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Dev. Fund te ahi bangbang a zat hileh…

I gam a sia, a hoihkei, a corrupt lua chih khawng i kampau tangpi uh ahi a, politician te hiam ahihkei leh state government leh a concern department te mawhsak chih khawng eilawi siamzawng tak hi a, mawhpaw taktak pen tua igente mah hi a, ahihziak in a milip lak ah leng kiveltuak thil tamtak om ding in ngaihsut huai hi.

State Government apan panpihna tuamtuam hongpaite thutuam in koih phot ta le hang, Centre Government apan khateng in Manipur panpihna ding in sum bangzah hong lut dia? Singtangmite leh Nam niamte dopsang na ding in sum bangzah hong paidia chih te suiseng hilou hi. Tamtak ten state government zaw duhdak lou lua hi ve aw, Manipur ah khantouhna om mahmah lou i chi sek ua, a hitak in zaw a implementing agency in mawhpaw zaw adiam chih theih in om hi.

Tuma deuh apan in CCpur district ading in Backward Region Grant fund sum tamtak hong pai in, huai te bang leng ahi bangbang a zat hita leh bangziak a i gam khanglou ding hiam chih theih in om hi. CCpur district sung Assembly segment 6 in kikhen a, CCpur, Thanlon, Tipaimukh, Singngat, Henglep leh Saikot ading in BRGF fund tam taktak ahong pai chih kuapeuh in i thei uhi. Hiai fund te atangpi thu in, Community hall, suspension bridge, RCC Bridge, playground, water tank, ringwell, waiting shed, public dustbin, school building, RCC slab culvert, pucca drain leh mipite khantouhna ding tawh kisai nasep ding thil tamtak ahi.

BRGF genlouh development fund bangzah a hong pai a, MLA Local area development fund nuai ah bangzah? PMGSY? IAY? SSA nuai ah sum bangzah? SPA nuai ah fund bangzah i district sung ah kum teng in alut a? fund tuamtuam hongpaite i genseng kei a, theileng i theiseng bok kei. Scheme tampi petmah a om a, rural area dopsangna ding centre in a ngaikhawk mahmah chih a chiang hi. Nidang hun in state government a hong buaisiat taktak lai in Union Planning Commission ah va tailut zel in sum va ngen ua, kha lawh ding tanpha va ngen uhi. Centre government in Manipur state ah sum tamtak a luang lut sak gige chih pen centre a ulian te kampau hi tawn tung hi. Tutung a Union Home Minister P Chidambaram in Imphal hong phak hun in leng Centre Government apan development fund tamtak Manipur a lut thugen a, helpawlten leng tamtak divert ua, a divert saktu leng official te mah hi a, fund negute leh a pekhetute khelhna kibang ahi chi hial a, hiai pen state mipite ading in zahlakna liantak ahi hi.

Government apan sanction hiam ahih kei leh loan bang ah development scheme/ fund hong pai tamtak te implementing agency in ahi bangbang in bawl leh zangkhia hita leh bangziak a i gam khanglou dinghiam chih theih in om hi. Tulai in public dustbin leh waiting shed bawl kithang mahmah a, bang teklei zang a, cement proportion bangzah hi ding hiam chih theih haksa mahmah a, zawhsiang ahih nung kha bangzah tan guarantee i pengam a chih te ngaihsut tham ching hi. Huaitan leng a zia om a, iki pahpih mahmah lai. Huchi lou a, thil kibawlsa lem va la in, huai pen office ah submit a, table work tungtawn a bill la khia chih te pen gam leh leitang a teng mipite simmawhna leh chouna bang in ngaihsut theih hi. Centre government in i bial khantouhna ding liauliau in scheme hon bawl ua, huchih lai in implementing agency pen a lou theilou hi a, himahleh, sem leng semlou a, bill va lakkhiak mai chih pen Christian ka hi chite ading in zum huai mahmah a, dam gegu a sisan kitawp kangsak tawh ki naih mahmah hi.

Development fund leh a scheme tuamtuam te hi bangbang a zang hita le hang, i school building te uh etlawm thei mahmah ding a, i kimawlna tualte uh, public toilet te, kikawmtuahna lampi, i nulla te uleh i niin buaknate uh pucca ngen hita ding in up huai a, leivui khu vung vung nuai ah ki taang khualkhual nawnkhol lou mai thei hi. Vangphat huaitak in UPA Solkar in NREGS hon implement in huai in i khawpite uh hon taan vak nasa tuan mahmah a, development fund in chik mah a bawlkhak ngeilouh NREGS ziak in kikawmtuahna lampite siangthou leh suang sun in hong om a, mipite ading in leng nek muhna hoihtak hong suak hi. Midang ading hilou, ei khantouhna dia sum le pai hongpaite a kisaipihten strict tak a a etkai uh kisam mahmah a, tuaban ah MLA/Minister ten leng a bial puahna dua sum hong paite himhim a etkai deuh uh kisam mahmah hi.

Source: Editorial, Manipur Express | February 07, 2009

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Manipur to draft a roadmap for women empowerment

Authorities of the Manipur government has invited the Manipur State Women Commission to incorporate suggestions to the line department, social welfare department as Manipur government is preparing a roadmap for drafting a report for speedy socio-economic development and empowerment of women as recommended by Committee of the Governors constituted by the President of India.

Official sources said that the state chief secretary held a meeting with his officials on January 29 to discuss on the report.

The Committee was constituted by the President of India with Governor of Haryana as chairman of the committee.

Manipur and Assam governors are among the 11 members of the committee representing the north eastern states. The committee is entrusted to identify areas for speedy socio-economic development and empowerment of women, identify gaps and suggest remedial measures and recommend administrative arrangement for effective coordination between the Central and State governments.
The first committee meeting was held in October last year at Rashpati Bhavan which finalized the terms of reference of the constituted committee has decided to seek comments and view of the state governments.

Chairman of the State Women Commission who participated in the meeting urged the state chief secretary and other present in the meeting to take up necessary steps for the welfare of the women in the state and to ensure the reduction of crimes against the women.

The meeting after detail discussion has decided to prepare a consolidated report by incorporating suggestions made by the chairperson of the State Women Commission and to approach the Union ministry of women and child development for necessary training apart from asking to submit a comprehensive note on women concerning their departments and submit to the social welfare department on or before February 12, the source added.


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US unemployment rate reaches 7.6%

The US unemployment rate rose to 7.6% in January, up from 7.2% in December, according to official figures. The rise puts the unemployment rate at the highest level since 1992. According to the US Labor Department, the economy lost 598,000 non-farm jobs for the month, and it also revised upwards the job losses for December. Commenting on the figures, President Obama said the "the situation could not be more serious" and added that "these numbers demand action".

He urged the Congress to pass his economic stimulus package without delay and "not to get bogged down in distraction and delay while millions of Americans are being put out of work".

Carmaking cutbacks

The monthly report on non-farm payrolls is seen as giving one of the best ideas of how the US economy is faring and comes amid growing fears that the global contraction will continue for some time.

The Labor Department revised upwards its estimate of job losses for December to 577,000 from 524,000.

In total, the US economy has lost 3.7 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007, with nearly half of those jobs shed coming in the past three months.

During January manufacturing cut back 207,000 jobs, making it the largest one-month fall since October 1982. The cutback in the auto sector was largely responsible for the reduction in factory jobs.

Construction firms cut 111,000 jobs, professional and business services got rid of 121,000 posts, retailers axed 45,000 jobs, and 28,000 posts went in the leisure and hospitality sector.

The latest figures were significantly worse than economists had expected.

'Awful report'

"The report is awful. It's even worse than it looks because retailers did not hire workers prior to Christmas, but they still did enormous layoffs after Christmas," said Cary Leahey, an economist at Decision Economics in New York.

"Firms are now suffering under the burden of excess inventories and everywhere you look in the report you see declines in almost every industry."

Meanwhile, in Canada, unemployment reached 7.2%, after a worse-than-expected 129,000 jobs were shed in January.

Source: BBC NEWS

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Kuki Inpi dismayed | Aimol, Thadou reaffirm kinship

IMPHAL, Feb 5: The Kuki Inpi Jiri-Tamenglong Zone has expressed dismay over the alleged act of the Government resorting to force against villagers of Moljol and Mongbung in its move to set up a rehabilitation centre for surrendered UG cadres there, reports our Jiribam correspondent. Zonal Inpi president PT Singson decried that the Government’s move would displace hundreds of villagers.

