18,000
9. Khristian tenna inn suhsiet zat-5,000
10. Biehinn hal leh suhsiet zat-400
11. School leh College suhsiet zat-11

(Source: Khristian Outlook, October 2008)


Akineina munte zousie gen sih lei zong akul-le-poimaw deua ingaite igen ding uhi.

i. Mizoram ah :

Apeisa dated 29, September, 2008 in Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC) lamkaina toh Aizawl khopi ah lam zuina mipi 25,000 valte lamzuina nei uhi. Lampi zui sung in Government Officete, Sekul leh dukan zousie khah in aum hi. Thumna zong thum vei tah nei uhi.

Tua hunsung in Mission Foundation Movement nuai a Missionary Trainee ten la ngaitah “Martarte sisan in hing han” chi asah lai un mipite lungsim phong in chou mama hi. Thamlou in, lampi zui sung a alasahte “kidouna khu Mangpa ahi” “Gualzawn akhu Mangpa ahi” “Martarte hunkhietu i Mangpa khu phat in umta hen” “India gam ah Khrist Mangpen ta hen” leh “Orissa ah Khrist khu Mangpen tahen’ chite tui tah in asa zungzung uhi.

Tuaban ah Aizawl khopi ban ah Saiha khopi ah zong lampi zuina um a, Saiha khangthu adia lampi zuina lah lah a mipi tamna pen ahi achi uhi.

ii. Lampi zui sunga thu kigen chiemte tahte:

Pu Zoramthanga, Chief Minister in, “Orissa leh mun dangdang a Khristiante tung a bawlsietna atun kia nawnlou na ding leh tam siltung sutawp ding in Prime Minister leh Union Home Ministerte laithot leh telephone a, ahoupi thu agen hi. Tualeh lampi azuina uh leh athum nate uh athot lou ding dan leh tamte zieh a Khristian loute zong Khristian ahing suoh ngei ding uh” agintat thu agen hi.

iii. Upa Dr. PC Biaksiama in “Orissa Khristiante thuohna huaisietah khu Mizoram mipite’n ithuohpi thute, milim pasian betute adia ithum ding uh khu ibawl lawmmawng uh ahi” achi hi.

iv. Orissa gam aum Rev. L.R. Colney in “Tutung Orissa a Khristiante tung asiltung khu tu kum zabi sunga Khristiante thuohna huaisie pen ahi ding hi. Tualeh tutung a mimal inn kisusie khu 6000 val leh Bieh inn 400 val asiet ban a mi shi luong 50 val kichi zong atahtah in 400 val ahi ngei ding” agintat thu agen hi.


“Tuni in Orissa State adia thumna leh thuohpina lampi zuitute khun Orissa, Karnataka leh India gam mun tuomtuom a ginna a ka unaute un Khrist min jieh a thuoh na leh bawlsietna huaisietsah athuoh uh khu ka thuohpi tahzet uhi. Ka lungsim uh ana a, kapkawm in kang thumsah uhi. Tam siltung khu kum sangni vel peita in India ah Khristianna ahinglut a, ahing lut apat tuni dong in tambang lawmlawm a Khristiante bawlsietna leh thuohna India ah atung ngai nai sih hi. Khrist adia shitan a thuohtute zousie kang ngaisana ua, kang kiletsahpi mama uhi. Martar hangsante thuohna leh sisan luong khel a Pasian gam kehletna ding a chi hoi a um sih hi. Tam bang a na thuohnate uh khu kou Mizo Khristian hagau lam a ihmute hing kaihaltu leh chouna thupi tah i Mangpa Pasian in hing hisahta hen.

Tualeh asugentheite leh bawlsiatute ka muda un ka hua sih ua, theilou a silbawl khiel uh Pasian ngaidamna ka ngetsah ua, zong ka gualzawl uhi. Hundamtu Jesu Khrist khu Pasian dihtah, Pa kung tunna lampi umsun ahidan ang thei ua, khut akibawl tom milim pasian zousie tunga i Mangpa Jesu khu bangkim bawlthei, Pasian tungnung pen ahi dan athei ua, agintat theina ding un India gam pumpi khu lungsietna in Khrist a ding in ka kham uh” chin Resolution thupitah zong ala uhi.


