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Lamka khopi khan dan diklou

Editorial, The Lamka Post August 23, 2008

Khovel a khopi liante a tangpi in chi nih in, Metropolis leh Cosmopolis in khen theih hi. Metropolis ahihleh Greek pau, ‘meter’ (mother) leh ‘polis’ (city) apat kilakhia hi a, gam khat a vaihawmtute tutphah khopi genna in kizang a, himahleh, tuchiang in khopi lian khat peuhpeuh genna inleng kizang hi. Cosmopolis ahihleh Greek pau mah, ‘kosmos’ (world) leh ‘polis’ (city) apat kilakhia ahi a, khopi lian khat peuh genna in a kizangkei a, Nam chih tenkhawmna khopi genna in kizang hi.

Lamka khopi i et chiang in, khopi i chih utsek hang in, capital ahihlouh ziak kia hilou in, chingzou nailou deuh hi a theih in om hi. A diak in, Vaigam hiam ahihkeileh, mun dang a siam sinlai naupangte innlam hongpai chi a Lamka a hongtung chiang un, Lamka khopi chi a i gen thang zen uh ‘ap’ ahihkeileh ‘tul’ a sakdan uh genveu uhi. Bang chi’n i mohsathei dia? Lamka khopi sung a tengte’n khantouhna thupitaktak nei mahleh, a khopi ah khantouhna muh ding vang mahmah a, i lamlian uh khopi lamlian di’n deihthusam chingzoulou a, lamlian nawl ah hawktui luanna ginatak omlou a, lamlian nawl ah gari neiloute pai nang omlou in khe a paite toh gari a taite lamlian kituh ngai a, tuuk chiang ngial in hawktui toh leng kituh ngai nalai. Tulai ngial in lamlian dung tanvaktute leng zatna bei in ding ngeungou geuh uhi. Lamka khopi ah tuinek ding kiching omlouh thu pawlpi leh mimal khenkhat in awlmohna liantak toh ana tangkoupih zeuhzeuh ua, tuilawng leng kidaihlou ahingei ding a, tuilawng gu matkhiak om veu uhi. A diktak in, tuinek ding kia hilou in niteng poimoh a zat ding nangawn haksa mahmah ahihziak in tuinek ding kichinglou i chih in genkhazoulou lai hi. Meivak lam ahihleh tuma toh teh in hoih lota a, kipahhuai mahmah in mimal leh pawlpi tamtak inleng a kisaipihte tung ah kipahthu leng tamveitak genkhinta uhi. Himahleh, Lamka khua pen khopi chih hial theih nang in meivak inleng deihthu sam zoulou lai hi. Hiai teng, lamlian, tuinek leh meivak i chih khong a diktak a, gam khangtou nailou, khangtou dia kisadek kiangkiangte buaipihte ahi. A lehlam a i et chiang in, Lamka pen metropolis chingkei mahleh, cosmopolis nou khat ching mahmah hi a muhtheih in om leuleu hi. Lamka khosung ah, kituah leh kituahlouh pen thutuam, CHIKIM khosa khawm ahihman in cosmopolis nou khat chihtheih mah ahi.

Lamka a siatna lam i et chiang in, AIDS toh kisai leh khamtheih thil a a minthanna mahmah in leng panpih mahmah ahi ngei ding a, khopi taktak, cosmopolis toh a kilamdangna bangmah om nawnlou hi. Nitaklam a Tedim Road dung i vak chiang in dawr khenkhat kong ngial ah gari parking ding nangawn haksa thei mawkta hi. Himahleh, kipahhuai lua ahihlouhna bel dawr khenkhat, mi tangpi lut utlouhnate kong kia a huchi ahi hi. Lamka khopi a thil hoihlou leh chindan hoihlou omte gelh seng ding leng ahikei hi. Khua khat khopi lian suak dia kisa ahihman in, thil hoih leng a om dia, thil hoihlou leng a om di chi a i kikhamuan theih leh hoih veve. Himahleh, a hoihlou lam khang hatlua hilou hiam? Pathian in Sodom leh Gomorrah apat Lota leh a innkuante a pikhia a, Sodom leh Gomorrah a bawlhoih tuankei chi a, thudik kimkhat kia la in, kei ka hoih chi teng in Lamka nuse vek ding i hi duam? ‘Land of Presidents’ chih theih khop a vaihawmtu tamna gam a bang chidan a ngaih poimoh dingte ngai poimohtu ding kidaihlou ahia? Khotang pawlpi hattaktak tuamtuam Lamka phaizang neuchik a dimzen in om mahleh khotang bawlhoihna dia chihtaktak suah a panla ding om nawnlou bangta hi. Panla thei dinmun a ding pawlpi leh mimal inleng, kingengtuah mailou a, sorkar in hichibang khong dou dia kha loh a piakte khong kithuahpih leh nungthuap a panlak taktak hun mahmahta hilou hiam? Lamka khopi chi a deihthohtak a i minloh uh a hoihloulam kia a khopi suak ding hilou hiam?!!


SP/CCPur in Police panlakdan gen

Lamka, Aug 22: NREGS fund a zatna ding a zatlouh ziak a Mr. Paudoumang Ngaihte, Chief of Behiang tung ah Singngat Police Station ah criminal case file khum a om toh kisai in thuthaksaite’n tuni SP/CCpur Mr. S. Manglemjao, IPS kimuhpih in thil omdan dong uhi. Mr. Paudoumang Ngaihte in Behiang khua adin Rs. 5.82 lakhs a suk thelthang ziakin Singngat PS ah FIR-4(8) 2008/SGT-PS u/s 420/403 IPC chiamteh hi a, Behiang machet Suangphuh a Jatropha plantation bawlna ding a Rs. 2.5 lakhs kipia leng Jatropha chiinglou a azat thelthang ziak in FIR-5(8) 2008/SGT-PS u/s 420/403 IPC chiamteh a om ahihdan gen in hiai case toh kisai enkai ding SDPO/CCPur leh OC 2 kiangah mohpuakna pekhia in Mr. Paudoumang Ngaihte matna dia Army panpihna apoimoh leh amah theihsak dia hilh ahihdan leng gen in Police in matding in zong mah leh a kibuk ziakin mantheilou uh hidan in SP/CCPur in gen hi.

Tuabangkal ah, zan nitak in Mr. Paudoumang Ngaihte teenna inn police in umkual in matsawm ua, himahleh amah omlouh ziakin man khalou uh hi’n police apan thutut kingah hi. Himahleh tuni sunnung dak 3:00 in SP/CCpur office huangsung ah Maruti Gypsy (ngou) apan kumkhia a Hotel a singpi dawnlai thuthaksaite khenkhat in tuakkha in a lem laman uhi.

Thudang khat kiza dan in, Mr. Paudoumang Ngahte in Imphal Court ah anticipatory order lakhia hi’n thutut kingah leuleu hi.


‘State was adamant on Mautam’

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Aug 22: The State Government has been warned of an imminent devastation following bamboo flowering in Churachandpur district at least on ten occasions by the district administration here, with the latest on April this year says information obtained by The Sangai Express.

It is now clear that the State Government has been alerted in time of Mautam devastations that caused in the interiors of Churachandpur, and could have been tackled at least three months back.

However, the State opted to neglect nearly ten reports of the district administration sent earlier. What is worse is the Government query for a report at this time when the administration here has sent its detail reports way back in April.

Upon inquiring, Deputy Commissioner Sumant Singh said the Government is trying its best to tackle the situation. 4000 quintals of rice have already been provided to the Mautam affected areas at BPL rate and full 100 days of employment have been awarded to the three severely affected sub-divisions of Henglep, Tipaimukh and Thanlon.

Relief funds amounting to 19.81 lakhs for the 14307 house-holds in 264 villages affected by Mautam will be needed in addition to its earlier pledge for an additional allocation of 8000 quintals of BPL rice said the district administration in its report to the State Government on April this year. A source from the Mautam Relief committee also said that 68,179 adults and 45,379 minors were affected in the 264 villages, while 16,050.13 hectare of land were affected in the total cultivated land of 20,737 hectare.

Twenty five Village Grain Banks were set up in the district while proposal for more were already made, he said.

Source: The Sangai Express

Truce with Kuki groups, SoO signed, enforced

IMPHAL, Aug 22 : After a series of turns and negotiations and brain storming sessions, the ground rules for the Suspension of Operations between the Government and Kuki armed groups, represented by the KNO and UPF were signed today.

While the KNO represents 11 groups, the UPF represents eight outfits.

From the side of the Centre, Joint Secretary in the Union Home Ministry in charge of North East, Navin Verma appended his signature to the agreement while the State Government was represented by Principal Secretary (Home) DS Poonia.

Eight members each from the KNO and the UPF also signed the agreement.

The signatories from the side of the KNO are its vice president Lanminthang Vaiphei, defence secretary TS Haokip, cabinet member TS German Kuki and another member Joshua Kuki while the signatories from the UPF include its general secretary ST Thangboi Kipgen, members Calvin H, TL Jacob Thadou and David Hangshing.

Talking to The Sangai Express an official source said that the Director in the Home Ministry AK Goyal and State IGP (Intelligence) LM Khaute were also present at the meeting today.

With the signing of the ground rules, the SoO has come into force, said the source and added that it will be for one year. The agreement can be extended if there is mutual agreement and understanding, added the source.