Saying that the Inpi will not remain a mute spectator to the State Government’s initiative, Singson said that they will fight for the cause of the villagers.


Aimol, Thadou reaffirm kinship

IMPHAL, Feb 5: Reaffirming kinship between Aimol and Thadou Kuki tribes, a get-together programme was held at Vairong village in Tengnoupal sub-division of Chandel district today.
The two tribes have also pledged to extend co-operation to each other and work together for the welfare of the society.

Attended by chiefs of 10 villages of Aimol and 25 villages of Thadou Kuki falling under the jurisdiction of Tengnoupal block, the programme was hosted by Kuki Chiefs’ Association.
Along with arranging a luncheon, the village chiefs were also introduced among each other at the occasion.

Speaking at the occasion, the chiefs maintained that Aimol is one of the 22 Kuki tribes and they have the same blood and origin. Apart from similarity in the customs, culture and tradition of the two tribes, 90 percent of the language being spoken is same.

It is said around 5,000 Aimols are settling in different parts of the State like Churachandpur, Senapati and Chandel districts.


Kut Lam fest

IMPHAL, Feb 5: Kom Chiefs’ Welfare Organisation and Kom Cultural & Research Centre, Manipur would be organising the 8th Lam Kut Lam Festival, 2009 at Bonglusi village under Samulamlan block of Saikot Constituency in Churach-andpur district on February 7. The festival would be attended by PHE Minister TN Haokip as chief guest, president of Kom Union Manipur M Mangler as president and MLA N Mangi, NIPCO pre-sident Y Nabachandra and ex-president of Kom Union Manipur K Lalkhopao Kom as guests of honour.


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MANIREDA lights up Ukhrul villages

IMPHAL, Feb 5 : For the first time after Independence of India, the people of five villages in Ukhrul district located along the Indo- Myanmar International border, who have not expe- rienced power supply till date have every reason to smile as their houses can be lit up at night with help of solar home lighting system from now on.

Under the assistance of Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency (MANIREDA), altogether 286 solar home lighting system have been provided to the people of Chatrik Khunou, Chatrik Khullen, Khayang, Kachouphung (T) and Kachouphung (K) villages which are located along border pillar numbers 122, 116 and 120 of the International border.

The solar home lighting system were distributed today during a function organised by Ukhrul District Committee Resource Management Society at the conference hall of Tangkhul Theological Association at Ukhrul with Commissioner of Science & Technology and IT, R Muivah as chief guest.
Representatives of the respective Village Energy Committees who personally came to Ukhrul town after the villagers contributed money from among themselves accepted the presentations on behalf of the villagers.

Interacting with The Sangai Express on the sideline of the function, Ning Reusang, a villager of Chatrik Khullen which is located 60 kms from Ukhrul, said that presentation of solar home lighting system from the side of MANIREDA was so heartwarming that he felt the life span of all the aged villagers will expand.

He informed that there is a TV set given by the Government in his village but it has been lying useless all these years as there is no electricity.

‘Now I am happy that we will be able to watch the TV’, he said excitedly.

to watch the programmes on the TV’, he said exultingly. While informing that one Shaktiman has been hired at Rs 10,000 for the transportation of the solar home lighting systems provided by MANIREDA upto his village, Reisang disclosed that the villagers have contributed Rs 300 each for the purpose and in all 16 of them have come to take the lighting systems.

Headman of Kachou-phung DS Zimik said that as there is no motorable road upto his village, a jeep has been hired at Rs 3000 for taking the lighting systems upto Chamu. ‘At Chamu, the people of my village would be waiting to carry the lighting systems upto the village walking 9 miles’, the headman informed, adding that in the absence of electricity, most of the villages light up their houses at night with Kerosene-fed lanterns. Speaking at the function, Commissioner of Science & Technology and IT Ram Muivah disclosed that instruction had already been given to the district administration for providing list of the villages in Ukhrul district which are yet to get electricity connection for taking up necessary measures. Director of MANIREDA L Manglem explained that the solar home lighting systems being provided is under the Remote Village Electrification programme and should be utilised for the stated purpose only.

Deputy Commissioner in-charge of Ukhrul district R Sudana presided over the function of distributing the solar home lighting systems.


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Friday, February 06, 2009

Aimol merger with Thadou-Kuki likely soon

Imphal, February 05, 2009: THE AIMOL tribes should be together with Thadou-Kuki tribes, resolved a meet, first ever of its kinds, which 35 chiefs of the villages attended, held today at Ngairong village under Tengnoupal sub-division of the Chandel district. The meet was organized jointly by Kuki Chiefs' Association and Aimol Chiefs Association.

From the Aimol tribes chiefs of 10 villages and 25 chiefs of villages of the Thadou-Kuki tribes took part in the meet.

The beginning of the meet was marked by seeking blessing from almighty.

While speaking in the meet Lousei, representing the Aimol tribes said that this day mark the beginning of a new history in the state of Manipur when the two tribes have decided to live together in oneness and harmony as one tribe.

There are 22 sub-tribes in the Thadou-Kuki group.

Aimol and Kuki have similar culture and traditions and 90 percent of the dialect speaking by the two are similar.

So, they should be together, he said.

Source: Hueiyen News Service

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India's Look East Policy Leh Zo mite

Tg. Kammuanmung (MPhil. 4th Sem)

South-East Asia gam -- Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia leh adangdangte toh kizopna hoihtak neih ding tupna toh India in Prime Minister Narasimha Rao hunlai 1992 in "Look East Policy" chih minvoh in pan anala panta hi. Myanmar pen gam poimoh mahmah khat ahi chih thei in India in Look East Policy tungtawn in India-Myanmar kizopna hatsak semna ding in pan nasatak in ala hi.

Tuachi'n kum 30 sung vingveng kinungngat a, kizopna mumal neilou India leh Myanmar kizopna in hoih lam nawt hiaihiai in pangkhawm a nasep pat in a omta hi. Hih gam tegel na thupitak semkhawm dinga theihtawp suah a pan alak laitak un, a nasep un a sepna uh gam sunga teng Zomite tungah bang tun ding ahia chih Zomite'n i theih a kul in a poimoh hi. Kawlgam-Vaigam kumpite vaihawmna leh kizoptuahna in i hinkhua hah sukkhak (impact) lai mahmah ahihman in, hih gam nihte sep-leh-bawlte in Zomite a ding in gen lian nei mahmah mai hi.

Sahkhua hi'n tawndan hitaleh a kinaih mahmah India leh Myanmar in khangthu zong sawtpi ana kitaang uhi. British-te uk lai a British India a om in, Government of India Act, 1935 thupukna dungzui in 1937 in India apan Burma khenkhiat in ana om pan hi. 15th August 1947 leh 4th January 1948 a zalenna a muh un, India leh Burma in gamsung vaihawmna dingin democracy ana tel tuak uhi. Prime Minister masapen Jawaharlal Nehru leh Unu in ngaihdan kibang tampi nei in, theihphak louh lai apan India leh Myanmar ki-unauna zop touh zel in ana om hi. Burma in kum 14 bek democracy paipih zou in, 1962 in Sepaih vaihawmna (military rule) ah ana puk hi. Sepaih thahatna toh vai hong hawm General Ne Win in "Burma for Burmans" chih thugin khauhtaka paipih in gamdangmite bawlsiatna nasep apan hi. Tuachi'n Burma leh India gam khat ahihlai a India mi tampi Burma ana lutte, guptuam-paihtuam nei General Ne Win vaihawm haksatna thuaktute (victims) ahong hita uhi. Tuchianga Myanmar zawnna ziakte laka khat ahihleh India mipil leh mihau Burma ana taisante nasep sem ding Burma mi aom louh ziak ahi. General Ne Win in India mi tampi ana delhkhiat bek hilou in 1962 India-China War (gal) ah zong China ana panpih hi.

1962 military coup (thaguma vaihawmna laksak) ziaka Burma gam vaihawmtu leh vaihawmdan kikhekna in India leh Burma kizopna hahtak in a suasia hi. Hih Burma a siltung pen democracy gam ahi India in a pakta mawngmawng kei hi. Tuachi'n General Ne Win vaihawmna in India leh Burma a dingin kikhenna tun in, Burma leh China pankhawmna dinga kot hongtu a suakta hi. Gam tamtakte'n democracy subei a sepaih vaihawmna (military rule) tungding General Ne Win mohpaih in, a gamsungmite democracy deih in kiphin den uhi. Hibang hun haksa a panpih a poimoh laitaka thautang-thauvui sum-leh-pai toh ana panpih China tungah Pu Ne Win lungdamna a lian mahmah hi. Democracy deih a kiphin sangtamtakte sukmitna dinga lampi omsun chu thautang-thauvui zanga nasep ana hi mai dan ahi.