Apeisa dated 27, September, 2008 ni’in Churachandpur Christian Goodwill Council (CDCGC) te vaisaina in India gam mun tuamtuam leh adieh in Orissa a Khristainte bawlsietna leh soisahna atuoh nate thuohpina leh mawpaina in lampi zuina ki nei hi.

Tammi lampi zuina ah mipi 10000 (singkhat) val dingte kisutua in, zingsang dah 6:45 am in Lamka Public ground ah ki ngahkhawm in dah 7:00 in Tipaimukh road zui in Police Station lamzui in kipei suh hi. Tuachiin DC Bungalaw ah DC kung ah India President Pratibha Patel a ding Memorandum pia uhi. Tualeh tam Rally nei sung in Lamka khopi sung dukan zousie kikhah in lawching mama hi.

Thamlou in Shillong khopi, Imphal leh India gam mun tuomtuom ah zong thuahpina leh mawpaina suhlatna lampi zui na um hi.


Tam bang a agam sunga Hinduten Khristiante abawlsiet leh asoisah zing lai un Orissa State in ngaisah zoulou abang hi. Orissa Arch Bishop Raphael Chiennath in Orissa State Government gitnatlou jieh a Khristiante tung ah t ambang gentheina leh bawlsietna tung ahi achi hi. Aman a genbelapna ah CBI in asuikhiet akul leh poimaw ahi thu zong a tahlang hi. Thamlou in Khristianten State Government ah muonna nei na wnlou ahi uh chiin a gen belap hi. Ajieh ahileh Policete’n buaina zieh a Hindu volunteer mi 371 amatte uh zong Case thupi seng panlou in hakhie zelzel uhi. Thamlou in, buaina in masawn zelzel ding zauna jieh a, Police Station mun 9 huopsung a curfew kikoite zong suun chieng in alakhie zelzel ua, tuakhun Khristiante patau sah mama hi.


Tam bang a Orissa State Government agam sunga buaina thu angaisah lou jieh in Union Home Minister in Orissa State Government kung ah laihah in Government ding lel phuathei ahita chitanpha in avau hi. Tuaban ah, Home Minister Shivraj Patel in zong, Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik kung ah Prime Minister Manmohan Singh pang in Union Cabinet in Orissa siltung mawpai mama uh ahithu theisah hi. Minority bang zat in shi be leh china hi uai? chin dohna zong nei hi.

Pu Lalu Prasad RJD Chief in Orissa Chief Minister kitop ding in adeithu tahlang in, akitop ut sih leh adan toh kituoh a President Rule koi hun mamata ahidan hangsan tah in agen hi. Tualeh Paswan leh Lalu Prasad in Bajrang Dal leh VHP pawl gamtatna jieh a Orissa ah shiluong tamtah kikham a, Khristiante zong teng ngam nawnlou a gamlah a aum jieh uh khu State Government in a ngaisahlou jieh ahi achi uhi. Tuajieh in Bajrang leh VHP te khu dan puo a a um uh a hunta achi uhi. Tuami a um theina diing in kei leh Minister khenkhat in theitawp in pan ka la uh chi in Pu Lalu Prasad in agen hi.

Tuaban ah Labour Minister Oscard Fernanda in zong Orissa State ah President Rule koi hun a sahthu agen hi. Thamlou in, Home Minister in Orissa Chief Minister Paitnaik kung ah Orissa Goverment in Central Government thu alah lou dan tamtah genkhum hi.