The UPF had initially expressed its reservations over some points contained in the ground rules of the SoO, said the source and added that they eventually relented and signed the agreement after their doubts were clarified during the meeting.

Though no time frame has been set on when to start the peace talk, a Joint Monitoring Group headed by the State Principal Secretary (Home) DS Poonia has been formed. One representative each from the KNO and UPF are also in the Monitoring Group.

Another meeting will be held to fix the date and place for the peace talk to start, informed the source further.

Some of the significant points of the ground rules include, issuing Identity cards to all the cadres of the two groups by the Government, payment of Rs 2000 to each cadre monthly for maintenance as well as identifying and building the designated camps.

The cadres will not be allowed to move out of the designated camps with arms and all designated camps will be located a good distance from the National Highways as well as international boundaries.

The outfits have been told to strictly adhere to the ground rules laid down.

When the talk starts it will be under the ambit of the Constitution of India, said the source and added that the territorial integrity of the State would not be compromised on account of the peace process.

In case cadres want to move out from their designated camps, then prior information should be given either to the State or Central forces for security.

Source: The Sangai Express

Friday, August 22, 2008

Shillong gets National Institute of Fashion Technology

SHILLONG : First of its kind in the country's northeastern region, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) centre in Shillong is among the four centres of the institute that were to be set up in various parts of the country besides the existing eight.

Sanjeev Kumar, Chairperson, NIFT, said that this centre is the result of the NIFT's effort to reach all parts of the country.

"Till the time we don't reach to everyone the meaning of education is not served. So our Director General, Rajeev Takru, thought that why not open first institution in the Northeast that's how NIFT came into existence. We have got a great support from Meghalaya government," said Sanjeev.

The centre is currently offering two courses - fashion design and accessory design, and the first batch consists of 30 students.

Dressing sense of the people in this region acted as a catalyst for the students like Ashutosh Singh, who has come all the way from Varanasi.

"When I visited Shillong after seeing other parts of India I noticed that people here were following different kind of fashion they wanted to look fashionable, so I thought that this was the best centre for me and my profession," said Ashutosh.

While others like Huangpi Rani Gogoi, a student from Assam, look at the institute as a big opportunity to study fashion designing.

"I'm very happy to be the student of NIFT. It's a very big opportunity for me to study fashion here. This place is special for the reasons that it's so close to Assam," said Gogoi.

The NIFT, Shillong has healthy student to teacher ratio, which currently stands at 12:1.

The NIFT's Shillong centre is equipped with hostel facility and conducts career-counselling session to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment among the people of this region.


Israel likely to admit over 7000 Indian Jews from Mizoram, Manipur

Dubai, Aug 22 : The 7232 members of the Bnei Menashe tribe from Mizoram and Manipur may be allowed to immigrate to Isarel, newspapers reported in Tel Aviv.

However, main newspapers like Jerusalem Post and Haaretz said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had not taken any final decision to give approval to bring the Indians who are considered as part of the lost tribes by Israel.

''Nothing happened,'' said a representative for the Prime Minister's Office on Wednesday in response to a report in the Ma'ariv, because Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit ''hasn't agreed to anything yet, and the prime minister hasn't made any final decision.'' The Bnei Menashe, who live in the states of Mizoram and Manipur on the border with Myanmar (formerly Burma) claim to be descendants of a lost tribe of Israel. Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar recognised their status as ''descendants of Israel'' in 2005, and some 1,400 have already come to Israel aided by NGO Shavei Israel which has lobbied for years to bring them to Israel, Jerusalem Post said.

--- UNI

44 children die of starvation; 2,000 flee to India

Famine plaguing Chin state in western Burma killed 44 children after they were afflicted by malnutrition and diarrhea, according to Chin National Council’s secretary Pu Ralhnin. Faced with starvation around 2,000 people have fled to India. "All the victims are children. They died from malnutrition and diarrhea, Pu Ralhnin said.

The children who died from malnutrition and diarrhea - as a result of food shortage in Chin state – are from Surngen, Tisen (A, B), Sentun, Ngalang, Lawngzuite, Lawngtlang villages in Thangtlang Township.

"Since they had nothing to eat, they looked for Yams in the jungle and had it as their daily meal. It led to malnutrition and diarrhea," he added.

Meanwhile faced with starvation, around 2,000 villagers from Paletwa Township, one of the worst affected areas in Chin state have fled to Mizoram state in northeast India.

"I heard that around 2000 Khumi people from Paletwa region had arrived in some areas in Mizoram close to the Indo-Burma border because they are facing food shortage and there is nobody to help them," Terah, coordinator of Chin Famine Emergency and Relief Committee based in Mizoram said.

The villagers belong to the Khumi tribe from famine hit areas in Paletwa township. They entered illegally to take refuge in Saiha district and Lawngtlai district in Mizoram.

Terah also said that most of the villagers from Paletwa Township are in search of whatever jobs are available in Mizoram for survival.

Bamboo flowering began on the Indo-Burma border in late 2006 leading to multiplication of rats in the region. The rats gradually invaded the farmlands and destroyed crops such as paddy and maize – the main staple food of Chin state.

As a result along the Indo-Burma border areas, over 100,000 people, heavily dependant on cultivation are facing food shortage.

Initially, the most affected areas were Paletwa, Matupi, Thangtlang township but later the phenomenon spread to northern Chin state.

Since early July, rodents started devouring crops in several farms of some areas in Tamu and Kalay Township in Sagaing division. The farmers were helpless, unable to contain the situation.

"Since early July, rats have been destroying several crops such as paddy and maize planted in farms in our villagers," a villager from Khanpat said.

Despite the local authorities distributing rat poison to farmers in Kalay to prevent further spread of rats in the region, the farmers said that using the poison is no longer effective.

The Burmese regime said that it had provided rat poison and around 1000 bags of rice to the affected areas in Chin state.

The locals from the affected areas in Chin state denied that they had received any aid from local authorities. – KHONUMTHUNG.


Newly formed Kuki body urges white paper on SoO

IMPHAL, Aug 21: A newly formed body, Kuki People Forum, Chandel district while welcoming the suspension of operations with the Kuki militants has urged all concerned to produce a white paper on the agreement to the Kuki people.

At the same time, with regard to the formation of the forum, the chairman, Yangkhopao said that it was formed with an objective to oversee the implementation of schemes and projects taken up in Chandel district.

He said the forum welcomed the initiative of maintaining trust between the Kuki militants, government of Manipur and government of India by suspending of operations to make way for peace talks.

While demanding a white paper on the suspension of operations, he urged the KNO, KNA and UPF to maintain ceasefire among them considering the welfare of the people.

The chairman of the newly formed body, Yangkhopao Haokip said that the forum was not for a particular community but for the people of Chandel district and aimed at keeping a vigil on the implementation and utilization of the funds under the DRDA in the district.

The forum will look into whether the funds are utilized properly or misused by the concerned officials, he told journalists today at a press conference held at Sohomphai village community hall in Chandel district.

It would also approach the DC, SDO, SDC and other block level offices in the district to get information on the misuse of funds and if required take help of the RTI Act and go to law court, he further said.

Haokip while talking to journalists observed that Chandel was not only located at the international border area but was also one of the most backward districts of the state.

The forum would try its best to improve the district by keeping a close watch on the implementation of schemes and projects under DRDA, he observed while also lauding the concerned officials for giving benefits to 500 households under the special package for construction of 1500 houses in the interior parts of the district and appealed to those concerned to provide benefits to the remaining households also.

Other office bearers of the new forum were also announced by the chairman today. Apart from him, the vice chairman of the forum is Hengkhomang Haokip, Ngamsei Sontah is the general secretary, Lhunkholen Mate is the information secretary while Rabert Gangte is the finance cum spokesperson of the forum.


Alleged fraudulent withdrawal of NREGS funds detected in Ccpur

IMPHAL, Aug 21: Fraudulent withdrawal from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, NREGS allegedly by a village chief by cheating job card holders and without taking up actual physical works has been detected at Singngat block of Churachandpur district in Manipur.

Police has registered a case regarding the alleged misappropriation of NREGS funds by cheating job card holders after receiving a complaint from the block development officer, BDO and also project officer, NREGS of Singngat block (Smt) Mannuamching on August 18 last, an official source said Thursday.

Mannuamching in her complaint to the Churachandpur police accused the chairman of Behiang village, Paudoumang Ngaihte for the misappropriation of the NREGS funds.

In her complaint note, the project officer said the chief had dishonestly cheated job card holders of Behiang village and misappropriated more than Rs. 2 lakhs from the total sanctioned amount of Rs.5,01,831 including for the second phase.

She further accused the chief of engaging a JCB for works under NREGS so as to allow deduction of wages of the job card holders while there was a total ban on contractors and labour replacing machinery under the NREGS.

The chief also shifted the worksite to Behiang main village instead of implementing the work at the actual project site, she added.

The BDO also alleged that the village chief had withdrawn the whole amount of Rs. 2,55,200 for the work to be taken up at a jatropha plantation at Suangphu village under NREGS without carrying out the actual works.

It may be mentioned that as no panchayat bodies are functioning in the hill districts of Manipur, the chiefs of the villages were nominated as representative of each village for assisting in engagement of labourers and preparation of projects by the block level officers or project officer for NREGS.

