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Molestation of 2 Manipuri Girls in Delhi on Dec 13 2008 - PR from MSAD -

Manipur Students' Association Delhi (MSAD) shares the pain and trauma of two women from Manipur who were ruthlessly molested; deliberately dragged and confined in several secluded rooms in an attempt to rape; looted of money, purse and digital camera; brutally thrashed and kicked upon by a gang of landlord and hooligans hired by the landlords in the wee hour of the early morning of 13 December 2008 at Sikandrapur, DLF Phase-1, Gurgaon, Delhi.

Miss Lucy (name changed) had arrived at Gurgaon on 11 December in search of Job. She was sleeping with her friend Miss Grace (name changed) when at around 2.30 a.m. of 13 December, the landlord knocked at the door. Lucy suspected the intention and refused to open the door. The landlord kept on repeatedly banging at the door and abused them for the delay in letting him in. The women pleaded for mercy and appealed to meet him in the morning. The landlord was adamant. His intension to sneak through the room became clearer. Both Lucy and Grace were thrilled with fear. They tried to contact police at No. 100. Since there was no response from the police, Lucy raised an alarm for her Manipuri friends who lived in a nearby building. Her friends responded to the alarm. As soon as they reached at the scene an altercation with the culprit was ensued. It resulted into a scuffle. The landlord along with a gang of local hooligans thrashed Lucy's friend and chased them away. They then broke the door open and entered into the room. They abused Lucy and friend in the most uncivilised languages for having raised an alarm, forced them to pack up their luggage and vacate the room immediately, kicked at them and thrashed them with rod repeatedly. They were forced apart, took to different directions, beaten up severely, threatened with rape and confined to secluded rooms. The women of the family got up on hearing hue & cry by the two helpless victims. They however did not rescue the victims. Instead, they helped the culprits in confining Lucy to a secluded room. When the police arrived at the scene, the women in an attempt to conceal facts misinformed the police with the most disgusting lies and allegations against the victims. Lucy, however, got escaped and rushed towards the police van. Police took both the victims to the police station and later on admitted to a hospital. The victims later on discovered their luggage totally dismantled and their money, purse and digital camera were missing.

The unethical and barbaric attitude of the women of the family of the landlord who refused to raise alarm in rescue of the victims but have, instead, misinformed police and assisted the culprits to escape scot-free, raises questions against moral chastity and sincerity of the Indian women against the political voice that have been on the raise for defending the modesty of their gender. Any honourable & respected women of civilised society would not be pleased with the most disgusting character of harassing a pair of helpless women in the most brutal manner ever exhibited by a gang of criminals inebriated with lust and intension of robbery. Even an immoral would have never tolerated it. But the Indian women of 13 December have exposed the moral standard hidden in the darkness of their civilizational ethos. And we feel the pain of it.

Official apathy and negligence illustrated by the concerned OC (Delhi Police) in refusing to register the case under the Prevention of SC/ST Atrocity Act 1995, Molestation, Sexual Harassment and Robbery invoke our concern for an unabated Indian racism towards the Northeast people vehemently institutionalised by law enforcing agencies (e.g., Indian army & paramilitary forces in the Northeast and police in the Indian metropolitan cities). While our fundamental rights in the home state remain suspended in the name of upholding India's national security � e.g., atrocities committed with impunity under the provision of draconian AFSPA � Manipuri emigrants in Indian metropolitan cities in search of job and for education are denied of justice in several cases. Should we be selectively pointed out and discriminated in such manner because we have become part of the Indian subcontinent? Are we meant to be governed permanently in such humiliating manner?

The forging attitude of ordering community of peoples into layers of social hierarchy will not let the sub-continent march towards peaceful solution to the crisis & conflict that were the result of institutionalised subjection, oppression and discrimination. Locating us at the bottom of social hierarchy and dehumanising us with all forms of disgrace, insult, atrocities and profiteering obviously make us doubtful of our citizenship in India. It leads us to retrospect our past, introspect our present and sought for a progressive future either within or beyond India. Should we migrate to Indian cities only to be subjected & insulted and used as commodity by the profiteering Indian entrepreneurs and landlords? Should we not address the issue of toying as under a typical imperial hype of the Indian hooligans and law enforcing agencies who misbehave against our dignity and sense of humanity? Should we not protest to defend our fundamental rights and honour & dignity?

MSAD strongly condemns:

* The barbaric manner of the criminals who do not live upto the moral standard and dignity expected by any civilised society
* The intention of the women of the family who disgrace the modesty of their gender and have shown patronage towards crime against women
* The concerned officials of Delhi Police �public servants assigned with the responsibility of enforcing law & order �but, in practice, have expressed official lacunae in mishandling the case.