Tuabah ah Mizoram Lokshaba MP Pu Vanlalzawma leh Pu H.T. Sangliana, MP Karnataka ten zong Solkal thuneite kung ah ngetna siem in tam sil gilou bawltu zousie mat a akithuopi bang gawtna pieh a, Khristiante venbitna pieh ding leh thagum sua na topsan ding in ngetna bawl uhi.
Tambang a Orissa buoina mi khenkhatten pona a theitawp a pan alah lai un India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Bajrang Dal-te ban khum diing ahileh zong Centre in “A chetna” kiningching deu anei phot poimaw ahi dan gen zieuzuoi nalai hi. Thamlou in Law Minister H. R. Bhardway in Bajrang Dal-te tung a ngawna buching a um masang a “Ban” puonkhum mawh theilou ahidan agen belap hi. Tualeh Karnataka Home Minister V.S.Acharya in Bajrang Dal-te gamtatna jieh a Ashi leh liem Karnataka ah a umlou thu a gen hi. Tuaban ah BJP Prime Minister Canditate L.K.Advani in a genna ah, Centre Government in Orissa State bou a mawsah a ahileh bang diing a Assam a zong President Rule koi diing lampi gellou uh e chi in gum vevaw hi.


A peisa dated September 30, 2008 a Marsella mun a India-EU submit um ah India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh khu European Union lamkaiten vauna nei uhi. Na gam sung ah Khristiante veng bit in chiin theisahna leh vauna abawl ua, bang diing a Government in tuni dong a Khristiante hinna humbit diing a pan lalou ahiei chi in zong dohna abawlkhum uhi. Tualeh Chriatian bangjat in shi be lai diing uh e chi lunghimaw huoi mama chi in European Union Lamkaiten Prime Minister kung ah gen be khum uhi.
Europen Commission a President Jose Manuel Barrosa in “India khel a Khristiante simma wna leh nuoisiena gam khovel ah umlou ahidan gen in August 13, apat buoina tutan suhveng zoulou a umpen Government in Bajrang Dal leh VHP Pawl a gupna uh e?” chi tanpha in ngawna nei a, tua khun India Prime Minister zums ah mama hi. Thamlou in French President Nicholas Sarkozy in a g enna ah, French khopi Parish ah Sikhte thum (3) tha in a um ngai a, hinanleh dahkal 6 sung in lemna leh muonna tunding ahi ngal thu agenkhum nalai hi. Ahin, India Prime Minister in ahileh Karnataka Government ban ah Union Home Ministry toh nasatah a pan alah thu a gen hi. Tualeh US leh gamdang tamtah in zong India gam a Khristiante suhgenthei a a um thu leh a puohnat thu uh a gen uhi.

Awle, tutung a Khristiante kibawlna mun Orissa State mai ban ah mundang tuomtuom Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh leh Kerela te zong akangtou peh hi.

Tualeh kum 1999, January 23 a Dr. Graha Stain te pata mulkim huai tah tha aum zou in, akumtawp November 28-30, 1999 in Orissa State khu Cyclon huaisie tah in anuai chimit a, hinna tamtah atan law uhi. Tu in zong Khristiante kibawl gen thei na munte ah Guapi nasatah azu in luite let in mipiten hamsatna tuoh uhi. Tu in bang ang tuoh tou zel ding uai chi khu mipilvangte lunghimawna ahi hi. Abang teng hizong leh ei gingtute khun i unau bawlsietna thuohte thumpi zing in abawlsiete’n zong Mangpa Jesu ang muna ding in ithumpi zing ding uhi.

Sources :

1. Manipur Express 28, Sept. & 4th October.
2. Christian Outlook, Sept.and October issues 2008
3. Lelte Magazine 3-10, Oct. 2008
4. Mizoram Today 29, Sept. - 4th Oct. 2008
5. Chhinlung Digest Sept. 2008
6. The Lamka Post 8, October 2008

Miss ZSP Golden Jubilee interview na

Na etthei sih leh tam nah en in MISS ZSP

Manipur State Cabinet takes stand to uproot terrorism

IMPHAL, Oct 22: An emergency Cabinet meeting which was convened this evening chaired by chief minister O Ibobi Singh at his official bungalow strongly condemned yesterday evening’s bomb blast near the gate of Ragailong in Imphal which resulted in the killing of 16 persons and injuries to 27 others. The Cabinet while sharing the sorrow of the bereaved families decided to provide ex-gratia of Rs. 1 lakh to the families of the dead and Rs. 50,000 each to the injured persons as sanctioned by the Prime Minister of India today.