The NREGS has now been implemented in all the nine districts of the state after the National Rural Employment Generation Act was extended in the whole of the state from the current fiscal year.

The scheme was first implemented in Tamenglong district and later extended to two other hill districts of the state, Churachandpur and Chandel. The other districts of the state were included from the current financial year, 2008-09.

Churachandpur district is among the districts which claimed to be progressing satisfactority in the implementation of the works despite various obstacles like snatching of job cards and assualts on villagers for not surrendering their job cards by armed men suspected to be militants in the recent times.



‘Must the hunger become anger and the anger fury before anything will be done.’
- John Steinbeck, US novelist

The 50-year cyclical bamboo flowering phenomenon, quite peculiar to this region of the North-East is called Mautaam locally.

To put this phenomenon in perspective, it was the indifference of the Assam (undivided) Government to the starvation deaths of the Famine of 1959-60, in erstwhile ‘Lushai Hills’/‘Mizo District’ that led to the secessionist call by the Mizo National Front (MNF), and the eventual birth of the present state of Mizoram. The food crisis was then – as is now - caused by what Maj. Gen. D.K. Palit in his book, ‘Sentinels of the North-East – The Assam Rifles’ put it: “The subsequent flowering of the young bamboo plants brings with it, also as part of the cyclical scourge, an astronomical increase in rodent population and their feeding on young plants and seeds. When the bamboos are devoured the hordes of rats move on to the paddy fields and devour the young stalks, the grain stalks and grain-stores, as happens during every recurring (Mautaam).” It is this Mautaam’s revisitation in Churachandpur District of Manipur, and its surrounding areas, that this APPEAL is all about.

It is pertinent to point out here that today’s Mautaam is concurrently affecting the contiguous areas of Mizoram State. However, the glaring and unhappy difference is that the government of Mizoram is quite ably managing the crisis in their areas. In fact, their relief measures are successful to the extent that some of Manipur’s affected villages are buying rice at the lowest of rates as supplied by that government to its affected villages that border ours!

Today Churachandpur and its surrounding areas – sans the inadequate State Government effort - have been fighting a lonely and losing battle against this frightening occurrence that showed its fangs from late 2006. The exponential increase of rodent population has devoured and laid waste to standing crops since then. This cyclical visitation has always been disastrous for the hill-folk of the region from time immemorial. Even in the 21st Century it is directly threatening the very existence of the affected, because more than 75% of the people still depend on traditional jhum cultivation. And two years of Mautaam has led to drastic fall in annual foodgrain production and a food crisis. In the southern region of Manipur, this sequence of events is a feared and known fact which, inexplicably, is still being ignored by the powers that be. Further, in this particular Mautaam, the problems are compounded by several unexplained events, viz. the sudden deaths of more than 30 children in Thanlon and Tipaimukh Sub-Divisions; animal plague and emergence of swarms of locust-like creatures. By now, the situation is so grim that the affected people are in the throes of a famine/death-like situation, in spite of interventions by the government. And laudable as the successful implementation of the NREGS is in the affected areas, the plight of the people remains unchanged, simply because what was supposed to be a flagship programme of the Central Government is just filling the yawning gap made by the State’s indifference.

According to official estimates the annual foodgrain production in 2007 was only 15% of what was expected. The production for 2008 is bound to fall even further. The District Administration estimated that, in 2007 a total of 16,050.13 hacs of cultivated land was damaged and directly affected 1,03,558 persons (58,179 adults and 45,379 minors) from 14,307 families in 264 villages ( out of 359 villages in Tipaimukh, Thanlon, Henglep and Singngat Sub-Divisions) of the District. Mention may be made of Sangaikot TD Block of Churachandpur Sub-Division which was not included in the initial estimates but subsequently suffered the same calamity. The financial requirement for providing famine relief was calculated by the District Administration at Rs. 19 crores. The additional foodgrain requirement was worked out to be more than 8000 qtls of rice per month. The Inter-Ministerial Central Team who surveyed the area between 2nd & 3rd April, 2008 observed: “With or without Mautaam famine the people are already suffering from severe poverty”.

Meanwhile, as on August 2008, the government distributed only 4,500 qtls of rice under its ‘Mautaam relief’. Some concerned NGOs like Aid Zomi Japan, Chennai ZCF, EFICOR, etc have been extending assistance in terms of a truck-load or two. But such help is frightfully inadequate, considering the enormity of the calamity. Providing sufficient rice - the staple diet - to the affected people is undoubtedly a gigantic task. So given the smallness of the state government’s relief measures till date, it would be unrealistic and dangerous to expect that the government alone will be able to ensure food security to each affected citizen for several years.

As such, the situation may be taken as opening an opportunity for the entire country to reach out to one small neglected corner of its land. Every concerned person or group from government to semi-government agencies to NGOs; from corporate houses to businessmen; from private or government employees … in fact each and every individual not directly affected by Mautaam famine … to extend all possible help to their fellow beings facing the threat of death by starvation!

We should collectively shoulder the responsibility of saving life … it’s a mission, a call … that one cannot ignore. It is a challenge that we must face, and a noble war that must be fought to be won.

Unless we do what can be done today, tomorrow may be too late for the hungry and hopeless who are anxiously awaiting your helping hands.

This humble APPEAL is made to all concerned individuals and groups to become a participant in the herculean effort to mitigate the suffering and fear of death … by starvation … of one’s own citizens, the more so because the affected inhabit a remote unheard corner of India, that is Bharat.

The undersigned are, therefore, co-ordinating a –

(Mautaam Puuktaw)

The entire exercise will conclude with a – “CONCERT FOR THE HUNGRY” 5th September, 2008

This Concert is to be organised by the MIZO ZAIMI INZAWMKHAWM and ZOGAM ARTISTS ASSOCIATION with representative Artistes from ZOMUS.


1. DONORS are requested to fill up the attached Mautaam Puuktaw Participation Form and may donate in cash or kind.

2. Online submission of Form is available at e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. Cash contribution can be made through Chairman ZEPADA A/C No.11343708035, SBI/ Churachandpur Branch, Manipur.

4. All contributions and its subsequent distribution will be made fully transparent. The distribution will be non-partisan giving priority to the most affected areas. The List of contributors and amount contributed shall be acknowledged in a BOOK OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, highlighting the 50yrs cyclical visitations of Bamboo Flowering (Mautaam) in this part of the world.

5. The above drive/programme - First Stage - is being organised in a hurry considering the plight of the affected people and the fact that this time of the year is the leanest period in the region (even under normal conditions). However, any willing DONOR may donate even after the First Stage of the programme that culminates on 5th September 2008 because the effect of Mautaam shall not end so easily.

We volunteer to fight the war on hunger for and on your behalf.

Thanking you.

Click the form link to download MAUTAAM-PUUKTAW : Participation Form

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Body formed to check fund use

IMPHAL, Aug 21: With the objective of checking out whether the funds sanctioned under DRDA are being utilised properly in Chandel district, a new body christened Kuki People’s Forum was formed on August 9.

The new body would be headed by Yangkhopao Haokip as chairman and Ngamsei Sontah as secretary general in addition to other functionaries.

Talking to media persons at Sugnu Sohamphai village today, Yangkhopao Haokip said that the forum would be investigating whether the funds sanctioned under DRDA for Chandel district were utilised properly with the help of the Right to Information Act.

In case any irregularity such as misutilisation of fund, late release of fund or fund diversion are detected in the course of investigation, the forum would fight for justice in a fitting manner taking the help of Court, he stated.

Saying that the forum is a joint body for the whole Chandel district, Yangkhopao claimed that the body was set up for the welfare of all the people of Chandel district.

The forum is not related to any other organisation, he said while observing that the people of Chandel district particularly people of Khengjoi block have been suffering a lot.

Nevertheless, under a special package for Khengjoi block to build 1500 houses for those homeless families affected by landmines, due amounts have been distributed to 500 families till date, Yangkhopao informed.

He also urged the local MLA to distribute due amounts to the remaining 1000 households.

Taking part in the press meet, vice-chairman of the forum Hemkhothang Hao-kip added that it would launch an investigation over the DC, ADC, SDCs, SDOs and other district level officials whether they implemented DRDA projects properly and in time.

With respect to the cease-fire between the Government and Kuki UG groups, it demanded a white paper and asked the Government to inform the people about the ground rules of the cease-fire. It also welcome the cease-fire between the Government and UPF and KNA/KNO.

The vice-chairman further appealed to the Kuki armed groups to take due consideration of the interest of whole Kuki tribe with a vision for future rather than acting in the interest of their organisations only as and when they sign MoU with the Government.


Mizo women dominate workplaces, education


Typical male egoistic catch phrases like 'Hmeichhia leh pal chhia chu thlak mai tur' or a woman and an old fence should be replaced,' have been proved wrong with empowerment of women in traditionally strict patriarchal tribal society in Mizoram.

A visit to the main market in the capital city, Aizawl, reveals that almost all selling meat, including beef, fish and chicken are women.

It is not that the main employment of women in Mizoram is confined to selling meat, almost all vegetable sellers are women and a majority of shops which sell ready-made garments, shoes, groceries, books and imported electronics are mostly manned by them.