Kum sawtpi dengdel taka kizopna suk hoih kik ding tupna toh 1992 kum a patkhiat a ana om Look East Policy in masawn zel in 1994 kum in India leh Myanmar in kitheihsiamtuahna thukhun (Memorandum of Understanding) suai a kai uhi. Ahin, India leh Myanmar kizopna taktak pen 2000 kum a State Peace and Development Council(SPDC) Vice-Chairman General Maung Aye in India a vehna pana hong piangkhia ahi deuh hi. Maung Aye khualzinna gam nih kumpi liante kivehtuahna in a zui toutou hi. SPDC Chairman, Senior- General Than Shwe in 2004 in India vehna nei in, India President minthang tak Pu Abdul Kalam zong 2006 in Myanmar ah va hoh hi. April 2007 in Myanmar Army palai 18 ten Brigedier General Tin Muang Ohn lamkaihna nuai ah India vehna nei uhi. Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee in zong 2007 mah in Myanmar vehna va nei hi. Hih kivehtuahnate ah Myanmar in India subuai singnuaimite a gamsunga omsak lou ding ahihdan thuchiam nei thakthak hi. India in sum-leh-pai banah galvan tuamtuam in Myanmar ana panpih hi. A galvan piakte lakah 35 mm gun, helicopter, MIG Fighter-te zong pang hi.

India pan hah lakna ziakin February 2001 in Moreh-Tamu-Kalemyo lampi honkhiat in a om hi. Zomi innkuan tamkak a ding in hih Moreh-Tamu trade centre hinna nak (lifeline) a suakta hi. Gam thum kawmtuah ding lampi India-Myanmar-Thailand (Trilateral Highway) zong bawl dinga lemsak ahita hi. Gam nga kipawlkhawm —Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) te'n hih lampi bawl di tup (project) khat in nei uhi. Jiribam apan a Moreh tuan a Tamu lut ding Rel lampi Trans-Asian Railway bawlna ding India in namdetna March 8, 2007 in a neita hi. July 27, 2004 in zong India in Myanmar railway khantouhna ding in panpihna $56.358 million ana chiamta hi. $100 million bei a kibawl ding Kaladan River Multi-Modal Transort Project ah India lunglut mahmah hi. Hih project nuai ah India suahlam longkhawlnate (seaports) toh Myanmar longkhawlna Sittwe Port kikawmtuahna khansakna dinga panlak hi ding hi. Bay of Bengal tuipi suahlam leh tumlam a om Myanmar leh India a dingin hih tuipi tunga kikawmna poimoh leh manpha tak ahi.India in Myanmar a dingin IT Park khat Mandalay ah a bawlsak ding banah e-learning centre khat tuak zong Yangon leh Mandalay a bawlsak ding hi.

Hih atunga kigen lampite zoh ahih chiangin a gam mite a dinga phattuamna lianpi a tut ding lamet a huai hi. Kawlgam-Vaigam a kithehthang Zosuante kikawmtuahna baihlam deuhdeuh in, gamgi kantan a khualzinna nuamtak a neih ahih hun hong tung ding hi. Tua hun chiangin i gamsunga piang nate gamdang ah haksa lou tak in zuak theih hita ding hi. Moreh leh Tamu poimohna khangtou zel ding ahihman in, mun poimohte lei thei bang i om leh kideihsakhuai mahmah ding hi.

India leh Myanmar kinaihsaktu dang khat ahihleh energy -- oil(thautui) leh gas kileituahna ahi. Leitung a thautui leh gas zang tampente lak a 6na pang India in gas hau mahmah Myanmar apan gas atam thei pen in lei ut hi.Tu a banga a pai touh zelleh Myanmar in kum 38 daih ding gas ah nei hi. Technology(khawl nasepna) toh gas tampi lak theih ding omlaite India in a enlah mahmah hi.Tulaitak in India solkal etkol (public sector undertaking)--Oil and Natural Gas Commission Videsh Ltd. (ONGC) leh Gas Austhority of India(GAI) in Rakhine State, Myanmar ah thautui leh gas lakhia in nasem uhi.

North-East India buainate sukveng ahih a, muanna leh bitna tunding ahihtheihna dingin Myanmar panpihna poimoh mahmah hi. A gamsunga singnuaimi kibute delkhia dingin India in Myanmar a phutphut hi. Ahin, tamveipi delkhia dinga thuchiam a neihnung uh tutan in Myanmar gamsung singnuaimite bitna ahi zing nalai hi. 2003 "Operation All Clear" a Bhutan in a gam sunga singnuaimite gitta(vasa) ben a ben banga Myanmar in zong khatvei tei a gamsunga singnuaimite delhkhiatna dinga pan a lak sam ding India kinepna ahi. Myanmar in India lametna a sukpichinga singnuaimite a hong kap leh Manipur phaizang singnuaimi Myanmar a busate zong kap a omte lak ah pang ding uhi. Kap ahih ngeingei uleh a hong ngiamkiat mahmah ding uhi. Manipur phaizang singnuaimite ngiamkiatna pen Manipur Zosuante a dingin muanna leh bitna hi ding hi.

A bomb kamte (landmines) uh ziakin sihna i tuak ua, pawt/van pua a ut dandan a zak i hih ban uah i numeite bawlsiat sak in i om uhi, ahin bangmah i loh zou kei uhi. Myanmar in a gamsunga singnuaimite a hong kapkap chiangin Zomite a dingin bangtan hiam beek muanna leh bitna a hong tut ding lamet huai hi.

Look East Policy a dingin mun poimoh leh kilangh mahmah nih ah om hi.Tuate ahihleh Moreh leh Tamu ahi uhi. Moreh pen India apan a South-East Asia gamte zuan a mantawm leh baihlam taka pawtkhiat theihna pen ahi a, Tamu ahihleh India apan South-East Asia lutna dinga gamdang kituan masapen ahi. Hih India leh Myanmar a om mun poimoh tegel mundang gamdang hilou in i pu i pa apan chimlou a ahoihdan leh anopdan ih na sak sak uh Zogam ih chi na mun mah hi veve hi. Tua ahiman in Look East Policy a dingin Zogam leh Zomite in poimohna lianpi kinei hi i chi thei uhi. Na kisemte in zong Zomite hah sukkhak (impact) mahmah ding chihna ahi. Mizoram a om Champhai zong mun poimoh dang khat ahi. Ei lawi in i genthang mahmah uh Behiang-Tedim lampi pen mun poimohte kigenna lakah pang tawm mahmah mai hi.

India in (atunga Zogam i chih) North-East India leh Myanmar hizahtaka a limsakna bang ziak hi ding e chih ngaihsun tham khat ahi. Leitung huih laandan i et chiangin India lunglutna a theih haksa het kei hi. A gammite itna leh deihsakna ziak zong ahi khol kei a, India in lunglutna ziak poimohtak thum anei hi:

1) India in Myanmar sawtpi alimsak louh hun sungin agalpa chihtheih khop a a kidempih China in Myanmar gam toh kizopna hoihtak bawl in hamphatna teng zong ana kitan hi. India in Myanmar hausatna – thautui (oil leh gas) leh a dangte China in a zal a zou banga a zou zouhlouh ahihman in,China hamphatna a thangsiat hi. Tua bek hilou in Bay of Bengal tuipi suahlam a om Myanmar naval base (tuitung sepaih munpite) apan China in Bay of Bengal tuipi a India lalna a sukbuai khak ding India lauthawngna ahi. Myanmar in poimohna hibang nei ahihman in India in a gal bawl sangin a pawl bawl zawk ngai hi. A gaal bawl laisiah a teu deuhdeuh dinga, China a tuitum deuhdeuh ding hi. India in amah a teu khawk asak sangin zong China tuitum pen khawk asa zaw hi; China a hat laisiah India a ding a lauhuai ahihman in. Hibang thute ziak ahi ningkum 2007 a Myanmar kumpi in democracy deih pawl hiamngam taka a sukmit lai a democracy kiletsakpih India in a dem ngam taktak louhna.