According to a release from the secretary of state Cabinet, the meeting also decided to distribute the ex-gratia amounts in the nearest future.

The release further mentioned that the Cabinet meeting observed that setting a bomb trap which killed and injured several innocent peolple was an act of terrorists. The Cabinet further appealed to the public to stay away from such terrorist groups and make efforts jointly to eliminate such groups. The state government has taken a firm stand to uproot such terrorist groups from the state, the statement added.

The release further observed that the recent charge levelled against the state chief minister by the underground PREPAK was toatlly baseless and was related to the failure of outfit to foil any development activities taken up by the state government. The Cabinet meeting observed the threat perception and warnings given by the outfit which were creating apprehension in the minds of the public calling it highly condemnable.

The government is ready to fight any type of hindrance from the anti-social and anti-national activities on the development activities in the state, the release added.

In the meantime, according to a source which quoted a senior Cabinet minister, the state Cabinet in its meeting held this evening approved the state holiday list for the coming year 2009 along with approving the appointment of retired director of economics and statistics department, O Biren as OSD for six months on contract basis for conducting survey for the successful implementation of the Jawarharlal Nahru Urban Renewable Mission, JNURM in the state, and extention of six months services of L Kullachandra, under secretary Cabinet and DP.

Later, the Cabinet meeting briefly discussed the existing law and order situation in the state and advised the state DGP to tighten up security measures to prevent any unwanted incidents, mainly in the greater Imphal area.

The Imphal Free Press

Tipaimukh Dam — Loss of culture or revival of culture?

- RS Jassal

I wish to use the valued column of your daily paper to ventilate concern ever progress of Tipaimukh issue concisely as well as precisely. Since I have already written four detailed articles on this issue, attended four to five seminars/discussions in the last five to six years at Imphal, Public awareness programme at Nungba & visiting the Dam site, I feel it my duty as a senior citizen to pen down the few facts for public information.

(a) Back Flash:-

Tipaimukh lies neglected since centuries. Hills around have been denuded of forest cover slowly and steadily. Barak river water ways have been used for clandestine transportation of timber, bamboo & horticulture products mercilessly but honourably & fixed sincerity of denying revenue to the State. Road Man Bahadur–Parbung- Tipaimukh rendered beyond use by interfering with lawful agencies to carry out maintenance and repair works. Petrol pumps at the interior along road are lying dry and deserted. I visited the area(s) during Aug 2006. I had to enter Tipaimukh via Sawkardei-Aizwal–Verangte-Silchar road which speaks volumes of our stately concern of manning our inter State border. Bridge at Tipaimukh river was in dilapidated condition and Army Engineers ex Leimakhong were constructing bridge and putting up buildings (PFH) for storage purposes to maintain Army/Assam Rifle units which were hurriedly moved into Parbung Sector (till then Police sector) to get areas cleared of UG occupation and the IEDs in area TSD subsequent to furore created in the Parliament by H’ble MP, Mr HT Sangliana. Some villagers were seen carrying ginger with baskets to cross over water to go to Sawkardei sub division in Mizoram (Hmar populated).

A query raised by me was replied interpretted that some UG organisation(s) were charging Rs 10 per basket as tax. Ferry charged Rs 5 per head and basket used to be sold at around Rs 50 – Rs 60. Petrol used to cost Rs 15 extra per litre being brought from Aizawl to be sold at Sikibung side to run odd WILLY jeeps & IInd World War vintage Tata’s running on the road Tipaimukh to Langthulien, Parbung. Police was five constables body at Parbung with no CP at Tipaimukh to regulate inter State Policing activity which is the fundamental duty of Administration. Road Sawkerdai to Tipaimukh bridge side was found left untarmacced even ungravelled (about 2 kms short of Tuivai mullah Junc-anticipatory to submerging of areas subsequent to new road alignment after dam wall comes up. Situation though has not improved either other than that Army/Assam Rifles battalion are there now who are providing people of communication and local employment service & attending to their basic needs in health sector and in local contracts/ supplies including services for canteen popularly called CSD. Objections to construction of Dam are pouring in from main Nagaland area, Capital parts of Imphal and lately joined by HPC(D) but at the same time not objected by other HPC factions.