Rozami, President of the Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl (MHIP) or Mizo Women's Federation said that the organization's message to the women in the state was that they could do everything men did has proved successful.

"The fruits of our efforts towards the success of women's empowerment in the past 11 years have been demonstrated in many sectors," Rozami said.

She, however, said that the MHIP taught its members to respect the authority of men as Mizo society followed the patriarchal system.

"We are not keen to invade the authority and jurisdiction of our men even if we have become empowered," she said.

Social workers, who do not agree with the women organization leader, claimed that rampant drug addiction among the youth, had adversely affected the male workforce.

This opinion is supported by the fact that amongst the 1133 people killed by drugs in the state since 1984 till date, 1018 are men and the state excise department record says that a large majority of drug addicts are boys.

According to the latest figures in the Mizoram's Statistical Handbook, at least one third of state government employees are women and in literacy also their number was very close to that of men.

The single area where women hold their heads high is in education and competitive examinations.

In most of the High School Leaving Certificate and Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate examinations conducted by the state board of school education, women dominated the results and a majority of those in the top ten were girls during the past five years.

Girls not only outshine boys at the school level, but also in college and in higher education.

The topper in the Mizo civil service competitive examination held this year was a girl closely followed by another.

More and more Mizo girls now join professions like medical, engineering, mass media and communication, management, computer engineering and IT, earlier unthinkable in tribal society.

One can see young girls in black advocate frocks in district courts in Aizawl while many judicial magistrates and judges are now women.

Though still dominated by outside businessmen, many women in Mizoram have also become contractors and suppliers, doing brisk business with the state government.

"Women are more persuasive and influential in dealing with top government bosses," an official commented, adding they bagged more contracts than their male counterparts.

However, there are still some areas where women empowerment does not work.

Though the Presbyterian Church, the largest in Mizoram has many women who completed their Bachelor of Divinity and theological degrees, no woman has been inducted as pastor or priest, not even as pro-pastors (priests on probation).

Mafaki, the younger sister of Lalhmingliana, the lone Rajya Sabha MP from the state and one of the first Mizo women to complete her degree in theology is still denied looking after a pastoral and is now working in the office of the Presbyterian Church Synod, in Sunday School.

There are more than 30 graduates and above in theology including those having doctorate degrees in Mizoram, Mafaki said, adding some of them are working in theological institutions and church offices.

Saptawni, a resident of Mission Veng here, was elected by the local Presbyterian Church congregat ion as church elder in 1978, but the Presbyterian Church Synod refused to ordain her.

Though women are actively involved in church it is yet to accept them as leaders or forefront religious activists.

Another gray area for a Mizo woman is politics as only three women have been elected to the state assembly since its inception in 1972.

Lalhlimpuii, the Social Welfare minister during the short-lived Laldenga Ministry in 1987-88 was the only woman minister the state has ever have.

ATSUM vs Manipur Government

Lamka Post Kum 7 ching ding

Manipur singtangmite lak a Offset machine zang a daily newspaper suahkhiak masapen “The Lamka Post” hong tung ding Sept. 1, 2008 ( Seppatni) in kum 7 chingta ding hi. Kum 7 a chin kipahpihna message gelh nuam leh Lamka Post toh kisai comment penuamte’n khut a gelh/type/computer a gelh in August 31, 2008 zinglam dak 10 tan in editor Lamka Post ah tuni apan piak theih ding hi.

Sd/- Editor

ATSUM vs Manipur Government

Editorial, The Lamka Post August 21, 2008

All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur in singtangmite khualna ziak in contract teacher-te, grant-in-aid school-te leh Manipur University a Scheduled Tribe reservation toh kisai in state sorkar kiang ah nget-le-sak nei in kiphinna tuamtuam ana neita uhi. Phatuam tuanlou ahihman in August kha sung pumlum daih ding kiphinna chituamtuam neih sawm in pan a hon la ua, sorkar bil deng zek ahingei ding a August 11, 2008 in kihouna hon nei uhi. ATSUM palaite toh Manipur sorkar a kihouna uah, Manipur Cabinet meeting neih nawnna masapen a Manipur singtangmite’n MU a quota a poimoh dan uh Cabinet in a pom a (acknowledge), huai zoh chiang a August kha sung ngei a hiai thu India Prime Minister kiang a tut dia Chief Minister in ATSUM team a makaih ding hidan a ATSUM palaite’n sorkar kiang ah thusun a bawl dungzui un sorkar in leng ATSUM thusun pompih hi. ATSUM thusun sorkar in a pom dungzui in zan a Cabinet meeting ah Manipur University pen central university suak mahleh central reservation policy dungzui a ST reservation 7.5% pen zanglou a state in a zatsa 31% mah zat ding Cabinet meeting in lemsa uhi. Himahleh, MU pen central university hita ahihna ah state in a tung a thuneihna neibanlou ahihman in hiai tungtang a phualpi sorkar leh a kisaipihte kiang a phut ding in leng Cabinet in lemsa hi.

Manipur University pen state sorkar nuai a a omlai in bel reservation system pen state population pansan a bawl leh zat in om hi. Himahleh, MU pen central university dia dopsang ahih in state thunuai apat central thunuai a lut a, huai ziak in state in a bawl reservation system pen zat theih nawnlouh in central in India pumpi et a reservation system a bawl pen zat hong ngai hi. ATSUM ngetna bang in MU ah ST reservation 31% zat in om leh central university teng a reservation system buaivek ding a, huai banah, ST reservation kia hilou in, SC hi’n OBC reservation hitaleh, India a reservation system himhim a buai vek ding hi. ATSUM in reservation system pen state population apat en a, Central in bel India population apat a et ahihman in etdan kibanglou petmah hi. ATSUM ngetna a tangtunna ding in Central in a reservation policy tengteng a lepthakvek ngai maimah ding chihna ahi. Huai ziak in, ATSUM ngetna tangtung ding in deihhuai mahmah mahleh gintakhuai lawmlawmlou hi. Bangteng hileh, a tangtunna ding pen Manipur sorkar hihtheihna ban hita a, a hihtheih uh om sun ahihleh zan a Cabinet meeting in thupukna a lak bang ua panlak ding tan hilel a, haksa hetlou hi.

Manipur sorkar in school 171-te huhna piak a tawpsan toh kisai in leng August 11, 2008 in ATSUM toh Manipur sorkar in kithukimna nei uhi. Himahleh, Manipur Educational Code, 1982 leh Grant-in-Aid Schools Rules, 1977 dungzui a hiai school 171-te’n apaisa kum 10 sung a a nasepdan uh etthakna neih ding chih ahihman in hiai school 171-te maban ding tuh a danglam tuan gintakhuailou hi. Huai banah, Contract Teacher-te sepna sorkar in a beisak toh kisai in leng kithukimna nei mahle uh a sepna uh September 1, 2008 apat December 31, 2008 sung hing nawn ding chih hilel hi. Directorate of Economic and Statistics chiamteh dan Directorate of Information and Public Relations in zan a a suahkhiakna ah 2006-07 sung a ATSUM in bandh a puante ziak kia in state in sum crore 24.45 manloh hi. Hiai pansan a tuat in kha 4 sung Contract Teacher-te sorkar in loh a piak ding bel haksa hetlou a, a diktak in metzaw hizomah hi. MU reservation tungtang a lah Manipur in ahihtheih omsun hih (ding) hihta, lohching in lohchingkei leh ATSUM in Manipur sorkar mohsa theilou ding hi. MU toh kisai in ATSUM in centre a buan ngaita ding a, Manipur sorkar tung ah a kiphinna ding om nawnlou ding hi. Hiai bang dinmun ah ATSUM vualzou hiding hiam ahihkeileh Manipur sorkar vualzou hiding hiam chih ngaihtuah tham mahmah khat suak hi.


Zosuon RIMS a MBBS Entrance lawchingte

Lamboineng Kipgen
T.D. Varneikip Chiru
Vadingthoi Jina Chiru
Jamkhochon Baite
John Lupheng
Ginsiam Tunglut

Fresh cases of child trafficking come to light

IMPHAL, Aug 20 : Close on the heel 22 children from Manipur being rescued from a children home in Chennai by the District Administration of Chennai and Child Line, Chennai, fresh cases of over 20 children being taken from Moirang area to Chennai and attempt of taking four more children have come to light.

Chairperson of Child Welfare Committee, Bishnupur chapter has lodged a written complaint with the Moirang PS today requesting for taking up necessary measures to rescue the children and taking up legal action against the culprits.

The written complaint mentioned that intervention of the local NGOs have managed to stop four children from being taken to SS Andrew Samuel Children Home at Chennai by one M Herojit s/o Bimol Singh of Ithing Village on August 14.

However, before this incident, one of the elder brothers of Herojit identified as Devan had already taken over 20 children to Chennai by assuring the parents that their children would be given free education at Alize Elizabeth Memorial School at Chennai. But Devan recently communicated to the parents of 12 children to come and pick them up.

In connection with these incidents, meeting with mediapersons was facilitated by the co-ordinator of Child Line, Imphal Mala and chairperson of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) L Pishak at Nungjengkom located along Sendra Road today. Herojit, wife of Devan and parents of some of the children who have been taken to Chennai were also present at the occasion.