2) Abul a kigensa bangin gam khangtou mahmah South-East Asia gamte toh van kileituaha kizopna (trade relations) India a dingin sum naak khat ahi. Hibang a gam poimohte India pana lutna dinga lampi/gam omsun Myanmar pen India a dingin poimoh mahmah hi.

3) North-East India a singnuaimi Myanmar a kibute douzoh na ding leh Myanmar apan khamtheih aguk a hong kipawlutte dal zoh ahihna dingin Myanmar kumpi panpihna India in poimoh hi. Look East Policy sukpiching ahihna ding India leh Myanmar (adiak in Myanmar) tungah kinga lian mahmah hi. Tuchiangtan in Myanmar in India sangin China limsak zaw in India adingin muantaak in om thei nai lou hi. Kum 16 vingveng panlak ahih nung in zong khantouhna leh masawnna taktak muh ding om nai lou hi. North-East a laisiam tam takin "Look East Policy " in ahoih lam sangin a sia lam hong tun zaw ding hi chi'n dem uhi. Ahin, silteng asia lam vive a et dik khin sam lou ding hi. Leitung kikhel hattak khanga teng i hihna ah ei zong i ki khek touhtouh theih ngai ding hi.I gamsung a na kisem sawmte thei kawmin Look East Policy in Zomite adingin bang ahong puak ei chih i na en tou zel ding uhi. I zaksiam leh i phattuampih tham ding uhi.

- Kammuanmung
(MPhil. 4th Sem)
School of International studies
Russian and Central Asian studies
Jawaharlal Nehru university


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Christian forum seeks protection

BHOPAL, FEB 4 (IANS): A Madhya Pradesh Christian forum Wednesday wrote to President Pratibha Patil seeking her protection and expressing fears of violence against the community in the wake of upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh Christian Forum (MPCCF) wrote to the president after Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) activists Monday allegedly ransacked a Christian missionary-run St. Thomas Convent, whose principal Thomas Malkacherupil was accused of dishonouring national anthem during the Republic Day function Jan 26, MPCCF chief Indira Iyengar said. Iyenger, in the letter, has said that the Christians could be subjected to more violence in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections.

A case for disrupting singing of the national anthem was registered against Malkacherupil Jan 31 on the basis of a complaint by the school’s physical training teacher Vedprakash Gupta.
Later Monday, ABVP workers staged a demonstration outside the convent school demanding arrest of the principal and scuffled with the cops in which some activists were injured. The principal was arrested and later released on bail.

Demanding a ban on all outfits that are “damaging the secular character of the country”, Iyengar said, “Future of the country’s democracy is at stake due to such elements”.

Meanwhile, ABVP activists have demanded that the bail of the principal be cancelled and he be re-arrested.

ABVP state secretary Hitesh Shukla has warned of an intensified agitation if their demand was not fulfilled by Thursday.

“People involved in the treason do not have any caste or religion, and any attempt to save the culprit by giving the issue a communal colour is wrong and would not be tolerated,” Shukla said.
State Congress spokesperson Manak Agrawal said, “The incident once again underlines the fact that ABVP, Bajrang Dal and allied organisations of the ruling BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) have no fear of law. The police and the administration in the state have miserably failed to rein them in.”

Agrawal demanded that people responsible for the incident should be arrested and prosecuted.


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AR destroys NSCN (I-M) camp

Assam Rifles destroyed a camp of the NSCN (I-M) in Bade village some 20 kilometers away from the outfit’s general headquarters, Camp Hebron, at around 10:30 a.m.Wednesday. Speaking to media persons, a senior functionary of the NSCN(I-M) said that about 50 to 60 Assam Rifles personnel arrived in two Gypsies and five truck and without any provocation, destroyed the camp.

“We could have confronted the Assam Rifles personnel since we were around 30 of us in the camp. We however restrained ourselves, keeping in view the cease-fire ground rules and as instructed by our monitoring cell”, he said.

Further he accused the Assam Rifles of taking away some blankets, beds, cooking utensils and other household articles from the makeshift camp comprising of five sheds. Another functionary of the NSCN (I-M), said the camp was set up only for the purpose of providing security to the VIPs of the NSCN(I-M).

He also accused the security forces of trying to provoke the NSCN(I-M) on several occasions. The incident, coming close on the heels of the recent 14-day stand off at Shiroi village Ukhrul district between the Assam Rifles and NSCN(I-M) has added a new dimension to the enforcement of the cease particularly in the light of New Delhi’s insistence to all factions to adhere to the agreed ground rules.

Explosives recovered

Meanwhile, the PRO, IGAR(N) said the 24 Assam Rifles, on receipt of specific information carried out a search operation Wednesday near the village and recovered some explosives and other items. The PRO said the AR discovered the “carefully concealed explosives, detonators inside a gunny bag” in a temporary unoccupied shelter made of bamboo and polythene. Among the recovered items included-two Japanese radio sets, one hand grenade, live rounds, four detonators, explosive stick, battery chargers, antennas and cable besides several incriminating documents. The AR troops dismantled the structure and also took possession of all the recovered items. Additional columns were also inducted to sanitize the entire area after the recovery, said the PRO. Though no arrests were made, the PRO said yet the presence of “explosives in close proximity to main road and railway line has definitely raised alarms and possible intensions of planned subversive activities cannot be ruled out”. A high state of alert was being maintained throughout Nagaland to prevent any of the underground outfits from carrying out subversive activities or use it to provide safe haven or corridor to escape the “heat” generated by the Army and security forces operations in Assam, the PRO said. The AR appealed to all the civilians to cooperate with them and provide any information regarding presence of suspected militants or weapons and explosives so as to avert any untoward incident within Nagaland.


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Myanmar not to allow its soil to be used by NE insurgents

Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar), February 5 (PTI): Myanmar today pledged that it would not allow its territory to be used by northeastern insurgents to target India as the neighbouring countries signed two pacts in industry and education sectors injecting a substantive economic content to their relations.

India raised the security issue stemming from the insurgents taking shelter in Myanmar which shares border with northeastern states of Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland as visiting Vice President Hamid Ansari held talks with Gen Maung Aye, the number two in this country’s ruling military junta, sources said.

At the delegation-level talks between the two sides, which followed a brief one-to-one meeting between Ansari and Gen Aye, the Myanmarese side acknowledged India’s security concerns but conveyed that the insurgents would not be permitted to use its territory to target India, they said. Myanmar’s assurance assumed significance as India, which had kept the military junta at arms length for a long time after the 1988 crackdown on pro-democracy protests, changed track when it found its security interests in northeastern states were in jeopardy.

Since India began engaging the Myanmarese military junta, there has been cooperation between security forces of the two countries in flushing out the northeastern insurgents. - PTI


India-Myanmar sign two MoUs on first day of Vice President Ansari''s visit

Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar), Feb.5 (ANI): India and Myanmar on Thursday signed two Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) to set up an English Language training Centre and Industrial Training Centre at Pakokku.

Designated officials of the two sides signed the MoUs in the presence of visiting Vice President of India, Mohammad Hamid Ansari and Myanmar''s Nay Pyi Taw and Development Council Vice Senior General Maung Aye.

Indian Ambassador to Myanmar, Aloke Sen, and Vivek Katju, Additional Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs represented the Indian side during the signing of MoUs.

During the signing ceremony both the countries commenced the Instrument of Ratification on Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, which was signed in Yangon (June, 2008) between them.

Prior to the signing of the MoUs, the two sides held delegation-level talks.

Vice President Hamid Ansari, during the official banquet hosted by his counterpart General Maung Aye, said that India has made great stride during recent years in terms of bilateral relations with Myanmar.

Ansari added that the agreements that were signed today are symbols of the immense potential and it would go in long run to nurture better ties.

Meanwhile, the highlight of the ceremony was the handing over of solar lanterns to Myanmar.

India is gifting 250 solar lanterns to Myanmar to assist in the ongoing relief process for the people in the areas affected by cyclone Nargis.

Minister of State for Defence, M. M. Pallam Raju handed the lantern to Major General Maung Swe, Minister for Social Welfare, Relief Resettlement. (ANI)


Vice-president of India on four-day visit to Burma

New Delhi (Mizzima) – The Vice-President of India M. Hamid Ansari will begin a four-day official visit to military-ruled Burma on Thursday in a bid to give a leg up to bilateral relations between the two countries.

"He [Ansari] will begin the four-day trip tomorrow [Thursday]," an official at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs told Mizzima on Wednesday.

According to a document at the MEA, during his visit Ansari will inaugurate the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in Rangoon. India and Burma in July 2004 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to set-up the India-Myanmar EDC (MIEDC).