Persons well versed in local and international law wish to try knowledge on our home State only over looking to use their moral pressure and legal expertise on China who are damnedly busy in making our Brahmaputra river dry of water. I am referring to blocking of Brahmaputra’s down stream flow of water within their jurisdiction. I am told it is just 1600 km of zig zag length running through their land co-joined by various streams & rivulets into Brahmaputra just like from Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland & Assam. Opponents to dam are willing to mobilise Bangladesh and UN for Tipaimukh but not CHINA to stop their activity under International Human Law (IHL).

In view of above author raises some queries.

(i) Do we wish to keep area ‘as it was’ and ‘as it is’ for future generations and keep present generation deprived of power and development? Tipaimukh and Doyeng project were conceived on same date. Doyeng with 75 MW power generation capacity has been completed and is serving the people. Area prior to that was full of snakes, jackals dark, now it is lighthouse providing light to Nagaland. Earlier Nagaland used to buy current from Mariani sub station of Assam which has been suspended. And yet one feeder unit of 25MW (out of 75 MW) was lying unutilised till 2 years back.

Never mind people there also are bad payees of electric bills like MAJORITY of us are in Manipur. Since Govt of Nagaland had no money to pay to NEEPCO as their dues NEEPCO was selling that to Assam. Here our student community is suffering badly for lack of regular supply of light. It is inter linked further, as NEEPCO also has to clear the bills of SAILS from whom they purchase fuel to run their plants. Hence comes importance of clearing power consumption bills by every citizen to expect Govt. for continued supply of current.

(ii) Anticipated cost of Tipaimukh multi purpose hydro (electric) project was estimated at Rs 3000 crores to start with. Due to non start for more than six years it raised to revised estimate of Rs 6000 crores two years back.

(iii) I happened to interact with a very senior executive officer of NEEPCO from Shillong on his visit to Imphal recently.

He divulged it has again to be further revised if works are delayed and estimate may go up to Rs 8000 crores. If it will be so, it is going to impact wished advantages to the State & people proportionately.

In view of above the organisations and individuals who are against it must appreciate the real cause of objections which may be monetary transactions between Govt & THE PEOPLE, and not environs clearance or Forest clearance.

To support my point did any organisation ever raise objection to Forest, Environ sector for illegal extraction of timber from Tipaimukh Sub Division (TSD)? Unknown till dam issue came up. Despite the fact that Christianity is holding strength there & in Bible it is told as sin if one does not pay the taxes to Govt as Govt is agreed to be part of GOD & its system.

Have we ever realised why Mizoram Government and their people are not raising any violent objections though their river is also going to be tapped? De facto Tuivai taken as Mizoram origin also emanates from Manipur from close to Parbung known as Tuibum Lui enters Myanmar & turns around & with boost in water of numerous nallahs & rivulet thorough Mizoram merges into Barak. And the power once generated may be providing light to dark areas of Hmar or Zou segments in Myanmar too which will become necessary one day as a resultant. Note, Mizoram is still better of in supplying power to their State and its people and their power cut will be zero once project gets functional. If stores & heavy machineries for Dam/Project are transported ex Silchar-Verangte-Aizwal-Sawkardai axis to Tipaimukh, how much economic boost it will be providing to Mizos is a matter of imagination worth weighing by common sense.

And if same activity undertaken along Jiribam, MB road to Parbung-Tipaimukh how much advantages people in Manipur can accrue is also worth evaluating. It is said Govt gave first priority to lay Foundation Stone only then first ensuring developing the road along which stores were to reach. Remember it was only Army & Assam Rifles who reached there without waiting for communication steadiness & physical comforts. Civil stores can now reach & technicians, engineers will never reach without security. What happened to CRPF security cover of 3 Bns initially on this plan board? How many influential’s big top IFS, IAS, IPS and high counting dignitaries hailing for Tipaimukh sub division come back and would like to settle in their own place?

