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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sri Lankan rebel leader 'killed'

The leader of the Tamil Tiger rebels, Velupillai Prabhakaran, is dead, the Sri Lankan military has said. The announcement on state television came shortly after the military said it had surrounded Prabhakaran in a tiny patch of jungle in the north-east. The head of the Sri Lankan army Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka said the military had defeated the rebels and "liberated the entire country".

The claims cannot be verified as reporters are barred from the war zone.

"Today we finished the work handed to us by the president to liberate the country from the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam)," Gen Fonseka said in the broadcast.

He said troops were working to identify Prabhakaran's body from among the dead.

Sri Lankan forces had routed the rebels in the past few weeks, over-running their territory and bringing the 26-year war to its conclusion.

The broadcast quoted military officials as saying Prabhakaran was killed along with two of his deputies.

It said Prabhakaran, his intelligence chief Pottu Amman and Soosai, the head of the rebels' naval wing, were shot dead in an ambush in the Mullivaikal district while trying to escape the war zone in an ambulance.

Earlier, at least three senior rebel leaders were killed, including Prabhakaran's eldest son, Charles Anthony, the military said.

State TV broadcast images of what it said was Charles Anthony's body.

Military spokesman Brig Udaya Nanayakkara confirmed Prabhakaran's death, saying 250 Tamil Tigers were also killed overnight.

The government's information department also sent news of Prabhakaran's death by text message to mobile phones across the country.

In the past few days, the LTTE had been hemmed into a 300 sq metre (3,230 sq ft) patch of land - a tiny part of the 15,000 sq km territory they had controlled until recently.

The BBC's world affairs correspondent Adam Mynott says Prabhakaran was a shadowy figure, constantly under the threat of arrest or assassination.

He says he fashioned a ruthless and uncompromising fighting force, which assassinated several Sri Lankan political leaders and the former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Ghandi.

Under Prabhakaran's leadership the LTTE was branded a terrorist organisation by many countries, and he was wanted by Interpol - the global police network - for murder, terrorism, organised crime and conspiracy.

Anger and jubilation

There is still widespread international concern about civilians who may have been caught up in the fighting.

Sources in the UN say significant numbers of civilians were still in the combat zone but the Sri Lankan government said all civilians had left.

There have been street celebrations in the capital, Colombo, but also an angry demonstration against Britain, with protestors accusing it of seeking to help the rebels by earlier calling for a ceasefire.

More than 1,000 Sri Lankans protested outside the British High Commission. Some protesters threw stones and burnt an effigy of UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

A High Commission spokesman said it was "an outrage" that the Sri Lankan authorities let the demonstration become so violent.

The Tigers had been fighting for a separate state for Tamils in the north and east of Sri Lanka since the 1970s.

More than 70,000 people have been killed in the conflict and thousands displaced.

Source: BBC NEWS

Congress creates history in Manipur with three MPs

Imphal | May 17 : For the first time in the history of Manipur politics, the state has three Congress MPs in Rishang Keishing, Dr Th. Meinya and Thangso Baite. Meinya and Baite won the Lok Sabha elections on Saturday from the Congress ticket while Rishang Keishing, a former chief minister, is in his second term representing Manipur in the Upper House of the Parliament.

Meanwhile, Congress in Manipur Sunday celebrated victory with hundreds including prominent leaders of the party, Chief Minister, his council of ministers and party workers felicitated the two newly elected party MPs.

The party has claimed that the stable government given by the Congress and the confidence of the people on the party with welfare policies and programmes taken up by the government in the state, people gave the mandate to the party. Congress candidates, Dr T Meinya and Thangso Baite won the elections to the two parliamentary constituencies which the counting was held yesterday creating a history of filling up all the three seats (Two for the Lok Sabha and one for the Rajya Sabha) of the highest decision making body of the Indian Union.