MSAD calls upon the Northeast people and progressive parties, organisations and individuals in India to collectively share the pain of the victims of the crime and initiate towards:

* Delivering justice to the victims
* Punishment of the criminals with deserving penalty for the crimes mentioned above
* Teaching of an appropriate lesson to the concerned women who shows disrespect to the modesty of their gender
* Punishment of the guilty personnel (Delhi Police) who shows apathy and negligence towards the victims

See more pictures here

Human Rights Committee, MSAD
Women Committee, MSAD
Dated: Delhi 16th December 2008

For information on protest against the incident please contact MSAD at:
+91 9718059321, +919990970658, +919891270695
MSAD e-mail address: msad(dot)manipur(at)gmail(dot)com


Two Manipuri girls molested
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, December 13 2008: After a gap of 10 months, incident of sexual and racial harassment against the people of North East India erupted in Delhi and NCR with two girls belonging to tribal communities of Manipur severely beaten up after molestation by the landlord and his son at Sikandrapur, DLF Phase-I, Gurgaon in the wee hours yesterday.

One of the victims who sustained serious injuries on her legs, hands and face has been hospitalised.

According to spokesperson of North East Support Centre and Helpline Madhuchandra, the incident occurred at around 2.30 am of December 12 when the landlord entered the room, rented out to the two girls just two days ago, in a drunken state.

The two girls, who are in their early twenties, were earlier working in a call centre at Chandigarh but came down to Gurgaon some days back and the incident of molestation took place on the very night the room was rented out to them.

On being informed of the incident by the two girls, leaders of the North East communities living in Gurgaon rushed in but they were also beaten up by the accused landlord and his son after assembling the neighbours.

North East Support Centre and Helpline has spoken to Sub-Inspector of Police, Gurgaon Aberaj, but the police officer who is supposed to be in-charge of the case refused to register the case under the relevant section of the SC/ST Atrocity Act, 1995 in writing, Madhuchandra informed.

Subsequently, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Gurgaon has been approached to look into the matter and he has assured that appropriate action would be taken up against the accused landlord and his son, Madhuchandra said, adding that in case of failure to translate the assurance given, help of the SC/ST Commission and National Commission for Women would be sought.

It may be noted here that instances of sexual and racial harassment against the people of North East India has declined after North East Support Centre and Helpline came forward to help the victims.

The latest incident has come about after a gap of 10 months lull.

North East Support Centre and Helpline with its website www. is a combined initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuse meted to NE people particularly the women.


NGOs to pressure CM on Delhi molestation
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, December 14 2008: The molestation and assault of two young Manipuri girls by a landlord and his son at a Gurgaon residential complex on December 13 morning has drawn wide condemnation with NGO representatives all set to prevail upon State authorities apprise central for protection of the region's fairer sex who are staying at the national capital and nearby cities for studying or are working.

The molestation and subsequent thrashing of the two girls, as per information conveyed by the New Delhi-based North East Support Centre and Helpline, took place at the industrial hub of Gurgaon, which is on the Haryana-Delhi border in the early hours of December 13 with the landlord along with his son outraging modesty of the girls and before the physically assault.

The landlord is informed to have been in an inebriated state.

Reacting to the act of felony, United Committee Manipur's president Konsam Lanngamba furiously noted that the Gurgaon incident is not the first as people from the NE region particularly girls have been discriminated against by people of mainland India.

Demanding that Central government authorities initiate necessary and stringent measures to ensure safety of the region's women who are in large number in and around the national capital, Lanngamba stated that the Chief Minister O ibobi Singh would be urged to exert pressure to the Centre to prevent such atrocities before the issue goes out of hand.The culprits should be booked accordingly, he expressed.

On the otherhand, president of the influential All Manipur United Clubs Organisation Y Koireng vehemently condemned the criminal acts and highlighted that 'people of mainland Indian have a different thinking towards the north Easterners'.

"This is because of the differences in culture, tradition, food habit etc between people of the region and beyond.

Whatever the case may be human should treat human as human beings," the AMUCO leader opined.

Sharing her sentiment and grimly noting the incident, general secretary of Women Action for Development (WAD) Sobita Mangshatabam conveyed that after gathering requisite information on the matter from Gurgaon a formal complaint would be lodged with the Manipur State Commission for Women to do the needful.

"We will request the State Commission to formally refer the matter to the national Women Commission to ensure the culprits are punished," she said while recounting that sexual and physical harassment are being frequently committed against NE women in the national capital.

"We will also depute two women investigators there to make a general study in the matter and do the needful," the secretary said.

It may be reminded that the girls, who are in their 20s and worked at call centre in Chandigarh, had come to Gurgaon a few days back.
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  6. We talk of a progressive, developing India. The barbaric acts committed against women speak volumes. People need TRANSFORMATION not REFORMATION. Transformation can happen only when the MIND is RENEWED(this happens on the inside). Reformation happens from the outside. EDUCATION has made people 'literate brutes' - making them getaway by twisting the arm of law with money & muscle power! O God let the eyes of their understanding be enlightened by YOUR POWERFUL WORD!

  7. indian people will never change always robbery ,rape and crime.they dont know how to behave with other people those who are from other place ,other country and other culture.they only know how to rob and thief from other.they dont know the meaning of humanity and brotherhood.

  8. i am a resident of central india. its a shame on us to treat woman like this. strict punishment upto life imprisonment must be awarded to those numb skulls. this is the reason why our own people are going away from us. in east india our name is very bad. western societies are becoming mannerless.