It is left to be an open ground for anybody and everybody who can add to the misery, sorrows & dark side of human activity. If empowerment to people, enlightenment to the people, better life to the people without making them move out of the State that too not far away but just a few kms that too for odd 2000 persons in total can lead to amelioration of their living would you like to call it as ‘loss of culture’ as professed by some anti dam protagonists.

Author leaves it to the reader’s wisdom, especially inhabitants of that region to decide. As regards loss of identity it is a paradoxical thought. If five persons of different identities are living together each one has to strive hard to guard his identity but where only one distinct group of people (here I mean Hmars) are living since time identifiable by known history, how they are going to lose their identity by moving a few km away that too to re-settle in same ethnic combine. It is wise to leave the problem (surmountable) to the Govt alone. However NGOs must take full measure to ensure compensation to the people so affected may be step by step as per MOU and in a progressive manner.

Money and mode of disbursement of compensation problem will be there since Chiefs, and UG organisations are involved. It will be a BIG EXERCISE indeed. But then the Govt may consider constituting a COMMITTEE of influential’s (three to five) such persons who are sincere and men of integrity to over see the implementation of MoU clauses. Fortunately such persons are available in Manipur.

Imagine this project if divorced from contrarian pulls of various sorts & with controlled communitisation of security & protection it will be not only the first ‘LIGHT HOUSE’ but the first Water City too of Manipur—the biggest ever project in the NE, just second to Bhakra Nangal Hydro Dam of same MW capacity(1500). Delay in execution of the Project is going to affect railway line alignment around Makru River too.

Source: The Sangai Express

Airline agency eyeing Moreh | KSO released

MOREH, Oct 22: A survey team of a private airliner recently visited the border town looking for a suitable site for setting up an airfield to start a mini flight service between Imphal and Moreh and was expressed desire over taking over the vast area of the Eastern Shine School public ground for the purpose.

This was disclosed by ADC Moreh T Hopeson Chothe while speaking at the inauguration of the public ground gallery of the school yesterday.

The gallery has been constructed by Meitei Education Society, Moreh with funding under the Border Area Development Programme, 2007-08. The total estimated cost of the project was Rs 5 lakhs

The ADC further informed the gathering that proposed mini-flight service having the seat capacity of 10 passengers would not only help the businessmen in their movement but also taking patients with emergency cases for treatment at Imphal or other places where there is proper medical facilities. MCM president L Imobi Singh, who attended the function as guest of honour, assured that Mee-tei Council, Moreh (MCM) would extend every possible assistance in development of the only public ground in Moreh as well as in other developmental activities taken up for the people of Moreh. The function was presided over by chairman of Meetei Education Society N Inaocha.


Students released

IMPHAL, Oct 22: After one and a half years, the court case involving 152 Kuki students in New Delhi has finally been disposed off on October 22. According to a press release of Kuki Students’ Organisatin (KSO), General headquarters, the students were put behind the bars (but bailed out later) for carrying out a rally and demonstration against the killing of villagers by landmine planted by UGs and subsequent Government’s apathy.

The students’ body appreciated the support rendered by legal expert Sandeep Shrivastava and Benjamin and other senior Kuki students’ leaders and officers. KSO also lauded the timely intervention of CM O Ibobi.

Expressing surprise to the arrest of the four UKLF cadres in connection with the illegal deportation of urea to Myanmar, KSO also urged the security forces and UG groups to observe strict adherence to the terms of the SoO so as to maintain the hard earned peace process. KSO also urged to settle any incident involving breach of ground rules of the SoO at the table of the Joint Monitoring Group.