Thangso Baite defeated sitting MP Mani Charenamei of the Peoples Democratic Alliance (PDA) in the Outer Manipur Parliament by a margin of 119798 votes while Dr T Meinya retained his Inner Manipur Parliamentary seat by a margin of 30,960 votes. Manipur Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh participating in the celebration of the party’s victory today at Imphal Congress Bhavan said that the mandate of the people of the state to the Congress despite threats from militants received during the electioneering of the party should not be forgotten by the party workers.

Mention may be made that Congress received immense pressure at the start of its electioneering following threats received from factions of the militant outfits PREPAK and KCP(MC) who carried out attacks at its workers and its offices in valley areas. The threats were withdrawn just few days ahead of the polling for the Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency.

“We, the party workers should know why the peoples' confidence in Manipur is with us ? The party workers to work sincerely so that people do not loss confidence in the party,” Ibobi appealed the gathering party workers. The chief minister also confided that with the Congress led UPA government returning to power at the Centre there will be no hindrance in providing funds to the state for taking up developmental schemes and projects.

“My government could avail funds for various new and ongoing projects. This will help in speedy development of the state,” he said while thanking the people for keeping confident with the party promises. Sitting Rajya Sabha MP, Rishang Keishing said as party could produce three MPs, the party will put up a proposal of giving a ministerial berth to one of them.

Source: Newmai News Network

MPCC demands ministerial berth, the two elected MPs in Delhi

IMPHAL, May 17: Buoyed by the its commendable achievement in winning both the Lok Sabha seats besides already having an MP in the Rajya Sabha, the MPCC has written to AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr Manmo-han Singh to allot a berth of Union Cabinet Minister to one of the three Congress MPs from Manipur.

Speaking at a felicitation function organised in hon-our of Dr T Meinya and Thangso Baite at Congress Bhavan today, veteran Congress leader Rishang Keishing remarked that vic-tory of Congress candida- tes in both the Lok Sabha seats was an invaluable gift from the people to the State Government.

Stating that the party has now three MPs in the Par-liament, Rishang called upon the elected MPs to work sincerely for the wel-fare of the people in coordi- nation with the State Go-vernment.

The felicitation function was also attended by MPCC president Gaikha-ngam, Chief Minister O Ibobi, Speaker Dr S Budhi-chandra, CLP leaders and party workers.

The victorious candida-tes were garlanded and feli- citated with gifts.

The historic achieve-ment of the Congress party in winning both the Lok Sa-bha seats for the first time was a clear demonstration of people’s faith in the secular outlook of Congress.

Noting that the Cong-ress party needs to work sincerely with dedication not to lose people’s confi-dence, Rishang Keishing called upon the party lea-ders and workers not to be complacent and forget their responsibilities while cele-brating the victory.

MPCC president Gaikha-ngam noted that the peo- ple’s mandate given to the two Congress candidates was a reflection of people’s desire for unity, integrity and peace.

He appealed to the three party MPs to shoulder grea-ter responsibility in facilita- ting effective coordination between the State Govern-ment and the upcoming Congress Government at the Centre so that the State can make greater strides to-wards development.

Chief Minister cau-tioned that the party’s fate in the next elections would be unpredictable if the party cannot deliver what the people desire.

If the numerous sche-mes, projects and missions launched by the UPA Gov-ernment for poorer sections of the society are implemen-ted in time with dedication, a positive change can be ex-pected before long.

It would do a great deal to the people of Manipur if the MPs press for the deve-lopment projects proposed by the State Government which have not been appro-ved by the Centre, Ibobi confided.

Conceding that he was wrong in his pre-poll claim that the Congress candi-dates would win both the seats at margins of 50,000 to 100,000 votes as the predic-ted margin could not be reached in one of the seats, Ibobi lauded the party wor-kers who went ahead against all odds and threats. He also conveyed gratitude to all the people who voted for Congress.

The victory of Congress candidates over rival candi-dates with huge margins testified that the people could not be cowed down by violence and treats and that they did not have faith in political parties without distinct principles, asserted Minister Phungzathang Tonsing.