In Mandalay, Ansari will also inaugurate the Optical Fibre Link between India's border town of Moreh in Manipur state, northeast India and the ancient capital city of Mandalay in central Burma, set-up by the Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL).

India under, the project, has sanctioned US $ 7 million through its Export and Import (EXIM) Bank to Burma. With the Myanmar Posts and Telecommunication (MPT) acting as the executing agent on the Burmese side, ADSL2+2 systems have been installed in at least 80 locations across Burma, the document said.

While it is still not clear, who in Burma, the Indian Vice-President will meet during his visit, Ansari is slated to witness the signing of two MoUs - setting up of India-Burma Industrial Training Centre and Centre for English Language Training (CELT).

The ITC, which will be located in Central Burma's Pakokku Town, will be a joint venture between India's HNT (International) and the Burmese government. The CELT will be set-up under the Association of Southeast Asian Nation-India (Asean-India) project.

Ansari's trip to Burma will be the first Indian high-level official visit to the military-ruled country in 2009. Ansari will be accompanied by a business delegation, according to MEA.

India and Burma in recent years have stepped up bilateral relationship and cosied up in terms of trade cooperation. According to statistics released by the MEA, Indo-Burmese bilateral trade for 2007-08 stood at US $ 901.3 million with Burma's export to India standing at US $ 727.85 million.

India's export to Burma for the same fiscal year stood at US $ 173.46 million.

Reporting by Mungpi and Salai Pi Pi


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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama in President a kichiem ni’a athu gen

Tuni in tami mun ah mi masate nasep zal in tawmtah in kahing dinga, nang gingtatna tung uah ka lung adam in ipu ipate kipiana ka lungtang ah atham zing hi. President Bush in igam adinga anasepna tung ah kipa thu ka gen a, dinmun kaki hengding ua ang ki thuapina leh katung a aphatna akilah sah na ah ka lung adam hi.

American President sawmli leh li in tami thuchiam ana lata a. Tami thuchiam hi lemna leh muanna a umlai leh gam hausatna asang laitah ta in ana gen ua, tami thuchiam hi khonim leh huipi lang nuai ah zong ana sam uhi. Tuhun tan in America hi tuangtahin apei nalai a, lamkai penpente pilzia hilou in, mipiten ipu leh ipa te ngaidante gin umtah a izui vua, gam mukhie ten zuiding a anabawlte uh izui nalai zia uh ahihi.

Humsawtpi ana zuita ua, tulai khangtha ten zong izui teitei ding uh ahihi.

Tuin hasatna meeipi kal ah I um uh chi itheichiat ua, igam uhi gamdangte toh galvan zangin ikidou ua, igam uhi thagum zahna ah akigawl laitah ahihi. Igam ne leh ta dinmun asiat laitah ahia, azia ahileh duh am zia leh maw puana ngaipoimaw zoulou zia zong ahi a, azia poimaw mama khat ahileh ibawn ua ibawlkhiel zia uh ahi. Tami huntha ah igam uh a dianglut ding a, hinanleh ikiging masa sih uhi. Inn tampi kitaan in, nasemten ana uh ataan ua, sumdawnna a keniam hi. I damlou chianga ki etkawlna man asang ta mama a, I sanginn te a lawsam a, nichin in siatna in ang bawm a, I tenna planet uh hun lauhuai isuah ta uhi.

Tamteng hi puasietna kilahsahna ahia, data leh statistic bang a dih vot ahi. Igam un a kigintatna amangsah deudeu a, tami hi teh theichiah ahisih hi. America kiatniam na hi sil hingtung ding ahidan akilang chiang ta a, khangsawn ten angthua ngei ding uhi.

Tuni in nakung uah tami kagen ut hi, imaitua ding uh hasatna hi amaimai hilou in hasatna tahtah ahi a, alau huai in atam hi. Awlsamtah a suhfel maithei ahisia, hunsawt lousung a suhfel thei zong ahisih ding hi. Hinanleh, America gamin tami ana thei hen, igam hasatna tua hi I sufel ngei ding uhi.

Tunia bangzia a tami mun a pungkhawm ihi uai ichileh launa sangin lam etna/beiseina itelzaw zia uh ahi. Tami hasatna leh buaina peikan ding in iki lungtua zel uhi.

Tuin , thuchiam tangtun lou zia a mipi kunga hasatna tung hi ibeisah ta uh chi kapuang a, tambang ginna kingahna tham chinglou ten igam politic hun sawtpi sung ana luazing hi.

I gam uhi naupangnou khat ahi a, nanleh Bible thua imu bangin, naupang kimawlna silte koikhia a pichingbanga um uh ahunta hi. Tu in I beidawn ngailouna lungsimte uh toh ikithuam ua, igam history a hoizawlam ikiheisah uh angai hi. Khangtampi apata gou manphatah ina nei uh, ngaihdan siangthou leh pilna meisel hi imii sah ding uh ahisihi. Pasian in thuchiam angpia a, tuakhu michinteng akibang chiat chi ahi, michinteng aki zalen a, michinteng in milimpen/nopsapen ihi thei nadinga ma ila uh asiang a, tuakhu mipiten abawl thei uh apoimaw maw hi.

I gam thupina kagenkia ut a, thupina hi apia a kipia thei ahisihi. Asep a sepkhiat angai hi. I khualzinna lampi uhi suhtawm maimai thei zong ahi sihi. I lampi zui uhi milungsim chaute zuithei ahisihi. Nasepsang a um maimai utzawte, hausatna leh minthangna chauh telte ading in mun aum sihi. Tuasanga hangsan taha metding leh metlouding zong ngaitua masa loua malate, asema semte, silsiam tute, anaseppen uh zong theichiang loua taimataha sema, lampi hasatah zuia mualsuah ten hausatna leh zalenna anei zaw uhi.

Eite adingin, khawvela asilnei uh themnoukhat tawh tuisuahgiat galkai in hindantha neidingin ana kuankhia uhi. Eite adingin dawr lahah gimtah in anasem ua, Khawhang lamah anateng ua, chiang leh phawhbu kikal ah lou ana hou uhi.

Eite adingin ana sual un, anasi ua, Concord leh Gettysburg, Normandy leh khe sahn mun ah igam adingin anasi uhi. Numei leh pasalten theitawp suah in, akhutte uh agep/aduabei masang na anasem ua, dachianga khang hing umdingten nunnuamzaw anei thei nangding un anachi in. America gam hi mimal hausatna sangin ana ngaipoimaw zaw ua; mihing pian, hausatna emaw, sildangte sangin angai thupi zaw uhi. Tami khualzinna tunitan in I sunzawm zel uhi. Khawvel gam hausa pen ihi nalai ua, itenna lei a thuneipen ihi nalai uhi. I nasemte uhi tu masang sanga aneuzaw na leh achitlana uh a um tuansia, I lungsim uh zong tumasang sanga ipillou zawna uh a umnai sia, I vante leh inasepte chu kal masa emaw, ha masa emaw, kum peita lai emaw sanga ipoimaw louzawna a um sihi. I bawlthei uh a pangai nalai hi. Hinanleh mimal tawmnoukhat te hamphatna chauh atunding lau a ikiven zing hunlai ipeikan ta ua, tuniapat ikitat hiam uh angai a, init nate uh I silsiang uh angai a, America gam siamtha dingin nasepa ibulpat uh angai ta hi.

Munchin I etchiangin nasep ding atam mama a, I gam economy in hangsan leh feltaha ma lading apoimaw mama a, ma ila ding ua, natha siam chauh hilou in I khantou nading in matha ila ding uhi. Lampi leh leite ibawl ding ua, electric grids leh digital lampangte isiamtha ding ua, sumdawnna uh ahing khangtoukia thei nading leh iki zawpkhawm thei nading in. Science siamna te a um nading mun dihtaha a umthei nadingin ma ila ding ua, khawl sil a siamna te zangin hisel nalam ingai poimaw ding ua, ki etkawlna manzong isuh niam ding uhi. Ni, hui leh lei toh i gari te uh itaisah ding vua, I factory te uh zong I enkawl ding uhi. Zilna in poimaw mama te– college leh university te tulai khovelin apoimaw dan dungzui in I siam danglam ding uhi. Tamte hi ibawl theih uh ahi a, ibawl ngal ding uhi.