Source: The Sangai Express

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ZingDaitui Magazine in Zo lasahsiem Nh. Hatboi Zou a houlimpina

ZingDaitui, October 2008

‘Lel aw, lel aw’ hon awi ngiahngiah a, a la thute ngaihtuah vakvak a kulkei… A aw ging kilawmtakmai ngaihkhiak a nuam petmah hi…

Tulai artist thakte dia etton-tak mahmah Hatboi Zou in album 23 mawngmawng ana bawlkheta a, tuate lak a single album 5-te ngial ‘hit’ kaivek hi. Lasak apatna sawt mahmahta a, a thiltuah leh muhkhiakte ziakin tulel dinmun leh chiklai peuh a eilam lasiamte haksatna theihpih huntawk hi. A veipen leh puaknatpen leng tuate mah ahi. Amah Pa Thangpau leh Nu Niangsuanching’ laigil-gah 6-te laka a thumna hi a, tulel in Zoveng, Zenhang Lamka ah khosa lellel hi.

Album bangzah bawlkheta?

Collection toh 23 bang pha vialvualta!

Single album la? Koipen lohching diak?

Ka single album bawlkhiak himhim 5 hipan mahleh, lohcing vek thou hi. ‘Lel aw, lel aw...’ houh adangte sang mah in a lohchingzaw daihdaih.

Bangziak in e? Copy bangzah mawngmawng..?

Original copy 1,500 vel kibawl ahi a, ka released-ni un zong Rs. 30,000 bang ka muzou hial uh! Himahleh, i thilchin uh; phalna omlou a ana ki-write sak hiau chihte ziakin ahi di zah kizuak zoulou a suak. Duplicate copy bang leng tamtak a om chih ka thei a, poi ka sa petmah hi.

Ahihleh, mi’n huchituk a angaihnop uh bangziak ahia?

A la leh thu pen Zou kulmut thei mahmah. Ka partner-pa asiam mahmah a, numei leh pasal kidawnna chihte deuh ngen ahi. ‘Zo-vakhu kap bang’ chih album toh kibangsim eive…

Na latest album min? Na sak tengteng lak a la na deihpen n’on hilh thei diam?

‘U-nau khat ihi’ chih ahi. Ka la sakte lak ah ka deih atam mahmah a, gam-ngaih la ‘Sun-nitum kuan in’ pen ka deih mahmah pawl ahi. Tuibang gawmlou, simthu khat a luanglou… Zou’ tate hibang tel ihih leh, maban bang suak ding chihte’n ka lungtang adeng mahmah. A phuaktu unaupa Zamkholian leng ka zahtakloh hial hi. Hibang a ana vei natna pen athawn mai ahihlouh ding ka deihsak mahmah.

Album bawlsata lungtunhuai na sa vek hia?

A lungtunhuai vek chihtheih sipsip ahikei. Aziak bel, mi’ la phuahsa, akaih bawlsa hilai; lah, nalh isak khollouh hileleng, amau a deihthusam bangtak ua abawl uh hisi… Lungtunhuai sa khollou kawmkawm a isakte ‘lungtunhuailou’ mah ahi. Huchibangte asak mahmah leng haksa ahihman in, composer toh artist-te mah kilungtuak a analh leh hoihzaw ding zong kawm a modify theih zel hileh lungtunhuai ding hi.

Eilam lasiamte taksap leh khanmoh-bawk bang hi’n na ngaihsun?

Ei pawl in la sa mahle’ng, lasak pen i profession di taktak in i koih theikei a, mahni a ‘practice’ zoulou; sak ding chih ziak maimai a i sak chiang a mi kiphazoulou sek ahi.

State dang a lasiamte ei sanga siamzaw ahi tuankei uh. A thilhih uah a tuitum ua, kipumpiakna toh tha-le-zung tamtak sen di leng poi a sa kei uh. Eite hard labour zoulou; la khat zilna a nipikal khat sung lel leng hun zang peihlou ngen! Huchibang kal a ei-le-lei kisulungke pahpah sek zawmah! Mi’n ahon dem leleng panlak teitei poimoh ahihdan i theih ding ahi.