Newly elected MPs, Dr T Meinya and Thangso, con-veyed their gratitude to the people of Manipur for elec-ting them. They pledged that they would put in their efforts to solve the outs-tanding issues of the State including law and order be-sides working in close cooperation with the State Government to usher in development in Manipur.
After the meeting, the two MPs left for New Delhi.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Condolence | Pu S. Ginzamung @ G.Israel

Pu Benhur K Israel leh Pi Khupzavung nupa gil a ga goutan tapa tahpen Pu S. Ginzamung @ G.Israel ahi. Unau pasal guh (6) leh numei khat apha uhi. 24th December, 1968 kum in, Nu Khamzaniang toh ana kiteng ua, ta pasal nii leh numei thum anei uhi. Kum 1968 kum in Sabbath ah ana lut a, tuakum a pat in kum 1978 tan hattah leh ginum tahin Gospel ana tangkoupi hi. A kumkia in a innkuan un Sabbath ah ana lut uhi.

Pu Israel Ginmung insung mite

Sepna lam ah- kum 1978 in Churachandpur District Council, Tuibuong ah Clerk sepna mu in ana join ngal hi. Mifel tah leh mi kukal mama ahijiah in, a sepna ah kaisanna (Promotion) tamveipi nga in, Office Superintendant tan ana kaisang tou hi.

Apeisa kum kua veel apat in, damlouna tuamtuam nei in Hospital/clinic tuamtuam ah ki en sah hi. A damlouna tangpi te ahileh zun-hum, sungkho chite ahi hi. Nanleh damsiang theilou in Meridian Clinic, Imphal ah nivei ana peipi nua un, Delhi ah Date 29/04/09 in angtung uhi. AIIMS ah Date 01/05/09 in admit in um a, nanleh damjou nawnlou in Date 17/05/09 ni jingkal dah 12:30 AM in a itt-angai, aji-ata, a u-a nau leh a innkuanpite nuasia in hing na mualliansan tahi.

ZYO in Zou Puonlaisan in a luong tuom

Amijia tomkim (Aji mudan a pat):

Pu S. Ginzamung @ G.Israel ahileh mipha, milungsiatsiam, tu-le-ta huaijou/kemjou, khentuan-paituam neilou, tuabanah Meitei/Pangalte nasan lungsiat a khotua mi ahi. Aji a tate tahsa leh Hagau lam ah khohsah/ngaisah mi ahia, ahithei tana mi khut a kingalou mi ahihi. Genthei liangvai te lungsiat leh panpi tawntung in hinkhua a mang hi. Pa Yahweh gualjawlna tang in aji-atate, a u leh naute kituptah a enkol jing in apichin sua jou hi. Kipahtah leh Hamuangtah in a siampa Yahweh kung ah ang khawldamsan tahi!

MBC expresses shock over torching of churches

IMPHAL, May 16: The Baptist Associations under Manipur Baptist Convention have expressed shock and sadness over the burning of churches in Imphal area and alleged forcibly stopping construction of church building at Lamsang.

A press release issued by the MBC secretary has appealed to all concerned group(s) to restrain from such act in the interest of mutual respect for one another.

It also appealed to social organisations and the authority concerned to condemn such kind of activity creating rift among different religious groups in Manipur and to work toward peaceful coexistence.

The MBC further expressed shock over dismantling of Pakhangba temple at Heingang by some miscreants.


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Congress candidates wrest both Lok Sabha seats in Manipur

Election symbol of the CongressImage via Wikipedia

IMPHAL, May 16: Candidates of the Indian National Congress triumphed in the election to both the Parliamentary constituencies with Dr Thokchom Meinya Singh retaining the Inner seat and Thanso Baite wresting the Outer Parliamentary seat from Mani Charenamei of the People’s Democratic Alliance.

After completion of counting of votes cast by the electorates of Manipur in the 15th Lok Sabha elections it has been officially declared that Dr Meinya defeated his nearest rival Dr Moirangthem Nara Singh of CPI by 40,960 votes with Thangso Baite favoured by 3,44,517 voters compared to 2,24,719 votes cast for Charenamei.