Herojit informed that he was trying to take the four children to Chennai-based SS Andrew Samuel Children Home which receives funding from Italy and USA at the behest of his brother, Devan. But he has no idea whether the said children home is registered under the Juvenile Justice Act or not.

Talking to mediapersons, CWC chairperson L Pishak explained that under the Juvenile Justice Act, permission of the CWC is essential for taking a children from one district to another or from one State to another. The documents related to the purpose of taking the children should also be furnished to the CWC.

However, all these legal procedures have been overlooked in trying in take the four children to Chennai.

Pishak further informed that from the statements given by Herojit and some of the parents, it has also been confirmed that Deban had already taken over 20 children from Ithing Sendra area to Chennai. No permission had also been sought from the CWC in this regard.

Some of the parents informed that at the time of taking away their children, Deban, who is claim to be a pastor, did not hand over any documents nor informed where their children are staying or studying in Chennai. However, recently Deban communicated to parents of 12 children he had taken along with him to come to Chennai and picked up their children as they could not be put up in the children home any longer after the death of a child from Tamenglong or send Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 each for bringing their children back to Manipur.

Source: The Sangai Express

CCpur vows to fight Mautam on its own

S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Aug 20 : With no form of Government relief anywhere in sight, despite the wide media coverage and the uproar raised by civil society organisations, the people of Churachand-pur have now decided to take the fight on their own.

“The theme of our campaign (Mautam Famine Aid, 2008 Campaign) is let us help ourselves. We have begged the Government, foreign and international agencies but we have to lead the fight,” the chief co-ordinator of Committee Rev Khen P Tombing said while addressing the media today.

“We have collectively won other wars before, now we need to fight this war against famine on the same footing” he said calling on the people to extend their co-operation to the campaign.

The campaign is scheduled to be formally launched on August 23, in the presence of the district’s social and political leaders with a defining footage captured on lens on Monday by its own representatives.

On the day the public will be urged to participate through an open letter wherein a form will be attached, while selective individuals will receive a special appeal.

Being a dominantly Christian community, the committee will initiate the Churches to declare August 31 as Mautam Sunday and request them to collect offerings for the affected lives, beside a mass prayer solely for the cause.

On September 5, a concert for the hungry will be hosted with artistes from Mizoram and Myanmar, and an open campaign for this will also be initiated as the other campaigns kick-off said its organisers.

Speaking on the sidelines of the press conference, an Editor of a local monthly magazine who was part of the team that captured some defining shots of rodents attacking the fields said, the situation is much graver than he had anticipated. “The rats have eaten everything, anything eatable in the field,” he said.

“We were to camp just for a night, but by 7.30 pm we have more than enough clips. The rats were not very much alarmed even as we flashed our torch light and clicked them with our cameras with all the flash bulbs,” he said. Suangdoh, the roadside village where they captured the photo is within Singngat sub-division and is not considered the heart of the rodent menace.

“At Lungthul (E), the rats could even be killed with sticks, which implies that they are no longer afraid to come near humans,” he quoted a resident who he met on the way as saying.

At Maukot village, a mere 35 kms from here, the journal editor claimed that a farmer has cut-off his entire maize field as rats have complete-ly devastated them before they could be harvest.

“I usually do not come across any rats though I usually guard the fields till 8.30 pm everyday but in the morning it was a different story, rats here strike by midnight,” he quoted the farmer as saying.

Source: The Sangai Express August 21, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rice scarce in Mautam affected areas

Lamka, Aug 19: After rodent tails, it’s now rice scarcity that raised the eye brows here as helpless villagers in pockets of the Mautam affected areas reportedly approached the armed outfits there to do the rescue act, an exclusive report received by this correspondent said today.

With the PDS rice making a rare entry in the interior county, famine as predicted has began to take its toll as many a villager had to rely on the meager supply from across the neighbouring State of Mizoram. “Even for those who possess money rice for purchase was simply not available in our village”, the source quoted Suanthang Chief of Sinzawl the border village as saying.

Similar claims were made by chief of Songtal Tualzathang, about 120 kms from here. In fact, some of the villagers in these hard hit regions were so desperate that they now beg on the otherwise dreaded armed outfits active in the regions, added the source. The reaction of these armed outfits approached by villagers ‘in the balance’ was not immediately known.

The shortage of rice in these far flung and hostile regions were aggravated by frequent landslides in the bordering state, wherein most of the villagers rely on to meet their ends. As the PDS supply for the region still not in sight and at least five landslides interrupting traffic along the Tipaimukh Road, Guite Road and Henglep Road, the situation may go out of hand if it remains unchecked said the apprehensive source that has a first hand account on the gravity of the situation.

In fact, concern over the various disturbing story it has bump into in recent days the Manipur Hills’ Journalist Union (MHJU) has planned to tour the interior for the second time to obtain a true picture of the sufferings in the interiors.

The Sangai Express

Aug 22 date for SoO | Bandhs cost crores in State

IMPHAL, Aug 19 : The Union Home Ministry, the State Government and the KNO are set to sign the terms and conditions for the Suspension of Operation on August 22 while such an agreement may not be signed with the United People’s Front, the umbrella organisation of a number of other underground outfits.

Speaking to The Sangai Express an official source said that Principal Secretary DS Poonia will represent the State in signing the terms and conditions with the KNO while the Union Home Ministry will be represented by its Joint Secretary Navin Verma. The KNO will be represented by four of its senior leaders. The venue for signing the pact will be decided by the Home Ministry.

Principal Secretary DS Poonia is presently at Delhi to sign the pact. IG Intelligence LM Khaute will also be present.

The State Cabinet had given the green nod to the terms and regulations after the KNO suggested some changes in the ground rules. On the other hand, a final pact with the UPF may be delayed for some time as there are certain differences on the ground rules, said the source and added that the State Govt will not change the ground rules.


Bandhs cost crores in State

IMPHAL, Aug 19: Twenty days of bandhs and 60 days of NH blockades were recorded during the year 2004-05. According to the records of Directorate of Economics and Statistics, 47 days of bandhs and 97 days of NH blockades were recorded during the year 2005-2006, while 42 days of bandhs and 77 days of highway blockades were called by various organisa-tions during 2006-07.

Bandhs wasted around Rs 5.38 crores per day in 2004-05. It means Rs 22 per person were wasted per day during this time in the State. In 2005-06, Rs 6.13 crores per day and Rs 24 per person per day were drained away due to bandhs. In 2006-07, Rs 6.44 crores per day and Rs 27 per person per day were lost.

Talking about National Highways blockades, Rs 2.32 crores per day and Rs 9 per person were lost due to NH blockades per day during 2004-05. Rs 2.69 crores daily and Rs 11 per day per person in 2005-06 and Rs 3.01 crores and Rs 12 per day per person in 2006-07 were wasted due to these blockades. It means a whooping Rs 1319.96 crores was wasted due to bandhs and blockades up to the records January 31, 2007.

Bandhs and blockades called between April 1, 2004 and January 31, 2007 by social organisations like ANSAM/KSO, MEELAL, Additional DC Demand Committee, Jiri District Demand Committee, MSF/AMSU/DESAM, Sadar Hills District Demand Committee, ZSU/IT Road Deve- lopment Committee/KSO, ATSUM/ACTP, Apunba Lup, MAFYF, ATSUM wasted Rs 144.10 (Rs 572 per head), Rs 105.30 crores (Rs 418 per head), Rs 96.80 (Rs 384 per head), Rs 54.45 crore (Rs 216 per head), Rs 52.41 (Rs 204 per head), Rs 43.16 crore (Rs 168 per head), Rs 35.56 crore (Rs 144 per head), Rs 27.17 crore ( Rs 120 per head), Rs 24.45 (Rs 99 per head) respectively.


The Sangai Express

Another hurdle in District Council polls

IMPHAL, Aug 19: As the process of delimitation for the District Councils has been delayed following complaint over the electoral rolls published in January this year on which basis the delimitation was to be effected, the State Cabinet during its meeting today recommended extension of the tenure of the Delimitation Committee for another 45 days.

The Delimitation Committee had been set up for a period of 45 days and during these 45 days, the process of delimitation was supposed to be completed.

However, following complaint over the electoral roll published in January this year as the base for effecting the delimitation, completion of the process has been delayed.

Moreover, as a new electoral roll is to be brought out on August 30 and the already completed delimitation process in Tamenglong, Chura-chandpur and Sadar Hills need to be re-examined, the State Cabinet recommended extension of the tenure of the Delimitation Committee for another 45 days.

Presided over by Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, today’s Cabinet meeting also recommended convening of the Monsoon session of the State Assembly from October 1.

As to the demand of increasing the ST quota in the Manipur University, the Cabinet meeting decided to exert pressure on the Centre in this regard and amend the existing rules and regulations.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The ECT Trio

Album Thar A Chuak Leh Dawn !
‘Thank You Zoram’

Mizoram thalaite zingah chuan a hawizau zualte chauh hian kan la hre chauh awm e. Manipur Zo-khawpui Churachanpur atanga India hmarchhak tlangmite zingah hriat hlawh tak Evangelical College of Theology (ECT) zirlai nula pathumte inthu rualin an College hming chawia Trio an din hian NE India thalaite hriat hlawh hle ni tawh mahse Mizoram-ah hriat an la hlawh lohna avang hian kan bangbo deuh pawh a ni ang.