Tu in, I gamin a tupna gam atungzaw ding gingta lou aki um a, ama un tam ivaiguanna tampi te tangtun nading tana itua paiding uh agingta sih uh. A theizingna te uh atawm zouta ama. Tamigam in anatun nasate amanghil uh hi in akilanghi; pasal zalen leh numei zalenin atun theina tan te a theizing zoulou uh ahiding hi. A ngaituana te uh mi tengtengte lawna ahithei nading in a gawmkhawm ua, ahangsanna uh tawh.

Gingta theilouten tuin theikhalou anei ua, tuin politic tawh kidouna maimai ten mun atang zounon sih hi. Tu a igam in adawh pen chu I sawlkal hi alian tham nai, aneudeu talua ei chilam ahinonsia, I sawlkal in na apethei ei chite, law pangaitah neithei ding in innkuan chin ten na ahawl theiding vuai, aki enkawlzou thei na vuai chi hi I sawlkal in angaitua a, na apat pension te aza um tham na vuai chi sawlkal in a etchian angai hi. Tuakhu idei ua ‘ing’ chi a isan/dawng ding uh leh ma ila ding uh ahi. Hinanleh isan na ‘ii’ ichi uhleh I pogram vaiguansa te uh isuhtawp pai ding uhi. Mipi vantang sum enkawlte ihi ua, sum enkawl ten sum siam tah izah uh angai ding a, ibawldan hoiloute itawpsan ua iki siamtha uh angai a, inasep dingte uh khawmial nuai ah hilou in khawva nuai ah mite musua theia isep uh leh mipite leh sawlkal kikala kigintat tuahna I umsah theiding uhi.

Ahileh idawhna uhi I sum dawnna uh ahoilam a peiding in inawh ding uai asie lam in, chi dawhna hi imaitua laitah uh ahi. Hausatna atun leh zalenna a siam hi akitua thei sie, tami hasatna in ang theikhiatsah khat ahileh mit ihah zing louleh I sumdawnna te uh igingtatpha sangin a keniamthei hi chi ahi- tuahun chiangin gamin hausa leh neizou te chauh angai tua hun atung dinga, tuakhu gampumpi in athualaw zel hi. I ne leh ta lawchinna hi gross domestic product ah akingat sia, igam ua michin tung a hausatna atun dan ah akingah zaw a, I sum leh paite uh mimal chin lungsim kihawngte kung atun angai a, ki panpina ringawt hilou in, tuami khu ilampi zui ding uh, itupgam itun theina ding uh ahizaw hi.

Igam ki humhim nalam ah, I tahsa himna leh ingaidan deitel nalam ah bawl khiel inei ua, igam mukhie te… igam mukhie ten igingtatna sang in hasatna atua ua, charter ana suam ua, tuanah mimal zalenna leh dan tungnungna ana vaiguan ua, tuami charter khu khang tampi ah mipiten sisan luangkawm in ana toisang deudeu uhi. Tuami ngaidan in tunitan in khawvel ah meisal a de a, tuazia in eiten amii louna ding a isem/mut khuang ding ua, I phatsan sih ding uhi. Midangte leh sawlkal teng in tuin ahing en vua, khopi thupi penpen apat leh singtang ningtong penpen , kapa pianna khua nasan in zong ang en uhi. America gam hi khawvel gam chinte leh michinte lawmhoi ahi chi athei ua, mi koipou vaihawmna siangthou, lemna leh muanna dei tapou te hi America lawmhoi ahi. Tuazia in khawvel mapui dingin ikiman ta uh chi kagen ut hi. Ngaitua kit taleih khang masaten communism leh fascism ana maitua ua, missile leh tank chauh amaitua sih uh, hinanleh tuamiten ki gawmkhawmna leh ki pumpia na lungsim thuutah ana neizing uhi. Miten igam uh silbawl theina chauhin khawvel ahumbit zousih chi athei vua, tualeh idei bangbang a gamta zengzung ding zong ihisih uhi. Tuasanga ihatna te uh dachiang a khawvel hoina dinga zanga, I sahimnate khu azia ahoina thei siam a, khawvel mihingte kanatna dinga ma lathei hileh chi adei huai hi.

Ipu ipaten khawvela vaihawmna dih a um thei nadinga thu ana kimop sawn zel uh vengbit ding eite ihi uhi. Principle hoi leh dihtah in ang tuam a, gam leh gam ki unauna leh sepkhawmna hoizaw a umthei nadinga ma ila zing ding uh ahi. Amasa penin Irag hi amipite khuta umkia thei nading a akhut ua lana potkhiatsan isawm uh angai a, Afghanistan ah lemna leh muanna aum thei nadinga isepgim uh angai hi. I lawmlui te leh imelma luite tengtawh nuclear van lauhuaina tawmsah nalama ipankhawm uh angai a, I tenna khawvel sa/lum deudeu iven uh angaih hi. I gam ua khawtualmi mawna neiloute thasawm a helpawl hing gamtat sawmte na um uhleh tami kang hil ngal ut hi. Kaki pumkhatna uhi a nasa zaw ta a, kesah theigual aninawn sihi. Nang zouthei sih ding ua, kang zouzaw ding uhi.

I thei ua, I zalenna uh humbit dingin ihat nalai ua, ichau sih uhi. I gam uhi Kristian, Muslim, Juda leh Hindu sakhaw zuite umkhawmna leh gin neilou te gam ahi. I gam dinkhiat nalam ah khawvel ham tuamtuam leh culture tuamtuamten maw apua a, khawvel munchinte bawldan a America siam ahi. Civel war hasatah ina thua ta ua, tua hun hasatah ipeikan zia un ihat deu ua, iki unau deudeu uhi, kagenthei sia, masang a ikihuatna un amualliam san ta a, tuabang hunte ipeikan ta ua, tu in khawvel zong aneu in iki zawpkhawmna zong amasang sangin ahoizawta a, mihingin mani mihingpi te izaana uh ikilangsah deudeu ua, America in khawvel hi lemna leh muanna hun a puilut ding in ma ala zing hi.

Muslim khawvelin tami anathei uh hen, ngaituana tha tawh malam zuan in kang pei ua, tuinalam kibang leh kizatuah in. Khawvel gam tuamtuam, mahni gam siatna khawhanglam gamte ngaw zingten zong tami ana thei uhen, na mipite un na silsiam dan un ang te ding uhi. Na suhsiat nate uh hilou in. Neguna leh dihlou tah a thuneina tangten zong ana thei un, tuin khawvel tanchin gelna laipe hoilou lama gelin na um ua, tuin na khuttum humte uh phel na ut uhleh kapanpina uh khut kang ha ut uhi.

Gam genthei zawte adingin vaiguanna akinei a, noute tawh sepkhawm ka ut ua, na nasepna firm te uh ang lawchin a, nagam ua tui siangthou ahing luanglut thei nading in; natasa uh ahing hat a, na lungsim gilkialna uh dawn zangkhai ding in. Igam bang gamdangte zong, na musiamlouna uhi kamu thei in ka thua theisih uh; tualeh, Khawvel hausatna lakhiat nalam ah gahoilou tun thei nading khawpa kitaidemna zong ka deisih uhi. Khawvel a kiheng danglam ta a, tuami gualin eite zong ikihei danglam ding uhi.

I lamsau zuiding vuah America mihangsan masate itheiziong ding ua, tu dakal ngei ah piaunel gamgaw gamla pipi apei ua, mun gamla tah a tang sang ah akal uhi. Thu hingvaihah nuam anei ua, Arlington mun a pasalpha um in kumtampi ang guhil bang in. I liberty/zalenna humbit tu ahizia ua izaa uh chauh hilou in I gam adinga sepna ‘spirit’ angtuh zia ahi hi. Ama un amate sang a thupizaw adinga sem ahi uh akithei uh. Tu a, tu khang ah tuami ‘spirit’ thou in tunitan in ahing mapui hi.

Sawrkalin abawl theitan leh abawl ngeingei dinghi tami gam kingahna lianpen hi American mipite ginna leh kukalna ahihi. Tuakhu America mipi lungsim pichinna te, zin leh lengte adinga mun asiam zel dante, innkangkap mihangsan ten insawng sangtah meikhute daisah a, nu leh pa kipiana in tate piching dinga a etkawla, tuateng in idinmun uh ana siam hi.