Gospel, love song, country song chihte na kopkhawm thei vek a..?

Na dotna hoih e... Pathian la, zawlla, gam-ngaih late’n mihing ah siatna hontun kei. A tangpi in love song sate a character uh hoihlou deuh hi’n ikoih a, ke’n bel huchibang ngaihdan dik ka sa kei. Mi’n lungzuangtheitak a ana phuahsa uh ka vasak in kei di’n siatna bangmah a hontunkei hi. Pawlang a sianthouna sang mah in sunggil a sianthouna a poimohzaw.

Khentuam neilou a hibang late ka sakpolh nengnung ziaka ka minsiatluatna om di’n ka gingtakei. Ke’n zong ahun chiang di ka thei a, a sia-pha ka khentheih ziakin… Mi lungzuang theite dawnzangkhaitu bang in ka kingaihsun a, ka gam, ka nam adia ka hihtheih sun semkhia ka hizaw hi.

Na lasakte kua phuah deuh ahia? A hoihna ei?

A tamzaw tham ka Pa phuah ngen ahi. A tanvallai a Zou lah a lasiam thang penpen ana hi a, a la-phuahte hoihthei mahmah hi.

La lampang khantouh sem na dia mipi lam mohpuakna…

Ei-mahni pau leh late ngaihnat sang mah in Sap-la peuh i ngaisang ua, function or concert khawng a sak di bang in isit uhi. Banah, kigensiat chihte i ching mahmah ua, ‘aw’ hoihlou, stage performance siamlou, dress natawm kidemtheite ihihman un, a buaihuai mahmah. A bukim kuamah a ki-omkai, soiselna thute ei kiang mahmah ah honhilh le uh hon suhat in hon encourage zaw dia, ei leng kihang semsem ding hi.

Eilam lasiamte lak ah kua na ngaisangpen?

Mrs. Lianlunching! Ilak ah amah aw phazou ding ki-om nailou lailai. A aw ‘pi’ mahmah in, lasiam diktak ahi ka chi top hi. La asak chia’n a ngaikhetute a suthathou zou petmah hi’n ka thei. Huailou in, mi leng huaisiam a, amah sanga junior-te bang leng ‘hichi deuh leh’ chi’n a mistake-te uh ana ‘correct’ sak chetchet thei a, a mi deihsakna leh lungletnate mahmah in leng ka ngaihsanna a behlap hi.

Ehem! Pasal neih di la? Na deihthusam…

A mi dikpa chet hungpei nailou! Koilah a vaitham lai adiai? Koi kawm a umum nalai adiai..? Ha..ha…ha.. J

Frank-tak in gen mai ning. Mi zumselou, mifel, mi ngalsenglou, manner hoitah nei leh numei lungsim theisiem…

Maban ah bang? Na fans-te vaikhak nop…

Lasak mah! Tulel in leng album khat ka bawl sawm laitak ahi a, ahong suah chia’h n’on advertise-sak ngai in chia…

Ka fans-te aw, na thumpi gige un. Hiai sanga sangzaw ka tuntheihna ding leh noute dia lungtunhuaitak late ka bawlkhiak zel theihna di’n… Noute na hi uh ka tha hon suhat leh hon kipaksak.


HEY, JUNIOR! Lasak hong kipan lellelte kianga

Kizil masaklouh a siam taktak chih om theilou ahi. Album khat bawlkhiak mai a minthanna ngahtheih ahi bik kei. Tha-le-zung tamtak seng dia mansa a om in, function khawng leh adangdangte ah lasa in kuan zel unla, mun tuamtuam fang phot un. Huchi’n, na siamnate uh mipi’n ahon thei ding ua, na senior-te ua kipan hanthawnna dongkawm zel in… na ‘album’ thak uh tuh a lohching sa ahimai ding hi. Discipline hoihtak paipih kawm leh hun piakdan siam mahmah kawm a kizang in, hangsanna toh kipumpiakna banah, khamtheih thil a no’ng kibual hetlouh ding uh ahi aw…


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