Tun hnaiah an College chawlh laite a nih avangin Mizoram-ah chawlhkar khat vel an rawn zin khawthawnga, ECT Principal Rev Dr Kh Khaizakham-a hoin Mizoram hi an rawn tlawh a ni. Tum tum an rawn zin chhan hi kumin kum tawp October thla laihawl vel hian an programme anga an awm chuan Aizawl-ah an album 4-na tur chu release an tuma, ruahmanna an rawn siam chhin a ni ber a, Lelte Office pawh rawn tlawh zawkin, Lelte-in an chanchin kan zawh atanga kan thil hriat theihte tun tum Artiste Huang-ah hian kan rawn thai lang a, a bengvar thlak hawp mai -

Khawi Lam Product Nge?

An awm mawi zia leh tihtak zeta zai an nih avang hian an hmel i hmuh hmasak loh chuan i lo ngaihsak vak lo pawh a ni thei, Mizo-in zai kan tih piah lamah hian an zai a ni bera, zaithiam thehkhat mittui luang zawih zawih leh maimichhing a an zai ang kha a ni lo, hmel hlim sang, hmuhnawm taka Pathian fakna hla sa an ni.

An ni pathum zingah unau an awma, Kimpi leh Muanting te hi unau an nia, Sangi hi Manipur lam product niin, Kimpi leh Muanting -te hi Falam lam product an ni thung. An ni pathum hian Churachanpur khawpuia Evangelical College of Theolocy (ECT)-ah B.Th final year tun August thla tir atang khan an zawm tan a, College student an nih avanga mipui hma-ah an pathum hian zai tan ve mai an ni. Amaherawh chu, an pathum hian naupan lai atang rawn zai chho tawh an ni. Mizoram-ah ATC Male Voice kan tih ang deuhin, Churachanpur lamah chuan ECT Trio tiin an ni pathum hian hriat an hlawh ve em em mai.

Engtia Zai Nge An Ni ?

Zai ngaina ta chu College function nikhua-ah zai hmatawngah tangin, an ni pathum hi an zai ho fo a, chuta tanga ECT Trio din hi an ni a, an Pricipal Rev Dr Kh Khaizakham hi Pathian thu duh tak, hmun hrang hranga rawngbawlna nei deuh reng a ni a, ECT Trio pawh hian heng rawngbawlna hrang hrangah hian an Principal hi an tawiawm thina, an han zai an han zai chuan Pathianin an zaite mal a sawmin, demand a rawn tam ta tual tual a ni. Pathian fakna a Biakin leh thil tihna hrang hranga an zai dawn hian chaw an ngeia, an tawngtai hmasa ziah thin a, hei hian an zaina-ah pawh inpekna thinlung tak tak a neih tir avangin, an zai ngaithlatute pawhin an zai atangin thlarau lam malsawmna an dawng fo thin tih hriat a ni.

Album Chungchang ?

Manipur lama kan Zo unaute hian album an siam reng rengin Music Video nen thlap an buatsaih nghal thin a, audio hi an copy tlem tawh zawka, Music Video nena tihchhuah ngei ngei turah an ngai nghet tlat mai. Chutiang bawkin ECT Trio hian an Music Video album hmasa ber chu 2005 khan buatsaihin ‘The Best of ECT Trio’ tih a ni a, he Music Video-ah hian Zo-hnahthlak hnam hrang hrang Paite, Gangte, Thahdo/Kuki, Hmar, Lusei, Pawi leh Meitei Gospel hla an sa a, eng hla mai pawh an hneh em em mai bakah, an zai lai hlim tak chuan an zai a tihmuhnawm zual a ni. Tin Music Video hi a buatsaih dan a tha hle a, Video Camera man an nei tha hle bawk. He album hi an Kohhran Evangelical Congragational Church of India lo hruaitu hmasa-te hriatrengna puala an buatsaih a ni a, an Kohhran hruaitu lo ni tawhte an thlalak te pawh an lan tir hmasa a, Burma lama Pastor lar tak Rev Lalthanliana thlalakte pawh tihlan a ni nghe nghe. 2006-ah an album Vol II ‘The Best of ECT Trio Vol II’ chu tihchuah leh a ni a, he Music Video-ah hian Vol I ang thoin Zohnahthlak hla hrang hrang an sa leh a, R.Vanlalzauva leh Well Born Manner-a hlate pawh a tel nawk mai. He album hi an Kohhran hnuaia zirtirna hna lo thawk tawh boral ta te pualin an dedicate ve thung a ni.

ECT Trio album Vol III an buatsaih leh a, he album pawh hi Zohnahthlak hla hrang hrang an sa leh a, Mizorama kan lo hriat lar tawhte Rev HP Runremthang, C.Lalzarmawia, Upa F.Laltuaia etc hmingte pawh a kat ta nuk mai. He album-ah hian hla chi hrang hrang 14 zet awm a, he album hi ECT Trio promoter leh ECT-a Principal thawk lai Rev Dr Khaizakham-in March ni 12, 2008 a kum 60 a tlin lawmpui nan leh Pathian hnena lawmthusawi nan an dedicate ve leh thung a ni.

Album Thar chu ‘Thank You Zoram’:

ECT Trio album Vol IV hi ‘Agape Hmangiah Pathian’ tih a ni a, hla zawng zawng hi Lusei (Mizo) hla veka sak a ni thung. An buatsaihna chhan ber chu Manipur a Kristiante hian Chanchintha an dawnna hi kum 2010 AD hian kum 100 a tlinna tur a ni a, Gospel thu hi Mizoram-a Kristian hmasaten Manipur-ah an put luh a ni. Manipur tlang rama Gospel Centenary a lo tlin lawmna pawh ruahmanna a awm mek a, hei vang hian Mizo mipuite hnenah Gospel rawn thlentu an niha vanga lawmthu sawina ‘Thank You Zoram’ tih chu he album-ah hian an thupui tur a nih chu. A release hun tak erawh la sawi theih a ni lova, ruahman chhin dan chuan kumin September chawlhkar thumna bawr vel tin zawn a ni.

Tunah hian abum hi audio lam peih fel a ni tawh a, Music Video erawh an la zo lo deuh. Album pathum ngawt an lo tihchhuah tawh ai khan an uluk zawk thu erawh an sawi.

Hun rei vak lovah Aizawl Doordarshan leh local channel velah ECT Trio zai hi tihchhuah theih beisei a ni a, ngaihven chi tak a ni ang.


Rats and official apathy increase Ccpur woes

Lamka, Aug 18: Even as the famine situation in Churachandpur district continues unabated the situation is expected to worsen further with reports of severe crop damage pouring in due to an ever increasing rat population in the interior area jhum fields.

At the other end, concerned civil societies from abroad and para-churches organisations have been extending relief assistance but they are only like a drop of water in a huge ocean.

Assistance has been provided by Zomi AID and some others by way of rice which has been highly welcomed by the affected people and civil societies functioning here, yet they are inadequate for the hungry masses.

In spite of this, the only means to tide over the situation as presumed by traditional village folks is laying traps by which means at least some number of the rats could be caught in an effort to minimise their numbers, said a villager from Lungthul (E) Kampi during his recent interaction with the press.

He showed an estimated number of more than 2000 rat tails caught in a trap while maintaining that the numbers are too overwhelming and beyond their capacity to control.

He came all way from the village to procure a poison for killing rats but could not find enough of it.

He further said that last year the rodents destroyed crops but not the paddy, and this year they destroyed the paddy crops giving a death blow to the farmers hope for harvest in so many villages of Singngat and Thanlon sub-divisions.

So many households in the two divisions were affected as all the standing crops have been ravaged, he said to this corerespondent.

Meanwhile, ZEPADA in a press statement reiterated their demand to the government for a solution to the plight of the villagers.

It said crores of rupees had been sanctioned by the Union government to check rodent menace and for relief of the poor and victims of the catastrophe, but the situation remained unchanged with each passing day.

It urged for immediate distribution of free rice, provision for relief from the chief minister's relief fund, food security throughout the year and buying of the rodent tails at the rate of Rs. 5 per tail along with release of all the funds sanctioned by the Central government.

In case of the last demand, it has been learnt that the Centre has sanctioned Rs. 19 crores. However, the department does not want to comply with it.

Over and above this, the forest department claimed to have distributed 1900 rat traps during 2006-08 with rodenticides of 10,450.

But the IFP investigation has revealed nothing has been done in that direction by the department and they rely on traditional traps to help themselves.

Moreover, the forest department’s claim of buying rat tails has never been done.
This being the case a Mautam-Famine AID, 2008 concert is being organised under the theme "Concert for Hungry" on September 5 to raise funds for the famine affected people.

Source: Imphal Free Press

Rodent menace in CCpur, Helpless Chief displays rats’ tails

Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Aug 18: Left with no other option and to draw the attention of the Government to the rodent menace, the village chief of Lungthul (E) has collected more than one thousand dried rodent tails from the villagers and produced them before the media here to confirm and highlight their plight due to the rapid increase in the population of rats which has taken a heavy toll on their foodgrains and standing crops.

“The tails displayed before you are just a week’ s catch in my village, and on an average a family can trap 15-20 rodents a day,” the chief, named Kampi, told the media even as he produced more than a thousand giant rat-tails at the CDSU Information centre here.