Tu a, imaitua uhi siltha ahi a. Tuami maitua dingin I khutlai uh zong siltha ahi angai hi. Ina lawchin nate uh kingahna chu- sepgimna leh gin umna, hangsanna leh dihtaha nasepna, thuatheina leh pilvangna, thuman theina leh gam itna, tamte hi sil lui ahi. Tamte hi thudih ahi. Tamten igam uh hunsawtpi ana khangtou sah zing hi. Tu a ipoimaw uh ahileh tamteng nuahat a ahi. Tu a ipoimaw uh chu maw-puana tangtun dinga michinte kipiana, midangte nasep theipi a patawi te, America mipiten eima chiat ah pichinsua ding inei uh chi ikithei ua, I gam leh khawvel adingin , tuin bawlding inei ua, imawpuana te uh peilou kawma pawm lou in, kipa tah in ipawm ua, I ‘spirit’ te lawchin nading daltu a um sihi.

Tami hi khua leh tuite adinga igam in achiam leh alawman pia khu ahihi.

Tami hi ikigintat nalam a ithula napen uh ahi a, tami hi Pasian in pilna angpia, I tupnagam itun thei nadinga imalana uh ahi.

Tami hi I zalenna uh leh isakhua in phattuamna anei na khu ahi; tuakhu ahi pasal,numei leh naupang, nam chinteng ginna nei a tami Mall – ah I pungkhawm zia uh. Tuakhu ahi, pasal khat, apa kum sawmgup peita a tualsung restaurant-a kilaw maimai in namai ua president thuchiam ala thei na zia khu.

Tuazia in tuni hi nichiamte ta ahichi thei chiat vai, hun peisa I sutkia leh. America apiankum a, hadang sanga avawt laitah gam it tu mi tawmnou khat te vua tuiluang gei ah ana si ua, Khawpi te lalhsan/taisan ahi a. Galte la hing nai deudeu ngal. Tua vua vawtte sisan tawh akihal a. Tua hunlai in igam awpte tunga lung awilouna kilahsah anai mama hi. Igam lamkaigun te in tami thu hi mipi theidingin asimkhe sah a; “Tamihi dachiang a khawvel hing um zeldingte kunga thei sah ding ahi…Phalbi khawvawt lai tah in ginna leh lam etna chilou damkhie a um zoulou lai in…Khawpi leh gamte khu laukhat nei a aum lai un, tua lauhuaikhu ana maitua/dou ta uhi.

America, tu a lauhuai kibang imaitua na vuah, tu a hasat mama na leh phalbi khawvawt ah, tua, thu sitheilou khu theizing vai. Lam-etna leh ginna tawh tu a vua vawttah mai hi maitua kia vai in, meipi vannim hingtung ding te itua ding ua. I tate tasawn te kung ah bang igen ta ding vuai, tami hasatna meipi vannim tuananlei I khual zinna lamsau zui uh atawp ding iphal sih uhi. Etkhiat ihi vua, ipeikan thei vua, I nungtawn sih uh. I hatna uh zong itaan sih uh; I mit in mun ningkawm teng a en a, Pasianin angna enzinga, I Zalenna silthawn pia thupi tah iliang vuah khangin, tuakhu khangsawn te kung ah him leh bit in ilansawn ta hi.


- Translated by Pu TK Lama, Aizawl, Mizoram

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Employment News | 7 February - 13 February, 2009

The North Block, in New Delhi, houses key gove...Image via Wikipedia

1. Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board requires about 2000 Jr. Engineers, Fire Operators, Teachers, Staff Nurses, Statistical Assistants etc.
2. Railway Recruitment Board, Allahabad invites applications to fill up 1448 posts under various categories.
3. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited requires 152 Diploma Trainees, Technical trainees, Staff Nurse Trainees, Assistants B and Assistants etc.

4. Punjab National Bank, New Delhi needs 127 Clerks and 7 higher level posts.

5. Employees' State Insurance Corporation, Hyderbad invites applications for filling up 41 Lower Division Clerks.

6. Indian Air Force invites Enterprising and Adventurous Engineers for grant of Permanent/Short Service Commission in Technical Branches.

7. Applications are invited for 100 posts of Short Service Commissioned Nursing officers in the Military Nursing Service.

8. Public Service Commission, Uttar Pradesh notifies Combined State Engineering Service Special recruitment and General Recruitment examination- 2008.

9. Union Public Service Commission declares the result of Indian Forest Sevice Examination - 2008.

10. Staff Selection Commission declares the written result of Data Entry Operator Examination - 2008.


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Slumdog Millionaire: Viewpoints and Moral

I rarely watch any movies if it is not the talk of the globe. This particular movie "Slumdog Millionaire" is the first and sole movie, which I watched from the beginning to end in the last three years. And this is my first time of writing a movie review.

After watching this movie, I thought I should write the moral of this movie from my own perspective. It may not be same from your viewpoints.

Before I start, let me highlight the behind people in this great movie.

It was directed by Danny Boyle (born on 20 October 1956, Manchester, England, UK) and co-directed by a renowned Indian director, Loveleen Tandan.

The writers of this coveted novel is Simon Beaufoy (screenplay) and Vikas Swarup (Novel "Q & A").

It was released in USA on 30 August 2008 at Telluride Film Festival and on screen in India on 23 January 2009.

Summary of the story:

A Mumbai teen, who grew up in the slums, becomes a contestant on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" He is arrested under suspicion of cheating, and while being interrogated, events from his life history are shown which explain why he knows the answers.

My Viewpoints

The actor is a street guy with a moral good character. He has a numerous experiences from his struggling beggar life. It shows that experiences in a downtrodden life are well memorized. Some may say the recollection of his experiences is not relevant to the questions. But in my viewpoint, I can understand how and why these difficult questions can be answered from one’s experiences. It is simple, the whole parts of his life are not telecast, and rather only the important parts were expose to be seen. To support my argument, lets see the answer of pistol inventor. The movie does not show how, where and when did he come to know the inventor of pistol. It is understand that if someone posses something important, a curious person must know the pros and cons of the items which he posses.

Another point that bothers me, how and when did they learn to speak English? I know that it is important for that world to understand what they say. What I mean is that being brought up in a slum area and where there is no English is used, it somehow, in my opinion degrade the saltiness/value of the movie. If there could be a little part, which shows how and why they came to speak English, it would be superb.

The Moral

The sole moral of the movie is the POWER or IMPORTANCE OF EXPERIENCES.

Life is a continuous chain of experiences. These experiences are both good and bad but both help us live a more educated and productive life. Experience is a key ingredient to success on the job. One proverb says, to recruit for a newly created post, an experienced employee is much more preferred than a well qualified professionals.

One of my cousins, Rev. T. Dongzathawng who is currently in US used to say, look unto the past, ask the experienced people, walk the path of the old roads and learn from what you see.

When I was a little boy, I was unaware of what he meant by that. When growing older and older, I come to know that what is the importance and power of experienced.

For example, let me illustrate one of my many experiences in my recent life.

When I was looking for a job in New Delhi. The first question, which the interviewer asked was that. Do you have any experience in KPO related jobs? My answer was quite clear. I replied NO, not even in any other job except some experiences in self-style journalism. By that time, I realized how important to have experience in any field.

Experience, which I call useless

People who keep on changing their working lines, Jack of all trade and master of none.

- T. Zamlunmang Zou

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Five lakh jobs lost to recession in three months: Govt study

New Delhi, Feb 3 (PTI) Five lakh people were rendered jobless between October to December 2008 due to the recession, according to the latest government study.
The findings are part of a first of its kind survey conducted by the Labour Bureau of ministry of Labour and Employment as part of a study on the effect of economic slowdown on employment in India.

A sample size of 2581 units covering 20 centres across 11 states was taken up for the survey. Eight major sectors like textile and garment industry, metals and metal products, Information Technology and BPO, automobiles, gems & jewellery, transportation, construction and mining industries were also included in the survey.

The total employment in all these sectors had come down from 16.2 million in September 2008 to 15.7 million by December 2008.

Exporting units had observed a higher decline in employment with gems & jewellery sector shedding 8.43 per cent of its work force. This is followed by metals and textile sector which laid off 2.6 per cent and 1.29 per cent of their work force respectively.

Among the domestic sector units, gems & jewellery sector again witnessed the maximum decline in employment with 11.9 per cent of their work force losing jobs.

This was followed by automobiles and transport sectors who shed 4.79 per cent and 4.03 per cent of their work force. PTI

Source: PTI

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Centre reverts to 90:10 pattern of funding for NE: Raghuvansh

NEW DELHI: Amid reports of tardy progress of rural development in the North East, the Centre on Tuesday said that special attention is given to the remote and backward region for its fast and overall development. Inaugurating the 9th Editors Conference on Social Sector issues, the Union Minister for Rural Development Raghuvansh Prasad Singh said that the Centre has already reverted back to 90:10 pattern of funding instead of 75:25 in case of North East.