Thangso Baite’s victory margin by 1,19,798 votes over Charenamei is also more than the figure of defeat suffered by the Congress candidate to the same rival in the previous poll.

Out of the 32 assembly segments in the Inner Manipur parliamentary Constituency, Dr Meinya received maximum mandate of 16,280 votes out of the total strength of 22,726 electors in Andro assembly constituency whereas 16,136 voters of Thoubal AC stamped their approval to the eventual winner. The third highest votes gained by the Congress MP was in Khundrakpam AC where 10,393 voted in his favour.

Dr Meinya, who elicited significant support in all the 32 assembly segments got the least number of 2626 votes from the electorates of Singjamei AC.

The Congress candidate had won the same parliamentary seat in the previous Lok Sabha election (2004) with a victory margin of a little over 49,000. Dr nara was the nearest rival at that time, too.

In the recent hustings, Dr Nara generated fair support in all the assembly segments where the average voting trend was over the 3000 mark with the exception of Nambol AC where he was preferred by only 1618 adults.

Maximum number of Nambol electorates favoured former Parliamentarian Thounaojam Chaoba Singh. Chaoba who con-tested the 15th Lok Sabha election on MPP ticket polled 10,988 votes. The figure, in his home polling station, was also the most chaoba polled in the election. Inspite of being the consensus candidate of a handful of national as well as regional political parties Chaoba finished a distant third tipping the one lakh barrier by only 1787 votes.

Out of the total of 1,99,916 votes polled by Dr Nara, the CPI stalwart received maximum support of Lilong AC electorates with 10,898 from a total of 21,451 votes favouring the former Art and Culture Minister.

Mandate of Thongju AC electorates too tilted heavily in favour of Dr Nara with 10,142 votes cast for the CPI nominee out of the total of 18,210.

Election to the Inner Manipur parliamentary constituency for the 15th Lok Sabha was held on April 22 with a total of seven candidates in the fray.

Former Chief Minister and BJP nominee W Nipamacha, L Kshetrani devi (RBCP), Abdul Rahman (Independent) and N Ho-mendro (Ind) were the other candidates.

Dr Meinya also led in all the four districts where fra-nchise for the inner Parlia- mentary Constituency was conducted. The difference of victory margin between Dr Meinya and Dr Nara was the largest in Imphal East district with 10,298 votes separating the winner and nearest vanquished.

On the otherhand, Imphal West witnessed the fiercest contest between the two as the difference stood at only 2144 votes.

Out of 28 assembly seg-ments in the Outer seat, thangso Baite received mandate of 3,44,517 voters to represent them in the Parliament.

Outer Parliamentary Constituency is also composed of six assembly segments of Thoubal district and Jiribam sub-division of Imphal East district, and Scheduled Tribe assembly segments spread across Tamenglong, Chandel, Ukhrul, Senapati and Churachandpur districts.

Thangso, who faltered against Mani Charenamei in the 14th Lok Sabha election by 82,193 votes secured the maximum of 27,516 votes from electorates of Saikul AC against 15,607 for Charenamei in the 15th Lok Sabha election. Compared to his nearest rival, Thangso was least influential among Mao AC electors where only 850 votes were polled for the INC candidate.

On the otherhand, the sitting MP was heavily favoured by the electors of Chingai AC in Ukhrul district as the maximum of 22,194 votes were cast for the PDA nominee. The least number of vote Charenamei managed from among the 28 assembly segments was in Sugnu AC under Thoubal district with only 106 voters choosing the PDA candidate. The INC candidate had substantial lead in 17 of the ACs whereas Charenamei led in eight, LB sona of the Nationalist Congress Party in two and Loli Adanee of the BJP in one.

Election for the Outer Manipur Parliamentary (ST) Cons-tituency was held on April 16 with a total of nine candidates in the fray.The other candidates are BJP’s D Loli Adanee (93,052), NCP’s LB Sona (79,849), RJD’s MY Haokip (4859), LJP’s Thangkhagin (1252), Valley Rose (Ind/4735), M Rose Haokip (Ind/1128) and L Gangte (Ind/2070).


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