“A few weeks earlier rodents stormed our fields during the night, but now they have started attacking the standing crops even before sunset or before the farmers leave their farm for the day. The ever growing holes in the field have made matter all that worse as the rodents can now escape the traditional trap -mankhawng- which we lay along the periphery of our fields,” he said.

Not just rice, but maize, cucumber, papaya “anything the rodents can get hold of are destroyed by the rats during their raids,” he added.

“Our lives are no longer in our hands,” said the village chief and apparently appealing to the Government through the media added, “if you can help get rid of the rodents we will have something when the harvest season comes, otherwise we will have nothing in our hands.”

The chief claimed that his village could escape the severe brunt of last year’s Mautaam as he could get hold of a great deal of expired rodenticides from the Government.

Against the official advice the chief brought the expired rodenticides and manage to help his villagers to an extent from the rodents last year.

But now he has no option as the rodents’ population has increased manifold and the rodenticides are scarce even in the market.

Every possible effort to ward-off the rodents was made and the traditional trap was made mandatory.

Family with no capable person to construct the trap had to arrange someone and pay them by working on their fields. The efforts of the villagers are now falling short and the tale of ten families discarding their fields “losing all hope of any harvest” is a grim reminder of the gravity of the situation.

Following the unique demonstration of the chief, the ZEPADA has reiterated its worst fear of people dying due to famine in the district if the situation is not addres-sed to on a priority basis.

In spite of its SOS to the Chief Minister and the State Governor, and even after learning that crores of rupe-es were spent for combating the rodent menace and oth-er crores being sanctioned by the Union Govt for relief and rehabilitation, the grou-nd situation remains uncha- nged, and instead is getting worse each day, it said in a statement today. The agen-cy also reiterated its dema- nd for free relief rice, relief assistance from CM relief fund, release of fund sanctioned by the Union Govt, ensuring food security and to pay Rs 5 for each tail of rodent that the villagers pro- duce. Alarmed and concer-ned by the lack of acknow- ledgement and relief from the Govt six civil societies of the Zomis have come forwa-rd to jointly organize a relief concert on Sep 5, 2008. Sig-ned by leaders from ZEPADA, ZYA, ZAA, ZSF, ZHRF and ZMA the civil societies have appealed to one and all to kindly lend their helping hands in their humanitarian endeavour.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Fake currency notes seized in Mizoram

Paramilitary Assam Rifles troopers in a joint raid with the Mizoram police seized fake currency with the nominal value of Rs.737,000 and arrested one man, officials said here Monday.

'Acting on a tip off, the counterfeit notes in Rs.500 denomination were recovered from Ginsuanpau here Sunday,' an Assam Rifles spokesman said.

Earlier in June, the Assam Rifles had recovered fake notes worth Rs.272,600 in Mizoram's capital Aizawl.

The police in Mizoram and Tripura in November last year busted an international racket in fake Indian currency and arrested six people, including a Myanmar national and a local bank manager.

The six were arrested from Mamit district of Mizoram and North Tripura district, and fake (Indian) currency notes worth Rs.196,000 in Rs.100 denomination were recovered.

Nationalised banks and various other financial institutions in the Northeast India have taken a series of measures including installation of fake note detection machines to identify fake currencies


2008 Independance Day Address of the Deputy Commissioner, CCPur

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me immense pleasure to stand before you on 2nd consecutive Independence Day celebration in the District as the Deputy Commissioner and I consider myself extremely fortunate for this.

Ladies & Gentlemen, first of all I would like to congratulate you all on this sacrosanct day of 15th August, the Independence Day of India and we all take pride in being a part of this largest democracy of world.

At the very outset I want to salute the wonderful people this District who have shown an uncanny vitality and spirit of survival and prosperity.

Ladies and Gentlemen, believe me, people outside are perplexed and baffled that how a town battered by chronic violence and tension has still been growing, shining and blooming! How a District which is currently regarded as one of the most dreaded and unsafe place of North East India is leaping forward and achieving unbelievable success!!Marked by presence of more than 12 insurgent groups and frequent killings, Churachandpur town is still the fastest growing and largest town of the state--only second to Imphal. The District is the biggest producer and consumer of many things from mundane to the most stylish categories like footwears, garments and furnitures. Within last 2 weeks I have came across two young boys who have made it to IIT and both of them had done their 10+2 from Churachandpur town!! This year alone atleast three boys have landed up in IAS and IPS from the District. On a population of 3 lakhs we have 5 daily Newspapers in Churachandpur -- a number which even a District having a population of more than 30 lakhs in UP and Bihar cannot boast of! From Airline companies to shopping malls of Delhi and Mumbai and from modelling ramps to the ranks and files of Indian Army, Air force and Navy, young folks of the District have made a thumping presence.

And it is because of this Ladies and Gentlemen, I am reminded of Second Corinthians New Testament:
“ We are hard pressed on every side yet not crushed; we are perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed …” (II Corinthians 4:8-9)

Ladies and Gentlemen, The last year has been very eventful for the District. First and fore-most has been the successful completion of 1st year of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme(NREGS) in the District. Approximately 45,000 families of the District were provided employment under the Scheme with an investment of approximately 34 crore rupees in the year 2007-08. All the households of 3 Blocks-- Tipaimukh, Thanlon & Vangai were given 100 days of employment, while all households of Singngat & Henglep were given 65 days of employment. Remaining 5 Blocks received 50 days of employment for all families.

An impact study commissioned by DRDA Churachandpur has revealed that NREGS has brought about amazing changes in the rural economy of the District in a very short span. Now there are concrete evidences that the rate of labour wages in open labour market of the district has significantly gone up after the launch of NREGS in the District. Before launch of NREGS a labourer engaged for various unskilled works was paid on an average of a daily wage of Rs. 60/- to Rs. 70/- per day in the district. But after the launch of NREGS no labourer is available in open labour market in less that Rs. 90/- to 100/-, as NREGS itself is offering an amount of Rs. 81.40 per day. Half of the work force of NREGS constitutes females. Moreover women workers have to be provided with facilities like baby crèche etc. NREGS has proved to be extremely gender sensitive by enabling around 22500 women to participate in work force. On one hand NREGS has launched a systematic attack on rampant unemployment and on the other it has brought a relieving economic freedom to rural womenfolk. Now there are confirmed reports that commercial sex market in the district has received setbacks because of NREGS, with many commercial sex workers having got job under NREGS have stayed away from the obnoxious profession, atleast during the NREGS employment period.

Ladies and Gentlemen, NREGS is not only addressing the chronic unemployment and despair of our youth but more than that it is addressing the plight of our mothers, sisters and deprived womenfolks. Ladies & Gentlemen, please allow me to quote Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton who in the year 1995 while speaking on women’s rights said thus…

“… Now it is time to act on behalf of women everywhere. If we take bold steps to better the life of women, we will be taking bold steps to better the lives of children and families too.. As long as discriminations and inequalities remains so common place around the world- as long as girls and women are valued less, fed less, fed last, overworked, under paid, not schooled and subjected to violence in and out of their home-the potential of the human facilities to create a peaceful, prosperous world will not be realized...”

Few months back some local newspapers of Churachandpur town ran Banner Stories that after the introduction of NREGS the fee payment by poor student has improved and school drop out rate is on decrease. Remarkably but interestingly it is also reported that even the ‘Tithe’ collection of churches has substantially increased indicating enhanced income of common man. All National Level Monitors of NREGS who have come to the District have rated Churachandpur as one of the best NREGS districts of India.

Other developmental initiatives in the District include the speedy completion of Khuga Multi-purpose Dam which is expected to be inaugurated by Prime Minister of India. The Project is likely to address the problems of irrigation, drinking water and power supply in the district and neighboring areas. Construction and improvement work is under rapid progress on the roads leading to Henglep and Tipaimukh even as the Guite road is being slated as National Highway. Construction work has already started at P.T. SPORTS COMPLEX, site Lamka which is another major proj ect having its other segment at Tuibong Peace-ground.

Long awaited Rehabilitation package for the victims’ families of ethnic clashes was ultimately successfully distributed to all 3,500 families few month back after a wait of almost 10 years. Under the package an amount of Rs. 10,000 was provided to each family with a total approximately cost of Rs. 3.5 crore, provided by Govt. of India. Besides, under Special Plan Assistance, Urban Infrastructure works under MAHUD are under successful implementation in Churachandpur Town area with an investment of approximately Rs. 2 crore.

Lastly but above all the people of the district were able to maintain communal harmony and peace during past one year thereby enabling the Administration to maintain law & order in the district.

However, despite all land-mark achievements the district continues to waddle on many fronts. Road communication in the district is in extremely bad shape. Even as I speak these words at this very moment many parts of Tipaimukh & Henglep Sub-Divisions remain cut-off from Headquarter in the present monsoon season. Govt. institutions are still not fully functional in the outlying Sub-Divisions thereby causing great hardship to the people. Some contentious problems of the district still remain unresolved and most important of them is the issue of Mini-Secretariat. While we have seen beautiful sprawling buildings and campus of Mini-Secretariat coming up in Ukhrul and Senapati Districts, the Mini-Secretariat project of Churachandpur District is in serious jeopardy and far from take-off.