In most of the centrally sponsored programmes, mainly in the Ministry of Rural Development, the funding pattern to the NE is 90:10 (90 percent grant and ten percent loan) formulae, he said.

The NE states get topmost priority as far as rural development schemes are concerned, the minister said.

He pointed out that after the flagship National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, the minimum wages in the NE states have become more than doubled.

Earlier the minimum wages was about fifty rupees which has become more than hundred rupees now, he said.

Mr Singh has reiterated the Government's resolve to work for the cause of "Aam aadmi" with the emphasis on poverty eradication and employment generation in rural India. Efficient fiscal management has made it possible with the budgetary allocation of Rs 1,93,715 crore for his ministry during the last five years, he said.

Highlighting the achievements of the ministry, the Minister said during the last five years (2004-09), the total budget of the Ministry of Rural Development to Rs 1,93,715 crore whereas during 1999-2004 it was only Rs 72,263 crore.

It would be appropriate to note that compared to the total 10th Five Year Plan budget provision of Rs 76,000 crore, the current financial year (2008-09) only has been provided with an equal amount.

The two-day conference is being attended by social sector editors from all over the country along with the leading media persons and the columnists from social sector.


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Naga students’ protest Delhi’s ‘insincerity’

Dimapur : In view of the absence of a concrete decision by the UPA Government with regard to the “aspirational demand put forward by the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN)” and considering the current tense political situation in Naga areas in the aftermath of the Shirui standoff between the 17th Assam Rifles and the NSCN, the Naga Students’ Union, Delhi (NSUD) took to expressing its disappointment and resentment.

It staged a protest demonstration from Jantar Mantar to Parliament Street today at 1 pm. The protest was attended by over 2000 Naga students, sympathizers and well-wishers. Naga MPs and MLAs, the co-ordination committee on Shirui Siege, Tangkhul Shanao Long, Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) and others spoke during the protest demonstration.

The Shiroi standoff was a ‘deliberate sinister’ attempt to ‘reign in terror’, according to the Naga Students’ Federation. Terming it to be an attempt to wage repression and disrupt the “peaceful” existence of the Naga populace, the NSF today urged the government of India to “instantly cease harboring policies and activities” that are negative to the people.

The NSF today said in a note from its president that the Shiroi standoff has cast a cloud over the Government of India’s commitment to the ongoing Indo-Naga political “peace” process. The recent action of the Assam Rifles “to subjugate the Nagas” and to “censor” their political rights has “vividly exhibited the threatening superficial policy of the GoI”, the NSF stated. The apex Naga students’ organization also said the security forces’ action was in open negation to the principles of ceasefire.

“The exercise of the AR was a deliberate sinister act attempted to reign in terror for suppression and to disrupt and defy the peaceful existence of the Naga populace. The adage (sic) ‘friends of the hill people’ have become a challenge and threat to out Naga political identity and existence” the NSF said.

The Naga Students’ Federation urged upon the wisdom of the GoI to “instantly” cease harboring policies and activities that are detrimental to the “peaceful co-habitation” of the “two nations” instead of “fringing employing provocative and subduing military might”.

Similarly, the Naga Students’ Union of Delhi has written to the Prime Minister of India, expressing disappointment and resentment “before your good person and office”. The NSUD in its memorandum to Dr. Manmohan Singh demanded “solemn political commitment” from the government of India.

‘The GoI must clearly spell out a concrete proposal to resolve and transform the Indo-Naga conflict.

It is disturbing to know that the Government of India has failed to show evidence of its claim of sincerity, seriousness and political commitment to the public even after 11 years of several rounds of political negotiations with the NSCN’ the NSUD stated in its memorandum. The union also said the Naga students in Delhi deem as unfortunate the Indian Government not pronouncing a political formula but intensifying the emphasis on brute force of military means to “manage” the Indo-Naga issue.

Referring to the recent two-week standoff in Shiroi village between Assam Rifles troopers and NSCN (IM) activists, the union said the action was not “only an infringement of people’s right to freedom of movement but also gross violation of human rights”.

“You are well aware of the fact that Nagas inhabit in four north eastern states, namely, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland. It is imperative to point out that the peace talk is between the Government of India and the Nagas, it is not a peace talk between the Government of India and the Nagaland state; therefore ceasefire continues and ceasefire must also prevail all around the world” the NSUD demanded in its memo.

Stating its demands, the NSUD called for a meaningful political solution as it is the “bounden duty of the UPA Government to resolve and transform the Indo-Naga problem before the end of its tenure in office”. The political talks should be expedited for a political solution by taking all possible steps to create conducive environment, NSUD stated. Without it, the union said, ‘meaningful political talks cannot be carried out’.

On the purview of the current ceasefire, the union said it should cover not only all Naga areas “but also all around the world”. The NSUD explained that the Indo-Naga peace talk is between the Government of India and the Nagas and not “peace talks between the Government of India and the Nagaland state”.

The ceasefire is to bring peace for all the Nagas and not restricted to Nagaland state alone, the union said. The government of India is also asked to “show evidence of its claim of seriousness, sincerity and political commitment to resolve and transform the Indo-Naga political issue”. The aspiration of the Nagas for a political solution is the rights of the Naga people, the NSUD added.


After Shiroi, trouble brews at Hebron doors

Dimapur : Barely two days after the settlement of the 14-days siege of Shiroi village in Ukhrul district between the Assam Rifles and NSCN (IM) cadres, Indian security forces reportedly from the Assam Rifles today ransacked an NSCN (IM) “road operation party” post at Bade village, in Dimapur, just about 25 kilometers away from the outfit’s headquarter, Hebron Camp.

Bade village leaders informed that the security forces came in seven vehicles, two gypsies and five trucks. They were lead by “two majors”. There were around twenty-five NSCN (IM) cadres inside the “outpost” when the Indian security forces came at around 10:00 to 10:30 AM, it was informed. However, the cadres were reportedly directed by the ceasefire Monitoring Cell office not to confront the security forces. They were said to have retreated into the forest while the security personnel ransacked the whole ‘outpost’.

The village chairman and the Head GB were also allegedly made to sign an already “ready-made” written document. The village chairman said the document in which they signed stated Bade Village “certifies or approves or witnesses” the ransacking of the outpost. The villager leaders informed this to media persons who visited the area. The security forces also took photographs of their activity, the villagers stated.

Soon after, senior NSCN (IM) functionaries also visited the site and took stock of the situation. Jacob Shaiza of the MIP NSCN (IM) wondered how this incident could happen when the Shiroi standoff between the Assam Rifles and the NSCN (IM) ‘has been settled amicably’. Another NSCN (IM) functionary termed it as sheer provocation by the Assam Rifles. The NSCN (IM) functionaries asserted that the “outpost has been in existence for the past few years in order to provide security’ to the NSCN (IM) and other “VIPS” who pass that area.

Ar recovers explosives at Bade viilage

Dimapur : Based on specific intelligence about presence of explosives in Bade village, an intense search operation was carried out today at round 4 AM by the 24th AR. Troops near Badhe village conducting a search came across a temporary unoccupied shelter made out of bamboo and polythene, informed a note from the PRO of IGAR (N) Major Pallab Choudhury. A detailed search revealed carefully-concealed explosives and detonators inside a gunny bag besides radio sets, live rounds and incriminating documents, stated the note from the PRO. The detailed recoveries included two Japanese radio sets, one hand grenade, live rounds, four detonators, sticks of explosives, battery chargers, antennas, cable besides several incriminating documents. The structure was dismantled and all recoveries have been confisticated by the Assam Rifles, it was informed.

When last reports came in, a search of the entire area was being carried out by additional columns inducted to ‘sanitize the area’, the PRO informed. “Although no arrests have been made, however presence of explosives in close proximity to main road and railway line has definitely raised alarms and possible intensions of planned subversive activities cannot be ruled out”, the army note stated.

The Assam Rifles has, in the meantime, clarified that a high state of alert is being maintained all over the state to prevent any attempt by underground outfits to carry out subversive activities within the state or use it as a safe heaven or corridor to escape the heat generated by the army and SF operations in Assam. The AR authorities appealed to the civil populace to offer cooperation and provide any information on presence of suspected militants or weapons and explosives to avert any tragic incident within Nagaland.


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