Another serious challenge persisting before us is MAUTAM and food-grain scarcity in outlying Sub-Divisions. Recently we received approximately 4000 Qtls of Relief Rice at BPL rate for worst affected villages which was hardly sufficient to solve the problem.

Ethnic tussle compounded by multiplicity of insurgent groups in the district is another core problem because of which the peace and tranquility is always found suspended from thin end.

Today even as we have gathered here to celebrate the land-mark day of our Independence from a foreign rule, it is high time that we take a resolve to free ourselves from other forms of miseries and slavery which include the violence, poverty, disease, deprivations and injustice thereby empowering ourselves to deal with them,

However we should not forget what Jawaharlal Nehru said at the mid night of 14 August 1947;
“Freedom and Power bring responsibility”.

I appeal to all of you to strengthen the hands of Administration so that we can serve you in a much better and more meaningful way.

With my best wishes.

Govt allocates Rs. 75 lakhs for GPF payment

IMPHAL, Aug 17: The state government has agreed to the allocation of Rs. 75 lakhs funds for payment of GPF advance/part-final withdrawal for the month of August, 2008.

According to an official source, the unit-wise allocation are Rs. 10,00,000 for the Imphal west district police, Rs. 2.40,000 for Imphal east police, Rs. 4,50,000 for Thoubal police, Rs. 1,30,000 for Chandel police, Rs. 1,70,000 for Ukhrul police, Rs. 2,00,000 for Bishnupur, Rs. 80,000 each for Senapati and Tamenglong police, Rs 1,30,000 for Churachandpur police.

For the police headquarter, the amount is Rs. 1,85,000, for CPCR Rs. 20,000, for MPTS Rs. 2,30,000, for CID(SB) Rs. 4,00,000, for CID(CB) Rs. 1,10,000, and for MPR Rs. 2,20,000.

The allocated for 1st MR is Rs. 7,00,000, for 2nd MR is Rs. 4,20,000, for 5th MR is Rs. 4,50,000, for 6th MR is Rs. 5,70,000, for 7th MR is Rs. 4,50,000 and for 8th MR is Rs. 4,00,000.

While the allocation for the 1st IRBn is Rs. 1,70,000, for 2nd IRBn is Rs. 2,50,000, for 3rd IRBn Rs. 1,20,000, for 4th IRBn Rs.35,000, for 5th IRB Rs. 75,000, for 6th IRB, Rs. 1,50,000 while that of homeguard and FSL the amount are respectively Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 30,000.


Workers to strike work on Aug 20

IMPHAL, Aug 17: In protest against the alleged anti-worker policies being pursued by the UPA Government at the Centre, the Sponsoring Committee of Trade Union, Manipur has called a State-wide general strike for 12 hours with effect from 5 am to 5 pm of August 20.

Announcing this during a press conference at the office of the All India Trade Union Congress, Manipur State Committee located at Irabot Bhavan today afternoon, convenor of the Sponsoring Committee of Trade Union, Manipur L Sotinkumar said the general strike is being called by the Sponsoring Committee in collaboration with various other Associations and Federations as part of the Nation-wide agitation against the UPA Government to revoke its anti- worker policies.

During the course of the 12-hour long general strike, the ground staff of the Airport Authority of India in the State would suspend their work and stop the flight service. The employees of the Telecom, Postal, Bank, Insurance and other Government Departments would also suspend their work. Over and above this, workers in Road Transport services and shop and establishments would also cease their work on the day and join the protest, the convenor informed.

He also appealed to the people to co-operate and support the strike being called to press various demands including punishment of the officials responsible for the Monika fiasco, to stop corruption and nepotism in sports, to stop commercialisation of education and health care, to reduce the prices of essential commodities, to ensure availability of PDS items to the people at an affordable rate, to provide minimum security to the workers and farmers along with passing of the Unorganised Sector Workers Social Security Bill pending in the Parliament, rectification of the pay anomaly in the Sixth Pay Commission in consultation with employees’ associations, to take up necessary preventive measures against corruption and ensure proper utilisation of the developmental funds.

Until and unless all these demands are complied with, the Sponsoring Committee would continue to launch various agitations relent-lessly, Sotinkumar declared.

He further informed that to ensure the success of the general strike, preparations are ready for deployment of volunteers at over 100 places located in different parts of the State including 12 points along the National Highways.

However, educational institutions and essential services would be exempted from the purview of the general strike, he added. On the other hand, justifying the general strike being called by the Sponsoring Committee of the Trade Union on August 20, All Manipur Shops and Establishment Employees’ Association S Chaoba said that the Association would support the general strike.

The Sangai Express

SoO likely to be signed today

IMPHAL, Aug 17: The trilateral agreement on the ground rules for suspension of operations, SoO with some Kuki militants operating in Manipur is likely to be signed tomorrow, a highly placed official source said Sunday.

State principal secretary home, DS Poonia who was authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of the Manipur government has left for New Delhi today to represent the state in the meeting scheduled tomorrow between the three sides, the source added.

The trilateral agreement on the ground rules for enforcing the suspension of operation is to be signed between the government of India, Manipur government and Kuki National Organization, KNO, to formalize the SoO and effect cessation of hostilities.

Eleven different Kuki based militant outfits came together to form the Kuki National Organisation, KNO for formalizing the SoO.

The constituents outfits are the Kuki National Army-KNA, Kuki National Front (Military Council)-KNF(MC), Kuki National Front (Zogam)-KNF(Z), United Socialist Revolutionary Army-USRA, Zou Defense Volunteers-ZDV, Zomi Revolutionary Force-ZRF, United Komrem Revolutionary Army-UKRA, United Komrem Revolutionary Army-UKRA, Hmar National Army-HMA, Kuki National Organisation, Kuki Liberation Army-KNO,KLA, KRA(U) and United All Kuki Liberation Army-UAKLA.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mr. Hangkhanpau, MLA in Guite Road thu CM ah tun

Lamka, Aug 16: Singngat Constituency MLA Pu T. Hangkhanpau in Menchim ziaka Manipur leh Mizoram kikawmtuahna lampi Guite Road khaktan a om toh kisai in Manipur Chief Minister Pu O. Ibobi Singh kiang ah gelhthoh in tuni’n theisak hi.

Hiai in a taklatna ah, Singngat leh Lungthul kikal mun li ah menchim ziakin lampi khaktan in om a, hiai teng huam sung Km 40 fel pha ding hi’n taklang hi. Hiai ziakin singtang a tengte’n haksatna genvuallouh tuak ua, nek-le-tak banah, niteng poimoh puaklut leh puakpawt om theilou hi’n leng taklang hi. Hiai ziakin Singngat, Thanlon leh Parbung bialte’n haksatna namenlou tuak uh hi’n leng taklang hi.

Hiai toh kisai in CM in Work Minister K. Ranjit kiang ah “Please arrange to take up immediate necessary action as reported” chin theisak a, Work Minister inleng semsuah pah ding in Chief Engineer theisak ngal hi.

Tuabangkal ah, Guite Road mah Songtal leh Khuanggin kikal a Tuizin kuam kichihna mun ah leng menchim ziakin kikawmtuahna buai a, Khuanggin leh Sinzawl kikal leh Sinjawl leh Tuivai kikal ah leng menchim ziak mah in gari lut leng om theilou, a pawt leng om thei tuanlou in mipi buai mahmah uh hi’n leng thutut kingah hi. Khuanggin leh Sinzawl kikal a bel lampi tuang chim kichim hi’n thutut kingah hi. Hiai bang teng haksatna a om hang in CM ah bangmah thutut om nailou hi.


CCpur ah mi 54,463 in sepna zong

IMPHAL, August 16: Directorate of Employment Exchange thusuak dan in June 2008 tan in sepna zong a exchange a minkhum Manipur a district teng a kigawm in mi 6,07,759 omta hi. Employment Exchange a min khum 6,07,759 lak ah pasal 4,37,749 pha ua, numei ahiheh 1,70,010 pha uhi. Sepna zong a exchange a minkhum Churachandpur district ah a kigawm in mi 54,463 phazou a, huai lak ah pasal 41,044 pha a, numei 13,419 pha hi.

Six lakh jobless youths in Manipur State

Newmai News Network

Imphal, Aug 16: The number of educated unemployed youths in Manipur has reached a six lakh mark till the month of June, 2008.

According to the Directorate of Employment Exchange, Imphal which revealed on Saturday that the number of registered unemployed youths till June 2008 was 6,07,759 which comprises of 4,37,749 male and 1,70,010 females.

The directorate also released the details of the district wise registered unemployed youths of the State.

While the Imphal west registered a total of 208705 consisting of 144670 males and 64035 females, the Imphal east registered a total of 85997 consisting of 60982 males and 25015 females.

Thoubal district recorded a total of 88814 consisting of 69594 males and 19220 females while Bishnupur district recorded 55394 consisting of 40522 males and 14872 females.

Ukhrul district also recorded a high of 24171 with 16896 males and 7275 females being recorded while Churachandpur recorded 54463 consisting of 41088 males and 13419 females.

Senapati district also recorded a total of 44418 which consisted of 32294 males and 12124 females.

Tamenglong district recorded a total of 17864 which consisted of 13623 males and 4241 females. Chandel district recorded a total of 20630 consisting of 14134 males and 6495 females.

The Special employment exchange for physically challenged also registered a total of 2226 consisting of 1525 males and 701 females.